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December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


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COVERSTORY Written By Ffjorren Zolfaghar


he end of another year is a good time for reflection. I like to look back and question, did I reach all my objectives and did I enjoy the journey?

I think for me, enjoying the journey is the most important aspect of living. I have much to be grateful for, I have a lovely family, a good business, dear friends, loyal readers and two wonderful dogs (Hurley and Lady) and I have my health. Staying healthy is my utmost priority. My definition of health includes all aspects of my body, mind, Spirit, social and environmental experiences. What is important to you? Whatever you deem important influences the choices you make in your life. Sometimes we get off track and that is okay. Reflect, dust yourself off and be accountable for your actions-work towards the positive comeback.


ur cover signifies the basics of Christmas: a fragrant Christmas tree, colors of red and green, and the unadorned décor of bright lights, pine cones and strings of berries. These simple, yet elegant elements stir emotions within us. They offer nostalgic pause and often provide mood elevating feelings that lift our spirit, wonder and joy.

It is my hope and desire that Healthy Beginnings Magazine has uplifted and educated you in ways that bring about positive changes in your life. It is always a delight when a reader calls into the office. Thank you for your feedback!

Get back to the basics this holiday season. Take a moment to reflect on the perfection of beauty that lies within the most down-to-earth aspects of our lives. Like a child filled with

Our heartfelt wishes go out to everyone. God bless all of us during this Holiday/Christmas Season; and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, God bless you too.

delight upon playing with a brown box and a bit of tissue paper, remember there is joy to be found everywhere, and in everything we do. For, it is not the material and commercialized glitter and glam that keep us aglow, it is the love we feel, inside and out; the affection we pass on through simple gestures; the hope we give to a family that has little; and the spirit-filled grace we share with those around us.

Best in Health and Happiness, Dawn Gowery

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

The Spiritual Chemistry in Stories


Written By Andy Drymalski, EdD

wholesome fruit, but others will become invasive, choking weeds. It is truly important to screen and evaluate the images and stories that pass before your mind (and especially those of your children). If you consume a movie as unthinkingly as you consume movie popcorn, your values and beliefs will be affected just as unconsciously.

piritual images and themes are like chemicals; if they aren’t put together in the right way, disaster can result. Most people don’t realize the power of the psyche and the diverse forces in it. Matters related to evil, occult and demonic phenomena are not to be toyed with, either in life or entertainment. This does not mean such themes can’t be constructively explored within a movie, book, or other art form. Buy if they are, it should be done in a way that is psychologically and spiritually valid.

For more info, contact Dr. Andy Drymalski, Reno and Carson City psychologist at (775) 786-3818, or visit online at More articles at

Have you ever watched a movie or television show involving themes of evil or the occult and wondered to yourself, “Where is this going to take me?” That’s a good question to ask. This type of material is used more and more nowadays to add a layer of intrigue to a plot or storyline. Are you ever curious about the intentions and spiritual maturity of the writer, or writers, who created the story you are taking in? To use the chemistry analogy, are these themes and symbols being played with? Or, are they actually being put together by someone who knows, understands and appreciates what he is doing? Is the story the creative expression of a psychologically and spiritually mature person (e.g., a C.S. Lewis or J.R. Tolkien), or is it the frenzied brainchild of a group of Hollywood writers with no particular talent other than their ability to pour random chemicals into a pot and stir?

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The symbols, images and ideas within a movie, television show, book or computer game act as seeds within the unconscious. They seek out their own soil and take root when a favorable opportunity presents itself. Some will bear

December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Editor & Content Director

Written By Karen Tenaglio


Design & Layout

here’s almost nothing worse than experiencing ear pain, itching, loss of hearing, or a sinus headache.

Ear Candling is an ancient practice, dating back to biblical times in Egypt, the Orient, as well as European cultures. This simple, gentle treatment removes wax from the ear, improving your sense of wellbeing, physical, mental and even spiritual. The candle is a long hollow tube made from unbleached muslin immersed in an aromatic herbal solution. After it dries, the cone is then dipped into beeswax. The cone or candle is then placed into the ear opening and the top of the cone is lit; soft warm white smoke billows down the tube into the ear and softens the wax. The flame on top of the cone creates a vacuum that pulls out built up wax, toxins, bacteria, dirt and residue from past medications. Ear Candling may also help with a dry hacking cough (a result of a sinus infection), sinus headache, tinnitus, and itchy ear. Today more people are seeking alternatives to digging in the ear with Q-tips or using a hydrogen peroxide flush to clean a blocked ear canal. Ear Candling is a relaxing, natural, non-intrusive treatment.

References: Tatum, Anne. Ear Candling. A.P. Enterprises. 1995.

Facials, peels, waxing, massage 50+ 10% discount. Call Karen at 775 7229307 or go to for more info.

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

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Dr. Raina Ferran, OMD

Fibromyalgia and Stress... “It’s All in Your Head” Part I Written By Martin Rutherford, D.C., C.C.S.T. and Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.


its communication system--the spinal cord--process pain. For the fibromyalgia sufferer, and all of the 120 million chronic pain sufferers in this country, it is important to understand

ina is a busy mother and a single parent who works at night to support her son. Unfortunately, she has been riddled by severe pain enveloping her entire body for the last 11 years. Gina has seen several specialists for her pain and they performed diagnostic testing, which included MRIs of her brain and all areas of her spinal cord. No abnormalities were found, and she was told that she was normal. Words cannot describe the level of frustration Gina experienced. Her pain was severe and she knew it was real, yet her doctors repeatedly implied otherwise. Doubting herself, Gina wondered if the pain was truly “all in her head.”

Continued on Page 10

The simple answer to Gina’s question is yes, the pain is in her head. However, this is not meant to imply that Gina is crazy, histrionic or embellishing her suffering. To fully comprehend this statement, the reader needs to understand how the master computer of the body, the brain, along with



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

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December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



“older area of the brain”--the non-thinking part of the brain. But because our soccer player’s shin was kicked so hard, the remaining 25 percent of the pain signals will reach the conscience area of the brain, so that the brain can interpret that the shin was kicked and enable the brain to perceive and understand this as a painful event. Thus, the 70-75 percent of the nerve signals first go to the area of the conscious brain called the parietal lobe and because in our example the nocioceptive signals are “overwhelming,” the 25 percent will go to the “subconscious” area called the cingulated gyrus.

Fibromyalgia and Stress... “It’s All in Your Head” Part I Continued from Page 8

how pain signals arrive at our central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), the purpose of this pain (to let us know something is wrong) and what other factors (stress and biochemical) can influence it.

For all of the fibromyalgia and chronic pain sufferers, this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Because the cingulated gyrus is where we experience pain and suffering. In order for a person to feel “chronic” pain the anterior cingulate gyrus must be activated and perpetually stimulated.

To better understand these concepts, let’s further explore the issue by using a 15-year-old soccer player’s injury as an example:

The brain, in its attempt to prevent pain automatically, sends signals down the spinal cord to shut off the pain process of nocioception. It does so by using chemical molecules such as serotonin, morphine and endorphins. These chemicals’ proposed aim is to shut off the nocioception process coming into the spinal cord before it travels up the spinal cord to be experienced as pain. This is what drugs and other “alternative” interventions (5HTP, melatonin, serotonin etc) do.

When the shin of a soccer player is kicked violently, “pain” receptors in the shin will send signals in nerves that transmit the message to the spinal cord. The nerves that carry these signals to the spinal cord and the brain are not called pain nerves or pain neurons (neurons being the term for nerve

Endorphins shut off pain--as in the endorphins in the long distance runner’s experience of “getting their second wind,” or as they call it the “runner’s high.” And many of you are familiar with morphine and its pain inhibiting properties. But how many of you knew that our brains naturally make morphine (if it’s not under stress)? It shuts off the nocioceptive pain mechanism, so that the nocioception never reaches the brain to be realizes as pain. SO now the saying “it is not pain until it reaches the brain” should make sense. For the fibromyalgia and other chronic pain sufferers this saying also summarizes why they have chronic pain. The pain can be in the brain--and usually is. Causes of the destruction of this mechanism and the perpetuation of chronic pain conditions are exhaustive. In part two, we will discuss fibro, chronic pain conditions, stress, inflammation, and many more causes of pain experience “all over their body.” Until then, the pain is in your head-but you’re not crazy!

