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Life's a journey. Make it a healthy one.


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October 2010


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October 2010



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ctober is a special month for me, crisp air and that all-familiar smell of fall. Nature takes her paintbrush and changes the colors in the topographical landscape into deep spectrums of browns, gold and shades of red. How do you like the cover this month? Pumpkin… Mmm, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread. To order wonderful pumpkin breads this season, stop by or call Great Harvest Bread Company and Haven on Earth Bread & Bakery Company. You have to taste their gluten-free and specialty breads! Look for their ads in Healthy Beginnings Magazine. To keep our readers and small business owners up to speed with electronic media, Dr. Bret Simmons presents us with an article on Social Media, an interesting read on how businesses connect and engage with customers using the media sphere. This month we have two book reviews, each authored by local professionals; What If We’re Him? by Dr. Gene Pascucci and When Planets Collide by Jenifer Rose and Jim Ghiglieri. Dr. Catherine Neighbors discusses healthy relationships in her article entitled “Lighting the Way to Emotional Healing.” Did you know that President George Bush declared the 1990’s as “the decade of the brain”? Research shows that the brain continually reorganizes itself. Learn why this is clinically useful in Dr. Rutherford’s article, “Brain-Based Therapy.” Dr. Tony Jensen’s article asks the question “Heart Attack or a Jammed Rib?” Shelby Molchan looks at liver health, and Planned Parenthood submitted an article on talking to your kids about sexual intimacy, titled “Talk About Spooky.” October is Breast Awareness Month, yet as a woman I feel it important to be aware every month; read Dr. Gerber’s piece on breast health. To lift our spirits Healthy Beginnings would like to introduce a new writer, Nora Mitchell. Each month, she will give us insight into the world of Vino. Nora is a sommelier and offered an excellent article this month, explaining “The Role of Wine in Healthy Living.” “Soul House”, by Dr. Andrew Drymalski delves into our two houses, addressing analogy between the material and the dream world. Enjoy this issue and always, Best in Health and Happiness. HB

Dawn Gowery



Life's a journey. Make

it a healthy one. ISSN 2150-9921

October 2010




lifestyle magazine



he month of October is here. Cool, crisp winds toss and turn piles of fallen leaves. Your Loca l Reso urce for Natu ral Livin g We sport jackets, hats and gloves as the temperature begins to drop. This is also our cue for the haunted day of Halloween. As we prepare for the coming holiday, many of us use a variety of gourds and plants as festive décor; the most common being the pumpkin, used as jack-o’-lanterns and front porch companions. After all of the costume parties, bonfires and trick-or-treating galore, we tend to toss our pumpkins, without a thought. The scariest part of All Hallows’ Eve: the waste of nutritious and delicious pumpkins. The meat of the pumpkin, boiled and drained, is rich in beta-carotene (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), alpha-carotene (slows process of aging), fiber (promotes bowel health), zinc (immune booster), potassium (lowers risk of hypertension) and it also helps reduce the risk of stroke, macular degeneration and the build-up of cholesterol. Pumpkin seeds are also nutrient rich and they taste great. They contain L-tryptophan (combats depression) and phytosterols (helps to reduce LDL cholesterol). They also promote good prostate health, reduce inflammation and protect against osteoporosis. This year, before you cut and carve, remember that pumpkins are not only wonderful additions to your fall harvest or Halloween scene, they are delightful on your plate as well. HB IZATION ACT








Healthy Beginnings is printed

on recycled newsprint with

soy-based ink since August


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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


October 2010

Brain-Based Therapy


Written By Dr. Martin P. Rutherford, D.C.


n 1989, President George Bush signed a resolution declaring the 1990’s the “decade of the brain.” Neuroscientists lived up to the advanced billing. In the 90’s they used neuroimaging to locate regions of the brain associated with everything from recognizing faces to playing Tetris. They linked genes to mental illness, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Weaknesses in neurons were recognized relative to peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, dizziness, vertigo, balance conditions, as well as seemingly unrelated conditions such as ADD, ADHD, autism, OCD, dyslexia, panic and anxiety attacks, and even depression. But of all the findings that warrant rewriting the neurological clinical textbooks, “neuroplasticity” was it. There is a dawning realization that a brain older than three years is not the rigid structure that scientists long thought, but instead is a changeable “plastic” organ. Ever since the 1950’s, one of the great themes of neuroscience has been that neurons in the cortex matured during a critical period in the first few years of life, and that the brain did not change much after that. But a flood of discoveries shows that the brain continually reorganizes itself according to the input it receives; and that specific parts of the brain can be rehabilitated, strengthened and made to work normally if those parts start functioning correctly. How is this clinically useful? Your brain controls and coordinates all functions of the body and perceives all pain. When functioning normally, the parts of the brain (cerebellum, parietal, temporal, frontal, and occipital lobes) “fire” in sync. Your health, well-being, physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional stability are all directly correlated with proper brain function. When this symmetry is disturbed, due to physical traumas (concussions, strokes, etc.) chemical stresses (blood sugar imbalances, thyOctober 2010

roid problems, infections, autoimmune problems, poor diet and a host of other metabolic imbalances) and or emotional traumas (financial, divorce, death of a loved one, etc.), bad things happen to the brain; neurons and people begin to experience symptoms relative to the part of the brain that is not firing “in sync.” Neuroscientists and the practitioners of brain-based therapies are now mastering “directed neuroplasticity”; that is, they have figured out and continue to figure out what sequence of specific input changes the brain in desirable ways. Through special brain exercises (some as simple as light, sound, vibration, pleasant or noxious smells), which are determined by specific examination of each individual person’s brain, practitioners are now able to untangle a person’s specific circuits to relieve depression, improve learning disabilities, rehabilitate stroke victims, postpone the worst of Alzheimer’s disease and resolve “behavior problems”. There are limits to neuroplasticity, and it is almost miraculous when results are achieved. It probably can not overcome mental retardation or give a klutz the body control of a professional athlete. But the fact that it exists at all was hardly suspected just a few years ago. However, with determination and repeated acts of will to perform the exercises and activations under the guidance of a skilled brainbased practitioner, people can change how their brain functions and change their lives forever by reducing or eliminating physical and or emotional pain that before now was considered “unchangeable.” HB

3. Antonov, I., Kandel, E. R. & Hawkins, R. D. Presynaptic and postsynaptic mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and metaplasticity during intermediate-term memory formation in aplysia. J. Neurosci. 30, 57815791 (2010).

References: 1. Frost WN, et al. Parallel processing of short-term memory for sensitization in Aplysia. J Neurobiol. 1988 Jun;19(4):297-334. 2. Kandel ER. Calcium and the control of synaptic strength by learning. Nature. 1981 Oct 29;293(5835):697-700.

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Editors Retraction It was stated incorrectly in the September 2010 issue that Dr. Bigelsen practices medicine. Dr. Bigelsen is a medical consultant in Nevada City, CA. Please call his office if you have any questions. 530-470-9251 or visit his website at


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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.



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October 2010


Ross Anderson Local Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Written By Ffjorren Zolfaghar “


t’s all about creating a safe environment for a person… work with them multiple times. With that, he is able to create release their troubles in the world and just be within massage programs that will get to the root of any problem they themselves,” Ross Anderson said, local Licensed Massage might have, as opposed to simply addressing the symptoms that Therapist (LMT). His outlook on life, emotional well- are present. This type of relationship also offers insight into a being and how he can help other people transcends into the person’s emotional status, something that resonates with Ross, as emotional distress hinders overall health. way he practices massage therapy. This interest of truly getting to know someone extends Ross views massage as a full healing system for the body. “The massage that I do is a hybrid of all of the styles I know,” into his personal life as well. He seems genuinely dedicated he said. He uses traditional modalities, or styles of massage, to being part of a community of people whom he can associincluding Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports and Cranial/Sacral ate with on an emotional level. By getting to know where therapy massage. He also incorporates eastern modalities, they are from and where they are going, he can help them such as Thai yoga massage, Chinese meridian therapy, Reflex- with that process. He also enjoys spending time connecting with the outdoors. Ross hikes, walks and skis. He loves to ology, Japanese massage (Seifukujitsu) and Qigong. He uses this blended approach in order to maximize the do back-country skiing in the winter. He became familiar with the Reno/Tahoe area during benefit for his clients. “I view the body as a system, a system of annual vacations, visiting family, since balance. Health within the body is when “I view the body as he was five years old. He loved the area everything is in balance,” Ross said. His a system... of balance. and moved from the outskirts of Chicago belief is that emotional disturbances creto Reno in 2005 to go to school at UNR. ate imbalance; this imbalance, or “stuck Health within the body He graduated with a BA in Economics, energy,” remains in our body, creating is when everything which helped him in the business side pain and disease. He uses Qigong, an is in balance.” of his massage therapy venture. He is energy-based martial art, to help rid the body of negative energy. Using reflexology, the meridians and also certified as a graduate jeweler from Revere Academy acupressure, Ross can help a person regain balance in their in San Francisco. Over the past year, he made several engagement rings. body, returning it to a healthy state of equilibrium. His interest in massage took off after taking classes on Ross begins a massage appointment with a conversation. He works to understand his client’s intention of the massage. Japanese reflexology massage at a local martial arts dojo. Some people look to massage for a relaxing and pampering He practiced that knowledge on family and friends until experience, while others want pain relief or use it for rehabili- he obtained his massage therapy license from Body Being tation therapy. Ross then designs a massage therapy program in Truckee a few years ago. He now has a private practice, located in Destinations Spa in Sparks. His hours are Monday that will best suit his client’s needs. From there, the massage begins. As the client drifts into through Wednesday and Saturdays, from 8 AM to the last a peaceful state of mind, electronic ambient melodies fill appointment at 7 PM. He charges $65 per hour, which is a the air. Ross uses music to provide a creative and safe en- competitive price point in the Reno/Sparks market. Ross continues to work on healing, within himself, to vironment where his clients can feel free and explore each thought that passes through their mind. When the massage achieve overall health. He feels that it brings clarity to his is completed, Ross allows time for debriefing, so to speak. life, his mind. This act of self-healing is something he can He does not rush his clients out the door, as he is open pass on to his clients by offering a positive environment, “a to hearing about their experience during the massage. He place for people to come and do that process themselves,” believes that “a part of the healing process in massage is to he explained. HB talk about what happened.” Go to ad on Page 55. He is looking to build relationships with his clients, to October 2010


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October 2010

LOVE THAT PLATEAU And Keep on Going!

Written By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt


itting plateaus during a weight loss program can be a motivation buster. But if you know what’s going on inside, you will welcome that plateau! A plateau is nothing more than a short period of time, during which your body temporarily resists losing weight. Even though you are following your program carefully, and may be in ketosis (burning fat instead of muscle or carbohydrates), if the same number on the scale stubbornly stares back at you, fear not. But if you allow them to, plateaus can undermine your self confidence and leave you wondering whether the program “works,” and this can even cause you to overeat out of sheer frustration. That is why it is so important to understand what plateaus are, why they occur and how to move beyond them. So why do they occur? Sometimes you hit a plateau when you return to a weight to which your body is accustomed. Let’s say you started the program weighing 160 pounds, and want to get back down to your ideal weight of 125. If you weighed 135 for years, you may experience a plateau when your body returns to 135. It is called a “body memory” plateau. This kind of plateau is common. No one really understands exactly why, but on literally every kind of food program, it happens. However, if you stay on your program, you will continue to release fat. Let’s look at the process of a weight loss plateau. We all know that in order to lose weight, we need to create a calorie deficit. So we eat less or eat different foods. During that time, our body still requires the same amount of energy, so it starts using up energy stores (usually lean muscle unless we are on a protein rich diet and exercising regularly). This causes a lowered metabolism, just what we don’t want. October 2010

The initial weight loss slows down as we progressively lose further lean mass, until we reach a point where the calorie deficit is so small that it no longer has any effect on fat loss. We have reached that dreaded weight loss plateau. What this means is that our body gradually adapted to match our new energy intake, and we now require less energy to maintain the new weight. There is a second effect, because as the body becomes progressively lighter, less calories are burned during our daily movements, so the overall energy expenditure also reduces. Something has to change. We have to take more steps per day, change the types of food we are eating or spend a couple of days eating protein only, or do all three. That change seems to jumpstart the weight loss and we begin to resume losing fat instead of protein (lean mass). So, plateaus are just adjustment times for the body. What changes can we make? We can zigzag, which is a name for calorie cycling. In other words, if you’re on a 1500 calorie diet, you can eat 1200 one day and 1800 the next so that the total you ingest is still the same for the week. If you are on a protein-rich gram-counting diet, you may start eating more protein and less fruit and vegetables and get more exercise, including strength training. A person needs to keep their body guessing! If you are not doing strength training during a diet to begin with, you should definitely start. Working your muscles in this way will help strengthen bone tis9

sue, increase lean mass and boost your metabolism. Try changing your exercise routine. Instead of walking, try swimming or cycling, anything that will change the way your body is working. Again, keep your body guessing, and don’t obsess about it. Learn to eat more intuitively. Every person is unique and we all know how our bodies respond to different foods. Also, your weight should not be the only gauge you use regarding fat loss. When you start your food plan, you should measure your chest, waist, abdomen, hips and thighs. If you are not losing weight, but your measurements are decreasing, that’s great. Be pleasantly amazed at the “tale of the tape,” even when there is no weight loss. Most people can be happy with getting to their goal size, whether their body drops to their goal weight or

Plateau, Continued on Page 26.

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Social Media Written By Bret Simmons


raditional advertising still works; it can be even more effective when it incorporates the new tools and rules of marketing. Your customers are bombarded daily by marketing messages from traditional mediums, and they are becoming increasingly good at filtering out the messages that interrupt their time and attention. Why spend more time and money trying to shout louder at your customers. Instead, understand that your customers want the most effective way to make reliable decisions about how to spend their hard-earned money. Recommendations from friends or trusted others whom we have relationships with is always an effective form of marketing. People might not always believe your advertisements, but they will almost always believe what a friend tells them about you and your business. If your strategy does not rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, then you are not reaching all of your potential audience. Social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and blogs) saw an explosive growth in the last few years, and they give you and your business powerful opportunities to add new and more effective relational tactics to your traditional marketing and advertising efforts. For example, last week I was thumbing through a magazine and saw an advertisement for a product that caught my attention. I wanted to learn more about this product and the company that offered it, but the advertisement only contained a phone number. Although a phone number works for some people, I, along with many others, prefer to research and order products online. I went to the internet and did a Google search on the company, but after five minutes of searching I still had no more information, so I gave up. That business wasted five minutes of my time, and they failed to close on a sale because they were missing something very important to today’s consumers. All businesses in today’s environment need an interactive, engaging website and the address for that website should appear on other forms of advertisements. The way you operate the website is critical. It can’t be just another digital megaphone to shout at and interrupt cusLife’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

New Word of Mouth tomers. Instead, it needs to be a place where you attract customers by offering an engaging experience. Your goal is to take strangers and turn them into friends, and then to convert those new friends into customers. To do this, your website should have a simple blog. Your blog provides valuable information that can help customers solve problems that matter to them. We do not trust people who are trying to sell us something for the sake of just “selling.” However, we do trust people who we think care about us and want to help us. The blog encourages customers to engage in conversation with you and others, around the valuable information that you offer. Over time, the content and conversation at your website will earn you the reputation as a trusted resource. As that happens, people will spread the word about you to their friends; people you never dreamed of reaching for you will reach out to you, and in much more effective ways. Social media marketing is here to stay. Now is the time for you to learn how to use these new tools and rules of marketing to help your customers and your business prosper. HB Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Management in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno. Learn more about Dr. Simmons by visiting . Dr. Simmons is a co-organizer of the social media marketing conference for business, SM@RT 2010, to be held in Reno, Nevada December 8-10, 2010. For more information about the conference visit


October 2010

Natural Cleaning Tips

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4. Dishwasher Soap: Mix equal parts of borax and washing soda, but increase the washing soda if your water is hard.

