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The next generation of cancer-fighting technology. TomoTherapy Genesis is the first hospital in the region to offer patients the TomoTherapy Hi-Art treatment system, an advanced delivery system for radiation therapy. TomoTherapy is an all-in-one treatment option that acquires 3D images of a tumor and delivers the necessary radiation with unprecedented precision while protecting healthy surrounding tissue. Cancers Treated with TomoTherapy

• Prostate cancer, brain and spine tumors • Recurring cancers • Secondary cancers or metastases

Trilogy Radiation Therapy

TAKE A TOUR Take an online tour of the Genesis Cancer Care Institute with actress Helen Hunt. Go to

Genesis is one of very few hospitals nationwide and the first in Iowa to offer the Varian Trilogy system, a versatile, image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system. Trilogy offers the highest dose rate in a shorter session, the ability to target small lesions, imaging to position patients quickly and accurately, and CT to fine-tune patient setups with ultra-precision. This combined technology means clinicians can see what they treat in real time. Cancers Treated with Trilogy

• • • •

Breast cancer Lung cancer Colorectal cancer Bone cancer

(563) 421-1909

Hospice Care We care not only for the mind, body and spirit of patients like Steve, but of their family and loved ones, like his daughter Linda. Contact us anytime, or ask your physician for a no-obligation referral.

4340 E. 53rd Street • Davenport, IA 52807 866.216.5708 •

Fill your senses with the warmth of the holiday season! Our 20 acre campus is beautifully decorated and ready for your arrival! Don’t miss these December opportunities to make Ridgecrest Village a part of your holiday season experience. Join us for a

Holiday Open House

Wednesday, December 14 from 1 to 3 pm

Complimentary Lunch Buffet Call to schedule a 10:30 a.m. tour of our beautifully decorated campus during the month of December, and stay for a delicious lunch buffet prepared by Chef Craig. Call Bob or Karen at (563) 391-3430

Our continuum-of-care programs – ■ Independent Living ■ Assisted Living, including a memory loss neighborhood ■ 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care 4130 Northwest Boulevard Davenport, IA (563) 391-3430

This coupon is good for you and your guest in the month of December, 2011. Not-for-profit • Locally owned

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2011 Volume 2, Issue 12


Dental Health: Functional Jewelry of the Mouth

This Month’s Cover Story:


Nutritional: Healthy Eating — Getting the Most Out of Life

Guardian Family Care Inc.


Physical: COPD- The Silent Thief of Air…


Emotional: Spreading Holiday Cheer


Holistic Health: Essential Oils


Patient Care: Choosing The Right Hospice Option


Senior Living: LSSI Welcomed its First Child


Medical Equipment: Normal Movement with Artificial Limbs


Beyond Recovery: Look for Orthopaedic Training and Expertise for Better and Faster Recovery


Fitness Ready: My Addiction to a Healthier Lifestyle


Technology: 4-Dimensional Obstetrical Ultrasound


Aging: Painless, Non-Invasive Body Contouring & Facial Rejuvenation


Ask The Audiologist: Why should I get hearing aids if they are not going to work?


Holiday Activities: Beating The Holiday Blues


Comfort: Home Is Where the Heart Is


Financial Health: CDs — Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Guilt-Free Tips: Enjoy The Holiday, Not Just The Food!


Arthritis: Your Health Is In Your Hands

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Now Providing Services to Muscatine

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dental health

Functional Jewelry of the Mouth By Robert L . Byrum, D.D.S., P.C.

for greater esthetics by the way they refract and reflect the light - like a diamond! Some new crowns are even called crystal diamond and diamond solid Z! Even though it is still possible to make crowns from gold and other precious metals, the cost of gold these days has skyrocketed! New ceramics and reinforced porcelains can now replace gold with durability and strength but also look like real teeth! In some special cases CAD/CAM technology allows us to complete your crown in a single visit with no impressions needed! My end goal is to have your teeth look good, feel good and last a long time. Ask your dentist what is the best kind of crown for you. If you don’t have a dentist I would invite you to come visit with me.


o, not really bling nor grille work, I actually am talking about restorations of your teeth called crowns and veneers. Let me step back into my time line a moment. I began cutting stones for jewelry at the early age of 11. Later I learned the precious metal side of jewelry making which complemented my stone cutting abilities. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist when it came to my artwork from my hands. This perfectionism stayed with me right into my transformation from jeweler to dentist. I look at restoring teeth like miniature sculptures. After all, some teeth I begin with are badly broken down by either fractures and/or decay. Much can be done to save teeth these days rather than have them removed. I enjoy saving teeth and restoring them back to full form and function. They are like jewelry of the mouth! Jewelry because they look good and are highly polished and shiny like jewelry! They are functional because we use them to start the digestive process of our foods that nourish us and allow us to be healthy. Without teeth we cannot break down the foods into small sizes to aid in accessing the micronutrients to heal and sustain our bodies. There are many types of crowns (caps) of varying materials which have different strengths and esthetics. All crowns are not created equally. Some are more for heavy grinding of food, others are

To get more information or schedule an appointment with Byrum Family Dentistry, call them at 563-332-7734, or visit them on the web at Healthy Cells Ad - Donna Adams 2_Layout 1 10/12/11 4:11 PM Page 1

Have a disability and need a job? “My Success can be Your Success!”

Meridian Chiropractic & Acupuncture Passion! Vision! Devotion! That’s what we’re all about!

Call for upcoming free classes to learn what Dr. Angel Hong is going to offer in December!

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Healthy Eating Getting the Most Out of Life By Heartland Health Care Center, Moline


healthy diet is one step in looking good, feeling great, and being your best at work and play. It is never too late to start eating healthier, and even small changes can provide physical and mental benefits at any age. Good nutrition not only adds years to life, but life to years. Actions You Can Take Now For Improved Nutrition: • Choose more fiber rich foods. Fiber protects against intestinal problems, helps control blood glucose and lowers cholesterol. Foods rich in fiber include many whole grains, dry beans and peas, fruits, vegetables and nuts. • Reduce sodium. Consuming too much sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure. To reduce sodium, you can limit processed meats, use fewer frozen or boxed dinners, rinse canned vegetables before cooking, limit the use of condiments and choose reduced- salt versions of foods. • Choose healthy fats. Fat is an essential nutrient to our diet, but too much saturated and trans fat can contribute to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Tips for including healthy fats in your diet include choosing lowfat and fat-free milk, eating lean meats and eating baked or broiled fish. • Increase your physical activity. Nutrition and physical activity for hand in hand. Engaging in physical activity and reducing sedentary activities helps to boost energy and promote health, psychological wellbeing and a health body weight. Before starting any exercise plan, make sure you consult your doctor to ensure that your plan is completely safe and beneficial to you. Page 6 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities ­— December 2011

• Increase fluid consumption. As we age, thirst sensation diminishes, increasing your chances of dehydration. Make sure to drink at least 8 cups of fluid each day.

“A healthy lifestyle is all about

having a plan for change, making small, gradual changes and enjoying a healthier way of living.” Healthy eating can help you to get the most out of life. Your individual needs and preferences determine your food choices however; you should try to actively pursue variety across all food groups for optimal nutrition. A healthy lifestyle is all about having a plan for change, making small, gradual changes and enjoying a healthier way of living. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about healthy eat or would like to more information about Heartland Health Care Center, please contact Ann at 309-764-6744 or email


The 500 employees in the Metro Community wish you the best this Holiday Season.  Visit one of our 11 Patient Service Centers  New location in Silvis at 685 Avenue of the Cities, Suite 2, Silvis

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If you have wounds such as... • Diabetic ulcers, Venous insufficiency ulcers, Arterial ulcers • Pressure ulcers (bedsores) • Non-healing surgical wounds (longer than 3 to 4 weeks) • Non-healing traumatic wounds (longer than 3 to 4 weeks) • Outpatient burn care • Recurrent wounds

...find out how the staff at Genesis Wound and Hyperbaric Institute can help.

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COPD-The Silent Thief of Air… By Brandi Catton, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator for Midwest Therapy Centers, a Division of Braaten Health LLC


ave you ever tried to exercise while trying to breathe through a drinking straw? That is how breathing feels when you have COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States and the second leading cause of disability. There are 12 million Americans who have been diagnosed with COPD and there is believed to be an additional 12 million who don’t even know they have it. COPD is an umbrella term that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Damage to the lungs causes problems moving stale air out of the lungs. Most patients have a combination of symptoms associated with both chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Chronic bronchitis is an ongoing problem with inflammation in the lungs. When the lungs are inflamed, they overproduce mucus which clogs up the airways even more. Chronic bronchitis is often defined as a cough that is productive most days during 2-3 months out of the year for 2 consecutive years. At the end of your airways there is an average of 300-500 million air sacs called alveoli in each lung. These little air sacs form grapelike clusters surrounded by a dense network of capillaries. This is where gas exchange takes place in the lungs, taking in oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide with each breath that is taken. With Page 8 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities ­— December 2011

emphysema, these air sacs can lose their elasticity, be over-inflated, or destroyed completely. Shortness of breath - or feeling winded - is the most common symptom and it’s often only noticed with exertion. It is important to know the major symptoms of COPD: • shortness of breath • cough • wheezing • fatigue These symptoms can be signs of many things, and people often feel they have just gotten out of shape or that they are signs of aging. Wondering what to do? • Talk to your doctor and get screened. Spirometry is a simple test that measures how much air you can force out of your lungs quickly. It’s important to know your numbers. Early diagnosis of lung disease is key in learning to manage your life. The doctor will also consider other factors, such as occupational exposures, family history and any other health problems. Although smoking is the leading cause of COPD, it isn’t the only one, so a complete health history is necessary.

