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Haupt- und Realschule Esterwegen Comenius paper February 2009 First edition

Healthy habits COMENIUS

Comenius paper


Message from the editor Food and diet Football clubs My favourite sportstar Report on a school report Football match report from a High Profile Match Free time activities Interview with a teacher Puzzles In this issue „FRUITS“ Breakfast ideas Olympic update

Message from the editor Hello everybody, As you maybe know, we were alloted to be the first editors. At the beginning we were quite shocked .But than we thought it might be better to be the first editors than being the last editors. We all know, expectations are growing higher. We certainly hope that you will like the first edition and that you„ll find out more about the different cultures and also about a healthier lifestyle. We think that all schools did a very good job. Some of our students want to briefly introduce themselves.

Jahrgang 1, Ausgabe 1 Datum des Magazins













Hello I’m Ayse , I’m 13 years old and I’m from Turkey but I live in Germany. I love to play football and to dance . I’m interested in learning about the other countries and the languages. If you write to me, I tell you more about me.  See you !! 

Hello I am Carsten !! In my freetime I play Computergames or I visit my friends .In my freetime I swim in an outdoor swimming pool near our village .I meet lots of friends.

Ayse, Emre, Vladimir , Carina , Maren , Carsten,

Hello, we are Lea and Maren! We come from Germany and would like to learn more about the other countries. Are you also interested in the project “Healthy Habits”? Then we could write e-mails to each other. It would be nice to get to know you. Yours

Hello I am Ole!! In my freetime I jump on my trampoline, but not in winter .Then I am inside and watch TV .In the summer I often go in to an outdoor swimming pool in Surwold .I ran with my two dogs throught the fields .

Hi, I„m Vivian-Sophie. I„m 12 years old and Im the tallest person in my class. My class is the 6a in the Realschule. My best friend is Jenny. Shi is in class H7a. I„ve got a dog. Her name is Fiona. My name is Laura. My hobbies are swimming, going to the cinema, dancing . I„m 13 years old. And I live in Hilkenbrook. Hilkenbrook is a village near to Esterwegen. My class teacher is Mrs. Helmers. I have a cute dog at home. I„m looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello, My name is Jenny . I„m 14 years old. And I also go to the Haupt– and Realschule in Esterwegen. I„m in class H7a. My class teacher is Mrs. Mattern. We are 14 pupils in class. My best frieds are Vivain-Sophie and Alina. But my best best friend is Vivian-Sophie. I„ve got a dog, his name is Happy. And we have six young cats.



Food and Diet ULUBEY. It is a different dessert with wonderful taste. Turkish traditional food ULUBEY DEMİR TATLISI



3 eggs


A packet of baking powder


A spoon of yoghurt


One half glass of water


Two glasses of flour


A little salt

For sherbet -

Three glasses of sugar


Three glasses of water


A little lemon water

Some more traditional Turkish food

Soup made with tarhana

Mix eggs,baking powder and salt in a quick way. Add two glass of water and flour to mixture and mix. Leave the mixture for ten minutes. Put oil in your frying case to cover the iron mold. The oil should be fried thoroughly. Dunk the iron mold into the dough. Hot iron mold will stick to the dough, and it should be waited in the oil for a few minutes. İt shouldn‟t be moved because the form of the dough becomes bad if you move it before it becomes hard. When the dough becomes hard in the oil it will easily separate from the iron mold. Fry the two parts of the dough in the oil. Place the fried dough on a plate. Repeat this procedure with the other parts of the dough. Pour the sherbet on the flour after this work. It is ready to serve.


Dough is formed with a particular iron. It is peculiar to ULUBEY. It is a different dessert with wonderful taste. The recipe is below. The iron for dessert is made in Ulubey.

 Bonito picked in brine( Karnıyarık)

2009, EDITION1

What is typical German food????

Weißwurst. They also eat knuckle of pork with pretzel and marinated beef.


If you ask someone about typical German food they will certainly answer „Of course“Weißwurst mit Brezel! “, but this answer is not really correct , because there isn´t anything like typical German food . German cuisine is a style of cooking derived from the I tried to proof this nation of Germany. It has by a little exevolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social perience : and political change with variations from region to One day I went to region. The southern regions of Germany, Bavaria and the manager of a Swabia share many dishes. Ingredients and dishes vary Lower Saxony: big supermarket People in our by province. There are many significant regional dishes (who is a butcher ) that have become both national and regional. federal state eat poin Esterwegen and I asked him about tatoes with green typical German cabbage in winfood . He told me ter . They like that there was stews as well , nothing like that. He said ,“The food like peastew you eat depends on the federal state for example . you live in .”

