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Beauty Tips For attractive lips, speak words of kindness

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone

Poem written by Audrey Hepburn

Wishing all our Mothers a Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day



Happy Hormones!


Healthy Chocolate and Diabetes

New: Early Detection Cancer Blood Test …8 Will You Be a Statistic? …10


Nutritional Weight Loss …20

Early Detection Cancer Blood Test


Nutritional Weight Loss


Happy Hormones! …14 Healthy Chocolate and Diabetes …22


Bringing it All Together Sex Through The Ages


Bringing it All Together …26

Sex Through The Ages …12


HERBS&SPICES Chia Seeds ...28

Chronic Dehydration Part 18, Don’t Forget Your Best Friends …18

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A Jungian Look at the Winchester Mystery House …16





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May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




COVERSTORY Written By Ffjorren Frisbee

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!



ISSN 2150-9921

MAY 2014


Beginnings lifestyle magazine

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

Early Detection Cancer Blood Test


Healthy Chocolate and Diabetes Happy Hormones! Moonstone Nutritional Weight Loss

ow will you celebrate this day? Even though my mother has passed on, I celebrate her in spirit. It is from her I received a can-do attitude. She used to always tell me, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” It amazes me how many times I use this mantra when I find myself in a tough situation.

Bringing it All Together Sex Through The Ages

Your Local Resource for Natural Living Healthy Beginnings is printed on recycled newsprint with soy-based ink since August 2006


It is easy to take our mothers for granted, especially if they live close by, or when we are young and feel as though we have all the time in the world with them. When a parent ages or becomes sick, reality reminds us that mortality is not infinite. In this issue, Healthy Beginnings welcomes Awake & Aging, a new business working with individuals, families, companies and caregivers in navigating the process of aging. We also welcome Kim Colors Hair, a seasoned stylist offering organic and chemical-free hair color that has excellent gray coverage! We hope you enjoy this issue…and its female intuitive nature.

pril showers bring May flowers,” and in this case, Gerbera daisies. My absolute favorite. In fact, they remind me of something (or someone) else we celebrate in May… Gerberas are beautifully ornamental. With cheerful and sunny dispositions, they bloom in full color. Their striking appearance reminds us to smile and be at peace. And, after years in the making, they vary greatly in shape, size and color. They are tender, yet strong. They are sweet, yet resistant to those who try to take advantage. They prefer a solid, yet flexible foundation.

A s a l way s , t h a n k yo u t o o u r l oya l r e a d e r s a n d advertisers. Without you, Healthy Beginnings would not be a success.

Balance is a key aspect of their make-up. “No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star.”

Best in Health and Happiness, Dawn Gowery

— Edwin Hubbell Chapin

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

Mom’s Box



KLUTCHclub Written By Ffjorren Frisbee

t seems there are “box clubs” for everything these days (even FB tells you about clubs they think you’ll like). Food, beauty products, clothing, pet products, you name it. My definition of a box club: a subscription you sign up for online. They send you samples each month, in a box. You get to try them at a fraction of the cost, versus buying a full-size product and wasting your money on something you might not like. Money savings: I like it! So, I thought I would give it a try.


Hair Color by Kim

I searched a bit and came across KLUTCHclub. It seemed to fit my overall needs, as they focus on fitness, holistic health and wellness. Plus, they have a really cool “mom’s box” option. Perfect! I signed up for a one-month mom’s box subscription. Now, I just had to wait for my box to arrive.

• Ammonia Free • 100% Gray Coverage • No Parabens • Rich in Nutrients • Color, Curl & Smoothing

I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. I had seen other box companies in the past, with samples, actual samples. My KLUTCHclub mom’s box had full-size “samples” inside. Not to mention, a cute pull-out, shoebox style box lined with pretty purple tissue.

May 2014


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

For appointments call Kim at 775.843.7659

15 3 9 S . V I R G I N I A S T. R E N O



EAR CANDLING Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


Editor & Content Director

Written By Karen Tenaglio


Design & Layout

here’s almost nothing worse than experiencing ear pain, itching, loss of hearing, or a sinus headache.

Ear Candling is an ancient practice, dating back to biblical times in Egypt, the Orient, as well as European cultures. This simple, gentle treatment removes wax from the ear, improving your sense of wellbeing, physical, mental and even spiritual. The candle is a long hollow tube made from unbleached muslin immersed in an aromatic herbal solution. After it dries, the cone is then dipped into beeswax. The cone or candle is then placed into the ear opening and the top of the cone is lit; soft warm white smoke billows down the tube into the ear and softens the wax. The flame on top of the cone creates a vacuum that pulls out built up wax, toxins, bacteria, dirt and residue from past medications. Ear Candling may also help with a dry hacking cough (a result of a sinus infection), sinus headache, tinnitus, and itchy ear. Today more people are seeking alternatives to digging in the ear with Q-tips or using a hydrogen peroxide flush to clean a blocked ear canal. Ear Candling is a relaxing, natural, non-intrusive treatment.

References: Tatum, Anne. Ear Candling. A.P. Enterprises. 1995.

Facials, peels, waxing, massage 50+ 10% discount. Call Karen at 775 7229307 or go to for more info.

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

Sample Man’s Box

Sample Women’s Box

Here’s what I found inside: •

One of my favorite samples was/is the pure African Shea butter. My son had a rash on his face— chapped lips gone bad. Our doctor, of course, prescribed medicine, a steroid cream. One week later, my son’s face was worse. After slathering on Shea butter (three times daily), it finally began to heal. We’ve used a lot of it, yet we still have more to spare.

Literature and discounts on the samples

• An awesome brochure, listing each product, why they chose it and how to use it: very helpful! •

Qwackers (single serving bag of GF crackers)

Zarbee’s Naturals Cough Syrup (a full bottle)

Boxed Water (one box)

Runa (two tea bags)

The Healthy Ewe (travel size bar of soap)

MESTRENGTH (two individual drink mix packets)

Nektar Honey Crystals (three single serving packs)

Dr. Joyce’s Skincare (generous sample of Shea butter)

I am absolutely pleased with my first KLUTCHclub experience, so much in fact, I am going to sign up for more! My life is generally crazy busy and I can’t always keep up with the latest and greatest health related products. This will give me a chance to do just that, while not giving up my free time to “find” them. Check out for yourself. It’s also a great gift idea (moms and dads will love it). They have a mom’s box, women’s box, men’s box and best of box—something for everyone! *Please note, shipping is not included.

• 1 Hour Break ($15 gift card toward purchase of oral kava spray) •

HB Magazine Readers’ Special Try KLUTCHclub and receive 25% off any “Best of Box” subscription, or a one month subscription. Go to and enter this code when you check out: ZZHBMAG

Radius (20 floss sachet pack)

• Charlotte Dodson Yoga (one month of unlimited access to online yoga TV series) I recognized some of the sample brands, but some were new to me. The best part: I wanted to use all of the samples. None of them seemed pointless or uninteresting. I was actually excited to try them.

Explore Your Spiritual Abilities at the

The bag of Qwackers went first. They were hearty and cheesy. You could tell they were gluten free, but not in the tasteless, fall-apart kind of way. After asking my six-year-old son what he thought, he replied, “they are ducks and they are good.”

We offer:

Energy Healing ◊ Classes Programs ◊ Retreats ◊ Memberships and More

Then, it was on to the cough syrup (infamous spring allergies and colds). It was definitely sweet, but not an overly fake, medicinally sweet. It was soothing and the taste was palatable. I would absolutely add this product to my medicine cabinet must-haves.

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

Reno Psychic Institute

(775) 324-2872 20 Hillcrest Dr. Reno 89509



Written By Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D.


Early Detection


Cancer Blood Test!

here is a new test that has been proven to detect cancer before anything else on the market. After a simple blood draw (the same as you may have had for any other blood test) at your doctor’s office, the result is available in two weeks!

doing it this way, the proteins can be identified molecule by molecule. The end result is a very small ratio of false positives or false negatives. It is much smaller than any other test currently used in medicine.

The most amazing thing about this test is it can not only detect cancer in its very early stages (before it is visible on any scans or other tests), but if it is present, the test can tell which organ it is growing in.

Even more exciting is that the results were connected with disease presence in both early (Stage 1) and late (Stage 4) disease and Stage 4 recurrence, but was absent from the blood of non-cancer (healthy) volunteers, or in survivors free of disease for one to five years. What’s more, the test detected all the different varieties of cancers potentially found in all the different organs.

When any cancer is discovered this early in its development, it is much more responsive to many therapies that are not toxic to the rest of the body.

