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Breakfast Bonanza!


10 Tasty Ways to Kick-Start the Day

H Apple, Cranberry and Oat Breakfast Crumble[

Brain Boosters Interview with:

Leah-Garrad-Cole It All Begins with Food


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tired of being

tired? Do you suffer from any of the following? Fatigue and a lack of appetite? Pale skin & dark circles under eyes? Difficulty concentrating? Chills or catch colds easily? Brittle hair or fingernails that chip easily?

You may be iron deficient The more questions you answered “yes” to, the higher your risk of being iron deficient.

Feeling tired, Floradix® may be your solution.

NPN 02242012

Floradix® is an easily absorbed, plant-based liquid iron and vitamin formula that is easy on the digestive tract and free of artificial colours and flavours. Floradix® Formula has been helping women reduce exhaustion & fatigue caused by iron deficiency for over 60 years. Feel the difference Floradix® makes. Available in natural health food stores, select grocery stores and pharmacies.

Women’s Products


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WAKE UP EARLY Fuel body, mind and spirit. Get moving. Work hard. Work smart. Work out. Make time for friends and family. Make time for you. Follow your passions. Dream big. Get grounded. Rest. Repeat.

Energy for Inspiration and Ability By Julia Montague

Struggling to catch your breath in the midst of it all? Feeling fatigued and run-down? You may be iron deficient. If so, you’re not alone. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world.

In fact, approximately 20% of women in Canada, and 50% of pregnant women, don’t get enough iron. Women’s monthly cycles leave them especially prone to iron deficiency – 10 times more likely than men.

Iron is an essential mineral used to make hemoglobin, which then carries oxygen throughout the body. Without the iron necessary for this process, you may find yourself slowing down and falling behind.

On top of shortness of breath, fatigue, dark under-eye circles and pale skin are common symptoms of iron deficiency, as are dizziness, lack of mental focus, brittle nails, thinning hair, and cold hands and

feet. In short, when your iron levels dip, it’s hard to put your best foot, and face, forward.

Iron-rich foods can help get you back in balance, but they may not be the most convenient or accessible solution. If you’re iron deficient, it may be hard to find enough meat, vegetables and whole grains, or hours in the day, to get you back up to speed.

Don’t let iron deficiency slow you down and take away from all you are and all you do. If you’re feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you have a choice.

Floradix® Has Been Used for Over 60 Years

Choose Floradix® and take back your time, and your health, from iron deficiency. Floradix® is North America’s best-selling natural liquid iron supplement, with a 60+ year track record of helping women face up to, and fight back against, iron deficiency.

Its unique, organic formula combines ferrous gluconate, an easily absorbable form of iron, in a delicious blend that includes extracts of carrot and spinach, plus fruit juices like pear, black currant, orange, and cherry, in a base of honey, herbs and whole food concentrates.

Each dose of Floradix® brings you a measure of iron that can be safely absorbed without side effects, making it one of the best sources out there to boost your iron back up to where it belongs. The time-tested formula has the added benefits of vitamins B and C, plus it’s free of additives, alcohol, preservatives, and lactose. What’s more, its packaging is environmentally-friendly.

Thanks to Floradix®, you can breathe easy knowing there’s a delicious, natural solution to what might be slowing you down. Raise a glass of Floradix® to your health and make it a part of your daily routine. Your full life awaits.t



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Supplements INSOMNIACS are Using For a BETTER SLEEP

Did you know that 40% of adult Canadians struggle with symptoms of insomnia at least three times a week (Science Daily, 2011)? By Anna O’Byrne Whether it’s difficulty falling and staying asleep, or waking too early, insomnia can take a toll. It affects our mood and performance. Lack of quality sleep can even aggravate or trigger a range of mental and physical health conditions.

But, most pharmaceutical treatments are not ideal. Sleeping pills can be addictive and the common side-effects include dizziness, difficulty with balance, daytime drowsiness and more. Natural solutions are safer and can be very effective. Experts recommend nonpharmacological treatments, including relaxation techniques, changes to daily routine, and cognitive therapy.

There are also a handful of supplements that are proven effective in clinical trials.

Best Supplements for Sleep

1) Magnesium: Known as the “original chill pill” and the “anti-stress mineral”, magnesium has demonstrated benefits for sleep. Studies show that magnesium supplementation can significantly increase sleep time and quality.

It can also shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. Magnesium is highly-safe for almost

everyone, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2) L-theanine: An amino acid derived from green tea, studies show that l-theanine improves relaxation, reduces tension and increases calmness. A safe, natural sleep aid, l-theanine won’t cause drowsiness. 3) Melatonin: Known as “the dracula of hormones”, melatonin is triggered by lowlight and sends signals to our brain to feel sleepy. Melatonin supplements are used to reset sleep cycles disrupted by jet lag, shift work, or evening exposure to light. Studies show that melatonin makes a significant difference in symptoms of insomnia. It’s also highly safe and non-addictive, with no risk of tolerance or rebound insomnia.

4) GABA: Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter that relaxes the nervous system and reduces anxiety. There is a correlation between poor sleep quality and low GABA levels in the brain, which is why researchers believe GABA as a supplement can help with sleep.

Natural Calm Creating Delta Waves

Linda Bolton, CEO of Natural Calm Canada, is something of an expert on supplements for sleep. She discovered

Natural Calm magnesium through her sister, who used it for migraines.

When Linda first started taking Natural Calm, she experienced a dramatic improvement in her sleep quality.

Heavenly Sleep and Calmful Sleep

Since introducing the highly-absorbable magnesium drink to Canada, Linda has since launched other sleep products. Heavenly Sleep is a fast-acting liquid melatonin that pairs well with Natural Calm.

“Magnesium plays a role in the production of melatonin, so I always recommend that people with sleep issues start by addressing what may be a magnesium deficiency,” says Linda. For persistent sleep problems, Linda recommends taking melatonin with Natural Calm at night. The company has also just released another new product, Calmful Sleep, a wildberryflavoured drink powder that combines magnesium with melatonin, l-theanine and GABA. t





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Rise and Shine!

SUMMER 2017 Vol. 18 No. 3

Your compass for natural health, wellness and outdoor adventure. Publisher

Charleen Wyman 1-877-276-1849 519-823-5404 Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Everyone needs a little early morning inspiration to kick start the day. This edition includes ten amazing breakfast ideas to start your day smiling, cozy at the cottage, in the great wild outdoors, taking on the work day, or just getting creative in the kitchen. The culinary delights in our Breakfast Bonanza have it all covered, packed with nutrients for play or back to school and work.


Julia Montague, Anna O’Byrne, Doug Cook, RD, MPH, Jolie Root, LPN, LNC, Emma Knight with Hana James, Deeva Green and Lee Reitelman, Jennifer MacKenzie, Jay Nutt, with Don Mercer, Hubert Cormier, Jennifer Williams, Adele Cavaliere, Holistic Nutritionist, Melissa Clifford, Cassie Irwin, Nadia Lamanna, ND, Rachel Schwartzman, ND, Emma Wells, Sammy Oh, AMP, DNM, CBS , Marva Ward, CNP and Cyril Meyre, ND.A.

For being your best, Dietitian Doug Cook shares the most researched foods and supplements for memory and mood in Best Brain Boosters. Leah-Garrad-Cole author of It All Begins with Food shares a few fun, kid-friendly ways to boost nutrition over the summer and for back to school. Waking up tired? It may not just be burn-out, stress, parenting or aging. If the mornings truly do have you dragging, either because you’re not sleeping well or your get up and go, got up and left, consider having your iron, magnesium and B12 levels checked with your naturopath or family physician with a blood test. Low iron and other deficiencies can affect immune function, cognitive performance and behaviour, exercise and work capacity. The most recent Canadian research from the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) (2009-2011) show depleted iron stores in 9% of women aged 20 to 49, and 13% of females aged 12 to 19 (Iron Sufficiency of Canadians, Marcia Cooper et al, Statistics Canada). This edition also features how to be to Be Naturally Radiant and shares ways organizations, naturopaths and supplement companies shine by making a difference in their communities and the world, in Giving Back. Shine bright in all you do!

Charleen Wyman, BA Journalism and Communications, BA English Publisher, Healthy Directions Healthy Directions is an independent journal produced by Cousins Publishing, four times a year in Canada. Printed in Canada. All content is copyrighted by Cousins Publishing. ISSN 1714-5791

IMPORTANT: Always seek the opinion of your medical or naturopathic doctor before starting any complementary health program. Any information contained herein is intended towards that purpose; thus “Healthy Directions” and its contributing writers will not be held liable should this advice not be followed.


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MEMORY AND MOOD Food for Great Thoughts 08

BRAIN BOOSTERS A Forkful of K ey Nutrients



For the Brain and Nervous System


food and mood]




Checking for Deficiencies

FOOD PASSIONS Gourmet Nourishment 12

BREAKFAST BONANZA! Avocado Toast with Harissa and Sprouts Apple, Cranberry and Oat Breakfast Crumble

Exotic Bowl with Dragon Fruit and Lychee Artichoke, Roasted Pepper and Ricotta Frittata





Always Tired or Iron Deficient? Magnesium, L-theanine, Melatonin and GABA

GIVING BACK Supplements Changing Lives 28


Organizations, NDs and Companies Making a Difference

Blackberry Breakfast Parfait


IT ALL BEGINS WITH FOOD with Leah Garrad-Cole Roasted Sweet Potato and Blueberry Muffins

A Pathway to Better Health 22

Better Digestion Suggestions

Banana Boats






Beauty from Inside Out

Fertility Problems and the Thyroid Beautiful Skin From Head to Toe









Foods for Glow!

