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Summer 2014

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In Pursuit of What Matters Most.

Summer 2014 CO N T E N T S PAGE 3 – A Letter from Terry Horan, President & CEO PAGE 4 – A Refresher on the Employer Mandate PAGE 5 – Health Care Reform Reporting Requirements PAGES 6 & 7 – Wellness Works: Walking How We Talk to Achieve Workplace Wellness PAGE 8 – Q&A with Anna Pfaehler, New Director of Financial Planning PAGE 9 – Employees Increasingly Dependent on Employer’s Retirement Plans for Future Financial Security

PAGES 10 & 11 – Transitioning to a Second Generation of Business Success PAGE 11 - William T. Earls Jr., J.D., LL.M. Joins HORAN PAGES 12 & 13 – Our New Kentucky Home PAGES 14-16 – HORAN on the Map: Supporting the Communities Where

We Live and Work

PAGE 17 – HORAN Receives Recognition from Regional and National Communities PAGES 18 & 19 – Client Spotlight: Brighton Center, Inc. Please join us in welcoming our new corporate clients! - Daybreak - Walnut Creek - Centerpoint Health - The Honeybaked Ham Company

- Miami Conservancy District - Omya, Inc. - Cincinnati Bell Inc.

Cover: This issue’s front and back cover photos feature Terry and Christy Horan’s garden. It is a special gathering place for all of us at HORAN. In the Fall, it is the location for an all employee victory celebration of our annual United Way campaign. In June, the ladies of HORAN gather in the garden for a special lunch to celebrate the beginning of Summer and the special friendships we are privileged to enjoy as part of HORAN. It has now become an annual tradition. The HORAN garden is also the site for retirement and promotion celebrations, one of the many traditions that make our culture so special and contribute to HORAN being recognized as a “A Best Places to Work” company.

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SIGN UP FOR YO U R S U M M E R SCHOOLING August 27 Small Business Roundtable: Compliance—Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky September 10 Small Business Roundtable: Compliance—Dayton & Piqua September 23 or 24 Compliance Update— Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky September 25 Compliance Update— Dayton & Piqua October 30 ONE HORAN Advisor Seminar

Look for us online! Go to and click on Education to find out more about upcoming educational opportunities as more seminars will be scheduled throughout the year. Also, visit our Newsroom to view the online version of


Summer is a time of growth. This summer is a successful season of growth at HORAN. Over the past few months, we increased the total number of our employees, the number of clients we serve and the number of offices from which we conduct business. We expanded the total count of HORAN employees to meet our clients’ needs and support the growth of our business. The number of HORAN employees has increased over 40% during the past five years. HORAN employees are passionate about helping our clients and their employees address concerns and provide peace of mind for their future. In this issue, we discuss employee dependency on employer-sponsored retirement plans as Americans grow more concerned about their ability to retire. We also provide a health care reform guide for what employers need to know as regulations and amendments continue to unfold. Our passion for helping clients and their employees leads to lasting relationships with great organizations. Many grow for decades, including our partnership with the Wendling Printing Company, which started with my father and the father of the company’s current President, Hal Wendling. We spotlight our partnership with the Wendling Printing Company through a discussion on the importance and purpose of business succession planning for a family business. We highlight another lasting partnership in our client spotlight featuring the Brighton Center, Inc. Many HORAN employees have had the honor of volunteering at the Kentucky organization which has been providing community support and compassion since 1966. The Kentucky area is an important part of the HORAN organization. We are proud to expand our physical presence and establish an office located in Fort Mitchell. The new office location represents our commitment to provide outstanding client service to our growing list of Kentucky clients and our continued commitment to the state and regional community. We have a responsibility to give back to the region as we owe much of our growth and success to the community, who has recognized HORAN through many awards this year. One of these honors is being named a 2014 Healthiest Employer in both Cincinnati and Dayton. The Wellness Works article in this issue spotlights the hard work and commitment HORAN’s Wellness Committee and all HORAN employees have demonstrated since the start of the HORAN wellness program six years ago. HORAN will continue to grow in all areas of our business in order to provide best-in-class service to our clients and provide solutions to protect their future, today. Sincerely,

Terence L. Horan, CLU, ChFC President & CEO of HORAN

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A letter from Terry Horan

In Pursuit of What Matters Most.


