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Kindergarten Readiness and Screenings

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 Four years ago, Healthy Beginnings sat down with several of our local dedicated kindergarten teachers from Central Oregon to learn from them what children really need to be “Kindergarten ready”. These educators had several criteria for determining if a child had the skill sets and support to succeed in school. Last June, we asked 12 questions and developed a survey, which we sent to parents who have attended a Healthy Beginnings screening and whose child entered Kindergarten this fall. The results are promising! The survey had a 10% response rate (which is considered high for this type of survey) and while this was not a scientific process, the replies indicated that the children from this survey are on the right track:

Over 96% children had primary health care provider and have recently seen a dentist 100% read to their children at least 3 or more times a week 100% indicated their children take turns and can follow two step directions 100% indicated their children can name 6-8 colors on request and can identify shapes like circles, squares and triangles. 93% children can use scissors 96% can focus on one activity for at least 10-15 minutes 89% can print their name 50% of the children from this survey had received a vision exam

    Surveys and evaluations like this help the program identify strengths and offer reassurance to our volunteers and stakeholders. While the community continues to look for strategies to improve the concept of Kindergarten readiness and ways to ensure children are on track, taking the time to reach out to Kindergarten teachers and parents provides us with a snapshot of children from our screening. And we are encouraged!

Healthy Beginnings’ Mission

Every visit tells a Story of a Growing Need

Providing access to health, education, and behavior services for young children and their families.

Early childhood brain development station – the importance of screenings.

Our work fosters healthy nurtured children, families and communities by bringing accessible physical, developmental and behavioral screenings to children from birth through age five, ensuring that young children are able to enter Kindergarten ready to succeed.

Since Jessica was born, she has always had a hard time bonding. Her doctor reassured me that she had colic and would eventually grow out of it. But as time went on, I noticed she would never let her heels hit the ground while walking, she hated the sandbox her dad built for her, she struggled to make eye contact with me when we would play. I knew in my gut something wasn’t quite right and didn’t know where to turn.

Healthy Beginnings provides community based screening clinics, referrals to appropriate community agencies, follow-up services, and parent education as well as screenings to preschools. Supported by community donations and volunteers, the program offers a service unduplicated in our region with no eligibility requirements. We invite you to tour a screening and see first hand the value a screening can provide a young child and family. Once you see our program in action, you may see yourself involved—either as a volunteer, a community supporter or even a Board Member.

Healthy Beginnings’ Board of Directors Officers: Deborah Coehlo, PhD, PNP President Jennifer Moss Lewis Vice President Arden Dettwyler Secretary Susan Crawford Treasurer

What if I told you there was a preventative screening program in your community that could help you be the best parent you can be for your child? What if I told you this program could provide you a tool box to lay the proper foundation for your child’s learning? What if there was a FREE way for you track your child’s development, growth and wellness multiple times a year? Would you utilize the service? I made the decision to take her to a Healthy Beginnings screening. A few weeks before her appointment, I received a developmental questionnaire to answer questions about Jessica’s speech, and emotional and motor skills.

The CDC recommends that all children receive at least 3 developmental and wellness screenings before the age of 5. With 90% of a child’s brain development happening in her first five years of life, it is critical that the foundation of learning grows sturdy and strong. With a child’s brain constantly changing and growing, it is possible to lay new foundations and reteach the brain if concerns are caught early enough by screenings. When a developmental delay is not recognized early, children must wait to get the help they need (Center of Developing Child, Harvard University). In the United States, 17 percent of children have a developmental or behavioral concern such as autism, cognitive/motor delay, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In addition, many children have delays in language or other areas. But, less than half of children with problems are identified before starting school (CDC). During this time, the child could have received help for these problems. In Oregon, 4 out of every 10 children who enter kindergarten are not prepared to learn because of a concern that was not caught in their early years of life. When I arrived to her appointment, I visited the developmental station last – I was too nervous to tackle her needs head on. I had Jessica’s height and weight checked, her vision and hearing tested, and then made our way over to the needed stations. After the screening was completed at the development stations, my concerns were validated and I knew we were on the right track to getting Jessica help. Upon review of the developmental questionnaire I filled out and the professional watching her count numbers, stack blocks, and thread cheerios on a pencil – I was reassured that my husband and I are doing a great job teaching Jessica. And that she may be eligible to receive services to help her along so she can enter at the same learning level of her peers.