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5. Removing Hairspray Residue: You can use this formula to remove hair spray residue from any hard surface: vanities, tile, floors, walls, etc. Mix a solution of 1/3 liquid fabric softener and 2/3 water in a spray bottle. Spray on the surface to be cleaned and wipe. Not only does it remove hair spray, it also acts as a dust repellent and shines vanities beautifully. HB For more info, contact Laura Mederos at WOW Cleaning Services at (775) 322-4787 or visit online at

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October 2010

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Lighting the Way to Emotional Healing Written by Catherine Neighbors, Ph.D.

“What is it about the therapeutic relationship that heals? Simply put: love.” Live the Life You Want We can all be affected by depression or anxiety the Way We Work throuGh it makes aLL the diFFerenCe

Catherine Neighbors, Ph. D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Intuitive Healer

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


hat did the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche mean when he wrote, “Love is not consolation. It is light”? Perhaps Nietzsche was referring to the healing power of the human bond, healing not by eliminating the sufferer’s pain, but by illuminating the path and by empathically walking along on the journey toward healing. Psychological studies have consistently shown that it is the power of the therapeutic relationship, not so much theory or technique, which helps individuals work through the psychological pain that results from neglect, abuse, trauma and loss. What is it about the therapeutic relationship that heals? Simply put: love. It is the human bond that promotes growth, both emotionally and physically. Recent studies by Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D., at the Child Trauma Academy in Houston provide a window into how therapeutic interactions between psychologists and patients can lead to healthy brain development by creating new neural connections. Throughout our lives, the neural connections in our brains continually develop, deplete and replenish. After repeated use, connections become wired together into habitual responses that can be strengthened or replaced, eliminating problematic behaviors and forming new adaptive ones. The brain also develops in a hierarchy, from automatic physical responses to more complex social functions such as empathy. Until our automatic responses are well regulated, our more complex so12

cial responses cannot develop adequately. Children who are raised under conditions of deprivation, inconsistency or traumatizing events without protection often have difficulty with anxiety or impulsivity, and with developing healthy attachments. Symptoms may persist into adulthood with difficulty regulating emotions, managing addictive impulses and maintaining relationships. Dr. Perry says a healthy therapeutic relationship, one that communicates acceptance, compassion, and consistency, helps calm the stress response in patients and promotes the ability to bond and relate socially. These complex functions occur via neurotransmitters and hormones such as oxytocin, the so-called “bonding hormone,” which is released when romantic couples or parents and children relate empathically. Similarly, the processes that take place within the therapeutic relationship are far more complex than just talking. But how do the biological processes inside the brain correlate with actual therapeutic interactions? To promote bonding and psychological growth, the psychologist must provide an environment that is safe, nurturing and attuned to the patient’s specific needs. Regardless of the patient’s psychological development, psychotherapy is more successful when the patient feels understood and accepted. The attuned psychologist communicates this by making eye contact and by verbally and nonverbally mirroring the patient. For example, nodding one’s

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Mugwort: The Herb of the Cup

Written by Allison Prater

A Experience the

Healing Mineral Waters at Steamboat Hot Springs

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rtemisia Vulgaris Compositae, or Mugwort, is a member of a powerful family of herbs. Ruled by the goddess Artemis, this family also includes sage and other fragrant herbs that grow freely on hillsides. Artemis is the goddess of the moon, childbirth and war. She lived in the woods among the animals, a protector of women, children and all things wild. In ancient times, her plants were used to heal wounded animals, aid women in childbirth and care for injured warriors who fled to the woods. Mugwort is said to be a dreaming herb as well. Due to its benefits for digestion and its nervine properties that reduce stress, Mugwort is one of the original herbs used in the brewing of beer. “Wort” is the original word for herb; thus its name literally translates to herb (wort) of the cup (mug). Mugwort grows wild throughout the world. It covers Mediterranean hillsides, loving desert climates, mountain meadows and disturbed earth. It grows great in our area as well. The smell is invigorating, similar to sage brush. It is used in much the same way as sage, in smudging, a ceremonial burning of herbs to cleanse and uplift the spirit. Because of its bitter qualities, mugwort is valued as a liver stimulant and digestive aid when taken internally in the form of tea or tincture. Mugwort can be taken in combination with other bitter herbs before and after meals to alleviate sluggish digestion, constipation and gas. Mugwort is common in Chinese medicine as well. It is most often used in the form of moxibustion, a healing technique in which a small wad of the herb rolled in a cone, called a moxa, is burned close to the surface of the skin at a specific meridian point on the body, stimulating that point, and allowing energy to move through it. Mugwort is a wonderful woman’s herb, widely respected for its beneficial effects on the female reproductive system.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


It is a uterine stimulant, helpful in regulating menstrual cycles, and has been used for this purpose for centuries. It can be used in herbal baths with lavender, to relieve stress and tension. Mugwort is also said to be an herb that activates dreaming because of its connection to Artemis and the moon. Traditionally, it was stuffed into dream pillows with other fragrant and relaxing herbs, or in oil rubbed on the temples. It is said that the herb’s dream stimulating powers are most potent when the moon is full. The internal use of this herb is controversial in certain circles. Some recommend against its use in pregnant women. However, it should be noted that there have been no reported cases of miscarriage due to the use of Mugwort, and in China it is used to prevent miscarriage to this day. In any event, Mugwort is an herb that should only be used internally after consulting with a trusted health professional. Here is an external-use recipe to help transport you to the dream time. Dream time bath salts: 3 parts epson salts 1 part dried lavender buds 1 part mugwort 1 part sage

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How Is Your Written By Shelby Molchan



n China, “Good morning, how is your liver?”, is a common greeting. In America though, the liver is largely disregarded as a routine part of daily health maintenance. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the health of the liver to be representative of the health of the entire body. We tend to view liver problems as those related to alcohol abuse; cirrhosis, for example, when actually many systemic complaints are manifestations of a sluggish liver. Mood stabilization is regulated by an optimally functioning liver. Depression, anxiety and irritability are symptoms of a challenged liver. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), having a “short fuse,” the tendency to be easily angered or upset, is associated with a compromised liver. Emotional qi runs through the liver, and it has been found that excessive anger actually damages our liver, our most precious filter. Free flowing liver qi is a vital force in our bodies, connecting the liver to other major organs and the skin. Considered the director of energy, the liver is the leader of all the meridians. As the largest internal organ of the body, the liver weighs approximately

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five pounds. The liver is the only organ of the body that receives a double blood supply. Oxygen rich blood is delivered from the heart and lungs through the hepatic artery, which accounts for about 25 percent of the blood in the liver. The portal vein brings oxygen depleted blood from the intestinal tract, accounting for the remaining 75 percent. The blood delivered from the intestinal tract is very valuable in that it contains nutrients the liver uses in the detoxification process. Approximately two quarts of blood are filtered through the liver every minute and at any given time the liver holds about one pint of blood, which accounts for about 13 percent of the body’s total blood supply. The liver is the second largest filtering organ of the body, the skin being the first. When the liver is sluggish, it cannot filter poisons out of the body. Residues of drugs, vaccines, chemicals, hormones, etc. can accumulate and be stored over a lifetime! It makes sense then, that cleansing the liver is an important procedure. There are many types of liver cleanses to partake in. There are even more herbs and homeopathic remedies to help balance

Detox Now

and heal the liver. Colon Hydrotherapy is one way to detoxify the liver and cleanse the bowel at the same time. A series of Colon Hydrotherapy treatments, done in conjunction with a liver purge, can promote many improvements in digestive health as well as liver health. A poorly functioning digestive tract is a major symptom of a deficient liver, which also means that the blood is most likely toxic as well. A seasonal cleanse with focus on detoxification of the bowel, liver and blood is a wonderful way to improve emotional balance, clarity of mind and spirit, boost digestive function and address skin issues. Cleanse your liver and improve your life! HB References: 1. Fitzgerald, Patricia. The Detox Solution. Illumination Press. May, 2001. 2. December, 2008. For more information, contact Shelby Molchan at Island Rainbow Wellness Center at (775) 762-2463 or visit online at

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Whose Fault Is It Anyway? [

Dear Forgive Coach:


am sick and tired of hearing the phrase “everything happens for a reason” spin around in my head! On the one hand I can’t imagine what the reason could be for me to find myself

so incredibly miserable right now; and on the other hand, if I could only find the


If you would like Dinny’s advice, e-mail your letter to

reason for all of this, then maybe I’d stop feeling this way and I could get on with a happy life! It seems so unfair, and I just want to figure it out and escape the miserable situation I am in. I am an artist, and my husband and I have worked together for over five years, creating art for various organizations and foundations. We are just beginning to get known and sought after, and I just found out that he has had a girlfriend for a couple of YEARS and wants to leave me but wants me to continue being his business partner since our work together is so integrated with each other’s talents! I hate him and want to say no, but I also love him and I want him to see how much he needs me so I can win him back. Why could this be happening, why would he cheat on me and ruin what we have? – CK

Dear CK:


October 16 | 6-9pm Live your dreams. Clear your consciousness from the influence of many past negative experiences.



530. 414.1420 “It was such an amazing process. I have changed the way I look at life!” –H.A.

Dinny Evans Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach

see the dilemma you find yourself in and I can feel how uncomfortable you are, so the last thing I want to say is that everything happens for a reason; but I’m sure you know that is what I am about to say! The reason is not black and white and it also isn’t meant to be a punishment. There is no way that your loving spiritual guidance system wants you to feel punished. Sometimes, however, it is important to feel pain so that you will wake up to the truth of who you really are. Once you do this, then you see that in terms of Radical Forgiveness there is nothing to forgive because the truth has actually set you free! It just so happens that at this point of the process you do not feel free, you feel trapped. First, I suggest you take a quick scan of past relationships to identify that you have been let down before. You most likely always put all you have into a relationship, including finances and hard work, expecting that you will once and for all “be enough” and then be loved. This time, you really have gone all out. Your hard work has made you a valuable

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


piece to a successful business, and it still isn’t enough! He wants you for that, but not as a partner. How much more painful could it be? It is now time for you to see the value and the beauty of who you really are. You are enough and your priority right now is to see that. Your husband brought you a lesson you can no longer ignore. Your marriage might survive, but for now focus on yourself. Figure out why you don’t put yourself first. Practice some self forgiveness. You can be a successful artist on your own if it comes to that. Find your strength, live it and then see who shows up to share your beauty with you. No one can truly see you as beautiful and talented until you do! HB Blessings,


Dinny Evans is a Certified Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation Coach. She has been working with the Institute for Radical Forgiveness and Colin Tipping since 2007. To find out more about her coaching practice, her workshops and support groups, visit

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October 2010

• Tarot

Cards •

Written By Ffjorren Zolfaghar


n most accounts, the English and French word tarot ultimately derives from an Arabic background. , or turuq, means pathways in Arabic. Some argue that the word tarot stems from Italy; however, if taken a step further, the Italian word Tarocco derives from an Arabic word that means rejection or subtraction. Others believe the word comes from the Taro River, which is located in Northern Italy. Tarot cards were first developed in Italy between 1430 and 1450, according to recorded history. People used them as playing cards for a game similar to bridge. Originally, the cards were a four-suit pack, until additional cards with allegorical illustrations were added, at which point, the new decks became known as carte de trionfi or triumph cards. The additional cards were called trionfi, or trump cards. The game became extremely popular and began spreading throughout Europe. However, it was not until centuries later that French and English devotees of the occult saw magic and mysticism behind the illustrations or symbols on the cards. From that point forward, tarot cards were used as a tool for divination and thought of as an occult artifact, thus bringing us to the present reputation of tarot cards. Most people are not aware of the background or origin of tarot cards. They are often simply viewed as a fortunetelling card game. However, as the

cards evolved over nearly six centuries, so did the meaning and use of the cards themselves. There are tarot card decks that were made for card games, secret society use, pagan magic, meditation and some decks that were simply created as works of art. Regardless of how tarot cards are viewed, they are widely used today,

across the United States and the world. In a time where one questions his or her beliefs, morals and ideals, society tends to hold fast to anything that offers peace of mind. Tarot cards present a sense of hope to those who seek it. HB References: 1. 2.

Providing professional & compassionate in-home assistance for the elderly & disabled to promote independence & quality of life.

TaHoe SPiRiTual ReTReaT MinD, BoDy, SPiRiT

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October 2010

Assistance may include personal care, bill paying, companionship, medication reminders, grocery shopping, and light housekeeping to name a few. Local non-profit organization serving the community for over sixteen years.

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Caregivers are required to complete extensive background checks, are matched to your preference, and are professional & reliable.