A Refresher on the Employer Mandate HORAN hosted multiple refresher seminars on the Employer Mandate for our clients and prospects in June and July. Below are the topics that were covered and what you need to know about the updates to the pay or play mandate as well as new information on 6055 & 6056 reporting.


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW A large employer must provide minimum value and affordable group health plan coverage to substantially all of its full-time employees and their dependents or pay a penalty if any full-time employee receives a premium tax credit from a federal or state exchange.

Effective date delayed:




* Employers with 50-99 employees effective 2016, as long as employers have not changed plan year; eliminated/ reduced coverage; reduced workforce hours after 2/9/14. **Effective date is now 2015 for employers with 100 or more employees. Employers with 100 or more employees and non–calendar year plans, effective first day of 2015 plan year as long as plan year hasn’t changed since 12/27/12 and they pass the enrollment test with one-fourth of all employees or one-third of full-time employees enrolled in coverage prior to 2/9/14 or they pass the offer test with one-third of all employees or one-half of full-time employees being offered coverage prior to 2/9/14.

Penalties applied if businesses do not offer group health plan coverage to substantially all (95%*) full time employees AND at least one full-time employee enrolls in an exchange plan and receives a Premium Tax Credit (1). The penalty is equal to the total number of full-time employees less 30+ multiplied by $2,000. Must offer coverage to dependent children (excluding foster children and stepchildren), but not to spouses. * In 2015, substantially all is defined as 70% of full-time employees.





In 2015, the no coverage penalty calculation is the total number of full-time employees less 80 multiplied by $2,000.

Penalty applies if an employer offers a plan but it is not “affordable” OR does not meet “minimum value” AND at least one full-time employee enrolls in an exchange plan and receives a Premium Tax Credit (1). Penalty is equal to the number of full-time employees who receive a Premium Tax Credit multiplied by $3,000. Counting hours for coverage/penalties • • •



Hours = Time employee is paid or entitled to be paid Hourly employees = Actual hours Salaried employees (3 choices) = (1) Actual hours; (2) Assume 8 hours/day; (3) Assume 40 hours/week There are special rules for certain employees including adjunct faculty, bona fide volunteers, those with oncall hours and students in subsidized federal work-study programs. There are no special rules for temporary employees, interns, contract employees or independent contractors.

Cannot have waiting period over 90 days; applies to all employers and rule effective for 2014 plan year.


Exceptions: Substantive conditions allowed, cumulative service requirement allowed (1,200 hours) and orientation periods allowed—up to 1 month (NEW).

One-year delay; due to employees by January 31 each year and due to IRS by March 31 (February 28 if paper filing). The penalties are as follows: $100 per return with cap of $1.5 million. There are waivers for reasonable cause and reduced penalties if errors are corrected. 6055—Applicable to all insurers and employer sponsors of self-funded plans; provides information on whether or not the individual mandate is satisfied. 6056—Applicable to large employers; provides information on whether employer mandate is satisfied and whether an individual is eligible for a subsidy.

(1) To be eligible for a Premium Tax Credit, an individual must be a citizen or legal resident; have household income between 100 and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL); be enrolled in an exchange plan.

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sections 6055 and 6056. Reporting under section 6055 will be used to verify that an individual has MEC and reporting under section 6056 will be used to determine whether or not employer coverage is affordable or meets minimum value. Initial reports on employersponsored health benefits will be due in early 2016 for the 2015 tax year. While final regulations have been released, applicable reporting forms are still pending.

HEALTH CARE REFORM REPORTING REQUIREMENTS Health care reform requires employers and individuals to report certain information about their health insurance benefits to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year. Individuals need to verify they have minimum essential coverage (MEC) and confirm their eligibility for any premium tax credit they receive if purchasing individual health insurance coverage through a state or federal exchange. Applicable large employers (those with 50 or more full-time employees) need to provide information about their health plans and the individuals covered under the plan. This reporting is required by the IRS to confirm that they meet their health care coverage obligations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) to avoid paying penalties.

