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January 2012


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Healthy Immune + Cold Weather = Bring It! The 7 Major Reasons Why People Can’t Lose Weight Oncology for the New Millennia Commitment Getting Closer to Your Home Stop Saying You’re Fine and Discover a More Powerful You

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Ato aTribute and a Farewell Gracious Lady and Incredible Cook


Remembering Lois Ehlers’ Recipe Contributions

hen I was asked to take over Lois Ehlers’ culinary column in this wonderful health magazine, I felt I couldn’t do so without writing a transition tribute to Lois, who was one of the most active, energetic, creative, and compassionate women I have ever known. She was my mentor in many ways, especially in the kitchen. She also happened to be the “matriarch” of our large family after our mother passed away, and most of all, my beloved eldest sister. The mother we shared, with our eight brothers and two sisters, was famous in our rural area for “making something out of nothing” when unexpected company arrived at mealtime. Most people looking in her cupboards would think she was some sort of magician; as there were no “pre-fab” meals there, but rather a copious amount of “staples.” That dying art of real home cooking was passed on to Lois, and thankfully, to me. Over the past decade, I have seen a resurrection in appreciation for meals that please the palette and satisfy the soul, even if they do take more time in the kitchen. In fact, many start right in the home organic garden, as mine do. Lois was passionate about “homemaking” in general, and about cooking and baking in particular. I remember many times during my high school years, while staying with Lois’ family, she would devise some new recipe, either by accident or design, and experiment with it until it became a delight! My sister Lois knew there was much more to turning out a delicious, nutritious meal than just the mechanics of it. She knew that the most important “secret ingredients” in any recipe or meal were love and generosity. Sharing her culinary creations with family and friends gave Lois immense satisfaction, and those who shared her table some of their most memorable meals. Thank you, Lois, for having been a “staple” in my life...and in my kitchen. Kate Maxon




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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



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January 2012

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Written By Ffjorren Zolfaghar


nother year is upon us. Not just any year, but the controversial year of 2012. There have been books, historical documents, a movie, theories, gossip and arguments surrounding this often-discussed year, particularly the month of December. If you are unaware of my reference, just google it and you’ll find a plethora of information, mainly covering the commonly asked question: “will the world end in 2012?” I believe that our world will continue on, marching to its own beat. However, its tempo seems to be changing. In the United States alone, we are experiencing a looming economic crisis, increase in violence and crime, civil unrest and general dissatisfaction with our governing body; our country is absolutely “funkifying” it’s once fairly stable beat. That being said, we’re also coming into a presidential election year… how amazingly coincidental all of this is. But, that is that. We at Healthy Beginnings look at the year of 2012 as we do every passing year. It is a chance to rejuvenate, reclaim your identity, or even reinvent who you would like to become. Regardless of your chosen path in 2012, we hope that you rejoice in the fact that you have yet another year to find happiness and health. With that, on behalf of myself and Healthy Beginnings staff, we wish you a very Happy New Year! HB Pause. Breathe. & Be Well, Ffjorren Zolfahgar Editor & Content Director



urning a new leaf,” most of us know of, or have used this cliché. In its simplest form, it means “change.” With the first month of 2012 upon us, it seemed fitting that our cover displayed something that tied into all of our lives. Not the kind of change that involves taking out a piece of paper and writing out a set of New Year’s Resolutions…and not the kind of change that requires you to buy a thousand self-help books…and not even the kind of change that doom and gloomer’s are saying will come this December. Even if some of that might relate to your life in some way, our cover is directly speaking to you. YOU are the change. Every year passes, and with it comes a new wrinkle, gray hair, new house, scar, baby, marriage, divorce, business, graduation, etc. Even if you were not trying to change, you did. Regardless if the previous year brought you pain or joy, YOU have a brand new year in your life to live. Good or bad. So, turn your new leaf or chapter in your book this year with grace, strength and courage. No matter what the year brings…you will definitely experience change. HB


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

New Year New You Written By Dr. James Rouse

Affirmative Eating Not Only Affects Your Body, But Your Whole Outlook



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hange your thinking, change your life” is a philosophical and spiritual mantra that most of us embrace with passionate conviction. You may find it inspiring to know that you can positively impact your thinking, emotions, and outlook through a practice of affirmative eating. The turn of the New Year is the perfect time to refresh your thinking about your eating plan, not only for nourishing your body but also for nourishing your mind. Simply put: eating right is as much a mental boost as it is a physical one.

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



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Beginnings lifestyle magazine


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here’s almost nothing worse than experiencing ear pain, itching, loss of hearing, or a sinus headache.

Ear Candling is an ancient practice, dating back to biblical times in Egypt, the Orient, as well as European cultures. This simple, gentle treatment removes wax from the ear, improving your sense of well-being, physical, mental and even spiritual. The candle is a long hollow tube made from unbleached muslin immersed in an aromatic herbal solution. After it dries, the cone is then dipped into beeswax. The cone or candle is then placed into the ear opening and the top of the cone is lit; soft warm white smoke billows down the tube into the ear and softens the wax. The flame on top of the cone creates a vacuum that pulls out built up wax, toxins, bacteria, dirt and residue from past medications. Ear Candling may also help with a dry hacking cough (a result of a sinus infection), sinus headache, tinnitus, and itchy ear. Today more people are seeking alternatives to digging in the ear with Q-tips or using a hydrogen peroxide flush to clean a blocked ear canal. Ear Candling is a relaxing, natural, non-intrusive treatment. HB

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

New Year New You

Lose Belly

Written By Dr. James Rouse

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Fat and Inches Quickly! Try this revolutionary whole body TurboSonic vibration therapy today!

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I have witnessed, both clinically and personally, the impact that the right foods can have on creating inspired thinking and living. Your food choices do impact your mental and emotional body chemistry. You can help to create a positive mental and emotional thinking environment by choosing foods that are rich in key compounds that serve as building blocks for your body and brain’s chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters serve many different functions. One of which is to keep your mind, mood and motivation on track and focused. Neurotransmitters also support your thoughts and thinking in a positive way! If you are looking to get the most spirited “bang from your brain” you can employ affirmative eating and set your thoughts and vision on a course for fine-tuned thinking and greater well-being! There are four powerful neurotransmitters that, when supported through healthier living and eating practices, can help you experience less moodiness, depression and anxiety, and greater focus, energy and concentration … and help you sleep better and give you greater control of your sugar cravings. These “fantastic four” include serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine and nor epinephrine. How do they work? What can they do for you? How can you build your own optimal levels?

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The Vitamin Connection

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1. Serotonin: Serotonin is like a natural anti-depressant and helps manage your cravings for high drama carbohydrates like cookies, cakes and chips. When your levels of serotonin are healthy, your mood and sense of personal peace is alive and well. You can build your stores of serotonin by eating foods rich in the amino acid tryptophan found in poultry and avocados, and in whole grains, legumes and tofu. 2. Dopamine is all about energy, passion and greater concentration. When fatigue and lethargy appear to be your normal state of being, you may want to do your best to support your natural and optimal levels of dopamine. You can do this by choosing

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


Improves: •Lower Back Pain •Osteoporosis •Pelvic Instability •Arthritis •Healing Response •Circulation •Balance •Coordination •Facial Toning •Rheumatism


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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

New Year New You

Why Colonics?

Written By Dr. James Rouse Continued from Page 7

foods rich in the amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine which can be found in low fat dairy products, eggs, rice and fish. 3. If you’re feeling like your brain and your memory are experiencing more than just temporary difficulties with recall, and concentration is fleeting at best, then you may wish to boost your levels of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine promotes mental fitness, and supports overall optimism and balance. You can serve yourself and your memory by consuming choline rich foods like oatmeal, soy foods, nuts, whole grains, sesame seeds and brewers yeast. Choline can actually boost levels of acetylcholine in the body. 4. When stress, sleep disturbances, depression and general lack of happiness and fulfillment are making their presence known on an all-too-often basis, you may want to boost your levels of nor epinephrine. Nor epinephrine has a stimulating effect on the brain, and it promotes positive perception, motivation and energy. It can also be helpful in supporting balance and focus during stressful situations, and promote an optimistic outlook while under stress too. The food base building block for this “happiness hormone� is the amino acid phenylalanine and can be found in fish, eggs, poultry, legumes, red vegetables, spinach, apples, and, thank goodness, chocolate! (just keep your consumption moderate and go with the dark variety).

SYMPTOMS OF A TOXIC BODY Bloating & Gas Constipation Headaches Low Energy "MMFSHJFT Skin Problems Lower Back Pain Bad Breath BENEFITS OF COLON CLEANSING Increased Energy 8FJHIU.BOBHFNFOU %FDSFBTFJO"MMFSHZ Clear Skin Less Bloat 0WFSBMM8FMM#FJOH

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When your need for “comfort foodâ€? is winning over your need for eating healthy, think about the “fabulous fourâ€? and try to choose foods that will optimize your levels of these neurotransmitters. With affirmative eating practices you can build optimal levels of these chemical messengers which I often refer to as chemicals for greater contentment and experience peak performance of your mind, body and spirit! A wonderful side effect of this type of eating plan is that it is naturally balanced with lean proteins, metabolically supportive carbohydrates and healthy fats, which can also be helpful in supporting healthy weight management and in the prevention of many chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. I encourage you to begin each meal choice with the “end in mind.â€? Consider the outcome you are looking for with your food and your meals. Is your desire to just fill up, or are you looking for an experience of true and sustained nourishment that fuels your body and mind to co-create with spirit to live and give from your highest expression? Affirmative eating can be a vital endeavor on the path to greater peace and well-being. Begin today. Set your table and your intention. Let the grace begin‌ HB Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic doctor and the Chief Balance Coach for The Balance Company™. He is also a nationally recognized expert on wellness. More on Dr. James and The Balance Company can be found at

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.Ž



Healthy Immune + Cold Weather

Written By Dr. Tony Jensen


= Bring It! Does Being Cold Make You Sick?

he secret to a healthy immune system is simple, and actually not too difficult; but all the same, it does take daily discipline. Let’s look at some myths and focus on the area that will keep you healthier.

Almost every mother has said, “Wear a jacket or you’ll catch a cold!” Is she right? So far, researchers who are studying this question think that normal exposure to moderate cold doesn’t increase your susceptibility to infection. Most health experts agree that the reason winter is “cold and flu season” is not that people are cold, but that they spend more time indoors, in closer contact with other people who can pass on their germs.

An immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells. It detects a wide variety of agents, from viruses to parasitic worms, and needs to distinguish them from the organism’s own healthy cells and tissues in order to function properly. Detection is complicated, as pathogens can evolve rapidly, and adapt to avoid the immune system and allow the pathogens to successfully infect their hosts.

Adopt Healthy-living Strategies. Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Following general good-health guidelines is the single best step you can take toward keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults, and is bolstered by healthy-living strategies such as these:

The immune system, an amazing protectio­n mechanism, is inside your body. It is designed to defend you against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade your body. To understand the power of the immune system, all that you have to do is look at what happens to anything once it dies. That sounds disgusting, but it does show you something very important about your immune system.


Don’t smoke Eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and low in saturated fat


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

Discover a Healthier Family Exercise regularly Maintain a healthy weight Control your blood pressure If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation. Get adequate sleep Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly Get regular medical screening tests for people in your age group and risk category

Check Your Nervous System.


The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, pupil size, sweating, immune system, mucus production, caliber of the airways, blood sugar levels, certain adrenal hormone levels, and many digestive functions. All of these are controlled ultimately by the center nervous system (CNS), which is made up of your brain and spinal cord and nerves. If any of the communication is blocked or decreased, due to a subluxations or pinched nerve, your system cannot work at its optimum level.