The Vitamin for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails



The Better Sugar Alternative Toxic Substances Found in Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood

28 6 32 35

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Best Brain


Doug Cook, RD, MPH is an Integrative & Functional Nutritionist and Dietitian. He uses a science-informed therapeutic approach on food, diet and supplements where appropriate. He is the coauthor of “Nutrition for Canadians for Dummies” (Wiley, 2008), “The Complete Leaky Gut Health & Diet Book” (Robert Rose 2015) and “175 Best Superfood Blender Recipes” (Robert Rose, 2017). You can learn more about Doug by visiting his Facebook page, following him on Twitter, or by checking out his website

The brain is like any other organ in the body; in order to be functioning at its best, our brains need a steady supply of high-quality nutrition. What we eat and drink has a direct effect on the health of our brains both in terms of structure and function including cognition, memory, and mood. This is because like any other body part, the brain needs nutrients including protein, fat, carbohydrate, as well as, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Omega 3 Fats

Fish is best known as a source of omega-3 fats which the brain craves. Both the long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA are needed to support brain structure and function. Seafood in general is a great source of these superstar nutrients; I always tell clients, if the food came from water it has omega-3 fats. Fortified eggs and supplements also fit the bill when it comes to feeding your brain.

Omega-3s are crucial during early brain development (think 6 months prior to conception right through till age 2 or so), and to maintain brain health throughout life. Studies show that the omega3 fats EPA and DHA can help to preserve cognition, memory and reduce the risk for brain-related diseases as we age.



Choline is a vitamin-B like nutrient that’s crucial for a healthy brain. It supports mental health and moods because it’s used to make acetylcholine; the neurotransmitter involved in learning and memory. As with several nutrients, most of us are not getting the recommended intake of choline.

Best food sources are egg yolks, liver, fish and seafood, dark green vegetables, soybeans and products made from them. A good quality B complex supplement will also include choline as part of the mix.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Emerging science now shows how lutein and zeaxanthin are equally important for brain health. Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids like beta carotene and lycopene; compounds that give plants their respective colours like the orange in carrots and the red found in tomatoes.

Despite the fact that lutein only makes up about 12% of the total amount of carotenoids in a typical diet, and zeaxanthin less so, nature has chosen to concentrate these yellow pigments in both the macula of the eyes (the eyes are an extension of the brain) and the brain itself.

Both carotenoids are antioxidants that help to ‘rust proof’ your brain and reduce inflammation; both of which have been shown to increase the risk for cognitive decline over time.

Getting more lutein and zeaxanthin is easy. Include dark green vegetables, corn, eggs, and avocados regularly. Cooked food sources of lutein and zeaxanthin such as kale, rapini, broccoli, corn, collard greens, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, spinach, dandelion and mustard greens, eaten with fat increases the absorption of lutein and zeaxanthin by 10 fold.


A phytonutrient found in the spice turmeric, curcumin is hot in the world of brain health which makes it a great brain booster. Clinical research shows that curcumin positively modifies many aspects of our biochemistry, most importantly is its ability to squash and temper inflammation, turn on disease-fighting genes while turning off disease-promoting genes all the while offering farreaching cognitive and neuro-protective properties like reducing the risk for dementia including Alzheimer’s disease.

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Magnesium L-threonate

A new form of supplemental magnesium, magnesium L-threonate is derived from a sugar-acid found in plants and is a more bioavailable form of magnesium, so smaller amounts are needed to reap the benefits. The brain uses magnesium to synthesis neurotransmitters, to help metabolize glucose for energy, and is needed for optimal transmission of electrical impulses in both neurons (brain cells) and throughout the nervous system. Early research supports the use of magnesium L-threonate in maintaining the function of synapses, the spaces between neurons where communication between brain cells occurs.

From Rene M. Caisse, RN Original Herbal Formula 

Trusted Worldwide Since 1922

Premium Quality Herbs

Immune System* Support

Gluten Free & cGMP Compliance

Made Only In Canada

Approved By the FDA in Writing With No Medical Claims

Doctors Recommend

In studies, older adults saw improvements in learning and with both short and long term memory recall. Research is in the beginning stages but at the very least, magnesium L-threonate can help people get more magnesium in general, a mineral that the majority of Canadians don’t get enough of.


A derivative of the amino acid lysine, carnitine is a pseudo amino acid that is used by cells, including the neurons of the brain, for energy production; it helps cells burn fat as fuel. Small amounts of carnitine are found in protein-rich foods like meats. Acetyl Lcarnitine (ALCAR) is a supplemental form that has been shown to benefit the brain because it is absorbed better than regular supplemental carnitine or carnitine from food.

Powder Formula NPN 80012920

Vegetable Capsules NPN 80015598

Promising studies have demonstrated ALCAR’s ability to improve standard measures of cognition, concentration and memory. Researchers believe ALCAR benefits the brain by increasing the production of the antioxidant glutathione, the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is needed for memory formation and consolidation, while supporting the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and serotonin.

B Vitamins

B vitamins have long been known to support healthy moods. In fact, when you look at many of the symptoms of deficiency for several of the B vitamins, they manifest psychologically such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.

B vitamins help with energy production ensuring neurons work properly, and B12 specifically helps to prevent atrophy, or loss of mass, of the brain itself. B vitamins support neurotransmitter production and function and folate helps to lower homocysteine, a pro-inflammatory protein associated with greater risk for dementia including Alzheimer’s disease.

B vitamins are found in a variety of foods; good sources include meats, fish, poultry and eggs, whole grains, both green vegetables and starchy vegetables like potatoes, peas, corn and carrots, and pulses (chickpeas, lentils, dried beans and peas). t

Bridge of Hope


NPN 80012914

The Life of Rene M. Caisse RN Canada’s Health Nurse & the History of Essiac

Authorized by Health Canada Approved For Natural Product Number (NPN) by Health Canada, Health Protection Branch

Herbal Supplement

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statementshave not been evaluated by the FDA.


U.S. Office: P.O. Box 365, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Tel. (561) 585-7111  Fax (561) 585-7145 E-mail:

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Splash in the Extraordinary Benefits of Omega-3 Research on the incredible health benefits of omega-3s is published almost daily. The marine omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) play a crucial role in brain, nervous system, and eye development. By Jolie Root, LPN, LNC

Heart Health

In 2002, the American Heart Association issued a scientific statement on Omega-3s’ effect on heart health. The statement endorsed raising DHA and EPA levels by eating fish or taking a daily fish oil supplement. The American Heart Association statement reviews omega-3’s support of healthy heart rhythm, cardiac strength and blood vessel health. Studies show omega-3 fatty acids improve blood flow through the constricted arteries of heart disease patients. EPA and DHA help lower triglycerides, plus, EPA and DHA support normal blood pressure, while simultaneously increasing protective high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. Higher HDL substantially reduces heart attack risk.

Brain Health

For adults, omega-3s improve mood, memory, recall, reasoning, and focus and support brain health as we age. Chicago’s Rush Medical Center found people with the highest levels of DHA had a 60 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s than those with the lowest levels. The University of Sheffield Psychiatry Department researchers found omega-3 fish oil supplements "alleviate" the symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, and psychosis.

Joint Health

The omega-3 EPA has a positive effect on inflammatory response. EPA competes with pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid in the body. This means EPA helps regulate body inflammation, which may benefit painful inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. Patients with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and bronchial asthma also experienced benefits by supplementing with DHA and EPA.

Migraine Relief

Reports of the beneficial effects on migraines caused excitement among millions of migraine sufferers. Decreased frequency and severity of migraine attacks were noted in a study at the University of Cincinnati. The majority of persons who took fish oils experienced a 40-50 percent reduction in migraine frequency and severity. Participants took nine fish oil capsules daily, with each providing 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA.

Endocrine System Health

Recent studies find taking fish oils improves insulin sensitivity and reduces insulin resistance in older adults. Since insulin resistance may lead to type 2 diabetes, this is welcoming news for many people who want to age healthily. The Norwegian Institute of Health established the role of omega-3 fatty acids in controlling diabetes. The study shows giving cod liver oil to children during their first year of life reduces the juvenile diabetes risk by as much as 25 percent.

Infant and Toddler Health

Omega-3s strongly support brain health also. Many pregnant and nursing mothers help shape their baby’s intelligence and happiness by supplementing with fish oil.

Exciting studies show children (and adults) with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia, and compulsive disorders experience a greatly improved quality of life when taking a daily dose of approximately 700 mg of combined EPA and DHA.


Child and Adolescent Health

Evidence suggests EPA and DHA deficiencies may contribute to childhood disorders, such as autism. One study examines the effects of a 1.5-gram daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids (840 mg EPA and 700 mg DHA) in autistic children ages 5 to 17 years who exhibited severe tantrums, aggression, or self-injurious behavior. The children’s behavior improved, suggesting omega-3 fatty acids may be an effective treatment for children with autism. We simply cannot afford to ignore the lifelong benefits of fish oils. At every age, from the cradle to our golden years, omega3s help keep us vibrantly healthy, strong, and sharp! t References:

1) Dietary supplementation with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E after myocardial infarction: results of the GISSI-Prevenzione trial. Lancet 1999; 354: 447–55

2) Fish Consumption, Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Cardiovascular Disease Penny M. Kris-Etherton, PhD, RD; William S. Harris, PhD; Lawrence J. Appel, MD, MPH Circulation. 2002;106:2747 3) (Archives of Neurology 2003;60:940-946 )

4) (Journal of Affective Disorder Vol. 48(2-3);149-55). 5) (Effects of dietary fish oil lipids on allergic and inflammatory diseases. Allergy Proc. 1991;12(5):299303) 6) Am J Clin Nutr. 1986;43:710.

7) (AJCN 2003 Dec; 78(6):1128-34).

8) Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids Volume 70, Issue 4, April 2004, Pages 383-390 9) Biological Psychiatry 2007;61(4):551-553.