• If you smoke, QUIT. Experts believe smoking as little as 100 cigarettes in a lifetime increases your risk of lung disease. People often say the damage from smoking is already done, so why quit? Although there may be some truth to that, continued smoking has been shown to continue damaging the lungs further, increasing symptoms, decreasing quality of life, and shortening life expectancy. • Take medications as prescribed. There are medications available to help control your symptoms. Correct use is important, especially with the various types of inhalers available today. • Eat well. Sleep well. And get moving! COPD patients can be underweight or overweight and both pose risks. Sleep disorders, along with other diseases, can cause increased problems with COPD patients. These issues can be addressed by a healthcare provider. Exercise can be scary for someone with COPD. Exertion causes increased breathlessness, so the thought of increasing activity is a challenge for COPD patients. Pulmonary rehabilitation is a program for patients with moderate to severe COPD. Patients attend pulmonary rehab in an outpatient setting to learn about disease management and to increase their strength and endurance. Pulmonary rehabilitation can be a rewarding experience for patients as they build confidence in their ability to control symptoms and begin to enjoy activities previously given up. Take an active role in your healthcare. Discuss your symptoms with your doctor and request a simple Spirometry test. COPD is a chronic condition, but it is manageable. You CAN breathe easier. If you have further questions about COPD or lung disease, call Midwest Therapy’s Pulmonary Rehab Specialists at 309-7626676 or 563-326-1400. We are proud that our pulmonary rehabilitation program has been certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). Our team is experienced, enthusiastic, and has been recognized for our commitment to improving the quality of life by enhancing standards of patient care. We are waiting to assist you with convenient locations at: • 4360 7th Street in Moline • 2035 Bridge Avenue in Davenport • and coming soon to 3740 Utica Ridge in Bettendorf in January 2012

Happy Holidays

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Midwest Therapy Centers is a Division of Braaten Health LLC, serving the Quad City Area for more than 10 years. Remember: It’s Your Life. Your Health. Your Choice.

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4-D Ultrasound is now available at our Valley View location. (No physician’s order required - This is NOT a medical exam) Call for your appointment today.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer… By Sally Hogue, Professional Service Representative, Beacon of Hope Hospice

The Beacon of Hope Holiday Cheer Team anxiously awaits the falling leaves and snow flurries to begin their Holiday Cheer! Rudy, Terri Lillienthal, Volunteer Coordinator; Alfie, Taci Lillienthal, Professional Service Representative; Santa Claus, Sally Hogue, Professional Service Representative

EI & P O

Eastern Iowa Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc.

5000 Tremont Avenue • Suite 201 • Davenport, Iowa 52807 Most insurances accepted • Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5:00 Page 10 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

Eastern Iowa Orthotics and Prosthetics provides the most advanced prosthetic and orthotic devices and quality care.


Please call (563) 391-6789 for your free consultation.


he Beacon of Hope Hospice Team are preparing for this season’s Holiday Cheer. Attire donned and with bells on Santa’s crew will spread holiday wishes to area nursing homes, assisted living centers, and senior agencies. Hospice brings focus to quality of life and in embellishing this mission there is an opportunity to enhance life during the holiday season. While some may say there is so much going on at Christmas, most senior care professionals would proclaim, when age and declining health makes your world smaller there is never too much spirit or cheer to fill December!

“A candy cane, a hug, and a ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ go a long way when someone is missing their family or suffering holiday depression.” “Presenting Holiday Cheer is multi-purposed,” says Sally Hogue, Beacon of Hope Hospice. Foremost Santa’s visits brighten a day, evoke laughter and lend smiles to the recipients. Holiday Cheer shows a light side of hospice. We are team of professionals who take our jobs seriously, but we also like to have fun with people too. A candy cane, a hug, and a ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ go a long way when someone is missing their family or suffering holiday depression. Holiday Cheer visits are part of professional networking that does not go unnoticed. Martha Peterson, RN Coordinator, Bickford Assisted Living – Moline, comments, “It’s comforting to know that other community agencies are so willing and able to provide needed additional opportunities to our ‘family’ members.” Collaborative efforts from residential care facilities and outside agencies are enhanced when we know each other on a lighter and more personal level. Working in senior health care takes time and can be stressful so joint efforts towards improving seniors’ lives are well received. “We are better together… when working together we are not only meeting our residents basic needs, but bringing more comprehensive care to them and their families.“ states Niki Gillies, Director of Jersey Ridge Place Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Community. Niki shares, “The Beacon of Hope team have created relationships and memorable moments for our residents, whether it’s education or fun visits with Boo Boo, the agility-therapy dog and Santa. Through these relationships and by being familiar faces in our facility, Beacon of Hope has made the difficult subject of hospice easier to talk about.”

According to Joan Kundert, RN, DON at the Davenport Lutheran Home, “What is important for people for this age or any age for that matter is having fun and feeling important. Beacon of Hope makes the happiness of our residents a priority by offering extras at our facility. Dressing up for Holiday Cheer is a fun time when employees of Hospice come through the facility dressed as elves, Santa, or Rudolph bringing lots of cheer with them. There is nothing more healing than having a good time with lots of laughter. The staff residents and families thank hospice for all they do.” On a personal level, Pam Thompson, RN, Home Instead Senior Care agrees, “Spreading Holiday Cheer is a warm and touching experience for everyone involved. I will never forget the visit by Boo, playing Santa Paws along with Rudy and the Elf. A rugged WWII Veteran found comfort and love from the trio who posed for a holiday picture with him. The gentleman passed away at Christmas and the family cherished their last picture of Dad with Santa.” Pam shares, “I‘ll always remember those special moments watching people experience Holiday Cheer. The feeling of joy, a smile, a tear… and for a while the world seems right. Santa and the team truly bring a gift.” For Santa’s sleigh to come your way contact Sally or Taci at Beacon of Hope Hospice, 563-391-6933.

Peace on Earth Best Wishes for a Healthy and Peaceful New Year from Metro MRI Center


(309) 762-7227

B E T T E N D O R F, I A

(563) 359-0277

R O C K I S L A N D, I L

(309) 779-3470

December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 11

holistic health

Essential Oils God’s Gift Through Nature By Karen DeVault RN, BCHHP


would like to introduce you to the amazing world of essential oils. When it comes to using these gifts from nature, it pays to have some knowledge and understanding about the product you choose. So what are Essential Oils (EO) and what do they do? EO’s are considered the “life blood” of a plant. They are the volatile liquids, extracted through the process of distillation from flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark or roots of shrubs, bushes, herbs or trees. They are the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defense properties of a plant. Without EO’s, a plant dies.

Page 12 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

Due to their small molecular size, they have the ability to quickly penetrate the skin upon application then circulate in the body and surround the cells in 20 minutes. EO’s are oxygenating molecules and they help transport nutrients to starving cells. They clean cell receptor sites, which can increase cell-to-cell communication and paves the way to healing. EO’s are powerful antioxidants, acting as free radical scavengers. Due to their chemical constituents, they have the ability to detoxify the body. Their chemical compounds give them the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, airborne pathogens, fungus, & parasites. They are also antitumoral and antiseptic.