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Things to Do If You Happen To Get Sick.


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Don’t over-exert yourself Keep your stress levels down

Health Through Chiropractic Call Dr. Tony C. Jensen

Drink lots of water Try taking Juice Plus, doTerra essential oils, probiotics and other herbs


If your body is not responding within a timely manner, see your M.D. in order to rule out other problems, or the need of antibiotics. HB


References: 1. 2. 3. 4. For more info, contact Dr. Tony Jensen at (775) 323-1222.

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.Ž



The 7 Major Reasons Why People

Can’t Lose Weight Written By Martin Rutherford, D.C., C.C.S.T. and Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.


o you often feel that you are a professional dieter? You’ve tried them all, lost weight (or didn’t), then stopped eating or drinking what was part of “the program” and within a few weeks to a few months put back on all the weight--and then some. Multiple sources indicate that at any given time over 50 percent of Americans are on a diet. It is estimated that dieting is over a $50 BILLION per year industry.



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

Obviously the current one-size-fits-all protocols (both with fad diets and at “medically supervised” weight loss centers) are not the answer. That which causes you to gain weight is also what’s stopping you from losing it. If you “eat right,” exercise every day, and can’t lose weight or keep it off, there are reasons for that. Those reasons are different for each individual. There are seven major reasons why people can’t lose weight, and/or keep it off. Usually, it’s a combination of three or more of the following

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Vitamin or Supplement?

Thyroid dysfunction

(misdiagnosed or poorly managed)

Liver/Gastrointestinal imbalances/ dysfunctions

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Adrenal Gland abnormalities

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Poor blood sugar control Brain imbalances

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Hormone imbalances

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Thyroid hormones regulate many aspects of our metabolism (thyroid evaluation and treatment is substantially more complex than measuring your TSH). Thyroid clearly affects how many calories we burn and how much you weigh. A properly functioning thyroid is essential to losing weight (It is estimated that as many as 70-90 percent of the thyroid problems are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or mismanaged).

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

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Human beings all generally look the same externally, but internally (metabolically and neurologically) individuals are as different as night and day. One size diet plans do not fit all. That’s why all methods work for some people--but no method works for all, unless that method takes that person’s unique metabolic blueprint into account. If all of the “Big 7” are not properly evaluated and managed in overweight individuals on weight loss programs, failure of the weight loss effort is assured because long term weight loss is a result of proper individually balanced metabolisms; not drugs, vitamins, protein shakes, or herbs. Here is why.

January 2012

Having a hard time finding a


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The 7 Major Reasons Why People

Can’t Lose Weight Written By Martin Rutherford, D.C., C.C.S.T. and Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B. This function is controlled by leptin, a hormone that tells the brain that we are full. Leptin only operates when the thyroid, liver, adrenals, and blood sugar are normal. So taking leptin is not a solution to weight loss, but fixing the hypothalamus with some auto-sensory exercises and balancing the metabolism is. Relating to the brain and the cause of the hypothalamic imbalances: concussions, inactivity, inflammation, emotional stress. That old concussion or whiplash, or that divorce, may be affecting your present day inability to lose weight.

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Abnormal liver dysfunction. When the liver loses its ability to detoxify and filter out toxins in the body the body has to create other ways to stop the excess toxins from affecting your system. So it creates more fat cells--these fat cells are created to have a place for excess toxins to be stored so they don’t harm your body. As long as the liver is not detoxifying these chemicals those fat cells are not going away.

There’s more--inflammation, autoimmune problems (Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc) all can destabilize the above mechanisms as well as hormonal imbalances in both men and women.

Dysfunctioning adrenal glands. These glands produce a chemical called cortisol. This chemical has a huge impact on your waistline due to effects on blood sugar control and excess triglyceride production (the “fat” deposits around your belly are triglyceride deposits). Common symptoms of adrenal fatigue or imbalances are difficulty sleeping, inflammation, fatigue, dizziness, and weight gain (abnormal adrenals and liver also negatively affect thyroid function). These delicate interactions of the body’s systems make it difficult for many people to lose weight on any one size fits all “diet.”

Long term weight loss for those who have genially tried, and are unable to lose and keep it off, is due to one or a combination of the above seven metabolic/neurologic imbalances. It’s not about drugs, and for the above affected people it’s not even about exercise. It’s about a thorough evaluation of the above metabolic/neurologic mechanisms, and a specifically tailored protocol for that individual and following that protocol for life. There is no easy way out. HB

Blood sugar is important to weight gain/loss on many levels. The most obvious example is diabetes, and the fact that most diabetics are overweight. But hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) as well as “pre-diabetes” (metabolic syndrome, syndrome x) all effect central weight control mechanisms in the brain. If blood sugar isn’t managed (without drugs), the weight lost will never stay off.

References 1. Bramas, Rick A.C.E., Grisanti Ron DC, MS. 2 Days to Fitness. Sequoia Publishing, 2010. 2. Kharrazian, Datis, DHSC, DC, MS. Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal? Morgan James Publishing, 2010.

The brain is huge to weight loss. This is the most misunderstood mechanism of all, as to why people can’t lose weight. The hypothalamus sense when one is full as well as when one is hungry.

For more info, contact Dr. Rutherford or Dr. Gates at (775) 3294402, or visit online at

Go online to read Dr. Martin Rutherford’s past articles.



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

CHRONIC PAIN? Do you suffer from: • Chronic Back Pain

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• Diabetic Neuropathy

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• Peripheral Neuropathy

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January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



Oncology for the

New Millennia Written By Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D.


about Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It, she exposed many examples of why medical studies often cannot be trusted and said flat out, “Trials can be rigged in a dozen ways, and it happens all the time.”

he traditional approach to cancer therapy (slash, poison, burn) is increasingly being called into question because of its toxicity, destruction to quality of life, and poor success rates-two percent with a five year survival for full dose chemotherapy patients, according to the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

There are some journals that are not supported by advertising money from drug companies. One such journal is “Alternative Medicine Review.” In an article published way back in 1999, a review was made of a number of valid studies that found the use of a number of different vitamins, trace elements, anti-oxidants and fatty acids, in combination with chemotherapy and irradiation, “prolonged the survival time of patients compared to the expected outcome without the composite oral therapy.”

Fortunately, people are becoming less and less willing to accept when the oncologist says “there is nothing else available,” and they are becoming more and more informed about alternatives. Again, there are many scientifically-based therapies available that are far less toxic and more effective, especially when combined intelligently with certain conventional treatments. You can read about such therapies as IPT, UBI, Oxidative therapies, and high dose IV Vit C in the archives of this magazine.

Still today, cancer patients are routinely told by their oncologists, “stop taking all your supplements before starting therapy.” For some people, conventional therapy is the right way to go. I always tell my patients, “Follow the path with heart and the one you believe in, that will give you a much greater chance of a positive outcome.” People need to realize that they do have choices. The Oncology of the New Millennia is here, right now. HB

The term “Integrative Oncology” means integrating or combining the best of conventional and alternative medicine to provide better outcomes. Unfortunately, the term has also been adopted by some big cancer treatment institutions to mean chemo, radiation and surgery combined with massage, meditation and yoga. This is a joke, and a gross misuse of the term, as well as very misleading to the patients.


Integrative Oncology means combining conventional and alternative “medical” therapies. Anything less is untrue.

1. Lamson, Davis W., MS,ND, Altern Med Rev, 4(5), 1999,304329

Also, very misleading to the public is the total devotion to information published in supposed “peer-reviewed” medical journals.

2. Weijl, NI, Cleton FJ, Osanto S, Free radicals and antioxidants in chemotherapy induced toxicity, Cancer Treatment Review, 1997, 23:209-240

“Peer-reviewed research published in medical journals gets the golden star of approval from medicine and in the media, yet many, if not most of the findings are incredibly misleading”, this, a quote from Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. In her book, The Truth


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January 2012

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hree things happen when you think a thought. The first is that the vibrational frequency of that thought, like a radio signal, travels out into this energy soup we live in (which physicists call the “field of all probabilities”) and attracts back to you the people, conditions and situations that match the thought. That same thought also gives you the emotions to match, and your emotions drive your words and actions. Your words and actions then go to make up your life.

thought you’re thinking has happened again today, and gives you the emotions to match. Even if the event you’re thinking about happened years ago, or even if it’s an imagined situation of what might happen in the future, the subconscious mind sees it as happening again right now and automatically gives you the emotions to match. All of us have had the experience of remembering something, then automatically feeling the same emotions we felt back when.

The second thing that happens when you think a thought is the vibrational frequency of that thought goes from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind. The subconscious can’t tell the difference between real and pretend, so it “thinks” that

The third thing that happens when you think a thought is the vibrational frequency of that thought--which is different from every other thought--floods all 50 trillion of your cells, and causes that pharmaceutical company inside your body to manufacture



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

chemicals and hormones that match the thought. If you’re thinking happy positive thoughts your body manufactures endorphins (the pain killing hormone) and serotonin (the feel-good hormone). But, if your thoughts are negative or worried, your body manufactures cortisol (the stress hormone). Cortisol and adrenalin were not designed to be coursing through your body for more than a few moments. It was very effective when you needed to run from the saber-toothed tiger, but it’s not so effective when you just got criticized in the office or disrespected by someone you love. Why? Because it isn’t socially acceptable nowdays to run screaming down the street because you’re stressed. So you just sit where you are, trapped in the office or behind the wheel of a car--while that cortisol sits in your cells, damaging them and compromising your immune system. Using your long leg muscles to run, or using quick acupressure techniques will dissipate the cortisol and relieve your stress, but most people don’t know that. So you “tough it out,” while your body is being attacked from within. Of course the natural reaction to the thought of being criticized or disrespected is emotional. You feel shocked or angry, resentful or sad. Then those emotions drive your words and actions. Since your “socially appropriate” filters make it unlikely that you’ll run madly around the office, out of the building and down the street, you may say things that will come back to haunt you. In the meantime your thoughts are shooting out like rockets creating a storm of negativity everywhere you go, until you somehow work the cortisol out of your system and calm down. In the meantime, your fight or flight system has logged the experience in as something you need to remember in order to “keep you safe.” So, every time you think of it, you get the same emotions (hopefully a little less intense) that you did at the time of the actual event. Whew! What complex creatures we are. What most of us don’t know is that there’s a built-in system we’ve had since birth to soothe and calm ourselves in times of distress. Then you drive home. Traffic seems insane. Drivers are even crazier than usual. You get cut off and you have a reaction far more intense than you would have if that earlier negative incident had never happened. Things may irritate you all evening. The kids, spouse and pets immediately get the picture, even if you don’t say anything because of the thoughts and the resulting emotions you’re silently and automatically projecting. Thoughts are things, and they aren’t that private. We think that our bony skull is stopping our thoughts and keeping them in our heads. Nope. Just like radio and TV signals, which easily travel through walls, your thoughts are beaming out into the universe. Clairvoyants and empaths can often tell exactly what other people are thinking and feeling. And even if you haven’t developed that skill, you get “impressions” all the time about what other people are thinking, intending, expecting or even believing. You are getting “vibes,” bits of “intuition.” You are getting information that’s zooming back and forth between humans, animals and even plants. Plants?