Individual Minimum Essential Coverage Reporting Individuals will report that they have PPACA-required health benefits on their individual tax return (IRS Form 1040). Because the individual mandate began in 2014, individuals will not be required to report until their 2014 tax forms are filed in 2015. More information on how individuals will report will be made available later in the year with the release of the 2014 income tax forms.

Employer Reporting Employer plan information will be reported under two sections of PPACA—

Minimum Essential Coverage (Section 6055) Reporting MEC reporting is required by all insurers and employer sponsors of self-funded health plans (regardless of employer size). Reporting for both individual and group marketplace policies will be provided by the insurer. Insurers and employers or plan sponsors will provide reporting for all individuals covered by the plan including individuals who are exempt from the individual mandate. Individuals who decline coverage do not need to be included.

Large Employer (Section 6056) Reporting Large employers (those with 50 or more full-time employees) will use section 6056 to report whether or not plans offered to full-time employees are affordable and meet minimum value. If coverage does not meet affordability or minimum value or no coverage is offered, this reporting will be used to calculate any applicable employer penalty. This reporting will also help determine an employee’s eligibility for a premium tax credit. All large employers must provide section 6056 reporting, whether the group health plan is fully insured or

self-funded. All employers in a controlled or affiliated service group are combined for purposes of deciding if the employer is “large,” but each employer in the group must file the section 6056 report separately.

Reporting Due Dates and Distribution Methods Employer reporting will coincide with W-2 and W-3 reporting. Individuals will receive a report on IRS Form 1095 about whether their employer plan meets MEC requirements and whether or not the plan is affordable and provides minimum value—information used to determine premium tax credit eligibility through the marketplace. The 1095 form is due to employees no later than January 31 following the calendar year that is being reported. The employer will provide a roll-up report on IRS Form 1094, which includes copies of the individual 1095 forms. These will be due by February 28 (or March 31 if filed electronically). Employers issuing 250 or more 1095 forms will be required to file electronically. Reporting must be done on a calendaryear basis, even if the plan or policy operates on a non-calendar year. IRS Form 1095 can be included with their W-2 form mailing. Forms can be sent to the last-known permanent address and employers are not required to resend the form if it is returned. Employers also have the option of providing the form electronically. Employees will need to provide written consent to receive the form electronically. If the form is sent electronically and it is returned, the employer must try to obtain a current electronic address. If that is not possible, the notice must be mailed or hand-delivered within 30 days. HORAN will continue to provide additional information as forms are released by the IRS.




HORAN promotes workplace wellness to enhance the employee well-being and provide a model of success for clients to demonstrate the positive impact wellness can have in a business environment. HORAN believes employees are a company’s biggest asset. In addition, research has shown that healthy employees contribute to a productive and positive workplace environment. As a result, HORAN makes it a goal to ensure employees are taken care of and they have the tools to take care of themselves.

WALKING HOW WE TALK TO HORAN’s wellness program has evolved over the past six years. The program has progressed along a continuum, steadily moving towards a more advanced and proactive approach.

HORAN’s wellness program began as a voluntary program, in which employees were encouraged to participate in wellness activities but their participation did not impact their cost of health care. HORAN then transitioned to an incentive-based program and employees were

“I believe the employees of HORAN are the most valued assets of the company,” said Terence L. Horan, CLU, ChFC, President & CEO of HORAN. “The purpose of our wellness program is to protect those assets by providing every HORAN employee with the tools and resources needed to achieve optimal health.”

given rewards based on their participation in the wellness program.

HORAN currently participates in an outcomesbased wellness program. Employees’ are rewarded both monetarily and through incentives based on their participation and through their biometrics and overall health. HORAN recently extended their outcomes-based wellness program to include employees’ spouses. The outcomes-based program was a key step for HORAN as it focused employees on taking personal ownership and accountability for their individual health. In conjunction with the move to a results-based program, HORAN integrated an on-site wellness coach to meet regularly, oneon-one, with employees to assist them with their wellness journey and work to improve overall health and well-being. In addition to the establishment of an on-site wellness coach, HORAN’s outcomes-based wellness program also includes a health day with biometric screenings, activities to support healthy lifestyles like walking and weight-loss challenges and now includes premium discounts based on biometric results.

