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August 2007



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Dr. Grange will assess your personal health and nutrition by using metabolic profile evaluations. It is then that he can design and recommend a personalized nutritional program that will bring your body back to optimum health.

For an appointment call:

(775) 825-7727 Dr. Grange has a Master’s of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition, a Ph.D. in Nutrition and a Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton University.

Mineral Body Wraps Lose the appearance of inches today! Reduces cellulite, Slenderizes your body, Improves circulation, Hydrates your skin

Power Plate Feel the benefits in 10 minutes!

Vibration training on the Power Plate creates an intense vigorous workout affecting virtually every muscle in the body while dramatically reducing strain on joints, ligaments and tendons.

“I Have My Life Back!” I began a terrible journey of ill health in January of 2004. My health had deteriorated to the point where all of my body systems were affected, but my short-term memory, vision, ability to breath and muscle tone were affected most severely. By March, doctors had performed numerous tests including blood work, X-rays, TB test, and a MRI. I was told I had toxic chemical and heavy metal poisoning (my white blood count was elevated 5 times normal), yet was not considered “sick”. I am normally a size 2 and my body had swollen to a size 10. I had no strength and could barely breathe. I lost my job. It was at this point I began seeking alternative forms of medicine and began my journey of healing. I knew I would need to rid my body of the heavy metals and found mineral body wraps, far infrared saunas and music therapy to aid in the process. I began using these modalities to release the heavy metal build up, increase enzymes to assist my adrenal glands in the release of the impurities, and adjusted my pH so my body changed from an acidic to alkaline environment. Within 3 days I was able to breathe easier, I gained strength and lost inches through the release of metabolic waste. I felt as if I had returned to the living—I had my life back! My journey of wellness began in May 2006 and I am sharing my experience, strength and hope with others. I opened Circle of Life Spa for everyone who wants and needs the modalities which helped save my life. I look forward to the opportunity to share my experience with you. -Janet Henshaw

Other services include: Far Infrared Sauna, Floatation Tank, Massage, Dance Classes, T’ai Chi Classes, Ki Gong Classes, Counseling and Meeting Rooms.

Circle of Life Staff

5301 Longley Lane, Suite A8 • Reno, NV 89511 • Fax: (775) 825-7880 

August 2007

PUBLISHERletter Dear Readers & Advertisers, It is with sincere gratitude that I write this anniversary letter – an amazing year has passed since Healthy Beginnings’ 1st issue– the 1st sunflower– was published. My vision for this magazine, dedicated to helping people learn about living a more natural, integrated, and healthy lifestyle, could not have materialized without a few key players. Though it is difficult to express my thanks adequately, I do so, by order of their appearance: A most heartfelt thank you to Bailey, Christina, Erina, and Carole; your attention to detail and love of the process has elevated the quality of the magazine. The wonderful distribution teams, past and present: Jim, John, Glenn, Marty, Bob and Rob, without whose guidance and dedication the magazine would not be the living, growing local resource it is today for so many Northern Nevadans and Californians. A very special thank you to the HB distribution team. And, of course, a huge thank you to our content contributors and to our readers who pick up the magazine every month! We have gathered 100’s of testimonials telling us how much our readers value the publication; the interesting and reliable information, the easy access to alternative and integrative health care professionals, services and products. These are our advertisers –those who have placed their confidence in Healthy Beginnings and who are reaping the benefits from their commitments. Meanwhile, noses to the grind-stone, as we work to get the magazine to press for its 1st anniversary, the airplanes are flying over head, dumping blood-colored flame retardant a few hundred yards from our office; we can see the flames of the fire from our windows, smoke fills the air. Our front-yard bunnies are huddled in the bushes, the cats hiding in the closet, and we press on, hoping to avoid evacuation before we are ready to press the button for the August 2007 issue. I guess we’ll skip the champagne tonight! Our lives are utterly unpredictable, making it more important than ever to make good choices. We will continue to do everything we can to present useful, credible, healthy and natural information to make it easier to do this. Happy August, Happy Summer, and Happy Anniversary, Healthy Beginnings! Best in health and happiness– and stay hydrated!

Dawn, Carole and the HB staff

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August 2007

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Our Cover We celebrate Healthy Beginnings’ first year anniversary with a second, very different sunflower cover. To HB, the sunflower represents a beautiful, strong and flexible presence; alive and nourishing; the color yellow signifies happiness, intelligence and sunshine; green denotes growth and learning, freshness. To many, the sunflower is a direct representation of the sun, its strength, its constancy; powerful and nourishing. The name sunflower (Helianthus annuus) originates from the Greek helios meaning “sun” and anthos meaning “flower,” since these flowers always turn towards the sun. Sunflowers are native to the Americas. The Incas used the sunflower as an image of their sun god. Gold images of the flower, as well as seeds, were taken back to Europe early in the 16th century. To the North American Plains Indians, the seeds of the sunflower were sacred food for the journey to the afterlife. To the Chinese, the sunflower is regarded as a symbol of longevity. Today, for some, the sunflower is a symbol of world peace, community and a nuclear-free world. The Sunflower Project/NYC was formed in 2002 as a living memorial to those lost in 9/11; we found other sunflower projects online that enjoin people around the world to plant sunflower seeds as a sign of renewal and hope, an objective we also vigorously support. Thank you for being a part of our first year!

NEWSbriefs Circle of Life Spa Fire Fighter Special

Camu Spa Has Moved To a New Location

Any Firefighter on the lines will get 50% off all Wraps and Far Infrared Sauna packages through September. The FIR Sauna penetrates the body allowing the chemicals (smoke) in the subcutaneous fat storage sites to Detox through sweat. Mineral Body Wraps create more oxygen flow and release of metabolic build up from toxins floating in the air for increased health. 825-7727

Camu Spa has moved to a wonderful facility located at 516 Ryland, one block west of Wells Avenue. Camu Spa and staff have undergone a revitalizing transformation that will benefit our current clientele as well as those new to us. Please visit our website at www.camuspa. com or call 329-4141 for more information.

Try it First! Will & Meg Lewis are pleased to introduce their new business to the readers of Healthy Beginnings. Incline Active Air is dedicated to helping people defend themselves against pollutants that accumulate in our homes and workplace. Unique to their business is the TRY IT FIRST philosophy. They don’t want to just sell products to anyone. They want to help people solve real problems and always do a free 3 – 5 day trial for anyone interested in home air purifiers, providing a money back guarantee on water purification and laundry units. Contact them at or at 1-800-461-7903.

The Great Basin Community Food Cooperative Has Expanded!!! We are located at 271 Wonder St. Reno, NV 89502. New store hours Monday-Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 10am-6pm. We offer a selection of local and seasonal organic produce, local beef, honey, and more. We have an organic bulk section, bulk soaps too!! Raw food specialty items, including raw dairy products. Vegan and vegetarian staple items, vegan condoms too!! We are a grass roots network uniting Great Basin Folks interested in sustainable and locally produced goods. We are member-owned and adhere to the seven cooperative principles. Learn more about us at

Health Professional Network Healthy Beginnings Magazine proudly sponsors the HPN (Health Professional Network).This networking group meets the second Thursday of each month. If you are in a health-related field and are interested in joining us, please email or call (775) 828-4547 for confirmation of location, time and topic of discussion. There is no charge to join these informal and informative meetings. This is an opportunity to meet colleagues who share like-minded healthy lifestyle goals and interests. We look forward to seeing you there!

Visit our website at 

NEWSbriefs Feldenkrais“ Workshop Date Correction: Saturday, August 25 MARK YOUR CALENDARS – Saturday, August 25th from 9:00 to 4 pm, at Morrison University, 10315 Professional Circle, Reno. Exclusive all-day workshop for health professionals and the general public ~5 hours of Feldenkrais lessons to relieve pain, increase flexibility, help you find more support from your skeleton and improve the functioning of your nervous system. Instructor Arlyn Zones graduated from Moshe Feldenkrais’ final training. She brings his remarkable understanding of human physical and neurological learning processes directly to you. Limited class size – SIGN UP EARLY AND SAVE ~25%. Contact Carole to register at or call 415-238-2907. Find ad on page 22.

FREE Classes on Preventive Nutrition Kinesiologist/integrative health specialist Dorothy Dumbra is conducting free classes in South Lake Tahoe. Classes are held the last Tuesday of every month at the Parish Center of Saint Theresa’s Church on Rufus Allen Blvd. Topics include: How the body heals and becomes ill; What is a good diet? Food combining, cleansing and fasting; Allergies, hypoglycemia and diabetes; Natural vs. synthetic hormones; Correcting the cause of weight problems; Cardiovascular health and inflammation; Arthritis, osteoporosis, calcium; Supplements: What kind, how many & why; Macrobiotics, Ayurvedics and juicing; Alternative treatments for cancer. For more information call Dorothy Dumbra, 530-544-8557.

Solutions For Self Discovery MtnQuest Hypnotherapy is committed to exploring higher learning using hypnotherapy as an avenue for self-discovery, keeping abreast of the most recent theories and techniques in hypnosis. Additionally, related research in quantum physics, multiple realities vs. past life regression and exploration of hypnosis in life between lives regression. Founder Tonda Adams, JD, CCHT, recently attended a Las Vegas conference with many notable explorers of the mind, participating in workshops with Louse Hay, Greg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, John Holland, Brian Weiss, and Christiane Northrop. Call 775825-2588 for an appointment or go to www.mtnquest-hypnotherapy. com for more information.

Circle of Life Spa is Now Offering Classes We are offering Ki Gong (vital energy movement) classes. This is a great beginning exercise program for the elderly or very ill because the movements can be done seated in a chair. These movements stimulate Ki energy circulation activating the healing power of the body. The release of tension aids in the feeling of peace and a positive attitude. We are also offering Tai Chi classes. Tai Chi has been proven to increase bone density and balance in everyone, including the elderly. It is a great gentle exercise for those who want to increase energy and muscle strength. The moving meditation of Tai Chi helps to calm and focus the mind. 825-7727

Mammoth Life & Wellness Fair: August 24-26 Retreat to beautiful Mammoth Lakes, California for a weekend of total wellbeing. Key note speakers: Dr. Pamela Peeke internationally recognized nutrition, metabolism, stress, and fitness expert. David Simon, M.D. Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, CEO and Medical Director. For a complete list of speakers, visit: MammothMountain. com/lifeand wellness. Book early call 800.MAMMOTH.

August 2007

Top International Yoga Instructor visits Reno! Don’t miss out! Tahoe Yoga & Wellness Center/Reno is thrilled to host a 3-day workshop Aug 3 - 5 with one of the top yoga instructors in the U.S, Desire Rumbaugh. Desire is a senior certified Anusara Yoga teacher. Her workshops aim at powerful personal transformation and self-expression, leading each student to celebrate his or her own creative power. Full of enthusiasm, joy and positive energy, Desire’s style is playful and transformational. With an extensive background in yoga therapeutics, she delights in helping other people discover their own greatness. More information at or call 775-348-YOGA (9642).

Native American Art Show In August Wildflower Village Open Door Gallery. Beautiful native-themed art: jewelry, paintings, seed/bead work, medicine bags, silversmithery, leather, baskets, wall hangings, feather-work, God’s eyes, dreamcatchers, pottery! Works by Ray Valdez, Steve Kinerson, Julie Salazar Living Water, Kay Montgomery, James Miles, Jay Hollek, James Little Wolf, Jeremy Thorpe, Linda Springfield, Skip McDowell, Michael Crazy Bear Smith, Karoline Smith. All work native-themed; not all artists are native American. Reception Saturday, August 18, 6-8 PM; drinks/hors d’oeuvres. Wildflower Village, 4335 W. 4th Street, Reno, just East of W. McCarran at 4th, at the big “Nana” statue! Call 775-787-3769.

Walk For Arthritis Join us September 8th for the Second Annual Reno Arthritis Walk and Dog Walk, the Arthritis Foundation’s nationwide signature event. Everyone who walks does so in honor of the 46 million Americans, including 300,000 children, 430,000 Nevadans and 5 million dogs. Funds raised will directly support arthritis research, health education and government advocacy initiatives. Teams are forming now. Free registration! Go to to learn how to start your own Reno Walk Team, join the Reno Arthritis Fighters team or register as an individual. For more information call Debbie Woodsford at (800) 571-3456 x203 or email

New at Camu Spa! Bridgette Dolgoff is seeing participants for Alphabiotic alignments. Alphabiotics is a hands-on way to communicate with a person’s inner wisdom. The process elevates ritual out of routine mechanics to its highest and most effective point. Alphabiotics can’t be fully explained - It must be experienced to be fully understood. Walk-ins only, Mondays and Thursdays from 3 pm to 6 pm. bridgettelyn, inc. 775-848-8718 /

New, Unique Healing Center for The Reno Area Opening August 1, Performance Physical Therapy will offer a unique brand of healing and performance development at its Robb Drive location. Dr. Kirk Sachtler has developed an innovative method consisting of whole body analysis combined with state-of-the-art manual therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and photoelectric therapies. By aligning the body and restoring motion, the system enhances everyday human function and sport activities. Those seeking solutions for chronic pain or unresolved injuries without drugs or surgery, and athletes looking for a higher level of performance are encouraged to contact us at: 775-787-3733 or

NEWSbriefs Conscious Living Center Introduces Ayurvedic Dough Basti Therapy Warm medicated herbal oil or ghee, retained by a dough dam, is placed over specific organs, muscle groups and/or glands of the body. New offerings include: Katti Basti, alleviating lower back pain and inflammation; Urobasti, wonderful rejuvenation for physical and emotional disorders of the heart; Netra Basti, used to manage eye disorders; Chakra Basti, balancing the movement of prana through the chakras and glands of the body; Adrenal Basti, replenishing to depleted adrenal glands; and Thyroid Basti, stimulating the endocrine system and helping balance hormones. Call Jeremy Anderson, CAS, PKS, 530.906.5845.

Tired of Medication & Unwanted Side Effects?

Naturopathic Medicine Heals • Anxiety & Depression • PMS • Fibrocystic Breasts • Menopause


Jessica Edge, B.S., N.D.

3400 Kauai Court, St. 100 Reno, Nevada 89509

I will spend time with you finding the cause of your health issues and assisting your body’s natural healing process.

Health for Life Chiropractic at Tahoe Yoga and Wellness Center/Reno Dr. Taylor Donovan of Health for Life Chiropractic is now offering chiropractic services and comprehensive wellness consultations at Tahoe Yoga and Wellness Center in Reno, 1085 S. Virginia St. Directions can be found at and appointments can be scheduled over the phone via (775) 348-9642. Come discover how chiropractic and yoga can restore your resilient health.

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Critter Connection Website Welcome to our information-rich web site designed to help you achieve the highest level of health and emotional wellness for your critter kid family members. We invite you to read our articles on health, diet and nutrition, improving behaviors, Reiki for animals, and more, written by Animal Wellness Coach, Leslie Moran. Learn about our classes and personalized consultations. For more information, visit, or call Leslie Moran at 1775-577-9676.



Experience the Difference.


460 California Ave #200 Reno, NV 89509

Trails & Vistas Returns September 9th Hikers will stop at 8 venues featuring installation art, dance, poetry and music, amid majestic Sierra surroundings. Gamelan Sekar Jaya will present traditional and modern Balinese folk dance; Chief Redhawk presents stories and music; 30+ artists will leave an indelible impression on participants. The 2 1/2 mile Pacific Crest Trail hike starts near Boreal Ski Resort. Get tickets in Truckee at the Chamber train depot office; Between the Notes and Vista Gallery in Tahoe Vista and Frames by Ryrie in Tahoe City. Credit card purchases at the Cedar House, 530.582.5655. Visit for more information.

Learn Acupressure Quickly and Easily Emotional and physical health depends upon being able to handle stress as well as emotional upsets. Acupressure is a simple, quick way to remove excess stress and instill positive behavior. Well known personalities such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr. Eric Robins all endorse EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Visit to see what they (and hundreds of other people around the world) have to say about it. Classes will begin in August for those who wish to learn this powerful process. Classes taught by June Milligan M.Ed., CHt, a Certified Instructor who has been teaching EFT for years. Call 775-786-9111 or go to

Are You Getting the Service You Want? We transfer the RISK from YOU to US. I sell magic paper... it turns into money when you need it most.

Home • Auto • Renters Beverly Geyer

775.355.5887 Visit our website at 

KIDScorner Brought to you by Ariana Purcell, 9 yrs old

Snack Time! How to make a Banana Smoothie Here’s what you need: • Blender • Glass measuring cup • 1 banana • 1 cup of milk • 1 teaspoon of vanilla • Ice cubes (1-3 of them) Here’s what you do 1. Take out the blender and pour in 1 cup of milk. 2. Peel the banana, break it in half and add it to the milk in the blender. 3. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and ice cubes. 4. Blend for 20 seconds, pour into a glass.