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Remember the studies that were done in the ‘80s regarding the stress that plants registered when the person standing near them was thinking of setting them on fire? Researchers from Michigan State University found that plants have a rudimentary nerve structure, which allows them to feel pain. They seem to be capable of identifying danger, signaling that danger to other plants, and even marshaling defenses against perceived threats. Why should humans be capable of any less? It’s time for us to realize just how powerful our thoughts are, and to begin consciously thinking about what we want rather than what we don’t want. Often, when we first learn about positive thinking or the Law of Attraction, we try it for a while then decide it doesn’t work. What most of us are doing is thinking about

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


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YOUR “PRIVATE” THOUGHTS AREN’T WHAT YOU THOUGHT Written By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt Continued from Previous Page

the absence of what we have, rather than thinking about having it, living it, enjoying it. Therefore we’re attracting more of what we don’t have. Some people call it the Law of Resonance, meaning whatever vibrational frequencies we’re sending out (what we’re thinking, expecting, and believing) we’re getting back. You can see it in your own life. What you’re afraid of trying, you don’t do. And as a result of those thoughts of somehow not being safe, either socially, emotionally or physically, should you step out and do something different, fear crops up. Fear is an unpleasant emotion, so we just don’t think about that plan anymore. We fold in upon ourselves and “settle for.” We don’t think thoughts of outrageous success or the perfect relationship or adventurous travel any more. We think “settle for” thoughts, and therefore attract to ourselves the people, conditions and situations that will help to continue our life the way it is. We are magnificent spiritual beings--living in these amazing miracle-like bodies with the ability and free will to experience the deliciousness of being physical. We have the ability to attract what we most want--to actually manifest it, if we use some simple tools and have the courage and determination to take some small steps and learn the ropes. The first step is to be aware of our thinking, for thoughts are things and have great power. HB References: 1. Lipton, Dr. Bruce. The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. Mountain of Love/Elite Books, 2005.

“Of course the natural reaction to the thought of being criticized or disrespected is emotional. You feel shocked or angry, resentful or sad. Then those emotions drive your words and actions.”



2. Pert, Dr. Candace B. Molecules of Emotion – The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine. Simon & Schuster, 1999. 3. Hicks, Esther & Jerry. The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent – Living the Art of Allowing. Hay House, 2006. For more info, contact June Milligan, specializing in hypnosis, trauma therapy and helping people let go of dysfunctional thinking at (775) 786-9111, or visit online at

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January 2012

Chronic Fatigue – Fibromyalgia

Part 2: T he Adrenal/Thyroid Connection Written By Michael Gerber MD, HMD


drenal support dosing has a very long therapeutic curve. It is nice to start with sleeping eight to nine hours per night, and to enjoy occasional vacations when the stress is off. Reducing stress at the work place, at home and with the kids is important, but how to resolve the stress of estranged spouses bent on revenge, sick relatives, crazy siblings battling over the inheritance, financial collapse and loss of drive to do anything is much more difficult. These people need adrenal help. I always begin adrenal support with good nutrients important for the adrenal gland, especially good sea salt such as Cheltic salt, or Real Salt. When the adrenals are weak, you leak salt and minerals. Some low adrenal patients take ½ tsp of sea salt in water in the morning and after lunch to improve their energy. Vitamin C, B vitamins (pantothenic acid, B5), vitamin A, chromium, EFA’s (essential fatty acids such as fish oil and primrose oil) and good sources of cholesterol, such as egg yolks, butter and animal protein if possible, are all important. Vegans need to lead a less stressful life and supplement if they are stressed (B12 at least). Of course the liver makes cholesterol, but many livers are very toxic and all the adrenal hormones are made Continued on Next Page

January 2012

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Chronic Fatigue – Fibromyalgia Part 2: The A drenal/Thyroid Connection Written By Michael Gerber MD, HMD Continued from Previous Page

from cholesterol, which can only be consumed from animal sources. Acupuncture, psychological counseling, chiropractic, musculoskeletal therapies, energetic support, color puncture and every body balancing, stress reducing therapeutic modality can help the adrenals to rebuild. My very favorite adrenal support over the last 36 years is an adrenal complex shot with B12 (hydroxycobalamin) and folic acid. I have it compounded with hydrocortisone 2 mg per cc, DHEA .2mg per cc, pregnenelone .2 mg per cc in a sesame or cotton seed oil base for its time-release properties, with one mg of B12 and 10 mg of folic acid. An average sized woman usually responds well to 1 ½ cc of adrenal complex, smaller women 1 cc, and larger women and men 2 cc plus 1 cc of B12 and 1 cc of folic acid. This is an old feel-good shot that has been around since the 1950’s from Hollywood, (thank you Alan Nittler, MD and Gary Gordon, MD.) I learned this therapy from Dr. Nittler in 1975 in Santa Cruz, California, and from his book A New Breed of Doctor. He used adrenal cortex extract in those days, but it is no longer available, and this adrenal complex bears a rough equivalency to that product. This shot gives a week of blood sugar stability for most patients and can be done weekly, two or three times per week or daily, depending on the needs of the patient and reducing the frequency of dosing as the patient gets better. Remember that the normal adrenal cortex makes 30 mg to 200 mgs of hydrocortisone per day. Low dose adrenal support is frequently very helpful for energy, sleep, headaches, gastritis (heart burn) and anti-anxiety qualities, and does not suppress the hypothalamic, pituitary adrenal axis. This intramuscular, time-release shot is given in the upperouter quadrant of the hip. Isocorts or other oral adrenal tissue


support are always great; be careful of whole adrenal extracts as they may contain some adrenalin, which may be too stimulating for some sensitive people. Adrenal rebuilding, adaptogenic herbs are great, such as Cordyceps, Rodiola rosea, Ashwaganda, Maca, Eluthrococcus senticosis (Siberian Ginseng) and many more. Importantly, some patients are so adrenal-depleted that they really need hydrocortisone tablets a’ la William McK. Jeffries, MD a codiscoverer of hydrocortisone in 1949. In his book The Safe Uses of Cortisone he presents many cases of successful treatment of adrenal deficient patients with 5 mg of cortisol (hydrocortisone/Cortef), four times per day, or 10 mg four times per day when ill. Some patients prefer 10 mg AM and noon, or some variation of this dosage regimen. Cortisol can also be compounded in a time-release preparation, which needs to be dosed less frequently and is more convenient for patients. It is interesting that even when adrenal-fatigue patients need larger doses of Cortef to maintain normal energy levels they don’t appear Cushingoid (puffy, moon faced), and they feel great. HB References: 1. Solutions Specialty, Henderson, NV, 702-792-3777. 2. Nittler, Alan H., M.D. A New Breed of Doctor. Pyramid House Publisher. New York, NY, 1972. 3. Jefferies, William Mck., M.D., F.A.C.P. Safe Uses of Cortisone. Charles Thomas Publisher. Springfield, Illinois. 1981. For more info, contact the Gerber Medical Clinic at (775) 826-1900.


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January 2012

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January 2012

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Commitment Written By Terry Lowey MFT

“Authentic empowerment is not gained by making choices that do not stretch you…”


ave you heard the phrase “fear of commitment”? What comes to mind? Typically, it congers up images of an individual who chooses to remain detached from serious involvement with another, either emotionally, physically, financially or all-together. One word stands out in Webster’s definition of “commit”: ENTRUST. It would not be difficult to make a case for reticence to commit tracing back to a lack of trust. And if it is true that our fears are really originating in us rather than in anything outside of us, we can further deduce that fear of commitment symbolizes a lack of trust in ourselves. Author Stephen M.R. Covey writes, “Often we make commitments to ourselves--such as setting goals or making New Year’s resolutions--that we fail to fulfill. As a result, we come to feel that we can’t even fully trust ourselves. If we can’t trust ourselves, we’ll have a hard



time trusting others. This personal incongruence is often the source of our suspicions of others.” Believe it or not, that is the good news, for whatever is within us is ours to seek and discover, to unravel and endeavor to shift. That brand of fear, after all, is life-constricting in the personal limitations it imposes. There is an understandable pause in the consideration of commitment, as “committing to one path in life carries with it occasional grieving about what was not chosen.” Maybe we bristle at the thought of limiting our options? There are two contrasting components to commitment; dedication and constraint. If there is personal passion in the dedication, it drives us forward, even joyfully and energetically toward our objective. Like having a “runners high,” we pursue with exuberance.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

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Perhaps where we struggle is with the concept of constraint. If I am committed to this, then I can neither do nor have that. If I am committed to being in good physical shape, then there are “sacrifices” I may need to make, like not giving into my heart’s desire of sitting in front of the television 12 hours a day eating Twinkies. If I am committed to monogamy with this partner then I deny myself the pleasure of physical intimacy with others. “Commitment and the value of choice as expressed in our culture are often in a fundamental conflict. You cannot commit to one thing or person while keeping all of your choices open to you. Commitments go against the grain of our culture because commitments come with limits. Many people don’t want to accept limits.” After all, don’t we want our lives to be completely full, unfettered, out of the box and downright limitless?!

Perhaps it is the very constraints/limitations that challenge us in our thirst for immediate gratification that result in propelling us into ultimately maximizing our gratification in any given situation or relationship. Gary Zukav writes in The Seat of the Soul that “authentic empowerment is not gained by making choices that do not stretch you…When a soul chooses the vertical path, when it chooses to evolve consciously through responsible choice, it becomes capable of liberating itself from its own negativities.”

Paradoxically, the act of sincere commitment might be just the way to get there. We cannot go in all directions at once or our effectiveness will be utterly diluted. Wherever you look, whatever quality of life you see around you will be a testament to what a person is committed to. Ask anyone what they are committed to and you will know more about their character than any other query could provide. Notice how consistent their life is with what they are committed to and you will have a direct window into either their happiness or their misery. Making and honoring sincere and authentic commitments, especially to our selves, is nothing less than the key to joy and fulfilling our life purpose.


January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

Commitment provides just such opportunity for conscious development and growth. Starting out the New Year by taking a thoughtful look at the nature of your commitments could serve to be both illuminating and encouraging. HB

1. Stanley, Scott, Ph.D. The Heart of Commitment. Thomas Nelson Publishers. 1984 2. Covey, Stephen M.R. and Merrill, Rebecca R. The Speed of Trust. FREE PRESS, a division of Simon & Schuster. 2006. 3. Zukav, Gary. The Seat of the Soul. A FIRESIDE BOOK Published by Simon & Schuster. 1989. For more info, contact Terry Lowey MFT at (775) 322-1924, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.




Salt of the Earth S Written By Lissie Lyles

flavor of food, it provides us with countless minerals. Not only sodium, but chloride, needed for the formation of hydrochloric acid. It activates amylases, needed for the proper digestion of carbohydrate foods. Chloride supports proper function of the brain, nervous system and many other processes of the body as well. Magnesium and countless trace minerals from the sea, including Iodine can also be found in salt.

alt has to be, hands down, the most commonly found ingredient of all time. We use it in nearly everything. Salt is also another food that is plagued by nutritional misinformation. Most notably: salt-restricted diets. Early researchers uncovered a correlation between high blood sugars and dietary salt intake. However, subsequent studies have not proved this to be true. In fact, a 1930’s study found that salt deficiency led to a loss of taste sensation, cramps, weakness, and cardiovascular distress upon exertion. Furthermore, a large study in 1983 found that in some cases, restriction of dietary salt actually raised blood pressure.

When nutritionists try to point to the dangers of salt intake, the issue that is often overlooked is salt processing. Just like flour, rice and sugar, there is such a thing as processed salt. Salt that has been highly refined is a product of high-heat and heavy chemical procedures that remove beneficial minerals, and strip the salt of any enzyme activating powers. As with most foods, not all salts are created equal. Here is a list of some things to look for the next time you’re stocking up on salt.