The HORAN Wellness Committee, comprised of seven employees, works throughout the year to incorporate wellness activities relevant to the employee population. An all-employee walk/bike For example, in 2013 the ride every month wellness committee On-site fitness equipment, initiated a exercise DVDs and other stress relief program resources during the seasonal Team exercise challenges and busy time. workouts This initiative included onsite yoga, chair massages, meditation and lunch-and-learns.


• • •

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CINCINNATI 2012, 2013 & 2014

ACHIEVE WORKPLACE WELLNESS Activities such as two weight loss challenges and two step competitions have not only led to positive health outcomes, with 300 pounds lost collectively and approximately 50 million steps taken, but also produced unexpected benefits. The activities were run as team competitions with over 50% participation. Employees from all business lines worked together developing team camaraderie and strengthening employee relationships. In addition to creating opportunities for employees to exercise together, the Wellness Committee also provides free healthy snacks in the employee kitchen. The committee also highlights an individual at every company meeting as a part of the “Person on the Path” program to celebrate employees who are making positive health changes in their lives. While HORAN’s average employee age continues to increase, results from the company Health

FOCUS ON NUTRITION • On-site wellness coach for individual education • Free healthy snacks stocked in kitchen • Healthy meals for seminars

Risk Assessments have stayed consistent over the last six years. In addition, HORAN was accepted into a pool through Anthem, Anthem’s Employer Resource Council (ERC), which only accepts healthy employer groups. Wellness partners including Anthem and HealthWorks, a regional leader in on-site wellness services, have worked alongside HORAN to find creative solutions to develop a wellness program that best suits the company culture. HORAN’s wellness program has been in effect for six years and the organization is proud of their tremendous progress. HORAN is honored to be recognized as a Cincinnati Healthiest Employer for three years in a row (2012–2014)

and a Dayton Healthiest Employer in 2014. In addition, HORAN is pleased to be able to decrease their renewal percentage year over year. HORAN faces many of the health care challenges their clients are up against as a result of health care reform. HORAN believes wellness programs and health management are tools to help combat the challenges of providing quality, affordable health care for employees. HORAN’s first-hand experience helps them to be better advisors as they work with clients to find the best solutions to improve the wellness of their employees.

ACHIEVING OUTCOMES • Decrease in renewal percentage year over year • Positive progress in three out of four biometric indicators • 84% of participating employees are considered at “low risk” for chronic diseases • 300 pounds lost collectively



Q & A


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Meet HORAN’s New Director of Financial Planning Anna K. Pfaehler, CFP®, helps clients identify and achieve their financial goals pertaining to retirement, funding a child or grandchild’s education, supporting a charity or leaving a legacy. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) her focus is to create a clear picture of the client’s financial health and identify strategies to service any discrepancies. Anna’s expertise includes high-net-worth planning, taxes and planning for unmarried and same-sex couples. She has been in the financial services industry since 2006. Prior to joining HORAN, Anna worked for Palisades Hudson Financial Group, LLC in Scarsdale, New York, where she served as the Chief Compliance Officer. Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics (Cum Laude) from Vassar College and studied at the London School of Economics. She was awarded the Virginia Swinburne Brownell Prize in Economics. Anna has been quoted in numerous prestigious publications and media outlets including LA Times, Time, Fox Business, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Market Watch and Bank Rate. Anna is a member of the Cincinnati Estate Planning Council and a four-time marathon finisher.

Q. What attracted you to the financial planning industry?

AP: I’ve often been asked how a Vassar girl

ends up in finance. Financial planning allows me to use my economics degree in a way that speaks to the values Vassar instilled in me of helping others and being a positive force in the community. What attracted me to this industry is that it is easy to see who it benefits and how.

Q. What brought you back to the region after spending almost a decade in New York?

AP: Family. Both my husband and I grew up in

Northern Kentucky and all of our family is here. We wanted our daughter to grow up knowing her grandparents and cousins. We also missed the Midwestern lifestyle—slower paced and more open space.

Q. What are some of the biggest challenges clients face?

AP: Retirement saving is one of the biggest

challenges clients face. Retirees bear more of the financial burden of retirement than ever before as traditional pensions are less common. Even maxing out your retirement contributions may not lead to an income necessary to maintain your standard of living if you are a high earner. Many people understand the importance of savings but don’t know if their savings will be enough. Financial planning can calculate what you’re on track for and how to get to where you want to be.