This test and the subsequent non-toxic therapies developed to block proteins and cause the cancer cells to commit suicide, offer a whole new way to find and treat this devastating disease.

This remarkable test is the result of research done by two PhD professors at Purdue University. They are James and Dorothy Morre’. He was the head of Medicinal Chemistry, and she worked in the Botany department. They have published over 200 articles in scientific journals about this work.

More on this therapy, coming soon. References:

It is called the “Oncoblot Test” (you can google that). The full name is a mouthful. It is Ecto-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Oxidase Disulfide-Thiol Exchanger 2 or (ENOX2).

1. Hostetler B, Weston N, Kim C, Morre’ DM, Morre’ DJ: Cancer site-specific isoforms of ENOX2, a cancer-specific cell surface oxidase. Clinical Proteomics 5:46-51, 2009.

The presence of ENOX2 proteins in the blood provides a noninvasive ability to find cancer cells in very small numbers. The exact molecular weight of the protein is very specific to every organ in the body, so the location can be determined by blood test alone.

2. Morre’DJ, Morre’DM: Cell surface NADH oxidases (ENOX proteins) with roles in cancer, cellular time-keeping, growth, aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Free Radic Res 37:795808, 2003a.

This was all made possible by the utilization of two cutting edge testing techniques called two dimensional electrophoresis and immunoblotting. They work together to identify the very specific ENOX2 proteins given off, or “shed,” by certain sites on the surface of the cell membranes of the cancer cells. By


For more info, contact Reno Integrative Medical Center at (775) 829-1009, or visit online at See ad on page 9. 8

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

Dr. Eslinger is A Leader in New Techniques for the Treatment

of Cancer

There is an Answer... When Medicines Have Failed That Enhance Your Immune System in the Healing Process • 3 week Cancer Boot Camp • Cell Formula Treatments • UBI Therapy • Immune Boosting • Heavy Metal Testing & Chelation Therapy • Oxidative Therapies • Laetrile • Insulin Potentiated Therapy or I.P.T. • Dendritic Cell Therapy

Learn more about Dr. Eslinger’s therapies in “Defeat Cancer” where he is featured as one of the top doctors fightng cancer globally. He also co-authored and published a medical study on GcMAF, an alternative cancer therapy.

Discover a Healthier Future for You and Your Loved Ones

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Reno Integrative Medical Center

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May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


Robert Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D.


Submitted By Dr. Tony Jensen

Will You Be a



ccording to the Mayo Clinic, “Four out of five people in the U.S. will experience low back pain at least once during their lives.” That’s a surprising number. So, what causes back pain? Simply put, the back is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, which can be easily sprained (similar to ankles, wrists, etc.). Sports injuries and lifting heavy objects improperly can cause back strain, but something as simple as picking up a pencil from the floor can do the same thing.

stones, kidney infections, blood clots or bone loss. They can also directly link to back pain.

In addition, things like arthritis, poor posture, obesity, and psychological stress can cause or complicate back pain. The same is true of disease of the internal organs, such as kidney

And, 2) after you have been sitting for long periods of time. For example, long trips while you’re seated (car and plane) allow your ligaments and tendons to lengthen into the position you’ve been in—similar to what happens while you sleep. But,


There are two critical times you need to be especially careful when it comes to your lower back and injury: 1) first thing in the morning (when your back is swollen and your discs have more fluid in them). A mere forward bend or twist can cause substantial damage.


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

“Four out of five people in the U.S. will experience low back pain at least once during their lives.”

Out of Alignment?

Are You in Physical Pain? Is Stress Causing You Pain?

it creates a bent-forward position. Your ligaments and tendons do not provide protection when they have been lengthened in this poor posture position, putting you at risk as soon as you get up.

Chiropractic Relieves Pain from:

If you find yourself experiencing low back pain, try the following:

• Stretching

• anti-inflammatory products

• heat for spasms

• ice for swelling

• massage

• acupuncture

• Physical Therapy

• Chiropractic manipulation of the spine

► Neck

Aches ► TMJ/Jaw Discomfort ► Back Problems ► Tennis Elbow ► Carpal Tunnel ► Knee & Leg Pain ► Auto and Sports Injuries

New Breakthoughs in Chiropractic Using the Pulstar

Adjuster, Applied Kinesiology and releasing trapped emotions. We also offer massage therapy and in office x-rays.

The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recommends that low back pain sufferers choose the most conservative care first. They believe that spinal manipulation is the only safe and effective, drugless form of initial professional treatment for acute low back problems in adults.

No Twisting and Popping! Trapped Emotions Cause Physical Pain

References: 1. 2.

Call Dr. Tony Jensen



4. Bigos S, Bowyer O, Braen G, et al. Acute Low Back Problems in Adults. Clinical Practice Guideline No.14. AHCPR Publication No. 95-0642. Rockville, MD: Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, December, 1994.

495 Apple Street Ste. 105 Reno, NV

For more info, contact Dr. Tony Jensen at (775) 323-1222. See ad on this page.

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Through The Ages


Written By Leigh Hurst

alking about sex has always been a little taboo in our society. The topic of sex and aging, in particular, seems even more taboo. For instance, doctors in training very rarely receive education on sex and aging. Nonetheless, there is an enormous number of older people getting sexually transmitted infections every day.

As the 72 million baby boomer population begins to age, society will have to learn to work with all of the sexual activities and issues within this aging population. Not to mention, this group might want (and already have) a different kind of sex life than their senior citizen predecessors. Rather than being a hush-hush topic, sex should be viewed as a healthy—and important—aspect of our latter-years adult life. For instance, having a healthy and active sex life as we age helps with our social interaction, as well as our mental, physical, and at times, our spiritual wellbeing.

“The numbers of older people with HIV has nearly doubled, and 15 percent of new diagnoses of HIV in the U.S. were in people age 50 and older in 2005, which is the most recent year that the CDC calculated the risk for this age group.”



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

Some seniors are connecting that spiritual sexual connection by practicing Tantra, which is “sex [that] includes meditation, breath techniques, and certain physical exercises that can be done at any age.” Tantric sex offers people an emotional bond or attachment without having to move into having intercourse. Full body orgasms is a new concept for people in the United States, and it is not often talked about or practiced. Just the name itself, “Full body orgasm,” is enough to scare people. It consists of letting go of any thoughts and really feeling into your body. You or your partner perform very light touching and coaching. It is about moving energy up through the chakras and feeling that energy flow! A young man described it as, “it honestly feels like every cell in my body is vibrating!” It may take our society a long time to dissolve their closed minded thoughts about sex and aging, however, people who are aging are starting to embrace their sexuality and want to learn more about aging and pleasure. Keeping an open mind and a positive outlook will help anyone have a great sex life as they age.

References: 1. 2. Joan Price. Naked at Our Age. Seal Press. Berkeley, 2011. 3.

Not only is sex important for our wellbeing, it also has many health benefits for the aging body:

For more info, contact Leigh Hurst at (775) 688-9837, or visit online at

• It helps protect against heart attack and stroke, as does all exercise • The hormones released during sex decrease the risk of breast and prostate cancer

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• It bolsters the immune system • It helps us get to sleep • It can alleviate chronic pain including migraines •An active sex life is closely correlated with overall quality of life •It can protect us against depression • It reduces stress and increases self-esteem

Enhancing your physical & spiritual journey

• It stimulates feelings of affection, intimacy, and closeness with your partner

through aging

If you are interested in learning more about Tantric sex, full body orgasms, or would simply like to know more about finding pleasure during your aging years, there are qualified aging counselors in your area. You can also visit awakeandaging. com for more info.

Consultations | Classes | Lectures • Aging & Intimacy • Conscious Transitioning (Death & Dying) • Meditation/Mindfulness/Reiki • Manifesting for Change • Healing through movement & sound • Spiritual & Graceful Aging



Leigh Hurst BS Social Work AA Psychology Minor Gerontology |

565 California Ave. (Downstairs) | 775.688.9837

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Hormones Written By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD


he Female Side of the Brain

great boon. Too little emotional shielding, however, can be upsetting and lead to an overload of sensations that can be anxiety provoking. This can lead to a major concern: women and the effects of an out of whack adrenal gland.

In Eastern philosophy, our brain’s right hemisphere is regarded as the female: lunar, cooling, magnetic, receptive, holistic and intuitive brain. The left hemisphere is regarded as the male: solar, logical, deductive, electrical, teaching and heating side of the brain. We all have both sides, and women naturally fall most easily into right brain dominance. They often rely on their intuition to conduct worldly business.