With very few exceptions, most traditional cultures have used salt in some form. Cultures that were isolated, or lived far from naturally occurring salt sources, would burn sodium-rich marsh grasses and add the ash to their food. Salt not only enhances the



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012






Table salts:

These salts are the most processed, and consequently the most dangerous. They contain anti-caking agents that often include toxic heavy metals, such as aluminum. To replace the natural iodine salts that are removed during processing, potassium iodide is added in amounts that can be toxic. To stabilize this volatile compound, dextrose is added, which turns the salt purple, meaning that it must be bleached in order to make the salt white again.

Pickling Salt:

Used mainly for canning and fermenting pickles. This salt is made without iodine or any anti caking agents. The grains are very fine so that they dissolve easily, creating a clear brine. Other salts can be used for pickling, but the brine will have a cloudier appearance.

Kosher Salt:

Himalayan Pink Salt:

When applied to salt, the term “Kosher salt� does not derive from being made in accordance with guidelines outlined in the Torah. Nearly all salt, including table salt, could be considered kosher in that respect. Instead, the term refers to its use in making meats kosher by removing surface blood. Its large flakes make it especially effective for this purpose. For this reason, it can be somewhat drying when used in baking. Look for “additive-free� kosher salt to avoid dangerous anti-caking agents.

Otherwise known as “Halite,� a rock salt that can be found in Pakistan, located somewhat near the Himalayas. Halite salts are not unique to this region, but are commercially referred to as “Himalayan,� even though none of this salt is actually sourced from the Himalayan Mountains. Other producers of this pink salt include Chile, Hawaii, Utah, Bolivia, Peru, Australia and Poland. This salt contains very high amounts of Sodium Chloride. It’s red or pinkish color results from iron oxide.

Celtic Sea Salt:

Using a high quality salt not only aids in better digestion of food, but results in richer, more complex flavor. You will be reminded of the rewards of choosing unprocessed salts every time you prepare meals and savor them. HB

Sun dried sea salt contains an abundance of trace minerals from marine life, providing an organic form of iodine. The best and purest unrefined sea salt comes from the natural salt marshes of Brittany, where it is farmed according to ancient method of sun-drying the sea water in large clay vats. There are many refined salts that still call themselves “sea salt,� so be sure that the label indicates the salt is derived from sun-dried, minimally processed methods, and does not contain ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.Ž

References: 1. Fallon, Sally with Mary G Enig, Ph. D. Nourishing Traditions. Revised second edition. New Trends Publishing. Washington DC, 2001. 2.




Written By Allison Prater


he same little green bushes that are found atop little ceramic animals, in those infamous “Chia pet” commercials, are actually a dynamic superfood source. Salvia hispanica, more commonly known as chia, is a member of the mint family. Its earliest known cultivation dates back before the 16th century, to the pre-Columbian Aztec civilizations. It is still used in Mexico and Guatemala; the seeds from the plant are sometimes ground, or used whole in a nutritious beverage called “chia fresco.” The flowering bush is closely related to Pineapple Sage, but unlike other members in its family, chia is most prized for its tiny oval seeds. These miniscule seeds are only 1 mm in diameter, are extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, much of which is alpha linoleic acid (ALA). When consumed in its raw form, it provides protein and dietary fiber. The seed also provides essential minerals, such as phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium and sodium.


Chia fresca is a beverage in which chia seeds are combined with water or fruit juice. The soaked seeds have an interesting gelatinous texture. Its gelatinous qualities lend to its use in gruels, porridges and puddings. It is often added to Pinole; which is coarse flour made from toasted maize. Ground chia seeds are also used is baked goods, such as breads, cakes and biscuits. Chia sprouts can be eaten the same way as alfalfa sprouts; they make a great compliment to salads, sandwiches and other dishes. The porous clay figurines from those infamous commercials are a great surface on which to grow these sprouts because moisture is held and slowly released by the clay. Of course, using a glass jar covered in cheese cloth will work just fine for sprouting as well. Below is a recipe for Chia fresca, designed to give you an energy boost so that you can tackle New Year’s Resolutions with ease. Any fresh fruit juice can be substituted in this recipe. Play around with what flavors you like best.


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

Chia Fresca 10 cups filtered water 2/3 cup chia seeds 4 TB Yerba Mate (or two tea bags) Juice from 1 lemon 2 TB fresh mint (try pineapple or chocolate mint) 2 TB raw honey (optional) Combine eight cups of water and chia seeds in a large glass container. Let them sit for at least two hours. Meanwhile, heat the remaining two cups of water until simmering; add the Mate and steep. If you choose to use honey, add it to the tea and stir until it dissolves. After five to ten minutes, strain out the tea and let the mate mix cool in the refrigerator. When the chia seeds have reached a gelatinous texture, add the mate, mint and lemon juice. If the mixture is too thick, add additional liquid. This recipe serves four. HB References: 1. Bremness, Leslie. Dorling Kindersley Handbooks: Herbs. Dorling Kindersley. London, 1994. 2.


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January 2012

“Going Within” Written By Rev. Jack R. Elliott, Author and Spiritual Life Coach

What Have You Been Called To Teach?


here comes a time in each of our lives when we evolve more fully into the being we are “called” to be. I call this the age of our Spiritual Maturity. It is the season of our life for teaching and for our most essential learning. This maturity does not happen at any given chronological age--but often comes in what Carl Jung would call the “autumn” of our life.

When “detachment” occurs, the Divine (Spirit, God) will be expressed as real, present and profound to you. Rather than being “attached to,” you come to understand that you are “one with” the other people in your life. Detachment doesn’t mean others won’t be in your life, it means you will feel loved and nurtured on an immediate and intimate heart level, without “needing” them in your life. Remember this: No one has been called (brought) into your life to define you or to complete you, nor have you been called into their life to define or to complete them. Once you are “detached,” you are free to divinely “be in the flow” with the others in your life. When this is obtained, then you have obtained Spiritual and Psychological maturity. To be in the flow is to be one with Spirit.

For me, I’ve come to understand in the autumn of my life, that I am called to teach that which I have experienced, rather than that which I’ve merely, or intellectually, understood. While, I can read and understand concepts and principals, it is not until I internalize those concepts and principals (see them as a manifestation or lessons received) will they become fully integrated into my psyche--my being. Once that has happened, Spirit always finds an opportunity for me to turn around and to share the revelation (teach) with someone else. Such a lesson is the lesson of “detachment,” which can only be understood when one is Spiritually Mature.

Are you wondering what Spirit has called you to teach? You have been called to teach all the good that has been “revealed” to you. You are called to share those “ah-hah” moments that inspired you, made an impression on your psyche, or changed your direction or perception of life. Start with the moments that changed your life for the better.

You might ask: “What is detachment, and how do I know if I’m spiritually mature or even in the autumn of my life?”

“But Rev. Jack, Who am I to teach?”

It is in the autumn of your life when you can see yourself as detached from “the other.” This “other” may be your biological parents, spouse, job, athletic skill, or anything outside of ourselves that we have used as a label to describe who we say we are. For example, one might say “I am a computer technical,” or “I am an Oscar winning actress,” or “I’m John and Mary’s son.” It is only when you detach from “the other” and become “Individualized” can you truly reflect your higher self, know who you are or accept your Spiritual calling.

Don’t worry about this. Once you know what it is that you’ve been called to teach, Spirit will reveal the student. HB I love questions. If you have questions about how Spirit (God) has influenced or not influenced your life, ask and we’ll discuss your questions in future columns. Write me at

Rev. Jack R. Elliott is the President of Heart and Soul Center of Light in Oakland. CA. His website is He was ordained in 1985 as a Religious Science Minister with the Center of Spiritual Living (Science of Mind/Religious Science).

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Mixed Beds


he year: 1908, or thereabouts. The place: Watauga, a soon-to-be born town at the end of the railroad line in South Dakota. The actors: Fred, John and Art Nehl, my great grandfather and his brothers. The task before them: sow the garden they’d tilled out of virgin sod before their wives arrived on the train from Iowa. Unfortunately, the Nehl boys got into a jug of whiskey. They didn’t want to let work interfere with the fun, so they put all the seeds their wives had sent them in a broadcast seeder, seeded the patch, raked it a bit, and then broke out the second jug. That garden was the best they ever grew. Fast forward sixty years. Not far from that original patch, my parents were working in their own garden. My father, whose true passion was his team of Shetland ponies, had spent the past winter fabricating a cultivator he could use with his team. He’d instructed my mother as to the precise width of the rows, and thought he could cut a day’s worth of weeding down to an hour. My parents still haven’t determined whether my mother’s crooked rows or Photo: Visit


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

my father’s crooked charioteering caused the resulting mayhem, but when he finished cultivating, only half the plants were standing. The moral of these two stories, taken together: tidy rows are out, mixed beds are in.

if t r G u! Ouo Yo t

Tidy rows have only been “in” for a short while, historically speaking. When people started farming with machines, they soon learned machines worked best with rows of a single type of crop. The new method of farming was so efficient the model was soon applied in the vegetable patch.

Cleansing Pain Relief Weight Loss Radiant Skin = Energy!

Gardening in rows does have its advantages. Harvesting is easier. You want peas? Go to the pea patch. No need to stumble over the whole garden looking for supper. My great grandfather’s scatter-shot approach has its benefits as well. It makes more efficient use of space. By the time early crops like lettuce and radishes are done, slower maturing beets and tomatoes need the room. Because plants are closer together, weeds don’t have as much room to grow. Plants also shade the soil, so less water evaporates.


Some experts claim mixed bed plantings can even confuse pests, so that the potato bugs can’t find the potatoes. Add a few marigolds, and some host plants for beneficial insects, and the bugs are further confused.

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However, you’ll probably want a better approach to your mixed beds than “drink a quart of whiskey.” You’ll have to plan the layout of the beds, and--here’s the hard part--construct them. Experts say you should make your beds no wider than four feet, so that you can easily reach the middle of the bed. You’ll need clearly defined paths so people don’t compact the soil by walking where they shouldn’t. The soil itself will need the same amendments that any garden needs.


You’ll also need to decide which crops you’ll plant together. One source claims that you should divide crops up by family. Related plants often have the same diseases, and grouping them allows you to rotate crops more efficiently. Once you have your plant “clans” established in their own bit of turf, you can add “friends” of the family. These are plants that deter pests or help the family out in some way. If you are interested, there are books available about companion planting. Another method of planning is to let tradition be your guide. Southwestern Indians typically planted corn, squash and beans, together. The “three sisters,” as they were called, helped each other out. Beans provided nitrogen for the heavy-feeding corn, and the corn supported the climbing beans. Squash formed a living mulch, preserving water and shading the soil. The whiskey you’ll have to get on your own, but, you’ll find valuable information at HB When Teresa Howell isn’t finding new methods of planting, she teaches English at Great Basin College.

January 2012

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Discover A More Powerful You By Mel Robbins

Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt


ne of the most powerful quotes in this book is, “You need to recognize that the risk of moving toward your dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing them.” We know that right now more than 100 million Americans secretly feel frustrated and bored with their lives. Many regard themselves as their own worst enemy, or have developed a cluttered, mostly unvarying daily routine that seems endless. Or maybe you and your significant other treat each other like roommates. You may constantly daydream and wonder, “Is this all there is?” Or maybe you worry that no matter what you do to stay in shape, the battle is already lost, and maybe you have a tendency when asked how you’re doing to just say, “Fine.” You may want to be positive, and not drag yourself and your friend down with a sad story, but one of the things we do when we continue to say, “Fine,” is that on some level, we begin to believe it. In doing so we suppress that small voice inside that says, “Do something to change this situation. Take action now. Stop feeling unfulfilled!” As humans, we’re biologically conditioned to avoid change. Because of the fear of stepping out and doing something different, many of us live unfulfilled lives, missing out on many wonderful things. We miss an enormous number of opportunities to change our lives because most of us are not focused on what we want. Instead, we’re focused on what we don’t want (our problems) and on maintaining the illusion that we’re fine. Until we face the truth and start focusing on opportunities to take action, we’ll continue to miss the chances for change that are right in front of us. Just admitting that things are not “fine” gives you something to push toward. And when you become focused on what you want, your brain gives its full energy to achieving that goal.