For all of the fibromyalgia and chronic pain sufferers, this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Because the cingulated gyrus is where we experience pain and suffering. In order for a person to feel “chronic” pain the anterior cingulate gyrus must be activated and perpetually stimulated.

cells), but are instead referred to as nocioceptive fibers and nocioceptive neurons. The emphasis on the difference in these terms is intentional and important to the fibromyalgia and chronic pain sufferer. “Nocioception” is a process. The nocioceptor is a cell that “senses” and can respond to potentially damaging stimuli (burns, inflammation, infection, trauma, etc.) to those cells. If one of the stimuli stimulates these cells, nerve signals are then sent to the spinal cord and brain. The process described here is called nocioception and usually--but not always--causes the perception of pain, in the brain.

References: 1. Kandel, E, eds. Principals of Neuro Science. 4th edition. Mcgraw-Hill. 1998. 2. Fierstein, G, eds. Kelly’s Textbook of Rheumatology. 9th edition. October, 2012.

As many as 70-75 percent of these signals from the kicked shin will not enter the conscious (awareness) area of the brain but instead terminates in the “subconscious” midbrain. This is the


For more info, contact Dr. Rutherford or Dr. Gates at (775) 329-4402, or visit them online at


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

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December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



Are You Weak, or Just

? n e c Out of Bala

Submitted By Tony Jensen


ave you ever been trying to lift or move something around and notice that one side of your body isn’t as strong as the other side. That’s probably happened to all of us at some time or another. This could be just because you are more dominate and stronger on that side or it could also be a sign that your body is trying to let you know that you are “out of balance” in one or multiple areas.

These muscles help us bring our head forward and to our chest area. The easiest way to test these muscles is; lay on your back and raise your head up off the bed or floor and slightly turn your head to the right about 10 degrees. Then have someone gently push down on your neck to see if you are strong on that position, then try the other side. If there is a weakness to one or both of these ranges of motions, then you could be having a problem with one of the areas mentioned above. To rule out some of these, lets first look at the NERVE SUPPLY. Take one of your hands and gently touch your neck and then re-test. If it makes it strong you probably have a nerve in your neck that is irritated. Seek out a Chiropractor to help eliminate that nerve irritation.

Some of the ways that we can be out of balance are Nutritional, Nerve supply, Neurolymphatic, Neurovascular, Meridian association, Organ association, and Emotional. Each one of these areas of can affect our overall strength and health. Let’s do a test on our own neck flexors muscle for example:



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

Out of Alignment?

Once that is restored back to normal your neck should be strong again. If you touched your neck and that didn’t help then try stimulating the NEUROLYMPHATIC. There are two points to locate on the body: lets first find the front point, where the neck meets your sternum there’s a groove there this is called the “Sternal Notice”. Go down 2 inches then out about 4 inches to the right or left, which ever was your weak side of the neck. Gently rub this spot in a clock wise potions (act like a clock is on you and someone was looking at it) do this 5 times. Then locate the back point, this is done by touching the center of the base of the skull and then slide down to the first bone you feel. Then move to the weak side of the neck about one inch out and gently rub that spot clock wise for 5 times. Then retest the neck to see if that strengthened the neck, if this fixed the problem, great. You may need to retest this later to see if it returns. In some cases you may need to do this two to three times to reprogram this area. If it continues to keep coming back seek out care from a trained professional. If these did not fix the neck weakness, then let’s move to the Neurovascular point.

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The NEUROVASCULAR point is located on your weak side, on your jaw bone, slightly below your ear canal level. Gently rub this spot clock wise for 5 times, then retest the neck. If this fixed the problem, good. If still not strong, then you can test to see if you having a Nutrition deficiency because the neck is associated with vitamin B6, niacinamide or niacin. This is done by putting B6 in your hand, then retest the neck muscles. If you are strong now you need the B6. Next if those didn’t work then let’s stimulate the MERIDIAN ASSOCIATION, by placing your hand on over your stomach. If this strengthens the neck then you can either rub the stomach area or try and find what supplement you’ll need.

Adjuster, Applied Kinesiology and releasing trapped emotions. We also offer massage therapy and in office x-rays. No Twisting and Popping! Trapped Emotions Cause Physical Pain

The last test if all else fails is the ORGAN/GLAND ASSOCIATION. This association is the sinuses. Touch over your sinus area and retest. If strong then you have sinuses problems i.e. allergies, infection, or cold symptoms. Once you get that problem fixed the neck will strengthen up.

Call Dr. Tony Jensen


Isn’t it amazing to see all the things that can affect you?

495 Apple Street Ste. 105 Reno, NV


1. Applied Kinesiology Book, by David S. Walther, D.C. 1988 SYSTEMS DC. page 335 Neck Flexors .

For more info, contact Dr. Tony Jensen at (775) 323-1222. See Display Ad on This Page

December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 16 - Hyaluronic Acid It’s the Icing on the Cake

Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald


arly signs of dehydration include all-over achiness and pain for no apparent reason--except of course, everything is dried out. Just as calcium and magnesium are more effective together, water and electrolytes hydrate a water-deficient body more effectively when hyaluronic acid (HA) is present.

lubricate moving parts. If we are dehydrated, hyaluronic cannot help joints with lubrication because it has so little water to bind with. This allows joint components to rub against each other: ouch! Hyaluronic also delivers nutrients to cells in cartilage, joints, disks and bursae that do not have a direct blood supply.

A 154-pound human body has only about one tablespoon of hyaluronic acid. But that small amount is very powerful in the body’s regeneration processes. Hyaluronic + water (H+W) becomes a health enhancing combination when it comes to relieving dehydration’s painful symptoms of general overall stiffness due to lack of lubrication and viscosity.

With H+W between all cells, everything moves with ease and comfort. For instance, when we jump off a step, we want our internal organs to give in smoothly to the gravitational forces pushing them all downward. To do this, they need to slide against each other, not stick together because they’re dry.  This ability to move easily is especially important to our delicate brain, which is encased in the skull with cranial fluid around it. The fluid’s purpose is to absorb any impact the head endures due to an open cabinet door or a sports injury such as a football tackle. Although the brain has first claim on all the good things in the body, especially water because the brain is 80 percent water, a dehydrated body has little water to share with its trillions

Lubrication You could compare the joints of the human body to an automobile engine because the joint fluid in the body mimics the oil in the car engine. Periodically, we replace the car’s oil because heat and friction break down its thickness and ability to



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

of cells. When there is less water in the brain itself, the force of a head impact means its cells cannot slide, but can collide and damage each other.

again as a shock absorber and also transports nutrients and carries away waste products. Inside gum tissue, HA strengthens ligaments that hold teeth in place.

Hyaluronic is instrumental in treating rheumatoid arthritis by combating pain with lubrication, then promoting cartilage production and repair of joint connective tissues. With H+W, recovery periods are shorter and result in more complete range of motion. Combined with glucosamine, it reduces osteoarthritis pain and reverses joint cartilage loss.

Supplementing Hyaluronic Acid Guarantee HA production by eating a nutritious and balanced diet. All meats are rich sources of this acid, and Vitamin A helps release it in the form of retinol. Citrus and other fruits high in Vitamin C help increase the level of the acid. Root vegetables containing starch, magnesium and zinc are also helpful to its production.


Continuous HA production or supplementation is necessary because it has a half-life of three days, after which, it is broken down and moved out of the body. It might only last one day in the skin. Research proved that swallowed HA is absorbed and distributed to organs and joints after a single intake. This means you only have to wait days instead of weeks to get results. Most sources say 100 to 200 mg per day is a proper dosage. Remember to drink plenty of water so the HA has something to interact with.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most water-loving molecules in nature, capable of binding up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. When hyaluronic acid does bind with water, the substance becomes thicker, like cornstarch makes gravy or gelatin makes Jell-O. Because water is both around and inside each cell, gelatinous H+W helps hold everything together, much like the mortar between bricks. Without this ability, everything in the body would just slosh around like it does when you carry a pail of water. The beauty of gelatinous H+W is that it resists compression and is again especially important in joints to cushion their movements and protect the brain from collision with the skull.