Adrenal Support and Progesterone to the Rescue

People who can develop a nice balance of both hemispheres achieve much in life using the best of both qualities, which can be developed by Yoga and meditation. Women generally understand their health issues more quickly, and intuitively grasp the physician’s approach to nurturing, rebuilding and maintaining health. Not that a lot of men can’t do this, however, they sometimes need a more deductive, flow-chart reasoning system to appreciate a therapeutic direction; which, appeals to a more left hemispheric dominance.

The adrenal glands, the body’s stress glands, reside on top of the kidneys. They have two major parts. The outside, or cortex, which makes many nurturing and anti-inflammatory hormones such as cortisol, DHEA, pregnenolone, aldosterone-and in women--half of their testosterone (sexy hormone in both sexes) and many others. The inside is the medulla, which makes adrenalin. If the cortex is burned out by chronic stress, the adrenalin takes over and causes anxiety, OCD, insomnia, panic, lack of appetite, cravings for sugar and sweet, headaches, anger, GI disturbances, difficulty with focus, concentration and memory and much more. Adrenal weakness can also cause hypersensitivity to all impressions.

Women can walk into a room and immediately sense the tenor of the energy. But, being wide open energetically has its good and bad points. A good intuitive balance can lead to wonderful healing and supportive energy for the client. Understanding the patient’s nature, personality and related ills quickly is a

A new/old tool to deal with adrenalin is progesterone. Adrenalin dominance can be inherited from one’s mother, especially if mom was stressed in the third trimester of the pregnancy and the baby’s adrenal takes over for the mother’s adrenal gland, and is thereinafter weakened. Trans-



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

Looking for an Alternative...

Optimize Your Health With

Integrative & Preventative Medicine Family Health Orthomolecular Medicine Auto Immune Diseases Gastrointestinal Disorders Infectious Diseases

Healthy Aging Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pain Management Adrena l Exhaustion

Michael Gerber, MD, HMD Inge Gerber, HA

Evinronmental Detox Heavy Metal Removal Colon Hydrotherapy Infared Saunas Movement Studio

GERBER MEDICAL CLINIC Integrative Medical Practice for Adults & Children

President of Nevada Homeopathc & Integrative Medical Association


Founded in 1975

A SUSTAINABLE GREEN FACILITY • • 1225 Westfield Ave, Reno generational stress is pretty common. Bio-identical natural progesterone is one of the mother hormones for the adrenal cortex. New information revealed to us by Dr. Michael Platt, in his book The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones, gives more credence to the use of these hormones, rather than the typical treatment of suppressing estrogen dominance (which causes most of the female hormone related diseases). Progesterone also suppresses adrenalin.

References: 1. Johari, Harish. Dhanwantari. Rams Head Publisher. San Francisco California, 1974. 2. Platt, Michael MD. The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones. Platt Wellness Publishing. 2007.

Progesterone cream can be employed many times per day if needed, and is great to promote sleep--especially upon awakening in the night. Overall, progesterone allows many of our sensitivities to function with much more ease and happiness!

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

For more info, contact Gerber Medical at (775) 826-1900, or visit online at See ad on this page.



A Jungian Look at

the Winchester Mystery House Written By Andy Drymalski, EdD


ave you ever had a dream in which you were trying, unsuccessfully, to find your way out of a large house or other building? You feel lost, frustrated or panicky. You encounter hallways or stairways that lead nowhere, or perhaps circle back upon themselves. Odd passageways or doors all around, yet none seem to get you closer to the outside and the light of day. These types of dreams are not uncommon. They tend to occur when we feel lost or overwhelmed by life’s challenges and the obstacles that stand before us. Such dreams reflect our struggle to make sense of life, to find our path, and to negotiate the maze our own psychology.


In 1884, at the age of 44, Sarah L. Winchester, heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms estate, purchased an unfinished eight-room farmhouse near San Jose, California. For the next 38 years of her mostly reclusive life, Ms. Winchester directed an around-the-clock construction project that transformed that farmhouse into a 160 room, multi-leveled Victorian mansion sprawling across six acres of land. This strange house, the Winchester Mystery House, is estimated to have had over 500 rooms, although not all at one time. Finely crafted rooms would be built, then torn down, replaced, or reconfigured during a ceaseless remodeling process that ended only with her death. The final result was a confusing, maze-like house with windows between rooms or placed in the floor, doors


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

Amplifying this line of thought, one psychic who explored the house claimed that he could hear the hammering and sawing of a carpentry crew. He hypothesized that Sarah’s house is still being built on “the other side.” Sarah, herself, believed that as long as she continuously built her house, she would attain immortality.

“In fact, Sarah’s home was essentially an externalized dream. It gave physical form to her psyche (total personality, both conscious and unconscious) and reflects the architecture of her soul.”

The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 damaged significant portions of the Winchester house--especially the front of the house--and trapped Ms. Winchester in one of its rooms. The experience left her psychologically shaken. The damage to her house is said to have caused Sarah to question the wisdom of her enterprise and the amount of money she was spending on it. In dreams, as well as in waking life, earthquakes often symbolize the need for a shift in goals, or a change of perspective in our life. Earthquakes destroy what has been built up, especially those structures that are unstable, outworn or obsolete. Symbolically, they shatter the too-constricting worldview of the ego. Such was the soul-shaking effect of the 1906 earthquake upon Sarah Winchester. Her response was to move to San Francisco and live on a houseboat for the next six years of her life. However, she continued to direct construction by mail and messenger. She had the front of the house re-stabilized and boarded up, and then turned her attention to the back of the house. This may suggest a change in focus from the persona, symbolized by the front, or public face of the house, to the interior, or hidden personality, symbolized by the back of the house. Unfortunately it is doubtful that this instinctive shift of focus occurred at an inner, psychological level for Sarah. Shaken but probably not transformed, the intended inner change was deflected outward into the physical structure of her increasingly tumorous home.

that opened into walls, chimneys that stopped short of the roof, staircases that climbed to the ceiling, and host of secret passageways. The current home, now a tourist attraction, has over 10,000 window panes, 47 stairways, 47 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms, six kitchens, and about 950 doors. Sarah Winchester’s home resembles those in our dreams, where we are lost or struggling to find our way out of a building. In fact, Sarah’s home was essentially an externalized dream. It gave physical form to her psyche (total personality, both conscious and unconscious) and reflects the architecture of her soul. For this reason it is fair to ask what we can learn about the psyche from the Winchester Mystery House. One important feature of the house is its labyrinthine structure. This reflects the fact that the psyche is like a maze. For example, it has different levels: the conscious and the unconscious, the developed and the archaic, the civilized and the primal. The rooms of our soul house (psyche) reveal different aspects of our personality. Some are open, allowing easy access to certain memories, feelings and life experiences. Others are closed or even locked. Some are in the attic (a symbol of the intellect) and others in the basement (reservoir of the instincts). Some are well kept, while others have been neglected. Many contain potentials, talents, gifts, or other treasures that are waiting to be discovered, embraced and inhabited. The psyche is complex, perhaps especially to oneself. For all that we think we know about it, it remains a mystery beyond our grasp. Your psychology is a fascinating, labyrinthine puzzle.

Continued on page 31...

Another aspect of the psyche is that it is ever-expanding. Dreams of moving to a new home, building an addition, or discovering new rooms in your house all imply growth, or the opportunity to inhabit a larger sphere of your being. The psyche likes growth. It thirsts for and pursues the development of your gifts and talents, and the expansion of consciousness. Sarah Winchester’s house gives outward physical expression to the inner reality that personal growth is a lifelong process.

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald

Part 18 Don’t Forget Your Best Friends


their jaws and cleans teeth. They don’t like their food to be of “mushy” puppy or kitten consistency. Dr. Lowell recommends adding as much water to the kibble as the animal will tolerate to facilitate digestion and avoid dehydration.

veryday you lovingly set out your pet’s food and fill up its water bowl. Animals are in touch with their bodies and recognize when they are thirsty. So how could your pet possibly get dehydrated when water is always available?

A dog’s sense of smell may be up to one hundred thousand to one million times more sensitive than your own. Your cat’s sense of smell is about fourteen times as strong as yours. If you think your chlorinated tap water is sometimes too obnoxious to drink, imagine what your canine or feline thinks of it! It is this aversion to chlorinated tap water that can deter your pet from drinking as much water as they need, resulting in an under-hydrated animal. Some pet owners report to Dr. Lowell that their pet’s water consumption increased dramatically once they provided some sort of filtered (carbon, reverse osmosis, distilled) water.

Our pet food choice could be part of the problem. Wet foods are heavy and packed into metal cans, which adds weight for shipping costs and shelf price. Without water, dry pet food weighs less in paper bags making shipping costs lower, and therefore sale prices more consumer palatable. Dry foods require no refrigeration after opening, whereas wet foods do. Mountainview Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. David Lowell explains one cause of pet dehydration is the lower cost and convenience of these dry pet foods.