Q. What areas of expertise do you provide for HORAN clients?

AP: While I provide comprehensive planning

and advice on numerous topics, I have a strong background in tax and estate planning. I am a National Social Security Advisor and also have expertise in planning for unmarried and same-sex couples.

Q. You recently received a National Social

Security Advisor (NSSA®) designation—why did you feel the need to get this certification?

AP: Nearly every client asks me about when

and how to take Social Security. It is on every retiree’s mind and is very complex! I earned this certification so I could answer these questions and better serve our clients.

Q. What is one piece of advice for everyone? AP: It is never too late for financial planning.

Certainly the benefits are greater the longer your time horizon. But the later you start, the more important proper planning is. There’s a significant benefit to organizing your finances, even if you think it’s too late.

Q. What is the most

rewarding part of financial planning?

AP: Providing clients with

peace of mind. Money is a great stressor to most people. Getting organized and on track can be a tremendous relief.

|8 |

> David Lohre, Vice President, meets with our clients’ employees to improve their retirement readiness and provide one-on-one counseling to help them achieve their retirement goals.

Employees Increasingly Dependent on Employer’s Retirement Plans for Future Financial Security Eighty-two percent of employees would not save for retirement if not for their employers’ 401(k) or 403(b) plan.* On the same note, 56% of Americans agree with the statement, “Retirement security has become a more important issue for me over the last two or three years.”+ Employer-sponsored retirement plans are becoming a crucial element in employee benefits because employees are relying so heavily on them as a financial savings vehicle. Many employees are not saving outside of their retirement plan simply because they do not have the means to do so. This information is more troubling when combined with the fact that employees have grown more concerned with their retirement security as a result of recent economic turbulance. Both the rising cost of health care and uncertainty about the future of Social Security also play a role in this lack of confidence. Higher out-of-pocket health care costs have countless individuals concerned with their ability to pay for medical bills during their retirement. These circumstances have made retirement plans increasingly important over the last few years.

An important measure of an employer-sponsored retirement plan is whether the plan is effective in meeting employees’ needs. In other words, does the plan allow for employees to save for a secure retirement? According to a 2013/2014 Global Benefit Attitudes Survey,+ only 47% of retirement plans allow for employees to save an adequate amount for a secure retirement. The survey also reported, “62% of employees would be willing to give up some pay for a guaranteed retirement benefit, and more than half would sacrifice pay for a more generous retirement benefit.” Employees are seeking more stability in their financial future in order to maintain their lifestyle and provide for their families. An enhanced retirement plan with a guaranteed benefit is one of the ways employers are able to satisfy their employees in order to attract and retain top talent. *J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Retirement Insights: Searching for Certainty (June 2011). + Towers Watson, Global Uncertainty Fuels Workers’ Desire for Retirement Security (June 2014).

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Hal Wendling (left), current President of the Wendling Printing Company, pictured with Terry Horan.

Transitioning to a Second Generation of Business Success Wendling & HORAN Continue 40-Year Relationship

The average lifespan of a family-owned business is 24 years.* About 40% turn into second-generation businesses, approximately 13% are passed down successfully to a third generation and 3% continue to a fourth generation or beyond.+ *(, 2010) +(, 2010)

health. wealth. life.

HORAN hosted a seminar for partners and friends of the firm on the subject of business succession planning in late May of this year. The seminar featured a panel comprised of HORAN experts and the President and Founder of Coppertree, Mark A. Casella. Mark has been nationally recognized as an expert in helping families create powerful legacies and think strategically about how they want their family resources to support their pursuits of what matters most. During Mark’s presentation, he discussed his concept of finding “the nugget” when creating a transition plan

for business continuity. Mark explained the nugget as being the purpose that is behind the family business. Once you find the nugget, you use that purpose to develop a succession strategy. Every family business has a different purpose and needs distinct and specific plans for continuing their organization’s success. Over the past 40 years, HORAN has had the privilege of partnering with a local Kentucky family, the Wendlings. HORAN has worked alongside them to plan for the company’s future, and a friendship spanning two generations has grown from the business relationship.