Arts & Crafts How to make a Jump Rope Here’s what you will need: • String (make sure it’s long enough to jump over) • Noodles • Beads Here’s what you do: 1. Cut the string and make sure you can jump over it. 2. Tie one knot on the end. 3. Then put on noodles and beads. 4. When you are done putting on noodles and beads tie another knot on the other end. Have


August 2007

The Healthy Adventurer Biking across Australia, South to North Part 1: “Drought! The worst ever recorded, on the driest of all continents” was what the media had reported. How would I possibly get enough drinking water while riding my bicycle over 3,500 km (2,275 miles) across Australia? These were my thoughts as we landed in Adelaide. I had my usual window seat on the flight over. Only occasionally could I see the land below– clouds were blocking the view. But why was the terrain so green? This was June 1st, 2007, which is autumn “down under”. One would not expect such lushness now, yet there it was– beautiful green. And it was raining as my plane landed in Adelaide… This trek was going to be the 2nd segment of my 3rd bike ride around the world. Knowing that my route to Darwin would take me over well-maintained, paved roads, I decided for the first time ever to ride a road bike. Now, when I ride long distances over lonely routes, I talk to my bikes, they are my trusted companions and friends. So I give each of them a name. Principally, I named them all Wilhelm, and this road bike was christened Wilhelm VIII. He was easy to un-box and fast to reassemble. A reliable guy. “No worries” said a garbage collector as he took charge of my bike carton. I hoped he was right! ‘Remember to ride on the left side of the street!’ I kept reminding myself. I was somewhat prepared for this because the last country I had biked through before Australia was Thailand, where left-hand traffic is also the law. So off I went. I rode right into the center of this clean city, Adelaide. Cyclists often ride on the sidewalk with pedestrians, to stay out of the dangerous street traffic. “Watch it!” – someone yelled; an oncoming cyclist had to dash into the street when he suddenly came around a corner at high speed. Instinctively I had moved to the right side of the bike path. Wrong! Ah well… On a more peaceful note, Adelaide was full of beautiful parks, fresh green grass, flowers and blooming bushes. This was a region warm enough for palms and citrus trees. Not bad for autumn in a drought, I thought, so I enjoyed it while I could. Coming next month, the Healthy Adventurer heads into opal country! Till then, peace, joy and health, -Hans


Jeremy Anderson CAS, PAS, CMT Written by Ffjorren Zolfaghar


yurvedic healing is the “science of life,” according to Jeremy Anderson. It is one of the oldest healing modalities in the world. Ayurveda brings balance to the physical, mental and spiritual being. “It just made perfect sense to me,” Jeremy said, “Whenever you are in complete balance you are in complete health.” She always wanted to go into healing and when she found the California College of Ayurveda, she also found her enlightened path to healing. Ayurveda itself is derived from Hinduism, the world’s oldest existent religion. However, everyone can benefit from Ayurveda, regardless of his or her belief system. Jeremy believes that it is “the connection with your own idea of the divine,” that is most important. How does Ayurvedic healing fit into our lives? Due to the ever-increasing challenge of balancing family, work, school, etc. our lives are becoming more and more hectic. We find ourselves pressed for time, even as our to-do list continues to grow. “Fifty-four percent of Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their everyday lives,” reports a 2004 survey conducted by the American Psychological Association. Three key elements cause imbalances and stress within our bodies, according to Jeremy: 1) Misuse of the senses • Not knowing what you’re doing to your body

2) Prajna Paradha • Doing things to your body that you know causes harm 3) Parinama • Moving too fast and not letting yourself rest and rejuvenate The initial consultation with Jeremy gives her all the information she needs to evaluate your status and create a report of her findings that will reveal your current imbalances and your tendencies of imbalance. She will then develop an individualized Ayurvedic healing program that is specific to your needs. This healing program is typically a 6 to 12 month regime that begins by addressing the diet; Jeremy believes “the root cause of disease starts in the digestive system.” The program will most likely include an herbal remedy to support your diet. Jeremy creates specialized formulas specific to your needs. All herbs are organic, prepared by local herbalists and shipped directly to your door. Once an improved diet has been implemented, Jeremy will work into a deeper, five-senses therapy. This may include Color therapy, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Pancha Karma, and eventually, Dough Basti, the formation of dough to contain warm herbal oils. These are placed over the organs, specific muscles groups and glands of the body for balance and healing. Overall, Ayurveda will provide you with a deeper understanding of who you are, illuminating your tendencies of imbalance and a clear path of bringing balance to your whole being. “If you commit to your path of healing, then I am

completely committed to you,” Jeremy said of her patients. Jeremy is a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, Pancha Karma Specialist and a Certified Massage Therapist. She has been practicing since the beginning of 2005. She offers Ayurvedic healing two days a week at the Conscious Living Center (CLC) near downtown Reno. Claire Riendeau, N.D., N.M.D., the visionary and founder of CLC, is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Jeremy believes that “Claire has done a beautiful job creating a Sattvic [peaceful] and balanced environment” for healing, with low toxin furnishings, purified water and air. The Conscious Living Center is one of only 3 official Pancha Karma Affiliate Centers of the California College of Ayurveda (CCA). CLC works closely with the College to promote Ayurveda and the educational programs of CCA. Jeremy is a member of the CCA faculty and teaches the distance Ayurveda program. In her personal life, Jeremy has found meaningful balance within herself and her family. She and her husband and their two-year-old daughter enjoy hiking, camping and mountain biking around the Lake Tahoe area. Her love of family, her work and humanity keeps Jeremy going. “People heal themselves,” Jeremy said. “I give them the knowledge to do so.” She believes that her dharma or purpose is to bring more light into this world and continue on the path to enlightenment. “We are all microcosms of the macrocosm: the healthier and happier each individual is, the healthier and happier the world is.” Find ad on page 20.

Visit our website at 


Sunburn Remedies & Safer Sunscreen From Mother Earth News magazine by Stephanie Bloyd


t’s best to avoid getting sunburned, rather than endure the smiting consequences. But if you do spend too much time in the sun, try these five natural remedies to soothe your skin.

then spending five to ten minutes in the sun (in a bathing suit) should generate plenty of vitamin D. After that, apply sunscreen, cover up or seek shade.

5 Natural Remedies

Sunscreen Ingredients

• Aloe. The inner gel of the aloe vera leaf has been shown to speed the healing of radiation-induced burns. Scoop the gel directly from split leaves or buy commercially prepared gel at a health food store or herb shop. Apply aloe gel after showering, then reapply it a few more times each day until the pain has subsided.

Bnd be aware that all sunscreens are not created equal. Some sunscreen ingredients can cause skin irritation, while others could disrupt your body’s endocrine systems. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates some sunscreen products as drugs, and some as cosmetics, which have less stringent approval requirements. While the FDA created a monograph for safer sunscreens in 1999, the guidelines were never finalized.

• Cucumber. The cool cucumber is often used for soothing burns, simply slice open a cucumber and wipe it directly onto your skin. • Calendula. Research shows calendula flowers speed the healing of burns by stimulating the growth of new skin cells, closing wounds and reducing inflammation. You can buy commercial skin creams containing calendula at many health food stores. • Plantain. Plantain contains allantoin, a proven healer of injured skin cells. • Vitamin E. This nutrient is popular for anti-sunburn activity. Try a cream containing vitamin E to soothe sunburned skin.

Safe, Healthy Sunning It’s also wise to be proactive and take steps to protect your skin from sun damage, while still making sure you still get a healthy dose of sunshine. The sun is our chief source of vitamin D, which protects us from a variety of ailments, including osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Sunscreens block UVB rays, the wavelength that stimulates the skin’s vitamin D production. Ultraviolet light from the sun comes in two types: UVB waves, which are shorter, and UVA rays, which are longer and able to penetrate skin more deeply. Many products offer no protection from UVA rays, which are responsible for skin damage and aging. According to the Environmental Working Group, just 16 percent of sunscreens on the market are both safe and effective at blocking both UVA and UVB radiation. In fact, a sunscreen’s SPF only reflects its ability to block UVB rays. According to Michael F. Holick, of the Boston University School of Medicine, properly applied sunscreen reduces the skin’s vitamin D production by 95 percent. Holick advises knowing your skin’s sensitivity, and acting accordingly. For instance, if you turn pink after 30 minutes in the summer sun,


August 2007

Many environmental groups have expressed concern that certain sunscreens contain “micronized” ingredients, or nanoparticles, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that are manipulated to smaller particle sizes. Some research on micronized titanium dioxide indicates that it may cause more DNA damage than larger titanium dioxide particles, particularly if it enters the body through cuts or inhalation. Because nanoparticles operate on the quantum level, their behavior and absorption by the body may differ from larger particles of the same substance because they’re so small. To be safe, avoid products with micronized ingredients and never apply sunscreen to cuts. To find out which products contain the safest ingredients and provide the best sun protection, check out these useful resources: 1) Environmental Working Group’s Database of Sunscreen Products: 2) Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Special Report 3) Friends of the Earth’s Nanotechnology Page 4) The Green Guide Product Report on Sunscreens and Sunblocks h t t p : / / w w w. t h e g r e e n g u i d e . c o m / r e p o r t s / p r o d u c t . mhtml?id=27 5) The Green Guide: Reading the Micro-Fine Print July 3, 2007. Mother Earth News magazine, the original guide to living wisely. Read the full story at www.MotherEarthNews. com or call (800) 234-3368 to subscribe. Copyright 2007 by Ogden Publications, Inc.

Fragrances They Smell So Good!


es, they certainly do smell good. So many products used today contain fragrances. Not only do perfumes and colognes contain fragrances, personal care products, cosmetics and household cleaning products also contain a wide range of fragrances. We want our bodies, clothes, homes and even our cars to smell good. And there are so many choices on how to make things smell. Do you prefer fruit, flowers, spices or the great outdoors? There are products available for personal care and household cleaning that contain whatever scent(s) you desire. Have you ever thought about what fragrances are made of? Many of the compounds in fragrances are carcinogenic or otherwise toxic. Fragrance on a label can indicate the presence of up to 4000 separate ingredients. Most, or all, of them are synthetic. There have been no FDA or industry toxicity studies and safety assessment of the majority of these ingredients. Because of trade secrets there is no requirement that all ingredients be listed on the label and many are not listed. Ingredients from natural sources are not as easily obtained and are more costly than compounds that are synthetically created to match the desired fragrance. 95% of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. They include toxins and sensitizers capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. Symptoms reported to the FDA have included headaches, dizziness, rashes,

skin discoloration, violent coughing and vomiting and allergic skin irritation. These are only those reported to the FDA; it is unknown how many are unreported. A 1968-1972 FDA analysis of 138 compounds used in cosmetics identified 5 that most frequently involved adverse reactions. They are alpha-terpineol, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, limonene and linalool and are among the 20 most commonly used compounds in the 31 fragrance products tested by the EPA in 1991. Headaches cost $50 billion in lost productivity and medical expenses and 157 million lost work days in 1991. That was 16 years ago. Do we think this situation has improved since then? No one can say with certainty that fragrances are the main cause of headaches or any other conditions. There is scientific evidence that some common ingredients can and do adversely affect different body systems and functions. We see the increase in serious medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Sinusitis, and Asthma over the past few decades. Increased use of fragrances and other synthetics has also occurred during this time. Could there be a connection? Sure, we all like to smell good and be in a good smelling environment. It can be done without the health risks so many fragrances are capable of. Products with fragrances containing natural compounds will list these on the label. Personal care and household cleaning products that contain truly natural, chemical free ingredients will give you the results you want. OK, it won’t smell like fruit or flowers, but the fragrance isn’t the reason you use the product in the first place. There are many unavoidable exposures in our daily lives to toxins

and chemicals. Isn’t it a good idea to avoid those we can avoid and lessen the chances of further health problems? 1) fragrance.html Citizens for A Safe Learning Environment; FRAGRANCE CHEMICALS AS TOXIC SUBSTANCES: see references list at end. 1994. 2) Neurotoxins: At home and the Workplace, Report by the Committee on Science & Technology US House of Representatives, Sept 16, 1986 3) Focus on Fragrance and Health by Louise Kosta, The Human Ecologist, Fall 1992.

For more information, please contact Steve & Rita of Nature Rich. (775) 3316490 or visit Find ad on page 16.

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Why Michael Moore’s... “SiCKO” is a Health Care Documentary EVERY AMERICAN MUST SEE. MOVIE REVIEW/Opinion by Mike Adams,

Whether you hate Michael Moore or love him, you owe it to yourself to read these excerpts from this review:

Meanwhile, the American people are the most diseased people in the world among advanced nations. We spend more on health care than anyone, we pay the highest prices for medications, and we’re constantly told that we have the best medical merica’s disastrous health care system is heaving the technology in the world. But if our health care system is really country head-first into near-certain economic collapse. so good, why do 50 million Americans have no health insurJust about everybody’s either financially strained or go- ance? Why are hospitals literally dumping uninsured patients ing broke due to spiraling health care costs: the people, on the street, abandoning the sick to protect profits while our politicians actually negotiate on behalf of the employers, state governments and Big Pharma to make sure Americans keep even the federal government. MultiAmerican people paying the highest prices in the world for national corporations are fleeing the medications?.... United States due to health care costs, are the most diseased taking jobs and economic productivity the same time, I realize that people in the world among most…At with them. Meanwhile, 50 percent of people simply don’t take care of personal bankruptcies in the U.S. are advanced nations... their own health, and I could argue for due to medical expenses. days about the need for more patient responsibility alongside corporate reBut not everybody’s doing badly. The drug companies, sponsibility. However, the fact is that relentless advertising from surgeons, medical specialists, health insurance companies and drug companies and food manufacturers has bred a mindset of private hospitals are making out like bandits, raking in multidisease, junk food consumption, pharmaceutical dependence million dollar CEO salaries and –I’m not making this up– greater and patient victimization. We have a health crisis in this counthan 500,000% markups on prescription drugs. And while the try, and it’s going to take genuinely radical reforms to turn this American people get sicker, the drug companies, insurance around and save America from a financial wipeout exacerbated companies and many health “care” providers (it’s really more by runaway health care spending… like “sick care providers”) are rolling in cash. Drug companies are now among the richest corporations in the world, and they What’s Missing From SiCKO got there by inventing fictitious diseases, then selling drugs to The material that’s in SiCKO is hard-hitting, and it accompeople who mostly don’t need them. See my CounterThink carplishes what it sets out to do. But there’s something missing from toon, Disease Mongers, Inc. to learn more about this topic. the film: A serious discussion about how a nation can prevent disease using nutrition, medicinal herbs, sunshine, clean water, avoidance of toxic chemicals, smart dietary choices, banning the advertising of junk foods and pharmaceuticals, and so on. Of course, that’s not really what SiCKO set out to do, and this topic would require another film all by itself, but personally I wouldn’t We focus on sports have minded a stronger nod towards solving our nation’s health injury management care problems through genuine prevention (rather than the & performance. current policy which is basically centered around waiting for Aric Gomez, D.C. everybody to get sick and then treating their symptoms while 775.329.5599 ignoring the true causes of their disease). 18 Stewart St. • Downtown Reno


:ed½jB[jFW_d IbemOek:emd$



e practic for the active lifestly

August 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007; for the complete article, please go to:

Sports Injury Prevention

Success for endurance athletes means consistent, smart training


RAINING ERRORS are the greatest single cause of injuries that prohibit runners from participating in their chosen target events. These runners can be categorized into two major groups. The first type adopts the philosophy that “More is Better” and builds their mileage too rapidly, thus suffering breakdown and/or injury. The second group of runners are very inconsistent in their training and miss several workouts in a row, for example. Then, recognizing that they are behind in their training, pour on the miles in an effort to catch up. Several of these mistakes are addressed below.


Consistent training is one of the major keys to running improvement. Conversely, inconsistent training can lead to a variety of injuries. It is vital that you do not miss several days in a row of running and then jump right back into your training program. Doing so greatly increases your risk of injury as mileage must be built gradually (see below).

Building Mileage Too Rapidly

Always adhere to the 10 percent rule. That is, do not increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent nor increase the distance of your long run by more than 10 percent per week.

Not Following the Hard-Easy Concept of Training

Hard workouts include long runs, races, speed work, hill repeats, and/or any other stressful workout. Do not run two hard workouts back to back. For example, if you complete a long run on Sunday, do not plan to go to the track to do a speed work session on Monday. Or if you run a 10-K road race on Saturday, avoid doing a long run on Sunday.

Not Listening to Your Body

I also refer to this concept as “Being a Slave to Your Training Schedule”. While it’s very important to be as consistent as possible in your training, it is vital to listen to what your legs are telling you throughout your marathon training period. Instead of running an easy five or six miles during the middle of the week when your muscles feel fatigued or sore, take an extra day off and save your legs for the weekend’s long run. Above all, incorporate rest days into your schedule prior to hard workouts.