Here people eat chicken soup , too . (written by Ole)

Bavaria: People in Bavaria like Hefebier with Sauerkraut and

P otato F r i t t e r s for 4-6 children .Preparation: ca. 45 Min. 20 potatoes 3 eggs 3 spoons of flour maybe some salt vegetable oil big apples peel of 1/2 natural lemon

sugar as you like    


Easy to make! Why don‘t you try to make it in school?


Peel the potatoes and grate them. Stir with eggs, flour and some salt.

2. Heat oil in pan. Bake 2 - 3 fritters simultaneously (about 3 min. from each side).

3. For the apple sauce peel apples, cut them in quarters and steam them in some hot water. Stir them and add some sugar and lemon peel. Serve with the fritters.



Traditional Food We have been talking about traditional food in Year One classes. As we have so many nationalities, traditional food can mean many things, for example: Curry, jerk chicken, fried rice or fish and chips. Curry is spicy, jerk chicken is peppery, fried rice is munchy and fish and chips are delicious covered in salt and vinegar.

Jerk chicken

Fried rice

We would like to know what kind of food you eat in your country.? What does it taste like? Is it as yummy as our fish and chips? Bluebell and Marigold Class, Carpenters Primary School.


How to make a Healthy Packed Lunch

What I will need – Brown bread Tuna Cucumber Lettuce Yoghurt Banana Orange juice How to make the sandwichFirst spread butter onto your bread. Put tuna onto the bread. Then put cucumber and lettuce on top of the tuna. Finally put the top slice of bread on and cut carefully with a knife. By Poppy Class (Carpenters Primary School)



Parma: Ham and Cheese

Our most famous food specialties are Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. Parma ham is an uncooked allnatural ham, only salt is added, dried and cured in the hills south of Parma for 12 to 30 months. First mention of Parma ham is in the Roman Age, now it has its PDO. Thinly sliced, Parma ham is often served as antipasto, with bread or grissini, but it is served with vegetables and salad too. In the summer we eat it with cantaloupe, or with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Parma ham is in sandwiches or

croissants and quite often it is a pizza topping. Sometimes it is used in sauces for pasta, to stuff meat or in other meat recipes. Parmesan cheese is made from cow‟s milk, 550 liters for a wheel; cows are fed on grass and hay only. Wheels weight 39 kg and are aged from 1 to 3 years before eating. Parmesan cheese has its PDO, Protected Designation of Origin. We grate Parmesan cheese on pasta, we have it in our soup and risotto, but it is good with vegetables, jams or honey, with some drops of balsamic vinegar, dried fruit and

Appetizers - Easy recipes for children by Classes 4B and 4C Parmesan Cheese Canapés Serves 6 10 slices of white bread 100 gr grated parmesan cheese 60 gr butter Slices of Parma ham or pickles

by the Girls of

Cut 18 round canapés out of the bread Class slices. 5C Mix well together the softened butter and the parmesan cheese, the mixture must be smooth. Spread the canapés with the mixture and top with Parma ham or pickles.


nuts or fresh fruit. It is an ingredient of cappelletti, small round stuffed pastas in beef broth, and tortelli d’erbetta, small pasta envelopes with a filling of parmesan cheese, ricotta and herbs. Sometimes we eat it in


chunks and we cut it with its proper knife to save the cheese granularity.

Parma Ham Grissini 10 slices of Parma ham 10 grissini breadsticks Parmesan or mini mozzarella cheese, canteloupe Wrap the slices of ham, very thin, around on end of grissini. Arrange them in a bowl or on a tray. If you like, decorate and serve with chuncks of Parmesan, mini mozzarella cheese or cantaloupe.

Year 4 BC





Czech Cuisine Traditional food Czech cuisine has developed over hundreds of years and has been influenced by Austrian and Hungarian cuisines and it has also influenced the cuisines of its neighbouring countries in return. Czech national cuisine is based on ingredients that can be grown domestically, i.e. cereals, leguminous plants and potatoes, which are usually served with pork, beef or poultry, or with freshwater fish.