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A Smart Smoothie Add-In for the Whole Family Combine fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables with a serving of Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil for a smoothie with upgraded nutrition and taste. Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil is available in award-winning lemon or orange flavour for kids and adults and provides the important omega-3s EPA and DHA,

which promote:

✔ Cardiovascular system function ✔ Immune system function ✔ Brain and nerve function ✔ Vision health ✔ Joint health ✔ Bone strength

888-234-5656 |

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Breakfast Bonanza !

Here are ten amazing ways to start your day smiling, cozy at the cottage, in the great wild outdoors over a campfire, while sending the kids to the park or backyard or just looking to get creative and inspired in the kitchen. These culinary delights have it all covered, packed with nutrients for play or back to school and work. Find them all at: 12 Summer 2017 HEALTHY DIRECTIONS |



10 Tasty & Healthy Ways to Kick-Start the Day


Summer Edition 2017.qxp_August/Sept 2015 2017-07-04 11:55 PM Page 13





18 dried guajillo peppers 1 cup virgin olive oil 1 head garlic, peeled and coarsely chopped 1½ teaspoons sea salt 1 tablespoon coarsely chopped preserved lemon 4 sundried tomatoes, coarsely chopped 3 teaspoons ancho chili powder 2 tablespoons dried cumin 2 teaspoons ground cayenne pepper

Avocado Toast

2 slices of your favourite bread 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil, divided 2 to 4 teaspoons harissa 1 avocado, pitted and sliced 1 to 2 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice Pinch of sea salt ½ cup sprouts of your choice Excerpted from The Greenhouse Cookbook: Plant Based Eating and DIY Juicing by Emma Knight with Hana James, Deeva Green and Lee Reitelman. Photography by Elena Mari and Nathan Legiehn. Copyright © 2017 by Greenhouse Juice Company. Published by Penguin, a division of Penguin Random House Canada Limited. All rights reserved.


Nothing elevates avocado toast quite like a spicy layer of harissa. A hot chili paste most closely linked to Tunisia, Algeria and Libya, harissa varies widely by region. Ours is made with guajillo chili, a Mexican pepper, full of flavour but not overwhelmingly spicy. If you’re pressed for time, use a store-bought harissa.


For the harissa, using kitchen scissors, cut off the stems of the dried guajillo peppers and then snip the peppers into thin ribbons. In a small pot on low heat, add the guajillo peppers, olive oil, garlic and salt. Lightly brown the garlic, about 6 to 8 minutes, and remove from heat. In a food processor, combine all the ingredients from the pot with the preserved lemon, sundried tomatoes, ancho chili powder, cumin and cayenne.

100% Natural Solution Magnesium


+ Arnica

Process all ingredients on low speed, then medium and then high for 30 seconds to a minute, or until the harissa is smooth. The harissa will turn out very dark red and medium-hot. Store it in a sealed jar in the fridge. It will last for several weeks.

To prepare the avocado toast, toast your bread to your preferred level of crispiness, either in a toaster, under the broiler or in a cast-iron pan with a bit of olive oil. Smear about 1 tablespoon harissa onto the toast.

Slice the avocado in ¼-inch-thick slices and cover the toast with avocado slices. Each slice of bread will fit about half an avocado, depending on the size of your bread.

Sprinkle the lemon juice on the top of the avocado, plus a tiny pinch of salt and a small drizzle of olive oil. Finally, cover with the sprouts, about 1 heaping tablespoon per slice. Serve immediately. t

Relieves Pain and Inflammation in Muscles and Joints Increases Flexibility Accelerates Recovery MADE IN CANADA


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Leftover apple crumble for breakfast is a guilty pleasure. This version is a little less sweet than a dessert crumble and incorporates dried fruit and grains into a healthy breakfast dish.

I’ve always been fascinated by color. I was a bit of an artist as a kid, and I loved to draw. The colors on our plates are just as important as the colors that surround us; they set the tone and grab our attention.

Serves 4 • 8-inch glass baking dish


11⁄2 cups dried apple slices 1⁄3 cup dried cranberries 1⁄4 tsp. ground cinnamon 13⁄4 cups unsweetened apple juice, divided 1 cup quick-cooking or large-flake rolled oats 2 tbsp. whole wheat flour 2 tbsp. liquid honey or maple syrup Flavoured yogurt


In prepared baking dish, combine apples, cranberries and cinnamon. Pour in 11⁄2 cups of the apple juice. Cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours or for up to 12 hours. Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C).

In a bowl, combine oats, flour, honey and the remaining apple juice, stirring until crumbly. Sprinkle over apple mixture.

Bake for about 20 minutes or until fruit is hot and bubbling and topping is crispy. Serve hot or warm, with a dollop of yogurt.t Courtesy of The Dehydrator Bible by Jennifer MacKenzie, Jay Nutt, Don Mercer 2015 © Available where books are sold.

Serves 2 • 10 minutes


2 cups plain Greek yogurt 1 cooked beet, diced ½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries ¼ cup grapefruit juice 2 kiwi fruits, diced 4 lychees ½ mango ½ pitahaya (dragon fruit) 2 tablespoons goji berries 2 tablespoons shelled unsalted pistachios 2 tablespoons unsalted pumpkin seeds


In a food processor, combine the Greek yogurt, beet, raspberries, and grapefruit juice, and process until the mixture is smooth.

Divide between two bowls, then top with the rest of the fruit, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds.t Excerpted from Yogurt Every Day by Hubert Cormier. Copyright © 2017 Hubert Cormier. Food photography by Catherine Côté. Published by Appetite by Random House®, a division of Penguin Random House Canada Limited. Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher.


ARTICHOKE, ROASTED PEPPER AND RICOTTA FRITTATA Prep time: 3 minutes Cook time: 3 to 4 minutes

The combination of artichokes, roasted peppers and ricotta makes this taste like a decadent appetizer served up on the Italian coast.


1 large egg 3 tbsp. chopped drained oil-packed or marinated artichoke hearts 1 roasted red bell pepper, chopped 1 tbsp ricotta cheese Pinch salt (optional) Nonstick cooking spray


In a small bowl, gently whisk egg. Stir in artichoke hearts, roasted peppers and cheese. Season with salt (if using). Lower the cooking plate and both rings of sandwich maker. Lightly spray the cooking plate with cooking spray. Pour the egg mixture into the top ring. Gently close the cover and cook for 3 to 4 minutes or until frittata is cooked to your liking. Rotate cooking plate away from sandwich maker and lift rings. Use a plastic or nylon spatula to remove the frittata. Serve immediately.t

Courtesy of 150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes by Jennifer Williams 2014 © Reprinted with permission.

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Who doesn’t love a great breakfast parfait?! These are fabulous in the summer, because they’re light and loaded with fibre and protein.


1 cup plain Greek yogurt, divided 1 cup blackberries ½ cup granola ¼ cup NutraCleanse™

Makes 2 Servings


Stir NutraCleanse™ into granola and set aside. Using two small mason jars or glasses, layer the yogurt and berries then top with granola mixture. If you’d prefer flavoured yogurt, such as vanilla or berry over plain, then make that substitution!Enjoy!t Courtesy of NutraCleanse™.

.. . . more please]










Summer Edition 2017.qxp_August/Sept 2015 2017-07-04 11:55 PM Page 16


Photography copyright © 2017 Janis Nicolay

It All Begins with Food

with Leah Garrad-Cole By Charleen Wyman

Leah Garrad-Cole, author of It All Begins with Food and the founder of Love Child Organics offers some start of the day meal advice for back to school, plus a few of her kids' favourite, and easy to make breakfast meals.

1) When it comes to the first meal of the day, what are some things you think are essential for fueling little eaters’ days? I think it’s absolutely essential to have a variety of foods. We seem to fall back on toast or cereal but we need to think about a variety of nutrients, so that includes more smoothies, with a variety of fruits and vegetables and yogurt. We need to move away from toast and juice, which I think is one of the classics and also think about protein and fibre.

2) As an advocate for organic, non-GMO foods, why do you think the quality of the food we feed our families matters? It matters for ourselves, our families and the animals on our planet. We have to take responsibility for what we eat. It affects our wellness, the health of our bodies and our children’s bodies. Our children will be stronger, and fight off colds and flus better with better nutrition. Babies and young children’s bodies are small; so, organic food being the cleanest food possible seems like the right idea to me.

Summer Edition 2017.qxp_August/Sept 2015 2017-07-04 11:55 PM Page 17

3) Which are the most important foods to eat organically? Every year the Environmental Working Group puts out a list of the most pesticide contaminated foods. I’ve included it in the book or you can check it out on line. If we can only buy certain organic foods, we can use that list to decide which are most important to us. For example, apples are something kids eat a ton of but they are on the list that has a lot of pesticides on them. So, maybe you want to make the decision to buy those organic. Strawberries would be another one to focus on. They are often high in pesticides as well. You can pick those with your kids on an organic farm and by doing the picking, save on some of the cost. 4) I have "hidden" pureed carrots, celery onions and pepper into spaghetti sauce. Should we hide our healthy side or just let it show? I think we should let it show, not hide. I admit, I still do cut vegetables into smaller pieces for things like mac and cheese, but I think we should talk about it and convince them that healthy food is good food. They need to understand that it makes their bodies healthier and strong. We need to talk about healthy options and cook with them using healthy ingredients in order to expose them, to both their taste buds and their brains. Then, eating healthy becomes a normal thing to do. If we hide it all the time they won’t appreciate why their favourite foods taste so great or make them feel so good. By putting them into something your kids really like, like spinach in banana bread and talking about the spinach and letting them add it in and help make it, then enjoy it, they begin to understand and appreciate healthy foods. Then, they may even start eating spinach in other ways that might be more challenging. 5) What are some of your own children’s favourite breakfast foods? My kids Poppy and Cameron’s absolute favourite breakfast food is smoothies. They both love them and you can make those more fun by having fancy smoothie cups or special straws. Both of them like smoothie bowls. You just make the smoothie a little thicker and then add ingredients on top and eat it that way. Breakfast bars are also a regular in our house. For the kids they seem like a snack but can be made super healthy. I always have some in the freezer ready for a quick breakfast. t



Virgin coconut oil, to grease the pan 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup spelt flour 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp sea salt 1 Tbsp milled flaxseed 1 tsp ground cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Lightly grease the cups of a 12-cup muffin pan with coconut oil. I find muffin papers tend to stick to these particular muffins.