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Talk A bout Spooky Written By Jennifer Leigh Young, Education Promotion Coordinator Intern for PPMM


ctober is known for many things: leaves transforming from rich greens to crisp browns and reds, pumpkins carved into spooky jack o’ lanterns, and of course children trick-or-treating on the most haunted night of the year. Did you know it is also National Family Sexuality Education Month? Many parents find the prospect of having “the sex talk” with their kids spookier than Freddy Kruger stalking the streets on Halloween night. As human beings mature, sexuality inevitably entices exploration. Without background knowledge of the repercussions of sexual actions, teens are susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy. This month is the time to realize the real horror lies in the serious consequences of not having “the sex talk” with your teen. Planned Parenthood encourages parents to educate children early on about relationships and sex that will help them make safe and responsible decisions. Planned Parenthood offers parents information on what to say and at what age to say it. Ideally, conversations start at an early age so that the conversation is less awkward and becomes more informative as children grow older. But it’s never too late to start. Tips for the teen years: know that this conversation is likely to be as awkward for them as it is for you, so, approach it in a comfortable environment with an open mind. Be prepared to hear information that you might not agree with and only share truthful information about your values, relationships and sex. Let your teen know that the reason for talking to them about intimate experiences is because you love them and want to give them the knowledge needed to live and experience the life they choose. Talk about

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

the positive aspects of relationships and intimacy as well as the negative results that may occur. It is important to let your teen know that you realize they are maturing into an adult and the reason for the conversation is not about controlling their life but rather trusting them enough to make their own decisions with the information you provide. If you want your teen to be abstinent, it’s ok to let them know how you feel. Just be sure to explain why you want them to wait, whether it is due to personal values, their health, their future or another reason. Ask them questions about how they feel about sexual relations and if they are thinking of being intimate. Provide them with accurate information about contraceptive care, prevention and self worth. Let them know about local organizations or resources that will help them to be safe and healthy about their choice. Communicating with your teen gives them a foundation to construct a life that you both want. Take a moment and talk with your teen; it’s really not as spooky as it may seem. References: 1. Stop Listen and Talk with Teen about Sex. San Jose, CA: Family Communication. 2. Richmond, Mardi, Parkinson, Ellen Sue, Bernstein Eva. Encouraging Abstinence, Ten Tips for Parents: Talking about Sex, What to Say and How to Say it. Santa Cruz, CA. Journeyworks Publishing. 2005. www. HB For more info, contact Planned Parenthood Mar Monte at (775) 321-8711 or visit online at www.

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October 2010



Say… Bye Bye to Inflammation & Pain Submitted By Vitamin Connection


uch! We have all experienced pain. In fact, more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, pain is the primary reason why people seek the advice of health professionals, and it is also the number one reason people use alternative medicine. Pain occurs when nerve endings become irritated. It can be exacerbated by nutritional imbalances, lack of sleep, hormonal factors, and other stresses. In general terms, pain is symptomatic of some type of dysfunction and inflammation in the body. Basically, there are two problems with pain control drugs: 1) They interfere artificially with the body’s usual inflammation responses. 2) They have detrimental side effects. Remember the FDA withdrawal of Vioxx? Lauded as a superdrug, during an important study it was found to cause increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Meanwhile, even the most commonly used pain-relievers – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin and ibuprofen – can cause intestinal tract ulcers and other problems. These dangers have stimulated a growing interest in natural pain remedies. Freedom from pain is the single desire of those suffering from pain. The question is: Can relief be achieved without October 2010

side effects? In this article, we introduce a promising proprietary formula that is currently being introduced in natural products stores. Although this complex may be helpful in treating a wide variety of disorders, we focus on its pain relief and anti-inflammatory actions. Inflammation is the beginning of all pain, both acute and chronic. Relieve inflammation and you relieve pain. Many medical experts believe inflammation to be the cause of 80-90% of all disease. Inflammation is caused by the release of a prostaglandin (PGE2) and is sustained by an enzyme called cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2). It’s interesting that cancer cells are surrounded by an abnormally heavy concentration of COX-2 enzymes. With much controversy as to the side effects of anti-inflammatory medications, what can a person do naturally? Relief is on the way. Common herbs from India such as: curcumin, boswellia and turmeric have been found to be an even better anti-inflammatory (without harmful side effects) than cortisone, which is one of the most powerful of all the steroids. Curcumin is well known in the herbal and nutritional field. In one doubleblind study, curcumin matched cortisone as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Recently, scientists in India isolated a sub-particle of curcumin known as a curcuminoid, which is approximately 100 times as potent as curcumin in reducing pain and inflammation. Curcuminoids are sub-particles, which make up the supplement blend Curamin. Curcumin has several of these curcuminoids which are very specific for COX-2 inhibition. 19

Curcumin is derived from the herb turmeric and curcuminoid is the most powerful and active ingredient for chronic and acute pain relief. By combining curcumin, curcuminoids, boswellia, DLPA and nattokinase, you have a natural and powerful antiinflammatory and pain reliever. These ingredients have been proven time and again to be highly effective and safe for extended use. All are contained in the supplement Curamin.

“Many medical experts believe inflammation to be the cause of 80-90% of all disease.” When you use natural ingredients such as turmeric or its active compound, curcumin, you are using wisdom of the ages from 5,000 years ago. Turmeric and curcumin have been traditionally used to support individuals who are suffering from pain and inflammation. It is as effective as any medication, and with no side effects. But if this is not enough, over 2,000 references to articles on turmeric and curcumin have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals. Curamin supplement blends all natural ingredients to change the quality of your life. Choose to live pain free and enjoy life to the fullest. HB This Information was provided by EuroPharma at Curamin can be purchased at The Vitamin Connection. For more info, contact the Vitamin Connection at (775)825-3993.

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What’s On The Label & What’s Not

Clean & Clear

Persa-Gel 10

Maximum Strength

Written By Lissie Lyles


ersa Gel 10, a Johnson and Johnson product, is boasted as being the only over-the-counter acne product that is (according to the product’s website) “the same prescription formula recommended by doctors.” The active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, which has long been touted as one of the most effective solutions for the treatment of acne. First developed in the 1920’s by Jack Breitbart of Revlon Industries, it is said to work as a peeling agent, increasing skin turnover and clearing pores, in addition to having antibacterial properties. It is typically used in concentrations of about 2.5 percent, but the concentration of benzoyl peroxide is 10 percent in Persa Gel 10 (hence, the 10 part). One might believe that having a higher concentration of benzoyl peroxide in an acne product is a good thing. After all, wouldn’t the higher concentration of the magical pore-clearing ingredient make the product more effective at combating even the most stubborn of breakouts? Let’s take a closer look. To start with, it is interesting to note the most common side effect of benzoyl peroxide is...wait for it…skin irritation! Most notable is redness, burning, itching, peeling and swelling or blistering of the skin. Wait a second, these symptoms sound kind of familiar, don’t they? A little like that skin condition that Persa Gel 10 is supposed to be treating. What’s that called again? Oh, right, acne. These side effects are more likely to occur when higher concentrations of benzoyl peroxide are used. On Persa Gel 10’s label, they recommend

reducing the number of applications a day, if skin irritation occurs. They also recommended avoiding sun exposure and wearing sunscreen while using their product. Why that last bit? It has only been in recent years that studies were conducted to determine if there are any dangers associated with long term use of benzoyl peroxide. Many people suffer from acne for many years, and thus may be using products that contain this ingredient for an extended period of time. Many studies revealed some alarming trends about the safety of this ingredient, especially in relation to prolonged use. The first concern that research discovered: this product is capable of increasing free-radical damage because it actually breaks down the outermost and protective skin cells. This means that the skin is more vulnerable to sun damage and, in extreme cases, skin cancer. Research indicates that the direct extent of potential damage to the skin related to the use of benzoyl peroxide directly correlates to the extent of use of the product. In fact, prior to 1995, the FDA categorized benzoyl peroxide as a “Category I” ingredient for acne treatment products. As of 1995, the FDA reversed this position and now classifies this product as a “Category III,” indicating that the safety of this product is unknown. They arrived at this decision after research indicated that benzoyl peroxide promoted tumor growth in mice. A number of studies indicate that benzoyl peroxide does lead to the development of carcinoma in mice, as well as hamsters.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database, known as “Skin Deep” (, classifies benzoyl peroxide as a “high hazard” cosmetic ingredient, and lists links to over 25 studies from around the world that reveal many adverse effects associated with the use of said ingredient. These include cancer, reproductive toxicity, fertility issues, birth defects, immunotoxicity, skin irritation, and toxicity of other organ systems including cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.

“One might believe that having a higher concentration of benzoyl peroxide in an acne product is a good thing.” At first glance it may seem like there are many advantages to using Persa Gel 10. It is a low-budget version of an expensive prescription acne cream, and some users of the product claim that it helped to clear their skin. In the end, without even considering some of the adverse risks like cancer, doesn’t it seem a little contradictory to treat acne, a type of skin irritation, with a product that causes skin irritation? Just sayin’. HB References: php?ingred06=700694 2. 3. 4. benzoyl-side-effects.html

October 2010

Feng Shui


Facts & Fiction Written By Rebecca Moore


Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food


the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money.

“If accepted [S510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” – Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health Whistleblower

uring the 1970’s something new emerged in the West; with an easy one-chart-fitsall method. This feng shui, known as Black Sect or New Age, is a blend of the bagua map, symbolism, color therapy, psychology and positive thinking. The West breaks feng shui into two schools: form and compass. The East has many schools that offer a strong foundation in theory and core principles, which uses the techniques of form and compass. Traditional method is best learned through hands-on training with a Master whose training stems from oral traditions. Since authentic feng shui has always been a closely guarded secret, you will not find it in a book. Western new age should not be confused for Eastern traditional. New age focuses on the placement of objects such as mirrors, crystals, flutes, toads and cures, and using the color red. Traditional focuses on improving your life by changing the energy around you. Since you can feel and experience the unseen energetic change, authentic feng shui could be considered one of the great mysteries. HB To be continued... For more info, contact Rebecca Moore at Feng Shui Classical Consulting at (775) 830-8168.

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It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food. Monsanto says it has no interest in the bill and would not benefit from it, but Monsanto’s Michael Taylor who gave us rBGH and unregulated genetically modified (GM) organisms, appears to have designed it and is waiting as an appointed Food Czar to the FDA (a position unapproved by Congress) to administer the agency it would create — without judicial review — if it passes. S510 would give Monsanto unlimited power over all US seed, food supplements, food and farming. HB For more info goto

October 2010


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KIDSCORNER The Healthy Adventurer

Autumn Sports

Australia - October 2010

Written By Ariana Purcell


all is here and so is one of my favorite sports of the season: Soccer! I started practice in August and our games began in September. I’m really excited about my position as a fullback. I was talking to my grandma the other day, explaining my position during our soccer games. When I told her that a fullback plays the entire field, going to offense when needed and then falling back to defense when needed, she told me it sounded similar to a knight, in the game of chess. I told her that my position was more similar to the queen. We chatted a bit more about the topic and decided that the fullback position could be both. It was great talking to my grandma about soccer even though she is not that familiar with the sport. She was able to understand the strategy behind the game because she compared it to the game of chess.I think it’s really important for kids, parents and grandparents to talk about the things that go on in their lives. But sometimes the difference in age makes it difficult for both kids and parents to understand each other. If you can find something in each other’s lives that are similar to one another, you can explain ideas or situations using comparisons. Plus, it makes the conversation much easier. HB


hile overlooking the ocean from a picnic table I enjoyed a fabulous lunch. By the time I reached a wide empty sand beach, I had ridden 20 km to the north of Darwin. It was low tide, allowing me to ride right on the beach. The water was radiantly turquoise, clear and warm. Gentle waves rolled towards the shoreline. Should I dare to go for a swim? It was so tempting. Sea crocodiles were not the only concern, however. Everywhere signs had been posted warning of poisonous jellyfish. People had died getting in contact with them. Reading that this was not their major season emboldened me. I had so much fun that I spent the rest of the day between swimming, sun bathing, reading and writing until sundown. For the last time on this trip, I pitched my tent for the night. My last day in Australia had begun. I rode back into Darwin and headed for the harbor to catch a ferry across the bay. In anticipation of further Japanese attacks, mighty concrete fortifications and cannon batteries had been installed during World War II. It never was put into action. Now, long abandoned, it all was in utter decay and forgotten. Forgotten? Those ruins probably so, but not the memory of that battle. That evening, back in the park of the Esplanade overlooking the bay, a group of tourists had congregated to watch the sunset. There were folks from many parts of the world, including Japan. Today, we drive Japanese and German cars, use cameras and a host of other products made in formerly “hostile” nations. In light of the carnage that took place here over 65 years ago, I felt it heart-warming that we get along in peace now. I hope and pray that we may never allow ourselves to be abused for political agendas and that mankind will globally grow together on the basis of justice, freedom and peace. Besides the personal benefits of health, stamina, adventure and education, I see my mission as an ambassador of health and peace wherever I go on my biking adventures. The end. HB


Happy Fall! 1: What type of dog is a sad poet? 2: What school supply can get you tied down? Allan Briggs is an 11-year-old fifth grader at Our Lady of the Snows School, Reno, NV. He has been making up jokes for the last 2 years. Last summer he gave his first stand up comedy act to a group of campers in the Ruby Mountains. Most of the time jokes just come to him during the day. He hears a word and thinks about it for a minute and if it is a good word he will make a joke from it. He hopes that someday he can be a stand up comedian or a video game designer. HB

Till then, peace, joy, and health, Hans

ANSWERS:1:Whiner rhymer 2. A binder.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

I began my healthy adventures in 1972 traveling all over the world by bike. Today I am 69 years old and still going strong. It is never to late to live a healthy active life and be your own healthy adventurer.


October 2010

JOKES: October 2010


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Breast Health Basics Written By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD


ctober is the 25th anniversary of breast cancer awareness month and because of the enormous impact of breast cancer on our society, examining the fundamentals of breast health is very important. Soy-based infant formulas, which contain significant amounts of estrogen, can cause premature breast development in girls and may also increase the risk of fertility problems as they age. Plastics, pesticides and hormones given to feed animals also promote estrogen dominance, which can cause increased incidence of fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer. Stress is estrogenic (promotes estrogen) and so is fat. Fat makes estrogen and estrogen makes fat, a vicious circle. Alcohol is another inducer of estrogen. Estrogen is everywhere in our modern diets, but there is a dearth of natural progesterone and important nutrients that block rampant estrogen dominance. Topical, bioidentical progesterone is a great friend to all women, with rare exceptions. It stops most PMS and menstrual cramps by the second period cycle, as well as sore breasts. It blocks excessive estrogen. It also reduces the risk of fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer. Taken topically, the dose of both progesterone and estrogen are 1/10th of the dose needed when taken orally and pose a reduced risk of estrogen- caused phlebitis. Progesterone is not a progestin or progestogen, which increased risks of breast cancer in the Women’s Health Initiative Study of 2002. They used conjugated equine estrogens (horse estrogens) and medroxyprogesterone acetate in the study. These are not estrogen and progesterone. Doctor’s are still very confused about this difference, even some integrative doctors. Progesterone delivered topically, to the skin, does not show up in the serum (clear part) of the blood. It rides on red blood cells and must be measured by saliva or finger stick blood tests. Doctors take a blood progesterone test, and when not seeing a difference in blood levels after topical administration, they tell the patient that it doesn’t work; nothing could be further from the truth. It is much more efficient when delivered via the skin. The apparent dilemma of menopausal women who need estrogen to control hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mental decline, osteoporosis and unkind skin changes versus increased breast cancer risk can be ameliorated by giving progesterone to block excessive estrogen. It is also important to remove used estrogen from the body through a safe metabolic pathway, the 2 hydroxyestrone pathway rather than the 4 hydroxyestrone pathway, which can cause genetic mutations Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

and increase the risk of breast cancer. This can be accomplished by taking I3C, indole 3 carbinol, DIM, diindolemethane or calcium D glucarate, cruciferous vegetable extracts. B6 helps the liver excrete excessive estrogen and iodine and iodide transform estradiol to estriol, the safest estrogen and reduces fibrocystic breast disease risk as well as fibroids of the uterus. For more than fifty years, heat pictures have been used in the military, law enforcement and in health care. The evolution of breast thermography imaging has been especially rapid in the last twenty years, with French physicians leading the way. Patterns of heat given off by the breast can predict disease far in advance of the usual mammography, without the pitfalls of radiation exposure to the breasts and the painful compression of the breast during the examination, both of which have been a deterrent to many thoughtful women. In the last year, Federal guidelines were issued for women to begin routine mammography at age 50 instead of 40, because it produced many false positives that resulted in needless breast biopsies and invasive therapies which also traumatize the patient. The more important issue is the high radiation dose in a mammogram. Each picture taken during a mammogram has at least 35 times the radiation of a chest x ray. Thermography, backed up by expert ultrasound visualization of the breast tissue, is highly accurate in finding and tracking breast lesions. HB References: 1. Lee, MD, John and Zava, Ph.D, David. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer. Warner Books, Inc. 2002 2. Rogers, MD, Sherry. Detoxify or Die. Sand Key Company, Inc 2002 For more info, contact the Gerber Medical Clinic at (775) 826-1900.