BREAKFAST The classical breakfast consists of white bread rolls or sliced bread, although whole-



have become popular recently.


The bread is mostly served with ham or salami. Other options include cheese or jamSome people also like to eat something sweet for breakfast, such as doughnuts, pastry or bisquits.We mostly drink tea with sugar or honey and lemon for breakfast. LUNCH

Adults often have lunch in restaurant, many of which offer lunch menus for discount prices. School children have their lunch at school. Lunch usually consists of soup, a main course and sometimes a small dessert or some fruit or vegetable salad. Czech cuisine offers countless soup varieties: Beef broth with noodles and liver dumplings, potato soup, garlic soup, goulash soup, spring vegetable soup,“kulajda“ [khulaida] with mushrooms or tomato soup are the most popular options. The basis of meals is usually meat - pork, beef, poultry, venison or freshwater fish. Meat is prepared in various ways, either fried, stewed or roasted, and it is always served with a side dish such as potatoes, rice or potato dumplings.


Sauces are phenomenal in Czech cuisine. The most popular are tomato sauce usually served with beef or smoked meat and dill sauce served with hard boiled eggs. Further typical example of favourite Czech dishes is roast pork with dumplings and cabbage (colloquially vepřo-knedlo-zelo) which is considered the most popular Czech dish. Potato dumplings is also very popular and very delicious.Beef sirloin in cream sauce, served with potato dumplings is also very popular and very delicious. Other popular dishes that can also be served on special occasions include meat goulash or potato salad with pork schnitzel. If you replace the schnitzel with carp, you will have the traditional Czech Christmas dinner. Potatoes represent an important component of our cuisine. For example, potato pancakes (bramboráky [brambora:kɪ]) are another typical Czech dish.


2009, EDITION1


D I N N E R Some families prefer a light dish, another like a heavy dinn e r wit h a structure similar to lunch, Many families occasionally go to a restaurant to sit and chat with family members or friends outside the home.Sweet Fruit

dumplings (ovocné knedlíky [ovotstnɛ: knɛdlɪ:kɪ]) are mostly made using plums or

Potato Pancakes Bramborák [brΛmborΛ:k] This recipe makes large, thin potato pancakes that are crispy and nicely flavored with garlic. Potato Pancakes are served both with meals and as a snack.

Ingredients: 4 large potatoes 1/4 cup milk 1 clove garlic 1 egg 4 heaping tablespoons flour Salt Pinch of pepper 4 tablespoons vegetable oil Instructions:


apricots. Whole fruit are coated with potato or curd dough and boiled, then served with butter, sugar and sometimes milled poppyseed or quark.. They are usually eaten as a main dish. Koláče [kola:tʃɛ] is a type of yeast pastry consisting of fillings ranging from fruits to cheeses or poppyseed on doughnut.

[smΛӡΛ:k]) is maybe the less noble, but the most contemporary of Czech national dishes. A slice of cheese (usually Eidam or Hermelín) about 1 cm thick (or whole Hermelín) is coated in breadcrumbs like Wiener schnitzel and fried either on a pan or in deep fryer, and often topped with tartar sauce (tatarka [tΛtΛrkΛ] in Czech).

Buchty [ Ӽtɪ] are a kind of pastry similar to koláče, the same filling is wrapped in piece of dough and baked.

Niva is a blue cheese, similar to roquefort originally made in the town of Prostějov in the Haná district.

Cheese Smažený sýr (colloquially

sma žák

1. Peel potatoes and grate with a grater. 2. Heat milk until hot (be careful not to burn it).

3. Squeeze all liquid out of the potatoes with your hands and place them in a large bowl. 4. Immediately add the hot milk to the potatoes and mix until combined. This prevents them from turning brown. 5. Finely mince the garlic or put through press and add to bowl. 6. Add the egg, flour, pepper and salt. Stir until all ingredients are combined. The consistency

should be more like a thick batter than a dough. Add more milk if it is too thick, or more flour if it is too thin. 7. Heat oil in a nonstick skillet . 8. For each pancake, pour a ladle full of potato mixture into skillet and spread out until it is about 1cm (1/2 inch) thick and 18cms (7 inches) in diameter, just to fit the skilllet. 9. Cook on each side, turning only once, until golden brown. 10. Drain on paper towels. Makes 4 potato pancakes



Reception’s Healthy Habits

Carpenters Primary School

I wonder if I‟m cutting it small enough.