Place the oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl with the flaxseed and cinnamon. Stir well to combine.

In a separate bowl, place the sweet potato, egg, coconut sugar, milk, and coconut

1 cup mashed roasted sweet potato (roast the night before to make this easy) 1 egg 1/2 cup coconut sugar 3 Tbsp virgin coconut oil, melted 3/4 cup blueberries

oil. Whisk to combine.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir until just mixed. Carefully fold in the blueberries.

Fill the muffin cups two-thirds full. Bake for approximately 20 minutes until the muffins are firm to the touch and dark golden. A toothpick inserted in the center of a muffin should come out clean. t


Surprise your kids with these stuffed banana boats for breakfast and you’ll earn big smiles even early in the morning. This fun dish is also great as an after-school snack.


2 tsp crispy rice cereal 2 tsp almond butter 1/4 tsp honey or maple syrup (for plant-based) 1 banana 1 heaping tsp dark raisins (optional)


In a small bowl, mix together the cereal, almond butter, and honey.

Peel the banana, then slice lengthwise, but don’t slice right down to the bottom. You don’t want two separate halves. Using a small spoon, fill the inside of the banana with the almond butter mixture.

Place a line of raisins (if using) down the length of the banana, on top of the almond butter mixture.

Cut in half to serve and eat by hand.t

Excerpted from It All Begins With Food by Leah Garrad-Cole. Copyright © 2017 Leah Garrad-Cole. Photography copyright © 2017 Janis Nicolay. Published by Appetite by Random House®, a division of Penguin Random House Canada Limited. Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher. All rights reserved.



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Be Naturally

RADIANT You can keep your skin looking absolutely resilient, and radiant by simply making natural everyday choices. By Adele Cavaliere, Holistic Nutritionist

Researchers have found that certain foods can help turn off inflammatory genes, helping to strengthen and build healthy tissues. So, pick up a fork and dig in to my top 5-delicious beautifiers—they'll bring you a smooth, clear glow.

Tomato Sauce

Lycopene, the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red, helps boosts collagen strength—a protein that gives skin its taut, youthful structure—and fights off the oxidizing effect of UV rays by eliminating skin-aging free radicals. Cooking tomatoes increases lycopene levels, so stock up on organic tomato sauce, tomato soup and even natural ketchup!


Turmeric doesn’t just protect against cancer or arthritic pain, this Indian spice can also protect your skin. Turmeric's active antioxidant, curcumin, has shown to be one of the most effective antiinflammatory and free-radical fighting options out there. Plus, this spice can be used to lighten dark pigmentation blotches or scars caused by aging, hormone imbalance, or even sun exposure by inhibiting an enzyme in the skin that produces pigment. I usually combine this miracle spice with coconut oil, honey or milk to create a healing facial mask.


This tropical fruit contains a plethora of active enzymes which pass on their health

benefits. One enzyme, chymopapain, has been used to relieve inflammation—a common source of skin conditions. And another enzyme, papain, can help remove blemishes and even treat acne when applied topically.

Safflower Oil

Omega-6s found in safflower oil can be the ultimate moisturizer for people who suffer from itchy, dry, flaky skin. Safflower oil keeps cell walls supple, allowing water to better penetrate the epidermis.

Citrus-Detox Water

How many concealers have you purchased trying to avoid those puffy, dark circles under your eyes? The truth is…dark circles are a sign of lack of sleep, dehydration, eating salty foods, indulging in alcohol and even avoiding exercise.

Start replenishing your body with fabulous detox waters. Simply cut up citrus fruits (rinds included), add fresh herbs and soak in a pitcher of chamomile or peppermint tea infused water. The vitamin C in the citrus will help balance levels of electrolytes and expel excess water weight while the d-limonene in the rinds acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory compound which helps the liver flush toxins.

Limit exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and wear protective natural sunscreen. But the sun isn’t all bad. Just 10–15 minutes of daily exposure helps manufacture vitamin D throughout the

skin. Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for your skin, along with vitamins C, E, and K.


Biotin is also a nutrient that can help us keep a young, attractive appearance since it plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair, nails and skin. Biotin can be found in foods like organ meats, eggs, avocado, cauliflower, berries, fish, legumes and mushrooms.


Life can be busy: exhaustion and chronic fatigue can seem like every day problems which we often attribute to our hectic schedules. However, these can also be caused by a deficiency of iron. Iron is one of the key nutrients your body requires to perform its daily activities and affects your overall energy levels. Pale skin and dark circles are the most common signs of anemia caused due to iron deficiency.

The lack of iron causes hemoglobin levels to decrease. The reduced oxygen flow can deprive your skin of its color, making it look sallow. A healthy dose of iron-rich supplements and foods in your daily diet can give your skin a pinkish glow. Iron can also help improve hair texture and reduces dullness by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots and scalp.

Body care is so much more than the pursuit of gorgeous skin. It’s about self-love, pampering and nurturing yourself. t

Adele Cavaliere is a Holistic Nutritionist, published author of the book “21 Days to Detoxify Your Life,” is an elite fitness trainer, yoga instructor and founder of Nutri-School. Visit: 18 Summer 2017 HEALTHY DIRECTIONS |

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GET YOUR PROBIOTIC SMOOTHIE MIX ON! Enhance your microbiome one sip at a time

Probiotic Smoothie Mix Decadent Chocolate Coconut

Probiotic Smoothie Mix Luscious Lucuma Baobab

Probiotic Smoothie Mix Delicious Berry Burst

Smooth Movement Probiotic Fiber Blend with Tumeric

Probiotic Super Greens with Turmeric

Daily Probiotic Cranberry Supreme

Available at your favourite health food store Visit us at

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Summer Edition 2017.qxp_August/Sept 2015 2017-07-05 12:30 AM Page 21

Nutrients for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails By Melissa Clifford

Skin acts as a barrier to the outside world and protects the internal organs and tissues. The outer layer of skin known as the epidermis contains three types of cells, one of which is keratin. Keratin is a type of protein that is a basic component of skin, hair and nails.

Hair grows by forming new cells at the base of the root embedded in the skin. As the cells multiply and produce keratin to harden the structure, they get pushed to the surface and form the shaft of the hair. Nails are also formed by skin cells hardening to form keratin as they move to the surface of the skin. As all three are fast growing structures, they need adequate and consistent amounts of nutrients to do so.

They are also often the first structures to show signs of deficiencies or imbalances in the body. The following are some examples of changes in hair, skin and nails that may indicate a deficiency in one or several micronutrients. Scaly skin and/ or lips - biotin, essential fatty acids

Dandruff - vitamin B2, B6, zinc, magnesium, biotin

Graying Hair - folic acid, biotin, vitamin B5 Brittle, dry hair - zinc, vitamin A

Hair loss - deficiency in zinc, vitamin B6, sulfur, selenium, biotin

Brittle nails - biotin, vitamin A, C, calcium


Many of these nutrients may be familiar to you, however while biotin is one that is common to many of the conditions listed above, it is not as commonly discussed.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is one of several water-soluble B vitamins and is referred to as B7 or sometimes vitamin H. Biotin is used for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and proteins as well as repairing of DNA, regulation of glucose metabolism and proper immune function.

The use of biotin as a treatment for nail and hair issues was suggested for humans after it was found to improve immune function in horse’s hoofs. Since then, a human study demonstrated improvements in nail thickness and decreases in splitting and irregularities of the nail plate with 3-6 months of treatment with supplemental biotin. While the human body is unable to directly produce biotin, certain types of good bacteria present in a healthy human digestive system synthesize biotin for the body to use.

Biotin is also widely available in foods such as organ meats, egg yolks, some vegetables and cow’s milk.

The majority of biotin found in food is bound to a protein and thus requires a certain enzyme (biotinase) to act on it before it can be absorbed by the body. Obvious deficiency in biotin usually only occurs in people that are deficient in this enzyme or in people that consume a large

amount of raw egg whites, as the avindin protein found in egg whites binds to biotin and prevents absorption. Deficiency can also be possible in pregnant women, those not consuming a well-balanced diet and those who have inflammatory bowel disease and/or gut dysbiosis where insufficient amounts of healthy gut bacteria limit biotin production. The actual recommended amount of biotin is unknown since healthy gut bacteria do contribute to the total biotin levels in the body. The National Academy of Medicine has indicated that an adequate intake of biotin is 30 micrograms for adult men and women. However there are studies which indicate that it appears to be safe even at much higher milligram doses. t References:

Said HM.Biotin: biochemical, physiological and clinical aspects. Subcell Biochem. 2012;56:1-19.

Hendrik Uyttendaele, Adam Geyer, and Richard K. Scher. Brittle nails: pathogenesis and treatment. J Drugs Dermatol. 2003 Jan;2(1):48-9.

Table: Recommended Dietary Allowance and Adequate Intake Values, Vitamins and Elements Retrieved from tion/SummaryDRIs/DRI-Tables.aspx

Scheinfeld N, Dahdah MJ, Scher R. Vitamins and minerals: their role in nail health and disease. J Drugs Dermatol. 2007 Aug;6(8):782-7. Baumgartner MR. Vitamin-responsive disorders: cobalamin, folate, biotin, vitamins B1 and E. Handb Clin Neurol. 2013;113:1799-810.