As we become sick, it has been shown that our body’s frequency (measurable rate of electrical energy) decreases, yet EO’s have been shown to raise the body’s frequency, which is yet another way they help to combat disease. EO’s have the highest frequency of any known substance on the planet. As if that’s not enough, I believe one of the most fascinating benefits of EO’s is their ability to promote emotional health and The community that wellness. Due to their ability to cross the blood brain barrier they KOSAMA has provided can affect the limbic system of the brain, which is known as the me has given me the tools and the support “seat of emotions”. By merely smelling an opened bottle of an EO, to ensure a lifelong tiny molecules are picked up by the olfactory system and carried healthy lifestlye. into the portion of the brain called the amygdala, our emotional KOSAMA is my life. “filing cabinet”. They are well known for their unique ability to release emotional traumas, which may have been stored in cellular memory for years. Unfortunately, not all EO’s are created equally. Just like anything else, there are quality, pure products as well as adulterated, impure products. Don’t be misled by words like “100 % pure”, or even “organic” when it comes to an essential oil because in order YOUR BODY TRANFORMATION for an oil to meet the therapeutic grade standards, there is a lot to YOUR BODY TRANSFORMATION BEGINS JANUARY 2ND 9TH BEGINS JANUARY consider. It starts with the seeds and ends with proper bottling. A therapeutic grade oil is one that is grown, gathered, distilled, bottled and labeled properly to retain its natural healing properties. The quality of the seed, soil, climate, and the time of harvest are crucial elements. A low temperature, low-pressure distillation process will ensure that the plant compounds remain uncompromised during the DAVENPORT | 53rd & Eastern (1430 E. 52nd St) extraction process. Then the oil is accurately analyzed in the lab to Davenport, IA 52807 | 563-343-2774 | determine its quality before being bottled. These quality oils contain hundreds of chemical constituents and it is these constituents that give the oil its healing properties. For example Cypress (Cupressus Is your Christmas missing a little jingle? sempervirens), requires 24 hours of distillation in order for all the active constituents and properties to be released. However 18-22 of Let us help you hear the sounds of the season. the primary constituents will be missing if it is distilled less than 22 hours. Surprisingly, most distilling operations throughout the world distill Cypress for only 1 hour 15 minutes. A lot of companies are only concerned with the aromatic comProviders for HAMS, IA ponents of an oil, which by number are far fewer than what is found BCBS EPIC Siemens, in a therapeutic grade oil. An all too common practice is to dilute a Oticon, Phonak and more decent grade oil up to 90-95% with an odorless, colorless solvent (typically an inexpensive petrochemical) so that what was once a pound of good oil becomes ten or twenty pounds of diluted oil. See us for These solvents contaminate the oils and can create toxic reactions in the body. Sadly, these oils are then marketed as “genuine” or TV Ears “100% pure”. These oils should not be considered suitable for use Listening Devices in healing applications. & Accessories! I exclusively use Young Living Essential Oils for my personal and professional use. For safety reasons, especially for beginners, 193110thAve. 2215E.52nd St.,Ste.#2, hearing 1616Cedar St., Hammond HenryHospital, 600 Diagnostic evaluations I highly recommend the assistance of a reference guidebook. Milan,IL Davenport, IA Muscatine, IA College Ave.• Geneseo, IL


(309) 283-5902

Karen DeVault is the owner of Holistic Alternatives, LLC. She is a Registered Nurse and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who specializes in Whole Food Nutrition and Essential Oil Techniques (Raindrop; Emotional Release and Neuro-Auricular). Her office is located on Kimberly Rd. in Bettendorf. For details about oil techniques, visit her web site @ or email her @ holistic. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Karen does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Her services are not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Hearing Aids – Blue Tooth Technology (563) 355-7712 (563) 264-9406 (309) 944-9181

AUDIOLOGY CONSULTANTS P.C. 1616 Cedar St.• Muscatine, IA • 563-264-9406 1931 10th Ave. E • Milan, IL • 309-283-5902 2215 E. 52nd St., Suite #2 • Davenport, IA • 563-355-7712 Hammond Henry Hospital 600 College Ave • Geneseo, IL • 309-944-9181 December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 13

patient care

Choosing The Right Hospice Option By Dr. Ann O’Donnell, D.O., Medical Director, Genesis Hospice

Who owns the hospice? Unlike many for-profit businesses providing hospice, Genesis Health System is a not-for-profit system of care that is locally based and managed by a local board of community leaders. What kind of support is available to the patient and loved ones? Genesis VNA and Hospice considers the care of family and loved ones to be just as important as the care of the patient. In addition to the team of skilled health professionals, Genesis has social workers, grief and bereavement professionals and chaplains to provide comfort and help with final arrangements for families. Staff are available on an “on call’’ basis 24 hours a day to help meet the family’s needs.

Genesis VNA, Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House, Bettendorf, IA If hospice has been suggested, you may have questions about your options. Here are important questions to ask and consider:

What services are available? The Genesis Hospice team consists of physicians, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, chaplains, massage therapists, music therapists, bereavement facilitators, pharmacists, medical equipment providers and others. The services are available wherever the patient lives and whenever the services are needed.

What are hospice care and palliative care? Hospice exists to provide support and comfort to dying patients and their families in the terminal phase of any illness. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death. Hospice exists in the hope and belief that, through appropriate care and the promotion of a caring community, patients and their families attain a satisfactory degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death. In each of our care settings, Genesis Hospice offers specialized care for people at the end of life. Palliative care concentrates on making patients comfortable and free of pain.

How often will someone visit at my home? Care plans are individualized based on the patient and family’s needs. Some patients may see a hospice worker only once a month for a period while others require daily visits.

How long has the hospice provider been providing care? Genesis VNA and Hospice has been providing hospice care in the home and in the community since the 1990s with highly trained professionals and volunteers. Genesis has a team of professionals who can meet the needs of patients in their home, in the hospital, in a nursing home, or in the Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House.

What quality standards does the hospice have? Genesis Hospice Services meets standards of care of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Genesis is also a client of Press Ganey, which measures patient satisfaction. Genesis Hospice routinely scores in the high 90th percentile for overall patient satisfaction.

Page 14 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

What if I just want some company? Genesis has more than 75 trained volunteers who can assist the patient with grocery shopping, preparing a meal or social interaction like playing cards or putting together a puzzle. Music therapists use music to interact with the patient and loved ones.

For information about Genesis Hospice Services, go to or call (563) 421-5400. Clarissa C. Cook

senior living

On October 31, 1867 The Lutheran Home for Children at Andover, the forerunner of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI), welcomed its first child. By Lutheran Social Services of Illinois


he Lutheran Home was the first Lutheran charitable institution in Illinois and one of the earliest in the nation. The Andover Home was — and LSSI is — crystal clear examples of the tradition of making faith not about how people serve the church, but how people — responding to God’s grace — serve one another. The impetus for creating the Andover Home was, at its heart, a response to God’s call to love our neighbors by providing a home for children orphaned by a cholera epidemic. It was a grassroots response to human need by churches in the community — people whose common interest was a deep concern for others.

“Intouch Adult Day and Intouch Home Care Services goal is to provide each person the opportunity to maintain independence and purpose in their life, as well as provide respite to caregivers.” Today, LSSI continues this tradition by partnering with agencies and congregations throughout the state, serving children, youth, families and adults of all ages, including seniors. In its 144th year, LSSI continues to change to meet the needs of those it serves, working to bring healing, justice and wholeness to all people, and especially to our neighbors in need. In Rock Island, Mercer and Henry counties, Intouch Adult Day Services and Intouch Home Care Services carries out LSSI’s mission by providing healing through an assessment of an individual’s physical and mental status, tailoring services to improve both quality of life and the person’s sense of belonging; Ensuring that justice is present by treating all people equally, with compassion and concern; Realizing wholeness by giving an individual the option of staying in his or her own home. Intouch Adult Day and Intouch Home Care Services goal is to provide each person the opportunity to maintain independence and purpose in their life, as well as provide respite to caregivers. Intouch Adult Day’s program is for adults 18 and older who are looking for social and recreational opportunities. It offers three distinct programs: Active Adults, Adaptive Services and Community Helpers Program. (CHiPs). Intouch Home Care provides non-medical in-home services that include assistance with meal planning and preparation, laundry, housework, personal care, companion care and respite. For more information on Intouch programs or Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, please call 309/797-0200 or visit or LSSI’s Facebook page. December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 15

medical equipment

Normal Movement With Artificial Limbs By Eastern Iowa Orthotics and Prosthetics males at a higher amputation rate than females. African-Americans with diabetes have a 2.3 times greater rate of amputation that Caucasians with diabetes. And the future does not look to be improving. The total number of persons with an amputation, and those using a prosthesis, is expected to reach 2.4 million by the year 2020. Artificial limbs are categorized in four main types: transtibial (BK), transfemoral (AK), transradial, and transhumeral prostheses. The type of prosthesis depends on what part of the limb is missing. Transtibial(BK) Prosthesis A transtibial prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces a leg missing below the knee. Normal movement is easier to regain with transtibial amputees than someone with a transfemoral amputation, because the knee is still in tact, which allows for easier movement. Transfemoral (AK) Prosthesis A transfemoral prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces a leg missing above the knee. Due to the loss of the knee, transfemoral amputees can have a very challenging time regaining normal movement. A transfemoral amputee must use approximately 80% more energy to walk than a person with two whole legs. This is because of the complexities in movement associated with the knee. Hydraulics, carbon fibre, mechanical linkages, motors, computer microprocessors, and innovative combinations of these technologies have offered more control to amputees. Transradial Prosthesis A transradial prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces an arm missing below the elbow. There are two main types of prosthetics. One is cable operated limbs where a harness and cable are attached around the opposite shoulder of the damaged arm. Myoelectric arms are the other option of prosthesis. These use electrodes to work as nerves, so when the muscles in the upper arm move, the artificial hand will open or close.


rosthetics isn’t a topic that a person educates themselves on except when a crisis and trauma occur, and then one may feel overwhelmed at the different options available. Trauma can occur in many ways, car accidents, household injuries, diseases, complications from diabetes, or even a congenial abnormality. Prosthetics, simply put, are the replacing of damaged body parts. According to the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, it is estimated that approximately 1.9 million people in the US who are living with limb loss. 80% of adult patients with amputations have vascular disease and 75% of this group also has diabetes. The peak age for amputations is between 41 and 70 years of age, with 75 percent of all amputations occurring in people over the age of 65, with Page 16 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

Transhumeral Prosthesis A transhumeral prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces an arm missing above the elbow. Many times, transhumeral amputees will experience some of the same issues as transfemoral amputees, because elbow movement is very similar to knee movement. If faced with limb loss, it’s important to have a comprehensive consultation and measurement in order for the prosthesis to precisely fit each person. Eastern Iowa Orthotics and Prosthetics LLC have over 30 years experience with artificial limbs. To schedule a consultation, please call them at 563-391-6789. Source: Disabled World: prostheses/#ixzz1dFH2GEg5

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery PLASTIC SURGERY SPECIALISTS Dedicated to making you feel confident... OUR SERVICES • Breast Surgery • Body Contouring

John Searles, MD

Anne Cramer, MD



• Liposuction • Post Bariatric Surgery • Face and Eyelid Surgery

• Skin Care • Hair Transplants • Cutera® Laser Treatments • Botox® Treatments • and more

To schedule a free skin care consultation, call (563) 323-0026.