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October 2010

Looking for an Alternative? Integrative Medical Practice for Adults & Children In Practice For More Than 35 Years

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Breast Thermography

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Internal Cleansing gets rid of the C.R.A.P. (Caffeine • Refined Sugar • Antibiotics & Alcohol • Processed Foods & Pollutants) SYMPTOMS OF A TOXIC BODY • Bloating & Gas • Constipation • Headaches • Low Energy

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Two Feathers Healing Formula is a unique formula that has reached through time, over several hundred years, to meet the needs of an ailing civilization today. • Reproduces protein enzymes

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Benign Tumor Being Released From Woman’s Neck

Using Two Feathers Healing Formula

Seventeen herbs blended, in perfect harmony, in an age old fashion using a curing technique.


From Page 9, Plateau not. Ketosticks are another excellent way to check whether or not you’re releasing fat. Holding the ketostick in your stream of urine each morning upon awakening will give you an instant reading on whether or not your body is releasing fat. If weight is your only measure, you are not getting the whole picture of what changes are taking place in your body. So, love your plateau. Your body is just adjusting. Cynthia Graff, the author of Lean for Life, the book published by the very successful Lindora Clinics in Southern California, says, “Regarding plateaus, no one is certain why this hap-

pens, but our experience over the last 40 years concerning millions of treatment sessions tells us it does.” HB References: 1. Cynthia Stamper Graff, Lean for Life, Lean for Life Publishing, 2001, 2008 2. 3. 4. For more info, contact June Milligan at (775) 7869111

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From Page 14, Mugwort Combine ingredients in a large bowl, then transfer to a clean and dry glass container from which you can spoon out salts to your preference. Sea shells are great to use for measuring spoons. Bathe in these relaxing salts before going to bed and drift into your dreams effortlessly. HB

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


References: 1. Gladstar, Rosemary Herbal Healing for Women, Fireside Books, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1993. 2. Kowalchik, Claire, and William H. Hylton, Rodales Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs, Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1987. 3. Hartung, Tammi Medical Herbalist, Growing 101 Herbs that Heal, Storey Books, Massachusets, 2000.

October 2010

From Page 12, Lighting the Way head in acknowledgement or shaking one’s head in disbelief or sadness. Verbal responses such as “Mmm hmm” or “I can understand why you are so upset” also validate the patient and encourage communication. Interpretations that link past and present lead to greater insight and can also bond doctor and patient. Another type of mirroring is empathically matching facial expressions. In cases where patients have learned to hide their feelings, so that their facial expressions do not match their words, the psychologist can promote a feeling of validation and emotional congruence by reflecting back a more accurate facial expression, teaching the patient that it is safe to reveal and experience one’s true self. In an environment of empathy and validation, patients learn to regulate their emotions, increase resilience to trauma and strengthen their sense of personal identity. It is the therapeutic relationship that leads to healthy brain development and lasting personal growth. The patient’s ability to bond can then be extended to other relationships, and the number of healthy attachments can increase exponentially, spreading love like illuminating light. As Pulitzer prize-winning author Edith Wharton sees it, “There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” The therapeutic bond is the mirror that reflects light along the path to healing so that the patient’s own light can grow and shine brightly like the Sun. HB References: 1. Perry, B. D. (2009). Examining Child Maltreatment Through a Neurodevelopmental Lens: Clinical Applications of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 14, 240-255. 2. Silberschatz, G. (Ed.)(2005). Transformative Relationships: The Control-Mastery Theory of Psychotherapy. New York: Routledge. 3. West, C. (2007). Level of Oxytocin in Pregnant Women Predicts Mother-Child Bond. Observer, Association for Psychological Science, November 2007. 4. The Big ‘O’ Isn’t Orgasm. Reuniting: Healing With Sexual Relationships. oxytocin_health_bonding. For more information, contact Dr. Catherine Neighbors, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, at (775) 322-445.

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October 2010


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What If We’re HIM?

There’s Something Going On Here | The Transformation of Spirituality By Dr. Gene Pascucci

Reviewed by June Milligun, M.Ed., CCHt for Healthy Beginnings Magazine


he new understanding that we humans are actually extensions of Source Energy is elegantly explored by the author, as he traces his experiences from a Catholic childhood filled with rules and dogma to an adulthood of freedom, joy and empowerment. Certain New Thought churches, hundreds of authors and literally millions of people are coming to the same conclusion, which is not a moment too soon. As we look at the chaos, confusion and discord around the world today, one can only “imagine the changes in the world if we all became aware of who we are, and more importantly, be willing to be responsible for knowing it.” The author is saying that each one of us is a direct extension of Divine Energy and that we are directly connected to the Power That Creates Worlds, that we may be temporarily physical right now, but that physicality is our necessary Earth suit, the part of us that makes it possible for our spirit to live and love and play in this atmosphere at this time. He says, “NASA spent more than a hundred million dollars creating a spacesuit. My Earth suit came free, integrated with my spirit at birth.” Gene Pascucci believes that human consciousness is Creation/God expressing itself in a physical body. The author arrived at this belief over a long and difficult period of introspection. He experienced a guilt-ridden childhood, during which he was exposed to a deeply entrenched fear-based dogma, then gradually, through much study and searching, became a free-thinking, open-minded adult. This was a consciously embarked upon, truth-seeking journey. No one changes their deeply programmed religious beliefs by accident. There must be some conflict within us, something in our own experience that doesn’t jibe with the religious teachings; or some still small voice that tells us ‘something is Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

wrong here.’ If we’re interested in learning what our truth is, what resonates with us as feeling right, or if we start with just comparing religious beliefs, we embark upon a search. The author explains that the search usually takes years; we may attend different churches, talk to other searchers, attend seminars and workshops, read everything we can find on the subject and in doing, gradually amass the information that leads to a new way of looking at life, at ourselves and at everything. By embarking on such a search, we will have stepped out of our programming, by choosing to examine our beliefs. After all, it was Socrates who said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” This book is divided into three parts. The first third is the story of the author’s childhood, which includes concise explanations of what religious rules and regulations he learned. The second part takes us through various traumas and experiences which caused Gene to seriously question his teachings. The third is an explanation of how the author became “an empowered and determined Being whose life’s sense of purpose and mission is part of the awakening that’s occurring within our midst and will transform humanity’s spirituality in our time.” He says that “nothing has been as gratifying and satisfying as pursuing and discovering who I am and then sharing it with others.” He states that “our leaders are consumed with the old energy of power and ego as our culture craves change from the same-old centuries-old struggles for power and greed. That struggle has started wars and encouraged deceit, delivered through politics and the media. It has created chaos and confusion. Those hanging onto it are consumed with fear. It has to die and they know it. Yet they’re powerful with potent egos, and so they maintain their grip.” But at the same time, the author knows that “there’s this 28

October 2010

wonderful undercurrent from a vast number of quiet souls, silently moving up the scale of consciousness, awakening to their higher selves.” The author quotes Dr. David R. Hawkins who explains that we call ourselves Homo sapiens, but we are really Homo spiritus. We’re moving into a new skin, a new way of thinking, of being. Each of us has to discover this for ourselves. The discovery is the journey to higher consciousness and that journey never ends. How freeing to finally realize that we are eternal connected-to-Source spirits living in a temporary physical body for the joyful deliciousness of experiencing life on this planet. The author believes that this state of awakened awareness is the key to being able to release all that keeps us small and frightened and divided: the key that can lead the world into a human potential that we can barely imagine. Author Gene Pascucci is a Reno dentist. His book is inspiring and intriguing. The unusual cover consists of “layered lenticular photographs” of Jesus and the author. Each image “shape shifts” into the other, set against the backdrop of a beautiful Pacific sunset. HB For more info, contact June Milligan, specializing in helping people learn how to let go of unproductive thinking, at (775-786-9111) or visit online at

“Gene Pascucci believes that human consciousness is Creation/God expressing itself in a physical body.”

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The TransformaTion

of Spirituality The awakening occurs in a moment! And when it does... One’s sense of God becomes... The sense of one’s “Own Conscious Presence”

By: Dr. Gene Pascucci

order the full novel onlIne at: October 2010


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By Jenifer Rose & Jim Ghiglieri

Watch & Listen

When Planets Collide A Dating Guide

Reviewed by June Milligun, M.Ed., CCHt for Healthy Beginnings Magazine


Sundays 5:30 p.m. KtVn channel 2 Laugh & Learn about Food, Wine, Fitness, Love, health/Wellness & Beauty in a fun atmosphere featuring our local businesses. Join us for a great show each week.



Saturdays 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. 1270 AM The Buzz Tune in for this great radio show each week.

Jenifer Rose, Dating expert, host of the Plush Life, and owner of it’s Just Lunch® promises not to skirt around any issue in this bold show; g i v i n g advice on sex, romance, dating and intimacy. skirted issues will feature a multitude of experts answering questions from your most candid live calls. Do we dare to go there?... Yes we do, and you won’t want to miss it!

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

his title is a clever play on the title of the well known book by John Gray: Men are from Mars, Women from Venus. Well, sometimes planets collide. This book will hopefully assist you in avoiding much of that. This jam-packed volume is directed toward people seeking advice about what to do and what not to do when dating. It’s not always easy to find a lighthearted yet informationrich book written from both the male and female perspective. Jenifer is a professional matchmaker, as well as a local TV and radio personality. She has a TV show called The Plush Life and a radio show called Skirted Issues. Jim says, “This book is about you, with the goal being to offer our expert opinions in a short easyto-read format. We believe that someone can pick up the book, flip it to any page, and gather a pearl of dating wisdom. The book is intended as a unisex guide, but there are topics directed specifically toward one sex.” This book contains over 120 subjects such as Sense of Humor, Interrupters, Body Language, GivingYour Number and Positive Outlook. The last part of the book gives specific advice on the first through fourth dates and beyond. For instance, Jen offered this advice regarding intimacy: “Being intimate too early has ended many relationships that could have worked out. Everyone moves at a different pace and all relationships progress differently. What worked for your last relationship may not work for this one. You should not be crossing into intimacy until you are 30

comfortable with each other and know where the relationship is going. You should definitely talk about what the expectations will be before sex in order to make sure you’re both on the same page. The reason intimacy causes so many problems is because people don’t bother to have this conversation up front. You have to decide whether you’re looking for sex or for a relationship. If you’re looking for a relationship, be mature and considerate enough to talk about what is comfortable for both of you.” On the subject of Separated People, Jim says, “Danger, danger, danger! There are different degrees of separation, but beginning a relationship with anyone who’s not divorced isn’t a good idea. Consider the risks beyond committing adultery; they may reconcile, their spouse may be angry and confront you, or may even barge in on you, which could lead to violence, etc. The possibilities are many, and none of them will really end well for you. Work on being their friend until the divorce is final.” With over 120 subjects, this book could save you some real grief, and could at the very least guide you through the often uncharted waters of dating and relationship-building. HB For more info, contact June Milligan, specializing in helping people learn how to let go of unproductive thinking, at (775) 786-9111 or visit online at

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October 2010

The Dish on Dating… with Jenifer Rose

Dear Jen, As a man, I don’t have any problems getting first dates, but for some reason I rarely get a second date. Do you have any advice on how to get a second date when you want one?

It’s Just Lunch

can get you in the Game of LOVE

– CJ

Dear CJ,


You’ve come to the right place because I’m an expert on getting second dates! Let’s start with the first date. Are you keeping the conversation light and fun? Remembering not to talk about or ask the other person about their ex or their previous dates? People are drawn to people they have fun with, so make sure your first date is light and filled with laughter and positive conversation. After the first date, are you calling within 48 hours? There is a big misconception about when to call for the second date. Many men think it is okay to call a week later; this is a true dating misconception. If you want to increase your second dates make sure you call her within 48 hours, even if it’s just to thank her for a wonderful time and chat for a minute. Make sure you have called to schedule a second date within five days if you were not able to schedule it when you made the first call. Women want to know that you are truly interested and that you’ve been thinking about them. These actions will confirm your level of interest. Last, but not least, when you call to schedule a second date, make sure you have thought of something really fun and interactive to invite her to. Try to stay away from basic things like movies. Choose a cooking class or music festival instead. People have a hard time turning down fun, not to mention, it lets her know that it was important enough for you to put some real thought into it. HB Good Luck!

Chances are, the love of your life will not come knocking on your door. So be proactive and get out there and date.


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Jenifer Rose, Owner of It’s Just Lunch (registered trademark) Personalized Dating Service is also the Creator and Producer of The Plush Life on Channel 2, Sundays @ 5:30 pm. Listen to Jenifer on The Buzz 1270 am on Sundays at 11:00 am. Her live radio show “Skirted Issues” covers dating, relationship, intimacy and romance topics.