An animal may shun its water dish any time it is under stress. This could happen when you bring that puppy or kitten home for the first time. Being deprived of its mother and litter mates in a new environment with unfamiliar humans can interrupt the youngster’s eating and drinking routine. If there are strangers visiting the house, that cat is not likely to come out from under the bed, or exit that closet to eat or drink for the duration of

A dog or cat’s natural food would be fresh and wet. That water would facilitate digestion and food movement through the bowels. By eating dry food, the animal has to pull water out of its body tissues to assist these processes. Some animals actually prefer their food to be dry and crunchy, which exercises



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

their visit. Perhaps the human to which the pet is attached goes away to college, dies, or moves out in a divorce. Animals are sensitive and avoid eating and drinking routines for days, weeks, or even months, however long the stress continues.

References: 1.

An under-hydrated animal can easily slide into acute or chronic dehydration with a long hike in the summer sun, or being housed outside with inadequate shade. Canines and felines have no sweat glands in their skin. When their bodies heat up, the only means they have to get relief is to pant, which pushes that internal heat out of their bodies. This also allows wet saliva to fall from their mouths. Then, each pant outward expels not only the heat, but more of that precious water from the trachea and lungs.

2. 3.

JeanAnn is a freelance writer for health and metaphysics.

*This article was reprinted with permission from the author.

Dr. Lowell estimates that 75 percent to 80 percent of the dehydrated animals he treats also suffer from some sort of medical condition such as allergies, frequent vomiting, chronic kidney disease, low blood volume and pancreatitis. (These conditions were discussed in previous dehydration articles which suggested that dehydration could have been the instigating factor for them.)

REV UP YOUR LIFE, with Fuel for Your Body & Mind

Dehydration symptoms in your pet are the same as for yourself: • Gums and undersides of eyelids will be pale or red instead of a healthy pink. • When a pinch of hide between the shoulder blades is pulled 1” to 2” upward and then released, it will take longer than three seconds to completely flatten out again. • After gently pushing on a gum for two seconds, it takes longer than two seconds for the resultant pale spot to return to normal color. •

Blood test indicators

Mild signs of dehydration can be treated with home care. One recipe suggests one quart of filtered water, one tablespoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt. When in a bind, even a commercial water and electrolyte drink for humans would help.  You can recognize more severe dehydration because of the vomiting, inability to walk, rapid heartbeat and lethargy. If you suspect your pet’s symptoms are severe, take it to a veterinarian immediately. The vet can supply intravenous electrolyte and water replacement to save your pet’s health, and even its life. May 2014

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The Vitamin Connection

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Weight Loss

(for those who truly cannot lose weight) Written By Martin Rutherford, D.C., C.C.S.T., C.F.M.P. and Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.


• Thyroid: Duh. Right? But, so many patients are told “Your thyroid is normal,” or “your medication is controlling your thyroid so it can’t be that.” FACT--you can’t tell from the standard TSH/T4 tests. There’s so much more. Lots of new data says we should be looking harder at the active hormone level exclusively (T3) for weight loss and fatigue. We now know plasma levels of T3 can predict weight loss, and if that hormone (T3) is being converted correctly into active form from inactive T4. This happens in the liver and small intestines, and can be altered by several drugs. And do you have Hoshimoto’s? If any of these are off--you can’t lose weight.

ost patients who seek alternative health care for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, memory loss, migraines, Peripheral Neuropathy, RLS, auto immune disease (and more), generally go through a natural protocol of treatments, using a non-drug approach. Interestingly enough, a large number of patients who undergo natural treatments also lose weight. Their weight loss occurs “incidentally.” Even more interesting, most of those patients had never been able to lose weight prior to going through these natural treatments. The “AHAH”: they couldn’t lose it because of the same malfunctioning mechanisms that were causing, or perpetuating, their presenting syndromes.

• Neurologically: STRESS! There are many Fibromyalgia, insomnia, weight loss, IBS and fatigue cases with history of abusive spouses, financial stress, child abuse and physical abuse, or some other substantial stress. In these patients,

Here are the most common dysfunctional mechanisms, neurologically and metabolically, prohibiting patients from achieving their weight loss:

Continued on page 35...



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May 2014

May 2014

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Healthy Chocolate

and DIABETES Submitted By Kathy Woodward


The problem is so bad that many professionals consider it a health crisis. Though health care technology and resources continue to improve, the health and wellness of Americans overall are in many ways, deteriorating, leading to an increased incidence of conditions like arthritis, obesity, autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Diabetes can cause many acute and long-term complications. Despite the availability of treatment, illness due to complications of diabetes has remained a major cause of death in the U.S. Some illness can be postponed and prevented through diet management and regular physical activity. Intake of functional foods (foods that promote health and fight disease), such as and fruits and vegetables can help combat the effects of diabetes. Nutrients commonly found in those super foods, antioxidants and flavonoids, are also found in a surprising choice: chocolate.

Diabetes: Problem for Young and Old

CHOCOLATE: A New Choice for Health

Diabetes, a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar, can be recognized in three main forms: Type 1, Type II, and gestational diabetes (occurring during pregnancy). Ultimately, diabetes is the result of pancreatic cells being unable to produce sufficient insulin to prevent high blood sugar. While Type I is designated by autoimmune destruction of the pancreatic insulinproducing cells, Type II and gestational are characterized by tissue-wide insulin resistance (gestational typically resolves with delivery). Types I and II are incurable (they say), but manageable, chronic conditions.

Literally dozens of studies demonstrate the health benefits of consuming cocoa, which is the main ingredient in “dark” chocolate. Cocoa contains a host of nutrients such as B-vitamins, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin E. More impressive are its health-promoting high levels of phytonutrients (phyto means “plant” in Greek), which are largely responsible for cocoa’s antioxidant capacities.

ook at Americans today and you will see an ever-growing number of obese, unhealthy and unfit individuals.

Diabetes is a prevalent disease escalating in frequency, with seven percent of the U.S. population suffering from the disease. From 1997 through 2004, the number of new cases of diagnosed diabetes increased by 54 percent. Its rapidly rising incidence follows the trend of urbanization and lifestyle changes, most significant being a lack of physical exercise and a diet high in sugar and fat. Clinically based reports suggest that Type II diabetes, generally thought to be seen in overweight adults, is being diagnosed more frequently in children and adolescents due to their increasingly sedentary lifestyle and junk-food filled diet.



Antioxidant compounds are found in a variety of foods, typically plants and fruits that are rich in colors. In fact, evidence suggests that the darker the skin of a fruit is, the more antioxidants it contains. The same is true with chocolate--the more bitter or dark the cacao is, the more antioxidant compounds it contains. Cacao is rich in antioxidant flavonoids called flavonols, which include procyanidins, epicatechins, and catechins. Studies have shown people with high blood levels of flavonoids have lower risk of heart disease, lung cancer, prostate cancer, asthma and diabetes. This reduction in health risks is due to many beneficial properties of flavonoids: they possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014


One of the most promising areas related to the healing properties of chocolate is diabetes, especially Type II Diabetes. Since complications of the disease affect not only the heart, but blood vessels, nerves, kidneys and eyes. A recent study done by Italian researchers suggest that flavonols present in chocolate can protect the cardiovascular system and can improve the utilization of insulin in diabetic patients. The findings indicate that flavonols can lower blood pressure and lower overall blood fat levels. The researchers stated, “Our findings support a potentially beneficial action of chocolate flavonols on blood pressure, vasorelaxation and insulin sensitivity and suggest further research in this area.” High blood sugar causes all of the serious side effects of diabetes. This study shows that cacao flavonoids make the body more sensitive to insulin (or decrease insulin resistance), thus reducing blood sugar levels.

1. Grassi D, et al. short-term administration of dark chocolate is followed by a significant increase in insulin sensitivity and a decrease in blood pressure in healthy persons, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2005 Mar, (81): 611-614. 2. Tomaru M, et al. Dietary supplementation with cacao liquor proanthocyandins prevents elevation of blood glucose levels in diabetic mice. Nutrition. 2007 Apr 23, (4): 351-5 3. Baynard V, et al. Does flavanol intake influence mortality from nitric oxide-dependent processes? Ischemic heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, and cancer in Panama Int J Med Sci. 2007 jan 27; 4 (1): 53-8

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A 2007 study from Japanese researchers found that consumption of

cacao liqueur lowered

Heart Healthy CHoColate

blood-sugar in diabetic and overweight mice. Other recent research support these findings. A 2007 study from Japanese researchers found that consumption of cacao liqueur lowered blood-sugar in diabetic and overweight mice. The results prompted the researcher to state, “The dietary intake of food or drinks produced from cacao beans might be beneficial in preventing the onset of Type II Diabetes Mellitus.” Many studies on health benefits have been linked to the content of the flavonoid epicatechin of cacao. Dr. N. Hollenberg, of Harvard Medical School says that epicatechin can reduce the risk of four major health problems: stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes. He studied the Kuna people of Panama, who consume a diet high in cacao, and subsequently do not generally develop high blood pressure. His findings engendered his belief that epicatechin is essential to our diet and should be classed as a vitamin.