5335 Eastern Ave. Suite C I Davenport, IA I Tel: 563.323.0026


Functional Jewelry of the Mouth Q: A:

Can you restore badly broken teeth? Yes, I can. I enjoy saving teeth and restoring them to full form and function. They are like jewelry of the mouth!




Q: A:

What kind of material are crowns (caps) made of? There are many types. While it is still possible to make crowns from gold and other precious metals, the cost of gold these days has skyrocketed. New ceramics and reinforced porcelains can now replace gold.

Q: A:

How long does it take to get veneers and/or crowns? In some special cases, CAD/CAM technology allows us to complete your crown in a single visit, with no impressions needed.

Q: A:

How long does it take to get veneers and/or crowns? In some special cases, CAD/CAM technology allows us to complete your crown in a single visit, with no impressions needed.

Call today about our $99 Whitening for Life Program. December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 17

feature story

Guardian Family Care Inc. We’ll Come To You!

Now Providing Services to Muscatine Left: Guardian Family Care Administrative Staff: John Mital, Director of Marketing, Bev Mital, CEO/President, Sandra Bowden, Director of Operations and not in this picture is Shelby Fogle, Office Administrator. Below: Guardian Family Care Branch Managers: Peggy Jenkins, Iowa Branch Manager/Nurse Supervisor, Renee Doxsee, Illinois Branch Manager, Nurse Supervisor, and Sandy Witt, Clinton/Dewitt area Branch Manager/Nurse Supervisor.


fter eighteen years of serving the elder community, Bev Mital has grown Guardian Family Care, Inc. from a card table in her basement to four offices and two Resident Care Service locations that covers seven counties, Rock Island, Henry, Mercer and Whiteside in Illinois; Scott, Muscatine and Clinton in Iowa. According to Bev, “It’s been a privilege to take care of our aging community and to get to know so many people in the area.” “I can’t believe how much we are still growing and spreading out in surrounding towns; the need is so great.” After she explained how she has personally been through the same experiences both with Page 18 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

her in-laws and her mother, she can really relate to families that have aging parents. “It’s hard,” Bev says, “when your parents depend on you for so much. Giving families a variety of care solutions that will enable their parent to maintain a sense of independence and to remain in familiar surroundings, are a tremendous help.” For Dick and Mary Ghys of Geneseo, IL, help is exactly what they needed. “Bev Mital and her staff at Guardian Family Care are the most caring hardworking people we know. They go out of their way to care for those who have hired them to care for their loved ones. When she began Guardian after not being able to find suitable care for those she cared about in her own life,” Mary continues, “She stared small, but soon the business grew because of the need for quality in home care. One of Bev’s favorite things is angels. Bev and her staff were truly “angels” to us when taking care of Dick’s mother. We would recommend Guardian Family Care to anyone needing in home care and have done so many times.” As the population aged and expanded, so did they. Guardian Family Care serves in individual homes, but help residents wherever they live; with family, independent care facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. They have stepped in and opened Resident Care Services at two Independent Care locations in the Quad City area and offer the residents assistance with activities of daily living and help them maintain their independent lifestyles. Guardian Family Care provides loving home care for the elderly regardless of where they live. Their motto remains the same: your loved one can stay in the comfort and security of their own home and have the necessary support and professional care that offers the family peace of mind.

Guardian Family Care will come to you! December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 19

feature story


“I just wanted to let you know that things are going well for mom and dad, Ken and Edye Wolverton (at the Fountains). We just love our caregivers they are so caring and kind. We are so thankful we chose Guardian Family Care, as we feel Mom gets better care with your organization. We love the consistency of the same caregivers.” “I’m sure people call with complaints from time to time but I wanted you to know we are very happy with “the girls” as dad calls them. It’s nice to know someone cares so much for both mom and dad. We are all sleeping better at night.” Thanks for everything! Jan Jeffery Guardian Family Care has a Nurse, Branch Manager and an Office Manager in each location plus additional office staff. The administration office is still located in LeClaire and Bev maintains that she has the best staff in the business! “I am amazed at the work this staff produces on a daily basis,” says Bev. “We constantly get calls for new jobs and they always want us to start immediately.” “The staff pulls together every time and gets it done!” It was this attention to care and impeccable reputation that caused Peggy Jenkins to come on board with Guardian as the Iowa Quad Cities Branch Manager. “I started working for Guardian Family Care, Inc. as a part-time marketing representative in the Clinton area in May of 2008 and experienced their wonderful success and growth. Guardian’s reputation for professionalism and quality care sets them apart from others in this industry. So, when Bev offered me the position of Branch Manager in the Iowa Quad Cities, I was excited to come on board.” And, the fact that Guardian Family was looking to expand to Muscatine was very exciting for Peggy. “We are currently exploring new opportunities to grow in the Muscatine area as we are seeing a growing need in that area. We have great relationship with hospitals, hospices, physicians, assisted livings and long term care facilities and are always exploring new options to be able to work with these groups and to expand our services to meet their needs. I am thrilled to be a part of the Guardian Team and know that there are many exciting opportunities as we grow to meet the needs of the elderly population that we serve.” At no additional fee, the Guardian nurses visit each client on quarterly basis and work with each client and family individually to establish Page 20 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

a quality care plan for your specific needs. The staff is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. “However,” Bev states, “we could not do it without our great caregivers.” And former Senator Maggie Tinsman of Bettendorf, IA can attest to that. “Guardian Family Care was truly a life saver as they provided superb caregivers, that allowed my husband to stay comfortably at home, which was his desire.” Guardian Family Care is always on the lookout for the best caregivers available. Guardian sets the standards high when hiring caregivers making sure everyone is extensively screened, given thorough background checks, police and felony checks and fingerprinting. Every employee is required to attend an initial eight hours of training and mandatory quarterly training in-services. They offer all employees a flexible schedule, benefits that includes insurance, an EAP program, an employer matched savings plan and a quarterly recognition program. Guardian encourages all employees to continue their education and offer part-time work while they are in school. During the interview process Guardian identifies and hires caregivers that show heart and compassion. They encourage each caregiver to perform their duties with dignity and respect for each client and enjoy providing gentle care. The information gained during their extensive interview process assists the Branch Managers in making the best possible caregiver selection for each family. All Guardian employees are fully bonded and insured and are not independent contractors. For children who aren’t local, but have parents still in the QC, Guardian Family Care has been a relief to those like Susan Schroeder of Dallas, Oregon. “(Their) caregivers not only provided great care for our mom but were also great support for the rest of the family; who all lived out of town.” Guardian Family Care provides services that COME TO YOU. Respite or relief care for family members or caregivers, on-call 24 hours per day, post-hospital care with assistance during recuperation from injury or illness, total personal care, transportation, medication setups and reminders, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping and errands, travel companions, companionship, assistance during family functions, dementia/Alzheimer’s care, hospice shift care and much more.