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

Your brain needs a specific job, which will help you focus on solving your problems instead of being overwhelmed by them. The more you can crystallize and clearly imagine what you desire, the better the chance that your mind can help you get it. Desire keeps your momentum high and helps you stay focused so you can get unstuck. But desire isn’t enough. You have to visualize what you want with emotion and you have to take action.

that you can’t do anything to change them. You hear this kind of storytelling everywhere you go. It’s called “obstacle thinking” and a good sign that you’ve fallen victim to it is that you stop seeing temporary barriers as problems to be solved, and instead see them as never-to-be-changed facts of life. Therefore you stay stuck and you let your hopes and dreams go by. The author discusses seven major areas of life: family, love and sex, spirituality, career/purpose, friends/community, body/ health and money. She gives you questions to ask yourself about each one of them; questions that will help you clearly understand where you are in each area, and to realize what you really want. She pulls no punches and expects you to be honest with yourself about your current life and how it’s different from what you want to experience. Then she shows how you can use certain techniques plus a personal “roadmap” to move toward what you want.

In certain human potential studies, the term “process simulation” is used instead of the word visualization. It’s the same thing. And the more detailed the image of you doing exactly what you want to do, seeing the whole scene from your own eyes, the more effective it is. Using the power of emotion while visualizing is critical, for it somehow reduces resistance and accelerates results. Maybe you’re scared of what other people will think of your goal, but instead of finding the courage to shrug off the judgments of others, you tell yourself that their opinions are more important than yours, or that they know more than you do about your own life. Maybe you simply give in to fear, and delay doing anything about your dreams. Maybe there are logical reasons why you can’t get what you want right away, so you give up for good. You tell yourself things are “just the way they are” and

Mel Robbins is a working mother of three, a former trial lawyer, CNBC contributor, and one of the top career and relationship experts in America. She writes a column for SUCCESS Magazine, and gives advice to men and women across America on her daily syndicated radio show, The Mel Robbins Show. HB To purchase this book, go to

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January 2012

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BOOKREVIEW The Secret Language of Color Cards By Inna Segal Reviewed By Ffjorren Zolfaghar


fter a year of ups and downs, amidst the routine of my extremely scheduled life, I decided to make a vow to this New Year ahead: try something new each month. It could be as simple as a new recipe--one that seemed a bit daunting or dangerous--or picking up my comatose guitar, and learning a new chord. Or possibly stretching my mind a bit, and looking into meditative practices I’ve never tried. With a multitude of possibilities in front of me, I came across The Secret Language of Color Cards. The first thing I noticed: the title and innuendo it presented. The second: the packaging. I have always been in tune with good packaging and marketing. I appreciate eye appeal. I also appreciate quality. These cards are housed in a sturdy, glossy-finished cardboard box. Inside, there are 45 cards and a guidebook, neatly tucked into place.

One of the main points the author drives home is in regards to healing, as color is used to heal in many ways. Per the guidebook’s direction, I placed a color card on the area of my body that needed healing. I closed my eyes and visualized a large block of color surrounding an area of my body. I kept focusing on the color, its strength, and drawing it into my body. It was a uniquely satisfying meditation session.

Each card displays a different color or theme on one side, and imagery from the box on the other side--the “blank” side, if you will. The guidebook provides an easy-to-read format, describing a brief history of color and how it is used, as well as tips on how to use the cards. It also gives a description of each card, including the meaning or strength behind the specific color and its relevancy to your body, mind and soul; as well as a simple exercise you can follow that will strengthen your relationship with the meaning of the color.

Ultimately, I do believe that each card could somehow correspond to your question, healing request, etc. I’m sure that naysayers would find negativity. However, these cards combine three aspects that are, in their own respect, genuinely healing: meditation, color and thought. When you meditate, you ask your body and mind to slow down; your body is often at rest. This offers a calm and relaxed state for repair. When you ask a nutritionist for advice on eating, they often reply with, “Add more color to your diet.” Therapists also use light and color to help fight depression and fatigue, as there is much energy present in both. More importantly, when you use your own thought to drive healing home, it can be more powerful than medicine. HB

After I skimmed through the guidebook, and flashed through the cards, as if I were studying for an exam, I decided to give it a whirl. The guidebook offered several different ideas on how to get started. I chose to spread the cards out in front of me, ask a question (I did this out loud) and then pick a card. Once I had the card in my hand, I continued to let my mind focus on my question, and then I looked at the card. It was pretty interesting that the color I chose truly correlated to my question.

If you’re looking for something new to try, or a unique gift, check out The Secret Language of Color Cards. You can purchase the cards online at, or visit www. for more info on the author.

I tried a few other suggested methods of card usage, and found that it was fun, easy to do, and definitely sparked my thought and creativity.



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

Getting Closer to Your Home


ike most of us, Cheryl was searching. She was searching to find herself, her “home.” But she got lost along the way. When a promotion at work made her more depressed rather than less, Cheryl went on an antidepressant. It helped with her sleep and gave her more energy. But it also allowed her to tolerate a job she really didn’t like. “That’s why I got depressed in the first place,” she reflected, “and why the depression just got worse when I got promoted. Deep down, I didn’t like what I was doing, but I didn’t want to admit this. The medication made my job doable, but I felt like I was a thousand miles from my home.”

Written By Andy Drymalski, EdD

So much of modern life stresses quickness and expediency. We want to take the shortest distance between our problems and their solutions, between our symptoms and their disappearance. We tend to equate symptom relief with healing, yet they are not the same. Real healing means to move towards wholeness. And you don’t become whole by moving away from your soul. “I’m getting closer to my home,” is an uplifting verse in the Grand Funk Railroad song, “I’m Your Captain.” The song is about a man’s journey to find his spiritual home. When you follow your destiny you come closer to your home, your soul, and there is nothing more important in life than this. It is this path that develops your unique gifts and potential, brings you into relationship with those you are meant to be with, and fills your life with passion and purpose. When you make decisions in your life, the most important question you need to ask is “which path will bring me closer to my home?” When you determine that path, follow it. HB For more info, contact Dr. Andy Drymalski, Reno and Carson City psychologist at (775) 786-3818, or

Body Mind Soul Spirit PSYCHOTHERAPY

Go online to read Andy Drymalski’s past articles.

To Help You Find Your Way

Andy Drymalski, EdD

Lic. Psychologist, Jungian Psychologist


January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




ASTROLOGICAL OUTLOOK vital, life-giving ideas in a time of profound change Written By Eric Francis

Horoscope for Health | January - 2012


he Sun and Moon recently made a conjunction in early Capricorn, which sets the tone for January: old ideas, traditions and concepts are being challenged, which creates a vacuum–-and therefore the need for new ideas to take their place. This event likely arrived with a global crisis (minor or major) that will reveal how much can go wrong, and how careful and attentive response means a lot. On Jan. 9, the Cancer Full Moon calls this into focus; something that was elusive is now obvious. Mars stations retrograde in Virgo on Jan. 23. The retrograde lasts through April 13, though we will be experiencing after-effects through early July. Remember that the details count, errors count, and the times we are living in demand a real measure of impeccability.

Aries (March 20-April 19) You’re discovering the value of taking care of your health, in terms of the details rather than the broad strokes or general goals. Among the larger themes, however, it’s clear that your habit of pushing yourself too hard seems to be coming to an abrupt halt. I suggest you be grateful for any minor problems that will serve as wakeup calls or call your attention to more important issues. Focus on your relationship to food, and by that I mean scrutinizing every bite that you put in your mouth. In the midst of a moment of awakening that is encompassing all areas of your life, it’s imperative that you turn general goals into highly specific ones. The moment you identify something general you have as an objective, come up with three specific ways to make it real.

suggest you open up a clear, authentic conversation with the person you’re involved with--no doubt someone you consider more powerful or influential than yourself. You still have time to get to a point of absolute clarity about your agenda and theirs, and to work out any differences or misunderstandings in advance of taking the next step. However, this will take actual honesty and careful listening. Cancer (June 21-July 22) It’s time to get a grip on your insecurities. They may have worked for you for a while, but the risks of dragging around what amount to psychic shackles are increasing regularly. In other words, hesitation or doubt that may have lacked an obvious effect in the past could become much more costly now. Life is a process of trial and error, but that’s another way of saying that it’s about using what you learn. One question seems to be how soon you do that, once you’re in possession of vital information. Which leads to another point: what constitutes vital? For the next few weeks, assume that anything anyone says to you is potentially meaningful. Then scrutinize their opinion, look more deeply at the issue and make a conscious decision how much it means to you--and what you want to do about it.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) You’re limited only by what you believe, and most of the time your beliefs belong to someone else. To resolve this riddle, you would have to take two steps. One is figuring out what your beliefs are, and the second is figuring out where they came from. One way to identify a belief is to identify a limit that you experience. You seem to be involved in a struggle that involves creative risk-taking, or taking any risks at all. You could ask yourself how far you want to take hesitating to express your ideas or your desires. The problem seems to be not that you avoid taking large risks, but rather that you avoid the ideas that might lead you to experiment. Can an idea be dangerous? The answer is yes, but the real question is: to whom?

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) Now is the time to clear up any lingering secrets you may be keeping from someone, which would include withholds or convenient misunderstandings. What you reveal now will serve the purpose of healing, while what you delay or avoid discussing will have undue power to cause problems in the future. You may be in a situation where you are discovering so much about yourself that you haven’t said that you don’t know what to include in the conversation. I suggest beginning with any withholds that you’re aware of as such, or clarifying any known misunderstandings created by how you’ve presented yourself in the past. You know the time has come to live more transparently. What is nice about the current moment is that others are well poised to get used to that idea.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) You may find yourself getting mixed up in something larger than you bargained for, and you may have a corresponding idea that there’s no turning back. You seem to have put considerable thought into your choice to make a commitment, without necessarily realizing the ways in which you would have to take some significant steps in your personal growth in order to come through. However, commitments always involve others, and I