Bridget McGinn Mari Enders Theo Giannioses Jane Dunham Paul Andrews Marilyn Watkins Sydney Bolken Norm Rush

“The doctors said my baby was colicky and that’s why she wasn’t bonding with me. I wanted more answers…”

Healthy Beginnings 2014-2015 Annual Report

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Developmental screenings are vital and important to a child’s success and parents are their first and best teacher – which is why Healthy Beginnings is excited to announce a new partnership with the Oregon Department of Education, to launch Vroom - a pilot program that turns shared moments between parents and children into brain building moments. Did you know that every time a child connects with a parent, her eyes AND brain light up? In these moments, half a million neurons fire at once, taking in all the things her parent is saying and doing. We are honored to join the efforts of the Family Resource Center and the Early Learning Hub to strengthen this important project.

Vroom uses tools such as flashcar ds and handouts, but is also available through a successful mobile app that can be customized to a child’s gender and age. It will give the user specific activities during bath time, meal time and play time – making the most out of the quality time parents share and turning them into brain builders for their child. This great program is just another tool to add to a toolbox of parenting tricks to make sure every child reaches their full potential. Jessica is now 6 years old, identified with Asperger’s Syndrome and entering Kindergarten this fall. Because she received a preventative screening that connected us to Early Childhood Special Education, her transition from preschool to Kindergarten has been smooth for her and our family. If I had one piece of advice for first time parents, trust your instincts and have your child screened early and often. Healthy Beginnings is on track to screen over 700 children this year and it is our hope to help children and families like Jessica’s – connecting them with all the services needed to raise healthy and happy children. Every child deserves a healthy beginning.

Early detection, Successful future!

At the February screening, Healthy Beginnings met Jane, her 4 year old son,

Declan and Ireland, her 2 year old daughter. Jane came from a troubled background and it was obvious to staff and volunteers that Jane struggled with parenting and the basic knowledge and understanding of appropriate childhood milestones. Parenting is tough even for those whose background is stable and supportive but Jane had had a tough upbringing and didn’t have a lot of support with her children. She wanted to make a change and that was one of the reasons she turned to Health Beginnings. It takes a very special parent to reach out for help when it is needed. Declan’s first dental experience was at this screening and after attending each station, he had referrals in development, vision, hearing, and behavior. Ireland had referrals for speech and development, along with a vision concern.

While all the multiple referrals were overwhelming for Jane, she accepted all of the information she could absorb, followed up on all the referrals made, and was able to enroll Declan and Ireland in Early Childhood Special Education and Early Intervention where they are thriving today! Jane is so thankful to the program for connecting her with the services her children so desperately needed and for providing her with welcome parenting information and support. Thanks in part to Facebook and the Crook County community, Healthy Beginnings was able to make a difference for this family and help them find a path of health and wellness.

Every visit tells a Story of Impact



Children Screened Community


4 b4 5

Homeless Shelters




Screenings Vision, Hearing, Development, Behavior, Dental, Speech, Concepts, Motor, Health, Nutrition, Literacy

Vision, Hearing, Development, Behavior

631 Referrals Medical /OHP/ Immunization Referrals


Developmental/ Speech Referrals




On behalf of

Vision, Hearing, Development, Behavior

459 Children

Dental Referrals

Vision Referrals

Hearing Referrals

Behavior Referrals

Nutrition Referrals

Re-Screen Referrals







received information and education on health, early childhood development, behavior, car seat safety and literacy


45 children had no medical insurance 271 children were on the Oregon Health Plan 51 children had no primary health care provider

212 children had never been to a dentist 95 children were referred to us from an “at-risk” agency 172 families assisted with Oregon Health Plan applications

Estimated Program Cost:

Under $350/child Estimated Value of Service:


1994-June 2001 83 Screenings 2918 kids screened 2728 Parents empowered 902 Referrals given

Jul ‘01-Jun ‘02 12 Screenings 363 kids screened 324 Parents empowered 203 Referrals given

Jul ‘02 -Jun ‘03 12 Screenings 363 kids screened 324 Parents empowered 203 Referrals given