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October 2010


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Tattoo Care Part 2

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


October 2010

Written by Gonzo Maude

P “

eople expect their tattoos to be the same their whole life, but your skin doesn’t stay the same. They will change, no matter what” stated Stephanie Cootware, a local tattoo artist currently residing at Reno Tattoo Company. She recently sat down with me to discuss long- term tattoo care. Even though your skin does change over time, there is much one can do to maintain healthy skin; so naturally, the health of one’s skin is going to be reflected in the appearance of one’s tattoos. “Pretty much, the rule of thumb is anything that can damage your skin, will damage your tattoo,” says Stephanie. She recommends daily use of sunscreen on any tattoos that will be exposed to sunlight. Sun damage can fade the colors of the tattoo and cause the lines to blow out over time, making the tattoo less recognizable as you age. Use a good lotion or moisturizer every day, to keep the skin healthy, the colors vibrant and the details sharp. Some of Stephanie’s favorite tattooed-skin care options are emu oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. Any high-quality, unscented lotion is great for every-day use as well. Remember that other factors such as proper nutrition, hydration and sleep also affect the health of your skin. Every so often, a person decides that they no longer like the tattoo they have. There are many reasons for this, such as the tattoo was poorly done to begin with, it has a negative memory associated with it or it simply does not resonate with the individual anymore. What options does a person have when they decide they no longer want to look at a tattoo they regret? The first option is covering the existing tattoo with another tattoo. This is often the most cost effective and least painful

option. Even so, it is not always the best solution. “You need to make sure you are going to an artist who has experience covering tattoos,” says Stephanie, “You can’t just cover anything with anything. Usually the cover-up will need to be about three times bigger than the original tattoo to be a good cover up.” Dark colors cannot be covered by light ones, either. If you want the tattoo removed altogether, there are some intensive surgical options such as excision or cryosurgery in which the tattooed skin is removed. This option is painful, expensive, requires inpatient stay and is not a good option for large tattoos. A less invasive method is laser tattoo removal, which can be done in an outpatient setting. Laser removal is more expensive than tattoo cover up, and will need to be done anywhere from 4-15 sessions depending on the size, age and color of the tattoo. Black ink tends to come out the easiest, blues and greens take the longest. The procedures are spaced out in approximately 6-week intervals, as the body slowly re-absorbs the ink. One can use laser removal to lighten an existing tattoo enough to cover it with a smaller tattoo, combining two methods in one. Stephanie had her own laser removal sessions. “It’s painful, but I think it’s worth it,” she says. She also points out that the laser removal sessions are much shorter than an average tattoo sit, and the pain does not linger the next day. HB

“What options does a

person have, when they decide they no longer want to look at a

tattoo they regret?

October 2010

References: 1. common-tattoo-removal-methods-and-the-prosand-cons-of-each-1144.php 2.

PSYCHOTHERAPY To Help You Find Your Way

Andy Drymalski, EdD

Lic. Psychologist, Jungian Psychologist



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A New Breakthrough in Chiropractic Healing! “...Dr. Jensen has changed my family’s lives. Our 9-year old daughter was told... she needed jaw surgery, and after seeing Dr. Jensen, the same doctors can’t find the problem...Dr. Jensen and his painless “Pro-Vision” is our 1st and highest recommendation for anyone dealing with physical pain...Thanks a million from the Spanial Family.” • Chiropractic treatments performed comfortably while sitting in an upright position without any twisting or sudden movements

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Sex on the Brain Written By Dr. Tory Clark

Written By Dr. Tony Jensen


ou feel the pain in your chest and back. The question raises its ugly head, “Could this be the BIG ONE? Is this a heart attack?” The American Heart Association instructs that “typical” heart attack symptoms come on slowly, with only mild pain or discomfort. Often, because we are unsure as to what is taking place, we wait too long before seeking medical help. The importance of understanding what signs could indicate the onset of a heart attack cannot be over- emphasized: Chest discomfort Most heart attacks begin with discomfort in the center of the chest and last more than a few minutes. The feeling of discomfort can leave and then return. One might experience the sensation of uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain. Discomfort in other areas of the upper body Symptoms can include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach. Shortness of breath May occur with or without chest discomfort. Other signs. May include breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or light-headedness. Similar to men, the most common heart attack symptoms in women are chest pain or discomfort. But in women, symptoms are more likely to be atypical. Although most women experience chest pain or discomfort, there are many who do not. In a 2003 Circulation study of female heart attack patients, scientists found that during an attack, 43 percent of the 515 women studied had no “acute chest pain,” a “hallmark symptom in men.” The study noted some common female heart attack symptoms as: shortness of breath (57.9 percent), weakness (54.8 percent) and unusual fatigue (42.9 percent). Women had other atypical heart attack symptoms including nausea, dizziness, lower October 2010

chest discomfort, upper abdominal pressure or discomfort (feeling like indigestion) and upper back or jaw pain. Unfortunately, physicians who are unfamiliar with atypical symptoms may overlook a woman’s heart attack, experts tell WebMD. In fact, according to the circulation study, women have more unrecognized heart attacks than men and are more likely to be “mistakenly diagnosed and discharged from emergency departments.” With the semblance of a heart attack, when a rib becomes subluxated or “jammed up,” pain can occur in the chest and back area and breathing can become difficult. The “jamming up” of the vertebrae and rib head joint can cause sharp pain, similar to what an individual might undergo when being stabbed with an ice pick or knife. If the rib is “jammed up” in the upper thoracic spine, it most likely would be difficult to move the affected arm/ shoulder on that side of the body due to the pain under the wing bone area. The best advice in ruling out a subluxated or jammed rib, as opposed to a heart attack, is to relax and place heat over the painful area of the spine. If the pain recedes, its cause is mostly likely a jammed rib. With time and increased activity, however, the rib pain will very likely return until it is treated effectively by a chiropractor, who will work toward getting the rib and vertebrae joint to move properly. If relief does not come within a short period of time, a visit to the nearest E.R. should be made in order to rule out a heart attack or other cardiac problems. HB References: 1. Heart Attack Symptoms and Warning Signs 2. Do You Know Which Symptoms Signal A Heart Attack In Women? For more info, contact Dr. Tony Jensen at (775) 323-1222. Go to ad on Page 34.



he views of religions and religious believers vary greatly; some believe that sex and desires of the flesh are sinful, while others believe that sex is the highest expression of the divine. Historically, in North America, the belief that procreation was the only justifiable reason for sexual activity was customary. Christian writers Paul of Tarsus, Bishop Augustine and Thomas Aquinas all contributed to this prevailing view. Additionally, sexual behaviors such as masturbation, anal intercourse, oral sex and same-sex partners have been labeled as sinful, perverted and even illegal throughout time (oral and anal sex were illegal in ten states until 2003). Of course today many North Americans do not hold these beliefs; however, many in our society believe that sex and intercourse are synonymous, meaning that anything other than a penis in a vagina is not considered “sex.” This notion not only places great pressure on both men and women, but perpetuates the idea that a man’s penis is the only way for a woman to experience pleasure. If you overheard someone say, “last night, I had sex,” what specific behaviors would you envision? HB References: 1. Baur, K., & Crooks, R. (2011). Our Sexuality (eleventh ed. , pp. 120-188). Belmont, CA: Wadworth, Cengage Learning. 2. Roffman, D. (2005). Lakoff for sexuality educators: The power and magic of “framing”. SIECUS Report, 33, 20-25. Go to ad on THIS PAGE.

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vital, life-giving ideas in a time of profound change Written By Eric Francis

Horoscope for Health | Sept 23, 2010 – Oct 23, 2010


his has been an extraordinary year, by that I mean extraordinarily challenging. Everyone who has made it through with a modicum of their sanity intact deserves a hug, so consider yourself hugged. What has kept you going? Perseverance? Faith in yourself? The desire for a better life? Or was it sheer necessity? We now get to focus on desire. Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio and Libra through mid-November, helping us sift through our emotional attachments and material belongings and decide what comes with us into the future and what gets to stay in the past. That said, Venus retrograde always brings visitors from the days of yore. Old friends and lovers can turn up. They may be visiting, they may be here to stay for a while or they may be reminding us of the prior emotional orientation we left behind and why we did so. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Know your plastic from your cash. Make sure you can tell the difference between sex and love. Pay attention to whether the words people say align with the deeds you observe them doing and keep an eye on yourself too. The onus of awareness is on you, which means applying discernment all the time. The coming month and into mid-November offer you many opportunities to reassess commitments rather than make or break them. If there are flaws in a contract or sticking points in a relationship, they are likely to come out now. You may feel driven to move ahead, but if you do so without understanding what the people closest to you want and what they feel, you may have to let go of your investment in them. Therefore, be prepared to practice understanding above all other values. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You may be wondering about your involvement in a relationship situation, such as why you have to sacrifice so much. Yet is that really true? If you take stock of what you give and what you gain, you may notice some striking facts. The planets in their courses suggest that you practice the art of devotion as the means to wellbeing. As you do, you will be taken on a tour of your past commitments, and along the way you’ll unearth emotional details that you overlooked or forgot about. These factors have been influencing your subsequent involvements more than you realize. As you backtrack and try to make sense of the past, observe how much influence over your perception it has. The more you see this, the more you’ll be able to let go of it. GEMINI (May 21-June 21) As you resolve family issues, you’ll have more creative energy, more freedom and better ideas. You will rediscover a kind of sex that you may have written off because you’re too old. You will discover that you can take chances that in the past you thought were unconscionable. Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

This raises an interesting question: what exactly is a family issue? What you learned the past month points strongly to the simple fact that it has nothing to do with ‘them’ and everything to do with you. This, of course, is your passport to freedom. As long as you recognize the dynamic, you don’t need anyone else’s permission or help working out what holds you back. What you need is the willingness to be different than the people who raised you. Some of the differences are obvious. Others are extremely subtle. CANCER (June 22-July 22) It’s possible that you may rekindle an involvement with an old lover at the same time a present involvement is deeply compelling. Notice how the relationships relate to one another. While you’re exploring your emotions, I suggest you watch the karma of these situations vigilantly. That’s another way of saying be aware what the situations breed. Notice what you are creating. Observe the influence they have on the world around you, including the immediate shifts of energy even in situations that seem to have no connection to the relationships involved. I am suggesting that what you do behind the scenes or between the sheets ripples out into the world in unusual ways, and that will provide the true reading on whether this situation, in total, is creative, healthy or wholesome. LEO (July 23-August 22) Stay close to home this month, and tend to your hearth. Literally, keep your home fires burning; create projects for your stove or your oven, and tune into how much strength that offers you. You’ll reconnect to some deep emotional roots and the core of your feminine self that doesn’t always have a way out of the box. The resulting emotions will be complex, interesting and offer many unexpected opportunities for healing. You may be releasing the ways you weren’t nurtured well as a kid; you may get to outgrow the ways that 36

October 2010

your need for security were used against you. In a sense, the deeper the pain you went through, the more potency you will have to heal that very thing in the world. People depend on you, and it’s obvious that you love it. VIRGO (August 23-September 22) It is amazing how influential family madness can be on our ability to earn money, even if it’s ancient history. You recently learned a lot about why certain people are so intense, which is to say, you glimpsed what lurks behind the veil. Now that you’re aware of the self-defeating tendencies of some of the people who thought they were helping you, you have the ability to resolve a longstanding financial matter. You will do so because now that the hidden encumbrances are gone, you know what it means to take authority in your own life. And, make no mistake, authority begins with either owning your cash or owning your sexuality, usually both at around the same time. That sense of ownership will make itself known to you because you feel strength, whereas before, you felt powerless. LIBRA (September 23-October 23) You seem to be trying to tell yourself something. But since it’s something you already know, I suggest you not strain your ears to get the message. In fact, what you are learning is more like the recovery of a value you forgot about long ago. This is something profoundly important to the full picture of who you are, but which seemed to contradict your nature at the time you gave it up. This may have, at the time, seemed like something internal that you could not reconcile, which seemed to present a no-win situation or an either/or choice. What you may discover in the coming weeks is that being whole was not a matter of casting something off but rather about embracing what you didn’t understand and getting the benefits. This is a sign of maturity. SCORPIO (October 24-November 21) Self-knowledge is dangerous to those who propagate or thrive on ignorance. Combinations of influences are conspiring to make your awareness of who you are inevitable. There is something here about discovering and making friends with the “other side” of your nature, the one you usually consider your opposite, or unfamiliar inner territory. You may not get along at first, but developing a true friendship seems inevitable. This in turn is going to have an effect on the people around you. Because you’re getting to know yourself so well, someone close to you is becoming transparent and may feel seen through. If someone acts defensively, that may be what he or she is experiencing. Now, you just need to know yourself well enough to not respond defensively in turn. This will be a deep, useful learning process. SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) True creativity comes from within. This you already know, but I suggest you remember every day. You’re likely to be focused more on the “in” side than on the “out” side; your process at the moment is deeply internal, yet there are suddenly clear signs that your ideas need to find their way into the wide world, come what may. Major obstacles are resolving themselves, as if by their own initiative. People who resisted your efforts in the past are more likely to cooperate now, more than they have been October 2010


in recent months. And you know that maintaining your own emotional core is essential to your creative process, but you don’t want to take that too far. At a certain point you will need to dive into full participation, casting off your hesitancy and working with the resources that you have. CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) So many trials and tribulations are behind you that you really have just one thing of which to be alert, and that is your tendency to doubt yourself. You’ve been through one of these phases recently, and I trust that you learned, at least, that you’ve had enough of self-defeating ideas. They don’t actually add up to improvements. I suggest you address the issue on the deepest level, at its source. Here is a question for you: do your current friends affirm your most positive perception of yourself, or do they reinforce your doubts? What about your lover, partner or current love interest? Don’t let them become a projection screen. You don’t need them to “doubt you on your behalf.” What you need are strong, affirmative, loving people around you, and I suggest you find them. AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) You’re starting to gather your resources, and this is welcome news. That place is your vision for the future, which is rapidly taking shape and form rather than being the kind of ethereal notion to which you’re usually accustomed. At a certain point you will reach escape velocity and your present situation will dissolve into history. Yet one thing is necessary first: that you identify the moorings that hold you back. You may think that you are slacking, or hesitant when it comes to taking action. I would suggest that you are bound to the present by certain attachments which, thanks to Venus retrograde, you now have a chance to evaluate. You don’t necessarily need to cut those ties, but it would be wise to know what they are, know what they mean, and loosen the knots. PISCES (February 19-March 20) You’ve spent months working out many fine details of partnership, and what we may call the technical level of reality. As you know, the time has arrived to focus on your larger creative ideas rather than fixing all the small stuff that seems to be wrong. As your next wave of evolution arrives, and it has begun in grand style, you will notice that many small issues will be obviated by the bigger advances that you make. So focus on those. What are your most meaningful goals? What are your deepest desires? That is where to keep your focus. Certain recent lessons have made you aware of adjusting your priorities, because what you focus on increases. Yes, life is easier when people cooperate; and it’s easier for them to cooperate when you are truly committed to your own cause. HB THE ABOVE IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN AS MEDICAL ADVICE. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL. Eric Francis Coppolino, founder and editor of Planet Waves, is a professional astrologer and journalist. A pioneer in the field of new planet discoveries, he has worked with clients and written about astrology for wide audiences since 1995. Read Eric Francis daily at

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Honey TIPS

Body & Mind Basics

Written By Susan Williams


aw honey is unheated, unprocessed and unfiltered; it has many health benefits. Here are a few:

1. Honey is an instant energy booster and is a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey to help relief excessive fatigue. 2. Honey is twice as sweet as refined sugar, therefore when replacing the amount of sugar with honey reduce the amount called for by one-third to one half honey instead of granulated or table sugar. 3. Since honey has the ability to absorb and retain moisture, use honey in baked goods to keep them bakery fresh. 4. Using honey makes scrumptious marinades for meats such as chicken, pork chops and beef. Remember to wipe off the marinade and brush it onto the food halfway through cooking to get a beautifully lacquered finish.


xercising with a ball is one of the best ways there is to improve the way your body looks, feels, and works, because it gives both your mind and your body a good workout. Find out how it works on all aspects of your physique – your bones, ligaments, and joints. Learn about your posture (the way you position yourself when sitting, standing or lying down), which has a huge impact on your appearance and physical well-being, and tips on how to make sure your posture is as good as possible to keep your body in alignment and functioning efficiently. By training your mind to exert a greater influence over your body, you can direct your energy toward what you want to achieve. This chapter explains the connections between mind and body, and shows how the power of positive thinking will make your exercise routine more effective. The following will also show you how to make your breathing most effective and how to ensure your movements are precise and controlled so that you get the most from your workout. HB References: Exercise Ball, Sara Rose, Parragon 2009

5. Make a delicious low calorie salad dressing by whisking two tablespoons of honey with ¼ cup of balsamic or white vinegar, ½ cup of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. 6. Remember honey should not be given to children under one year of age. Their digestive systems are not mature yet to process the natural endospores found in honey. HB References: 1. how_4688512_benefits-raw-honey-howuse.html. For more info, contact Susan Williams at Manitoba White Honey at (775) 958-5083.