A Few Helpful Tips

Shoes • Make sure you are fitted properly for your running shoes - in relation to body style and ankle mechanics. Shoes should be replaced about every 300 miles because they lose there cushioning effect. I recommend that all runners have at least two pairs of shoes to rotate throughout training. Run on soft surfaces • Trails and woodchips reduce impact on the legs decreasing chances of injury. Aches and pains • Ice any annoying aches and pains to reduce the chance of them progressing to injury. For more information contact Dr. Aric Gomez, Optimum Health Chiropractic, 18 Stewart St. Reno NV 89501, 775.329.5599. Find ad on page 12.


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THERMOGRAPHY Diagnostic Breast Screening

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Hiking Half Dome: A Noble Goal Written by Rick Deutsch


oals are what drive human existence. Without them we are adrift on a sea of mediocrity. For the outdoor adventurer, the hike to the top of Yosemite’s 8,842 foot icon, Half Dome is a worthy goal. It is hard – real hard. But with education, commitment and training, almost anyone can accomplish this goal. From Yosemite Valley, the hike is 16 miles round trip. However, the ~1 mile elevation gain turns this into a 10-12 hour extremely strenuous venture. This exhilarating hike is a mere 4 hour drive from Reno.

The Trail

The trail starts next to the Merced River at Happy Isles, the eastern edge of the valley by the Curry Village complex. The scenic route is over the Vernal Fall Bridge, up the Mist Trail, through Little Yosemite Valley, then to Half Dome. The return is via Nevada Fall and the John Muir Trail. The apex of Half Dome is only 2 miles from Happy Isles – as the crow flies. However, your path will cover many more miles as you weave around the backside of the monolith; you gain ~5,000 feet in altitude. The trail is well marked; follow the crowd! 800+ people do this hike on summer weekends. The climax of your hike is ascending the final 425 vertical feet with the aid of 2 steel cable “banisters” held in place by metal poles (From 1875 to 1919, a knotted rope was used!). Every 10 feet, fixed horizontal 2 x 4 ft boards allow you to rest and catch your breath. The famous cables are at an almost 45 degree angle. The cables are in an “up” position in summer and are laid flat on the rock in winter with poles and boards removed to prevent avalanche damage. Weekends are very crowded. Begin your hike by 6 am or earlier–the goal is to reach the cables by 11 am. Arrive later and

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August 2007

you’ll be greeted by a long line, caterpillaring slowly up the cables. If you get to the cables after high noon you may wait an hour just to get on, and then it’s a slow grind up. It’s much easier to go at your own pace vs. standing 100’s of feet up the cables waiting for the human logjam to clear. The round trip hike will take a fit person 10-12 hours; plan on much longer if you have not trained. Bring a flashlight in case you have to hike in the dark. There are no rangers on Half Dome to restrict or control hikers. Lastly, there are several well-maintained trail toilets along the way. Practice the “Leave no Trace” principles of hiking.


While this is basically a safe hike, there are a few things to be aware of. The last 9 months have seen 3 deaths on Half Dome. In similar accidents in November 2006 and April 2007, a 25-year old woman, then a 43-year old woman were going up the cables when they were in the winter “down” position. The rock was wet and they lost their grip and fell to their deaths. In June 2007, a 37-year old man lost his balance while ascending and fell from the cables. These are the only documented deaths off the cables, excepting heart attacks, since the installation. Suggestions for a permit process or other regulatory controls are controversial and would not have prevented these deaths. The major areas of concern you need to be aware of are:

Falling is the most common injury. Wear good hiking shoes, use trekking poles, be very careful! The cables are scary & steep. Intensity: this is an “extremely strenuous” hike. You need to be in good health and train in advance to condition your legs. Dehydration: ensure everyone in your party is well hydrated. Water is key to your success. Giardia: do not drink untreated water from any natural source. Use a purifying filter pump or other method. Waterfalls: people have gone over the falls. Respect the signs and hike safely.

Weather: thunderstorms can arise in any month. People have died from lightning strikes on the summit. Retreat if there is any hint of a storm in the area. Bears: your biggest chance of an encounter will be at your campsite – use the bear boxes for your food and scented items.


Begin your Half Dome training about 2 months prior to your trip. By starting your conditioning early, you will have time to recover from any injury prior to the hike. Get clearance from your doctor. Build your training sessions until you can walk well over 2 hours at a good pace. If you can run, progress to running 2 to 3 miles. Find hills and move your workouts there. Biking, the stair stepper, elliptical trainers, and an aerobics class will all help. When you’re within a month of the trip, seek out long hills to hike. Work up to 90 minutes, then 3 hours. The Half Dome hike will take 12 hours or more; a good test will be to see if you can walk that long during your training. In the last week, reduce your workouts and taper down. Do nothing for 3 days before the hike.


Boots: for most, lightweight boots with ankle support are best. Tennis shoes are not advised; you’ll be stepping on many pointed rocks and the cable trail has worn smooth since it was built in 1919. Full-fledged leather hiking boots with Vibram soles are best, but make sure they are broken-in. Showing up to do the hike with brand new boots will result in sore or blistered feet. Thin liner socks and medium-weight hiking socks are recommended.

Pack: you’ll need a container to carry your food, first aid kit, water treatment system, raingear, etc. A compact, waistmounted fanny pack works well because it rides above your hips and near your center of gravity. It should have pouches to hold water bottles and a small central compartment for food and supplies. You can strap your water filter pump under your fanny pack. Backpacks may feel hot and cause back strain. Bladder-tube water carriers are hard to refill on the trail, and become very heavy. A fanny pack will allow you to easily remove your bottle from its holster while you are on the move. Water: Water is the most important factor on this hike. Dehydration will sap your energy, cause you to think irrationally and can result in severe medical consequences. Either bring all the water you’ll need, or purify water along the trail. Water weighs 2 pounds per quart. Bringing a water purifier pump is a good idea. A 200 pound man needs about 6 quarts a day. Women and smaller people need less. Giardia is a major concern in Yosemite, caused by infection of the intestine by the single-celled parasite, Giardia lamblia. It is spread by contact with fecal matter - deer, rodents, bears, birds and people. The risk is a range of discomforts including severe diarrhea. Don’t assume that because you find a “natural stream,” or see the crystal clear waters of the Merced, that you are safe. Treat your water. Iodine tablets work, but take 30 minutes to be effective. This is another reason for investing in a water filter pump. Drink before you are thirsty. Clean your hands frequently with anti-bacterial gels. Other: Good food options: energy bars, trail mix, electrolyte powders, jerky and fruit. Misc. essentials: hat, shorts, sunglasses, flashlight, spare socks, blister pack, first-aid kit, sun screen and trekking poles. These lightweight poles will aid your uphill hike and save your knees on the long downhill. Remember, half of this 16 mile hike is down!


Plan to book your reservations early. Yosemite is in high demand during the summer. You are competing for space with the entire country – and the world! Call or book on line at: (559) 252-4848 and The Curry Village tent cabins are close to the trailhead, sleep up to 4 in beds (with blankets, pillows, towels included) and are very economical. You can book them a year in advance. Yosemite boasts many fine alternative accommodations as well, from basic ground-tenting (reserved 6 months in advance) to the Yosemite Lodge to the Ahwahnee Hotel. Off-site hotels would be a long drive before and after the hike.


Half Dome can be a life changing experience for you. Or it can enhance your already active life. Set a goal. Go for it!

Rick Deutsch is an avid adventure traveler living in San Jose, California. author of “One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome”. For more information see

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The Fine Art of

Watering By John Strickland

The Science of Watering

2. How hot and windy is it? Heat and wind cause increased water loss Ask yourself the following quesby plants. When daytime temperatures tions to develop a feel for watering move into the 80s, water newly transfrequency: planted plants every other day. Once the 1. How long since transplanting? Newly air temperature hits the 90 degree mark, planted plants require more frequent check the plants morning and evening, watering than established plants. Begin looking for wilted leaves as an indicator to cut back the frequency after 2 to 3 of dryness. Initially, a daily watering will weeks as the plant roots start growing out be needed for small plants. into the surrounding soil and the above 3. How deep did that last rain soak the ground portion of the plant shows strong soil? Rain amounts can be deceiving. signs of new growth. Always stick a shovel into the ground after

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August 2007

a rain and do a visual check as to how deeply the water soaked into the soil. The soil needs to be damp at least 4 inches deep to do new transplants any good.


What pot size was the plant grown in? Small perennials and bedding plants transplanted from 4 or 6 packs and 4” pots will need more frequent irrigation than 1 or 5 gallon sized trees. Do not

Iebkj_edi\ehKdh[iebl[Z ?d`kh_[i9^hed_YFW_d M_j^ekj:hk]iehIkh][ho ›I`[pfliYf[pf]Z_ife`Z_\X[$ XZ_\j#YXZbXZ_\j#j_flc[\igX`e ›JkXk\f]k_\Xikn_fc\Yf[pXeXcpj`j ›9i\Xbk_ifl^_kfe\nc\m\cjf] Zfdg\k`k`feXe[i\^X`ecfjkjb`ccj B`ibA%JXZ_kc\i#;GK


nnn%g\i]gk%Zfd .)'IfYY;i`m\#Jl`k\('*›I\ef#EM

water 4” and 5 gallon plants on the same schedule as they have entirely different requirements.


Have the plants been mulched? Mulching plants can cut watering frequency in half! For example, if you were to mulch, daily watering would be reduced to every other day, twice weekly instead of every other day, etc.


What type of soil do you have? Compost enriched soils hold more water in the root zone than unprepared soils. Clay and loam type soils hold more water than sandy soils. Sandy soils dry out very quickly and plants will need very frequent irrigation when first planted. Also keep in mind that when climate conditions are very dry, extra water is needed to replace moisture lost to the dry soil surrounding the planting hole.

Watering Tips How Much Water? Knowing how to properly water your plants is key to good plant health. Always construct an ample water ring– a well– around each plant and be sure to mulch. When it is time to water, fill the water well twice allowing the water to be absorbed completely before filling it a second time. During the dry, hot months of the summer, conventional turf lawns

and groundcover beds will need one inch of water every week. Native grass lawns and xeric groundcovers will need once inch every other week. Set out a rain gauge or coffee can to measure the amount applied. When you water, soak the soil thoroughly. It is preferable and more efficient to water heavily and less frequently than to water lightly with much greater frequency. Deep watering promotes deep root growth. Signs of Over-Watering When the soil stays wet and the leaves of recent transplants become yellow and chlorinated looking, cut back your watering by half– not half the amount, but half the frequency. If you are watering every other day, cut back to once every 4th day.

Establishing Xeric Plants “I planted xeric Penstemon and watered it that day. I came back 2 weeks later and it was dead! I thought this plant did not need any extra water.” To this we say, “yes and no.” No, xeric plants do not need much water once established, but yes, even xeric plants need careful attention to their watering needs during the first growing season. Xeric plants have extensive root systems that pull water from the surrounding soil, but until a new transplant can re-establish its roots, it needs regular irrigation during rainless periods to grow and prosper. Avoiding Wasteful Run-Off When hand watering on a slope, water until the water is not being absorbed by the soil and begins to run-off. Stop, let it soak in a few minutes and start again. Repeat this process 4 or 5 times until the soil is wet to a depth of 4 or more inches. This technique will reduce the amount of run-off and slope erosion, and will promote deep root growth in your plants which is key to drought-tolerance.

Plants Depend Upon Us Please remember, plants are living, breathing organisms; they depend upon us for their health, their protection and their survival. Their livelihood is a responsibility not to be taken lightly! With good care, many plants can be life-long companions that bring years of comfort and joy to our lives. For more information contact Dry Creek Garden Co., 7250 S. Virginia St., Reno; 775-851-0353 or visit their website at Find CRG Listing on page 46.

Institute for Inspired Living 85 Washington St., Reno

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If you are watering regularly but the leaves look wilted all the time, the plant roots are dying of suffocation. Too much water keeps the soil waterlogged and oxygen deficient. If this occurs, pull back the mulch from the plant and let the top inch of the soil dry between watering. Remember, the difference between too much and too little water can be confusing. But, a general rule is that under-watered plants wilt while over-watered plants yellow.

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Editor’s Note: T.R.E.E.* Founder and Healthy Beginnings Green Columnist, Nikki Florio, was among the Lake people who lost their homes in the Angora Fire. Nikki has kindly permitted us to share a few of her comments with our readers. She said that many people think of the accident (fire) as inconvenient, but that they do not think of themselves as “victims” – because of the tremendous community support they have received. Nikki “personally understands the role that fire plays in the Tahoe Basin.” And although she “misses some of her personal belongings, she remembers that belongings are only things. The fact that so many lives were spared is of far greater importance.” *Tahoe Regional Environmental Education.

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An Expert’s Experience:

RADICAL forgiveness A Complementary Treatment for Cancer

-Part One-


hen I suggest emotional/spiritual healing to people with cancer, they almost always misunderstand me. They hear it as emotional support. They think I either just want to comfort them, or show them how to have a more positive attitude. They don’t get that something like forgiveness might be the key to their getting well. I see their eyes glaze over when I go on to say that emotional toxicity is most likely the cause of their cancer, and that forgiveness, if used with appropriate treatments and lifestyle changes that address the physical, is a ‘first-line’ primary treatment. Their inability to hear this as a strategy for survival, is a measure of how brainwashed we all are into thinking that treatment for cancer must always be harsh, drastic and violent. With our War-on-Cancer mind-set, it’s hard to imagine that something so seemingly ‘soft’ and gentle as forgiveness could be the answer to our problem. Yet science, particularly psychoneuroimmunology, is showing that forgiveness and other forms of emotional/spiritual healing, is extremely powerful, and that anyone with cancer who doesn’t include forgiveness in their treatment protocol is ignoring a huge part of the problem and, by extension, a large part of the solution. Our fear-based approach to cancer blinds us also to the possibility of our cancer being our friend and loving messenger. Rarely does cancer arrive without a clear message designed to move us toward healing. Almost invariably, the loving message it brings concerns releasing repressed or suppressed emotions connected with something that happened in the past — usually between two


August 2007

Written by Colin C. Tipping and seven years prior to the onset of the cancer. This is usually a severe loss or disappointment or a major and prolonged emotional upset, or both. This might be loss of a spouse or child through death, loss of a relationship, loss of a job, etc. I have yet to find someone who has cancer who does not have something like this in their history - something that could easily have been the starting point - the cause even - of their disease. I am convinced that cancer starts out as an emotional/spiritual disease and only later moves into the body. Jane came to me for hypnotherapy and counseling. She had had a mastectomy. On the second visit she arrived distressed because an MRI had revealed minute spots of cancer in her brain. The doctors were surprised because only very rarely does cancer spread directly from the breast to the brain. This seemed to me worthy of investigation from an energetic standpoint. An attractive woman in her early forties, Jane had not been in a romantic relationship for about seven years. As we explored this, she touched into some grief she still felt about one relationship that had been extremely passionate and intense. She had clearly worshipped the man and planned to marry him. After four years, she discovered that he was married already and had children. He had no intention of leaving his wife. Jane was devastated but could not stop seeing him. It took her another four extremely painful years to pull herself away from this relationship. Clearly, Jane had suffered a broken heart — something that most women with breast cancer have experienced — and she had shut down her emotions completely.

As she was going out the door at the end of our session, Jane said in a whisper, “I put him in the attic.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, everything I had that had any connection to this man, or that would remind me of him, I stuffed in a box.” She replied. “I then put the box up in the attic. It’s still there. I haven’t touched it since.” I told her to sit down and tell me that again. I had her repeat the same thing three times. Suddenly, she saw the connection between the box in the attic that represented her broken love affair and her brain cancer. “Oh, my God,” she said slowly. “That’s him in my head, isn’t it? He’s in my attic.”



G\idXe\ekDXb\$lg GXiX$D\[`ZXcJg\Z`Xc`jk

š>W_hIjhea[#;o[Xhemi š;o[b_d[hjefXejjec šIYWh9Wcek\bW][ šJWjjeeH[celWb BeYWj[ZWj9_hYb[e\B_\[IfW +)&'Bed]b[oBWd[7."H[de




I told her to go home, go up into the attic and take down the box. I told her to bring it with her to her next session, and we would go through it piece by piece. I planned for her to tell me the story around each item until she had totally disconnected from his energy and released the pain that she had repressed. Then we would do the Radical Forgiveness work to complete the healing. Jane understood that this might be the key to her getting well and was very excited. Tragically, she had a seizure the next day and was taken back to the hospital. She died a month later without ever touching the box in the attic. I believe that, even though she was excited about releasing the pain, the idea of going through the box and re-awakening to all those memories was probably more than her soul could bear, so she made a decision to make her transition. I visited Jane a number of times during that month. I knew, from the way that she squeezed my hand, that in telling me her story, she had released a good deal of the pain. Just by agreeing to bring the box down out of the attic, she had expressed the willingness to let go of the blame and anger. In Radical Forgiveness willingness is everything — Spirit does the rest. So, even though the disease process moved her towards death, my sense was that she had healed her life and that, as a result, she was able to slip away peacefully — more so than if she had died without ever sharing her pain. We can only wonder whether the outcome would have been different had she been able to bring down the box and go through the Radical Forgiveness process and release all that toxic energy before the onset of her cancer — or even when it was first discovered. I personally believe that it would have. O. Carl Simonton, M.D., the oncologist who made guided visualization a respectable mainstream treatment for cancer, said it very succinctly; “Cancer is perfect feedback.” The only thing I would add to that is that the feedback is always loving and comes from your Higher Self. Colin C. Tipping is Founder/Director of The Georgia Cancer Help Program and Together-We-Heal, Inc. (a non-profit corporation). For more information, please contact Dinny Harter at (530) 414-1420. Find ad on page 27.