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Gut Feelings on BBQ Season

By Cassie Irwin


There’s nothing like grilling up some grub in the great outdoors! But the menu choices and party dynamics of summer barbecues often leave the gut grumbling in grief. Follow these digestion do’s to take the biggest bite out of the season! Your Body on Food

Cassie Irwin is a nutrition expert and healing foods writer. Find your food cure on Cassie’s blog and follow her on Instagram @cassiehopeirwin

Digestion begins before you’ve even taken your first bite! When you see, smell, or hear food being cooked, your brain sends signals telling your mouth to secrete saliva, and your stomach to secrete acid. When you take a mouthful of your hamburger, chewing breaks it down physically, while the enzymes in saliva help to break it down chemically. Stomach acid speeds up the digestion process, and then food eventually gets passed along to the intestines, where enzymes and probiotics help with the absorption of nutrients in the gut. If all goes well, your hamburger goes in one end and comes out the other efficiently and without pain. But often enough, that hamburger causes heartburn, flatulence, and constipation, which aren’t likely to support your social spirit!

Meet You at the Meat

Most barbecue parties have people gathering for one star food group: 22 Summer 2017 HEALTHY DIRECTIONS |

meat. Because meat is highly protein-dense and rich in fat, it is particularly difficult to digest. It requires more stomach acid than other food groups for proper breakdown, as well as more enzymes to be secreted from the pancreas (The World’s Healthiest Foods). To add to the problem, we don’t make as many enzymes as we age, so meat becomes increasingly more difficult to digest.

Choosing lean meats, such as chicken and turkey, make digestion easier than fattier meats like beef. Reducing the amount of meat you eat will also lighten the burden on your gut. A portion size of meat is about the size of an average person’s palm, or a bar of soap. Once you’ve picked your appropriately sized meat of your choice, chew it well! Aim to chew 20 times per mouthful, which may be way more than you’re currently doing. This will make the pieces smaller and will help your salivary

enzymes get to work – ultimately making it easier on the rest of your digestive tract! Adding a digestive enzyme supplement to your daily routine will further improve digestion. Look for a full-spectrum formula that assists in the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as a source of HCl to improve low stomach acid (a common cause of heartburn).

Greening Your Plate

Picture your plate as a pie chart. Allocate a quarter of the plate for meat, another quarter for grains like rice or quinoa, and fill up one half of the plate with greens. Having a healthy serving of salad or raw veggies will not only give you a whopping dose of nutrients and antioxidants, but will assist in your digestion. Lots of the enzymes found in food are lost in the cooking process, but raw food has enzymes intact to assist in its own breakdown.

Summer Edition 2017.qxp_August/Sept 2015 2017-07-05 12:21 AM Page 23

Veggies are also high in fibre. On top of keeping you regular, fibre feeds the probiotics in your gut. These good bacteria play myriad roles in health maintenance in addition to nutrient absorption. A probiotic supplement gives your gut some serious love. Look for a formula that doesn’t require refrigeration so it can be your plus-one at summer barbecues and copilot on roadtrips!

Go ahead and feast! We’ve got you covered...

Mindful Eating

Being mentally and physically engaged during your meal will make a world of difference on your gut. When you’re at the barbecue party, pay attention to what the food looks like, note how its texture feels in your fingers and in your mouth, and try to perceive its more subtle flavours. Be aware of your body’s signals about being full, the beginnings of indigestion, or your telling “I’ve eaten too much ____” toots! And even if you’ve had your eye on seconds, wait 20 minutes for your brain’s “I’m full” signal to kick in before you go get more.

Social Cues

We eat about 30 to 50% more food in social settings than we do when we’re alone, according to a study conducted by the University of Toronto (Women’s Health Magazine). Social overeating obviously plays a role in the barbecue bloat at daylong summer parties! Once you’ve enjoyed your nutritiously balanced plate and feel satiated, hang out away from the food table to keep it out of reach. If you’re standing up, keep one hand in your pocket and your other holding your glass. You won’t have a hand available for gluttonous grabs! And use the party setting to your advantage by engaging people in conversation. When your mouth is talking, it won’t be chewing – at least not if your manners dictate! t


DIGEST BEST A FULL SPECTRUM ENZYME FORMULA FOR DAILY DIGESTIVE SUPPORT! > Breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats for increased absorption of nutrients > Includes Protease DPP IV to digest gluten and casein > Includes Betaine HCl for stomach acid support > Helps to alleviate heartburn and reduce gas > Works quickly in acute situations!


The World’s Healthiest Foods. Is Meat Hard to Digest?

Women’s Health Magazine. Overeating in Social Situations. April 3, 2006.

> Alleviates bloating


> Increases immunity and reduces harmful bacteria > 2 Billion live cells with prebiotics THE FRIENDLY TRIO® + NAG > Helps to build and maintain balance of the intestinal micro-flora





> Helps repair and maintain the gut lining integrity. > Research shows NAG to be effective in the treatment of inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn’s Disease.


To the Retailer: Enerex Botanicals Ltd. will reimburse you the face value of this coupon provided it is redeemed by your consumer at the time of purchase of the item(s) specified. Other applications may constitute fraud. Failure to send in, on request, evidence that sufficient product was purchased in the previous 60 days to cover the coupons presented for redemption will void the coupons. Unauthorized reproduction of this coupon is unlawful. Coupons submitted become the property of Enerex Botanicals Ltd. Must provide proof of purchase for each coupon. Requests for reimbursement after November 30th, 2017 will not be accepted. To Consumer: Provincial law may require the retailer to charge the applicable tax on the full value of the purchase(s) before the reduction in coupon value. GST, PST, HST are included in the face value where applicable. Unauthorized reproduction of this coupon is unlawful. Limit one coupon per product. Not redeemable for cash. Not valid with any other coupon offers. Offer valid in Canada only. Coupon valid until September 15th, 2017.

For more info visit us at NUTRITIONAL BRILLIANCE



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Support Concentration and Focus for ADHD By Rachel Schwartzman, ND


Back to school can be a difficult transition for kids. It requires them to sit at a desk for long period of times and focus on school work. For some kids this is a struggle.

Rachel Schwartzman, ND is a board certified naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist. She maintains a general family practice in Toronto, with a special interest in family medicine, women’s health, pregnancy and pediatrics. Visit:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), released a report in November of 2013, showing up to 11 percent of children aged 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD at some point in their lives. In Canada, 5% of children have been diagnosed with ADHD, with boys 3 times more likely than girls.

As a naturopath, I will say the work you do now to support your child will benefit them for a lifetime. Here are some tips on supporting your child’s concentration and focus for creating a positive experience in school.

Up Your Healthy Fats

One of the best things you can give your child for focus and concentration is a good quality fish oil supplement. Studies have shown that children with ADHD have lower tissue levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), the two components in omega-3 oils. Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) supplementation has been studied


extensively and is a well known treatment option utilized by both naturopaths and mainstream physicians.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are important for brain development, mental focus and mood regulation. As a population we are deficit in this oil, so it is important to make a conscious effort to include more of it in your child’s diet.

Gamma-linolenic acid derived from evening primrose oil, was shown in a 2010 study to aid in symptoms relief when combined with omega-3 fatty acids containing EPA + DHA. The three compunds in combination helped children with reading, writing, aggression, and anxious behaviour. Food sources rich in omega-3’s are: fish (remember SMASHsardines, mackerel, anchovies, salmon, herring), walnuts, flax/hemp seed oil, or hemp hearts. If your child is not keen on this list, sometimes a good old spoonful of the liquid down the hatch is the way to go.

Boost Up Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that calms the nervous system and promotes a restful sleep. Children with ADHD are often deficient in magnesium, which can be a contributing factor to their restlessness. Try adding magnesium rich food to your child’s diet such as; dark green veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts/seeds, bananas, watermelon, figs, potatoes and green beans. You can also consider a magnesium powdered supplement. They are easy to take and ensure your child is not deficient.

Address Zinc Deficiency

Zinc has also been shown to improve information processing, organization and decision-making in ADHD kids. Zinc is involved in the regulation of neurotransmitters especially dopamine, which is the most important neurotransmitter in ADHD.

Summer Edition 2017.qxp_August/Sept 2015 2017-07-05 12:15 AM Page 27

Zinc supplements are commonly recommended to be taken with standard ADHD drug, to improve the drug’s effect on dopamine levels in the brain. Like magnesium, children deficient in zinc can have symptoms resembling hyperactivity symptoms of ADHD. It is important to rule out a zinc deficiency.

Discover Bacopa

This herb works two fold. It can invigorate mental processes while reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety, which is a perfect combination for an ADHD sufferer’s attention difficulties. The active ingredient is bacosides, these have been shown to support focus by improving the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain, sharpening cognitive function. It also creates a sense of calm and peace, which is very helpful for the hyperactive and impulsive tendencies of those with ADHD.

Ditch the Sugar

Overeating, poor memory formation, learning disorders and depression, have all been linked to the over-consumption of sugar. Research shows a diet high in added sugar reduces the production of a brain chemical known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Without BDNF, our brains can’t form new memories and we can’t learn (or remember) much of anything. So do yourself and kids a favour, and ditch the added sugar.

Get Outside!

According to a study published in Psychological Science, interacting with nature gives your brain a break from everyday stimulation, which has a restorative effect on your attention levels. The recommendation is for children to have 1 hour of outdoor time daily. The grim reality is children are only spending 7% of this time outdoors. So, make getting outside a priority every day.

Start the Day at Home or School with Mindfulness

Research shows it improves attention, reduces stress, regulates emotions and improves the capacity for compassion and empathy. All of these seem integral to me for both classroom learning and co-operative play. Start the day at home with it or talk to your teachers and principals about implementing a mindfulness program at the school. A simple five minutes can get children ready for an exciting day of learning ahead. t References:


2) 3)

4) 5)

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Giving Back Supplements have the power to change lives. By Emma Wells and Charleen Wyman

The Pure Heart of Puresource Community Builder at Home and Abroad

Based in Guelph Ontario, Puresource has been helping natural and organic companies distribute products across Canada since since 1989, but they’ve also made helping their local community and making lives better for others abroad as part of their company’s mission. A strong supporter of local charities Puresource supports Autism Speaks Canada, the Guelph Food Bank, Guelph/Wellington Women in Crisis, the Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre and Hopewell Children's Home of Guelph Wellington.