Scientific StudieS StudieS Show Show Scientific that dark dark chocolate... chocolate... that

As mentioned, research suggests that cocoa can help stabilize blood sugar levels, assist with weight control and improve insulin resistance, all of which improves the outcome for diabetics.

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Relieves inflammation inflammation Relieves Improves circulation circulation Improves Lowers blood blood pressure pressure Lowers Controls blood blood sugar sugar & & insulin insulin levels levels Controls Relaxes blood blood vessels vessels Relaxes Decreases blood blood clotting clotting Decreases




g n i z a m A e Th e e r F iD a p e r B ab y ! I

Written By Allison Prater

n last month’s column, we discussed the benefits of choosing cloth over single use disposable diapers. This month, we’re going to discuss Elimination Communication, or EC, a practice that has helped our family reduce the number of cloth diapers we use in a day. EC is sometimes referred to as infant potty training, but I think that’s something of a misnomer. If anything, it’s the parents who are being trained. There are many different ways of approaching EC, and I recommend each family be flexible and find what works for you.

handful of times in the past year! It is much easier to rinse out his potty and flush the contents in the toilet. Some of the ways a child benefits from EC include the increased awareness to their body’s natural functions and cycles. My son will usually wait for me to take his diaper off before going to the bathroom, which shows me that he is aware of, and able to control the muscles involved. He has also never had a diaper rash, because he is never left to sit in soiled diapers.

EC involves removing your child’s diaper before they urinate or defecate. Parents often use small infant potties, and my also hold their child over the toilet or sink. Some parents also forego diapers all together, and use towels, and thick blankets to catch and clean up after their young child, in addition to holding them over a toilet. Instead of soiling themselves, the diaper is able to be worn for a longer period of time. As someone who does the majority of the laundry at my house, reducing the number of wet diapers I stack up in a day, saves our electricity and water bills.

We still use cloth diapers as back up, but EC has liberated us from our dependence on diapers. If most of the cloth diapers are in the wash, I don’t worry about running out, because I am not relying on them. There are many different ways of practicing EC. A fantastic book, “Infant Potty Training” by Laurie Boucke, has stories from families all over the world. I’ve included some tips below that have really helped us with our son. Observing: Think about the last time you really needed to use the bathroom, and couldn’t find one. Did you get restless? If your baby suddenly goes from calm to fidgety and fussy, this could be a signal they have to go. Certain sounds, especially grunts, can also signal they are preparing to go. When your child is older and mobile, they may get quiet and gravitate to a corner. Or they may crawl or walk toward the potty.

When my son was first born, we started by paying attention to how he moved and sounded before he needed his diaper changed. I soon discovered he would get restless when he was nursing or snuggling in the wrap with me. I started removing his diaper and holding him over a small potty. By the time he was two months old, I was catching the majority of his poops, and about 60 percent of his pee. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to scrub out a poop diaper, and I’ve only had to do it a



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May 2014



am a TV show and movie junkie. Netflix, has only made this addiction worse. A couple years ago, my mom and I started watching a show called “Veronica Mars.” During this time, my mom was very busy with work and theatre stuff, and we barely got time to hang out, but the one thing we could count on, was Veronica Mars. We watched all three seasons within a month, watching a couple episodes each night, and taking a break on weekends. We both got so addicted; we would stay up until one o’clock sometimes on weekdays, just to catch what happened next (usually after big cliff hangers). We really bonded over this show, and when the third season ended on a huge cliff hanger, and leaving us no answers, let’s just say “depressed” doesn’t even begin to explain how we felt.

“Kids Corner”

Written By Ariana Purcell

and counted down the days until that Friday came. The movie began giving a simple recap, for those seeing the movie, and the Veronica Mars saga, for the first time. The movie picks up years later, long after where the last season ended. Veronica is now “all grown up.” The movie contains all the same actors and actresses, playing the same characters that were in the show, which made it very easy to follow (and we were happy to see the old faces!). The movie had every Veronica-madness the show did, creating that same feeling you got when watching the show. The movie was not only amazing, it followed the show’s outline too, but with fresh twists! Fans should be very pleased, and VERY happy with the movie’s ending!

Come to find out, the show had so many fans that wanted more, they raised the money to make a movie! Of course, when my mom and I heard this, we circled the date on our calendar

Timing: Some great times to offer your baby a bathroom break: After a nap, after riding around in the pack, after a meal, etc. There are even smartphone app’s that can help you time how often your baby needs a bathroom break.

Communicating: When your baby goes in the potty, talk about it with your child. For example: “you’re peeing…that feels good!” Let them look in the potty and watch you flush. You can also teach your baby the sign for toilet, so they can tell you when they need to go. Don’t overly praise your child for using the potty, it should be treated as something normal and natural. On the flipside, never punish your child for soiling a diaper or force your child to wait on the potty, EC should be relaxed and respectful.

References: 1. Boucke, Laurie. Infant Potty Training. White Boucke Publishing. 2008.

May 2014

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BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Written By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR


hysicists now know that this physical reality is blinking off and on over a billion times a second. As an analogy to make this sensible, think of a filmstrip. If you look at just one frame, you see just that. Nothing is moving. It’s an isolated micro-instant. But if you stand back and look at the whole filmstrip, you see how one thing led to another and it seems continuous, like the next scene has to be connected to the previous one. But it doesn’t. The most amazing implication of this knowledge is that your expectations could change in a second, and that would change the next scene on the filmstrip. That would change everything pertinent to those expectations including health, relationships, prosperity, etc. But we don’t believe that because we weren’t brought up (programmed) with that concept, so we don’t have the personal experience of it. Physicists also understand that this is a vibrational universe. The vibrational frequency of our thoughts are powerful, just like the different dedicated frequencies of aircraft, ships at sea or radio frequencies such as AM, FM or Shortwave. Scientists are so certain that our thoughts are powerful frequencies that they never allow the person who knows what an experiment is about to set up the experiment. The setup person’s thoughts about the experiment will actually affect the outcome of the experiment. So, someone who knows nothing about the experiment is chosen to set it up. Sometimes after they’ve set it up, another person is brought in to put the experiment together again, just in case that first setup person figured out something as they did the setup. That’s called a double blind or a triple blind study. Scientists now know that our thoughts affect everything around us.



And thoughts that are repeated regularly actually create our beliefs. So, a belief is just a thought you keep on thinking. It may be true in a broader sense, or it may not. But if you believe it, then it’s true for you. Maybe it was repeated over and over in your childhood, or spoon fed to you through teachers, religion, politics or the culture. But, over time, it became a belief. These beliefs can be conscious or unconscious, and we’re always acting them out in our lives in one way or another. While we’re going through life we may be thinking that someone else is causing all this--someone else is controlling things--we’re thinking that we are just a pawn or a victim in all this. The more we focus on that belief, the more often it manifests in our life, through our relationships, money challenges or health. We may have been at the mercy of unstable people or disempowering ideas when we were growing up, but we’re adults now and can actually change any negative beliefs we were programmed with. But you must know what the belief is in order to change it. You cannot change something you don’t own. Many beliefs that people have about themselves and the world are unconscious. They were drummed into our heads so often that we think that’s actually the way things are. The great thing about finding out what our negative beliefs are, is that we can say, “That belief doesn’t belong to me. That’s not mine. That’s baggage from another time, another generation, another attitude. I don’t have to carry it around anymore and I don’t have to suffer from it.” The next thing you may think is, “Now, how do I get rid of it? I see all the evidence of my believing that idea--the results are all around me in my life.” The great thing about becoming aware of your negative beliefs is that as soon as you isolate one, you realize how ridiculous

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

it is and you wonder how you ever could have believed that. However, that belief is self-perpetuating, and it has become a strong thinking habit. It doesn’t want to go away. It uses all kinds of tricks to keep itself active in your life because it is so deeply ingrained. But you can learn how to recognize those tricks and how to neutralize that negative belief and substitute a positive belief, one that will serve, inspire and free you to be all that you can be.