Give them a call. They will make themselves available to meet your schedule. Illinois Quad Cities 309-736-7414 Geneseo, Illinois 309-944-3727 Iowa Quad Cities/Muscatine 563-289-5229 Clinton, Iowa 563-242-2308 DeWitt, Iowa 563-659-5526 join us on facebook

Intouch Home Care Services of LSSI Connecting with you… Caring for you

• Personal care • Housekeeping • Medication reminders • Meal preparation • Companionship and supervision • Transportation • Respite caregiving services

Call 309/797-0200 Services provided throughout Rock Island,

Services provided throughout Rock Island county. Henry and Mercer Counties. Visit our new Web site: Visit our new Web site:


Heartland Health Care Center – Moline is rooted in the Moline community providing skilled nursing and rehabilitation services for those transitioning from hospital to home as well as long-term care services for those no longer able to manage at home. Our dedicated team is proud to touch the lives of hundreds of patients every day. Heartland Health Care Center – Moline 833 Sixteenth Avenue • Moline, IL 61265 309.764.6744 • December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 21

beyond recovery

Healthy Bones, Joints & Muscles: Look for Orthopaedic Training and Expertise for Better and Faster Recovery Submitted by Orthopaedic Specialists Fellowship Training Results in Greater Comfort in the Surgical Suite and Better Patient Outcomes


atients choose Orthopaedic Specialists, Davenport, because the expertise of the surgeons, coupled with the minimally-invasive procedures that they are able to offer as a result of the specialization, get them back to their regular life faster than the traditional alternatives. “Our patient-first approach and specialization in a particular area of orthopedics, as opposed to a generalist approach, leads us to surgical solutions like many minimally-invasive options, which minimize stress on the body, reduces scarring and gets patients back on their feet as soon as possible,” explains Tuvi Mendel, MD, a partner in the orthopaedic practice and the doctor leading OS’s Foot and Ankle Center of Excellence. Together with Matthew Wilber, DPM, the center’s healthcare specialists provide patients with access to leading treatment regimes for treating ankle and foot injuries, foot ailments and wounds.

Dr. Mendel’s advanced training and the minimally-invasive surgical techniques he uses allow him to offer alternatives to joint fusion such as total ankle replacements. His additional certification in Sports Medicine means he’s able to use those skills on patients whether they’re a professional athlete competing in an Ironman Triathlon or a local businesswoman who needs to be on her feet nine hours a day. That approach holds true in other centers of excellence at Orthopaedic Specialists as well. Tyson Cobb, MD, the fellowship-trained surgeon leading the Hand and Upper Extremity Center is widely recognized as a leader in hand and upper limb reconstructive surgery, developing new surgical techniques and presenting at national conferences on a regular basis. Reflecting on the traditional method of using an open surgery versus an endoscopic surgery for delicate operations like carpal or cubital

Experienced Hospice Professionals providing compassionate care each step of the way For more information, call us today

563-391-6933 1020 West 35th Street • Davenport, IA 52806 Page 22 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

(563) 271-9327

Each Miracle Method franchise independently owned and operated.

Dr. Mendel

Dr. Hoffman

tunnel releases, Dr. Cobb explains why he most often selects the more precise method. “Most of the time, we can do some kind of reconstructive procedure through the scope. This helps us maintain the motion in the joint and alleviates the pain for the patient.” Dr. Cobb’s fellowship training at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center helped prepare him for his career as a leading hand, wrist and upper-extremity specialist. Surgical Specialties Require Additional Training As medical science continues to evolve, the surgical specialty expands with it and continues to become more complex. The benefits of additional training, called fellowships, are reflected in improved patient outcomes. “It never fails to surprise me to see a patient’s reaction when we tell him or her that they’ll be able to play sports again,” says sports medicine trained surgeon John Hoffman, MD. “I think it’s reassuring to an athlete – whether they’re competing at a high level or they’re a weekend warrior – to know the doctor taking care of them has additional expertise. With their hard work and perseverance, we can offer alternatives to many traditional approaches and procedures that will get them back in the game, when other surgeons tell them they may never play again,” he says. With literally thousands of joint reconstructions to his credit, Dr. Hoffman also plays a large role in the total joint center of excellence at OS as well.

Dr. Dolphin

Dr. Cobb

Rewards Beyond Recovery “I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than seeing a patient’s pain relieved so they can get their life back,” says Michael Dolphin, DO, the surgeon in charge of OS’s Spine Center. His experience and training in spine surgery under the tutelage of Dr.’s Alan Levin and Aleksander Curcin at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, have allowed Dr. Dolphin to provide his patients with minimally invasive procedures that have been very successful in alleviating back and neck pain, such as outpatient fusions and the XLIF procedure. Whether patients are suffering from pain resulting from a degenerative condition or a traumatic injury, Dr. Dolphin’s training allows him to offer patients alternatives to more traditional methods. “We’re definitely doing things with less knife. Technology has allowed us to do things with smaller instruments and better equipment. And, of course, with the additional specialized training, you’re more comfortable doing these things and the recovery time is much better.” Fellowship-trained surgeons backed up by specialized healthcare providers focusing on patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction … these are the things that help define Orthopaedic Specialists’ approach to care and set it apart from other practices in the area.

If balance is a challenge The Biodex Balance System can identify a potential problem in 2 minutes! In just 15 minutes two or three times a week, your sense of balance can be significantly improved, whether loss is the result of simple aging, injury, surgery or a chronic condition. It can also dramatically reduce the risk of falls. The low impact training is fast, easy and covered by most insurance plans (including Medicare). For more information about a free fall prevention screening, call Kristie at (563) 343-4730.

1209 21st AVENUE • ROCK ISLAND, IL • (309) 786-9667 •

Founded by The International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons, Illinois Branch

December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 23

fitness ready

My Addiction to a Healthier Lifestyle By Nicole Ward


am the first to say that getting up early and working out was not the most enticing thing to do at my attempt to lose weight. Why couldn’t I just take a pill? Why did I have to exercise? However, like most people I was desperate. I had no idea that my desire for weight loss would turn into something that would change my life completely in ways unimaginable and dare I say, addicting?! I would never have thought that I would develop a love for becoming healthy. For that, I have Kosama to thank and would sum up my experience to “amazing”. For those of you who wonder what exactly is Kosama, it is an 8-week program that is designed to increase lean muscle mass and transform the body from the core out. It not only focuses on lean muscle growth but overall conditioning including mind, balance, flexibility, and overall health. It combines six different workouts throughout the week. Plyometrics, Upper Body Strength, Kickboxing, Kettlebells, Lower Body Strength, and Yoga. If any of you are

I’m so glad I learned about Medicare’s 30-day window

Call today for your free Medicare 30-day Window Brochure

Mom’s health got worse. I didn’t know what to do, since we’d already used Medicare. Fortunately, I called ManorCare. They told me about Medicare’s 30-day window and helped me understand the benefits I still had available. It meant coverage could be renewed within 30 days of discharge because more care was needed. What a relief!

563.344.2000 •

Page 24 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

like me and get bored with doing the same routine over and over, this is absolutely wonderful! You get out of Kosama what you put into it. If you consistently go and put forth the effort, the results are phenomenal. The staff support and motivation make going even that much more beneficial. Usually, at any little ounce of pain, I would stop my workout. At Kosama, the coaches help you work through the pain. They remind you of your goals and provide the inspiration that you need to continue. After my

“The transformation in my body was unreal, and something that I owe a great deal of appreciation to Nick and the coaches at Kosama.” 8-week session, the thought of doing the exercises in my basement seemed much more appealing, but I missed the atmosphere. I missed the encouragement to push through the temporary pain. The staff at Kosama not only taught me how to physically get into better shape, but educated me on making the appropriate lifestyle changes. I learned about my eating habits. I learned about size proportion. I learned that when I eat right and exercise, I can feel so much better about myself. I know everyone wants to know about the results. The results were mind boggling! At first I was disappointed because I didn’t see the actual number on the scale decrease significantly. However, I looked at the greater picture…I dropped two pant sizes, I gained muscle and tone in my arms and legs, lost percentage of body fat, lost seven pounds of fat alone, and learned how to take care of myself! I can now run up and down my stairs without getting winded! After completing my post-assessment at Kosama, I nearly doubled and at times tripled my numbers in the various exercises. I couldn’t even believe how weak I was eight weeks ago! The transformation in my body was unreal, and something that I owe a great deal of appreciation to Nick and the coaches at Kosama. I can completely say that I now have changed my lifestyle. I am a healthier person because of the education provided, I am addicted to working out and taking care of my body, and in the process I have developed a bit of self-esteem that I didn’t have before. Thank you Kosama for getting me to take care of myself. I owe my transformation from the inside out all to you. Kosama is located at 1430 E. 52nd Street (corner of 53rd and Eastern) Davenport, Iowa. The next set of classes start January 2, 2012. To find out more about the program and classes, please contact 563-343-2774 or visit



Obstetrical Ultrasound Submitted by Advanced Imaging Center


regnancy is a time of wonder and great expectations. Every parent wonders what their little bundle of joy will eventually look like. “Will she have dad’s nose? Will he have the family dimple in the chin? How much hair will he/she have?” Since its introduction in the late 1950’s ultrasonography has become a very useful diagnostic tool in Obstetrics. For years, obstetrical patients have had the opportunity to receive ultrasound scans as a way to screen for abnormalities, multiple births and gestational age. Many people are familiar with seeing the black and white images produced by a standard 2 dimensional ultrasound (fig 1). However, often times, the image can be difficult to distinguish to the untrained eye. “Yes, that little shadow is our newest family member!” Several years ago ultrasound technology advanced to 3 Actual photo from a 4D ultrasound dimensional imaging. During the ultrasound scan, a series of thinly sliced images are processed by a computer, thus producing a 3 dimensional image (fig 2). Often times, views are obtained that are not ordinarily seen with the basic 2D scan. More recently, 4-dimensional ultrasound has been introduced giving OB patients and their family members the experience to see their baby’s face with the added dimension of movement. Imagine looking safely into the womb and seeing the baby’s face for the first time! It is also possible to see facial expressions, such as smiling and yawning – in real time. This is truly a wonderful bonding experience. 4D and 3D ultrasounds are not intended to replace 2D ultrasound. The 2D basic ultrasound is a very useful diagnostic tool, and will remain so. Every mother should have the standard ultrasound during her second trimester (18-22 weeks) to screen for abnormalities. “Ultrasound scans are considered to be a safe, non-invasive, [and] accurate test… It has progressively become an indispensable obstetric tool and plays an important role in the care of every pregnant woman” (, 2011). Adding the 4th dimension of movement to the 3D image of the fetus only enhances the experience of pregnancy for the expectant mother and her family. Advanced Imaging Center, 615 Valley View Dr., Moline, IL provides 4D ultrasound services for OB patients between 26 & 32 weeks gestation. This test is NOT diagnostic and no physician will be reviewing the images. Insurance does not cover this test. Appointments can be scheduled without a physician’s order by calling (309) 743-0445.