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


October 2010





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October 2010


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THE ROLE OF WINE IN HEALTHY LIVING Written By Nora Mitchell, C.S. and C.W.P.


he national conversation about healthy living has gotten louder and more widespread recently. As we all search for ways to incorporate more healthy nutrition practices and lifestyle habits into our daily lives, wine and the possibility that it can play an important role in a healthy lifestyle remains a question mark, if not a subject of anxiety or even taboo for many Americans. As the importance of getting back to ‘real’ foods, cooking and sharing meals at home, and taking the time to sit

“ linked to a reduced incidence of certain cancers...” down and dine with family and friends becomes more well understood, it would be a shame to leave wine out of the discussion as wine has thousands of years of significant agricultural, medicinal, religious, celebratory, and social history behind it. Wine can be part of healthy meals and can contribute a spirit-nurturing feeling of community and fellowship to social gatherings, increasing relaxation and feelings of well-being. These emotional aspects of health are often unfairly minimized or overlooked in our society, but indeed understanding and cultivating the mind-body connection is a vital part of looking after one’s health. Wine need not be intimidating. It’s crucial to understand that wine is first and foremost simply a beverage created by a the natural process of fermentation that is the nutritional key of many so-called health foods like yogurt, sauerkraut and kombucha tea. In this capacity alone it helps to promote good digestion. Wine is a natural product, often minimally processed. These days, many more wine makers than you may know (because they often do not advertise these facts) are producing wines by organic and biodynamic methods, using ambient yeasts that occur naturally in the environment,

using fewer added sulfites (although please note that small amounts of sulfites occur naturally in wine as a by-product of the fermentation process), and some are even touting their wines as vegan, skipping filtering and fining processes that have sometimes employed egg whites or other animal products. Wine makes food taste better by stimulating the taste buds. This is something Europeans have long appreciated. Throughout Europe, particularly in the great wine-producing countries of France, Spain, Germany, and Italy, wine is simply thought of as a food and is therefore an integral part of the dining experience. Wine can simply add to the enjoyment of a meal. No doubt you have heard about the studies on the health benefits of wine, starting with the so-called “French Paradox” study that made news starting about twenty years ago. Medical research continues to report the various ways in which moderate consumption of wine (considered to be an average of two glasses per day some studies have included all alcoholic beverages) is beneficial in helping reduce the incidence of heart and artery disease, some cancers, diabetes, even kidney stones. There is some evidence to show that there is a relationship between moderate wine consumption and lower mortality rates and increased longevity in general. It is theorized that moderate ingestion of ethyl alcohol may be beneficial to the cell-walls of arteries, helping reduce plaque build-up. Moreover, the action of flavonoids, phenols, and tannins, which are naturally present in grapes-specifically the skins- and therefore wine, are thought to have specific cardiovascular benefits. Resveratrol, one of the more well-known phenols, is linked to a reduced incidence of certain cancers. Espe-

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


cially compelling is the evidence that wine/alcohol consumed during a meal tends to offer more protection, probably the result of delayed absorption and the influence of lipids in the food. Obviously, the operative word here is moderation. As with anything, balance is the key, and wine can only be considered one small part in an overall healthy way of living should you choose to include it. Wine should never be added to the diet as a means to combat disease. Always follow your doctor’s recommendation. In coming columns, I shall seek to shed a bit of light on the mysteries of wine. I hope to cover specific topics in a straightforward manner that may help you better understand, enjoy and appreciate wine as you seek a balanced and gracious life and the full enjoyment of meals that nurture body and spirit. HB Nora Mitchell is a Court Of Masters Certified Sommelier and a Certified Wine Professional. She is a wine consultant and educator in coastal Northern California. You may email her at www.

October 2010

From Your Teeth

to Your Toes


Written By Dr. Cyrus Kwong

s psychics may read palms, dentists can read teeth. Everything from the look, feel and even smell of the oral cavity can reveal insight into other issues with the whole body. Whether it is due to a dental phobia, or simply not fully understanding the connection between the mouth and rest of the body, dental health is one thing often overlooked even by the most health-conscious people. Often times, the symptoms are easy to ignore; they start smaller, possibly painless and are even easier to hide. But the mouth and particularly infections in the mouth are just as connected to the rest of the body as if the infection was in the heart. Although the exact strength and nature of the link has yet to be defined, studies are able to link the effects of oral health to other conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. They all do suggest the same conclusion: dental health is vital to preserving overall health. Given that poor oral hygiene can lead to other health issues, the main goal for regular brushing and flossing is to keep the “bad” bacteria at bay. Without proper at-home care, even regular dental visits will not be enough to keep the mouth healthy. Keep in mind that there are 20 billion bacteria in the mouth and they are able to reproduce every five hours. So, over a course of twenty-four hours, with no brushing, those 20 billion become 100 billion! The first issue that normally arises from poor oral hygiene is periodontal disease, otherwise known as “gum disease.” Periodontal disease is caused by the overgrowth of “bad” bacteria between teeth and on the gums. Redness, inflammation and bleeding of the gums are the most common symptoms and are often written off as “no big deal.” But those symptoms are symptoms of an ongoing infection. What often isn’t realized is that an infection in the gums and mouth can get into the bloodstream and become systemic, leading to a host of new issues. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people with periodontal disease are nearly twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as with those without it. A cause and effect relationship has yet to be solidified, but theories include that the oral bacteria can attach to the fatty plaques in the coronary arteries, thus contributing to clots and leading to heart attacks; the inflammation can also lead to plaque buildup. Even though researchers are still working towards understanding the specific details surrounding this link, American Heart Association research does support that poor oral health could lead to increased chances of heart disease. At this point, there have not been studies to show that good oral health can improve heart disease outcomes such as heart attacks or strokes. It is also not recommended to promote dental

Teeth to Toes, Continued on Page 46 October 2010

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fORMERLY fRASER DENTAL ARTS To read online go to:


Written by Cindy L Sult, RN


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nychomycosis (Tinea unguim) means fungal infection of the nail. It is the most common disease of the nails and constitutes about one half of all nail abnormalities. According to the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians), incidence of this infection in probably much higher than the reported 2 to 14 percent of the American population. This relates to about 25 million Americans who may experience significant psychosocial problems due the appearance of their nails, or fear of spreading the disease to others. This fungal infection affects the nail bed, matrix or plate. Toenails are more commonly affected than the fingernails. Fungal infections of the nails can spread to other areas of the body and other persons. Onychomycosis accounts for one third of skin fungal infections and one half of all nail disease. There are several classifications of Onychomycosis with dermatophytes or fungus being the most common. Risk factors include: humidity or warm climates, diabetes mellitus or poor health, increasing age, immunosuppression (eg:HIV or drug induced) or heredity. It spreads easily in moist areas where people walk barefoot such as showers or locker rooms. Also sharing nail clippers or use of occlusive footwear can cause its spread, thus the name athlete’s foot. There is also a reason for the expression of “no shoes, no shirt, no service” signs in public places. Not sure about the shirt, except for the obvious reason that people do not really want to look at your belly while eating, and the shoes definitely prevent fungal spread. The symptoms of fungal infections of the skin include reddish patches near the soles of the feet, itchiness, extreme dryness and/or abnormal peeling of the skin. Other areas of the skin can also be affected including between the fingers and the groin area. The infection can also cause pain, which may result in limited movement ;and this can exacerbate poor circulation. Symptoms of fungal infection of the nail plate are a thickened, yellow or cloudy ap-

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


October 2010

pearance. The nails can become rough and crumbly, or can separate from the nail bed. Be aware, if all of your nails are involved then it is probably not a fungal infection. Instead, it is likely one of the other maladies that can cause nail deformities, such as nail psoriasis, lichen planus, contact dermatitis, trauma, nail bed tumor or yellow nail syndrome. Diagnosis can be confirmed by a scraping of the nail for a culture or a microscopic exam to identify the fungus. Treatment of nail fungal infections has been historically challenging because the infection is embedded within the nail and thus difficult to treat. The most common treatments include topical and oral medications. Over-the-counter creams and ointments generally do not help treat this condition, but they may prevent becoming infected or the recurrence of the infection. Prescription medications help about 50% of patients but can cause serious side effects, including damage to the liver and interactions with other commonly taken medications. Folk remedies, although not scientifically proven or disproven effective, include the topical use of listerine mouth wash, tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. The newest contender on the block is Laser treatment. Although not yet certified by the FDA, it is reported to be about 90% effective. Laser treatment for toenail fungus works by heat building

up under the nail and killing the fungus. This treatment is quick, well tolerated and effectively kills the fungus while leaving all the surrounding healthy tissue unaffected. Once treated, it usually takes 9 months to 1 year for the new healthy nail to grow out. HB Practices that may aid in the treatment and prevent the recurrence of Onychomycosis include: 1) Wearing 100% cotton socks and changing them often to prevent retention of moisture. 2) Choosing breathable footwear. 3) Protecting feet in shared bathing areas. 4) Keeping feet dry throughout the day. 5) Recognizing and quickly treating recurring infections. 6) Maintaining and improving chronic health conditions (controlling diabetes, quitting smoking, etc). 7) Practicing proper foot hygiene. References: 1.Fotona Aesthetics Lasers, Treatment of Skin Fungal Infection 1064 Nd:YAG 2. American Family Physician Feb. 15 2001 treating Onychomcosis 3. Wikipedia-Onychomcosis 4. Laser Treatment For Onychomycocis, by Dr. Eswararamanan My 06 2009

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October 2010


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Soul House

Written by Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.


woman dreamed, “I am in a log cabin in the woods. It seems like I’m near Lake Tahoe. There are people there whom I seem to know but don’t recognize. We are visiting and relaxing in the warm atmosphere of the cabin. I have this dream periodically, and it is always calming and peaceful at ‘my cabin in the woods.’” It seems that we live in two houses. One is a physical structure composed of wood, concrete, bricks, metal, etc. The other is the house of our soul, the dwelling of our innermost self. Our soul house can be symbolized in many ways in our dreams, sometimes even as a cave or grotto. Often it will have a strong connection to nature, either by its setting, the materials it is composed of, or both. Our soul house can be a very calming and centering place, as it was for this dreamer. To be connected with our deeper nature is healing. A man dreamed, “I am on the property my parents once owned, although it now seems to be mine. It is quite different from what I remember. It has large boulders the size of houses, a stream running through it and it overlooks the ocean. I walk around the land and find a square dwelling made of thick rock walls. It is partly submerged in the soil, as if it has been there for a long time. I go inside and encounter several smaller rooms, Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

“...the house of our soul, the dwelling of our innermost self.” each with a bubbling fountain in it. It seems like a sanctuary.” This dream, like the first, conveys a strong connection to nature in both setting and materials. In addition, both the log cabin and this stone building give the impression of a strong and enduring structure. This may reflect the stable and eternal nature of the soul. This dream also suggests how the dreamer’s deeper nature is connected to his parents and ancestors since the building seems to have been on the property a long time. The implication is that our soul has an ancestry, and our inner nature may, in part, reflect and serve this ancestry. A 55-year-old man dreamed, “I am in a room of a larger building. The room has wallpaper on the ceiling, which I apparently put up years earlier but now no longer like it. I decide to tear it down but as I do I see that the ceiling is covered with all sorts of unnecessary objects and hardware left by previous owners, or perhaps myself. I must have put the wallpaper up to hide these things. I realize that this is going to be a much bigger job than I thought. As I work, 44

I notice that the original ceiling was very well built and crafted of handhewn timbers. I realize that the ceiling will actually be quite beautiful when I get this other stuff off of it. I sense that it must be part of an older, but very well-made house.” This room is part of the dreamer’s soul house. It is a metaphor for the dreamer’s relationship to his deeper self. This fact is amplified by the focus upon the ceiling which, being above the dreamer, symbolizes a spiritual perspective. The wood beams reflect the dreamer’s true spiritual nature, the deeper structure of his psyche, which has, over the years, been covered up with assorted objects. These objects likely symbolize various compromises and adaptations he made over the years in an effort to fit in. Compromise and adaptation are inherent aspects of life. However, when they go against our true nature and core values, they lead to the creation of a false self that erodes our integrity or hinders its development. Sometimes our soul house will be cramped, messy, filled with garbage or in a state of severe disrepair. Often October 2010

“Our lives tend to degrade without awareness and connection to the reality of our inner nature and destiny.” this occurs because we have not been spending much time there. Maybe we have not been listening to our soul or giving genuine attention to our spirituality. Our lives tend to degrade without awareness and connection to the reality of our inner nature and destiny. On his property overlooking Lake Zurich, near the town of Bollingen, Switzerland, Carl Jung built a two story tower made of stone. This simple, cylindrical room was added on to over the years as he expanded the building into a home. On its walls he carved various images drawn from his dreams, researches and inner visions. This tower was the place where he did his most fruitful work with the unconscious. It was his soul house. Two months before he died he dreamed that “from an unknown place” he had come to his Bollingen tower which was now made of gold. He held the key to the tower in his hand and a voice told him that it was now completed and ready for habitation. In discussing this dream his colleague, Marie-Louis von Franz, states, “After Jung had built his tower in Bollingen, he often had dreams in which an exact replica of the tower stood on the ‘other side of the lake.’ He interpreted this to mean that his tower was actually just an

earthly copy of its true form in the Beyond, i.e., the Self [or personality core]. His last dream of the tower says to him that now the other-worldly residence of the Self has been completed and is ready for him to move in.” Jung’s dream suggests that perhaps we all come into the world with a blueprint of our inner nature and destiny etched upon our soul. It might also imply that at some level we are all trying to build (consciously or not) our soul house in our lives here on earth. Certainly, our physical house can be like a sanctuary (as Jung’s tower was for him) and, therefore, a place for deepening our relationship with our soul. But the house that matters most, and the only one that goes with us to the other side, is the house of our soul. It is important that we take the time to discover, explore, help build, protect and inhabit the house of our soul. HB References: 1. von Franz, Marie-Louise. On Dreams and Death: A Jungian Interpretation. Shambhala: Boston 1987. For more info, contact Dr. Andy Drymalski, Reno and Carson City psychologist at (775) 786-3818.