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“…a tree grows well when its roots are free from defects, so the body grows properly only if the head is free from diseases…”

A A Head, Head, Neck Neck & & Sinus Sinus Therapy Therapy

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August 2007


magine lying back onto a soft massage table and relaxing into a sumptuous face, neck and shoulder massage with an ancient blend of warm, aromatic natural oils. Imagine a luxurious aromatherapy steam facial, complemented with the absolute best in high quality organic essential oils wafting through the air and absorbing into your skin for the ultimate in healing. Imagine that this is actually a treatment for disease! But you don’t have to imagine… This beautiful application of oil and heat ready the body for Nasya, the ancient Ayurvedic nasal application of herbal medicine. Nasya is one of the five main therapies of Pancha Karma, but is also powerful medicine as a stand-alone therapy. A unique and profound treatment that has been utilized for centuries, Nasya is considered one of the best forms of medicine to address any imbalance above the shoulders. Traditionally, Ayurveda has utilized Nasya for everything from allergies and sinusitis to tinnitus, neck pain, insomnia, convulsions, migraines, memory loss, emotional stress, and the inability to express oneself– and so much more. In Ayurvedic medicine the nose is the door to the brain, and to consciousness. Imbalances in the body are due to excess dosha (vata, pitta, or kapha) or ama (toxins). Nasya’s purpose, on the physical and subtle level, is to remove excess dosha and ama from the neck up. Administering the herbal formulas via the nasal passage allows for direct healing action

on the brain, sinus and nasal passages, and nervous system. Dr. David Frawley, a renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner, advocates that “…right function of the nasal passages is necessary to keep our minds and senses clear and sharp.” Prana is a Sanskrit word that means “breath”, or vital life energy. It is the life energy which flows through the nadis, or subtle energy channels of the body, and chakras, and vitalizes every cell of our being. The nose is the first site where Prana is absorbed. Nasya Therapy clarifies the mind and consciousness by increasing our ability to absorb Prana, or life energy, and elevates the spirit. According to the Charaka Samhita, the oldest and most important writings on Ayurveda, the head is one of the three vital organs of the body. Rhinitis is the most important of the diseases of the head, as it can give rise to several others if it is not properly treated and lifestyle changes are not instituted. Acute rhinitis appears as the common cold. Hay fever is a form of seasonal rhinitis and nasal allergies can be deemed perennial rhinitis. For all of these, the Charaka Samhita recommends inhalation therapy –Nasya– as well as dosha– alleviating food and drink.

Siro-roga – Diseases of the Head Excess Dosha: VATA (air & ether) Physical Symptoms: post-nasal drip, sneezing, tinnitus, nervous system diseases in the brain and sense organs,

dryness, loss of sense of smell, itching, atrophy, convulsions, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, allergies, stiffness in the neck and shoulders Mental/Emotional Symptoms: worry, anxiety, overwhelm, nervousness, fear, spaceyness, emptiness, indecisiveness Excess Dosha: PITTA (fire & water) Physical Symptoms: inflamed sinuses, migraines, burning eyes, conjunctivitis, hair loss, hemorrhage, convulsions, toxicity Mental/Emotional Symptoms: anger, intensity, being critical, resentment, jealousy, irritability Excess Dosha: KAPHA (water & earth) Physical Symptoms: congestion, blocked sinuses, excess mucous production, sticky eyes, edema, heavy head, tumors, convulsions, excess sleep Mental/Emotional Symptoms: brain fog, depression, over-attachment, greed, melancholy If any of these symptoms are something you are presently experiencing, then Nasya Therapy may be just what you’ve been searching for to help you achieve optimal health and peace of mind. The proof of the benefit of Nasya therapy lies in the fact that it has been used successfully to treat siro-roga (diseases of the head) for many centuries. More recently there have been many scientific studies in India confirming the effectiveness of Nasya.

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Nasya therapy can begin to help from cine, 5th ed. Grass Valley, CA: California College of the first visit. Dosha-specific herbs and Ayurveda, 2003. Lad, Dr. Vasant. Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healoils are blended to address an individual’s ing. Twin Lakes, WI: Lotus Press, 1984. specific needs based upon information Ranade, Prof. Dr. Subhash and Prof. Dr. Avinash gathered during the comprehensive initial Lele. Pancha Karma and Ayurvedic Massage. Delhi, consultation. Nasya can be beneficial India: Chaukhambha Sanskrit Pratishthan, 2004. Sharma, R.K., Bhagwan Dash, trans. Caraka Samfor tonification or purification, based hita. Varanasi, India: Chaukhambha Sanskrit Series upon the underlying imbalance of each Office, 1992. person, improving the function of mind Jeremy Ann Anderson, CAS, PKS, CMT, and senses. Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha References: Karma Specialist at the Conscious Living Frawley, Dr. David, and Dr. Subhash Ranade. Ayurveda: Nature’s Medicine. Twin Lakes, WI: Lotus Rejuvenation Center, 775.853.5337, Press, 2001. Halpern, Dr. Marc. Principles of Ayurvedic MediFind ad on page 20.

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Hypnotherapy For Pain Relief


ain is a vastly complex subject and understanding pain is important to effectively deal with it. Intervention by a qualified Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist can assist to dramatically reduce acute pain and eliminate the chronic pain cycle. The body does not think. Only the mind thinks, thus, when the mind accepts or perceives something as reality, the body must respond. An example of this is the Fire-Walk experience. With just a few hours training, a person can walk through a bed of coals with no burns or physical pain. “If this were a drug, everyone would be using it”, says David Spiegel MD a psychiatrist at Stanford University. “Changing your mental set can change what’s going on in your body.” Quoted from “Hypnosis for Pain” by Evelyn Strauss, WebMed Medical News.

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Acute pain is physiological and organic. It is caused by physical injury or illness. The intensity and the severity depend on the nature of the injury or illness and the pain tolerance of the injured or ill person. It is a signal that something is wrong in your body and needs to be evaluated by a Physician, Dentist or Chiropractor before consulting a Hypnotherapist. The body is connected by nerve endings to the brain. When the nerve endings are stimulated by something, an impulse is sent to the brain. If an injury has occurred, the nerve endings send the message that something is wrong. The subconscious mind then determines what to do with the impulse. A qualified Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist can make alternative suggestions to inhibit the pain response. This process is called Inhibition of the Autonomic Nervous System. Chronic pain is on going and is considered chronic after a specified duration of time. It is a combination of physical and psychogenic factors. The longer a person has been in pain, the greater the psychogenic component. External stressors such as tension, fear and anxiety, intensify and influence the chronic pain cycle. The reaction to pain results in the tightening of the muscles causing tension in the body. The tension increases the severity of the pain. Pain is approximately 25% physical and 75% emotional. Tension, Anxiety and fear are factors in how an individual experiences pain. Tension is a protective response. When an individual experiences something unpleasant, physically or emotionally, they resist, causing tension in the body. The muscles tighten and exacerbate the pain. Muscle tension associated with pain can be alleviated with physical relaxation exercises using selfhypnosis techniques. Anxiety is a critical element in the experience of pain. It makes the pain more difficult and intensifies the severity. Preoccupation with the pain creates further tension and constriction of the muscles causing inflammation of the central nervous system. Anxiety patterns are caused by the structure of the subject’s personality characteristics and experiences. How one deals with pain is a learned behavior. These patterns must be identified and changed to effectively reduce pain. Fear is the most insidious of the components of pain. It is important to understand how fear and pain react in the chronic pain cycle. We learn early on that pain is an unpleasant experience, something to be avoided. If trauma is associated with pain, the unconscious mind imprints fear with pain; then pain is the trigger for fear. As people grow older the fear of pain increases.

The feeling of helplessness and vulnerability create tension and anxiety, thus, exacerbating the pain experience. It is important to stop the impact of the pain and fear cycle, thus significantly reducing the subjective experience of pain. Suffering is another element of pain. It is emotional in nature and is processed differently by the brain. Suffering is psychogenic and intensifies the experience. The suffering element of pain should be dealt with during the Hypnotherapy session. Somatization of emotions is a further complication of pain. It is the internalization of the feelings into physical discomfort. The physical discomfort is a real experience of pain, however, the basis of the pain is psychological and emotional. The subject is feeling pain generated by their painful life experiences. Hypnotherapy helps these individuals remove painful emotions and the underlying psychological issues that cause them. Pain of this nature often appears as headaches, gastrointestinal issues or disease. One very effective technique to assist in pain relief is a process using the Control Gate Theory. Although rather complex, an explanation of this theory is important to the understanding of how it works. The Control Gate Theory is the acceptance of the anatomical distinctiveness between two neural conducting systems from the spinal cord, to the higher centers of the brain, after impulses have entered the spinal cord as a result of the stimulation. The Sensory-Discriminative System is primarily informative and carries information about the location and the intensity of the stimulation without the unpleasant qualities. The Motivation-Affective System relates to the center of the brain structure that processes the suffering aspect of the physical sensations of pain. Both conduits allow pain and suffering to exist at the same time because they have separate processing systems. The longer pain and suffering continues, the stronger and more enmeshed they become. The Gate Control Theory suggests that the experience of pain can be changed by impulses transmitted through the two systems. The Hypnotherapist creates a deep trance experience and then gives direct suggestions so the mind can re-identify experience as pressure or discomfort rather than pain; in addition, visualization and suggestion are used to eliminate the emotional component of suffering. “Most patients benefit from the use of hypnotic suggestion for pain relief”, according to Guy Montgomery, PhD, a behavioral scientist at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Montgomery published a meta-analysis on the subject in the April 2, 2000 issue of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. A qualified Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist will have many different techniques to eliminate pain. Each person is unique and may require a series of processes until one is found that works. There is no one magic pill. Hypnosis is a solution for living healthier and pain free without the use of drugs. Tonda Adams, JD., CCHT. MtnQuest Hypnotherapy (775) 8252588. Find ad on page 30.

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Environmental Studies at UNR The University of Nevada, Reno


ndergraduates at UNR now have the opportunity to study environmental issues from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives through the new multidisciplinary Environmental Studies Major, administered by the UNR Academy for the Environment (UNAE). With the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin as our backyard laboratory, and with top environmental researchers in the sciences and humanities, students majoring in Environmental Studies at UNR will have a wealth of unique educational opportunities. The major curriculum requires that students double-major with another academic discipline or pursue a dual concurrent degree, so that all graduates have the depth of knowledge in a chosen discipline. The curriculum of the Environmental Studies Major is then tailored to provide broader perspectives from fields other than the initial major. Thus, if a student with a declared major in biology wishes to also pursue an Environmental Studies degree, his/her curriculum will emphasize humanities, arts and policy. An English major will have a program geared toward science and policy. All students work with UNAE academic advisors to develop individualized programs of study that are updated annually. Faculty, students, and community leaders all contributed ideas that helped shape this major during the year long process initiated in the summer of 2005. In addition to the academic rigor inherent in the double-major requirement, the ENV ma-

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jor curriculum emphasizes practical experience in the form of required field work, internships, and a third-year practicum seminar, as well as high-level scholarly research and writing. The integration of humanities, arts and social science into the curriculum design makes this major unique among Environmental Studies or Environmental Science majors in the nation, and capitalizes on the faculty and research strengths at UNR. The Environmental Studies Major degree program is designed to prepare the leaders of tomorrow with the skills and insight to address the complex environmental challenges of the 21st century. UNR’s physical location at the intersection of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Great Basin provides an ideal laboratory for undergraduate field research opportunities and can therefore contribute to enhanced understanding of regional environmental issues. Furthermore, the arid West and the nation as a whole are in critical need of a new generation of leaders who understand environmental issues from the perspectives of both specialists with focused, in-depth knowledge of specific issues and generalists who can place those issues in the context of social, historical, and political forces, with effective communication and problem-solving skills. Despite widespread consensus that environmental challenges require multiple approaches, very few Environmental Studies programs fully integrate humanities, arts, and social sciences into their curriculum, as does the UNR Environmental Studies major curriculum. Additionally, students pursuing this major will have opportunities to pursue practical internships, intensive research programs and international exchange opportunities as part of their major, gaining the practical experience to understand environmental issues on global, national, regional, and state levels.

UNR - Academy for the Environment History of the Academy The University of Nevada, Reno has a long history of both departmentally-based and campus-wide interdisciplinary environmental programs. There also have been several efforts


August 2007

in the past that have tried to foster and coordinate greater interaction among faculty and staff interested in environmental issues. In the 1990s, two university centers were created to promote greater activity in this arena at the University of Nevada, Reno. The Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE) at the University of Nevada, Reno was created in 1992 with the help of a large grant by Sierra Pacific Resources. It was designed to prepare scientists and engineers for careers in the expanding areas dealing with environmental processes and quality, and stimulate research into solutions to the environmental problems of Nevada, the American Southwest and the world. Expertise in the Center came primarily from the University of Nevada, Reno and the Desert Research Institute. In addition, the Center coordinated closely with scientists, engineers, educators, administrators and other policy makers from all segments of the Nevada System of Higher Education, governmental agencies, environmental groups and industry. The Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities (CEAH) was established in July 1995 in recognition of the central place of the fine arts and humanistic scholarly disciplines in exploring the meaning of the natural environment for human culture and the impact humans exert on the larger planet. Traditionally, environmental studies programs have emphasized the physical sciences and policy studies; however, the Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities brought together a group of distinguished scholars and teachers from such fields as literature, photography, philosophy, history, geography and anthropology to illuminate not only the physical and political dimension of the environment, but the important ways in which nature per#




meates our imaginative lives, our cultural and aesthetic experience, in America and throughout the world. In complementing the work of the University Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering, their goal was to create a new model for interdisciplinary research and teaching on environmental topics by merging the scientific and humanistic disciplines.

Environment (UNAE) was submitted for review to the Faculty Senate. Under this proposal, the CESE and the CEAH will be sunset and their functions merged under the umbrella of the new Academy for the Environment. This proposal was unanimously endorsed by the Faculty Senate on 22 April 2004 (Earth Day) and subsequently approved by the Board of Regents on 3 June 2004. On 22 November 2004, the Provost appointed an Interim Executive Director to open the office, hire support staff, and begin the process of establishing the UNAE on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

These Centers provided outstanding leadership on campus and promoted a significant number of seminars, projects, and other opportunities for interaction among faculty and staff that had not occurred previously. However, a greater University commitment to interdisciplinary environmental programs was desired Academy Location: Academy for the by the faculty. Therefore, in 2003, a self- Environment. 108 Mackay Science Buildorganized group of faculty (including ing. University of Nevada, Reno, NV many from CESE and CEAH) promoted 89557-0192. the establishment of a university-wide en- Academy Staff: Executive Director: Dr. vironmental institute to further enhance Michael W. Collopy. (775)784-8262. and coordinate campus-wide environ- mental teaching, research, and service. Administrative Assistant: Amber Gallop Following("EGINPDF0extensive faculty discussion, (775)784-8262 a proposal to create the Academy for the










nxĂŽÂ‡ĂˆĂˆĂ¤Ă¤ĂŠ ÂŁĂˆĂ¤ÂŁĂ¤ĂŠ-ĂŠ6ÂˆĂ€}ˆ˜ˆ>ĂŠ-ĂŒÂ°ĂŠĂŠĂŠĂœĂœĂœÂ°ĂƒĂŒi>“LÂœ>ĂŒĂƒÂŤĂ€ÂˆÂ˜}ĂƒÂ°ÂœĂ€}ĂŠ Visit our website at 25


Healthier Technology: Be Aware, Ask Questions, Demand Accountability


ost people spend a lot more time around electronics and technology than they did even a decade ago. Computers, cell phones, iPods, PDAs and other handheld technologies are integrated into daily life, as much as food, water and air. It’s a growing and wise trend to be concerned about the health and environmental impacts of these constant electronic companions. One area of concern is the video display present on nearly every device from cell phones to computers to televisions. Displays used to be made from all kinds of toxic materials, including lead and arsenic, to name just a few. A typical CRT (cathode ray tube) display (the boxy glass faced model) contains three or more pounds of lead. This may present a health hazard to indi-


August 2007

viduals using these products, since long term exposure to lower levels of lead can cause anemia, nervous system damage, impaired mental function, appetite loss, fatigue and headache. Then there’s the fact that lead is well known as a troublesome environmental toxin that gets into our water, food and air if not properly disposed of and managed. And, while the EPA mandates special handling for all CRT displays, many consumers and some businesses unwittingly (or intentionally) dispose of electronics improperly. Some manufacturers such as Dell and HP are still selling CRT displays with their computers. As part of their commitment to creating a more Green product line, Apple has abandoned that product altogether, in favor of LCD (liquid crystal diode) displays, which are less toxic, and much easier on the body if you ever have to move one. In 2006, Apple was the first company in the industry to eliminate CRTs from their product line. The effects are significant: The first iMac computers with CRT monitors had over 484 grams of lead, the current LCD models contain less than 1 gram of lead. LCD displays can also have issues. Many LCDs have fluorescent backlights that contain mercury, which can have devastating environmental effects. It is imperative that this toxic metal be properly disposed of, in a socially responsible manner. Currently, many products end up in third world countries in huge piles of seeping waste, which contaminates local ground water and food supplies, and causes illness amongst the people who collect and breakdown components for reuse.