For Autism Speaks Canada employees participate in annual fundraising walks in Guelph, Kitchener and Toronto. For Guelph Food Bank they do drives in the spring and fall and provide stocked items from the warehouse. For Guelph/Wellington Women in Crisis they sponsor charity dinners. They also provide gift baskets to assist in fundraising for Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre and Hopewell Children's Home of Guelph Wellington. The international charities they support are the Vitamin Angels Alliance, the Christadelphian India Fund, ECHO-Educational Concerns for Hunger, and Organization Gideon’s International.

Puresource offers a broad range of products that takes care of the entire family – from the inside to the outside of your body, and your home – including: herbal, nutritional and sports supplements green & environmentally-responsible cleaning products herbal and medicinal teas, organic and natural and gluten-free foods, homeopathics, natural pet products, natural personal care health and beauty products.

Puresource distributes leading manufacturers, including thier own Puresource brands: NOW Foods, Just Juice, Herbal Select Nutritionals, Inari Organic Foods; Purely Bulk Foods, Eco-Pioneer and Simply Clean cleaning products. They are the proud distributor partners to over 150 of Canada's leading natural brands including: Nuts to You, Bach, Seaweed Bath Co., Bragg's, Eden Organic, Dr. Bronners, Uncle Lee’s Tea, and many more. Visit: 28 Summer 2017 HEALTHY DIRECTIONS |

Naturopaths Without Borders CCNM Chapter

Ana Candia was a first year student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in 2013 when she first heard about Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB) brigades to Cap Haitien in Haiti and went on her first mission. “Everyone has one piece of luggage and it is filled with donations – not clothes,” recalls Candia. More than just life-saving and changing supplements, the students bring all the tools of their training and are introduced to the land, the people and their needs. Serving as President of the CCNM Chapter for several years, Candia says malnutrition in Haiti is huge, “In Canada, we take the assumption our patients are eating three meals a day. It’s not something you can asssume there. Often it is one meal and it may not offer much in terms of nutrition.” Candia says joint pain and body pain are also common health issues for the primarily physical labourers in Cap Haitien. NWB, a global not-for-profit since 2006 offers both dispensary and care. Always in need are fish oils (providing anti-inflammatory aid), magnesium supplements (good for a wide range of conditions) and multivitamins. “Our role is Doctor As Teacher,” says Candia, referring to the Naturopathic principle Docere, meaning to teach. NWB's clinic offers nutritional counselling and care for common problems like rheumatic pain, GI infections and childhood dermatological concerns with local herbs and foods, exercises and acupuncture for pain.

“Our work is primarily focused on building the health of the community through leveraging sustainable resources – plants and people,” says Executive Director Sean Hesler, ND. “We have four Haitian Community Health Workers who go into the community to teach people how to eat, how to use plants to heal themselves and they also do massage for pain and to increase bonding between mother and child. These health workers also help us to teach foreign volunteers about Haitian culture and health practices. We strive to connect the skill sets of our volunteers with our community - a true two-way service learning experience! For Ana, the learning experience was very humbling, “the patients are ever so grateful and we are continually humbled by their patience, kindness and gratitude for what we can do – to change people’s lives.” Visit: www.nwb.ngot

Summer Edition 2017.qxp_August/Sept 2015 2017-07-05 12:15 AM Page 29

A Mission to Change Lives Organics 4 Orphans

Organizations, NDs and Companies Making a Difference!

The words "forty million orphans in Africa" are startling and overwhelming. For Linda and Dale Bolton, they were the words that impacted and inspired them to take action. Over 10 years ago, the Boltons visited Malawi, Africa, which, at the time, was the poorest country in the world. After witnessing the extremely harsh reality of millions across the continent, they asked themselves a complicated question – what can we do to help? Initially, like so many others, they felt like they couldn't make a difference.

At the same time, Linda was on her own path of discovery. Magnesium citrate is a natural mineral that hasn't always been available in Canada – that is, until Linda stumbled upon Natural Calm, a magnesium-based supplement that originated in the United States. After suffering from fibromyalgia induced sleepless nights and muscle pain, Linda finally found a means to reduce her chronic discomfort. In 2005, she began importing Natural Calm to Canada.


HELP US PROVIDE VITAMINS TO CHILDREN AND MOMS IN NEED. NOW® is proud to be a founding supporter of Vitamin Angels® who provides vitamins and minerals to children and mothers in need, all around the world. For every NOW® vitamin sold in September and October, we’ll donate 25¢ to help provide one at-risk child with a year’s worth of life changing vitamins.* * up to $10,000 dona on

Later that same year, Linda and Dale went to back to Africa to Kenya with a lingering inkling to help. Still affected by people they’d met that were part of the tragic statistic, the altruistic couple were also impacted by the lack of healthy and prosperous food across Africa. With Dale’s background in farming, Linda’s background in nursing, and two hearts of gold, it quickly became clear to them that they could find unique ways to make a real difference and create change. With funds from Natural Calm's growing success, Linda and Dale started Organics 4 Orphans, a charity that gives aid to people living in extreme poverty through sustainable agriculture and natural medicine. Now the CEO of Natural Calm Canada, Linda’s philosophy stems from a place of giving. “Food is medicine,” says Dale, Founder and International Director of Organics 4 Orphans. “The body’s ability to maintain health if it’s given what it needs is remarkable. Both Natural Calm and Organics 4 Orphans facilitate lifestyle changes and both organizations are created to give.”

Organics 4 Orphans teaches sustainable gardening strategies to individuals and families in 20 African countries. Dale and Boaz Oduor, Kenyan Director of the charity, teach these techniques to Organic Agricultural Trainers (OATs) who then provide lessons on organic growing, nutrition, and disease prevention to those in need. The training program has also been done in Haiti and Indonesia, with work in India on the horizon.

It has been 12 years since Linda and Dale Bolton started Organics 4 Orphans and there is no slowing down for this power couple. They have helped over 50,000 people gain control of their health. To date, Natural Calm has donated well over $1,000,000 to the charity. Their passion for prosperity and wellbeing across nations is fuelled by their belief that healthy food and natural supplements are the ultimate medicine. Visit t

An average of 25¢ provides one at-risk child with a year’s worth of life changing vitamins. ABOUT VITAMIN ANGELS Mission: Vitamin Angels helps at-risk popula ons in need – speci cally children under ve, new mothers, and pregnant women – gain access to life changing vitamins and minerals. Vitamin Angels is a non-pro t organiza on working to end under-nutri on around the world and here in Canada. In 2017, Vitamin Angels is working to reach over 51 million children and mothers in more than 57 countries. Vitamin Angels is collabora ng with over 1000 Non-Governmental Organiza ons (NGOs) to reach underserved popula ons in need. For the past eight years, Vitamin Angels has received Charity Navigator’s highest ra ng for Financial Health, Accountability and Transparency. Over 90% of dona ons to Vitamin Angels go directly to their programs.

To learn more or to get involved, visit




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Real Science, Proven Results The ONLY heart health supplement with a unique, patented, lactolycopene formula – no other lycopene product can compare to ATERONON’S research and bioavailability. ‘TOMATO PILL’ HOPE FOR STOPPING HEART DISEASE • •

Improves Arterial Health by 53%! Prevents LDL Cholesterol Oxidation

Developed by scientists at Cambridge UK, ATERONON is packed with Lycopene – the Super Antioxidant – in a proven, easily absorbed formula.

1 capsule/ day = 1 kg tomatoes

Allimax and CLM Health Group Starthrower Foundation

Allimax is a garlic supplement that sets itself a part from its competitors with bioactive allicin, a key compound in garlic that contains strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is the first capsule of its kind to consist of allicin and is recognized internationally for its bacteria fighting superpowers. Yet, this mighty compound is not the only notable feature of Allimax – as a company, Allimax practices benevolence in more ways than one.

Sharon Gaskell, founding director of Starthrower Foundation, was suffering from an ailment when she discovered Allimax. After realizing the healing abilities of the supplement, she asked the company to donate to her charity and Allimax willingly agreed.

Starthrower is a not-for-profit charity that provides education to impoverished youth in Haiti. Allimax donates capsules to Starthrower, as well as Naturopaths Without Borders, an organization dedicated to providing naturopathic healthcare to the same region. “Allimax wants to help people. These charities work hard and selflessly to aid others,” says Kate Maguire, President of Allimax. “When benefiting others is possible, it’s the right thing to do.” In recent years, the National Wall of Remembrance Association contacted Allimax in a request to support the construction of a wall to remember our fallen heroes.

This initiative struck a special chord with Maguire and the company currently contributes to the ongoing project. At Allimax, giving back to the community is part and parcel with promoting good health. Visit: www.clmhealth.comt

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Improve Your Health Naturally

Relieve Heartburn Blood Pressure & Indigestion Naturally Formulation Combo


Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo is formulated to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels and support overall cardiovascular health in adults. True success stories: “I was on three blood pressure drugs. They did not work. After starting Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo, my readings are generally well below 120/80.” Dona A. Anderson, 76, Sooke, BC. “At work, my driver’s medical test was too high at 170/100. After taking Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo for a few days, my BP went down to 128/84, which allowed me to pass my work medical.” Kris Geier, 48, Windsor, ON. “For ten years, (Product #26, NPN 80063321) my blood pressure was too high. I tried all of the conventional medications on the market, but none helped. Then I discovered Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo and ever since, my blood pressure is 120-117/80-75.” Maria Santos. 37, Mississauga, ON. Blood Pressure Formulation Combo is GMO Free.