After years of having a hydration level of only 70 percent or less, when we start drinking ten or more glasses of water per day to re-hydrate, our body may not be able to produce enough hyaluronic acid fast enough to bind all that new water coming in. Without hyaluronic acid--plus water’s lubricating and thickening abilities--we would not get the full benefit of re-hydration and tissue regeneration. You can make water plus salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, and hyaluronic acid your personal Fountain of Youth.

A brick mason once said “the mortar is also to hold the bricks apart.” This function is important to mobility and motility, or the ability to move. As people we move about our world, and this causes all the cells in our body to also move inside us. So they don’t all crash into one another when we jump off a stair step, the thick water between them cushions the force of gravity between cells, between joint bones, between the organs, etc. Other Body Benefits


Because the skin is the body’s largest organ, over 50 percent of Hyaluronic acid is located there, even though it is only 15 percent of the body’s weight. If the skin’s collagen is continually stretched and retracted, it will breakdown and sag over the years. The presence of H+W has a moisturizing and elasticizing effect on skin cells. The dynamic combo acts as a space-filler between cells to keep the skin wrinkle-free.

1. acid 2. 3. 4. 5.

When we’re young, we produce lots of it; that’s why a child’s skin is so hydrated with water. As we age, we produce less and less HA, so our skin becomes drier. More water with supplemental HA could well reduce some of those deep age wrinkles.

6. 7.

Hair follicles are located in the deeper skin layers where this thick liquid nourishes and hydrates, so the result is lustrous hair and a moisturized scalp. HA and collagen also give shape and plumpness to the lips.


JeanAnn is a free-lance writer for health and metaphysics. Heal Yourself for Real plus three more e-books are available at Amazon. com and Barnes& She also does handwriting analysis and numerology. JeanAnn’s e-mail is

Eyes contain a high concentration of HA, so the fluid inside them is almost completely all HA. Post operatively, HA induces tissue healing; like after cataract surgery, because more white blood cells enter the area because it’s thought to actually raise the bloodstream’s white cell count. Inside, the eyeball acts

December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

*This article was reprinted with permission from the author.



Pain, Pain Go Away Written By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD


he FDA is currently considering new restrictions on the popular hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Vicodin) painkiller to limit the way it is prescribed and the amounts prescribed. “Over the past 25 years, physicians in many countries have become increasingly willing to prescribe opioids for chronic pain for causes other than cancer. The burgeoning use of opioids has been accompanied by a steep increase in opioid related mortality. In the United States, deaths involving opioid analgesics increased from 4,041 in 1999 to 14, 459 in 2007 and are now more common than deaths from multiple myeloma, HIV and alcoholic liver disease. Opioid prescribing and opioid related deaths--most of them unintentional--are increasing around the world.” Readers of this magazine realize that there are many underutilized treatments for pain relief including chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, Reike, essential oils, homeopathic creams and oral homeopathics, isopathics, HCG, bio-identical hormones as well as sound therapy, meditation and stress reduction techniques. Surgical approaches are brilliant when needed yet many patients are at the end of the line in their search for help with chronic pain.

Neural Therapy to the Rescue

Neural therapy was developed in Germany in 1905 when Einhorn synthesized procaine (Novacaine) a local anesthetic, which normalizes nerve function. Led by the Huneke brothers, the Germans developed injection techniques for every area of human body. Using procaine injections, with the addition of homeopathic remedies and ozone, O3 (Prolozone) and German Isopathic remedies primarily employed in the skin over acupuncture points but also in all of the joints in the body and nerve plexes is a brilliant and immediate reliever of pain. All of the uses for Neural Therapy take up many textbooks. So, here are just a few of the most frequent interventions for pain.

Headache Most tension headaches disappear in about 10 seconds with a ¼ cc injection into each side of the back of the scalp, two



fingerbreadths from the occipital notch. This relieves about 90 percent of headaches. Sometimes the pain needs to be chased to the temples or behind the ear. It won’t stop a three-day migraine, but it helps the intensity of them.

Sinus Pain

Subcutaneous injections of acupuncture sinus points immediately opens up clogged sinuses; they begin to drain. Pain and infection begin to improve immediately.

Tooth Pain

Acute and chronic teeth pain, infection, root canals, improperly removed wisdom teeth can be immediately improved with neural therapy and added isopathic remedies to address infection. The gums next to the teeth are first numbed with topical lidocaine and then injected painlessly with procaine and isopathics followed by ozone gas, which kills all bacteria and fungi. Many teeth have been saved in this manner, as well as treated for un-diagnosable chronic, systemic illnesses related to bad teeth.

Neck Pain, Thoracic Spine Pain, Lumbar Spine Pain, Sciatica Bubbles of procaine with homeopathics for injury or arthritis are injected into the skin above the spine of the vertebral segment that relates to the pain. Following that, the ligament between the dorsal processes is lightly injected and then followed with ozone gas. The usual treatment schedule is once per week for four to six weeks. Frequently, one or two injections do the job for pain relief.

Shoulder, Knee, Elbow, Wrist Pain

Starting with a circle of bubbles around the joint with procaine and homeopathics, for either injury or arthritis, followed with procaine in the joint (doesn’t hurt) with a little ozone chaser to awaken damaged tissues and nerves is a very frequent intervention in our office.

Stomach Pain, Gall Bladder Pain

Bubbles in the skin under the rib cage and up the sternum immediately improve or stop stomach pain, gastritis and GERD. Using the homeopathic for spasms helps a lot, especially for

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December 2013

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pain. It is injected over the liver and gall bladder acupuncture points for gall bladder colic.

This is of course a brief review, highlights if you will, of the power of neural therapy. Thanks to my teacher of this therapy, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.

Kidney Stone Pain, Kidney Pain

Patients receive immediate relief of Kidney stone pain by injecting procaine, Spascupreel (for spasms) into the Kidney-Bladder distinct meridian acupuncture points. Bubbles injected into the back of the head, middle of the back and behind the knees relieves pain and nausea in minutes.

References: 1. Irfan A Dhalla, lecturer, Navindra Persaud, research fellow, David N Juurlink, division head, clinical pharmacology147

Bladder Pain, Pelvic Pain

2. Dosch MD, Peter and Haung MD, Karl F. Manual of Neural Therapy according to Huneke. Heidelberg, 1984.

The pelvic nerve plexus behind the pubic bone is easily injected for endometriosis, ovarian cyst pain, bladder pain and interstitial cystitis and other chronic pelvic pain conditions and can be immediately helped with procaine, homeopathics and ozone. It is not painful to do this intervention and there are very few ways

December 2013

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Written By Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D.

K-1 is a new cancer test that can be used to screen a healthy population for evidence of cancer, or it can be used to monitor the progress of treatment in someone who is already diagnosed with cancer. It is a simple blood test performed by a lab in Boca Raton, Florida. The results can be obtained in 10 days.

patients with clinical reactions of complete response or partial response, but high or increasing in patients with stable disease or progressive disease, some of them showing metastasis. The TK1 also reflected the differences in clinical reactions when surgery and chemotherapy were compared.

TK-1, or Thymidine Kinase-1, is an enzyme that can be found in most living cells. It is responsible for DNA duplication during cell division and DNA repair. As cancer cells rapidly and aggressively divide, more TK-1 is released into the blood. By regularly monitoring TK-1 blood levels, you can detect indications of cancer formation early on, before it becomes harder to treat.

The conclusion: the concentration of TK1 in serum correlates to clinical stages and clinical reactions and monitors the effect of tumor therapies, not only in controlled clinical trials, but also in routine clinic settings. The study was also very useful in patients that underwent surgery for their cancer. The TK1 test was able to demonstrate that removal of the tumor in patients with no metastasis resulted in decreasing TK1 values while the presence of metastasis keeps the levels unchanged or rising.

The initial test will establish a personal baseline to continuously monitor ongoing testing over time. If there are high levels of TK-1 detected, acute infection, B12 or folate deficiency, and autoimmune disease need to be ruled out. If the above disorders have been ruled out and repeated TK-1 testing continues to reveal elevated levels, the person needs to be evaluated for possible malignancy.

This new test is a very exciting, non-invasive, non-radioactive mechanism for detecting cancer and for monitoring the progress of therapy. References:

If the patient is going through cancer treatment, frequent TK-1 testing will help monitor the effectiveness of treatment or if the cancer is not responding.