December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 25


Painless, Non-Invasive Body Contouring & Facial Rejuvenation By Dr. Kristin A. Miller, MD, Anti Aging and Optimal Health

• And what if you could accomplish this while relaxing for 40 minutes each session? And go down 1-2 dress sizes or pant sizes in 18 days (6 sessions done as recommended, one treatment every 3 days and following Dr. Miller’s guidelines)? The answer: YES, IT CAN! Arasys is painless and effortless and works for: 1. Face and body contouring 2. Acne reduction 3. Skin firming and toning 4. Stretch mark and wrinkle reduction 5. Cellulite reduction 6. Treatment of puffy eyes and dark, under-eye circles 7. R  ejuvenation with pigmentation reduction (including melasma and rosacea) 8. E  ffortless muscle building and inch loss that does not create tissue injury in order to have a more youthful, repaired appearance.




ant to give special people in your life the gift of health, looking their best, and give them a great start to success with their New Year’s resolutions? If “yes,” then a gift certificate for an Arasys treatment or package is perfect! What is an Arasys treatment? This FDA-approved advancement in scientific, electro-medicine is here in Davenport and only at Anti-Aging & Optimal Health. Until now, this treatment for winkle reduction and body contouring has only been available in large cities. The Arasys Ipico and Ion Magnum systems are painless and affordable alternatives to plastic surgery, that don’t require shots of filler, use of lasers that damage tissue, or cutting of the skin. Could an Arasys treatment benefit me? • Does your mind think you are younger than you look or feel? • Is your New Year’s resolution to get healthier and have people tell you how young and good you look (without that wind-swept pulled look, flattened look, or over-filled prominent lower face)? • Do you want to shop for clothes with less worrying about how your belly, back side or legs look in an outfit? • Or do you want to no longer avoid wearing sleeveless tops because of lack of definition or too much body fat on your upper arms? • And what if you could accomplish this without causing damage or injecting foreign material into your body? Page 26 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

Where did this technology come from? In the U.K., Dr. Sonya Weiss developed this technology with Gerry Pollock, the co-inventor of the heart pacemaker at London University. Pollock used his expertise in pacemaker technology to hypothesize that the body produced its own “central control biological waveform” frequency for communication at the molecular level. He developed a pure analog Multi-sine waveform that decodes and resonates with the nerve cell’s biological signal during strenuous exercise, and Dr. Xanya Sofra-Weiss perfected and eliminated background noise to deliver the signal that resonates with the body’s natural regenerative and healing capacity on a cellular level. How does an electrical signal accomplish this? From the study of Quantum Physics, when looking at an atom, we do not look merely at the atom itself but the dynamic energy interrelationships. Likewise, when looking at a protein, we look at its parts: the amino acid connections with their electromagnetic charges. Changes in the morphology, or 3-D arrangement, of amino acids will not only alter the composition of the protein, but also its function. Each cell membrane is studded with special proteins made up of amino acids that let selected ions pass across an otherwise impenetrable barrier. These ion channels are responsible for a variety of functions such as transmission of electrical signals in the nervous system, initiation of immune responses, and cell division. Cells also contain internal ion channels around mitochondria and the nucleus, which involve internal cell function and stability.

Oxidative damage occurs primarily in the mitochondria; therefore, ongoing research shows promise that the mitochondria could be the gatekeepers of cell survival (Sinclair, 2007 study at Harvard showed that as long as the cells’ mitochondria were healthy, the cells could stay alive, regardless of the state of the rest of the cell.) Applying micro currents at or below 50 microamps (one millionth of an ampere) enhanced ATP / energy production (makes energy). Like a key to a lock, these very, very small packages of energy communicate using our cells’ own electro-communication network, so that depending on the settings used, we can induce cells to produce more collagen, enhance repair mechanisms, and flood the tissues with the benefits of anti-oxidants at a higher potency than what can be ingested in your diet. The biological model of aging is not simply examining a single gene or a single pathway. It involves assessing how our individual cells function and communicate with each other and the conditions around them. Remember, our bodies were designed to maintain a state of health and adapt positively to our internal and external environment. Coordination and regulation of the interactions of our pathways / modules / networks / regulatory circuitry helps your body’s symphony of systems work together to achieve a state of optimal health at any age. Dr. Kristin A. Miller obtained her M.D. from University of Iowa College of Medicine, completed residency training in Family Medicine, and is one of the fewer than 500 physicians in the world who have completed the Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She is Board Certified in both Family Practice

“Remember, our bodies were designed to maintain a state of health and adapt positively to our internal and external environment.” and is a Specialist in Anti-Aging, Regnerative and Functional Medicine. Her practice is Anti-Aging & Optimal Health at 2829 Brady Street in Davenport, Iowa. She evaluates and treats children through adults regarding nutritional needs, neurochemical balance, biochemical pathway evaluation, ability to detoxify environmental exposures, hormone balance, and genetic testing to provide customized care and specific advanced preventive care guidelines for each person. Her clinic also offers thermography, weight loss evaluation, stress management treatment, and customized cancer prevention counseling. For more information on this important, state-of-the-art health benefit or to order your gift certificates for Arasys treatments, please visit our website at and click to contact us. Or call to place your order by phone or to schedule an appointment at 563-322-2263.

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Customize gifts for family and friends!

Customized Drinkware

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Personalized Ornaments & Gifts

personalized products to fit any budget (815) 535-0931 106 East 3rd Street Rock Falls, IL 61071 December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 27

ask the audiologist My friend has hearing aids but she doesn’t like them so she puts them in the drawer most of the time. Why should I get hearing aids if they are not going to work? By Tara Hartman, Au.D., CCC-A, Audiology Consultants


have heard this unfortunate statement too many times. It is true that many hearing aids have ended up in drawers but the reason varies greatly from person to person. Most of the patients I’ve worked with that did not like their hearing aids were fit with the older conventional or analog technology. They had problems such as whistling or feedback, sounds were too loud, too much background noise, poor fit in the ear, plugged-up feeling, or they felt like they were talking in a barrel or tin can. The solution was limited by our technology. Whistling meant making the hearing aid tighter, plugging the air vent, and in worse cases, turning down the volume. Patients were given volume controls to manage loud sounds and background noise. Up, down, up, down, up, down all day long. Some of the problems started from the very beginning with the patient’s expectations of what hearing aids could do for them. The amount, type, and cause of hearing loss can all have an impact on how well a person may do with a hearing aid. These reasons make hearing aid outcomes very individual. So what has changed? Hearing aids are getting better every day. Nearly all hearing aids purchased today are digital and contain technology to help you hear in multiple listening environments. The most challenging environment is noisy places. Today’s hearing aids

2435 Kimberly Rd. (Suite 220, South) Bettendorf, IA 52722

have noise suppression and voice enhancing technology to focus on speech and decrease background noise. They also contain feedback reduction systems to reduce or eliminate whistling sounds. This technology has allowed for more styles and open fit hearing aids. Open hearing aids reduce the plugged-up sound that some have trouble with. One other advantage of digital hearing aids is the cosmetics because they are so much smaller. Hearing aids come with an array of accessories such as remote controls, rechargeable batteries, and wireless devices called Bluetooth. All of these options are designed to help you hear better in multiple places. They also have more flexible fittings so your audiologist has an amazing amount of control over how the hearing aid sounds. Too tinny, soft, or muffled? No problem. With a quick adjustment through a computer many problems can be adjusted for easily. If you are having difficulty hearing you should talk to an audiologist to get a better understanding of how hearing aids can help you. If you are the friend with a hearing aid sitting in the drawer, take it to your audiologist and see if adjustments can be made or see if there is any new technology to help with the problem you have. Hearing aids are definitely not perfect and remember they will never replace your normal hearing, but they can improve it as well as your quality of life. • Email:

For more information about Audiology Consultants, P.C., call 563-355-7712 or visit

Holistic Alternatives, LLC Whole Food Nutrition • Essential Oil Techniques

Karen DeVault RN, BCHHP 563-340-5999

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Teaching Children & Adults Self-Defense Self-Discipline Self-Confidence