(Product #6, NPN 80051008)

With Eroxil for Men, many men reported that within a week, Eroxil enhanced their sexual performance. Supports physical aspects of sexual health. Enhances physical performance. Supports circulation. Provides antioxidants. There are many testimonials on our website with full names and towns. “Eroxil is the best of all the supplements for men I’ve tried. Boosts my sex drive and I’m able to function anytime.” Angus Gutke, 45, Calgary, AB. “Regained virility in three days. My libido was restored for good sex. I’ve also given it to friends with the same results. One of them is a diabetic and overweight.” Dr. Louis Rolland, 72, St. Hyacinthe, QC. “Wow! I feel like I did thirty years ago. My partner said I should have done it a lot sooner. She is one happy camper again.” John Warner, 81, ON. Eroxil is GMO and Allergen Free.

100% Truthful Helps women regain their libdo testimonials with full names and towns. Those individuals who have provided their testimonial received one free Bell product of their choice.


* Results may vary from one person to another.

60 more effective Bell natural health products in the same stores. Ask for:

(Product #7, NPN 80049238)

Product #1 Joint Relief for joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Satisfaction Read G ua guaranteed or money refunded. A twenty year success story. Product #4a Prostate Ezee on all b rantee ® oxes Flow Tea Helps stop dribbling, burning and rushing to the bathroom, Satisfaction guaranteed Product #4b Bladder Control Tea for Women for urinary incontinence and UTIs. Stop frequent trips to the bathroom, leakage, and wetness. Product #14 Cholesterol Control Product #15 MIGRAID, relieves headaches and reduces frequency. Product #17 Cardio Health, to naturally cleanse the arteries. Product #24 Allergy Relief, year-round, indoors and outdoors. Product #28 Constipation Relief Product #30 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for Wrist Pain Product #31 Bladder & Yeast Infection Product #34 PMS Combo Product #35 Stop Smoking Help Product #36 Brain Function, for cognitive function. Product #40 Blood Sugar Metabolism Product #51 Shark Liver Oil, to maintain immune function. Product #52 Supreme Immune Booster Product #60 Clear Skin, for eczema, psoriasis, and more. Product #63 Stem Cell Activator ® Product #66 Calming Chronic Stress Product #67 Curcumin 2000 X , with black pepper extract to increase ® effectiveness. Product #70 INFLAMMEXX Natural anti-inflammatory. Product #71 Calcium Build-Up, decreases calcification. Product #76 Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea. Product #78 Thyroid Support Product #89 Gout Relief, helps relieve pain and lower uric acid levels naturally. Founder’s own story: Eighteen years ago, I developed arthritis, as well as prostate, kidney, and snoring problems, which were all helped quickly with natural health products. I made it my life’s purpose to help others. Nick A. Jerch.

All products have NPN licences. All come with a Money-Back Guarantee. Always read and follow the label. Store locations on our website.

Erosyn for Women is formulated to help increase libido and sexual energy for intimacy and fulfillment. It also naturally supports the emotional aspects of sexual health. Erosyn supports healthy circulation and also provides antioxidants. This increase in youthful energy may also carry on all day and you will have the power to overcome that feeling of being too tired to do anything. Hundreds of women send us their testimonials saying Erosyn gave them back their lives. Satisfaction is guaranteed! Testimonials from our website: “Erosyn saved my marriage! I’m overjoyed! My libido is back. Words cannot describe how grateful I am.” Carla Daunais, 32, St-Hubert, QC. “My sexual desire is greater now than it was for thirty years. It’s wonderful to have such ecstatic joy. I’ve tried other products that didn’t work.” Eve Jameson, 58, Kingman, AZ. Erosyn is GMO Free and Allergen Free.

Urinary Incontinence (including stress incontinence ):

If a woman suffers with urinary incontinence, Bell Lifestyle has two effective products that may help within a few days. In stores, ask for Bladder Control Tea for Women (Product #4b) and Bladder One for Women (Product #90). We have helped tens of thousands of women worldwide to lead a normal life again. No more rushing to the bathroom, leakage or wetness. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

® Available in health food stores and in many participating pharmacies and grocery stores. If your favourite store doesn’t carry Bell Lifestyle Products, tell them to give us a call. You can order direct on our website, or call us with your Visa or MasterCard. S&H $9.95. No S&H charges if three or more bottles are ordered.


® Indicates a registered trademark of Bell Lifestyle Products Inc.Summer HEALTHY DIRECTIONS |

170623-Healthy Directions Ad

Relieves heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and sour stomach associated with excess stomach acid. Neutralizes excess stomach acid. Also provides short term relief of occasional constipation. Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance is formulated to help promote a pH neutral, alkaline body. Packed with chlorophyll-rich “supergreens”, this product is a great addition to your diet to promote pH balance and overall wellness. Many adults suffer with stomach trouble because they do not eat enough alkaline foods, including fruits and vegetables. Two capsules, once daily of this natural product will (Product #39, NPN 80053642) help with pH imbalance and re-establish your acid-alkaline wellHelps support your being. Guarantee printed on all boxes. stomach and digestive tract, which is important because 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system. A strengthened immune system will help your body fight illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. Bell Lifestyle has hundreds of testimonials from men and women in Canada and the U.S. Some testimonials are on our website. We can give you a few examples below of how pleased people are by having smoothly functioning gastrointestinal tracts, free of flatulence and discomfort. “Heartburn gave me a sore throat and I could not sing in the church choir anymore. After taking Bell Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance, I have no more reflux and rejoice in singing again.” Helene Giroux, 65, Quebec, QC. “I have a family history of heartburn. For the last ten years, I suffered a lot with heartburn. I told my family members about Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance and the quick relief it provided. I don’t need antacids any more!” Michael Fasheh, 49, Port Ranch, CA. Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance is GMO Free and Allergen Free.

New & Improved Eroxil for Sexual Stamina




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New! CanPrev Magnesium

uCanPrev magnesium is designed with you in mind. Choose from Gentle, Extra Gentle, Ultra Gentle, Sleep, Cardio, Malate and ElectroMag formulas. All pure, eminently absorbable and remarkably gentle. Call: (888) 226-7733. Visit:

Pure Fractionated Liquid Coconut Oil

uPure Fractionated Liquid Coconut Oil is a versatile cosmetic oil that’s light and easily absorbed for deep moisturizing, without clogging pores. Visit:



CanPrev Magnesium. A Complete Primer. uThe perfect companion booklet to the CanPrev magnesium family. Start with the basics: magnesium: why it’s important, how it works, how it can help you. Find the product designed for you. Visit to get your free copy.

Prize Giveaways] Win! a Finn + Emma $60.00 Gift Card

uFinn + Emma is the land where sustainability, fair trade, and organically grown cottons live. Contemporary, whimsical, and sophisticated. Only the finest 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. Visit: Enter to win at:

Win! a Cutting Board from Organic Interiors

uOur goal is to minimize our footprint on the Earth, along with providing our customers with beautiful, one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood furniture, with formaldehyde free finishes for your family, office or restaurant. We use local wood from barns and trees within Ontario, and each piece of furniture comes with its own story to tell. Visit: Enter to win at: 32 Summer 2017 HEALTHY DIRECTIONS |

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Be Eczema Free from Head to Toe GET THE SKIN HEALTH TOOL KIT

The therapeutic indications of burdock applies to eczema, acne, hives, dermatitis and skin diseases in general with a lymphatic action. Burdock in effect allows the removal of metabolic wastes by acting on speeding up lymphatic drainage. The British Herbal Pharmacopeia recommends fumitory for the use of eczema and regulation of hepatic vesicular issues. Fumitory is perfect for a sensitive constitution. Also, the combination of pansy with rutin can protect, strengthen and counter capillary fragility found with rosacea. Figwort is stated to act as a dermatological agent and a mild diuretic. Traditionally, it has been used for wound healing, and for chronic skin diseases, specifically eczema, psoriasis and pruritis (itching).

By Cyril Meyre, ND.A.

Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Itching? It is possible to manage eczema and other skin conditions and to prevent them from spreading. With the assistance of key ingredients and

Skin issues have several etiologies (causes). They should be evaluated in order to conduct the appropriate treatment. It is not uncommon to see at the same time asthma, allergic rhinitis, leaky gut... When a skin condition is present, the skin barrier is weakened, which can lead to infection. To promote fast topical relief try Execalm cream as you supplement to treat from the inside out. Some key food modifications like hypotoxic regime/anti inflammatory diet will optimize results for your condition. t Visit:

in-depth treatment, relief may be found.

Skin epidermis and dermis represent approximately 16% of a person’s body weight. Remember, the skin is one of the first lines of defence for your immune system.

Regarding children with Atopic Dermatitis ... 45% will show symptoms before the age of 6 months, 60% at the turn of oneyear-old, 85% before the age of five years and 40% will be reached in adulthood.

Powerful Medicinal Plants and Essential Nutrients for Relief

Some phyto-therapeutic blends allow the elimination of metabolic waste by helping the blood, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system to function effectively. The addition of B vitamins and minerals promotes skin regeneration.

A certain selection of B vitamins and minerals are known to prevent dry skin, dermatitis, promote regeneration of epithelial and promote growth of skin appendages, prevent rashes and skin eruptions and are essential for skin structure.

They stabilize the structure of cellular membranes and promote the skin to heal faster. Some B vitamins are key to regenerate conjunctive tissue (skin). With chronic skin illness it is always the same vitamins and minerals required in larger amounts to fix conjunctive tissue. Depletion may be replenished with B3, B5, B6, B8 selenium and zinc.




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SAGEE is a herbal option which combines traditional

Chinese herbs with state-of-the-art scientific technology for cognitive function, memory and stress.

Our clinic offers treatment for:

Insomnia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, ADD, ADHD,

seizures, epilepsy, stroke, CP, MS, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Do you want to discover your hidden health issues?