Healthy Beginnings 2014-2015 Annual Report

Jul ‘03 -Jun ‘04 12 Screenings 332 kids screened 348 Parents empowered 238 Referrals given

Jul ‘04 -Jun ‘05 12 Screenings 346 kids screened 316 Parents empowered 229 Referrals given

Jul ‘05 -Jun ‘06 12 Screenings 338 kids screened 293 Parents empowered 370 Referrals given

Jul ‘06 -Jun 12 Screenin 391 kids scre 360 Parents emp 422 Referrals

n ‘07 ngs eened powered given

Every visit tells a Story of Dedication


Beginning fund (16%) United Way (3%) Oregon Health Authority (25%)

Thank You Partner Agencies High Desert Education Service District Bend-La Pine School District Redmond School District Sisters School District Crook County School District Jefferson 509 J School District Bend Park and Recreation District Sisters Park and Recreation District Bethlehem Inn Department of Human Services Deschutes County Health Department Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Family Access Network Family Resource Center Grandma’s House Kids Center Mosaic Medical Neighbor Impact/Head Start/Child Care Resources St Charles Medical Center Volunteer Connect/Project Connect Women Infant and Children (WIC) United Way of Deschutes County

Foundation Grants (19%)

And Media Partners

Government Funding (9%) Fundraising Events (19%)

KTVZ NewsChannel 21—21 Cares for Kids Horizon Broadcasting

Community Donations (11%)

“Yes, Make me a Healthy Beginnings appointment for my child” Parents learn about our program from the following:


Partner Agencies Outreach Events Friends and Family Flyers Media Preschools Healthcare Providers OHP appointments Other

Direct Service to Children (83%) Administrative Expenses (11%)

Number reflects total appointments made from prospective source.

Fundraising Expenditures (6%)

Jul ‘07 -Jun ‘08 13 Screenings 488 kids screened 413 Parents empowered 651 Referrals given

Jul ‘08 -Jun ‘09 14 Screenings 492 kids screened 608 Parents empowered 550 Referrals given

Jul ‘09 -Jun ‘10 15 Screenings 460 kids screened 624 Parents empowered 650 Referrals given

155 40 83 2 56 81 18 3 16

Jul ‘10 -Jun ‘11 14 Screenings 434 kids screened 549 Parents empowered 481 Referrals given

Jul ‘11 -Jun ‘12 Jul ‘12 -Jun ‘13 Jul ‘13 -Jun ‘14 19 Screenings 17 Screenings 17 Screenings 519 kids screened 538 kids screened 491 kids screened 489 Parents empowered 496 Parents empowered 387 Parents empowered 629 Referrals given 771 Referrals given 479 Referrals given

Every visit tells a Story of Support Individual Donors Alicia Adams Jenny Agee Rachel and Adam Albright Joan and Bill Alles Jodi Amato Alisha Anderson Kayla Anderson Lee Anderson Russell and Kristin Anderson Tom Anderson Corinne Andrews Paul and Jennifer Andrews Itzel Arzate Judy and WellsAshby Michelle Avarado Angela Bacuyani Jeff Baker Susan Baker Linda and Randall Balsiger Tom and Barbara Barber Ron Barr Andrea Bartlemay Mike Bass Linda Bauer Erika Beard-Irvine Tysen Beauchemin Kendra Beck Marlena Bellavia Chris and Lorri Benefield Garrett Bergby Maria Berthold Margaret Betsch Julie Bibler Crystal Bidwell James and Lori Birtola David and Sandra Bishop Peggy Biss Nancy Blankenship Paul and Jennifer Blikstad Fred and Judy Blue Peter and Diane Boehm Sue Boettner Trygve and Sydney Bolken Becky Boyd Susan Bray Lori Brizee Courtney Brown Sarah Burke Gina Burroughs David and Elise Burrus Henry and Marilyn Burwell DeeDee Burzynski Brianna Cadwell James and Lynn Calhoun Patricia Canaday David and Sally Cancilla Diana Cardona Jami and Anthony Carino Emily Carrick Thomas and Susan Carroll Leslie Carter Bill and Anne Carwile Robert Chandler II Fund Thomas Clark Debbie Coehlo Lee Cole Meg Cole Lori & Les Cooper Fund Brenda Comini Patrick Corp Debi Corso