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Decrease chronic pain

through manipulation of Increase your body, movement, flexibility, balance, & energy & education, Improve old restrictions, pinched your golf game, throw further, nerves, & pain hit harder, run faster, magically disappear. function easier through everyday life rolfIng ® , BoDywork & pIlates Pilates is not a mindless exercise, it is a holistic approach to well-being.

kIm mcIntIre

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9393 Gateway Dr • Reno appoIntments avaIlaBle In reno & garDnervIlle

The Comfort of Home why give birth anywhere else?

Sherry Asp

Waterbirth Emotional Support Information/Education In-Hospital Support & More

Tahoe’s only Provider of obagi Medical Skincare Line

Tahoe aeSTheTic & iNTeGRaTiVe MeDiciNe

October 2010

Our body has to work around those injuries in order to keep moving.

Pre- & Post-Natal Care

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Look GREAT. FeeL GREAT. • Personalized Wellness & Anti-Aging Treatments • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacements • Botox, Dermal fillers, Microdermabrasion


Inside Aloha Skin Spa

Rebecca Gelber, MD

770 northwood blvd incline village

Obtain the birth experience you desire 775.971.9700 • Aspiring Birth Midwifery & Doula Services


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From Page 41, Teeth to Toes

G r e at f o r t h e - C a r | O f f i c e | H o m e R V | O n - T h e - G o & H o l i d ay g i f t s

The Web Back Support Special Web Pricing

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NOW... A Very Affordable & Portable, Ergonomic Technology!


“I purchased a web back support fifteen years ago & loved it! But I left it at one of my temp jobs. I’ve tried several back support cushions since then & none of them have worked. The reason I like the web back support is that it doesn’t sink or reshape itself, it fits in any chair & it’s very portable. I was so happy to see this ad, I can’t believe I found you! I bought two, one for home & one for my job.” -Pat Olsen • Reno, NV

To order NOW go to... Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

treatment for the sole purpose of preventing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and/or acute cardiovascular events. But it’s not just about how dental health can affect overall health, but rather how overall health can affect dental health. Different general health conditions can change the dynamics in the body, thus making it more susceptible to infections, including infections in the mouth. A side effect of uncontrolled diabetes is a lowered white blood cell count, the cells that are normally at the forefront in the body’s battles against infections. So, consider an increased count in bacteria, especially around teeth and along the gums, as well as high blood sugar levels, and the mouth becomes the perfect breeding ground for infections. This makes it all the more important for diabetic patients, both controlled and uncontrolled, to get frequent professional cleanings. They should also practice at-home brushing and flossing after every meal. Occasionally, people with pre-existing heart conditions may require a “pre-treatment” of antibiotics prior to particularly invasive dental procedures. The most notorious agent to watch out for is Streptococcus viridans but other Staphylococcus species are sometimes involved as well. S. viridans is commonly found in the mouth and it just so happens to also be the most common cause of infective endocarditis, an inflammation of the lining of the heart chambers and/or valves. The greatest concern is for people who had cardiovascular events that caused damage to occur on their heart valves, as that is where bacteria like to concentrate. There is a precaution here, as dental procedures that may cause moderate to severe bleeding could allow the oral bacteria to be introduced into the bloodstream, leading them to the heart. The dentist prescribes the course of pre-treatment antibiotics with the goal to control the bacteria prior to procedure, thus limiting the chances of such an infection occurring. Osteoporosis is defined as a condition of a reduction in bone mass. People more often associate osteoporosis with broken arms, hips or legs. But what is often overlooked is the loss of bone mass in the jaw. The jaw is the anchor point for the teeth, so when it becomes weakened, it can lead to an increased likelihood to lose teeth. This makes it all the more important to be very mindful of oral hygiene care because the development of periodontal disease in conjunction with osteoporosis leads to an even higher risk of losing teeth. To encourage more brushing and flossing, a thoughtful analogy might include thinking of the toothbrush and floss as the faithful guardians of the mouth. They should be employed frequently to help fight the battle against the bacteria that wreak havoc on the teeth and gums. Don’t forget, when thinking “Mind, Body and Soul,” include the teeth! HB References: 1. 2. For more info, contact Kwong Dental Care at (775) 323-3892.

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October 2010

HEALTHRESOURCEGUIDE ACUPUNCTURE DR. GARY DANCHAK, OMD 9393 Gateway Drive, Reno, NV 89521 (775) 849-9800 Energetically restore your body’s natural health and balance with Acupuncture and Customized Herbal Formulas. Successful, natural treatments for: Musculo-Skeletal and Nerve Pain, Infertility, Pre- & Post-Menopause Hormonal Imbalance, Migraines, Allergies, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Fatigue, Cholesterol, TMJ and more. Go to ad on Page 5.

ASTROLOGY ASTROLOGICAL ALCHEMY Robert Ayres (530) 550-1118 The astrology of self-transformationSM. Personal, business, relationship and relocational consultations. Metaphysical teacher. Over forty years of experience.

BODY WRAPS IT WORKS - HEALTHY LIVING PRODUCTS Body and Facial Wraps World class slimming body applicators. See results in less than 45 minutes. Affordable in-home treatment, body and facial wraps, tightens tones and firms, powerful herbal formula. Reduces the appearance of unsightly fat and cellulite. Not a water loss treatment. Go to ad on Page 2.



Colon Hydrotherapy continued... Shelby Molchan, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist 1801 Highway 50 East, Bldg. C, Carson City, NV(775) 762-2463

DR. TONY JENSEN 112 Moana Lane St. 101, Reno, NV (775) 323-1222 We take the time to educate you about Chiropractic and how important the nervous system is to your overall existence. That sets us apart from other Chiropractors. Now offering ProAdjuster Technique, NO twisting, popping, safe and effective for all ages. Go to ad on Page 34.

COUNSELING DANA ANDERSON, MFT 247 Court Street, Reno, NV (775) 323-4242

DR. JENNIFER CARDINAL 5301 Longley Lane Suite B-43 Reno, NV 89511 (775) 829-8686 Dr. Jennifer has a family practice with a focus on spinal rehabilitation and posture correction as well as preventative and wellness care. She has been practicing since 1998. Her methods are gentle yet effective for children, adults, and seniors. Go to ad on Page 11.

COACHING DINNY EVANS CERTIFIED COACH (530) 414-1420 Find yourself living a life where you know and feel that everything is perfect exactly as it is, through Radical Forgiveness & Radical Manifestation. Offering personal coaching sessions, workshops, ceremonies and group studies. Go to ad on Page 16.


RENO INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL CENTER Robert A. Eslinger, DO, HMD (775) 829-1009 •

RENO ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE CENTER Carol Christian (775) 827-6888

Reno Integrative Medical Center offers a variety of therapies to treat Cancer. Our approach is to support and enhance the body’s natural defenses while targeting the Cancer. Dr. Eslinger brings over 30 years of alternative and conventional medical experience. Go to ad on Page 42.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a valuable procedure and treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, as a toxic bowel is a source of many health challenges. Take Action Now! Serving 2 locations: Gerber Medical Clinic & The Ageless Zone (775) 826-8888. Go to ad on Page 25.

October 2010

Diets can’t work when you’re toxic! Island Rainbow Wellness Center features state of the art equipment and products such as Wilson’s detox coffee, that provide the best results for you. Look and feel fabulous. Detox Now! Go to ad on Page 15.


Are you not sure of your path in life? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed, restless, alone, unattractive, inadequate or disconnected spiritually, I CAN HELP. Call Dana Anderson today, Individual, Adolescent & Family Therapist. Let me help you find your path. New office location! TERRY LOWEY Marriage & Family Therapist 462 Court Street Reno, NV (775) 322-1924 19 years of experience counseling on a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, anger management, self-confidence, effective goal setting and turning life’s setbacks into success. Individual, couples, and family. Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

See PArt Two OF Corn Maze in the November issue.


Beginnings lifestyle magazine

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Energy Healing continued... KATE MOSER, REIKI MASTER Natural Harmony Energy Balancing Studio 505 S. Arlington Ave. suite 210, Reno

CRISIS CALL CENTER (775) 784-8085

(775) 412-1835

Crisis Call Center provides 24-hour emergency telephone crisis intervention, support, information, and referral services throughout the State of Nevada. The Center also operates the Sexual Assault Support Services program providing face-to-face crisis intervention and advocacy services for victims of sexual assault in Washoe County and neighboring rural communities. This service is free of charge, regardless of the nature of his or her problem.

Energetic imbalances can be related to pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. A Reiki session can balance the flow of chi ( the body’s energy) and remove energetic blockages, which increases the body’s ability to heal itself. The result is feeling more energized, healthy, and balanced in body, mind, and spirit.


List your Business here for less than $4 dollars a day DENTISTS CYRUS KWONG, DDS Kwong Dental Care 333 California Ave, Reno (775) 323-3892 Dr. Kwong is passionate about finding the root cause of your symptoms and condition. He and his caring staff take time to educate you. Offering cost effective, flexible, and up-to-date general and cosmetic dentistry with an extra touch of care. Accepting new patients. Go to ad on Page 41.

SIERRA GREEN BUILDING ASSOCIATION Building The Sierra’s Sustainable Community (877) 744-2248 SIGBA membership is nonexclusive, available to anyone who wants to support green building in the Sierra communities. We encourage our members to participate in green building practices, but do not require any specific certifications.

HYPNOTHERAPY VIRGINIA PARSONS, MS, CCHT, CTLC Life Enhancement Services, LLC (775) 250-6482 Specializing in Weight Loss, Stress Management and Positive Lifestyle Change. Lose weight, increase your vitality, improve your image or change negative habits and thinking. Virginia provides caring and supportive guidance to help bring out your very best. 20 yrs experience. Go to ad on Page 5. JUNE MILLIGAN, M.E., CCHt Joyful Changes Acupressure & Hypnosis (775) 786-9111

New university research: Quickly remove negative emotions from any scene/memory. Learn instant stress removal techniques and new ways to replace negative beliefs. Then using hypnosis, we instill powerful goal suggestions. All in one session. Issues? Anxiety, self-esteem, procrastination, smoking, etc. Go to ad on Page 9.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE NEVADA ECONET 138 West Street • Reno, NV 89501 (775) 323-3433 Nevada Econet is the primary source of environmental information and education in Northern Nevada. It is a network helping environmentally minded people find each other. Ask us about sustainability resources, clean water, solar energy, land issues, recycling & zero-waste events.

ENERGY HEALING MASTER JOHN MIYATA, DSM Executive Stress Care Consultant 218 California Ave. #203, Reno (775) 720-7188 Practicing Total Healing Energy Treatments for over 30 years worldwide (by invitation), Master John uses Authentic Japanese Shiatsu to harmonize and balance the body’s energy. Relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, body pains, digestive problems, endurance levels, unknown diseases and more. Regain your health and happiness.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

FENG SHUI FENG SHUI CLASSICAL CONSULTING Rebecca Moore Member of Alliance Feng Shui (775) 830-8168 Reno Rebecca is an environmental energy and design consultant who can help you avoid costly mistakes and enjoy long-term prosperity, health and success within your home and business, including existing, remodels, site selection, building design and commercial developments. Go to ad on Page 21.


GERBER MEDICAL CLINIC Michael Gerber, MD, HMD 1225 Westfield Ave. • Reno (775)-826-1900 Dr. Gerber brings 35 years of integrative medical experience to support your family’s health care needs in our new 8,800 sq ft. sustainable/ green facility with spa, movement studio, IV nutrients, allergy testing, thermography, bio-identical hormones, pediatric and healthy aging services. Go to ad on Page 25. RAND FAMILY CARE 6880 S. McCarran Blvd. Suite 14 • Reno (775) 826-RAND (7263) A Blend of Eastern & Western Medicine, complete care for the entire family. Board Certified Family Practitioner. Non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical pain management and treatment. Medical acupuncture and holistic care. Metabolic testing and meal planning.

October 2010

HEALTHRESOURCEGUIDE HERBAL REMEDIES It Works! you’re looking It Works! toWhether be slim and trim, have more energy, look more youthful and vibrant or live stress-free, It Works has something for you! We are proud to offer one-of-a-kind body slimming treatments, top-notch nutritional supplements and a specially-formulated skin care line that helps stop or delay the aging process. Go to ad on Page 2.

HOT SPRINGS STEAMBOAT HOT SPRINGS HEALING CENTER & SPA 16010 S. Virginia, Reno (775) 853-6600 • Natural hot springs with healing waters. Private indoor tubs and 5-person outdoor tub. Offering therapeutic massage, detox mud body wraps, facials and skin care. Go to ad on Page 14.

INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS Power Health Rehab & Wellness Center Dr. Martin P. Rutherford, D.C. 1175 Harvard Way - Reno (775) 329-4402 Dr. Rutherford has been treating patients in the Reno/Sparks area for 30 years. He is using new breakthrough neurological and metabolic treatment techniques focusing on conditions such as fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain, vertigo and many other chronic conditions. Go to ad on Page 13.

MASSAGE THERAPY MASSAGE ENVY 6795 S. Virginia St. Suite A, South Reno 155 Disc Drive #109, Spanish Springs (775) 853-8399 or (775) 857-3689 Massage Envy, leading provider of massage therapy in the U.S., believes Every Body deserves a great customized massage. Relaxation is convenient with flexible appointments and Licensed Massage Therapists personalizing your perfect massage all at a great price. Go to ad on Page 39.

October 2010

Massage Therapy continued...


Ross Anderson L.M.T. Located inside Destinations Spa 790 E. Lincoln Way, Sparks, NV 89434 775-287-1697 Ross has been practicing massage for five years and has education in Eastern and Western styles of massage. Using different techniques, Ross customizes massages to address the imbalances in a body. Restoring your health is his focus with every massage. Go to ad on Page 55.