With more innovation such products can become safer for people and the environment. For example, in another move toward ecological responsibility, companies like Apple, Toshiba, and Kyocera have recently begun the switch to LED backlighting for their LCD displays. The LED backlights contain no mercury, which makes them considerably safer at the end of their life cycle. Many large companies are talking about “Green” initiatives and jumping on the “Green” bandwagon. Consumers rightly eye these efforts with suspicion; however, look for an actual program with measurable results, and everyone could benefit from the trend. The most important thing you can do is to be aware when you make consumer electronics purchases. You can reduce the impact of technology on your health and the planet. When you research your technology purchases, make sure that health ramifications are part of your research. Find out what types of toxins are being used to build the products. Take note of the company’s e-waste policies. Is the company committed to reducing hazardous toxins, and to recycling end of life products? These are all important points to consider. For more information, contact Alicia Lindsay-Dietrich or Jason Dietrich at (775) 626-7751 or email Find ad on this page. References: 1) A Greener Apple, by Steve Jobs, com/hotnews/agreenerapple/ 2) Effects of Lead on Human Health, by It’s Your Health, Canada http://www.hc-sc.gc. ca/iyh-vsv/environ/lead-plomb_e.html 3) Mercury: Health Effects, US Environmental Protection Agency, http://www.


The Best Way to Reduce Stress:

Meditate! By Ace Remas


e usually blame stress on the conditions we face. We blame the workload, the uncertainties of our finances, other people, and the multiple requirements of modern life and its hazards and obstructions. In other words, we blame what is outside of ourselves for causing the stressful feelings we experience inside ourselves.

of your individuality, produces peace of mind. Like the eye at the center of a hurricane, this wonderfully tranquility of mind remains undisturbed no matter how violent the storm. The best way to combat the stress and tension of your life is simply to meditate. Now, you say, finding the time to meditate will be just another cause of stress. Don’t believe it. If you want to meditate but don’t feel you have the time or knowledge to begin, here’s a tip. Just do it.

Meditation teaches a different view. Outside conditions are not the cause of what we feel. It is how we relate to these conditions that causes us what Put your rear end on a we feel. Stress arises not beThe simple cushion or in a chair, your cause we may be busy or act of reflecting on hands in your lap, close overworked; it arises your eyes, relax your your life, on the truth because we don’t body, focus on your of yourself and the beauty breath for a short like to be busy and overworked. Stress and purpose of your while to still your is a condition of our individuality, produces mind, then gently conmind, not our world. centrate on whatever

peace of mind.

We will never solve all the problems of our external life and world. We will never have enough money and enough time. Even if we are able to increase our fortunes and free time, which all of us dream about accomplishing, it won’t be enough, and very likely will be the cause of stress in our efforts to keep and protect these benefits. But we can solve the problem of our own mind. That’s why meditation offers so many benefits.

The simple act of reflecting on your life, on the truth of yourself and your relationships, and the beauty and purpose

topic you have selected. That’s it.

You don’t need to plan a time, prepare a secluded place to sit, or wait for a special state of mind or motivation. Just begin with the simple intention of reflecting on your life. You can use the kitchen chair in the morning; at your desk during a coffee break; in the car; at the dentist office; anywhere you find yourself. You’ll be surprised to find out how easy meditation is, and how productive it can be.

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Turmeric By Kallie Wilbourn

urmeric, a native of southern tropical Asia, comes from the rhizome (root) of the Curcuma longa plant, which is in the same family as ginger. Turmeric powder has been used for thousands of years as a spice and colorant for food, a dye for textiles, and for body decoration and art. Turmeric has also been a valued ingredient of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and to ease various health conditions and stomach ailments.


Recently, western scientists have begun to recognize turmeric’s medicinal effectiveness. Research indicates that the volatile oil fraction of turmeric is a significant anti-inflammatory and that curcumin– the pigment of turmeric consisting of polyphenol antioxidents called curcuminoids– is an even more potent anti-inflammatory. Curcumin inhibits the activation of

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August 2007

NFkappaB, a molecule that signals genes to produce inflammatory molecules (including TNF, Cox-2, and IL-6) that promote cancer cell growth. Current studies indicate that curcumin has impressive potential for relieving serious diseases which are disturbingly common in western countries and countries influenced by the western diet. In Alzheimer’s patients (note that the incidence of Alzheimer’s is much lower in India), curcumin is found to stimulate macrophages that clear beta-amyloid plaques. Its inhibition of NfkappaB appears to relieve inflammatory bowel disease. As an antioxidant, curcumin neutralizes the free radicals responsible for joint inflammation. Curcumin’s dietary anti-oxidant action protects colon cells from free radicals and helps the body destroy mutated cancer cells -- in part because curcumin also enhances liver function. Evidence shows that curcumin acts as a preventative for these diseases and lowers cholesterol. It also offers relief to cystic fibrosis sufferers. In western countries, we find turmeric in powder form, imported from India. The root is boiled, dried in hot ovens, and finely ground. Turmeric powder keeps for up to a year if stored out of sunlight in a jar with a tight lid. Be aware that the curry powder blends (and turmeric powder) sold in most supermarkets contain a minimal amount of curcumin. Natural food stores, ethnic markets, and spice markets that sell on-line are better sources for pure turmeric that has not been irradiated, and contains a high concentration of curcumin. Turmeric is also sold in capsule form, as a dietary supplement.

Continued on page 43...

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Grilled Apricot,

Goat Cheese & Walnut Salad By Jillana Miller


rilling fruit is an exciting concept for summer cooking. The possibilities are endless! Grilled fruits can be the star of a main course, a dessert, an appetizer or a side dish. This salad is an excellent way to enjoy the unique flavor of grilled apricots with creamy goat cheese and the crunch of walnuts in a combination of simple elegance.

Ingredients: 1 bag/5oz of spring mix salad 1 tomato 1/8 cup of thinly sliced red onion 1 cucumber 1/2 cup of raw walnuts 1 tablespoon of soft goat cheese 5 fresh apricots Extra virgin olive oil Balsamic vinegar

Fresh lemons or lemon juice Sea Salt Fresh ground black pepper

For the Balsamic Citrus Vinaigrette: The amount of dressing that you wish to make is up to you. This dressing works well with most salads, so if you would like to make a large batch you may store it in your refrigerator for future use. However, for this salad you only need a small amount. No matter what the amount, combine, 60% rice vinegar, 15% balsamic vinegar, 15% lemon juice and 10% olive oil and whisk together before each use.

For the Salad: In a medium sized mixing bowl place spinach, sliced tomatoes, sliced red

onion, sliced cucumber, walnuts and goat cheese. Toss salad with balsamic citrus vinaigrette and set aside. Grilling the Apricots: Slice apricots in half and place the halves on a plate. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Grill the apricot halves over a low to medium flame for about 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Remove the apricots from the grill and let cool slightly. Now, top salad with the grilled apricots and enjoy!

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Sprouting Made Simple! S

Written by Schall Adams

prouts are a wonderful “live” food, full of vital nutrition. They are also quite easy to grow once you know a few key processes. We will discuss three simple methods of sprouting in this article: the jar method, the terra cotta method, and the soil method.

The most common uses for sprouts and greens are as cereal and on salads or sandwiches, but greens can be used for juicing, in soups, main dishes, crackers, breads, spreads, and cookies. Hopefully you will be using them in a raw recipe to retain the nutritional value!

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a difference between sprouts and greens. These methods will give you both, so you can experiment with what you like best. Sprouts are generally eaten just after the seed has sprouted a tail and are about the same length as the seed itself such as lentil, aduki, mung, and pea, although with smaller seeds like alfalfa, broccoli, and mustard they are generally eaten when several inches long. Greens are generally allowed to grow to about 7 inches long.

The Jar Method: Equipment: 1/2 gallon glass jar, mesh plastic screen, big thick rubber bands OR a metal ring part of the lid. When using the smaller seeds such as alfalfa, broccoli, cabbage, kale, onion, radish, or sesame, place 2 tablespoons of seeds in a half gallon glass jar, cover with a mesh screen and secure with rubber bands or the metal ring part of the jar lid. Fill the jar with water and allow the seeds to soak for approximately 6-8 hours. After they have soaked, drain off the liquid and store at an angle with the open end facing down so the excess water can run off (a dish drainer works great for this). Store the jar in low light for the first few days and in diffused sunlight to allow them to develop chlorophyll and turn green. Keep out of direct sunlight. The temperature should be between 60-85 degrees. Be sure to rinse 2-3 times per day by simply pouring clean filtered water through the mesh top, swish a little (gently) and then pour the water off returning the jar to the rack with the open end down. You should try to have your sprouts stick all around the outsides of the jar so they do not bunch up. Most sprouts will be ready within 4-6 days, some sooner.

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The Terra Cotta Method: Equipment: Terra Cotta platter, 2 plates the size of the platter, and a mist spray bottle. This is the method to use if you want to sprout any type of mucilaginous seeds, like flax, chia, cress, and psyllium. You’ve seen the Chia pets, right? Those are sprouts! This is actually one of the simplest sprouting methods. Place a plate filled with water under a terra cotta platter. Sprinkle the seeds over the platter and cover the platter with another plate. Change the water in the bottom plate every 2-3 days. Mist the seeds if they appear to be dry. When they start sprouting allow them some exposure to diffused sunlight until ready.

The Soil Method: Equipment: 2 cafeteria trays and some organic potting soil. This is actually my favorite method because it produces some hardy green sprouts, like wheatgrass, buckwheat greens, sunflower greens, and barley grass, which I find more desirable than the skinny alfalfa sprouts. It is also a simple process that doesn’t require much in the way of equipment. Soak 1 1/4 cups un-hulled seeds in water for 6-8 hours, drain and rinse. Fill 1 tray with 1/2-3/4 inch of soil (or compost) and spread the seeds evenly over the soil. Sprinkle with water gently until the soil is moist. The second tray is placed over the bottom tray by inverting it first. It will form a dark secure environment. Water the seeds twice daily. When the sprouts begin to push the top tray up (about the third day) it is time to remove the top tray and allow the sprouts to grow into nice greens about 7 inches long. To water you may want to gently lift the soil bed up (the roots will by now be holding the dirt like a mat) and water from underneath by pouring water directly onto the tray. Snip the greens fresh for each use. Sprouts and greens are a great source of iron that your body absorbs only when needed as opposed to iron from animal products that are absorbed unselectively, say Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, Iron is necessary for good immune system function and helps your body’s ability to oxygenate. Schall Adams, Raw Food Chef and Educator. Visit www. or call 775-412-1891 for more information.



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I’ve had the great pleasure to spend more time in our mountains and creeks recently and have witnessed several varieties of butterflies. The story of the butterfly suggests that there is much more to our experience than meets the eye, that there are hidden and obscure dimensions to ourselves that never come to fruition until the demands and circumstances in life are perfect. I reference the evolution of caterpillar to butterfly quite often when I’m discussing life’s transitions with folks. It’s interesting that during the caterpillar’s life it is carrying the dormant imaginal cells which will be responsible for its evolution into its butterfly phase. It’s miraculous, really! Once the circumstances and conditions are present, the process of transformation begins, much like in our own lives. As the cocoon phase reaches its end, the cocoon environment becomes toxic. This causes the butterfly to stir and tear its way out of its silken chrysalis wrap. One of my favorite authors shares a poignant story about how she assisted a butterfly out of its cocoon only to realize that she impaired it permanently -- its wings were deformed because they were dried and stretched too quickly. I like to think that each of us carries imaginal cells of some variety. What hidden and obscure magnificence are you becoming as you travel the current contours of your life? Each of us transitions differently according to what befits or inspires us. One useful practice to allow ourselves to transition gracefully is to explore mindful movement be it dance, tai chi, martial arts, or walking. Movement therapy has been shown to be one of the most effective mediums for releasing tension and providing fluidity back to our rigid frames. Often times when we carry ourselves in a rigid fashion we are reinforcing a tense and stubborn mindset. Following are three different movement opportunities in the Reno area that may entice you: 1) Ecstatic Dance and Tai Chi classes at Tahoe Yoga & Wellness, 2) Reno Free Form Open Dance at the River School, and 3) the Wing and a Prayer Dance Company. Please get in touch with me for the details for each of these and I’ll be happy to share what I know.


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The Wellspring Within

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The Real “Green Power”


asthma • allergies • emphysema • respiratory illness

pirulina is the most extensively researched form of microalgae. It contains the most powerful combination of nutrients found in any grain, herb or whole food. Spirulina is essentially the world’s healthiest source of nutrients. The foods we eat are the first line of defense against the negative effects of lifestyle stress, pollution, radiation and toxic chemicals. And, in

IS YOUR HOME Making You Sick? J^[<h[i^7_hIoij[c m_bbh_Zoekh^eki[e\0 šfebb[d šcebZ šicea[


šf[jeZehi šXWYj[h_W šl_hki[i


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August 2007

this day and age, we need all the help we can get with energy and maintaining a strong immune system. But, many of our food sources are so processed, fumigated, irradiated, pasteurized, etc., that they are nutritionally empty. This leaves us vulnerable to poor health and low energy. Balanced whole foods are your best defense against disease and deterioration. Although spirulina is distantly related to the kelp algae, it is not a sea plant. The fresh-water ponds and lakes where it grows are more alkaline (in the range of 8 to 11 pH) than the ocean. In addition, spirulina thrives in very warm waters (approximately 85 to 112º F). This ability of spirulina to grow in hot and alkaline environments ensures its hygienic status. Detrimental organisms can not survive to pollute the waters in which this spirulina thrives. Spirulina is in fact one of the cleanest, most naturally sterile foods found in nature. The nutritional values of many of our whole plant foods rapidly deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures. However, spirulina’s tolerance of heat assures that it retains its nutritional value when subjected to high temperatures during processing and when stored. Spirulina is a biological cross-over, meaning that it has characteristics of both the plant and animal kingdoms. Its metabolic system is based on photosynthesis, a process of direct food energy production utilizing sunlight and chlorophyll to produce tissue building sulfolipids, glycolipids, and long chain polysaccharides, which is typical of plant life forms. However, it is considered somewhat above plants because it does not have the hard outside cellulose membrane characteristic of plant cells. This makes it easy to digest. People are eating less meat and dairy protein because they want to lower the fat, cholesterol, and chemicals in their

diet. Spirulina is considered to be a complete (and vegetarian) source of protein food because it contains 18 of the 22 essential amino acids. It has easy-to-digest vegetable protein without the fat and cholesterol of meat plus the benefit of containing only a few calories. Spirulina has a 65 to 71% protein content. In comparison, beef is only 22% protein. Spirulina is also a rich source of other vital nutrients including the complete range of B-complex vitamins. It is one of the highest sources of vitamin B-12. A teaspoon of spirulina supplies 2 1/2 times the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin B12. It also contains vitamins E and K, carotenoids, phycocyanin, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, germanium, selenium and iron. Iron is essential for building a strong circulatory system. Unfortunately, in today’s society it is the most common mineral deficiency. Spirulina is rich in a form of iron that is easier to absorb than iron supplements. In fact, at least one laboratory study has demonstrated that the iron level in spirulina is equivalent to that contained in beef. In addition, spirulina’s beta carotene content is ten times more concentrated than carrots and is therefore a powerful antioxidant to fight free radical damage. Spirulina contains linolic and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA an essential fatty acid), which is found in mother’s milk. GLA helps develop healthy ba-

