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Canada a wide variety of seafood. We have all the bases covered so that Canadians can eat what we grow at home. Homegrown is divided into several sections with recipes using Canadian food products. A sample of chapters includes: Bring on the Cheese; A Soup for Every Season; Legumes — The Big Bang from the Prairies; Ode to Canadian Beef; and Fruity Treats. This cookbook is also full of Canadian food trivia and cooking tips from professional home economists who are members of the OHEA. For example, who knew that eggs are best stored in the carton they come in? The egg holders in the fridge door are not the coldest place in the fridge to store eggs and do not protect the eggs from absorbing unsavoury odours that can lurk in a fridge. There are great cooking tips like how to make the perfect poached egg, how to create a fluffy omelet, and how to cook pork. Also, there are several seasonal menus that are ready-planned for your convenience. I was thrilled to see 10 mouthwatering gourmet grilled-cheese-sandwich recipes, all made with Canadian cheeses. “Grilled-cheese sandwiches are about as Canadian as you can get and without a doubt a favourite comfort food,” says Smith. “What kid doesn’t

like grilled-cheese sandwiches? They are always a crowd pleaser.” “The recipes in the cookbook come from the members of the OHEA and myself,” Smith explains. “Over three weekends, 20 professional home economists tested and tasted over 200 recipes. Each recipe needed a 90 per cent approval rating amongst the testers to be considered for Homegrown.” Recipes originated from all parts of Canada, as the members of the OHEA, while currently residing in Ontario, come from across the country. The OHEA is a self-regulated body of professional home economists that promotes high professional standards among its members. Home economists are experts in food preparation, nutrition, clothing, housing and decor, human development, consumer protection and finance. They are experts in the classic skills that households need to thrive in the modern world, providing valuable knowhow for everyday living. They assist families and individuals to achieve and maintain a desirable quality of life. “We want to bring people back to the kitchen and cook healthy meals for themselves and their families using seasonal Canadian products,” says Smith. Homegrown is an Spring/summer 2016 HEALTHWISE OTTAWA 17

Healthwise Ottawa Spring-Summer 2016  

Hwo spring summer 2016 single

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