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) How do you correct what you perceive needs improvement in yourself? It’s an admirable goal to be a better person, though you need a gentle way to determine how that might look in real life. Growth is not a process of scrutiny but rather creativity. Instead of eliminating a bad habit, try creating a better one. Instead of quitting a job you don’t like, set some new goals for yourself that allow you to grow into a better employment situation. Transitioning from scrutiny to creativity can be challenging, especially when your list of things to “work through” keeps getting longer. I would propose that one event around mid-month shows you how easy it can be. One way to describe the difference is that scrutiny is like planning to make decisions, and creativity is about taking action.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) You are becoming the embodiment of an idea. Though some would say this is dangerous, I would say it’s about being real. You don’t need to be an evangelist; you merely need to allow something that is truly meaningful to you, to actually change you. What good are ideas otherwise? You might perform an experiment to determine whether something is a ‘real’ idea or a puff of thought that has no energy behind it. A real idea will feel something like, “If this is true, then I am a different person.” Different would pertain to what attracts you or what you find to be unacceptable or totally revolting. As the next few months progress and many new, unusual experiences come your way, discernment is going to become your most important tool. And this is something you must do with every cell in your body.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) Creativity is a practical thing. There’s a rumor that creative people are flooded with inspiration and overflowing with the desire to express it. I would say that most people perceived as creative are actually pragmatists. Yes, it’s necessary to have ideas before you set about applying them, but the second step counts for more than the first. Your task this month is to explore the balance between the two, which is another way of saying: apply your ideas where you think they will make a difference. That difference could be improving the view of the wall from your bathtub, or it could be about creating something that serves many people. Lurking deep beneath the ocean of your astrology is an obsession with service. You’re at a point in life where what you do has to count for something.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) A very old story is drawing to a close. The transition you’re making is one that you will look back on as a turning point for the rest of your life. You can think of it as the time when you finally got it that you have to be honest with yourself; and by extension, when you figured out that honesty is the one thing on which any viable relationship is predicated. You have the advantage right now of someone close to you who is especially gifted at living in a transparent way. Lately this is something they have done with fixed determination to something they have relaxed into as a sensible way of life, even though it may feel uncomfortable at times. That feeling won’t last long; the truth is what it is, and is worthy of respect. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) You may feel you’ve survived without something essential for a long time--in truth, for too long. It has not helped that this something, whatever it is, feels like it can be found in abundance everyplace but where you are. You have made contact with this missing element recently; enough to have a clue that fulfillment is possible. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to be open to receive. This will call for a conscious approach to existence, so you can notice the many ways you’ve gotten used to not having this certain something that you know is essential to your existence. Take the lid off of your cup, so that the cosmic water can fill it up. Step into the light, were you can see more easily. When you breathe, feel the air rushing into your lungs. HB

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) How far can you see into the future? The answer is you’ll see a lot further if you’re not depending on the opinions of others as a source of information. You might be especially sensitive to the people around you as reference points, but chances are they are stuck on the small points and glossing over the more significant ones. You could go a long way by asking yourself how useful the past is as a predictor of the future. Trends analysts usually say the past is the best indicator of the future, and a visionary would say the past is the very worst. For you, the past is providing an excellent reference point for what it’s necessary to go beyond. This really is as simple as the equation: “That only worked so well. It’s time to try something new.” Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) There comes that point where intelligence only goes as far as your emotional connection to whatever you’re thinking about. I don’t mean emoting over an idea but rather being able to sense the implications of something you’re considering, while you’re considering it. You’re having a lot of ideas about your goals and objectives, and your charts warn that you might lose contact with what you’re thinking. It will help if you slow down and consider your plans more thoughtfully, and recognize that every action has implications that go far beyond what you’re immediately aware of. You cannot see all of those implications, but you can feel whether something is right or wrong for you. It’s time to trust that information, and to use it wisely.

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

The Above is not meant to be taken as medical advice. you should always consult your health care professional.

Eric Francis Coppolino, founder and editor of Planet Waves, is a professional astrologer and journalist. A pioneer in the field of new planet discoveries, he has worked with clients and written about astrology for wide audiences since 1995. Read Eric Francis daily at



KIDSCORNER Words you want to say: • I’ll do it • I can do better than that • Let’s look at all our options • I choose to • There’s got to be a way • I’m not going to let your bad mood rub off on me

Words you don’t want to say:

“Kids Corner”

• I’ll try

Written By Ariana Purcell

• That’s just the way it is


• There’s nothing I can do • I have to • I can’t

t’s the New Year, have you made any new resolutions? I know I have. Mine are to learn how to play the guitar better and take singing lessons, also to focus on getting better at soccer! Making resolutions for the New Year is always good, it keeps you motivated to do better! Just like in my last article, we talked about having a Personal Bank Account (PBA), which could very much tie into your New Year resolutions. You could put all your resolutions in your PBA, and then you could really keep track of them, and make sure you are doing things to make them come true!

• You ruined my day A way to help control your reactions is called the “Circle of Control.” There are some things we can’t control, like who our parents are, the color of our skin, how we look, etc. So, putting these things in the circle of control will remind you of the things you can’t control. So, there’s no sense getting upset over it.

Here is what mine looks like:

Just like in my last few articles, I will be talking about the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, by Sean Covey. I will be talking about Part II, Habit 1-Be Proactive. At first, the author is talking about being proactive and reactive, and the difference between them. When something happens, like you don’t do so well on a test, or someone makes you mad, you get in a fight with a best friend, or even just getting in trouble with your teacher for no reason, what will you do about it? Be reactive or proactive? Being reactive is reacting off of impulses, and being proactive is always looking at the positives. Like if you don’t do so well on a test, what are you going to do? Let it ruin your day? Get mad at the teacher? Get mad at yourself? Or will you just tell yourself, next time I will study harder, do better, and get a better grade. The choice is yours. Another way to help you be proactive is watching your language. Here is a chart on how to be proactive with just saying some simple words out loud.


Good luck accomplishing your goals this year…and Happy New Year! HB


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

HB Testimonials “Knowledge about holistic health. There are useful tips, practitioners and great recipes. Thank you for providing this wonderful magazine.” –Pam Pearson

“I love the information. I have yet to pick a magazine up where I am not informed about an issue or what’s in products.” –Vicki Johnson

“Everything is wonderful – very well written. Love the recipes! [I would like to see more topics on gardening for apartments and seed exchanges].” -Patricia J. Burrett

“All the articles are of interest. I belong to the Newcomers Club of Reno-Sparks and I have an activity group called Gadabouts and I place these on the table for them to take and read at their homes.” –LaVone Gelder

“I love the variety of information and that I can find local practitioners.” –Dawn Dunafan, Ad Wear, Inc.

“I’d like to thank you for the excellent information I’ve found on; it’s always a great pleasure to read your articles and I have subsequently become a loyal reader.” –Millie Bruce, Banffshire, Scotland

“Health Features & ads for local businesses that focus on healthy living. I like hearing about NEW health conscious businesses and classes offered locally. [I share the magazine with my parents in Southern California].” – P. J. Juhrend

“It’s awesome to have high quality healthcare advice in a state of the art wellness magazine.” –Laura Kay Tew

“Healthy Beginnings is a great magazine! I like all the different articles from different professionals in the area. Very informative. Great recipes! It’s everywhere around town– readily available for people of this mindset. I love it!” –Annette

“I like the ads and information provided about natural remedies.” –Andrea Pilgrim

“[What I like about Healthy Beginnings Magazine?] Everything! Especially the local agencies. I have found many local people to assist in my endeavor to be as healthy & knowledgeable about healthy products and companies.” –Marybeth Burroughs

January 2012

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“HB Magazine provides so many resources for alternative health choices here in Reno. I moved here 4 years ago and was thankful to find this magazine. I pick it up at Peg’s Glorified Ham & Eggs.” –Joanne, Northwest Reno Reader




Looking to plan a pet-friendly vacation in 2012? Here are the top 10 places to travel with your pet in North America, according to

1. San Francisco, CA

2. New York City, NY

San Francisco is a pet-friendly spot to travel with your pet. There are so many parks and beaches with off-leash areas like Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach and Dolores Park to name a few. Visit and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and shop at the many pet-friendly stores throughout the city. Stay at a number of pet-friendly hotels including the Marriott by Fisherman’s Wharf, the Sir Francis Drake or Le Meridien. Pets are allowed on most of the public transportation, including the MUNI’s famous Cable Cars, buses and trains with restrictions. Small dogs are allowed on the regional BART trains that run to the East Bay. Every August the San Francisco Giants have their annual Dog Days of Summer event where you can bring your dog.

New York City has some of most beautiful hotels that will accommodate your pet. The Le Parker Meridien, Ritz-Carlton, and many W hotels welcome pets. There are also a number of Pet Taxi services in the city that will chauffer your pet to their destinations. Many of the famous stores and department stores in Manhattan will allow leashed dogs to accompany you. You can also visit one of the 30 off-leash parks in the city and your dog can go swimming at pond for dogs in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.  Also like San Francisco, The New York Mets has their annual Dog Day at Shea Stadium.



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

3. Boston, MA

pets. There are many nice outdoor pet-friendly restaurants in San Diego, La Jolla and throughout the region. While in San Diego visit Otay Ranch Town Shopping Center which has an off-leash dog park built into the shopping center.

In Boston, you can go to the best tourist sites without leaving your dog at home. Getting around Boston is easy by wya fo the subway system which allows leashed dogs of all sizes during non-rush hours. Go to Freedom Trail and take one of a number of boat tours or whale watching tours that welcome pets. Visit one of the cities many parks including the Boston Common, Minute Man National Historical Park or the Arnold Arboretum. You can also travel to nearby Boston towns with a dog-friendly ferry to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket or visit the pet-friendly beaches of Carson Beach.

8. Las Vegas, NV Sin City is not just for high rollers anymore. Las Vegas has various pet-friendly activities for your pet including the annual Strut Your Mutt event where your dog can go and show their stuff with a multitude of events and contests. You can take your pet on a tour of Vegas with the Las Vegas walking tour or visit the Historic Spring Mountain Ranch. There are also beautiful pet-friendly parks like the Red Rock Canyon National Area and off-leash parks like the Dog Fancier’s Park. There is even a pet-friendly shopping center the District at Green Ranch where many store have dog treats and water for your pet. Worried that you pet aren’t welcome in the casinos hotels? Here are several hotels that will – Four Season Hotel, AmeriSuites, all Best Western and La Quinta Inn & Suites.

4. Portland, OR Being called the “Best Big City” by Money Magazine, Portland is no slouch when it comes to being pet-friendly. Portland’s The Lucky Lab Brewing Company is perfect for dog owners who love to share a brew with a friend while relaxing with your pup. If need to make a coffee run try the Iron Mutt Coffee Company with an off-leash outdoor area to play in while you have coffee and food. Portland has over 20 off-leash dog parks, some of which are fenced. Even the city’s amusement park allows leashed dogs as well as the Hoyt Arboretum and of course the Rose Gardens. Portland also has Dogtoberfest every October to your dog gets pampered while you enjoy a beer at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub.

9. New Orleans, LA Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has been steadily rebuilding most of the pet-friendly places. There are many petfriendly hotels including the French Quarter Courtyard, Drury Inn & Suites and the Elysian Field Inn which lets pet stay free. New Orleans has a lot to offer you and your pet including the Historic New Orleans walking tour, French Quarter District, and even an old-fashion buggy ride. While in New Orleans you can dine out on a variety of outdoor pet –friendly restaurants like The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen and Café Gumbolaya.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada When in Vancouver visit Historic Gastown, Granville Island and the Capilano Bridge and Park with your pet. Many ferries in Vancouver allow leashed dogs of all sizes and the city’s public transportation allows small animals in carriers. Vancouver has many outdoor restaurants and cafes that will let you bring your dog along. Also consider taking your pet to the Minter Gardens and the beautiful Butchart Gardens. Vancouver also has 7 offleash dog beaches and over 20 off-leash dog parks giving your pet enough exercise.

10. Oahu, HI The island of Oahu is the ideal place to bring you pet. The yearround warm climate is perfect to enjoy a vacation with your pet. Oahu has 6 dog parks with some having off-leash areas and all the breath-taking beaches are pet-friendly including parrots! There are hotels and vacation home rentals that are pet-friendly like The Kahala Hotel and resort, W Honolulu at Diamond Head, and Kailua Beach Vacation Home. When in Oahu, you must not miss a chance to go to a Hawaiian luau and enjoy the wonderful cuisine that Hawaii has to offer.

6. Anchorage, AK You and your pet can enjoy the breathtaking landscape that only Anchorage has to offer. The city has many pet-friendly accommodations such as the Aurora Winds Resort Bed & Breakfast, Puffin Inn, and the Millennium Alaskan Hotel. Anchorage has many beautiful parks that allow pets include the stunning Chugach National Forest. There are You can also take your pet fishing, hiking, or camping on one of the world’s most pristine and beautiful land.