bies while protecting them against disease. Studies show nutritional deficiencies can block GLA production in your body, so a good dietary source of GLA can be important. Spirulina is one of the richest “whole food” sources of GLA. One can find numerous health studies, research papers and scientific investigations profiling the health benefits that can be obtained from ingesting spirulina. The Spirulina Health Library contains over 100 published scientific references covering 30 years of international research. The following is a sampling of their findings. • Animal and test tube studies suggest that spirulina increases production of antibodies and other cells that improve immunity and help ward off infection and chronic illnesses, such as cancer. • Spirulina promotes the growth of lactobacillus acidophilus and other necessary probiotics. • Animal studies suggest that spirulina promotes hematopoiesis (formation and development of red blood cells) which helps overcome anemia. • Animal and test tube studies suggest that spirulina may protect against harmful allergic reactions by preventing the release of histamines (substances that contribute to allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes, hives, and soft-tissue swelling). • Spirulina has the apparent ability to stimulate the immune system. It may have antiviral and anticancer effects. • Spirulina may be active against herpes, influenza and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). • There is some preliminary evidence that spirulina may help protect against liver damage and cirrhosis (liver failure) in those with chronic hepatitis. • Spirulina may have properties to help reduce inflammation in conditions such as arthritis. There are no known toxicities or side effects associated with spirulina, and there are no reports in the scientific literature to suggest that spirulina interacts with any conventional medications. In the past, one of the drawbacks of eating spirulina was that you had to eat a large amount of it to take advantage of its incredible health benefits. Only a small part of the population seemed to be willing to undergo this gastronomical challenge. Fortunately, today’s technology allows for the concentration

of spirulina’s phytonutrients so that those of us who want the benefits, but not the gustatory challenge, can do so with a few capsules or spoonfuls of powder. References: 1. UC Davis Health System 2. Google: spirulina “nutritional studies” 3. THE SAN FRANCISCO MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION. The Study of Spirulina 4. Baicus C, Tanasescu C. Rom J Intern Med 2002;40(1-4):89-94. 5. Branger B, Cadudal JL, Delobel M, et al. Arch Pediatr 2003;May, 10(5):424-431. 6. Chamorro G, Salazar M, Araujo KG, et al. Arch Latinoam Nutr 2002;Sep, 52(3):232-240. 7. Hernandez-Corona A, Nieves I, Meckes M, et al. Antiviral Res 2002;Dec, 56(3):279-285. 8. Hirahashi T, Matsumoto M, Hazeki K, et al. Int Immunopharmacol 2002;Mar, 2(4):423-434. 9. Ionov VA, Basova MM. Vopr Pitan 2003;72(6):28-31. 10. Iwasa M, Yamamoto M, Tanaka Y, et al. Am J Gastroenterol 2002;Dec, 97(12):3212-3213. 11. Jensen GS, Ginsberg DI. J Amer Nutraceut Assoc 2000;2(3):50-58. 12. Jensen GS, Ginsberg DI, Drapeau C. J Amer Nutraceut Assoc 2001;3(4):24-30. 13. Mani UV, Desai S, Iyer U. J Nutraceut 2000;2(3):25-32. 14. Mathew B, Sankaranarayanan R, Nair PP, et al. Nutr Cancer 1995;24(2):197-202. 15. Samuels R, Mani UV, Iyer UM, Nayak US. J Med Food 2002;Summer, 5(2):91-96. 16. Shih SR, Tsai KN, Li YS, et al. J Med Virol 2003;May, 70(1):119125. 17. Watanabe F, Takenaka S, Kittaka-Katsura H, et al. J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo) 2002;Oct, 48(5):325-331. 18. Yang HN, Lee EH, Kim HM. Life Sci 1997;61(13):1237-1244. NOTE: The information contained in this article has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. No one should start or add to their health regime using information contained in this article without the expressed approval of their health care professional.

Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D., Nutritional Biophysiologist. For consultation appointments: (775) 825-7727 Find ad on inside front cover.

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Ways to Deal With

Summer Stresses & Overload By Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD


tress is a sneaky thing. It usually happens a little at a time so you don’t always see its effects right away. Even so, given enough time it can kill you as surely as a heart attack or stroke. And summer has its own unique stresses for us to deal with.

Travel Do you remember when travel was fun? These days, travel is often difficult and uncertain. Just this past month people have told me of recent travel delays because of immigration, computer breakdowns, inefficient hotel employees and uncertain weather. And if you’re traveling with children, you have a completely new set of issues to cope with. Children get cranky, bored and tired on long trips, causing you additional stress.

Vacations As ironic as it sounds, if you’re a busy person, vacations can also add to your stress level. You spend extra time before you leave making sure everything is packed. You secure your home and business to be fine while you’re gone. You take care of urgent work before you leave.

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August 2007

Then, when you return, you have additional mail and email to sort through, work to catch up on and myriad other chores that you couldn’t deal with while you were away. It’s a lot to handle.

• Express your feelings. Let people know how you feel when you feel overloaded and stressed– but do it in a kind way. You’re more likely to get a sympathetic ear if you’re not being reactive.

Summertime Lack of Sleep

• Take time out. Hobbies or other healthy leisure activities you enjoy help you relax. Also, volunteer work or work that helps others can be a powerful stress reliever because it gets your mind off yourself.

Many people have a harder time sleeping when the sun is up. The longer days of summer can interfere with normal sleep patterns. This lack of sleep can contribute to feeling more stressed.

• Practice body-centered relaxation. Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation Heat exercises, massage, aromatherapy, yoga, Often people exposed to high levels and the traditional Chinese relaxation of heat get restless, irritable and reactive. exercises tai chi and qi gong, all help. All by itself the heat of summer can raise • Use mental relaxation. Relax yourthe level of stress on both your body and self through self-hypnosis, meditation, mind. imagery exercises, listening to relaxHow Do You Tell If Stress Is ing music, and using humor to reduce stress. Affecting You?

Here is a short list of stress-related symptoms: Rashes, High blood pressure, Stomach aches, Headaches, Insomnia, Chest tightness, Tight, stiff neck, Anger and irritability, Feeling helpless, worried or overwhelmed, Fatigue and boredom, Feeling dissatisfied, Tension and frustration, Trouble concentrating

What You Can Do

• Make good lifestyle choices. Time management, resting, eating well and avoiding alcohol and tobacco are all helpful.

• Seek social support. People who have a strong social support network handle life’s challenges better. • Change your thinking. Stop stressful thoughts, work on problem solving, and learn effective communication to reduce stress.

Even though you may feel extra stress around summer time, the basic Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD practices techniques for stress relief work very well. acupuncture, herbal medicine and inHere are the most important: dividualized nutritional counseling in • Exercise. Physical movement is one Reno, Nevada. Go to www.RenoAlterof the most effective stress management to sign up for his twice-monthly newsletter. techniques. • Write. Research shows that express- Find ad on this page. ing yourself in writing is a very effective way to reduce your stress level.

9 Myths About


Adapted from article by Janet Jibrin, R.D.

Myth 5: Go for the Green.

Myth 1: It’s Just a Salad!

NOT TRUE! The Subway BMT salad with ranch dressing is 490 calories and 41 grams of fat -- more calories and fat than a Burger King Bacon Cheeseburger (360 calories, 18 grams of fat)! Ruby Tuesday’s Carolina Chicken Salad packs 1,300 calories and 72 grams of fat! Ask for nutritional data before ordering!s

Myth 2: Fat-free Dressing Is Healthiest.

NOT QUITE! You save calories by taking out the fat, but some fat-free dressings have 2 tsp or more sugar/serving, and contain little nutrition. Plus, you need a bit of fat to absorb the healthy carotenoid antioxidants in your salad.

Myth 3: Celery is Negative Calories, so it Compensates for Extra Cheese!

Celery is definitely a weight-friendly food, but it is not a negative calorie food. “None have been discovered yet,” says David Baer, Ph.D., a research physiologist at the USDA Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland. So don’t fool yourself!

Myth 4: Lettuce Is Lettuce.

NOT SO! Arugula and watercress are nutrient superstars, loaded with cancer fighting compounds. Watercress also deactivates a cancer-causing toxin in tobacco smoke; spinach provides a dose of lutein thought to protect against cancer and blindness. Baby kale, mustard and turnip greens are less tough and bitter than grownup versions but have the same cancer fighters. Dark leaf, mild greens – romaine, red leaf lettuce and mesclun mixes– have respectable levels of beta carotene. Light greens– iceberg and endive– contain the lowest amount of beneficial nutrients.

NO, GO FOR THE RAINBOW… Colorful, all-veggie salads provide phytonutrients that aren’t in salad greens. E.g., powerful antioxidants (anthocyanins) in purplish vegetables help reduce heart disease risk and improve brain function. Radishes offer cancer fighting indoles; red tomatoes have lycopene, linked to lower risk of heart disease and cancer.

Myth 6: Garbanzo Beans Give Me a Meal’s Worth of Protein.

DEFINITELY NOT. A 1/4 cup provides only about 4 grams of protein -- not enough, if that’s your only protein in that meal; 3/4 cup of beans = 11 grams of protein; a 1/4 cup of chopped egg = 4 grams of protein; or 1/4 cup of shredded cheese = 7 grams of protein. Aim for about 15 to 20 grams per meal.

Myth 7: If I Add Bacon, I May as Well Have Ordered a Burger.

NYET! Bacon won’t win health prizes; nutritionists consider it a saturated fat and not a meat; but it’s not as bad as you might think. One slice, about 1 tablespoon crumbled, has about the same fat as 2 Tbsp of feta or shredded cheese or 1 Tbsp of sunflower seeds. Be sure you keep other fats and creamy dressing out of your salad when you add bacon.

Myth 8: You Can’t Get Food Poisoning from Salad…

AU CONTRAIRE! “Lettuce, sprouts, and tomatoes are common carriers of salmonella, toxic strains of E. coli, and other harmful microbes,” says Dr. Christopher Braden, at the CDC in GA. How do they get into your salad? From the manure and contaminated water they’re grown in, from a dirty cutting board or knife, or from people not washing their hands. At home always wash veggies under running water.

Myth 9: Organic Salad Is Healthier.

NO AND YES! When it comes to nutrients, freshness is the most important factor for salad. Every day after they’re picked, vegetables lose vitamin B, vitamin C, and

other nutrients; heat and light speed this process. A conventional head of lettuce picked yesterday will retain lots more nutrients than an organic head of lettuce that’s a week out of the fields. There are lots of reasons to choose organic, but a nutrient bonus doesn’t appear to be one of them.

From; Better Living/Diet & Nutrition, Updated 6/4/2007

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What is your



ave you ever thought about what a miraculous creation the eyeball is, or wondered just what the doctor is looking for when examining your eyes? Are you reluctant to make that first appointment to have your eyes checked and possibly a bit afraid of what takes place in an eye examination? If so, this information is for you. In our practice we hear many happy and relieved patients leave saying, “if I’d known it was that easy and pain free I’d have done this years ago”, or “ I didn’t realize a simple pair of reading glasses could resolve my headaches or increase my comfort when working on the computer all day.”

structures to provide it with nourishment, because it has no blood vessels. Your eye exam will include measurements of the curvature of the cornea and observation of the integrity of the cornea. We check for dryness, signs of contact lens over-wear, deposits of cholesterol, pathologies, and side effects of certain medications, then treat or make referrals accordingly.


Essentially the pupil can be thought of as the hole in the iris. The iris is the colored part of the eye that expands and contracts to regulate the size of Often people the pupil in difwith excellent vifering light consion are unaware ditions. Bright of reasons other light causes the than blurred vision iris to shrink the to have an eye exam, pupil size, providing when in fact, the health less area for light to get of the eyes reveals a great through, thereby protecting the deal about our general health. inside of the eye. In low light condiExamination of the eyes is like a “mini physical tions the iris opens the pupil to allow more light for exam”, as they are extremely important in systemic (not just the better vision. The iris is examined for changes in coloration, eyes, but the entire body) disease detection and management. (some glaucoma medications can change the color of the iris), Today we will try to unlock some of the mysteries of the eye or changes in freckle size and color. We monitor freckles on exam, and provide some guidelines to optimal care of your the iris, lids and retina just as your dermatologist monitors your precious sense, vision. skin freckles and moles. The integrity of the optic nerve can also be evaluated by observing the iris and pupil.

Lids & Eyelashes:

The lids and lashes are protective, acting as a barrier to such things as dust, wind and even excessive light. Glands in the lids secrete part of our tear film, and lids blink to spread the tears over the eyes to nourish our corneas and provide a smooth hydrated surface for optimal vision. Your eye doctor checks to see that your lids are functioning properly by observing your tears, your blink, the position of your lids, and any swelling or discoloration of the skin. Two of the major nerves to the face can be evaluated by observing the lids.

Cornea: The cornea is the clear smooth surface in front of the iris (colored part of the eye). It provides for most of the distance focusing of the eye, and also contains (and protects) the fluids in the eye. The shape of the cornea is a large part of what determines our near or far sightedness. In order to remain a clear window for optimal vision, the cornea relies on the surrounding


August 2007

Lens: The lens sits behind the iris and does most of our near-vision focusing. It can get thicker to serve as a magnifying lens when we view near objects and thinner when we view distant objects. It may be the source of much frustration, as the lens loses its ability to focus over time, usually resulting in the need for reading glasses in the early 40 age group. The lens is also the place where cataracts develop. The good news is that cataracts can be surgically removed with excellent visual results.

Vitreous: This is the gel that fills most of the eyeball, and assists to hold everything in place. The vitreous should be clear, yet occasionally has bits of tissue floating around. Such bits (floaters) are perfectly normal most of the time. A sudden onset of floaters, or a new floater should be taken seriously, and is a reason to see your doctor right away.

Retina: The retina lines the inside of the eyeball, and contains the rods and cones which work to make sense out of the light that comes through our pupils. The macula is the part of the retina that provides our most acute vision, and is vulnerable to degeneration as we age. The macula will be observed and monitored during your eye examination. The back of the eye is the one place in the body where the blood vessels can be seen and evaluated, in a non-invasive manner. Many vascular diseases can be monitored or diagnosed by such examination, the most common ones being diabetes and high blood pressure.

Optic Nerve: The optic nerve enters the back of the eye and is the connection between the eye and the brain. Its shape, color and contour can indicate glaucoma and even tumors behind the eye. A visual fields test will be done to test your peripheral vision, and a depth perception test will be done. These tests, along with careful visual examination of the nerve, assist in the evaluation of nerve health. The eye pressure check is the most feared part of the eye exam, yet it is painless. The purpose is to determine if the pressure in the eye is too great for the eye to thrive, and to determine the presence of glaucoma, which if left untreated can cause blindness. The good news is that glaucoma can be treated if it is detected early. Most people come in to see the eye doctor to determine the power in glasses they may need. As you can see, there is a lot more to the eye exam than that. It really is a mini physical. If you are one of the majority who have perfect eye health yet need glasses, you are still fortunate. Today, we have an optical industry that cares as much about how we LOOK as how we SEE. As one of our frame companies said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yesterday we bought glasses to see the world. Today we buy glasses to be seen by the world.â&#x20AC;? For more information, contact Drs. Travis & Cheryl Adlington at (775) 284-3937 or visit Find ad on page 41.

Health Breif: July 9, 2007

Chocolate UPDATE

Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure


e knew that dark chocolate has a ton of healthy antioxidants and suspected that it was good for your heart, but a recent study confirms that dark chocolate lowers your blood pressure. 30 calories of dark chocolate (1/4 oz; 6.8 gms per day) lowered blood pressure by 2-3 points in a trial of 44 adults. While that drop seems small - over an entire population it would mean a 5% decrease in the prevalence of high blood pressure, according to the study authors.

Why is Dark Chocolate Healthy? Chocolate is made from plants, which means it contains many of the health benefits of dark vegetables. These benefits are from flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from aging caused by free radicals, which can cause damage that leads to heart disease. Dark chocolate contains a large number of antioxidants (nearly 8 times the number found in strawberries). Flavonoids also help relax blood pressure through the production of nitric oxide, and balance certain hormones in the body.

Two heart health benefits of dark chocolate are: * Lower Blood Pressure: Studies have shown that consuming a small bar of dark chocolate everyday can reduce blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure. * Lower Cholesterol: Dark chocolate has also been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) by up to 10 percent. References: 1) Taubert, D. The Journal of the American Medical Association, July 4, 2007; vol 298: pp 49-60. News release, JAMA/Archives. 2) Taubert, D. The Journal of the American Medical Association, Aug. 27, 2003; vol 290: pp 1029-1030. 3) Serafini, M. Nature, Aug. 28, 2003; vol 424: p 1013. 4) U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Laboratory;

Excerpted from Stibitch, Mark, Ph.D. Find ad on page 14.