Growing System:

Avoid the unknown, grow your own

Back to the vibrational frequencies you are sending out with your thoughts and beliefs: they are hugely important in making any permanent change. In a few words, the most important and powerful feeling you can use to change your life is appreciation. Someone asked a wise man, “What is the difference between me and a holy man?” The answer was, “You practice appreciation once in awhile. The holy man IS appreciation.” That conjures up a vision of someone sitting in a lotus position, meditating, with rays of appreciation beaming out in all directions. Just feeling appreciation during meditation would be wonderful, and would raise your vibrational frequency for the whole day, but you don’t have to meditate to feel appreciation. You can BE appreciation in any situation. It changes the way you look at everything. BEING appreciation is one way of staying in the moment because you are focusing on the NOW. And frankly, now is all you have so you might as well take full advantage of it. NOW is that one frame on the filmstrip, unconnected to the past. BEING appreciation in the NOW attracts people, situations and conditions to you that will show up in ways you have been taught to believe isn’t possible. And it feels wonderful! Try it. Use the latest physics knowledge to change your life NOW and to become more in control of it, every day in every way.

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1. Gikandi, David. A Happy Pocket Full of Money. Hampton Roads Publishing. 2011.

Arlene Smith | National Rep ID # 20088832 Phone 775-762-3236 Email:

2. Wolf, Fred Allen, Ph.D. Dr. Quantum’s Little Book of Big Ideas – Where Science Meets Spirit. Moment Point Press, 2008. 3. Wilcock, David. The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You. Dutton Press 2012.

For more info, contact June Milligan at (775) 786-9111, or visit online at See ad on this page.

May 2014

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Chia Seeds Written By Allison Prater


Below is a recipe for a Chia based sweet treat. Enjoy!

he same little green bushes that are found atop little ceramic animals (Chia Pet anyone) are actually a fantastic superfood source. Salvia hispanica, more commonly known as chia, is a member of the mint family. Its earliest known cultivation dates back before the 16th century, to the pre-Columbian Aztec civilizations. It is still used in Mexico and Guatemala; the seeds from the plant are sometimes ground, or used whole in a nutritious beverage called “chia fresco.”

Almond Chia Shake Serves 2 Ingredients:

The flowering bush is closely related to Pineapple Sage, but unlike other members in its family, chia is most prized for its tiny oval seeds. These miniscule seeds--only one millimeter in diameter--are extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, much of which is alpha linoleic acid (ALA). When consumed in its raw form, it provides protein and dietary fiber. The seed also provides essential minerals, such as phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium and sodium. Chia fresca is a beverage in which chia seeds are combined with water or fruit juice. The soaked seeds have an interesting gelatinous texture. Its gelatinous qualities lend to its use in gruels, porridges and puddings. It is often added to Pinole, which is coarse flour made from toasted maize. Ground chia seeds are also used is baked goods, such as breads, cakes and biscuits. Chia sprouts can be eaten the same way as alfalfa sprouts; they make a great compliment to salads, sandwiches and other dishes. The porous clay figurines from those infamous commercials are a great surface on which to grow these sprouts because moisture is held and slowly released by the clay. Of course, using a glass jar covered in cheese cloth will work just fine for sprouting as well.


• 4 cups almond milk

• 1/2 cup chia seeds

• 2 TB sweetener of choice (optional)

• 1 Tsp vanilla extract

• pinch of sea salt

Directions: Combine all of the ingredients in a large glass pitcher and stir well. Let it sit in a cool space for a least 30 minutes, or until seeds are surrounded by a gelatinous bubble. Stir well and serve.

References: 1. Bremness, Lesley. Dorling Kindersley Handbooks: Herbs. Dorling Kindersley. New York, 1994. 2.


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014


Moonstone New Beginnings

Written By Lissie Lyles


ince earliest times, Moonstone has been connected to moon magic, women’s wisdom and intuition. Traditionally, it has been carried as an amulet of protection by travelers, served as a gift between lovers, and supported channels of prophecy. Humans are deeply affected by the moon as it waxes and wanes. Our behaviors and emotions are influenced by these cosmic changes. Moonstone helps us flow with these natural rhythms of life.

On a physical level, this crystal is healing for disorders of the upper digestive tract that are related to emotional stress. Moonstone powerfully affects the female reproductive cycle and alleviates menstrual-related discomforts. It is linked to the pineal gland and balances the endocrine system. It can be used to calm those who are hyperactive. It is said to alleviate degenerative conditions of the skin, hair, eyes and organs such as the liver and pancreas. It is excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. 

Moonstone has been used in Roman jewelry for nearly two thousand years. It has always been considered a sacred stone in India with special significance for lovers, as it is a traditional wedding gift there. Moonstone jewelry was the height of fashion during the Art Nouveau period in Europe.

References: 1. Cunningham, Scott. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic. Llewellyn Publications. St. Paul, 2001.

Named for its resemblance to the celestial body, Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral exhibiting a soft, watery opaqueness and a silvery-white reflection called chatoyancy, which moves as a line across the surface as light varies. Moonstone occurs in delicate shades of peach, blue, gray, white and a prismatic variety known as Rainbow Moonstone. Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, it reminds us that everything is part of a cycle of change.

2. 3. news/156/Best-Stones-and-Crystals-forWomen.html

Moonstone is associated with lunar goddesses such as Diana, Artemis and Selene. It empowers intuition, psychic abilities and empathy. It encourages lucid dreaming, especially during the full moon. Moonstone serves as a talisman of inward journeys, taking one deep into the self to retrieve hidden or forgotten parts of the soul, parts that must be brought to light.


A natural, healthy approach to weight loss. No dieting, no pills, and no starving yourself.

Moonstone is very effective for calming the emotions. This gemstone helps calm those who are prone to overreaction and emotional triggers. This gemstone is filled with receptive, passive, feminine energy and is perfect for balancing male and female energies in any individual. Moonstone is soothing in times of emotional instability or stress. Because it helps draw hidden parts of self into the light, old emotional patterning is seen clearly, and can then be released.

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

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Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan,M.Ed.,CCHt, PLR

BOUNCING BACK Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being By Linda Graham, MFT

become who we want to be. She explains in simple words how to use mindfulness practices to increase our ability to deal with the ups and downs of life. We now know that the brain is changing all the time, responding to our thoughts and convictions. One of the most exciting discoveries of this age is that we are living in is the understanding that when we consciously shift our attention or intention, it directly influences the function of our brains and bodies. The new science of Epigenetics, meaning “over and above genetics” is exploring the fact that our thoughts and beliefs are an important part of the environment of the cell--and that every thought and emotion actually changes the chemical makeup of our brains and bodies. This book is a useful guide for how to use your mind to change your brain, and in the process, experience well-being and resiliency in your life.


e each have the capacity to meet the most challenging life circumstances with courage and intelligence, yet when our resilience, our ability to bounce back is diminished, we suffer and don’t seem to know how to regain our balance. This author offers practical guidance on the basics of “bouncing back,” and how to rewire your brain’s circuitry to increase your resilience.

At the end of each chapter there is a “Putting It All Together” section that helps you to get the bigger picture and helps you to remember what you just read. Some of the subjects explored in this book are how to use empathy and mindfulness to develop flexible responses, how to create inner security and confidence, how to recover your equilibrium after an emotional shock, how positive emotions build resilience as well as emotional intelligence, and how to modify your patterns of response, as well as much more.

This book presents the brain science of self-healing in ways that make it accessible and applicable to our daily challenges. It takes the latest cutting-edge neuroscience and the best of contemporary psychotherapy and blends it with the wisdom and practices of Buddhism.

There are over 80 mental exercises to help create resiliency and some of them involve the body as well. This is a comprehensive work explaining what we most need to navigate through our often challenging world, and it includes practical tools for meeting life’s most difficult challenges. So, whether you’re currently dealing with trauma or are in a free and joyful period in your life, this book will deepen your self-understanding and give you additional methods to deal with life’s challenges and surprises.