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Engaging, family-style living Specially-trained caregivers Complete services for peace of mind Short Stay and daytime Respite Care options Surprisingly Affordable! To learn more or schedule a tour, please call:


Join us in celebrating Holiday Traditions at Country Manor! 900 West 46th Street Davenport

Where Neighbors become Friends… and Friends become Family. ™ December 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 29

holiday activities

Joy, Giving And Friendships Key To Beating The Holiday Blues Submitted by Senior Star

Families and Friends of Senior Star Residents Will Celebrate the Holidays at the Annual Holiday Public Open House on December 8th from 5-7pm.


or seniors, the holidays can be a time of mixed blessings: while the hustle and bustle of the season can bring back joyful memories of Christmases past, these memories can also be a source of depression if loved ones are not close by. At Senior Star at Elmore Place, Davenport, the holidays are filled with the sounds of children’s laughter and song, tree decorating and eggnog by the fireplace, crafting projects like gingerbread house making, and community opportunities to see a holiday show or volunteer for others. “The holidays here are unique and special,” says Executive Director Cathy Hughes. “Our holiday weeks are jam packed with opportunities for residents to make new friends, connect with children, create something beautiful, or enjoy an outing to see a good holiday show, concert or lights tour. “At times we all can suffer from the holiday blues, but the key is to understand feelings of loss are normal, and to then reach out to fill your days with opportunities to help others and share the season’s joy with those around you.” Among the numerous holiday activities at Senior Star, one popular program is called “Santa to a Senior.” In this program, residents are invited to give back to the community by being a Santa to a Senior. They pick a name from the Senior Santa Tree and provide a gift to that senior in the Quad City area. In addition to volunteerism, there’s plenty of time to socialize with fireside holiday stories, ornament decorating, a children’s holiday piano concert and sing-along with the Girl Scouts. “Our activities make Senior Star a special place this time of year,” says Kaylan Hamerlinck, Assisted Living Program Director at Senior Star. “Our goal is to create cherished memories. There’s laughter, good food, and the sound of children in our halls, and that makes all the difference to everyone.” 5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues 1. Accept invitations – Get together with friends and family members Avoid isolation by attending holiday parties and other events. If your social calendar has many open days, host your own small gathering. 2. Help others – Volunteering can be a fulfilling, uplifting experience that can benefit everyone involved. 3. Create new memories. Seniors need new things to anticipate. Add something new to the holiday celebration, or volunteer your family to help others. Enjoy activities that are free. 4. Limit stress —If you feel the annual trappings of shopping, decorating, cooking and attending social events risks becoming overwhelming, limit the activities you commit to. 5. Attend holiday community events —Most communities offer special events during the holidays, such as theatrical and orchestral performances, that can be enjoyable to look forward to and to attend. Page 30 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

Senior Star Holiday Public Open House The Holiday Open House is open to the public. December 8th from 5-7pm. Appetizers and Eggnog will be served. Please RSVP to 563-359-0100 by 5pm, December 5, 2011. About Senior Star: Senior Star, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a private company founded in 1976 that entered the senior housing business in 1989. Today, the company has become a nationally recognized industry leader for providing quality and innovative services. The organization’s portfolio includes 10 retirement communities in six states offering independent, assisted living and memory care options.

Our friendships

DEFINE US at Senior Star.

Our personalized services may set the standard. But we’re most proud of what sets us apart — genuine, meaningful friendships, everywhere you turn. Come tour and see the difference that makes us who we are. Senior Star. Changing the way people think about senior living.

4500 Elmore Avenue | Davenport, IA 52807 (866) 415-6909 |

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Home Is Where the Heart Is Submitted by Heartland Hospice


he thought of a loved one going into hospice is many times misunderstood. People tend to think that the individual would have to leave their residence to be in hospice. Although there are hospice houses, hospice is not a place. It is a philosophy of care. Hospice is dedicated to providing patients with care wherever they consider home. Whether care is desired in the home a patient has lived in for years, a skilled nursing center, or an assisted living facility. Hospice care can be delivered anywhere a patient calls home. For many seriously ill patients, hospice care offers a more dignified and comfortable alternative to spending your final months in the impersonal environment of a hospital. Seeking hospice care isn’t about giving up hope or hastening death, but rather a way to get the most appropriate care in the last phase of life. It enables the person to spend their final days in a familiar comfortable environment, surrounded by their loved ones who can focus more fully on them with the support of hospice staff. If the patient is in a skilled nursing facility, long term care facility, or even assisted living facility, they can truly reap the benefits of having hospice services in addition to their regular provided assistance and support. Hospice staff enrich the patients’ lives and provide support by developing individualized care plans, setting goals, encouraging personal choices, working together in caregiving decisions and meaningful experiences. Having hospice involved is a win-win situation for the patients, family, and caregivers at the facility. Heartland Hospice is a hospice provider in the Quad-City area. They provide services at all locations and tailor their caregiving to fit the patient’s and family’s unique needs. Heartland Hospice supports the patient and family wherever they are in their health care journey, and upholds the patient’s and family’s wishes, goals and values. At Heartland, they help preserve the patients’ dignity, show them the respect that they richly deserve and provide compassionate care through Caring Promises. These promises are; • We promise to care for the mind, body and spirit. • We promise to provide care that is comforting and compassionate. • We promise to respect patient and family choices. • We promise to unite with community partners in care. • We promise to be accepting and supportive of patients wherever they are in life’s journey. When making the decision to utilize hospice services, it is important to remember that no matter where the individual resides, the

Page 32 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

provider of choice can and will go where the need is. It is not always necessary to uproot the patient from their familiar environment to live out their final phases of death in a hospice house. Sometimes the moving itself is more detrimental to the individual. No matter where the individual resides, home is where the heart is. It is where they are comfortable and familiar. Hospice care is available to patients with an advanced illness. After receiving a referral, Heartland will contact your physician to ensure that you are eligible for the hospice benefit. Heartland offers support to patients and families 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Heartland Hospice provides care to those who qualify for hospice services regardless of the ability to pay or their insurance coverage. For more information regarding eligibility or hospice services in the Quad Cities, please call 866-216-5708 or go to

financial health

CDs — Should I Stay or Should I Go? By Dan Zude, Portfolio Manager, Northwest Bank’s Investment Management Group


s buyers of Certificates of Deposit are well aware, interest rates are very low and have been for some time. In fact, the stated interest rates on most CDs being issued today are actually less than the current rate of overall inflation which is 3.9%. This has led even the most diehard CD buyer to wonder if anything else is available that could offer a better return. Being a bank-based investment manager, we have fielded this question numerous times over the past few years. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. “Yes,” there are investment strategies that can produce a higher rate of return than CDs. “No,” they may not be appropriate for all CD buyers. The first step in answering this question is to determine if you are willing to become an investor versus a saver with at least some of your CD Dan Zude, Portfolio Manager and Karen Goodall, Vice President and Senior Trust Officer money. What’s the difference you may ask? The biggest difference I believe is ment will be worth less three years later unless there is no inflation in how the return is derived. A saver’s return is generated solely whatsoever. So, in my book, this also represents risk. Yes, this type by interest income whereas an investor’s return is generated by a of risk can be reduced with higher interest rates and lower inflation combination of interest income, dividend income and capital apprerates, but it is a reminder that investment risk must be looked at ciation or depreciation of the investments. The latter is referred to from all angles and that one definition does not fit all. as the “total return concept.” For example, a hypothetical investor Lastly, the time horizon must be considered when determining may earn 5% over a three year period, 2% of which may be interest whether or not an investment plan versus a CD is appropriate for you. income and 3% from growth in the value of the investments. So, if For example, investments made into stocks need to be evaluated you’re willing to exchange the predictability of interest payments over at least one business cycle which is generally considered to be from a CD for a “total” return that can be potentially higher, you may three to five years. The stock market can be volatile and usually delivbe more of an investor than you think. ers uneven returns year in and year out. These uneven returns can The second step in determining whether or not an investment be smoothed over the course of a business cycle to produce a more plan is right for you depends on your own definition of the work normal average. For example, five yearly returns of 6%, 4%, -3%, 8%, “risk.” The problem is that in the investment world, risk means difand 15% averages out to 6% for the five year period. But if you withferent things to different people. Some define it as loss of value from draw your money from the market after year four, your average return the original purchase price of an investment, whether realized or not. would drop to 3.75%. The point is, with investing, time is usually your This can result from fluctuation in the stock and bond markets. For friend. So if you don’t plan on using the money for at least 3 years or this reason, many folks prefer CDs. so, you may be able to invest it rather than save it. But remember, the Yet, a case can be made that risk is also present in a CD. Yes, time horizon simply gives you the ability to make the investment. You your principal is guaranteed by the FDIC but let’s look at returns. still may not have the willingness to do so. If you purchase a CD at 3% interest for three years and over that time frame inflation averages 3.9% (as it is now), you have actually For additional information on opportunities for your investment realized a negative real return from the CD. Also, the fact that CD inreturns, please contact Northwest Bank’s Investment Management terest is taxable at regular tax rates makes the negative return even Group at 563.388.2628 or greater. And, just to top things off, your original principal investDecember 2011 — Quad Cities — ­ Healthy Cells Magazine — Page 33