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The Concept of

Free Choice

Minerals for Horses Written by Kay Aubrey-Chimene

ral clays, mineral deposits and herbs/plants. At our boarding facility we offer our horses two separate calcium (Ca) / phosphorous (K) supplements to support this innate behavior: the first has one part Ca to one part P (1 to 1), the other two to one (2 to 1). We also offer Izmine - a mineral food containing more than 70 naturally-occurring minerals, enzymes, electrolytes and bio-nutrients.


ne of the first questions that I get asked when someone looks in our stalls is “What are the little black cups for?” Each of our hay feeders is bracketed by two small two-part mineral feeders. In addition to feeding a daily vitamin and mineral supplement we put out four different mineral products for the horses to choose from. This form of “free choice” mineral feeding is often ignored but, in my opinion, is one of the most valuable facets of equine nutritional program. Horses are brilliant at balancing their nutritional needs on their own when given access to what they need. They chew bark, eat dirt, and drink from corral urine pools. Wild herbivore animals, horses and especially ruminants, will seek out lime and other mineral deposits and eat them readily to balance their body pH. Humans have chosen to restrict our domesticated horses to stalls, paddocks or pastures with limited forage options, where in nature they would roam many square miles in search of natu-


August 2007

Last, but not least, we put out a loose unbleached salt. It is important that these not be force fed because the horse, through its instinct, knows much better than we do how much they need. There are horses who will barely touch the products, and many who seem to cvcle off and on depending on estrus, weather changes, stress levels, work load, growth rate, parasite load, etc. Horses may ignore them for months, then suddenly empty the feeder. The recent founder cases that have come in for rehabilitation can’t get enough of the 1 to 1. Once they become balanced they tend to take just a little once in a while. For us, the longterm benefits to free choice minerals have been profound. We have never had a horse on this diet get colic (knock on wood). We have zero parasites without using paste wormers: we use herbal wormers instead. And once my horses went onto the entire free-choice program, in addition to their daily vitamins, our hay bill dropped from 11 bales of Bermuda per month down to about 8. That is more than enough savings to cover the costs of the minerals. So trust your horse’s innate knowledge and help him to help himself -- decorate your feeding area with little black cups. Kay Aubrey-Chimene owns and operates Grand Adventures Ranch Equine Wellness Center in Sonoita, AZ. She is a horse bio-nutritional consultant and writes about the holistic care and feeding of our equine companions. For more information visit her website at


Enhance Your Dental Health Naturally

A Holistic Approach to Herbs for Healthy Teeth & Gums PART TWO:

By Debbie Hart

{Part 1 Featured in July 2007 issue)

Many herbs and natural substances promote tooth and gum health, tighten gum tissue, promote circulation, and remove plaque and debris from the mouth: resins such as myrrh and anti-viral bee propolys stimulate production of new mouth tissues; usnea, a lichen stronger than penicillin fights strep and staph bacteria; bloodroot and plantain ease oral abscesses and inflammation. Hightannin herbs such as krameria and oak apples enhance tooth and gum health. Hawthorn extract tightens gum tissue. Antimicrobial echinacea extract fights oral bacteria. Extract of aloe vera soothes and benefits mouth tissues. Licorice root is anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, inhibits plaque growth, tastes pleasant and is added to toothpastes and mouthwashes. Essential oils of many plants are naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, and increase blood flow to gums: tea tree, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, orange, clove, cinnamon, ginger, sage, rosemary, thyme, anise and fennel. Many traditional cultures make natural, disposable toothbrushes and gum stimulators from twigs/roots of plants. Bay, fir, juniper, eucalyptus, oak, willow, and neem-tree twigs have served this purpose, as have roots of marshmallow, horseradish, alfalfa, and licorice. Healthfood stores sell wooden toothpicks soaked in healing essential oils. You can make your own by placing undyed wooden toothpicks in a glass jar, cover them with dental-health-enhancing essential oil, soak them overnight, then air-dry. To make a simple homemade toothpaste, mix a small amount of baking soda with enough hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Apply to gum line, inside and out; place the rubber point of the gum stimulator between the teeth and rotate in a circular motion for several seconds. Repeat 2X day. You can also add small amounts of zinc sulfate, folic acid (ground to a powder in a coffee grinder or with

mortar and pestle), liquid vitamin E, 1-2 dula or chamomile flowers, echinacea or drops of peppermint or tea-tree essential marshmallow root, mint, raspberry leaf, oil, or hawthorn, echinacea, or aloe vera basil, sage, thyme, and yarrow. extracts, alum, salt, myrrh gum, and Recipes & References: 1. “Herbal Care of Teeth and Gums,” by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, in The turmeric. Herbal teas/extracts can replace water in your oral irrigator or mouthwash. You can make homemade mouthwashes by steeping dried herbs in vodka or apple cider vinegar. Good choices include: cloves, coriander, dill, sage, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary, fennel, sage, basil, cardamom, parsley, ginger, blackberry leaf, calen-

Herb Quarterly, Issue 79, Summer 1998. 2. “A Natural Remedy for Gingivitis, Toothaches, and Mouth Sores,” by Rudy Silva, on 3. “Herbs for Dental Health” by Christopher Hobbs L.Ac., A.H.G., on 4. “Periodontal Disease” by Janet Zand L.Ac., O.M.D. on www. 5. “Herbal Therapy in Dentistry,” by Flora Parsa Stay D.D.S., from The Complete Book of Dental Remedies.

Debbie Hart is a writer and educator in natural healing and nutrition.

The Mouth is the Gateway to the Immune System! By treating the mouth, you treat the entire body. Infections in the teeth and gums have been linked to many diseases such as:

• High Blood Pressure • Heart Disease • Diabetes • Arthritis • Migraines • Low Energy

Affordable... Adult, Invisible Braces • Porcelain Veneers

New Patients Welcome! Biological • Biocompatible General Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Ocean and his well trained staff have been serving the Northern NV region for over 20 years.

Zeny N. Ocean D.D.S., Ltd.

1155 W. 4th St. Suite 211 Reno, Nevada 89503

Call for an appointment 775.329.1333

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How Your

Skin Health


Large Intestine

The Link Between Skin Disorders and Intestinal Health Problems


Processed dairy products are what I call stagnating foods (raw dairy is a different story, however). They do not digest easily in the human body. They have no fiber whatsoever, and they contain a protein that is very difficult for humans to digest. When milk enters the digestive tract, it can actually stay lodged there for an extended duration and putrefy because there is no fiber to move it out. It begins to create pus-filled sores on the inside of the large intestine wall. The exact same thing happens to the skin -- it creates sores with pus called acne. It is a reflection of what’s happening in the large intestine, except you are seeing it from the outside.

id you know that the health of your large intestine is reflected in the health of your skin? Your large intestine and skin are organs that interact with the environment. They both absorb and emit chemicals, water, and other metabolic products. The large intestine is the body’s largest internal organ; its purpose is to absorb food, nutrients and water. The function of the skin is to hold not only all of your other organs, tissues, capillaries and muscles in place, but also to allow your body to breathe. It is a respiration organ– it both inhales and exhales.

Conventional doctors who do not understand holistic health only look at what’s happening locally; they think bacteria in the skin cause acne. We all have bacteria on and in our skin, so the presence of bacteria isn’t the cause of acne. Do you think clear-skinned people have sterilized their facial skin? Hardly. If you are suffering from acne, try going dairy-free for thirty days and see for yourself just how much your acne is reduced or eliminated.

Part of the function of your skin is to excrete waste. Sweating, for example, is not just for cooling your skin; it also opens your pores and excretes toxins. This is one reason why people who use deodorants and antiperspirant chemicals on their skin may develop breast cancer, liver cancer or other forms of cancer; these products block the body’s ability to open up and excrete toxic wastes through the skin. Sweating is good for you!

When a large intestine is healthy -- when it is not carrying putrefied, undigested food matter and instead contains healing, cleansing phytonutrients like chlorophyll from fresh fruits and vegetables -- it is going to perform its function well. A person who has a healthy large intestine will reflect that in their complexion. Their skin will look young. This helps explain why people who routinely engage in a lot of juicing -- drinking the juice from raw fruits and vegetables -- have such healthy looking skin. It is not only because the juice is nourishing their skin, it is also because the juice is cleansing their large intestine. Their entire digestive system gets healthier, and their skin reflects that improved level of health.

When you look at someone who is suffering from skin problems, it is a clear indication that something similar is going on in the large intestine. For example, people who suffer from severe acne are usually heavy consumers of milk and dairy products.


August 2007

The Benefits of Healthy Intestines

Probiotics are good for both the large intestine and the skin for many of the same reasons. The large intestine is kept healthy by maintaining a friendly terrain that welcomes helpful bacteria. We must have friendly bacteria in the gut in order to be healthy individuals for a variety of reasons, some of which are only beginning to be understood by medical researchers. Healthy skin also provides the right terrain for friendly bacteria, while discouraging the growth of harmful bacteria.

The Importance of Water For Digestion and Skin There is another similarity between these two organs: their positive reaction to sufficient dietary water. Water actually helps lubricate the movement of fecal matter through the large intestine. In a person who is chronically dehydrated, the peristaltic action of the large intestine is reduced; thus fecal matter spends a longer amount of time in the body, emitting toxins and poisoning the body. So many people are chronically dehydrated, it’s no surprise that millions of

people suffer from diseases of the large intestine and bowel like Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Likewise, water is important for healthy skin, lubricating it and keeping it soft and supple. Without water, all tissues in the body become crippled at the cellular level; they begin to shrivel and lose their ability to function properly. They are unable to do the basic things that every cell needs to do to survive, which is to take in nutrients and excrete metabolic waste products.

Keep Your Tissue Flexible For Better Performance You’ll notice that people who drink a lot of water and do not consume dehydrating beverages such as soda, coffee, alcohol and sugary drinks tend to have much better skin. They also have healthier large intestines, even though you cannot see that from the outside. Another interesting similarity between the two organs is that they both benefit from nutrition which allows them to operate with a healthy amount of tissue flexibility. Minerals like silica and certain types of nutrients such as collagen can also help

in this process. Of course, good protein assimilation is crucial for this, too. Healthy large intestine tissue is flexible tissue; the same thing is true with skin. Healthy looking skin, when stretched, snaps back into place without showing signs of wear, tear, or stretching. When a person suffers nutritional deficiencies, especially certain minerals and amino acids, they begin to lose the flexibility of the protein fibers in cells throughout their body. This can affect their skin and their large intestine, as well as other organs. If you see somebody who appears to be aging rapidly, such as a person who smokes cigarettes, you are witnessing the stiffening or hardening of the fibrous connective tissue in their skin. At the same time, they are losing physiological efficiency in their kidneys and liver, reducing their ability to remove toxins from the blood. They are losing metabolic process efficiencies in their large intestine, small intestine, the brain, the heart and all the organs of the body, and the skin reflects all of this. Looking at your skin is actually

Continued on page 43...

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ADHD News for You! Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and ADHD


here is an interesting new article published in Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology, “Neurological Aspects of the Clinical Features, Pathophysiology, and Corrections of Impairments in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” The study of 4532 children took place in one region of Russia. They found the overall rate of ADHD to be 8% in children ages 6-11. They performed all kinds of tests on 122 of these children including neuropsychological, neuro-physiological, and biochemical tests. Many of the children showed impairment of social inclusion, increased anxiety and depression, and increased aggression and delinquent behavior. Many had abnormal electroencephalograms (EEG) that measured brain activity. The biochemical tests are especially interesting. Compared to normal children, they found that children with ADHD had lower levels of magnesium in their red blood cells and plasma, and also lower levels of a magnesium-dependent enzyme called Mg ATPase.

By Laura J. Stevens, MS

Because of the low magnesium levels in the ADHD children 31 children were given a supplement of magnesium lactate (48 mg) and vitamin B6 (5 mg). The supplement they used was MAGNEB6. They took this supplement 2-3 times a day for 30 days. The placebo group of 20 children received a multivitamin preparation. After 30 days, tests were administered again. Based on ADHD questionnaires for parents and children, anxiety, impairment of attention, and hyperactivity were significantly improved while the placebo

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August 2007

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group did not change. There were other significant improvements too—improvements in task performance, decreases in the proportion of errors, and increased rate of work. The EEG results showed positive changes. Blood measures also improved. Red blood cell and plasma magnesium levels and Mg ATPase were in the normal range. These kinds of results have been reported before by other researchers—Mousain-Bose in 2004 and 2006, Starobat-Hamelin in 1997 and Kozielec in 1994. (For discussion of these please scroll down until you come upon previous newsletters). Magnesium is sold in many forms: magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, magnesium lactate, etc. Two inexpensive forms of magnesium are magnesium citrate and milk of magnesia. According to Leo Galland, M.D. whom I greatly admire and respect, 100 mgs of magnesium is egual to 1⁄2 teaspoon magnesium citrate or 1⁄2 teaspoon milk of magnesia. Ask your doctor what he thinks about giving your child magnesium supplements. In large doses magnesium may cause diarrhea. Children with kidney disease should not take magnesium without their doctor’s advice.

Best Way Turmeric toThe Reduce Stress: Continued from page 30. If you are not familiar with turmeric, don’t let all this scientific evidence confine you to its medicinal or preventive use. Evidence points to benefits derived from cooking/eating that equal curcumin supplement use, especially in some forms of cancer. Authentic Indian curries and contemporary Ayurvedic dishes often include powdered turmeric, which is not ‘hot,’ but has a tangy quality that goes well with other curry spices. Many curries also call for cayenne (which is quite hot, and can be eliminated or whittled to taste). The spices are cooked in oil to release and blend their flavors before the addition of other foods. (Be careful; turmeric stains.) Curry recipes are quick and easy, and provide a delicious way to spice up vegetables that already have proven health benefits. People who dislike most vegetables no matter how they are cooked might still like potato curry. Other tips for using turmeric in cooking include: saut_ing turmeric in oil with onions when making soup (turmeric tends to dissolve better in oil than it does in water). Turmeric’s medicinal properties are effective when the powder is mixed directly into yogurt to make a dip, or in egg salad or salad dressing for added flavor and color, although it is often cooked in oil before other ingredients are added. Piperine, a nutrient of black pepper, is said to significantly increase the body’s uptake of curcumin, as does an after-dinner cup of green tea. You may have to experiment to find ways of using turmeric that suit your palate, but the benefits clearly make the experimentation worth your time and effort. References & detailed information concerning scientific studies on turmeric/ curcumin:

Meditate! Continued from page 27.

Beginning in this simple way will heighten your wish to meditate. All that stands between you and a satisfying meditation practice is your wish to attain that. That wish may be whispering at your heart; listen to its murmurs and just do it. Many people exaggerate the commitment they think is required to meditate. Some are afraid of failure or having an unpleasant experience. Some don’t want to peek into their own mind, fearing the mess they will find. You will be happy to hear that all of these thoughts are completely false. Meditation is nothing more than a simple cup of tea amidst the swirl of your life. It is true preparing a cup of tea requires some preparation, but very little. Meditation requires some preparation, but very little. Mainly, you need to decide to try, try it without expectation, and then get up and go on about your life. At another time, try again. Thereafter, whenever the impulse arises and as you see its benefits, try again. Over time this activity will become a pleasant habit, like taking a coffee break or going for a walk. Mornings, before your day gets started, are a particularly helpful time for meditation; your mind is more calm and less distracted. Also, in the evenings if you try a brief meditation before going to bed you will wake up in the morning with a better view of life and your day’s activities. But never make your wish to meditate another chore on your to do list. Just remember it, try it, and go on. That’s all there is to it. Ace Remas is Resident Teacher of the Mahakaruna Buddhist Meditation Center headquartered in Petaluma, California. He conducts weekly, open meditation classes in Reno at the Tahoe Yoga and Wellness Center, 1085 S. Virginia. 775746-8681 or at Find ad on page 21.

How Your

Skin Health


Large Intestine Continued from page 41. a very good way to get a quick glimpse at the overall health of not only your digestive tract and your large intestine, but your entire body. If you want a healthy digestive system, all you really have to do is adopt a healthy lifestyle. The same things that irritate skin also irritate your digestive tract. If something is giving you acne, rashes, eczema or any kind of skin problems, chances are it is doing the same thing to your large intestine and perhaps your entire digestive tract. Remember, the body is holistic. One organ can reflect the health status of another, or even of the entire body. You can tell a lot from the skin, and even from fingernails or eyes. All you have to do is learn to pay attention to your body and interpret the obvious signs of health or disease. As a side note, Chinese Medicine relies heavily on tongue diagnosis, which is based on the same holistic principles being presented here. The character of the tongue can reveal an extraordinary amount of information about the health of a person’s internal organs. Tongue diagnosis is extremely advanced, amazingly accurate and is a medical technology that has been developed and improved for nearly 5,000 years. In fact, an experienced Chinese Medicine doctor can tell more from your tongue and pulse than a Western doctor can tell from $10,000 worth of blood tests and an MRI. (No kidding.) Reprinted with permission by Monday, June 25, 2007 by: Mike Adams, html

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MICROPIGMENTATION CHERYL CHRISTENSEN Circle of Life Spa 5301 Longley Lane #A7 Reno, Nv 89511 (775) 379-9345 Improve Your Self Esteem. Paramedical & cosmetic expertise includes: Scar camouflaging, Face lifts, burns, dog bites, hair transplants, areola restoration & surgical incisions, camouflaging Birth Defects & Genetic Shortcomings. Permanent Makeup- Eyebrows, eyeliner & lips for men & women including corrective work. Personal Complementary Consultations! Find ad on page 19.