| 10 |

A True Business Partnership In 1941, Howard Wendling and family began business in the dining room of the family home located in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. The organization has grown to be a leading regional provider of both sheetfed and web offset printing, graphic design and mail shop services. Seventy-three years later, the Wendling Printing Company is still a family business with the same determination, hard work and dedication that the founders fostered. In order to preserve the business and achieve continuity in times of transition, Howard reached out to his friend Jack Horan, founder and then owner of HORAN, whom he had known since grade school. Howard purchased life insurance through Jack as a funding vehicle to maintain stability during a business transition and provide financial stability for his family in the future. In 1989, Howard’s son, Hal Wendling, was named the president of the Wendling Company and took on the responsibility of continuing the family business. Hal and Terry Horan, current President & CEO of HORAN, formed a friendship similar to their fathers’ as they continued the Wendling-HORAN partnership. Both Hal and Terry have a shared commonality of being second-generation business owners working to achieve continued growth and success of their family business for years to come. There are 5.5 million family-owned businesses in the United States. Family-owned businesses contribute 57% of the United States’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employ 63% of the workforce and are responsible for 78% of all new job creation. It is critical for these millions of family-owned businesses to have a plan in place to ensure an orderly transition. In the words of Peter Drucker, Austrian-born American management consultant, educator and author, “The final test of greatness in a CEO is how well he chooses a successor and whether he can step aside and let his successor run the company.” A strategic succession plan is the foundation for future business success.

William T. Earls Jr., J.D., LL.M. Joins HORAN Appointed Managing Principal HORAN is proud to welcome William T. Earls Jr., J.D., LL.M. as a Managing Principal with the firm. Bill has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years. He is a life-long Cincinnatian and is the fourth generation of his family in the insurance business. He has extensive experience in estate planning using highlevel insurance techniques and generational wealth transfer strategies to meet the financial needs of individuals, their families and their businesses. “Bill’s approach to advising clients and creating funding options for estate planning and helping families transition wealth from one generation to the next parallels that of the work we do at HORAN,” said Terence L. Horan, CLU, ChFC, President & CEO of HORAN. “We have great pride in the commitment HORAN has to its clientele and Bill’s extensive experience in the insurance industry will further strengthen the level of service we offer to our clients. We are happy to welcome Bill to the organization and his impressive background and reputation will be beneficial to continuing HORAN’s growth.” “HORAN is a great fit for me and will allow me to provide a broader range of insurance thinking and products to clients,” said Earls. “Life insurance coverages are also changing and an association with HORAN will give me access to proprietary concepts from HORAN’s partnership with M Financial, an exclusive nationwide network of select independent firms dedicated to providing unique solutions for families and business organizations.” Bill holds a degree in Economics from Holy Cross College, received his Juris Doctor from the University of Cincinnati College of Law and Master of Laws degree in taxation from Boston University. He is a member of the Cincinnati Bar Association and the Million Dollar Roundtable, the leading insurance sales organization. His office will continue to be located at 550 E. Fourth Street in downtown Cincinnati.

| 11 |


OUR NEW KENTUCKY HOME HORAN announced the opening of the firm’s Kentucky Regional Office, located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, on April 2, 2014. HORAN currently serves clients in over 40 states. The addition of the Kentucky office location increases HORAN’s physical presence to three cities—Cincinnati, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; and Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Achieving Continued Growth “Adding a second regional office is a key component of our strategic growth and

market expansion plan,” said Terence L. Horan, CLU, ChFC, President & CEO of HORAN. “The new office location represents our commitment to provide outstanding client service to our growing list of Kentucky clients and our continued commitment to the state.”

and collaborative business environment. We are grateful for the advice, counsel and support provided to us by the Northern Kentucky Chamber and Tri-County Economic Development Corporation (Tri-ED) during our location search.”

HORAN’s new location is in the Columbia Executive Center, located at 207 Grandview Drive, Suite 100, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky 41017. Hemmer Management Group is the property manager/owner and the office is 3,523 square feet. Seven full-time employees are initially based there, but the space can accommodate up to 14 people, as HORAN continues to grow in Kentucky.