Linda Graham presents many easy-to-follow mental exercises, as well as effective insights and practices for retaining your sanity through life’s inevitable challenges. A huge amount of neuroscience research over the past decade told us much about how the brain works and what change really means. This book translates that knowledge into compassionate, down-to-earth language that inspires confidence. She offers a brain-based understanding of who we are and how we can use our mind to



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

...continued from page 17 Eighteen years after the death of her infant daughter and three years after the death of her husband, Sarah Winchester consulted a Boston psychic. She was seeking help for her severe and relentless depression. The psychic informed Sarah that her depression, as well as the deaths of her daughter and husband, were caused by the restless spirits of people who had been killed by the Winchester rifle. She was told that in order to appease these spirits she must build a huge house that would provide lodging for the good spirits and allow her to outsmart and avoid the evil ones. Perhaps the Winchester House was a hostel for disenfranchised spirits. Looked at symbolically, Sarah dwelt so much upon her dead loved ones that her psyche became a home for the dead. In fact, her nightly communion with deceased spirits may suggest she had become wedded to death and enmeshed with her unconscious. She was deeply attached to and driven by her unconscious, but in an unreflective way. As a result, her adaptation and engagement with outer life was crippled and impaired. Rather than exploring and learning from her nightly architectural visions, she seemed to enact them without reflection. One has the sense that she was never able to move beyond the deaths of her infant daughter and her husband. It is likely that constant building, shopping and nighttime séances became 24/7 diversions and distractions from loneliness, grief and an unreasonable shouldering of guilt.

treasure chest, holding all the things you most deeply cherish and value, the motivating core and reason of your being. Your soul house is the only house that goes with you to the other side. The integrity of this house rests upon your willingness to live your life by the blueprints of your deepest self. If you are going to find your way through the labyrinth of your psyche, build the house that builds and gives life to your soul. For more info, contact Dr. Andy Drymalski, Reno and Carson City psychologist at phone number (775) 786-3818, or visit online at More articles at See ad on page 17.

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Within Sarah Winchester’s house were three safes, one within another and both of these within a third. The last and smallest safe held the things most dear to Ms. Winchester: a lock of hair from her infant daughter and some of her husband’s personal effects. The core of your psyche also holds what is most valuable in yourself. This includes the deeper values, gifts and calling that form the foundation of your individuality and destiny.

Relief is only a phone call away Specializing in Athletic Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Sarah Winchester’s psyche was projected outward into an ever-changing, ever-expanding structure. Her mansion is filled with many rooms reflective of her many selves, interests, perspectives and potentials. Like the house of your own soul, it also contains the multitude of challenges, questions, opportunities, dead-ends, and breakthroughs that will define your journey through life. It contains the central safe, or

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

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Peanut Butter Written By Lissie Lyles


eanut Butter is one of those classic, staple foods that, for many, conjure up memories of childhood (or associations of Elvis). Peanuts are a legume, but, here’s a little primer of the good, the bad, and the gnarly when it comes to the ingredient list on the back of the PB jar: In its whole, unpolluted form, the peanut is a good source of fiber, vitamin E, potassium, folate, zinc and magnesium. It also contains resveratrol (also found in red wine), flavonoids and antioxidants. Unfortunately, some peanut butter products contain a lot of added processed ingredients that detract from any of these nutritional benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the labels and see what we find.

common, when it comes to conventional peanut crops, they are often sprayed with some type of pesticide every eight to 10 days during the growing season. Glyphosate has been linked several different kinds of cancer and infertility issues.

Jif Creamy Natural Peanut Butter

Ingredients: Peanuts, Sugar, Palm Oil, Contains 2% or less of: Salt, Molasses.

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

Ingredients: Peanut(s) Roasted, Sugar, Vegetable(s) Oil Partially Hydrogenated (Cottonseed Oil Hydrogenated, Soybean(s) Oil Hydrogenated and, Rapeseed Oil Hydrogenated To Prevent Separation), Salt.

The processed sugar and hydrogenated oils make this an ill-advised food option. Peanuts, cotton, soy and rapeseed (also known as canola) are all GMO crops, and since they are not organic, were heavily treated with glyphosate, a toxic herbicide. Glyphosate severely damages the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which leads to an increase in bad organisms in the soil, causing an increase in the number of diseases that will adversely affect the crop. This leads to an increased use of insecticides and fungicides. It is so



This one is a little better because it has no hydrogenated oils, but it still contains a lot of sugar, and is not organic, so the risk of exposure to residue from toxic agri-chemicals is still present. Palm oil is a problematic ingredient however. The Palm oil industry contributed to deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuses in the countries where it is operates, as the land and forests must be cleared for the development of the oil palm plantations. According to the World Wildlife Fund, an area the equivalent size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production. This large-scale deforestation is pushing many species to extinction, and findings show that if nothing changes species like the orangutan could become extinct in the wild within the next five to 10 years, and Sumatran tigers less than three years.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

Earth Balance Coconut and Peanut Spread


Ingredients: Peanuts, organic extra virgin coconut oil, agave syrup, palm fruit oil, natural flavor and salt.

1. 2. 3.

This product is certified by the non-GMO product, and is therefore likely to not have been exposed to Glyphosate. It still contains palm fruit oil, which as we saw above is an ingredient that is not ethically produced. Agave has a reputation as a healthy sweetener, but it is extremely high in fructose, a sugar that is hard for the body to metabolize.

4. 5. 6.

Arrowhead Mills: Organic Creamy Peanut Butter

Ingredients: Organic dry roasted peanuts.

One ingredient. That’s all, and it’s certified organic. This is by far the best option. It won’t be as sweet as some of the more processed options, but that can easily be remedied by adding a little honey, preserves or jam.

Choose real foods over food products, and remember, the ingredients you choose have far reaching effects on this precious planet.

May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Lemony Carrot Soup Submitted By Marie-Claire Hermans – Ravishing Raw


NOTES • This soup stays well for two days in the fridge

s soon as the sun is out, you know that summer is around the corner. This exotic flavored soup brings Thailand right to your raw table! Dress it up with some edible flowers, find a nice spot in the spring sun to indulge, and you will feel like a million bucks.

•When you don’t store chilled, the coconut milk will start to ferment! • Don’t blend too long: avocado can turn bitter when you do


• No coconuts? Enjoy without!

2 C freshly juiced carrot juice (about 2 pounds of carrots) Juice one inch of fresh ginger root (optional but warming) 1 to 2 lemon grasses, juiced 1 avocado, cut into large pieces 2 TBSP freshly grated ginger 1/2 to 1 C coconut milk (optional- blend meat of 1/2 coconut with its water) 2 to 3 TBSP Tamari 1 TBSP Curry powder (optional but lovely touch) 1 organic lime

Marie-Claire Hermans is an Energy for Experts Coach, Author, Raw Foods Chef and Creator of “Ravishing Raw FooDprint Success System™. Visit her online at

Marie-Claire started “Ravishing Raw” after curing herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, with raw food. As a raw food coach, she specializes in offering professional help to those who are suffering from similar debilitating conditions. Along with her expertise in jazz music management and booking work, she helps world class artists – challenged by their demanding lifestyle – find solutions to improve their health.

INSTRUCTIONS Juice the carrots, ginger and lemon grass Transfer the juice to your blender Add the other ingredients and blend into a smooth soup Finish with some cilantro, some small diced red bell pepper or tomato Grate some lime zest on top



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

References: 1: Wang Y. Attenuation of berberine on lipopolysaccharideinduced inflammatory and apoptosis responses in β-cells via TLR4-independent JNK/NF-κB pathway. Pharm Biol. 2013 Nov 5. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 24188583. 2: Remely M, Aumueller E, Merold C, Dworzak S, Hippe B, Zanner J, Pointner A, Brath H, Haslberger AG. Effects of short chain fatty acid producing bacteria on epigenetic regulation of FFAR3 in type 2 diabetes and obesity. Gene. 2014 Mar 1;537(1):85-92. doi: 10.1016/j.gene.2013.11.081. Epub 2013 Dec 8. PubMed PMID:24325907.

...continued from page 20 when the stress is over their brain continues to stress (can’t go to sleep? Wake up and can’t go back to sleep?) This causes, according to emerging research data, something called hypercortisolism, which increases one’s blood sugar. When extreme, it breaks down into excess triglycerides, which when elevated chemically, it causes belly fat. As long as the brain stays stressed, the belly fat is not going anywhere. Best read on this Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Rob Sapolski from Stanford University.

3: Ortega E, Pannacciulli N, Bogardus C, Krakoff J. Plasma concentrations of free triiodothyronine predict weight change in euthyroid persons. Am J Clin Nutr. 2007 Feb;85(2):4405. PubMed PMID: 17284741; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC1857361.