MUSCLE & JOINT HEALTH ALPHA FLEX With the Omega-5e Nutrient 1-800-877-1269 Revive sore muscle Now! Clinical research has shown that Alphflex effectively relieves minor inflammation and pain and helps to improve muscle and joint health. Call today… start feeling better… buy1 get the 2nd for free. A Nevada Corp. Find ad on page 42.

Attract Health-Minded Consumers! Promote Your Business Here. Call 775-828-4547

NATURAL HORMONES HEALTH FREEDOM NUTRITION 255 Bell St. Reno, NV 89503 (800) 980-8780 Say goodbye to hot flashes, fuzzy thinking, irritability, and other unpleasant symptoms of menopause and PMS with natural progesterone. Available in two forms: Transmist™ Natural Progesterone Spray or Natural Progesterone Cream. Mention Healthy Beginnings (code N04860) for new customer discount.

NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN JESSICA EDGE, B.S., N.D. (775) 827-6888 Assisting the body’s natural healing process using science-based alternative healthcare. Clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, dietary supplements, lifestyle modifications and hydrotherapy used to address the causes of dis-ease and not just the symptoms. Find ad on page 7. TARA L. FINLEY, O.M.D., N.D. With Brian Finley, P.T., O.C.S., C.O.M.T. (775) 337-1334 Therapeutic Nutrition, Vitamin/Mineral and Herbal Prescriptions, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, hydrotherapy, physical exam and lab work are combined to address all aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle, Optimal Health and Disease Prevention. Insurance Accepted. Find ad on page 7.

OPTOMETRISTS ADLINGTON EYE CENTER 500 W. Plumb Lane, Suite A Reno, NV 89509 (775) 284-3937 • Personalized Eyecare • Fabulous Eyewear • State-of-the-art Technology • Professional, Experienced Optical Staff Find ad on page 41.

Visit our website at 47

COMMUNITYresourceGUIDE SUPPLEMENTS ALPHA FLEX With the Omega-5e Nutrient 1-800-877-1269 Revive sore muscle Now! Clinical research has shown that Alphflex effectively relieves minor inflammation and pain and helps to improve muscle and joint health. Call today… start feeling better… buy one get the second for free. A Nevada Corp. Find ad on page 42.

RECYCLING PINKY PINK’S INK (PPI) Toner & Ink Cartridge Recycling 548 Greenbrae Drive in Sparks (775) 356-1904 Pinky Pink’s Ink, (PPI) Pollution Prevention Innovation offers a FREE pickup service of empty Toner & Inkjet cartridges for Businesses. Drop-off locations at “Educating our youth, funding organizations locally & networking with our community, helping our local schools, environment & economy.” 100% of materials responsibly recycled! Give us a call!

REIKI THE MERIDIAN Kim Roubo, Reiki Master Teacher 9393 Gateway Dr. Reno NV 89509 (775) 852-0446 A gentle, safe and effective treatment which calms the Autonomic Nervous System. Reiki allows for mental clarity and physical healing, benefiting people with conditions from chronic pain to emotional stress. Reiki classes available.

SPAS CIRCLE OF LIFE SPA 5301 Longley Ln A-8 Reno, NV 89511 (775) 825-7727 Reno’s premier healing spa with mineral body wraps, far-infrared sauna, floatation tank, supplement counseling, counseling, massage and dance studio for men and women. Find ad on inside front cover.


August 2007


NATURE RICH® Steve & Rita Shurtiff (775) 331-6490

Non-toxic, Chemical-free, PH Balanced Skin Moisturizer locks in moisture and alleviates dry skin with natural cold pressed oils. This creamy, non-greasy lotion will leave your skin looking and feeling healthy. You’ll feel the difference! Call to order today! Find ad on page 16.

TRAVEL DEB’S TOURS & CRUISES (775) 626-7848 Specializing in Luxurious and Health Spa Vacations, Adventure and Ecco Tour Travels, Cruise Specialist, Be it a get away for one or a large wedding party… Deb’s Tours & Cruises will search to find you the Best price for your healthy escape.

WEIGHT LOSS VIRGINIA PARSONS, MS, CCHT, CTLC, NAAC Life Enhancement Services LLC (775) 850-5823-office Transitions Lifestyle System is a healthy approach to losing weight without going hungry. Lose body fat & increase lean muscle mass to achieve & maintain a healthy weight for life. Call for a FREE introductory session. Find ad on page 32.

WELLNESS CENTERS INSTITUTE FOR INSPIRED LIVING Cheryl Blossom 85 Washington St, Reno (775) 338-8617 The Institute for Inspired Living is dedicated to integrating many alternative approaches for expanded awareness and healing. Our mission is to provide workshops, seminars, classes and personal sessions that will transform one’s way of living - ultimately life itself. Find ad on page 17.

CLASSIFIEDS Wanted: Colon Hydrotherapist Contact: Carol Christian at The Reno Alternative Health Care Center (775) 827-6888

Wanted: High energy sales person. Must be health minded, winning personality, ethical & high achiever. Straight commission. Design your own income!! Not an MLM. Call (775) 828-4547. Wanted: Massage Therapist or Body Worker at an established Massage and Spa in Carson City. This can be commission or rental. Call (775) 888-9988. Beauty Salon, Restaurant, Office and Unique Retail Space at reasonable rates offered by Wildflower Village. Also seeking those interested in doing a community garden. Please contact Pat Campbell-Cozzi at (775) 827-5250 or Classroom space for rent at Institute for Inspired Living. Washington St., Reno. Call Cheryl Blossom (775) 338-8617. New & clean space for lease next to chiropractic and massage office. Double R Blvd near Longley Ln. 879 sq ft. Open floor plan with private bathroom and coffee bar. Call Tobin : (775) 853-0250 or (775) 544-7744.

Studio Apts, Art Studios, Art Classes, Retreats, Weddings, Partnership Unions & Penske Truck Rental offered by Wildflower Village. Call the Main Office: (775)747-8848.

COMMUNITYcalendar July 31 - August 3rd

August 7th

August 25th

Camp Richardson campground. “30 Days To Health Using Fork & Knife” 10am- noon & 1-2pm daily. Dr. Hans Diehl, Lifestyle Medicine Institute of Loma Linda. Contact: www.

26th Annual Eldorado Italian Festival. A festival of food, fun, family & atmosphere. For details: (775) 786-5700 or

August 1st & 14th

Mounatintop Concert at High Camp. Enjoy an afternoon of live music at the outdoor mountaintop ampitheatre. Info: (530) 283-6985.

Saturday 9am-4 pm. Feldenkrais® Comes to Reno! 1-day workshop– health practitioners and general public; Arlyn Zones trained with Dr. Feldenkrais. Limited class size. $75/Advance, $95/door; contact RenoAwareness@; 415-238-2907.

Living Green Lectures-State of the art EMF safety, living water purification, raw foods, living minerals, wild crafted herbs, detoxification, house purging techniques & compost topics. Bring a friend and all of your questions! 6:00pm. Reverse Aging. 2999 S. Virginia St. Reno NV 89502

August 1st - 28th Joyful Changes Hypnotherapy will present Acupressure workshops all during the month of August at the Moana Lane office. Cost is $35 per person. Contact June Milligan at 775-786-9111.

August 3rd - 5th World-renowned Desiree Rumbaugh at Tahoe Yoga & Wellness in Reno teaching an Anusara Yoga Workshop. All 3 days $210; FRI: 6pm8pm, $55; SAT: 9am-12pm & 1:30pm-3:30pm; $125; SUN: 9am-12pm; $60. 1085 S. Virginia St. 775-348-9642.

August 4th

August 11th

August 16th LEARN SELF-HYPNOSIS. Empower your subconcious, eliminate blocks, and achieve your deepest desires. Thursday, 7-9 PM. Tuition: $20 Call Virginia Parsons, MS, CCHT, CTLC. 775-850-5823

August 18th Artists’ Reception at Wildflower Village Open Door Gallery– Native American Art/Jewelry Show. Saturday, 6-8 PM. Wildflower Village is open every day, noon-6pm; 4335 W. 4th Street, Reno, East of West McCarran at 4th, at the big “Nana” statue! Call 775-787-3769.

August 18th & 19th 6th Annual Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest. Proceeds benefit the Truckee Tahoe Humane Society. Free live music 2pm to 8pm. Pets welcome! For more information:

August 18th & 19th

27th Annual Squaw Valley Mountain Run/Hike. The event beneifts the Auburn Ski Club’s Junior Nordic Skiers & Tahoe Forest Hospital Foundation’s cancer prevention programs. For more information:

Reno-Tahoe Blues Festival kicks off at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno. Includes live music and food. For more information and pricing see website:

August 5th - August 12th

August 21st – 25th

Hot August Nights! The nationally recongized annual celebration of classic cars and music in Reno/Sparks. For more information: www. or (775) 356-1956.

Annual Thank You Celebration at Adlington Eye Center & Eyeglass Gallery. Frame fashion “Trunk” shows of exclusive frame lines. Prize Drawings, Once a Year Discounts. 500 West Plumb Lane Ste A. Reno, NV 89509 775-2843937. For details:

August 6th Tahoe Yoga & Wellness in Truckee welcomes Desiree Rumbaugh teaching her “Eye of the Tiger Class” 9:00a - 12:00p. Cost is $45. www. 530-550-8333.

August 7th Dr. Eric Olkkola, DC, ND, AntiAging Diplomat, Addiction/OCD Certified: Achieving better health by addressing obesity, hormone imbalance, craving-relief, chronic pain/depression, degenerative disease and anti-aging practices. 6 PM, Conscious Living Center, 95 La Rue Avenue, Reno.

August 22nd - August 26th The Nevada State Fair is back! Join the festivities at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center from noon to midnight. For more information: or (775) 688-5767.

August 25th Institute for Inspired Living presents: Reiki I Certification, 10am-5pm. Be attuned and certified to do Reiki. Space is limited. Call to reserve your space. Cheryl Blossom (775) 338-8617.

August 25th Tahoe Yoga & Wellness in Truckee hosts the incredible, live, fusion music of Tina Malia and her band; 7:30p tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Don’t miss it! www. 530-550-8333.

August 26th Institute for Inspired Living presents: Reiki II Certification, 10am-5pm. Be attuned & get certified at the higher levels. Space is limited. Call to reserve your space. Cheryl Blossom (775) 338-8617.

August 26th Tahoe Yoga & Wellness in Reno hosts the incredible, live, fusion music of Tina Malia and her band; 7:30p; advance tickets $20; $25 at door. 1085 S. Virginia St., upstairs. www. 775-348-9642.

August 27th Mon. Aug. 27 – Barton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Blood Drive at the South Lake Tahoe Airport. 11am to 6pm. Call (775) 588-2376.

August 27th & 28th Full Moon Hikes at Squaw, begining at 6pm. Come prepared for a tranquil 2-3 hr. hike overlooking Lake Tahoe. Information: (530) 583-6985.

August 28th Institute for Inspired LIving presents: The Secret, Accelerated– FREE introduction evening 7-8:30pm. In this seminar you will be given powerful tools to accelerate the changes that will create & manifest your dreams. Call Cheryl Blossom: (775) 338-8617.

August 29th Wed. Barton Memorial Hospital Foundation Golf Tournament at Genoa Lakes Resort, $175 per person for registration, lunch and contest entry. Starts at 9am Call (530) 543-5614.

August 29th - Sept. 3rd Annual Rib Cook-Off located in Victorian Square, Sparks will host dozens of cookers, crafts & vendor booths. Free nightly entertainmentment. Info:

Visit our website at 49

ONGOINGcommunityCALENDAR Summertime Reading For Kids!

Pottery Workshops

Offered by Pinky Pink’s Ink (PPI). Beginning June 16th, 2007. Every other Saturday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Register early at PPI, it’s FREE! Space available for 32. 548 Greenbrae Drive, Sparks. (775) 356-1904.

At Wildflower Village 4305 W 4th St. Pottery Studio Unit E -- All Levels welcome. Highly individualized instruction. Open Studios: Saturday-Wednesdays 2-6pm. On-going Registration. $125 For 6 weeks from your 1st class, plus supplies $50+. Call (775) 787-3769 for information.

Sunset Hike

Every Friday. Take in the mountain air on a summer evening hike through one of Lake Tahoe’s trails. Hike begins at 6pm. For more information: (530) 583-6985.

Weekly Meditation Sessions Mahakaruna Buddhist Center holds weekly meditation classes on Monday from 6:30-8 p.m at The Tahoe Yoga & Wellness Center. Classes are led by Resident Teacher Ace Remas. All are welcome and no prior experience is required. Sessions include brief commentary and guided meditation. Drop-in’s are welcome. For more information: (775) 348-9642.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi has been proven to increase bone density and balance in everyone, including the elderly. It is a great exercise for increasing energy and muscle strength. Class dates are: Wed. 9am & 4:30 pm. Sat. 10:30 am. $10 per class. 775-8257727.

Ki Gong Classes

(energy building and balancing exercises) Class dates are: Tue. 9am and 4:30 pm, and Sat 9am. Cost $10 per class. 775825-7727.


August 2007

Dayton Farmer’s Market June to September. Every Saturday. 209 Dayton Valley Road

Fernley Farmers Market June to August. Corner of Hwy. 50 & Farm District Rd. Wednesday, 4pm to 8pm. Gardnerville Farmers Market May 23 to Sept. 19. Lampe Park Waterloo Lane. Wednesdays, 8am to 1pm. Hometown Farmers Market June 14 to Aug. 23. Victorian Avenue, Sparks. Thursday, 4pm to 9pm. Homewood Farmers Market Homewood Mountain Ski Resort. 5145 Westlake Blvd. Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Watercolor Classes

A new series of “beginning to intermediate” watercolor classes will conducted by Artist Eileen Fuller on the following dates and times: Tuesdays, August 21, 28, and Sept. 4 and 12;One series will be in the mornings, 9 AM until 11:45, and another will be held in the evenings, 6-9 PM. Eileen will take the “fear” out and put the “fun” in! Cost is $100 for 4 sessions or $25 per session. Materials list to be provided.

Carson City Farmers Market June to August. Pony Express Pavilion, Hwy. 50 East. Wednesday, 3:30pm-7:30pm

Fallon Farmers Market June 12 to Sept. 11, 2007. Williams & Main Streets. Tuesday, 5:30pm-9:30 pm.

Wellness Lab Draws

June, July, August. Includes 23 Laboratory tests with chemistry panel and hemogram. 12 hour fasting required. By appointment only. $40. 3rd Tuesday of Month, 6:30am–Noon. 3rd Saturday of Month, 8am–Noon. Call for an appointment at (530) 543-5855 or go online to www.


Shakespeare Festival

July 12 to Aug. 19, 2007. At Sand Harbor. This year’s plays include Romeo & Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew & Greater Tuna. For more information:

Free Outdoor Movie

Every Thursday. Enjoy a movie under the stars in the Village Events Plaza at Squaw Valley. Movies start at dusk, weather permiting. For more information: www.

FREE classes on Preventive Nutrition

Conducted by Kinesiologist and integrative health specialist, Dorothy Dumbra, in South Lake Tahoe. Classes are held the last Tuesday of every month at the Parish Center of Saint Theresa’s Church on Rufus Allen Blvd. For topics and more information, call Dorothy Dumbra at 530-544-8557.

Kings Beach Farmers Market June to Sept. 4, 2007. Hwy 28 & Coon Street, Kings Beach. Tuesday 8am - 1pm Reno Farmers Market I June to October. Village Center, California & Booth St. Saturdays 9am - 1pm. Reno Farmers Market II June to October. Tamarack Junction Casino. 13101 S. Virginia St. Tuesdays, 9am - 2pm. Reno Farmers Market III June to October. Reno/Parklane Mall 310 E Plumb Ln. Tuesdays 9am - 2pm. Sparks Methodist Church Market June 5 to Sept. 18. 1231 Pyramid Way. Tuesdays, 8am - 1:30pm. Tahoe City Farmers Market May to Oct. 25. Commons Beach Rd./N. Lake Blvd. Tahoe City, CA. Thursdays, 8am - 1pm. Truckee Farmers Market June to Oct. 9. Truckee River Regional Park. 10500 Brockway Rd. Trcukee, CA. Tuesdays 8am - 1pm.

Visit our website at 51

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Cure for Cancer... Purchase these educational & historic DVDs of Burre’s Adventures growing up in Sweden in the 1930s and 1940s.

All 7 DVDs are narrated in English and Swedish.

Erik Dahlin, “Burre”, a swedish physicist and electrical engineer died of colon cancer in 2004. He wanted proceeds from the sale of these DVDs to go towards cancer research. UC Davis Cancer Center is a recipient of the proceeds.

To order DVDs, please call


or visit our website Fundraisers - Please contact our office to ask about Burre’s Adventures for your cause.

Burre’s Adventures, Inc.

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