*Always remember: Carefully research your travel destination when planning your vacation with a pet. When researching, you’ll want to consider whether the hotels imposes weightlimits, ensure that the hotels offers pet-sitting or grooming, and note its vicinity to dog friendly places and activities. Also before taking your pet on vacation, consult your veterinarian to be sure that all required vaccinations are up-to-date and to receive a health certificate within ten days of travel. HB

7. San Diego, CA San Diego is known for its beaches. There are two major offleash beaches at Ocean Beach and Coronado Beach plus many other beaches that allow leashed dogs. With its sunny warm weather, San Diego is perfect for outdoor activities with your

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

*This article is reprinted with permission from




in a Health Reserve Written By Dr. Taylor Donovan


e all know what it feels like to be doing well and experiencing good health. As we age it seems that it becomes more challenging to stay in this place or experience this place for extended periods of time. Because of our fast speed of life we tend to take care of the “squeaky wheels” in our life. The symptoms of “disconnect” begin to become manifest and result in that sense of feeling off, low energy, constantly anxious, and a slew of other problems reflective of a health-in-crisis state. Let’s talk about the chemistry of stress for a moment. Your body chemistry changes fundamentally every time you react stressfully. Stress often times starts in the mind and travels directly to the adrenals to initiate the fight or flight response. Heart starts pounding, breathing changes, glucose is released into the blood, the muscles tense, the eyes dilate, and the blood thickens. The average adrenaline rush of a commuter stuck in traffic releases enough glucose into the blood to keep her running for one mile. And where does all of this extra energy and increased alertness come from? The answer is from a diversion of energy from the body’s normal repair and maintenance jobs such as

Life happens

and things don’t always go our way. Part of the challenge

learning to live with grace

is so that when we encounter resistance we don’t add to it

with our own attitudinal friction.

digesting, cleansing, and rejuvenating. So every moment you spend in a stressed out state speeds up the aging process in your body. It’s stressful just thinking about it. And unfortunately what ends up happening is the body goes out of balance and symptoms of fatigue and aging begin to show up in larger and more troublesome ways.

up. Symptoms are a blessing in disguise and offer the pathway necessary to better care for ourselves. Most people would rather ignore the symptoms than listen to what their body is trying to express. So many of us are addicted to stress and have forgotten how to relax and be fulfilled at the same time. Mindfulness techniques like meditation can be instrumental in breaking this cycle of stress addiction.

Symptoms are the bodies attempt to communicate that something isn’t right. The more we refuse to listen or acknowledge the needs of our bodies the larger volume of our symptoms turn


Every choice made to build our health and vitality acts as an investment to our health reserve. Our health reserve is what al-


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

lows us to stay healthy through stressful times and reflects how much we’ve invested into it via our attitudes and action steps. Establishing a health reserve can be thought of as creating a 401(k) for our well being and insuring a quality aging experience. As one ages it becomes more important to be able to adapt and recover from the demands of a stressful lifestyle. These faculties are naturally strained as we go through life but there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be in good working order.

There are several areas that work symbiotically to create a health reserve that has enough staying power to withstand the tough, stressful times of our lives. Exercise, nutrition, a positive mental attitude, spiritual practice, detoxification, and body work all work in concert to enhance your health reserve. As we embark upon another year in our life we can prioritize a commitment to our own health and well-being with the

Get connected, be inspired, and enjoy the experience of being human. intention of increasing the quality of our own lives and those lives that are intimately connected to our own. None of us exists separate from each other though the world likes to paint a picture of fragmentation. Get connected, be inspired, and enjoy the experience of being human. HB

Change is an inevitable consequence of being alive. A Taoist once remarked that change is just gushing life. Sometimes the gush is welcoming like friendly rapids and other times its intense like spring run-off through a steep canyon. Life happens and things don’t always go our way. Part of the challenge is learning to live with grace so that when we encounter resistance we don’t add to it with our own attitudinal friction.

Dr. Taylor Donovan can be discovered at Health for Life Chiropractic (775)323-1230.

Is Your Business a well kept Secret? Place your


To learn more call us at 775-828-4547

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



ProfessionalDirectory CANCER THERAPY



RENO INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL CENTER Robert A. Eslinger, DO, HMD (775) 829-1009

Dr. Tory Clark Clinical Sexologist 85 Washington Street Reno, NV (775) 843-9593

Therapeutic Skin Care & Massage Karen Tenaglio - #1534 507 Casazza St. Suite E, Reno (775) 337-2525 / Text (775) 722-9307

Reno Integrative Medical Center offers a variety of therapies to treat Cancer. Our approach is to support and enhance the body’s natural defenses while targeting the Cancer. Dr. Eslinger brings over 30 years of alternative and conventional medical experience.

Think of a Clinical Sexologist as a sexuality specialist. When you have sexual questions or concerns you want to consult someone who has the greatest knowledge of your particular concern. Dr. Clark educates and guides her clients towards discovery and resolution in a sex-positive and open-minded manner.

Olive Oil and Rosemary Facial $45. Pumpkin Peel Facial $45. 10% off all other services (Facials, Massage, Body Waxing, Ear Candling, Ear Piercing. Lash & Brow Tinting. All jewelry, product & gift items. Last day for these specials is December 23, 2011. Comforting and relaxing office, visit

Go to ad on Page 17.

Go to ad on Page 19.

CHIROPRACTORS DR. TONY JENSEN 495 Apple Street Suite 105 Reno, NV 89502 (775) 323-1222 We take the time to educate you about Chiropractic and how important the nervous system is to your overall existence. That sets us apart from other Chiropractors. Now offering ProAdjuster Technique, NO twisting, popping, safe and effective for all ages. Go to ad on Page 11.

COLON HYDROTHERAPY RENO ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE CENTER 1225 Westfield Ave, Reno NV (775) 827-6888 Colon Hydrotherapy is a valuable procedure and treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, as a toxic bowel is a source of many health challenges. Take Action Now! Located in the The Gerber Medical Clinic. Go to ad on Page 09.

COUNSELING Casey Kohl, LCSW Therapist Carson City, Reno NV (775) 721-2047 Are you looking for a compassionate and experienced therapist who uses spirituality and is available in a non traditional setting? I provide healing therapy from the comfort of your home through electronic media and specialize in multiple life issues.


TERRY LOWEY Marriage & Family Therapist 462 Court Street Reno, NV (775) 322-1924

SIERRA GREEN BUILDING ASSOCIATION Building The Sierra’s Sustainable Community (877) 744-2248

19 years of experience counseling on a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, anger management, self-confidence, effective goal setting and turning life’s setbacks into success. Individual, couples, and family. Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

SIGBA membership is non-exclusive, available to anyone who wants to support green building in the Sierra communities. We encourage our members to participate in green building practices, but do not require any specific certifications.

Sierra Behavioral Solutions 1865 #4 Plumas Reno, NV 89509 (775) 348- 5800 ext 0

FENG SHUI CLASSICAL CONSULTING Rebecca Moore Covering Northern CA and Northern NV (775) 830-8168

Twelve therapists averaging over 20 years of experience each. Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and family therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatry. We provide Individual and group therapy combined with a holistic approach of massage, eft and guided meditation. Accepting most insurances.

Rebecca is an environmental energy and design consultant who can help you avoid costly mistakes and enjoy long-term prosperity, health and success within your home and business, including existing, remodels, site selection, building design and commercial developments.

CRISIS INTERVENTION CRISIS CALL CENTER (775) 784-8085 Crisis Call Center provides 24-hour emergency telephone crisis intervention, support, information, and referral services throughout the State of Nevada. The Center also operates the Sexual Assault Support Services program providing faceto-face crisis intervention and advocacy services for victims of sexual assault in Washoe County and neighboring rural communities. This service is free of charge, regardless of the nature of his or her problem.




Health Food Stores Quincy Natural Foods Cooperative 269 Main Street, Quincy, CA 95971 (530) 283-3528 We focus on products that are organically produced, made from natural ingredients (not synthetic or highly processed), and without additives or unnecessary ingredients. We actively promote locally produced foods and goods. Monday - Saturday 7:00am - 8:00pm ~ Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

ProfessionalDirectory Health Food Stores Sprouting Roots Market 60 North Pine St., Portola, CA 96122 (530) 832-1642 Health food market featuring: organic whole foods, produce, supplements skin care products and more. Stop in or give us a call.

HERBAL REMEDIES VIVASAN USA™ Lana Nickerson 770 Smithridge Drive, Ste 350 Reno, NV 89502 (775) 826-VIVA (8482) VIVASAN USA™ offers unique alpine herbal remedies from Switzerland; personal and health care products, therapeutic essential oils, herbal medicinal creams and balms as well as foot, body, face and nutritional products, including a full line of SanoTint® hair care products. Go to ad on Page 27.

HYPNOTHERAPY Joyful Changes Acupressure & Hypnosis JUNE MILLIGAN, M.Ed., CCHt (775) 786-9111 New university research: Quickly remove negative emotions from any scene/memory. Learn instant stress removal techniques and new ways to replace negative beliefs. Then using hypnosis, we instill powerful goal suggestions. All in one session! Issues? Procrastination, smoking, anxiety, worries, self-esteem, weight loss, etc. Go to ad on Page 19.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE GERBER MEDICAL CLINIC Michael Gerber, MD, HMD 1225 Westfield Ave., Reno (775) 826-1900 Dr. Gerber brings 35 years of integrative medical experience to support your family’s health care needs in our new 8,800 sq ft. sustainable/green facility with spa, movement studio, IV nutrients, allergy testing, thermography, bio-identical hormones, pediatric and healthy aging services. Go to ad on Page 23.

January 2012

INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS Power Health Rehab & Wellness Center Dr. Martin P. Rutherford, D.C. 1175 Harvard Way, Reno NV (775) 329-4402 Dr. Rutherford has been treating patients in the Reno/Sparks area for 30 years. He is using new breakthrough neurological and metabolic treatment techniques focusing on conditions such as fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain, vertigo and many other chronic conditions. Go to ad on Page 15.

MASSAGE THERAPY Sandy Young #433 Licensed Massage Therapist South Reno (775) 934-6980 Over ten year’s experience doing massage with Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing clients, treating the Elderly, Expectant Mothers, Sports Enthusiasts (teens to seniors). Predominant education in neck, shoulder, and back therapies; ortho-bionomy. Located close to Montreux, Galena HS, Wedge Parkway.


Sugarland Ranch is a community based, nonprofit organization housing several small animal rescue programs. Volunteers and donations are welcomed.

Market Your Business To Health Minded Consumers Heathly Beginning Magazine delivers 24,000 copies to over 1,000 locations each month! PD Listings starting at only $117/month or $3.90 a day!


Betty Franklin, Reiki Master

Serving Carson Valley, Reno and Lake Tahoe Regions (775) 790-0767 Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, & spirit. Many people report miraculous results. Reiki creates many benefits: relaxation, feeling of peace, reduces pain, removes energy blockages and aids in detoxifying the body. Ear Candling & Angel Card Readings.

ROLFING® DAVID MACDONALD #1793 (775) 324-5500 Specializing in pain and performance issues related to posture. Rolfing is beneficial for all ages. Rolfing addresses acute and chronic situations and works to alleviate the CAUSE of pain and imbalance. Thirty years experience in massage Rolfing and related sciences. Call for a no-charge consultation. Kim McIntire #271 Rolfing® Pilates & Massage Serving Reno and Gardnerville (775) 240-6381

SUGARLAND RANCH (775) 970-5350

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


A pain free path to alignment, improved athletic performance, pain relief, and whole body wellness. Kim offers free consultations to experience his unique approach to Rolfing®, Pilates, emotional, and energetic balancing. Experienced in knee replacements and spinal fusions.