Experiencing poor health? How balanced is your body? Toxicity levels? Hormone balance? Mineral balance? Ph balance? What kind of

deficiencies are in the body? What is potentially posing a threat to your future health? What kind of lifestyle changes do you need to make in order to heal naturally? How healthy are your organs?

If your answer is yes,

please let us provide you with the most complete holistic approach to healing naturally. Call 416-907-3586, 905-477-8558 to book an appointment.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Distributor/retailer inquiry welcome. For details please call. 
ONTARIO : 416-907-3586

ALBERTA : 403-770-2809 BRITISH COLUMBIA: 604-628-2370

ONTARIO Tel: (905) 477-8558 (416) 907-3586 (613) 482-6589 (514) 907-3299



Sagee is made from a 100% botanical extract in a certified GMP facility.

Our TCM Wellness Clinic offers: • Acupuncture • Tuina Massage • Biofeedback Scan and Therapy • Naturopathy ADDRESS

Suite 102C, 370 Hwy 7 East (East of Bayview) Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0C4


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Might be for you if you are Enthusiastic over the many health benefits of colonics Enjoy supporting others to improving their well-being Thrive in an environment that stimulates learning 416-291-4437

DARKFIELD MICROSCOPY DARKFIELD MICROSCOPY TRAINING Introductory Level Toronto – Sept 27 - 30, 2017 For more details: 905-294-9720


Colour, Laugh &/Or Stomp Your Stinkin' Thinkin' Away!





Find a Naturopath



Dr. Ian Koo, BSc, ND Naturopathic Essentials Health Centre Located at: 1891 Rathburn Rd. East

Dermatology & Gastrointestinal Health, Weight Loss, Fatigue and Depression Call: (905) 290-0850


Dr. Betty Rozendaal, BES, MA, R.Ac, ND Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Registered Acupuncturist

Thornhill Naturopathic Health Clinic

Located: 12 A Centre Street Call: (905) 707-2001

KEY TO THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Key to fighting Cancer. Key to Aging. For info:


The World's Only 20 Minute Application 1-800-395-8401

PROMOTE YOUR PROGRAM OR PRODUCT ADVERTISE IN HEALTHY DIRECTIONS Classified ads are $3.00 a word / no minimum. 1-877-276-1849, 519-823-5404 E-mail:



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Stevia, Choosing the Better Sugar Alternative By Marva Ward, CNP

For almost a century science has been seeking the holy grail of sugar alternatives. From chemical sweeteners made in the laboratory to the sweet sugar alcohols extracted from fruits and vegetables, the pursuit of the perfect sugar replacement very well may have been found in the humble Stevia plant. Stevia belongs to a Genus containing over 200 species of plants, native to Central and South America. Stevia rebaudiana has been used for centuries to sweeten beverages and foods and for medicinal purposes. In its raw, natural state, the stevia leaf contains over 100 phytonutrients. Introduced to Europe by Swiss botanist, Antonio Bertoni in 1899, it wasn’t until 1931 that the components providing the sweetness were isolated by two French chemists. Eight sweet constituents have since been identified from two main families (Steviosides and Rebaudiosides). Referred to as steviol glycosides, they are 250-300 times sweeter than sucrose, heat stable, pH stable and non-fermentable.

Measurements and Tips for Replacing Sugar with Stevia

Stevia is extremely versatile making it a perfect sugar replacement in most food applications. When combined with other ingredients, stevia has been said to enhance the true flavours. It can be incorporated into beverages, baked goods, desserts, fruit and nut spreads, confectionery, and used as a table-top sweetener.

Stevia does not caramelize or crystallize like sugar, so it may not be suitable for some baking applications. Different stevia products offer different levels of sweetness. Listed in the chart are approximate sweetness equivalencies.

Sugar Amount

Equivalent Undiluted Stevia Powdered Extract

Equivalent Stevia Liquid Concentrate

1 cup

1 teaspoon

1 teaspoon

1 tablespoon

1/4 teaspoon

6 to 9 drops

1 teaspoon

A pinch to 1/16 teaspoon

2 to 4 drops

If using stevia packets another possible conversion option would be to substitute 1 cup of sugar for 18 to 24 stevia sweetener packets. Consider altering these ratios based on how sweet you wish your recipe to be in the end. Keep in mind that not all stevia sweeteners are created equally, nor do they all taste the same. Some manufacturers use components that include all of the eight Steviosides while others isolate one or two small fractions. This affects the taste of the end product and often requires trial and error in order to find the better stevia for your taste. Consider whole-leaf or fullspectrum stevia extracts if you are looking for a more “whole food” and a better-tasting stevia product.

Baking with Stevia

In baking, sugar may play a substantial role as a bulking agent so when using stevia in baking recipes, other bulking agents need to be included. In cake recipes, for example, for each cup of sugar substituted with stevia, 1/3 cup of bulking agent is needed. Bulking agents may include: egg whites, apple sauce, fruit puree or yogurt. If one of these bulking agents is already being used (such as a banana in a banana nut cake),


simply increase the amount of that specific ingredient in the recipe. Sugar also helps make cakes lighter, so your end result when using stevia will be a denser baked good. To counter this, add a bit more baking powder than what is called for in the recipe. Replacing the sugar component with stevia in any recipe will be somewhat experimental initially; however, manufacturers’ or “how to” websites often provide additional resource and information to help in this area.

Stevia is gaining popularity as a sweetening alternative due to its intensive sweetness, diversity and functionality, but also because of its positive health impact. It is suitable for diabetics or any individual looking for a sugar substitute that has no glycemic (blood sugar) impact and provides zero calories per serving as well. Numerous health claims have been backed up by scientific research. Stevia’s blood pressure lowering effects have been documented, (PubMed 14693305) as have blood sugar stabilizing effects in diabetics (Elsevier – Science Direct). If you haven’t tried stevia yet, you may be missing out on a healthier choice.t

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The purest, natural-source, stevia with no bitterness and no calories.

Enjoy all the sweetness of bitter-less Stevia with NOTHING to feel guilty about when it comes to calories. Why is BetterStevia™ the best tasting?

NOW® utilizes the wholeleaf extract - not isolated fractions - to retain the pure sweetness in real Stevia. We then treat our Stevia with a special chemical-free, enzymatic process that results in a clean, superior tasting sweetener. Our attention to quality guarantees freshness in every serving and gives BetterStevia™ a well-rounded sweet taste, without the calories or guilt. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Delicious, Clean, Sweet Taste No Bitter After-taste

Zero Calorie Sweetener

Regular and Certified Organic All Natural, Gluten Free

Versatile – Available in Liquid, Packets, Tablets, and Bulk powder for baking Available exclusively at fine health food stores across Canada from NOW Foods.

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Signs of Toxic Times 137 Toxic Substances Found in Canadian Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood By Sammy Oh, AMP, DNM, CBS

It is estimated that well over 84,000 chemicals are in use in North America. Environmental toxins cause free radical production that

damages our cells, leading to illness and disease. Evidence has been reported that there are even up to 137 toxic substances found in the umbilical cord blood of Canadian newborns. Our increasingly polluted environment and food are putting our health at risk.

Reducing Harmful Chemical Damage

Sulforaphane, from broccoli, induces phase II enzymes to help eliminate some harmful chemicals that damage our DNA. Sulforaphane extracts of 3-day old broccoli sprouts have up to 100 times higher concentrations of glucoraphanin (sulforaphane glucosinolate) than mature plants. They are the most potent and naturally occurring inducers of phase ll enzymes (such as quinone reductase, glutathione S-transferase and glutathione reductase)


BroccoGen 10ÂŽ

with Sulforaphane Glucosinolate

Customer Testimonials:

A source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

“I feel BroccoGen 10 has balanced my hormonal system in that I have more vitality. My hair is coming back to dark color (less gray), my skin is softer with less wrinkles and I feel ten years younger!� $IFSZM

to help protect cells from oxidative stress, electrophiles (chemicals that can damage DNA), UVA & UVB inflammation and radiation.

Sulforaphane is an NRF2 protective protein activator that enables detoxification, promotes cellular integrity, and has even been shown to repair DNA damage from ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), chemicals, viruses, and radiation. It has antiinflammatory properties, supports the immune system, has antiaging benefits and has also been shown as a chemoprotective agent.

Kale, Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts

“We had our son (2 years old with Autism) on it (BroccoGen 10) and right away the first day we noticed a big change, we couldn’t believe it. Absolutely night and day and everyday he has gotten more and more improved and better and better. We are absolutely flabbergasted. Everybody is noticing the change in our son, that’s really been the amazing thing for us.� +PIO

Sulforaphane can come from a variety of cruciferous vegetables including kale, brussels sprouts and cabbage. Although, highest levels are found in broccoli, specifically broccoli seeds and 3day old sprouts. It functions very differently than traditional antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E, that neutralize one free radical at a time and are then used up. Sulforaphane stimulates a continuous and long-lasting chain of antioxidant reactions in the body, up to 72 hours after the sulforaphane is no longer present. It is therefore considered an indirect antioxidant.t

“I have been using BroccoGen 10 for a while (one year). When I was suppose to have all the tests done (for Uterine Fibroids), all of my symptoms disappeared. I thought the only thing left was surgery, now fibroids are gone.� 1BU


“I was so sick with a chest and sinus cold, the BroccoGen 10 has cleared it up in one week flat! This is highly unusual for me as genetically I have weak lungs. Today, I am minus any congestion! This is a miracle for me! Great product we have here.� +POJ


Sammy Oh, AMP, DNM, CBS practices at Health Monitoring in Surrey, BC. Visit:

PRE-POLLUTED: A report on the toxic substances in the umbilical cord blood of Canadian newborns. June 2013, Environmental Defence, Canada

Broccoli Sprouts: An exceptionally rich source of inducers of enzymes that protect against chemical carcinogens. September 1997, The National Academy of Sciences, USA

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Healthy Directions Summer 2017  
Healthy Directions Summer 2017