I don‟t like healthy food, I wonder if this is really as nice as Miss Lindi says.

Ingredients: apples, bananas, grapes and yogurt. All healthy fruits for my salad.

Mmm.. this is really good, do you think miss will let us make more. I want some more healthy snaks.

“Look miss I made a recipe for our salad”

Recipe Ingredients: apple, banana, grapes, yoghurt

Instructions: Cut the fruit with the knife, into small cubes or slices. Through into a small bowl and add yoghurt. Enjoy a delicious fruit salad for breakfast or just a healthy snack.

It‟s hard making healthy snacks. Can‟t I just eat the apple instead?

Football clubs

Football clubs

Werder Bremen The football Club“Werder Bremen is a traditional German sports club, that was This is a spot of founded on 4th February the project 100 1899 as „ Fußballverein schools 100 Werder von 1899 .“ teams. As you can see our Werder Bremen is a school takes part team of the First Diin this project. vision that is sucWerder Bremen is a German sports club best cessful not only known for its football team playing in Bremen, within Germany but in the northwest German federal state of the also on European same name. The club was founded on 4 level. Four times February 1899 as Fußballverein Werder by a group of sixteen vocational high school students who had won a prize of sports equipment to set them on their way. Werder is look-

Werder has won the German football championship and in 1992 the team won the European cup final.

ing for partner schools that deal with healthy living habits in an active and motivated way. The aim is to give the students a better feeling for their body and to improve their fitness. They should try to get the sport insignia. (Sportabzeichen)

by Florian & ´Stefan



GALATASARAY A WONDERFUL TURKISH TEAM Galatasaray Sports Club takes the characteristic of its being pioneer in the Turkish sports history from the Galatasaray Lycee, from which it was born and which is also a pioneer by its own. The strong connection between the school and the club is an undeniable reality and a source of pride. The school was founded in 1482 by II. Beyazit in order to educate statesmen of the future. It took its name from the place it was established and called "Galata Place" (Galata Sarayi). The school became a modern lycee in 1 September 1868 during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz. With the restructuring of the school, the first sportive activities started in its real meaning and Monsieur Curel began to give Physical Education classes in the lycee. These steps were revolutionary. While making the students to work with modern equipments, Curel also organized an Exercise Festival in Kagithane. The year was 1870. At the end of the festival, successful sportsmen got various awards and medals and "rice meal with lamb" were given to the students. This was the start of a tradition in later years. This was the start of a tradition in later year First ever Turkish Football Team (1905) First and only Turkish Team to win a major European Cup (UEFA Cup 2000) Record-holding number of consecutive League titles (4 times)Record number of championships with a Turkish Trainer (9 times)

Record number of goals in Turkish League.History

Foreign physical education teachers after Curel (such as M. Moiroux, Signor Martinetti, Stangali) attached importance to different branches (swimming, rowing, gymnastics with tools) as well as gymnastics and athleticism and thus started other new branches in Turkey. Soon these attempts breeds its fruits and, as well as Faik ĂœstĂźnidman who made his name written down Turkish sports, Commander Mazhar Kazanci, Abdurrahman and Ahmet Robenson brothers took responsibility in Galatasaray Lycee and made the students interested in sports like scouting, tennis, hockey. With the initiative of especially Ustunidman, the students got acquainted with football. But this was a different type of football, which resembled the blinds' row and had no rules. However, football once entered Galatasaray Lycee and got a big outbreak. .


lo ,

my n


e is My Ma f ver avou rce y co rite l hei m . ol. A playe nd he p He h r is 25 from lays f is my e play Dem b Ma y 1 Sevr ootbal favou s at T a Ba 985 es i l ve rite SG . He . H r nF ran y wel player offen is l ce. His . He c becau birt ome se hda s y is Our favourite sport star is Dirk Nowitzki. He plays basketball. His position is Power Forward. Dirk is very tall, his height is 2,13 m. Dirk plays with Dalla Mavericks. The Americans call him „German Wunderkind. by Stefan and Florian

Diego is our favourite football star because he is just better than any one of the Bayern team. Like our Religion teacher, do also many of the other girls of our school think, when Diego runs over the football field that he is really a good player. If that has something to do with his good looks? Ole and