guilt-free tips

Enjoy the Holiday,

Not Just the Food! Laura Spengler, Community Relations Coordinator, Courtyard Estates of Walcott


s the holidays approach, so do the celebrations, cookies, candy, and cocktails that make seasonal indulgence almost irresistible. According to Weight Watchers, the average Americans gain 7-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Nutrition experts at Midwestern Regional Medical Center/Cancer Treatment Centers of America have proposed the following “top 10” tips for healthy, guilt-free holidays: 1. Be realistic. Trying to lose weight during the holidays will be an uphill battle. Instead, setting your goal at maintaining your weight during the holidays will be more realistic. 2. Do not arrive at holiday parties hungry! Nine out of 10 individuals will overeat if they skip meals. Our bodies are designed to eat every four to five hours. Skipping meals to “save calories” for party eating will set you up for failure. Eat a light meal before a party and you will arrive in control of your appetite and actually eat less. 3. Make time for exercise during the holidays. Even the best-derived plans leave room for error. Exercise will help burn off some additional calories. Keep in mind, however, that you have to walk approximately 30 minutes at 4 miles per hour to burn off one small slice of pumpkin pie. 4. Limit your alcohol intake to one to two drinks. Calories from alcohol add up quickly, particularly if you are consuming mixed drinks. 5. Be a social butterfly. Holidays are a time to be sociable. Spend time enjoying the company of others. The more you talk, the less you will eat. Page 34 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

6. Do not wear loose-fitting clothes during the holidays. 7. Fill up on vegetables and fruits. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, while low in calories. The fiber in these foods may help you feel full and leave less room for high-calorie, tempting treats. 8. Donate food gifts to a food pantry. Don’t even tempt yourself by bringing holiday favorites home. 9. Offer to bring a dish to holiday gatherings. If you can, bring a healthy dish with you. 10. Lighten up meals that you prepare. You can try some of the following ideas: •M  ake a list before grocery shopping. (And be sure you don’t shop when you’re hungry!) • Serve meals on smaller plates. •W  hen preparing turkey, choose a plain bird, rather than a self-basting bird. • Remove the skin on turkey before eating. •U  se a gravy cup or refrigerate the pan juices and skim the fat off the top before making gravy. •W  hen preparing dressing, use a little less bread and add more onions, celery, vegetables and even such fruits as cranberries and apples. •L  eave out the margarine and marshmallows when preparing yams. Instead, sweeten the dish with fruit juice, such as apple, and flavor it with cinnamon. •W  hen preparing mashed potatoes, use skim milk, garlic powder and a little parmesan cheese instead of whole milk and butter. The holiday season is the toughest time of the year to maintain healthy eating habits. Try to enjoy yourself without overindulging. Remember that moderation is the key and if you eat more than you had planned; get back on track the next day. And also remember the holidays are only one day not a week, month or season! For an “Elegant Lifestyle for Seniors” visit Courtyard Estates of Walcott. Call Laura Spengler at 563-284-4211 to arrange for your personal tour.

At our age, why would we choose inflated health care costs? Get the surgery you need - even on fixed income. At Mississippi Valley Surgery Center, our seniors often pay less out-of-pocket for the same procedure than in a hospital. Why? Because we’re an outpatient facility. We perform minimally-invasive surgical techniques and our patients recover at home. No expensive hospitalization adds up to savings for you. Don’t let expensive insurance premiums, high deductibles or the fear of lost time from work or life keep you from getting the treatment you need. You can save money and receive great care: It’s what healthcare should be.™ Call Mississippi Valley Surgery Center for a free referral to one of our specialists:

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Your Health Is In Your Hands Submitted by Mississippi Valley Health Network

New Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments can restore function and strength while relieving pain.


wisting a jar becomes painful. It hurts to button a shirt. The onset of arthritis can be frightening. The prospect of swollen, painful knuckles and eventually disfigured fingers can be worrisome when sufferers begin to experience limits in daily life. For people who are just beginning to feel the effects of arthritis, though, losing useful hands is no longer inevitable. New surgical interventions offer hope for arthritis sufferers – hope that their hands will not lose the mobility and strength to function. “There have been tremendous advancements in treating upper extremity and hand arthritis,” says Orthopaedic Surgeon, Thomas VonGillern, M.D., Orthopaedic & Rheumatology Assoc., P.C., Moline, Page 36 — Healthy Cells Magazine — Quad Cities — ­ December 2011

IL. “New technology, surgical techniques and procedures give new hope to maintain a quality of life, even after the onset of arthritis.” Two primary kinds of arthritis The word “arthritis” simply means an inflamed joint. Osteoarthritis occurs when excessive wear and tear gradually causes symptoms in certain joints over the course of years. Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, is a disease that affects multiple body systems including joints, usually on both sides of your body. According to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, about two-thirds of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers experience

Think you might have Rheumatoid Arthritis? Diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis (RA), in the early stages, can be difficult. While there is no single test, doctors evaluate a patient’s condition against a series of factors strongly associated with the disease. The American College of Rheumatology uses this list of seven factors: 1. Morning stiffness in and around the joints for at least one hour. 2. Swelling or fluid around three or more joints simultaneously. 3. At least one swollen area in the wrist, hand, or finger joints. 4. Arthritis involving the same joint on both sides of the body (symmetric arthritis). 5. R  heumatoid nodules, which are firm lumps in the skin of people with rheumatoid arthritis. These nodules are usually in pressure points of the body, most commonly the elbows. 6. A  bnormal amounts of rheumatoid factor in the blood. 7. X  -ray changes in the hands and wrists typical of rheumatoid arthritis, with destruction of bone around the involved joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is officially diagnosed if four or more of these seven factors are present. The first four factors must have been present for at least six weeks. (Source: WebMD)

symptoms in their hands. (Gouty arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and post traumatic are three other common types.) The problem’s progress Rheumatoid arthritis can be a progressive disease. Anti-inflammatory medicines or disease-modifying drugs can slow it. Those medicines, however, do not offer a cure. “Once rheumatoid arthritis advances significantly, there is enough swelling in the joints and tissue that the joints can get loose,” explains Dr. VonGillern. “And after a joint’s lining membrane is stretched, the surfaces no longer fit together well. That’s when the joint starts to rub and wears out on one side. The uneven wear and joint laxity results in the deformities of rheumatoid arthritis– as when fingers no longer proceed straight from the hand but instead angle away from the thumb. The looseness and deformities make the fingers floppy and weak. “If you can catch it before they get stretched out, you can restore function, strength and appearance much more easily, while at the same time relieving pain” he says. Surgical responses to arthritis progression Early surgical consultations can be critically important to maximize function and minimize deformity. Preventive surgery may include removing nodules, decreasing pressure on joints and tendons by removing inflamed tissue, or removing bone spurs that may rub on tendons or ligaments. If a tendon ruptures, Dr. VonGillern may be able to repair the tendon with a tendon transfer or graft.

“New surgical interventions offer hope for arthritis sufferers – hope that their hands will not lose the mobility and strength to function.” A number of new interventions offer relief from pain, deformity and lost function. “Over the last 10 years,” says Dr. VonGillern, “materials have been developed to allow surgeons to replace worn knuckle joints and restore movement. That is a huge step forward in the treatment of this disease. Before joint replacement surgeries, people had decreased strength and increased deformities. Combined, those significantly diminished quality of life.” There are several other types of procedures to treat joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis, including removal of inflamed joint lining and joint fusions – usually of the little joints by the fingernails. Choosing the appropriate procedure involves assessing the particular joints involved, the degree of damage present, and the condition of surrounding joints. About Dr. Thomas VonGillern Dr. VonGillern has special interest in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. He completed a fellowship in surgery of the upper extremity, hand, and microsurgery at Columbia University, New York. He is the team physician for Rock Island High School.

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Your Life. Your Health. Your Choice. Celebrating 10 Years of Outpatient Services in the Quad City Area Physical Therapy


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Fellowship-training. A difference that makes a difference. Why should patients look for a fellowship-trained orthopaedic specialist? Because advanced training makes a difference when it comes to surgical specialization. It brings new possiibilities and new procedures into the conversation about your care and recovery. By providing you with access to %#%&%)"&'+#$&#$ $+!&$")%#),$&"#$"($"$#&!&.$%&##$"&" "$&"#$&&+"',"!+.!&$&"##%&% $! "$"'&&%'$"!%!&$%#%&%&+(%&!'%"!!& or by calling 563-344-9292 to schedule an appointment today.

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with a Tighter, Firmer Figure! Specializing in advanced / customized preventive care and treatment of CAUSES for not feeling your best, both children and adults. This includes weight gain, fatigue, gut imbalances, memory decline, hormonal imbalances, menopause, andropause, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, and more.

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