For more info, contact Dr. Rutherford or Dr. Gates at (775) 329-4402, or visit online at

• Blood Sugar: Metabolic Syndrome, Syndrome X, insulin resistance. These are all synonyms for pre-diabetes. Most people don’t think these conditions need to be treated. WRONG! Lots of people who have this don’t realize this condition will cause you to not lose weight, largely due to inconsistent opinion and no treatment recommendations among doctors. Bottom line: more insulin= more fat. • In addition, new data shows that diabetic type II may be caused more by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), rather than diet! And these bacteria also affect a person’s weight and/or their ability to lose it. This is why some people are now getting “fecal implants” of someone else’s “good bacteria” as a cure for their diabetes and weight loss. The good news, there is a much easier non-drug and non-surgical method to handle this condition. • Endotoxemia: the “normal” gut bacteria are different in people who can and cannot lose weight. Obese individuals have different bacteria than those who are not. In general, chronic disease causes imbalances in the “micro-biotic” (gut bacteria) of that person. Certain of these “bad” bacteria grow, break off, and flow throughout your blood stream, enter your cells and then don’t allow insulin into your cells, which causes pre-diabetic symptoms. Again, more insulin equals more triglycerides and more fat, particularly around the belly.

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And there’s more. Much more. Next month, we’ll talk about Foods, Hormones, Aromatization, PCOS, toxins, food allergies and birth control, and their role in sabotaging your best efforts to achieve weight reductions through the old calorie reduction/ exercise model.

Enhance personal & spiritual growth. Improve relationships and parenting. Inexpensive astrology profiles or mini-readings.

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May 2014

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




ProfessionalDirectory Acupuncture Raina Ferran, O.M.D. 890 Mill Street, Suite 205 Reno, NV 89502 775-996-3910

Acupuncture can be used for a variety of conditions such as pain, stress, cold/ flu and post-op. Dr. Ferran offers a gentle approach to acupuncture and takes her time to understand the whole person. Cosmetic acupuncture for beauty and overall. Insurance welcome. Se Habla Español.

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Pain-free allergy testing and individualized treatments (under tongue drops-or-shots), with environmental and diet instruction to eliminate food, chemical, mold, animal, pollen allergies in adults and children. 19 Years Integrative Medical Experiencespecializing in treating: allergies, viruses, bacterias, fungus/yeast/candida, parasites, organ detoxification, and sick visits with holistic care.

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Crisis Call Center provides 24-hour emergency telephone crisis intervention, support, information, and referral services throughout the State of Nevada. The Center also operates the Sexual Assault Support Services program providing face-to-face crisis intervention and advocacy services for victims of sexual assault in Washoe County and neighboring rural communities. This service is free of charge, regardless of the nature of his or her problem.



ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES SIERRA GREEN BUILDING ASSOCIATION Building The Sierra’s Sustainable Community (877) 744-2248

SIGBA membership is non-exclusive, available to anyone who wants to support green building in the Sierra communities. We encourage our members to participate in green building practices, but do not require any specific certifications.

GIFT SHOPS MYSTIC ROSE GIFT SHOP 20 Hillcrest Drive Reno, NV 89509 (775) 324-2872 Open 10am to 7pm Mon.-Thurs., 10am to 5pm Fri. & Sat.

Eclectic and unique tools of spiritual traditions, crystals, jewelry and candles. Natural healing aids: Magnesium Chloride, Diatomacious Earth, Himalayan Salt and salt products. Tropical Traditions raw coconut oil, aromatherapy and massage oils. Ancient healing wisdom for today’s wellness.

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May 2014

ProfessionalDirectory Health Food Stores Quincy Natural Foods Cooperative 269 Main Street, Quincy, CA 95971 (530) 283-3528

We focus on products that are organically produced, made from natural ingredients (not synthetic or highly processed), and without additives or unnecessary ingredients. We actively promote locally produced foods and goods. Monday - Saturday 7:00am - 8:00pm ~ Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm Sprouting Roots Market 60 North Pine St., Portola, CA 96122 (530) 832-1642

Health food market featuring: organic whole foods, produce, supplements skin care products and more. Stop in or give us a call.

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May 2014


Ruth Gentry, Ph.D. See ad pg. 34 for locations

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Dr. Gerber brings 35 years of integrative medical experience to support your family’s health care needs in our new 8,800 sq ft. sustainable/green facility with spa, movement studio, IV nutrients, allergy testing, bio-identical hormones, pediatric and healthy aging services. Go to ad on Page 15.

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Spiritual Centers

Meetings every Sunday at 11 a.m. Enjoy a short inspiring talk and guided meditation to reach your higher self. Afterwards, you can sit with healers to experience healing energy from Spirit. To close, mediums will provide a short message service. Coffee and fellowship to follow.

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Sugarland Ranch is a community based, non-profit organization housing several small animal rescue programs. Volunteers and donations are welcomed.

Dr. Gentry is a clinical health psychologist that specializes in sleep treatment. She uses a brief, non-pharmacological treatment called cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). Research has shown that CBT-I is effective as sleeping medications, and people may no longer need the medications following treatment.

Spiritualist Society Larry D. Johnson Community Center 1200 12th Street, Sparks NV 89431 (775) 323-1114 •

Paula Eisenbarth Music Piano/Keyboard, Singing Lessons (775) 980-9481

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

Sleep therapy

Email or call 612.747.9583


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May 1

Trauma Volunteer Training Regional Public Safety Training Center 6pm, two weeks training emotional support to help people with trauma. For more info, call (775) 745-5215

May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Biking Club at Reno/Sparks Scheels Meet every Thursday by Best Buy parking lot at 5:45 pm. For more info, call (775) 331-2700

May 2 & 3

The Business of Season Extension Farming 9am at the Great Basin Community College campus $40 per person. Farming techniques. For more info, call (800) 240-7094

May 2, 3 & 4

Cinco de Mayo Festival Grand Sierra Resort, $5 admission For more info, call (775)291-3651

May 4

Family Games Day Spanish Springs Library 1 pm to 3 pm. For board games with family and friends. For more info, call (775) 424-1800

May 6, 13, 20, 27

Running Club at Reno/Sparks Scheels Every Tuesday until December 9 Northside entrance at 6:30 pm to 8 pm. For more info, call (775) 331-2700

May 7, 14, 21, 28

Discovery Museum Reno $4 Admission after 4 pm 409 S. Center Street, Reno For more info, call (775) 786-1000 For more info, call (775) 331-2700


May 10

1:30 – 3:30pm Manifesting Changes in your life! $25.00 To reserve your space – 775-688-9837

May 10

Hands ON! Creative Landscapes Nevada Museum of Art Every Second Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm For more info, call (775) 329-3333

May 10 - 12

Reno River Festival 9 am at the Truckee River Whitewater Park For more info, call (775)784-9400

May 31

Anouaze Beat North Valleys Library, 11 am. Native West African performers share the history & culture of their homeland For more info, call (775) 972-0281

May 31

Civil War Living History Experience 6375 Hwy 159, Blue Diamond, NV. 10 am to 2 pm, $7 park admission. For more info, call (702)451-5403


May 12

Taylor Creek Visitor Center at Lake Tahoe. Open year round for hiking and viewing. For more info, call (530) 543-2674

May 24

Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada Reading, Crafts, Dance, Pottery and more. Open daily. For more info, call (775)-884-2226

May 24 & 25

Boomtown Family Fun Center 3D motion theatre, climbing wall, flight simulator and carousels. I 80 Exit 4 Reno, NV. For more info, call (775) 345-8668

Kids Klub: NEW! Lawn Games Ages 4 to 12. 6 pm at Scheels Children receive Ferris wheel ride For more info, call (775) 331-2700 Memorial Day Parade Virginia City, NV C Street at 12pm For more info, call (775)847-7500 Made in Tahoe Festival Squaw Valley Resort, 11 am to 7 pm, celebrating Tahoe local arts, food and culture. For more info, call (530) 584-6267

May 24 & 31

Art in the Arboretum Illustrating Plants in the May Arboretum 10 a.m. to noon. Classes are $40. For more info, call (775) 785-5961

May 25

Coffee, Tea, and Harp Swill Coffee & Wine 11 am to 2 pm 3366 Lakeside Drive For more info, call (775) 823-9876



Wilbur D. May Museum View collection of rare and exotic artifacts. Wednesdays- Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm For more info, call (775) 785-5961 Sex And The Kitty Nevada Humane Society offers Free Cat Spay/Neuter Zip Codes 89502, 89506 and 89433 Call for an appointment, (775) 856-2000

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

May 2014

ONGOINGCALENDAR LIVE HEALTh BROADCASTS Every Tuesday at 10 am, Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Gates do a live broadcast discussing health topics. Join them at

A Free Energy Healing Clinic is offered every Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm at the Reno Psychic Institute, 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno NV 89509. 775 324-2872

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Better Health at your Fingertips Zyto technology, biocommunication lets your body tell you what it prefers in 25 minutes at RIMC. Schedule now, call (775) 829-9330.

Call Gerber Medical Clinic to set up your appointment 1225 Westfield Ave, Reno (775) 826-1900.

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