Concurrently, HORAN announced that Dan Cahill, a resident of Crescent Springs,

A Familiar Face Guiding the Way

“HORAN’s expansion in the Kentucky market increases the depth, expertise and resources committed to the region as we create proactive employee benefit strategies to contain costs as well as navigate through the complexities of the Affordable Care Act,” said Horan. “Kentucky—specifically the Northern Kentucky region—has a strong

health. wealth. life.

| 12 |

Kentucky, has joined the firm as Vice President and Market Leader for Kentucky. “I am pleased to join the HORAN team to support the firm’s investment in the region,” said Cahill. “Our plan is to bring breakthrough thinking in health care to new clients while continuing to advise our valued clients in Kentucky.” Cahill specializes in consumer-based health care opportunities brought about by the Affordable Care Act, including private health care exchange options in the market. His other areas of expertise include medical cost modeling, benchmarking, employee

engagement programs, wellness programs, health care innovation and technology and carrier negotiation. Prior to joining HORAN, Dan held the role of Vice President, Healthcare Exchange Solutions, with a multinational benefits administration corporation. Dan has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Telecommunications from the University of Cincinnati, a Masters degree in Communications from Washington State University and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Business Studies from the University of Cincinnati.

Celebrating with the Community HORAN kicked off the celebration at a reception held by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors to unveil the new HORAN Conference Room in the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce building in April. A second reception was held in late June to open the doors of the new office building and welcome Kentucky clients and friends of the firm to HORAN’s newest location. HORAN is committed to the Kentucky community and has made a strategic decision to invest even further in the region. HORAN has already been a strong corporate citizen in Kentucky by actively supporting organizations like the Northern Kentucky Chamber, Children’s Inc., Brighton Center, 4C for Children and Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center.

| 13 |


HORAN ON THE MAP Supporting the Communities Where We Live and Work


WRIGHT-PATT CREDIT UNION SAVING’S RACE PHONE BANK AT WDTN HORAN employees Chris Mihin, CBC, Account Executive, and Laura Beth Botos, CBC, Client Specialist, participated in a phone bank along with members from Dayton Children’s Hospital, Wright-Patt Credit Union and Kettering Health Network. The phone bank was open to the public to call with any questions related to health and financial fitness.


Several members of HORAN’s management team and their spouses attended the Wright State University annual ARTSGALA.

HORAN SUPPORTS WSU’S 2014 ARTSGALA HORAN was honored to support Wright State University’s annual ARTSGALA on April 12, 2014. The event was held at the Wright State Creative Arts Center. Performing and Fine Arts students had the opportunity to showcase their remarkable talents during the event. Several HORAN employees and their spouses were able to attend the event. This year the ARTSGALA experienced record attendance with more than 700 patrons. The event raised over $1.75 million for arts students at Wright State University.

health. wealth. life.

Cheryl Mueller, Account Executive at HORAN, pictured far right with other HORAN employees, was one of the speakers at the annual Go Red for Women luncheon held at Sinclair’s Ponitz Center. The event has helped educate women about the risk factors of stroke and heart disease. Over 500 women were in attendance including various company presidents, human resources managers and centers of influence. HORAN was proud to sponsor the event and to be invited to speak during the program.

| 14 |

CINCINNATI HORAN SPONSORS 2014 EUROPEANAMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ANNUAL GALA DINNER HORAN was proud to support the European-American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) Cincinnati Chapter as a sponsor of the 2014 EACC Annual Gala Dinner on Thursday, May 1, 2014. The event celebrated the historic 25th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall that led to German reunification and integration of Eastern Europe into the European Union. The Annual Gala Dinner is a key fundraiser for the EACC, which is an independent, not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization.

MICHAEL NAPIER PRESENTS AT CINCINNATI BAR ASSOCIATION’S ADVANCED ESTATE PLANNING INSTITUTE HORAN’s Michael Napier, CFP®, Vice President, was a featured presenter at the 31st Annual Advanced Estate Planning Institute, which took place at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati on May 16, 2014. Michael Napier’s presentation was entitled “What Estate Planners Need to Know.” The event was presented by the Cincinnati Bar Association Estate Planning & Probate Committee and featured a continental breakfast, exhibitor fair and hospitality reception.