1. Zhang J, Jia Q, Zou S et al (2006), Thymidine kinase 1: a proliferation marker for determining prognosis and monitoring the surgical outcome of primary bladder carcinoma patients. Oncol Rep 15:455-461

If the tumor is in remission, frequent TK-1 testing will provide the ability to detect the recurrence of cancer.

2. Topolcan O, Holubec L Jr, Finek J et al (2005), Changes of thymidine kinase during adjuvant and palliative chemotherapy. Anticancer Res 25:1831-1833

The Japan Society of Clinical Oncology published a study in 2010. It correlated the clinical stage and reactions of 1,247 patients, monitoring the outcome of surgery and/or multidrug chemotherapy treating five different types of carcinomas (lung, esophagus, gastric, head and neck, and thyroid) in routine clinical settings.

For more info, contact Reno Integrative Medical Center at (775) 829-1009, or visit online at

The serum TK1 was low or decreasing during treatments in



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December 2013

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Learn more about Dr. Eslinger’s therapies in “Defeat Cancer” where he is featured as one of the top doctors fightng cancer globally. He also co-authored and published a medical study on GcMAF, an alternative cancer therapy.

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Robert Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D.


Health Alert:

Proposed Compounding Legislation and What You Need to Know


Submitted By Julie Alston and JR Lynn, Wellness Pharmacy

enate Bill S. 959 was scheduled for a vote in the Senate as early as September. This bill, the Pharmaceutical Quality Security and Accountability Act, has implications that could negatively affect the access of doctors and patients to compounded prescriptions. If you are a doctor or patient who uses compounded medications, please act now to educate yourself on this bill and to contact your state’s congressional representatives.

If passed as it is currently written, this bill will:

Although S. 959 was originally intended to prevent another tragedy like the 2012 meningitis outbreak linked to products compounded by the New England Compounding Center (NECC), the bill’s current form creates broad intrusions into the practice of medicine and the relationship between doctor, pharmacist and patient, while negatively affecting patient care. NECC was in violation of current laws, and had been cited previously for violations by FDA.

• eliminate medication options currently available for doctors to address patients with special needs (allergies to ingredients in commercially available products, inability to swallow pills, metabolic irregularities, and other individual concerns);


• decrease doctors’ and patients’ access to compounded prescriptions; • increase the severity of national drug shortages; • significantly increase the cost of compounded prescriptions for patients with established therapies;

• place arbitrary restrictions on choice of drug therapy based on generalizations instead of unique, individual considerations as


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

determined by a patient and his/her doctor;

the specialization and extensive investment in appropriate equipment and staff training required in this industry) will be forced to either give up the sterile compounds for their outof-state patients, or sacrifice their valuable role as a pharmacy in the patient’s established health-care relationship. In either scenario, patient care suffers as a result of an unnecessary rule prohibiting the use of a pharmacy in another state (even if the patient and doctor prefer that pharmacy because of its expertise with a medication or delivery format, an established relationship with the patient and doctor, better pricing than nearer competitors, or any other factors that the involved parties consider a priority).

• interfere with doctors’ practice of medicine by substituting the FDA’s judgment for that of the physician who is familiar with the needs of his/her patient, and placing undue burden on the doctor to prove “clinical difference” between a compound and a commercially available alternative before being allowed to prescribe the necessary drug; • penalize doctors and patients who currently choose an out-ofstate pharmacy to provide their compounds by interfering with their established relationship to their pharmacist; • create logistical difficulties for doctors by limiting the dispensing of office use medication to no more than 10 percent of total compounded medications that are dispensed within a 30-day period, and increasing clerical requirements for doctors using compounds.

The failures of this bill to balance those objectives are too many and too complex to fully address here, but some of the more problematic provisions are summarized below. More information can be found at, mymedsmatter. com, and

The proposed legislation also gives FDA the authority to create a list of products that cannot be compounded based on an arbitrary designation that they are “difficult to compound.” Sustained-release formulas, for example, would likely no longer be available for compounding, despite the fact that certain facilities have invested in equipment and techniques, which have achieved success with many patients who would be left without their medication. Also at risk are preparations without an applicable USP or National Formulary (NF) monograph, which may currently be vital to patients using them. In addition, FDA is given expansive authority to discontinue medications that are currently effective by finding them to either fit an expanded definition of a “copy” of an FDA-approved drug or “for public health concerns,” which could render compounded bioidentical hormone therapies unavailable.

S959 proposes a new category, “compounding manufacturer,” for any entity that (A) compounds sterile medications, (B) ships across state lines, and (C) begins compounding before the receipt of a prescription (a practice necessary for safety and quality assurance, since sterile compounds must be quarantined for up to 18 days while being tested before they are dispensed). The new “compounding manufacturers” would no longer be licensed as pharmacies and by law could not fill prescriptions.

The proposed legislation contains impractical provisions that limit volume of “office use” supply for health-care professionals in practice. The perception that volume is a determinant of risk when compounding medications is misleading in that USP<797> contains regulations and processes that ensure product quality and safety standards. Volume is not an accurate predictor of risk if proper sterile techniques are executed in the preparation of compounded medications.

Current law requires that any pharmacy shipping medications to another state must be licensed in both the state where the prescription is made and the state to which it is shipped. If the medication is a sterile product, the pharmacy abides by USP<797> standards, which ensure proper sterile processes during its preparation. Since the 2012 meningitis outbreak was found to be a result of improper sterile procedures at NECC, a violation of regulations for which the FDA had cited this facility on multiple occasions since 2002, it is a fallacy that increasing the role of the FDA is an appropriate response to the tragedy that followed. Also, hospital systems would be exempt from the regulations, although an OIG Report ( oe) found that 43.8 percent of hospitals surveyed do not have a USP<797> compliant clean room, yet they are responsible for medications used in vulnerable patient populations.

FDA’s appropriate regulatory role should remain where it has always been – the regulation of drug manufacturers, not pharmacies. All pharmacies are regulated by their state boards of pharmacy, and FDA already has criteria to determine when a compounder is illegally acting as a manufacturer. All pharmacies participating in sterile compounding should meet the standards set forth by USP<797> and state boards of pharmacy. The FDA should communicate with the state boards when a pharmacy is found violating its regulations, to ensure adequate quality and safety as well as optimal accessibility of all available medications. Since patient care is the main priority, proper regulation through state boards of pharmacy is necessary. The problem with the proposed legislation is that it falls short of increasing patient safety, while unduly limiting the access of patients and physicians to necessary and potentially lifesaving specialized medications.

The goal of improving the quality and safety of compounded medications must be balanced with efforts to preserve doctors’ and patients’ access to these medications, which can save lives, and on which many people already rely for personalized solutions which improve the quality of their lives.

Compounding pharmacies that currently serve needs for sterile preparations in multiple states (a common situation due to

December 2013

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Hyponotherapy -- A Powerful Tool Written By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR


ypnosis has never been just about putting someone into a trance and making him or her do something silly like bark like a dog or crow like a rooster. Hollywood has done a real number on hypnosis--causing people to believe that under the state called hypnosis, one will do whatever the hypnotist suggests. Even entertainment hypnosis is dependent upon the willingness of the participants to “have fun” and go with the flow of whatever happens. Whether we’re talking about entertainment hypnosis or


hypnotherapy, one can never be made to do anything that is against his/her values. On the other hand, hypnotherapy relaxes one so that the conscious mind gets out of the way enough to silence their mind’s “chatter.” In this way, the subconscious mind becomes open to healthful suggestions. Hypnotherapy, defined by the Mayo Clinic, is a trance-like state in which a person has a heightened focus and concentration, which


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

helps one to gain control over undesired behaviors. It also helps a person cope better with anxiety, trauma or pain. The Mayo Clinic also notes that people do not lose control of their own behavior when under hypnosis; and in fact, it’s very important that the client hears everything that is said and understands it.

problem is caused by something that happened in a past life. Hypnosis has been helping people for thousands of years, and by choosing this profession to help others use their inner resources for self-healing, hypnotherapists have become an agent for positive change in the world. They have studied many different processes and techniques, and may have the answer to your particular challenge.

Hypnotherapy has changed a lot in the last ten years. Many hypnotherapists now hold certificates or credentials in acupressure, stress relief, life skills, trauma removal, spiritual counseling and more. It has become very necessary to find out exactly what the client does not want in order

References: 1. Simmerman, Tim. Medical Hypnotherapy – Principals and Methods of Practice. Peaceful Planet Press. New Mexico, 2007. 2. Michael D. Preston, M.D. Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind. Tiger Maple Press. Arizona, 2011.