Martin Schmitt He lives in VS-Tannheim. His birthday in on January 29, 1975. He is 191 cm tall. His favourite music is punk. Julia

My favourite Sport star My favourite sport is football , and my favourite sport stars are Cristiano Ronaldo and Yattara . I like Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s is very good football player . I think he is the best as well as Yattara too .Yattara is from Guinea and he plays football in Trabzonspor ,Turkey. Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal he plays in the Hi, we are Ja Portuguese na- vou na un rite S d Car por ts ina an tional team. (by Ros star is d our enber faM a g r k . We lik us Aishe) cute e him b and a ecaus good has p e he i footba layed s ll play i n er too 26.1.2 Werde . He 007. H r Brem e en sin come ce s from Swed en.

Hi, I„m Jenny and my favourite sport star is Luca Tony. He is very cool wieht his black hair. He has a daughter. He plays for Bayern Münich.



Report on a school


Volley for Year4 – by Class 4A Year 4 is practicing volley this year; Class 4A love sport: everyone plays football and basket or goes to swimming class, so they are ready for a new sport. PE instructor for the whole school year is Roberta. Under her instructions, children are getting ready to play- and hopefully win- in the volley tournament against the other four classes of Year4 next May. First of all, they trained all the winter with specific games: exercises against the wall and the wall bars, throwing and catch-

ing the ball, bouncing etc. Then children played games involving jumps, handstand, crawling, walking and running, as well as keeping by the court lines or complete immobility. Sometimes, stretching exercises are included too. All these games are played by two teams and everyone has his or her favourite. After Christmas holidays, children are now playing volley in short matches, doing his and her best to score, training, learning rules and most important, how to play together in a team: nobody wins or looses alone.

Bundesjugendspiele Bun desj u gen ds piel e

Last year I got a sports certificate at our „Bundesjugendspiele“ You probably ask yourself, what are „Bundesjugendspiele“? Bundesjugendspiele are Federal Youth Games introduced by the goverment in 1951 and they take place every year at our school.


the „Bundesjugendspiele you have to do different kinds of sport diciplines. For every diciplin you are grated and get points. These performances also influence the grade on your report card. There are different kinds of diciplines, like 100 metres run, 1000 m run, long jump, high jumb, swimming contest, track and field athletics etc.

Athletics Competition

On Thursday 22nd January 2009, 18 children accompanied by adults participated in a competition at Newham Leisure Centre. They took part in field events such as: Javelin; Standing Long Jump; Chest Push; Triple Jump; Speed Bounce; Vertical Jump. At the end of the field events, the results were fantastic, granting Carpenters school a place in the top eight (which means getting into the final). Then it was time for the running events which were: Boys Girls 1 lap race 1 lap race 2 laps race 2 laps race 6 laps race 6 laps race

Carpenters Primary School Athletics team

There was also a four lap race that was run by two boys and two girls. Due to cheering from teachers and team mates, the running was a great success and Carpenters school gained a lot of points. It was said to be a great experience by those who watched and took part in the competition. One of the coaches (Mr R. Saunders) mentioned that it was the best performance in years. As a result, the participantsâ€&#x; hard work paid off when the overall sores were announced and Carpenters school came second and received silver medals. As a sign of sportsmanship, the children shook hands with the opposition. Everyone from school left happy at the contribution they had made for the team. By Ola Ademi Holly Class, carpenters Primary School



Report on a school sport

Volleyball Each team consists of six players. To get play started, a team is chosen to serve by coin toss. A player from the serving team (generally accepted to have the advantage inplay) throws the ball into the air and attempts to hit the ball so it passes over the net on a course such that it will land in the opposing team's court (the serve).

KUVAYİ MİLLİYE PRIMARY SCHOOL, Turkey The volleyball team of our school We have a volleyball team ın our school. It has had lots of success. We won different matches. The students in the team are ambitious people. They want the team to be the best so they try to do everything for the team. Here are some photos of our team:

SEITE 19 .