Susan and Seth Crawford Anne-Marie Daggett Dawna Daniels Kris Danks Lisa Dobey and Debbie Cole Janice Debo Tony and Kathryn DeBone Sonja Decker Jim and Dory Delp Hilary Dembsky Monica Desmond Arden Dettwyler Ashley Dice Reanna Downey Erica Drake Kathy Drew Mary Jane Drey Joey Drucker Jeanene Dumont Jane Dunham Sue Durre Kathy Eckman Andy and Keri Elliott Darla and Daniel Elliott Sue Elliott Paul Engstrom Jill Ergenbright Rich and Deanna Evans Andie Evered Kimberly Evered William and Eileen Fagan Donna Farnum Cyrus and Ronda Fitton Shelley Fitts June Ford Ron and Molly Forester Myra Foster Mary Anne Freedman Barbara Gabriel Brooke Garcia Patricia Gardner Derek Garrett Glenda Gianella Faith Gilpin Judith Goff Ken Goodin Dr. Tim and Dionne Goulart Virginia Graham Dorothy Grantier Ethan Gray Laura Gratton June Griffin Suzanne Hall Kem and Catherine HalliwellTemplin Jim Haney Jane Hannabach Kathleen Harrington Kelly Harrington Terry Harrington Dora Hartung Jodiann Harvey Kris Harvey Kim Hatfield Jayel Hayden Judy Heck Connie Heim Patty Hendrix Jane Hiatt Anna and Alexander Higgins

Healthy Beginnings 2014-2015 Annual Report

Jeanne Holcomb Judith Hollenberg Cheryl Howard Amy and Lewis Howell Chelsie Hoyt-Gloeckner Tonya Hubbard District Attorney, John Hummel Danielle Hyde Linda Indlekofer Gloria and Jim Irwin Beth and Jeff Jackson Kathleen Jensma Sarah Jewett Beverly Johnson Christl Johnson RJ Johnson Sharon Johnson Kristen Johns Margery and Alan Jones Kathy Jordan Toni Kampert Butch Goette and Karen Malanga Sherri and Jeffrey Katz Kimberly Kay Charles Keers Don and Ann Kelly Larry and Kathleen Kimmel Jenny King Sarah Kingston Lynda Klempel Elaine Knobbs Brenda Komar Chamberlin Krystal Kim Laemmle Sue Lang Megan Lapp Sara Lauderdale Theresa Layman Richard Lance and Leanne Latterell Rebecca Leavitt Margaret Legowik Julie and Jay Lyche Jennifer Lynch Stuart MacDonald Ellen Macke Whitney Malkin JoAn Mann Desiree Margo Gabby Marshall Marina Martinez Angelina Marvitz Meredith Mason Marie Matthews Genie McBurnett Dan and Samantha McCoy Bobbi McGinn Bridget McGinn Kara McGinn Susan McKnight Heather McNeil Sharon McNeil Sarah Melcher Jerrie Melton Cathy Mendell Lucy Merino Michel and Cindy Merrill Elise Michaels Greg Mickle Jamie Moline Jason Mooney Gwen Moore Patricia and Greg Moss Jennifer Moss Lewis Greg Munn Keith and Lori Murphy Darryl Nakahira

Sandra and Richard Negus Stacy Neil Brittany Nelson Dr. Doug and Virginia Nelson Matt Neltler Carolyn Nilsen Dr. Kristi Nix Lora Nordquist Michael Nyberg Tracy Oakley Rachel Opie Brandon Overstreet Deborah Parazoo Karen and Myhre Paz Joan Pease Shay Perry Donna Pfeiffer Kristen Powers Mark Press Aimee Priest Marianne Prodehl Johanna Quinlan Mary Quinlan Jane and William Raleigh Lee Randall Lizzy Randleman Jeanne Raudman Shirley Ray Janelle Rebick Elaine and Michael RedmanLeroy Holly Remer John Rexford Peggy Rhoads Casey and Stacie Roats Jeff and Margie Robberson Gary Romaniak Sandra and Lawrence Rosebrook Robert Rosencrance Norm and Kim Rush Sally Russell Leanne Ryan Brenda Sackett Terri and Chris Samual Susie Sangineni Angela Saraceno Hillary and Dan Saraceno Jessica Sayers Danette Schlapfer Corinne Schnitzer Chris Schroederfain Barbra Schultz Benjamin Scott Barbara Seaman Lucille Seidenverg Paul and Daraleen Shales Sandy and Petty Sheritt Debi Shimek K.C. and Kathy Short Emily Silva Geraldine Silva Michelle and Bill Slivkoff Carol Smith Debi Smith Deborah Smith Jay and Yvonne Smith Jennifer Smith Rachelle Smith William and Linda Smith Maricela Sotelo Abbie and Justin Spier Cary Stanfill Terry Steckman Randy Steele Flora Steffan Mara Stein Anne Stephens