When a person is not aligned as a whole, they’re not well. Something that begins as emotional stress can and does move into the body and affect it.

3. Hunter, Roy M.S. Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution – Parts Therapy. Crown House Publishing. Connecticut, 2005.

For more info, contact June Milligan, specializing in hypnosis, acupressure, trauma therapy and helping people let go of dysfunctional thinking, at (775) 786-9111, or visit online at

to help them get what they do want. Many therapists work closely with the client to make up the exact words that will be used so that the terms and meaning will be very precise. The subconscious mind will try to carry out what was heard during a deeply relaxed state, so it’s important to get the words right. The Law of Attention says that energy flows where thought goes and the Law of Attraction explains that you attract into your life what you most focus on whether you want it or not. It’s important to learn the tips and tricks of how to make these laws work for you, as they are the basis how life really works. For when you can learn to control your mind, you’ve learned how to control your life.

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We are a mind/body/spirit being, so helping someone become whole by teaching them relaxing, centering and coping skills is a necessity. When a person is not aligned as a whole, they’re not well. Something that begins as emotional stress can and does move into the body and affect it. Everyone is aware of this now, either from personal experience or from observing others. Hypnotherapy is about empowering the individual as well as healing. It’s about teaching new life skills, relieving both physical and emotional pain, increasing self-esteem, preparing for surgery, managing PTSD as well as increasing prosperity consciousness and sports performance. One can get a handle on hoarding or procrastination, as well as quit smoking or release weight. Do you have terrible study skills and you’re trying to pass that big test? Maybe you’re battling insomnia. Maybe you suspect a current

December 2013

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Simplicity Parenting Written By Allison Prater


hen I was pregnant, someone gave me a wise bit of advise, to spend my pregnancy reading up on parenting books, because once my baby arrived, I’d have very little time to read. Well, being a book nerd, I did exactly that and one of my favorite books on the subject, which I cannot recommend enthusiastically enough is, “Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids,” by Kim John Payne. Kim John Payne, M.ED, has worked as a school counselor, researcher, educator and private family counselor.

pressures they feel can be overwhelming. This can lead to anxiety, social and behavioral problems. Payne explains that many of the behavioral disorders emerging in children such as ADHD, OCD and ODD are their reaction to too much stress and over stimulation. By simplifying the child’s environment and schedule, the stresses are often reduced, and the troubling behaviors disappear without the need for medication. Payne shares several families’ stories in his book, and all of them are very thought provoking.

The premise of his book is that our busy, fast-paced and consumer-driven culture is waging an undeclared war on childhood. When children are overwhelmed by too much stuff, too many choices, and too little time to themselves, the

Some of the suggestions he makes include drastically reducing the number of toys in a child’s room, limiting, or even eliminating TV from the home, and creating a balance of activities that includes free time for children to play and use their



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

Are You Ready… Is it Your Time?

imagination. On his blog, many parents share their experiences with this technique. One mother shares what happened when she reduced her young daughter’s toys and other items in her room by 75 percent. You would expect that her daughter would throw a fit to see most of her toys removed from her room, but not so. “When I was finished and everything that was left was put away, L spun in a circle in her room and said, “its a dream come true! Thank you for my new room mommy!” This mother goes on to report that since she simplified the environment of her daughter’s bedroom she is sleeping better, eating better, less moody, more focused, and more content playing independently.

To Take Command of Your Future

Though my son is only eight months old, I have found several bits of advice from this book to be really helpful for our family. One of the biggest ones is the concept of daily rhythm. Payne suggests that children need to have high stimulus activities balanced, by calm quiet time. So for example, if I know I have errands to run in the morning, or we have a lot of visitors that day, I do my best to balance that time with no scheduled activity, so that I can give my son my full attention. I work teaching a dance class one night a week, during which time E hangs out with his grandma. If we get some time to be quiet and cuddle together throughout the day, then he is perfectly content playing without me for almost 90 minutes. If we’ve had a busy, stressful day with too much rushing around, or not enough quiet time, he is noticeably fussier.

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I have done my best to keep the number of toys we have to a minimum, and to avoid anything that requires batteries. Even so, we’ve wound up with more toys than we need, and I plan on reducing our load soon. My son is usually happy with me rotating a few simple toys such as balls, blocks, stacking wheels, and things he can chew on. One good suggestion this book has is keeping a “toy library” stored somewhere else in the house. Right now I keep Eligh’s toy library in a small trunk, and I just rotate a few toys out for play at a time. This keeps toys new and fresh because he doesn’t see them every day, and it reduces the amount of clutter in our home.

To Learn More Simply Request Your Complimentary DVD

Reading this book resonated with me on a very personal level as well. As a child in the 1980s, I was raised in culture that celebrated materialism and busyness. This book gave me great perspective on how this cultural environment impacted me, as well as some tools that will help me to not perpetuate that kind of madness. I’m not saying I’ve come anywhere near mastering the art of simplicity, but I’m really glad I read this book before I became a mother. It really is true, I don’t have much time to read these days, but I don’t mind.

Call 775.200.0920 or visit our website: CYSW Group

References: 1. Payne, Kim John, with Lisa M. Ross. Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. Ballantine Books. New York, 2009. 2.

December 2013

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? e r u s r o f w o n k u o y What do . Jack Elliott Written By Rev


t the end of each calendar year or on the eve of a birthday that begin ends with a “0” or a “5,” it is the best time to ask yourself the following: “Just what do I know for sure?” let’s ponder that as this year comes to a close. If your life is anything like mine, this past year has brought you surprises, (both good and challenging) and no doubt, you have gained insights that have served to alter the course of your life for the better.

frequent issue: Should I stay or should I go? After dozens of hours of conversations, it really boils down to this simple question: “How do you feel about yourself when you are with him or her?” If you feel good about yourself, continue-work it out, find your common values and grow from there. If you feel inadequate or nervous or insecure, move on. Be grateful that this person came into your life “for a reason.” Your work now is to figure out why that reason is significant to your development. What learning are you to take away from this relationship?

What do you know for sure when it comes to What do you know for sure when it comes to relationships? living the life you are called to live? This year I’ve worked with several clients that have faced challenges in their primary intimate relationship. The most



Most often, clients perceive my coaching niche to be around helping those in career transition. Frequently clients want

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

to know their purpose or “calling.” What did I come here to do? What I’ve come to know, is that frequently what we are “called” to do isn’t all that glamorous. Or it may be glamorous, but it does not offer us the annual income our egos think we deserve.

me-down pictures, ideas and beliefs surrounding our experience of God, Jesus, Religion and Spirituality. I remember being asked by one of my very learned Jewish friends, “Do you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of a living God?” My response: “Yes, but I’m willing to be wrong about it.”

You may be “called” to be the mother of the next Olympic champion. You calling will manifest to reveal that you

I am an un-apologized Christian. However, I am educated enough to know that the chances of the Master teacher we commonly call Jesus, probably wasn’t born in Jerusalem and given a “Latin” name. Most enlightened biblical scholars suggest his name most likely was Yeshua (Jesua). But, what I know for sure is that it does not matter! Call the master teacher whatever you want to call the master teacher; just pay attention and keep your intention on what the master’s teaching taught and how it resonates with you. Be open to seeing it a new way; to know that the Bible is literally the inspired word of God--and that’s okay. If you live by the values that Spirit has inspired you to live by, then you will be blessed beyond your greatest expectations. As the sun sets on this year, be in gratitude for all that you’ve learned and answer this question: “What do you know for sure?”

To e x p e r i e n c e p r o s p e r i t y i s t o understand that the Earth provides enough food, water and air to create an environment that will sufficiently sustain your time here. That handled, you are free to experience the wealth of laughter, joy, love and awe that this world has to offer.

Jack Elliott is a life coach, author and motivational speaker. Email Jack at or visit

primary duty is to be a chauffeur driving your child to early morning practices and weekend competitions. Your child’s calling may be to transform the sport--but your calling is to get them there. You may have to work at a factory during the day and at the 7-11 at night to fulfill your calling to be the one to support your child getting to the winner’s podium.

Relieve Aching & Tired Muscles

or Just Unwind & Pamper Yourself

What do you know for sure when it comes to living a prosperous life?