SUGARLAND RANCH (775) 970-5350 Sugarland Ranch is a community based, nonprofit organization housing several small animal rescue programs. Volunteers and donations are welcomed.


Tired of medications and unwanted side effects? Naturopathic medicine assists the body’s natural healing process using science-based alternative healthcare. Clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, hormone balancing, lifestyle modification and hydrotherapy used to address the causes of disease. Menopause, PMS, Migraines, Digestive problems, Diabetes, High cholesterol, Blood pressure, Anxiety/ Depression, Sleep, Allergies, Detoxification.


CATHERINE NEIGHBORS, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist 5421 Kietzke Lane, Suite 101, Reno, NV 89511 (775) 322-4451 Sometimes we need help finding our true path, especially when we find ourselves along “the road less traveled.” Seeing a psychologist could make all the difference. Dr. Neighbors has over 15 years experience helping individuals gain insight toward greater self-understanding. Go to ad on Page 12.


It Works! Whether you’re looking It Works! to be slim and trim, have more energy, look more youthful and vibrant or live stress-free, It Works has something for you! We are proud to offer one-of-a-kind body slimming treatments, top-notch nutritional supplements and a specially-formulated skin care line that helps stop or delay the aging process. Go to ad on Page 2.

STRESS REDUCTION DANIEL KANE, NCTMB 1026 West First Street Reno, NV 89503 (775) 233-8404 An ancient physio-philosophy that reduces stress and complements other modalities. Using gentle touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu releases accumulated tensions by balancing the body’s life force energy, resulting in deep relaxation and peacefulness. Balance and harmony are necessary for good health.


The Shakespeare Animal Fund gives financial aid to low income, elderly and disabled pet owners who need help with emergency vet care. We welcome volunteer work and donations.

COSMETIC AESTHETICS LASER SALON Cindy L. Sult, BSN, RN 6542 S. McCarran Blvd #B, Reno, NV 89509 (775) 329-3484 • Tattoo regret? The revolutionary Eliminink Tattoo removal system offers greater success (90%) than laser (50%) with less treatments equaling less cost. Also less painful than laser with less hypopigmentation issues & scarring. Go to ad on Page 43.

WEIGHT LOSS VIRGINIA PARSONS, MS, CCHT, CTLC, NC Life Enhancement Services LLC (775) 250-6482 Transitions Lifestyle System is a healthy approach to losing weight without going hungry. Lose body fat & increase lean muscle mass to achieve & maintain a healthy weight for life. Call for a FREE introductory session. Go to ad on Page 5.

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Reverse Aging Naturally 628 South Wells, Reno (775) 327-4878

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte 455 West Fifth St., Reno 89503 Phone: 775-321-8711 Fax: 775-688-5599

All-inclusive spa package for just $20. Includes: Infrared sauna, spinal alignment, deep tissue chair massage, ionized alkaline water, mingun infrared massage bed, cellular energy optimizer session, meridian and reflexology balancing and a cool filtered shower! Detox and feel the difference.. Go to ad on Page 42.

Providing reproductive health services, education programs, and advocacy initiatives to northern Nevada since 1971. Services include breast and cervical cancer screening, annual exams, birth control, including emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, STD screening and treatment, and HPV vaccines. Go to ad on Page 18.





Wanted: Hair Stylist to experiment with Natural Hair Tint Product. Call Lana: (775) 826-8482.




Healthy Beginnings lifestyle magazine

Healthy Beginnings Magazine


Mother & Teen Daughter Sexuality Workshop

A workshop intended to help create a dialogue about sexuality between mothers and their daughters. October 1-3. $150. Contact Dr. Tory Clark at: (775) 843-9593

6th October 6th Seminar

FREE Style Seminar with Isha Casagrande, The Summit’s Personal Shopper. Discover simple ways to put a chic or classic spin on your wardrobe. 6-7pm at The Summit. Call 775-853-2500.

7th Open House

Sierra Body Contouring is hosting an open house to celebrate our new location on Thursday October 7th from 5-7pm. Please join us at 623 S. Center St. For more information, please call (775) 233-0346. Hope to see you there!!!

17th Celebration of The Animals

Celebration of The Animals at The Om Home, October 17th 10:00-5:00pm Animal Blessing at 10:00am, Feral Cat Tutorial at 11:30am. Energy Healing Clinic for companion animals 1:00pm-5:00pm A portion of the proceeds for Feral Cat Programs. 1221 Haskell St Suite B Reno 775-250-7756

invites you


to visit us

Celebrate 10 Years of Evolution!

in the electronic blogosphere & social media-sphere.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


10 year B-day Bash. Oct. 21-24. Celebrate with us and listen to JFK 1230 radio at 9AM for the Reverse Aging Naturally show, cohosted by local businesses supporting each other! Call 327-4878 for details.

Market Your EVENT TO Health Minded CONSUMERS Calendar Listings: $60/month


October 2010


Half Off Your First Cleaning

We Focus on your home, So you can focus on your free time. Sign up for repeat service and receive half off your 1st cleaning. WOW Cleaning Services • 775-322-4787

Reverse Aging Naturally Radio Show FREE 30 Minute Consultations

The Vitamin Connection

Make Money with Soul: Free Audio Course

50% Off Psychic Reading

Increase balance, energy, flexibility. DECREASE PAIN instantaneously. Sound to good to be true? 775240-6381 Rolfing®, Bodywork, Pilates.

Start transforming your passion or business into GOLD with five simple and soulful tips and action steps to start attracting more money, prosperity, joy and success into your life. Email or call 775-250-6482. Virginia Parsons, MS, CHHT, CMMS. Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach.

Fall Special

Tahoe Aesthetic & Integrative Medicine offers a $275 basic hormone assessment and consultation. Could testosterone, estrogen, or other therapies help you? (775) 298-1750,

Ask An Expert

Life’s challenges can be stressful. Call for a free 20-minute consultation to decide if seeing a psychologist can help. Call Catherine Neighbors, Ph.D., (775) 322-4451.

October 2010

Come try our Turbosonic machine today. The Turbosonic therapy is great for overall fitness and health. Free demo with your first visit. For more info: (775) 825-3993.

Reverse Aging Naturally presents a local health radio show on KJFK 1230am radio every Sunday morning 9AM after Dr Bob Martin. This live local call-in show is hosted by Diane Underwood and co hosted by other local practitioners. You’re gonna love it!

Abraham-Hicks Group

Visit The Psychic Spa! Receive 50% Off of A Full Life Reading. 9am-9pm seven Days a week • South Lake Tahoe • Book An Appointment (530)-541-8900 • www.

Knowledge of Esther Hicks and Abraham is recommended. Call Dinny (530) 4141420. Every Friday 8:30 am - 10:00am FOR GOODNESS SAKE in Truckee

Honey for Your Honey “Free 100% Green Drycleaning” Spot Cleaners (Reno) and Crossroads Cleaners (Truckee) are offering a free cleaning. Come try out our Green cleaning process. Look for our advertised coupon inside HB Magazine!! (775) 851-7768.

Gluten Free Mondays at Great Harvest Bread Company Enjoy a small variety of gluten free breads baked fresh. Call to reserve yours (775) 323-7733. (Disclaimer: We are a wheat Bakery and cannot guarantee a 100% gluten free product)


Manitoba White honey is the perfect gift all year long! Have plenty of honey on hand for the allergy season. Call Susan Williams (775) 358-5083

Padma Rigdzin Ling Buddhist Monastery Tue: 5:30-7:00pm Intro to the Buddha Dharma • Wed: 5:30-6:30pm World Peace Ceremony • Thu: 5:30-7:00pm Buddhist Preliminary Practice • Fri: 11:00am-12:30pm Buddhist Meditation. Located: 2370 Wedekind Rd., Unit D, Reno • • (208) 819-2205

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All Health is Holistic Health

Chiron Files vital, life-giving ideas in a time of profound change


Written By Eric Francis hen using astrology to focus on health the first place to look is Chiron. Chiron is a minor planet, not an asteroid, discovered in 1977, which has deep connections to health and wellbeing. Chiron, the mythological figure, was a surgeon and healer who was given his knowledge directly by the Sun-god Apollo. He in turn passed his knowledge on to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. So, he is a pivotal figure in the history of the healing process. In astrology, Chiron is the planet that reminds us that health is a wholesystem affair. The issues we face are not strictly mental, physical or emotional, but rather different facets of how we express our energy and how each influences the other. Chiron, which takes 51 years to move around the Sun, is in a gradual transition from Aquarius to Pisces. This transition finishes in February when Chiron arrives in Pisces to stay for the next eight years. This transition emphasizes the relationship between what we think and how we feel. In recent

months, we’ve been learning to observe and come to terms with environmental pollutants, whether that means an oil spill (which happened precisely during Chiron’s brief visit to Pisces in late spring and early summer), to toxins in the mental environment (advertising, media chaos) to the psychic environment (the effects of microwaves, cell phones and mental overstimulation). Through September, with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, we learned the importance of our state of mind on our total health. Psychological stress can throw us out of whack, which is to say that keeping ourselves reasonably calm and rested can bring us back into alignment. The last remnants of Mercury retrograde are still wearing off through early October; a state of mental clarity is getting easier to grasp. In October, Venus takes her turn being retrograde, in Scorpio. This is a complex transit because Venus rules Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio, and Libra, the sign adjacent to Scorpio. So we have Venus out of her element for most of the retrograde, which is going to call attention to what is usually the most difficult to see and feel. This is the

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.


deep layer of emotions that we don’t usually notice, or acknowledge, and which will be truly helpful to focus our attention on. Much of this involves desire, and in particular, sexual desire; there is no simpler way to describe Venus in Scorpio. There are related questions, such as how attachment influences our health? By that I mean attachment to our feelings, our emotional habits and to people. What about our attachments to food, material possessions and to luxury? This transit, which lasts through mid-November, will bring this material to the surface and give us the opportunity to prioritize. We need to emphasize what we truly want and let go of what we don’t need. Remember, we don’t resolve this material in theory, we do it in reality, with actual physical experiences, conversations that evoke deep emotion and by saying hello and goodbye consciously. HB Eric Francis is the author of the Planet Waves column, available by subscription at

October 2010

Banana Bread

CHILI in the raw Submitted by Shaw Adams


Mrs. Ehlers Kitchen




1.5 cups almonds

(soaked overnight and rinsed)

2 carrots

4 tomatoes (seeded)

1/3 cup raw virgin coconut oil

2 avocados (minced or pressed)

2 cups ripe bananas,

1 red pepper

1 tbsp ginger

2 large eggs

1/4 to 1/2 cup leek

1 tsp Celtic salt

¼ -to ½ cup cream

1/2 cup soaked sun dried tomatoes

2-4 tbsp Chili powder

1 tsp. vanilla

1-2 tsp ground cumin

1/3 cup walnuts or pecans,

(or more if you like)

2 tsp. baking powder


1 ½ tsp cinnamon 1 tsp. Xanthan gum ½ tsp. salt

broken into pieces

Cayenne (to taste)


Opened faced STUFFED PEPPERS Visit

(Bob’s Red Mill)

2/3 cups cane sugar

2 cloves garlic

2 celery ribs

1 3/4 cups all purpose Gluten free baking flour

Mrs. Ehlers Kitchen

Mrs. Ehlers Kitchen




2 large yellow, red, or green peppers,

2 wedges of the Indian bread

cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds.

12 fresh spinach leaves

2 cups precooked quinoa ¼ tsp. salt

1 medium, ripe avocado

1 medium tomato, cut up.

1 large tomato cut into ¾ inch pieces

¼ cup prepared basil pesto

1/3 of an English cucumber sliced and divided

1/2 cup prepared garlic or 1 small clove garlic, minced. 1 cup cooked kale or chard 3/4 cup Monterey Jack cheese or parmesan cheese or mozzarella.

Thai Curried Pumpkin soup


Mrs. Ehlers Kitchen

Mr. Distribution




1 large ripe avocado

8 oz packaged sliced mushrooms

1 tsp. lemon juice

1 cup chopped onion

1 small clove of garlic, minced

2 tbsp butter or margarine 1 tsp spicy curry powder 1 tsp regular curry powder

12 oz can of coconut milk 1 tbsp of honey 1 tsp salt 1/5 tsp pepper 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

3 cups vegetable stock or broth 15 oz can of pure pumpkin

October 2010


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(The almonds give this a texture like eating regular chili with meat in it)

1. Cream the coconut oil, sugar cane, bananas, eggs, cream and vanilla. 2. Mix together the Gluten free backing flour, baking powder, cinnamon,

1. Chop the almonds, carrots, celery, red pepper, and leek into pieces about

Xanthan gum, and salt.

the size of an apple seed with food processor.

3. Add these ingredients to the creamed mixture and mix until smooth.

2. Start with carrots and almonds then add the softer ingredients so that they

4. Fold in the walnuts with a wooden spoon.

will all be about the same size pieces.

5 Bake at 350 degrees in a 9x5 greased baking pan. 6. Cook for 50 to 60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted


in the center comes out clean.

1. Using a food processor combined the sun dried tomatoes, tomatoes,

7. Remove to rack and cool in pan for 10 min.

avocados, garlic, ginger, salt, chili powder, cumin, and cayenne.

8.Then take bread out of pan and let cool.

2. Mix sauce and veggies then top with onion dip. The coconut oil gives it a wonderful flavor.

visit for more delicious recipes!

visit for more delicious recipes!



1. Mix the Quinoa, salt, tomato, pesto, garlic, and chard together.

1. Warm the bread in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes

2. Fill the pepper halves with the Quinoa mixture.

2. Layer each wedge with 6 spinach leaves

3. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

3. Divide the tomato chunks to top each wedge 4. Top the tomatoes with the avocado chunks

4. Top with cheese and bake a few minutes to melt the cheese.

5. Cut some of the slices of cucumber into 1/4 and arrange on

This recipe makes two servings.

and around the avocado 6. Place some of the full slices around the bread


This is a very healthy, delicious lunch. This recipe is for two people. Hope you enjoy it as much as my daughter and I did.

visit for more delicious recipes!

visit for more delicious recipes!



1. Place the spicy dip in a bowl.

1. Saute the onions and mushrooms in butter in a large saucepan until soft

2. Add the mashed avocado, lemon juice and the garlic.

and tender. Stir in the flour and curry powder until mixture is blended.

3. Mix all the ingredients together.

Gradually add the vegetable broth.

4.Serve with pita crackers, pita chips, celery sticks, carrot sticks and cucumber sticks.

2. Bring the mixture to a boil and stir until slightly thickened (2 minutes).

Hope you enjoy this recipe.

Add all remaining ingredients and mix well. Soup can be prepared in advance, and stored in the refrigerator.


3. When ready to serve, heat soup to serving temperature.


visit for more delicious recipes!

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.

visit for more delicious recipes!


October 2010

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