Football match report from a HIGH ROFILE MATCH

Werder Bremen against 1FC CologWhen we found out, that we were part of the group chosen to come and see the Werder Bremen match against Cologne we were very happy. On our way to the “Weserstation” (football stadium) at around 3 pm we were very excited. We drove about 1.5 hours by bus and we had a lot of fun with our friends during the ride. Already at the beginning of the first halftime Diego shot the first goal. After a goal against Bremen, Rosenberg scored another goal,


Beschreibende Grafik- oder Bildunterschrift.

so that 2 minutes before halftime the result was 2:1 for Werder Bremen. Also the second halftime was very suspenseful. The final goal was shot by Naldo and Bremen von


3/1. We cheered and we were very happy. At 7 pm we met at the busses. Unfortunately we didn‟t have any time after the game to collect autographs from the different players. The bus had to leave at 7.30 pm. On our way back we were all in high spirits. I t was all in all an exciting, wonderful day and we thank our teachers Mr. Meyer, Mr. Ahning, Mr. Weiß and Mr. Smidt that they made the effort to come along with us to the Weser Station. (by Maren, Carina and Lea.)

Juventus vs. Milan Milan had Abbiati goalThe most excitkeeper; ing match in the Maldini, winter season Jankulovski, was Juventus Kaladze and Juventus vs. Milan Antonini devs. Milan, played in Turin on the 14th December at 8.30 pm. EmerBy the Boys of Class fenders; Both teams had injuries and son, Pirolo, some stars could not play. Ambrosini and 5C Juventus had Manninger Seedorf midfield with goalkeeper; Grygera, MellRonaldinho, berg, Chiellini and MoliPato and naro defenders; De Shevchenko Cieglie, Sissoko, Marchisco, Ned- attacking forward.

vev midfield; Del Piero and Amauri forward line.

Kick off. Del Piero takes the ball offside but the linesman does not see. He runs to the goal,

Jankulovski fouls from behind in the penalty area: penalty for Del Piero who shoots to the goalkeeper’s right, it is 1-0.

40 minute: Dal Piero’s corner for Chiellini who shoots a fantastic goal by winning header: 3-1. Second half is exciting too: soon Ambrosini shoots to goal, 3-2. At the 35 minute Amauri receives Sissoko’s spectacular cross, overtakes all Milan defenders and scores: 4-2. This will be the final score line with valuable points for Juventus that is chasing the League leader, Inter.

At the 30 minute, Ronaldinho’s cross for Pato and volley wrong-footing the goalkeeper: 1-1. Just a few minutes later, cross for Amauri’s header scoring 2-1.

Liverpool 3 vs. 0 Bristol (Fantasy Football match Hello, my name is Ally Wadud, and I went to Anfield to report on Liverpool versus Bristol. Firstly, Torres headed the ball to Gerrard who passed to Alonso and shot and scored. Soon it was half time and this lasted for 10 minutes, then half time was over. After half time it still wasn’t going well for Bristol. Liverpool just missed a big chance but it didn’t take long for Liverpool to score another goal. Gerrard headed and scored. The crowd went wild! Still no score for Bristol. This didn’t look good for Bristol. Liverpool were on the ball again and Gerrard passed to Torres and Torres passed back again to Gerrard. Gerrard shot from 25 metres and scored a spectacular goal. Then there was only 20 minutes until full time. So Bristol went for the ball and Michel from Bristol was going for goal. He shot but missed. But it was well off target.

So then it was a goal kick and Hazy the Bristol striker shot from 10 metres but it was way out of the pitch. This resulted in a throw-in and Michel threw it to Troy. But he got tackled by Robbie Keene and Robby passed to Gerrard. He shot and scored the last goal for Liverpool. The Bristol goalkeeper had no chance to save it. Liverpool had won the game and that was it for Bristol. Thanks for reading this report. Until next time, I am Ally Wadud. (Ally Wadud, Carpenters Primary School)

Free time activities We, the Comenius Group of the Haupt– and Realschule Esterwegen made a survey about free time activities in the classes 5-7. Alltogether 221 of our students took part in this survey.

1) Are you a girl or a boy?













2) How do you spend your free time during the week?


play with friends computer games

play with friends computer games



window shopping

window shopping

to listen to music

to listen to music

to surf the internet

to surf the internet



watch tv and dvd

watch TV/DVD





to help at home

to help at home


family games





From the diagram you can see that more boys are playing computer games, whereas boys and girls use the internet for about the same amount of time. Both, boys and girls spend time for their homework after school. More girls help at home than boys during their freetime.

Healthy Habits Issue 1 part 1  

Comenius Project

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