Deep Tissue Sports Swedish Hot Stone Aromatherapy Couples Prenatal

Here’s what I know for sure: Prosperity surrounds you and it is your Divine right--however, you are not “entitled” to anything. We often confuse the accumulation of “things” to be the demonstration of our affluence. It is a myth to think we “own” anything. We are all really guests here on the planet we call Earth. We’ve come here for a while, a visit, to hopefully make the world a better place for our heirs. None of us have been “called” or came here to “hoard” stuff.

Body Treatments

To experience prosperity is to understand that the Earth provides enough food, water, and air to create an environment that will sufficiently sustain your time here. That handled, you are free to experience the wealth of laughter, joy, love and awe that this world has to offer. The richest experience I’ve ever had is the experience of joy that I feel when I hear a friend’s laughter; and, if you have the gift of hearing your children’s laughter--now that’s abundance.

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I know that it’s time for us to let go of all the “old” hand-

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Hyssop, the beekeeper’s friend Written By Allison Prater


bath, and for best results combine with thyme, mint and rosemary. This mix can also be used to steam and cleanse the skin.

yssop officinalis, or hyssop, is an herbaceous plant that is native to Southern Europe, the Middle East, and the region surrounding the Caspian Sea. A shrub that grows up to five feet in height, it produces long stems of small pointed leaves, and bright bunches of pink, blue and sometimes white flowers. These flowers bloom in the hot summer months. Both its leaves and flowers are aromatic. The name hyssop comes from the Greek word hussops, and the Hebrew esob meaning “holy herb.” It appears in some translations of the Bible, in Psalm 51 verse 7 it reads, “Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean.” Though some researchers are not convinced that this verse refers to the plant we know as hyssop today, hyssop has been used historically to purify temples and for the cleansing of lepers.

Hyssop is easy to grow and is well suited to grow in Northern Nevada since it thrives in hot weather and is drought resistant. It is also not bothered by most garden pests. In fact, it is used by farmers to distract cabbage butterflies and to repel flea beetles. Bees are very fond of hyssop, and so it is prized by beekeepers. Some still rub the wood of the hives with this herb, or plant hyssop nearby to encourage their bees to stay put. Furthermore, it enhances the flavor of honey. Hummingbirds and butterflies are also attracted to these flowers. Hyssop can be started as seeds, cuttings or root division. Plant them in a sunny spot, with good soil drainage. Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep in rows about one foot apart. Harvest the flowers and leaves in summer. The plant will need some pruning, but other than that, it is very low maintenance. When harvesting for medicinal use, cut stems just before the flowers open. Hang bunches upside-down in a dry, warm and well-ventilated space. When it is fully dried its leaves, stems and flowers may be stored in glass jars or tins.

This could be due to the fact that hyssop leaves yield an antiseptic, antiviral oil. Its other properties act as an expectorant and cough reliever. An infusion of the leaves has been used to relieve symptoms associated with flu, bronchitis, and because of its expectorant properties, helps loosen phlegm. The leaf may be applied topically as a poultice to treat bruises and wounds. The essential oil is used to heal scars and cold sores. This oil can be hazardous in high doses, and in rare cases has been known to cause seizures. Children, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure or epilepsy should not use the oil.


In the kitchen, hyssop’s mint-like leaves and flowers are used to flavor green salads, chicken soup, liqueurs, fruit salads, lamb and poultry stuffing that also contain sage. The leaves and flowers are also dried for use in tea.

1. Kowalchik, Claire and Whilliam H Hylton. Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs. Rodale Press. Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1987.

Sometimes, you will find the aromatic oil of hyssop in perfumes, as well as laundry detergents. A small amount can be added to potpourri, along with thyme. It can be used as a soothing herbal



2. Bremness, Lesley. Dorling Kindersley Handbooks: Herbs. Dorling Kindersley. New York, 1994.


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013


A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

By Eben Alexander, M.D. Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt


r. Eben Alexander has been a prominent academic neurosurgeon for 25 years, including 15 years at Harvard Medical School in Boston. His training led him to believe that consciousness is created by the brain; and therefore, he believed that any mental or emotional experiences during the process of dying were caused by chemical reactions in the brain. However, at the age of 54 he contracted a severe form of E. Coli meningitis, which aggressively attacked his cortex, the portion of the brain that supplies conscious, rational thought. He slipped into a coma, but instead of experiencing nothingness, he describes a journey to heaven.

experiences, and has spent much of the time since then traveling and talking about his near death adventure. Many medical professionals aren’t convinced of the reality of his experience because their training tells them that when the cortex shuts down, there is no more activity or consciousness in the brain and therefore there is no way he could have had those experiences. But he knows what he felt and saw; he knows it was real. There are many books written on near death experiences. But the clinical aspects of Dr. Alexander’s experience are what make this story unique. As his body shut down, everything was medically documented, so for him to make a complete recovery from a comatose state where the brain was simply not working for a long period of time was amazing and thought impossible. Another aspect of what makes this story unique is his conversion from a “scientific reductionist,” to a person who now understands that consciousness and the vast majority of “what is” resides outside most of our understanding of the universe and certainly outside current medical or science textbooks. In discussing his recollections with other neurosurgeons and scientists, Dr. Alexander reviewed nine hypotheses that others thought might explain his memories. But ultimately, they all failed to explain the rich, robust, intricate interactivity of his experiences--the ultra-reality of the whole thing. He knows it was real.

He saw what he understood as “higher beings” soaring through the vast spaces, making a joyful sound that was unlike anything he had ever heard before, a sound that he could feel even more than hear. He was then joined by millions of butterflies and a woman who seemed vaguely familiar. She told him, “You are loved and cherished; you have nothing to fear; there is nothing you can do wrong.” Meanwhile, his vital signs were deteriorating and the attending physicians, whom he knew personally, were using everything in their medical arsenal in the fight to keep him alive. After days of struggling, they were on the verge of giving up and disconnecting all life support systems when he opened his eyes and began talking. While they were working on the physical side, he was having astounding experiences on the spiritual side, which he remembered in detail upon awakening.

Since his experience, Dr. Alexander has done much research on near-death experiences and graciously offers an extensive reading list. He now understands that most people have very strong filters in place because of our educational, religious, cultural or family conditioning. These filters naturally make it difficult for us to open our minds to new ideas and concepts. This book is available at local bookstores, as well as online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Dr. Alexander’s website is

There’s a wonderful surprise at the end that shouldn’t be revealed in a review. After he returned from being near death that surprise convinced him even more strongly that everything he had experienced during the many days he was in a coma, was very real. Those memories and conviction have informed and guided his life ever since. He felt compelled to write a book about his

December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Written By Lissie Lyles



hen we think of candles, we often think of things like warmth, romance and relaxation. The soft glow and sweet scent of candles are a wonderful household comfort, especially in the winter. There are scores of candles on the market; some are decorative, some are scented with perfumes, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As usual, the ingredients in candles matter more than one might think. Not



all candles are created equal. Here is a sustainable shopping guide to help you find the very best quality candles this holiday season.

Paraffin Candles: Most mainstream candles are made with paraffin wax, which is a petroleum byproduct. The candles are made from the grayish black sludge that is

Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a journey. Make it a healthy one.ÂŽ

December 2013

rejected by the oil industry. This byproduct is then bleached burned out beeswax candles, the wax can be melted down with 100 percent industrial bleach (the bleach we use for in a double boiler, and poured into molds with new wicks. laundry, even at full strength, is only 10 percent), which Candle making is an easy and fun craft for the whole family. creates toxic dioxins. Then, a known carcinogenic chemical By recycling your used beeswax, you stretch your dollar further, called acrolyn is added to help form this bleached sludge and keep waste out of a landfill. into solid blocks. Then the candle makers themselves often add chemical based dyes and artificial fragrances What we breathe into our lungs affects our health every bit as and perfumes. Although these candle makers claim that much as what we eat. By supporting sustainable production of these toxic substances become inert once burned, studies candles, we are helping to increase the demand for products revealed that carcinogenic substances that are similar to that do not treat deforestation and other forms of pollution those found in burning diesel fuel are released into the air as a necessary evil. If you plan on giving candles as gifts this when these products are burned. These substances include holiday season, choose sustainable, clean burning ones. benzene, styrene, toluene, acetone, and soot, which when References: airborne makes these chemicals subject to inhalation. Furthermore, waxes that have a lot of fragrance tend to produce more soot. If that wasn’t enough to give you pause 1. about buying these candles, the industry also uses metal core wicks. These cores were initially made of lead, and 2. lead wick cores have been shown to generate indoor lead concentrations that can lead to serious health concerns. In 3., the US candle manufacturing industry recognized connected-carcinogens-deforestation/ this potential and voluntarily decided to cease production 4. of these lead wicks. Unfortunately, these wicks are still found on the market, especially in candles imported from outside the US.