Carol Sternkopf Nick Strader Susan Stuemke Traci Tandy Cindy Tarrant Fern Taylor Georgina Terrazas Sonia Thankur Evelyn and Laurence Thissell Sandy Troxell Michelle Tullis Alan Unger Andrew and Margie Untermeyer Shannan and Walter Vines B. Walker Jody Ward Betsy Warriner Marilyn Watkins Deanna Webb Rachel Wente-Chaney Megan West Sue Whitley Kirk and Jessica Whitney Anita Williams Dennis and Valerie Wood Lois and Tom Worcester Wes Wright Valerie Yost Kimberly Young Stewart & Sandy Young Marlene Zandstra Kerry and Henry Zenich Carol Zettel

Business Donors A Child's Garden Action Print Advantage Dental Alpine Entertainment Atlas Cider Co. Awbrey Glen Backyard Innovations Bank of the Cascades Bend Broadband Bend Downtown Athletic Club Bend Garbage & Recycling Bend/LaPine School District Bend Park and Recreation Bigfoot Beverages Bleu Bite Catering Bluefish Dental & Ortho Brooks Resources Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis, PC Cascade Design Center Central Oregon Radiology Centro Print CHOW Christ’s Ambassadors International Cobblestone Children's Center Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians Crook County Foundation Crook County School District DBA Moonlight Mailing Delish Donuts Deschutes Brewery, Inc. Deschutes County Commission/EL Hub Deschutes County Oregon Deschutes Driver Education Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry Deschutes Public Library Desert Orthopedics Donation Line Donner Flowers Dutch Bros. Coffee

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Every visit tells a Story of Connection “As a former director of early childhood programs, a thirty year member of this community, a mother who raised my own children and now as a grandmother, it has become important for me to find ways to give back to my community in ways that speak to my heart. Through my volunteer work with Healthy Beginnings I feel personally rewarded and a valued member of my community in this purposeful project. As much as I was planning to give back to my community, the opposite has been equally true.” ~Kathryn Phillips, Healthy Beginnings Behavior Station Volunteer Volunteers are a crucial part in the work Healthy Beginnings does in Central Oregon. They are the sounding board of parent’s questions, a shoulder to lean on when parenting gets tough, the pulse of the organization and the voice out in the community. Volunteers have a unique passion for young children and their enthusiasm for helping kids and families truly shows in their dedication. Between our 18 community screenings, fundraising events, 4b45 screenings and outreach events last year, volunteers were the gears that made our program work. Thanks to all their efforts, Healthy Beginnings saved over $140,000 in labor costs. This translates to nearly 3000 hours of donated time for the children of our community. Incredible!

Thank you, Volunteers! Ginny Adams Joan Alles Georgiana Anderson Kelissa Averre Sarah Barker Tiffany Barlettani Angela Bacuyani Stephen Beaudry Melinda Bentley Jeanne Berry Rachel Boatright Teri Boynton Susan Bray Joleen Brick Lori Brizee Julie Bryant Sue Carroll Anna Cherry Debbie Coehlo Terri Cook Cindy Culbertson Tammy Culbertson Starlynn Ellsworth Nancy Faulkner Meg Floyd Carrita Foster Taylor Fowles Alicia Fox Tiffany Foy Glenda Gianella Virginia Graham Catherine HalliwellTemplin Karen Hauswald Lisa Holt

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Healthy Beginnings 2014-2015 Annual Report

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Annual report 2014 15 vs final  

Healthy Beginnings' Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual report 2014 15 vs final  

Healthy Beginnings' Annual Report 2014-2015