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Insufficient dose of the antibiotic "Adult dosage" of which you read in the instructions relative thing one person it can cause complications from overdose, the other - cannot cope with the agent. Insufficient dose of the antibiotic can lead to resistant pathogens, ie bacteria learn to survive while taking this drug. This also applies to the drug did not receive a full course, ie to several days "relieved". The result is the entire kindergarten strep throat, which transcend conventional antibiotics for sore throats. This gives rise to the wise counsel of advanced moms at the slightest sign of cold prick surgical antibiotics to children in adult dosages. The use of antibiotics excluding protocols can be fatal when confronted with a serious problem. Pneumonia, severe bronchitis, abscesses, suppuration occur periodically with most of us. If you got the pathogen you or someone trained to deal with multiple antibiotics, the result will be sad. In the best case - you will have a drug to which the folk wisdom is not yet reached. Appoint him to you, according to treatment regimens, not immediately. It will cost is likely to be very expensive. Even with proper antibiotics raises a number of complications and conditions that require rehabilitation, appointments and specialist advice. Ways to relieve stress - With stressful situations, men and women cope differently with this in order to calm down and get over it; do not need to do anything supernatural.

Insufficient dose of the antibiotic