Soy Candles: Soy-based wax emerged as an alternative to

paraffin wax. It has the advantage of being clean burning, so it is much safer in the home. However, it is important to be sure that the candles are made from 100 percent soybeans. Some candles claiming to be soy based contain as little as 20 percent soy, and may still contain all the harmful chemicals that you want to avoid. Another thing to keep in mind with soy is that it is one of the most widespread GMO crop in the world, and it is a crop that when conventionally cultivated uses large amounts of toxic pesticides, which poison soil and ground water. If you do choose soy candles, make sure they are from organic soybeans.

Palm wax candles: Palm wax is another clean burning alternative to paraffin, but it is not without its own share of problems. Unfortunately, the way palm oil is being farmed, especially in Indonesia, it is anything but sustainable. Carboncapturing rainforests are being destroyed in order to plant palm trees, to the point that in 2008 the Guinness Book Of Records named the country as having the highest rate of deforestation in the world. Consequently, it is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, due in part to this deforestation. Beeswax candles: This is by far the most sustainable option.

Beeswax candles are clean burning, sweet smelling, and the wax burns at a much slower rate than a conventional paraffin candle. It is best to support local beeswax producers, thereby supporting local bees too. Another benefit of beeswax candles is that when the wick burns down, there is usually plenty of beeswax leftover to make a new candle. If you save the

December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY ACUPUNCTURE RAINA FERRAN, O.M.D. 890 Mill Street, Suite 205 Reno, NV 89502 775-996-3910

Acupuncture can be used for a variety of conditions such as pain, stress, cold/ flu and post-op. Dr. Ferran offers a gentle approach to acupuncture and takes her time to understand the whole person. Cosmetic acupuncture for beauty and overall health also available-call for details! Go to ad on Page 7.


Reno Integrative Medical Center offers a variety of therapies to treat Cancer. Our approach is to support and enhance the body’s natural defenses while targeting the Cancer. Dr. Eslinger brings over 30 years of alternative and conventional medical experience. Go to ad on Page 19.

ALLERGIES MELISSA MONAGHAN RN, APH Advanced Practioner- Homeopathy Gerber Medical Clinic- Reno NV (775)826-1900

Pain-free allergy testing and individualized treatments (under tongue drops-or-shots), with environmental and diet instruction to eliminate food, chemical, mold, animal, pollen allergies in adults and children. 19 Years Integrative Medical Experiencespecializing in treating: allergies, viruses, bacterias, fungus/yeast/candida, parasites, organ detoxification, and sick visits with holistic care.

ASTROLOGY Rev. Andrew Cekun (775) 233-2198

Esoteric Astrology emphasizes one’s soul purpose, karmic assets/liabilities, achieving soul-personality alignment, timing to recognize/utilize periods of spiritual challenge or opportunity. Stellar Astrology identifies one’s personal (befriending & guiding) stars for spiritual growth, and rendering service. Also available; inexpensive, specialized printed astrology reports. (ADL Chapel#1477)



Crisis Call Center provides 24-hour emergency telephone crisis intervention, support, information, and referral services throughout the State of Nevada. The Center also operates the Sexual Assault Support Services program providing face-to-face crisis intervention and advocacy services for victims of sexual assault in Washoe County and neighboring rural communities. This service is free of charge, regardless of the nature of his or her problem.


Dr. Tony Jensen 495 Apple Str. Ste #105 Reno, NV 89502 775-323-1222

ROLFING 775 324 5500

We take the time to educate you about Chiropractic and how important the nervous system is to your overall existence. That sets us apart from other Chiropractors. Offering the ProAdjuster Technique, NO Twisting and popping, safe and effective for all ages. Hablo Espanol

Sanctioned by “John of God” in Brazil ; David, Kathleen and Ossian MacDonald, provide a sacred environment for the profound Crystal Bed experience. David offers individualized bodywork/frequency treatments focused on posture enhancement/ pain relief ;also the standard Rolfing process. Over 30yrs massage/ Rolfing experience. License # 1793

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CLUBS GIRL SCOUTS OF SIERRA NEVADA 605 Washington Street Reno, NV 89503 (775) 322-0642

2012 marked the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts! Girl Scouting has been inspiring girls and young women with the ideals of courage, confidence and character. Volunteers and alumni will come together to celebrate. Will you be one of them? Call for more information.

THERAPEUTIC SKIN CARE & MASSAGE Karen Tenaglio - #1534 507 Casazza St. Suite E, Reno Office / Text (775) 722-9307

55+ 10% senior discount on all services including facials, & peels, massage, ear candling, ear piercing, lash & brow tinting, full body waxing, body exfoliating treatments, Specializing in Ear Candling & Brazilian Wax. Comforting and relaxing office, visit Go to ad on Page 6.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES SIERRA GREEN BUILDING ASSOCIATION Building The Sierra’s Sustainable Community (877) 744-2248

Go to ad on Page 9.



SIGBA membership is non-exclusive, available to anyone who wants to support green building in the Sierra communities. We encourage our members to participate in green building practices, but do not require any specific certifications.


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013


FENG SHUI FENG SHUI CLASSICAL CONSULTING Rebecca Moore Covering Northern CA and Northern NV (775) 830-8168

Rebecca is an environmental energy and design consultant who can help you avoid costly mistakes and enjoy long-term prosperity, health and success within your home and business, including existing, remodels, site selection, building design and commercial developments.

HEALTH FOOD STORES QUINCY NATURAL FOODS COOPERATIVE 269 Main Street, Quincy, CA 95971 (530) 283-3528

We focus on products that are organically produced, made from natural ingredients (not synthetic or highly processed), and without additives or unnecessary ingredients. We actively promote locally produced foods and goods. Monday - Saturday 7:00am - 8:00pm ~ Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm



New university research: Quickly remove negative emotions from any scene/ memory. Learn instant stress removal techniques and new ways to replace negative beliefs. Then using hypnosis, we instill powerful goal suggestions. All in one session! Issues? Procrastination, smoking, anxiety, worries, self-esteem, weight loss, etc.

Health food market featuring: organic whole foods, produce, supplements skin care products and more. Stop in or give us a call.


Vitamins 20% below retail. Hard to find supplements. Ionized Alkaline Water, fill up your water jugs here. Turbosonic sessions, ten minutes equal to an hour workout. We carry supplements featured on the Dr. Oz TV show.Lose belly fat with HCG drops. Open Monday – Sunday. Go to ad on Page 9.

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Dr. Gerber brings 35 years of integrative medical experience to support your family’s health care needs in our new 8,800 sq ft. sustainable/green facility with spa, movement studio, IV nutrients, allergy testing, bio-identical hormones, pediatric and healthy aging services.

PAULA EISENBARTH MUSIC Piano/Keyboard, Singing Lessons (775) 980-9481

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SUGARLAND RANCH (775) 970-5350

Since 1992 specializing in Medical and Relaxation massage and Brazilian full body waxing. 55+ 10% senior discounts on all services: facials, peels, ear candling, and lash and brow tinting. Comforting and relaxing office. Visit Go to ad on Page 6.

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Sugarland Ranch is a community based, non-profit organization housing several small animal rescue programs. Volunteers and donations are welcomed.



to Healthy Beginnings Readers


Meetings every Sunday at 11 a.m. Enjoy a short inspiring talk and guided meditation to reach your higher self. Afterwards, you can sit with healers to experience healing energy from Spirit. To close, mediums will provide a short message service. Coffee and fellowship to follow.