Skin Care BlackBox Cosmetics (775) 636-4098 Our products contain no toxic parabens, are aloe based and packed with potent age-defying antioxidants and nutrients. The airless, light blocking packaging system ensures maximum effectiveness of the ingredients and our recyclable refills are eco-friendly and economical. Email me for a free sample!



J anuary

*Let these businesses know you found them in Healthy Beginnings Magazine.

Dec 29th – Jan 5th

January 4th - 8th

January 15th

Free Introductions to Holistic Health Degree Program Dec 29th & Jan 5th , 6:30 – 8pm, Blossom Institute, 85 Washington St, Call (775) 338-8617

The Altered Landscape: Photographs of a Changing Environment The Altered Landscape represents a diversity of artists, including Edward Burtynsky, Fandra Chang, Stephane Courturier, Pipo Nguyen-duy, Otobong Nkanga, Amy Stein, and Kim Stringfellow. 10am – 5pm Nevada Museum of Art. Call (775) 329-3333

The Reno Philharmonic Orchestra Presents Romantic Journeys. In each composition, the gravitational pull of harmonic tension and release shape melody and counterpoint in ways that an audience can experience both aurally and physically. Doors open at 2:45 p.m. Call 775-323-6393

January 1st Alpenglow Sports challenges Tahoe backcountry community to a cumulative goal of 15 million vertical feet of humanpowered uphill travel. This benefits Sierra Avalanche Center. Call 530.583.6917 “Mutant Rides: Origin of a Species” For all those who love the art from burning man, those who have never seen firsthand the artcars of burning man, National Automobile Museum - 10 am - 4pm 10 South Lake StreetReno, Nevada 89501 Email or Call 775-333-9300

JANUARY 2ND - JAN 30TH A Win-Win Situation An over-supply of fine arts and art supplies, books, frames and other goodies on sale at the Artists Coop Gallery, at 672 Mill Street in Reno. Starts January 2, daily 11-4pm. Call 775-322-8896

January 3rd Tuesday Road Bicycle Rides High Sierra Bike Shop - Damonte Ranch Intermediate Road Ride from High Sierra Bike Shop-ride to be decided when all arrive. Weather permitting. Email or Call 775-852-8850

January 4th and 5th Volunteers Needed Challenge Day A day-long transformative workshop for 9th graders that helps to demonstrate the possibility of love and connection. Call 530-550-8981 or email

JANUARY 5TH Family Science Day Winter Wonderland at Incline Village From 2pm-5pm, families are invited to explore the mysteries of snow and ice! Ages 8+. Free. Hot chocolate and cookies will be provided. For more info, visit

January 7th Moonlight Snowshoe Tours Bask in the moonlight while enjoying the peaceful and serene mountain setting - all while getting some great exercise - Adults (13+): $40 Children (10 - 12): - $25 1.800. GO.NORTH (1.800.466.6784) or Call 530.562.2267. Purple Haze Free Concert - In Tribute to Jimi Hendrix - 10:00 p.m. Crystal Bay Casino

Artown: Imago Theatre’s Zoo Zoo Described as Cirque Du Soleil-evoking acrobatics mixed with Mummenschanz-like mime, set in a unique yet accessible Frenchinfluenced avant-garde playground. Imagine all of that with penguins playing musical chairs, a cat trapped in a giant paper bag, hippos with insomnia, anteaters as waiters, and a madcap revue of illusion. Call (800) 648-3568 Sunday’s Uncorked - Food tasting, wine pairing and live jazz Uncork the wine enthusiast in you! Join us weekly for our wine and food pairing. Groups, parties and couples welcome with or without a reservation. Every Sunday 2:00pm-5:00pm. $25 per person. Email or Call 775-284-7455

January 19th and 20th

JANUARY 13TH Parents Night Out at Incline Village – 6:30pm to 9:30pm - Need a date night? Drop your little ones off and they can experience an evening packed with pizza, salad, games, swimming, arts and crafts, ending with a movie. Ages 5-11 years. For more info, visit

January 14th Star Tour Snowshoe Adventure ~ “Orion on the Rise” Star gazers unite! It all starts with a 2 hour guided sunset snowshoe followed by a brilliant 2 hour tour of the midnight sky with Berendsen. Call 530-913-9212 or visit for details. Reservations required.


January 18th


The Sheep Show - Reno- Sparks Convention Center. The largest mountain hunting and conservation convention in the world. Call 307.527.6261 or email

January 21st Hike Lost Trail Lodge - Meet at 9 a.m. at the Lost Trail Lodge trail head. Traveling west on I-80, take the Donner Pass Road exit in Truckee. Proceed south through the stop sign and pass the Chevron and 76 service stations by ½ mile and it will take you to the designated winter parking area. Don’t forget the snowshoes. or 530.550.5192

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

ONGOINGCALENDAR Dr. Tory Clark January 22nd Ski Day at Sugar Bowl, for Tahoe SAFE Alliance - Sugar Bowl has graciously donated 500 tickets with all proceeds going to support programs that help to reduce the incidence and trauma of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee. Priced at $35 and your ticket is valid for five days! Puchase your tickets at

January 23rd Reno Psychic Institute One and half hour aura readings, $25.00 Call 775.324.2872

January 26th Fragrance Chemicals: What’s the Stink? 5:30 – 7:30pm - Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences, Fragrance chemical research presented by UC Davis graduate students from the UC Davis Responding to Rapid Environmental Change Integrative GraduateEducation and Research Traineeship revealing connections between use of personal fragrance and rapid environmental change Email or Call 775-881-7560 ext. 7474

Market Your Event To Health Minded Consumers Heathly Beginning Magazine delivers 24,000 copies to over 1,000 locations each month! Calendar Listings: only $75/month or $2.50 a day!

Join us every month, around the time of the new moon (dates TBA), for red tent gatherings. Visit RedTentReno for more information.

Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary January 3-21 Sale: 15% off base oils for massage, cooking, & cosmetic crafting. Upcoming Classes (notify us if you are interested): Eastern Indian Head Rub, Lymphatic Massage with Feathers, Herbs, and Hot Stones, How to Henna Workshop and The Art of Blending (Massage Oils, Misters, & more...)

STRENGTH + FLEXIBILITY = UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! First consultation free. Experience what Rolfing ® and Pilates will do for you! Kim McIntire at (775) 240-6381 /

THE VITAMIN CONNECTION Come try our Turbosonic machine today. Turbosonic therapy for overall fitness and health. Free demo with your first visit. For more info: (775) 825-3993

GLUTEN-FREE MONDAYS AT GREAT HARVEST BREAD COMPANY Small variety of gluten-free breads baked fresh. Call to reserve yours (775) 323-7733. (Disclaimer: We’re a wheat bakery and cannot guarantee a 100% gluten-free product.)

Answers For Everybody!

RenoAMPuteeSupport Second Wednesday of every month the Reno AMPutee Support group meets at 6 p.m. in the Sparks Nugget Casino. (775) 721-3361 or email

DIET TECHNIQUE Every Thursday, 1 p.m. at the Gerber Medical Clinic 1225 Westfield Ave, diet techniques with George Kenneth of Sierra Healing Center.

• Expert knowledge. • Continual product testing. • Exceptional quality at a highly competitive price. Sign up for the Healthy Awards Club today! Call:

775.852.7158 6135 S. Virginia St. • Reno

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



Lois Maxon Ehlers March 29, 1932 – November 27, 2011

Lois Maxon Ehlers waltzed into this world at the end of a long prairie winter, on March 29, 1932, the fourth child of twelve, and the first daughter, of L.E. (Lornie) and Mary (Ament) Maxon. She continued her dance of life with spontaneity, energy and creativity. From a young age she learned to sew her own clothes, which was a great help to her big ranching family during the Depression. Her tireless energy helped her mother “mother” her eight younger siblings…and sometimes her older ones too! She kept everyone entertained with her own cowboy answer to Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn with her characters, “Buckwater Pete and Farley Blue.” While teaching Home Economics and Physical Education in Wakpala, S.D., Lois met and married Lt. O. Kirk Ehlers, a graduate of West Point, December 28, 1955. Together they raised six children while being stationed in Germany and different parts of the U.S. Before moving to Spearfish, Lois taught in the high school at McIntosh, SD, and also worked for Social Services in Timber Lake, SD. She left her job in Timber Lake to care for her mother in McLaughlin, SD. After her mother passed away, Lois made her home in Spearfish, SD, where she married Richard (Dick) Titus in 2002. For the last six or seven years, up to the spring before her hospitalization, Lois was enrolled in the Grandparents Program at Spearfish Cooperative Preschool where she read to the children, made scrapbooks and sewed animal costumes for them. Lois was truly her father’s daughter, making friends out of strangers everywhere she went, throughout her entire life; she carried in her heart her mother’s faith and kindness as well, making her one of the most memorable of women.

January 2012

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®






Beginnings lifestyle magazine

Lifeʼs a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

Opening for two talented advertising sales account executives for these markets. Reno • Truckee •Lake Tahoe Region • Auburn • Grass Valley • Nevada City • National Accounts SKILLS REQUIRED TO BE SUCCESSFUL:


• Articulate, Verbal and Writing Skills

• You determine your earnings

• Advertising Background Preferred

• Creative Environment

• 2 to 4 years experience in consultative sales a Plus!

• Professional Sales Training

• Health minded, ethical, competitive, creative and fun.

• Continual Growth

Explore the Possibilities with Healthy Beginnings Magazine, where performance is rewarded.

Serious Inquires Respond to: and CALL DAWN @ 775.828.4547

775.828.4547 WWW.HBmag.COM



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

January 2012

2012 Healthy Beginnings lifestyle magazine

Magazine Cover Photo Contest Life's a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


ISSN 2150-9921



Beginnings lifestyle magazine


Your Local Resource for Natural Living Healthy Beginnings is printed on recycled newsprint with soy-based ink since August 2006

Show off your artistic talent and gain notoriety by having your photo chosen for the cover of Healthy Beginnings Magazine. We are looking for unique shots of fruits, herbs and vegetables to use for cover photos. Go to our website check out the fruits, herbs, and vegetables that have been in the past so not to duplicate. Six photos will be chosen, deadline for contest is July 1st. 2012 Your photo will be published in print and on our website Build Your Own Health Library | Have Healthy Beginnings Magazine Delivered to Your Home TODAY!


RIBE to SUBSC innings B y eg Health DAY! ine TO z a Mag ONLY ar r Ye $27 Pe


Phone #:

Mailing Address: Payment Type [ one ]:


Credit Card Card Type [

Card #:

one ]:


Exp. Date:


Billing Zip: Sec. Code:

What do you like about the magazine?

PLEASE Fill out completely & MAIL to: HB Magazine • P.O. Box 19041 • Reno, NV 89511

Are your Knives & Scissors Dull?

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t throw them away...Get the V-sharpener.

e Lifetim y nt Warra

Easy and Safe to Use ÂťW# '!%&! &:($&'+!%&$'& Âť $_!%&"%9%%%#$%: !%:$!&##%:  lawn mower blades, etc. Âť $_!% !(%!%%%#$%#`'&%7 Âť '&#!'_%%& %&#!+%"##&%'$" !&  PT!P \&#'%7

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Keep your tools sharp call



January 2012 HB Magazine  

Natural Health Magazine

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