THERAPEUTIC SKIN CARE & MASSAGE Karen Tenaglio - #1534 507 Casazza St. Suite E, Reno Office / Text (775) 722-9307


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

SPIRITUAL CENTERS SPIRITUALIST SOCIETY Larry D. Johnson Community Center 1200 12th Street, Sparks NV 89431 (775) 323-1114 •

GERBER MEDICAL CLINIC Michael Gerber, MD, HMD 1225 Westfield Ave., Reno (775) 826-1900

Bring the joy of music into your life while you enhance muscle and memory flexibility. Brush-up previous skills or learn for the first time in a dynamic, enjoyable environment. Customized, fun lessons optimize learning. Full-time or drop-in scheduling available. Mention this ad for introductory offer.

VITAMIN CONNECTION 2295 S. Virginia St. #13 Reno, NV 775-825-3993

Teresa is a knowledgeable and compassionate Reiki practitioner, dedicated to enhancing the body’s natural healing process through energy work and helping others empower themselves through healing. Safe and effective for all ages, Reiki addresses both physical and emotional discomfort, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation.

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Go to ad on Page 17. SPROUTING ROOTS MARKET 60 North Pine St., Portola, CA 96122 (530) 832-1642

RENO TAHOE REIKI Teresa Aramini Reiki Master Sanctity Center 1026 W. 1st Street Reno, NV 89503 (775) 742-6750

Call 612-747-9583 or Email


KIDSCORNER Happy Holidays! I hope your December is going well so far! Christmas is in the air, with presents and Santa always in mind. Whether you are at home visiting with family, or spending your holidays away from home, Christmas is a time to be with the people you love and cherish; the people you really just couldn’t live without! For my Christmas, I will be traveling down to Florida; Christmas on the beach is always fun, or so I like to believe! After that, I will fly to Reno, where I will stay in Lake Tahoe at a very nice resort where my mother will be getting married on New Year’s Eve! Lots of joy will be brought into my Christmas this year; I wish the same for all the readers out there!

“Kids Corner” Written By Ariana Purcell

The Jingle Jumble

*This word search was created by Ariana’s siblings: Mia, Bella & Leuca

Happy Holidays from Kids Corner! Visit


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

Easy Fruit Cobbler



great treat for Holidays, Sunday Brunch or an afterdinner desert. Easy gluten free conversion.

• First, mix the first four ingredients together in bowl. • Dump in fruit and then transfer to a baking dish. • Bake for 45 minutes at 350

Ingredients: • 1 cup self-rising flour (to create gluten free flour into self rising add: a pinch of salt and 1 and 1/4th teaspoon aluminum free baking powder)

This recipe was handed down to me from my father, to him by his wife, and to her by her aunt Bunny. This is a Georgian favorite!

• 1 cup raw sugar • 1 cup milk

- Dawn Gowery

• 1 stick of butter (melted) • 2 cups or 1 pint of fruit (peaches and blueberries are my favorite)

December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



Raw Fig Jam Submitted By Marie-Claire Hermans - Ravishing Raw


henever figs are in season, this is the jam you want to make. It’s raw, easy, with a killer flavor! Make enough because everybody who has a taste of it will ask for more!

Wash and dry the figs with a paper towel Cut them into 8 small parts (length wise) Throw them into the mold, on top of the paper Pour the date paste over the figs


Cut the vanilla pod, scrape the seeds out and cut in 3 pieces About 8 medium figs

Mix the seeds with the figs and throw the pods on top

1/4 to 1/2 C liquid date paste, to taste

Crush the cardamoms and sprinkle them all over

1 vanilla pod

Now take a fork and mash everything gently down

4 to 5 cardamoms, crushed

The juices of the figs will be released but do leave the pieces whole

INSTRUCTIONS Place a large sheet of baking paper into a glass bowl or cake mold See to it that the sheet is long enough on both sides to cover up the jam

Fold the paper to the inside so the figs are covered well Place some weight on top (a few spoons work well) Put the mold into the dehydrator at 108°F during 4 hours Take out, stir and see if you are reaching the consistency you want

Make date syrup; simply blend dates with some water into a thick syrup consistency

You can add some raisins, orange or lime zest if you wish for more ‘depth’ Cover up again and let the jam get thicker for 2 to 4 more hours



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

Take out of the dehydrator and transfer the jam into some cute jars Fill them up to the top, leave no air, close well Let chill in the refrigerator The next day you will have a thick, nice jam for breakfast You can keep this jam for several weeks in the refrigerator

TIPS Experiment with other flavors, fruits and combinations Lovely on a slice of raw bread or a cracker No dehydrator yet? Use your oven on its lowest temperature

Marie-Claire started “Ravishing Raw” after curing herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, with raw food. As a raw food coach, she specializes in offering professional help to those who are suffering from similar debilitating conditions. Along with her expertise in jazz music management and booking work, she helps world class artists – challenged by their demanding lifestyle – find solutions to improve their health.

December 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



MONTHLYCALENDAR Please tell these businesses that you found their event in Healthy Beginnings Magazine. Thank you.


Lights of Tanea--Biggest Little Christmas Light Show 16180 Tanea Drive Light show complete with synchronized music Donate non-perishable food items 5pm - 11pm


Heavenly Tubing Hill Join the exciting four lanes of fun! Over 500 feet long with a 65-foot vertical drop! Riders must be 42”.


Yoga Sundays at Northstar Resort Saturdays and Sundays 11:00am 12:15pm Reserve online or call (530) 562-1164.


Alpenglow Winter Film Series Squaw Valley Ski Resort Freddie Wilkinson--Mountain Hardwear Alpinist Doors open at 7pm, showings are free.


Sparks annual Hometown Christmas Parade, photos with Santa, arts and crafts.


Christmas on the Comstock Parade, Virginia City Take a stage coach ride, horse drawn carriage, trolley



Hike Andesite Ridge with Carmen Carr! For more information, call (530) 5505192.

DECEMBER 7, 8 & 9

Nutcracker at the Pioneer Center Ballet featuring Reno Philharmonic Orchestra. For times and tickets, call (775) 762-5165.

DECEMBER 7, 14 & 21

Gingerbread Workshop at the RitzCarlton, Lake Tahoe 3pm - 4pm Work alongside a Ritz-Carlton pastry chef and build a personalized gingerbread house. $125 per family.

DECEMBER 14 & 21

Celebrate the Holidays with the Village at Squaw. Santa in the Village: 12 pm - 4 pm. Great Basin Carolers: 4pm - 7pm.


Nevada Opera presents “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” A musical featuring young artists from northern Nevada. For times and tickets, call (775) 786-4046.


Hike to Lost Trail Lodge with Carmen Carr! For more information, call (530) 550-5192.


DECEMBER 20 - 31



Tuba Christmas Concert at the May Museum. Free family event features holiday carols with local tuba players. Sip hot cocoa and cider. Festivities begin at 3pm.

Carson City’s Silver and Snowflake Festival of Lights Friday: 5:30pm 6:30pm. Saturday: 10am - 4pm Old fashioned Nevada camaraderie and cheer. For more information, call (775) 887-1294



Star Gazing and Snowshoe Tours At Northstar. What are dwarf planets? Where did they come from; where are they found? For more information, call (530) 562-3270.


Gingerbread Festival. Enjoy art that looks and tastes great. Vote on your favorite gingerbread creations! 12pm - 3pm


Chocolate Decadence at the RitzCarlton, Lake Tahoe 4pm - 6pm. Sip it or dip it! Indulge in our signature hot-chocolate with a medley of toppings.

Family New Year’s Eve Party at Squaw Valley - Celebrate East Coast Toast at High Camp with a fabulous night on the mountain at Squaw Valley. This all-ages party includes a lavish buffet and begins at 6 p.m.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

December 2013

ONGOINGCALENDAR A FREE ENERGY HEALING CLINIC is offered every Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm at the Reno Psychic Institute, 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno NV 89509. 775 324-2872

BETTER HEALTH AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Zyto technology, biocommunication lets your body tell you what it prefers in 25 minutes at RIMC. Schedule now, call (775) 829-9330.

RECIEVE A DISCOUNT WHEN YOU BUY THREE COLONICS. Call Gerber Medical Clinic to set up your appointment 1225 Westfield Ave, Reno (775) 826-1900.

GET IN YOUR BEST SHAPE FOR HOLIDAY PARTIES! One ten minute session on the TurboSonic Is equal to a one hour workout. One Free Session, with this ad Vitamin Connection (775) 825-3993.

Purchase a calendar listing for only $3.33 per day. Email Today!

Happy Holidays from

Healthy Beginnings Magazine

December 2013

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