HORAN SPONSORS CINCINNATI OPERA’S AIRMEN OF NOTE PERFORMANCE IN WASHINGTON PARK HORAN proudly sponsored a free outdoor concert for the community on Sunday, June 29, 2014, in the beautifully renovated Washington Park, across the street from Music Hall. The performance featured The Airmen of Note, the Premier Jazz Ensemble of the U.S. Air Force. Created in 1950 to carry on the tradition of Major Glenn Miller’s Army Air Corps dance band, today the “Note” features 18 of the most talented jazz musicians in the country and is one of the last touring big bands.

HORAN SPONSORS GCHC ANNUAL MEETING HORAN sponsored the 2014 Greater Cincinnati Health Council (GCHC) Annual Meeting, which took place on Thursday, June 5. The event honored individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to Cincinnati’s hospitals, health care community, innovation and service. Karen Mueller, CBC, Executive Vice President at HORAN, was one of the speakers at the event and discussed the health care field’s current dynamics resulting from health care reform.

KURT KREBS ACCEPTED AS MEMBER OF FIRST CLASS OF LEADERSHIP ACTION HORAN Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Kurt Krebs, CPA, was accepted as a member of Class 1 of Leadership Action. Leadership Action is a Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber program that is focused completely on designing and executing a single project. Each year’s work is grounded in the community priorities established by the Bold Goals of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Agenda 360 and Vision 2015. The 23 leaders admitted to Class 1 of Leadership Action were drawn from local businesses and nonprofit organizations and exhibited being on a path to the highest level of leadership in their companies.

HORAN SUPPORTS THE EDUCATION OF OUR CLIENTS’ EMPLOYEES AND THEIR CHILDREN HORAN is proud to offer scholarships to the employees and eligible family members of our clients. To date, HORAN has contributed more than $110,000 of scholarship support to over 55 deserving students representing over 25 client companies. As our geographic presence continues to expand, so have our scholarship offerings. HORAN now offers scholarships to the following universities: the University of Cincinnati, the University of Dayton, Wright State University and Xavier University.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2014 HORAN SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS! David Routson - Butler County Auditor’s Office Erica Goulart - Pinnacle Architects Samantha Watson - UC Health Joshua Horvath - APS Materials, Inc. Morgan Willenbrink - City of Montgomery Henrietta Opoku - Butler County Children Services Jenna Ziegler - Brighton Center Emily Mullenaz - Indian Hill Exempted School District Julie Klusmeier - UC Health Katlin Sarantou - Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Lauren Lacey - Episcopal Retirement Homes

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KENTUCKY NORTHERN KENTUCKY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE’S RIBBON CUTTING FOR HORAN CONFERENCE ROOM HORAN celebrated the opening of the new HORAN Conference Room with a ribbon cutting and reception hosted by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. The new HORAN conference room in the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce building was unveiled in recognition of HORAN’s commitment and investment to the Chamber of Commerce’s two boards, which represents over 100 key contacts in the area. The conference room will be available for HORAN client and business meetings, seminars and other various uses.

NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY’S HEALTH INNOVATIONS COUNCIL HORAN Vice President and Kentucky Market Leader Dan Cahill was asked by Northern Kentucky University President Geoffrey S. Mearns to serve on the Health Innovations External Advisory Council. The council serves Northern Kentucky University’s Health Innovations Center to help identify community needs and innovations in health care. The Health Innovations Center was created to fulfill a need for more health professions space and psychological science programs and to accommodate the increasing number of graduates needed to meet health care job projections.

HORAN SUPPORTS CHILDREN, INC.’S 2014 RAISING OF THE GREEN EVENT HORAN was a proud sponsor of Children, Inc.’s Raising of the Green event, which took place on March 15, 2014. Children, Inc. is the largest private nonprofit provider of high-quality child care in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Raising of the Green raised a total of $75,000 to support children and families in the Northern Kentucky community. Raising of the Green was emceed by Local 12 News’ John Lomax and took place at the Bell Event Center, featuring a formal dinner, live and silent auction and an award ceremony.

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awards HORAN Named Finalist for Dayton BBB’s 2014 Eclipse Integrity Awards HORAN was named a finalist for the 2014 Eclipse Integrity Awards in the category of 76+ employees. The other companies named in this category include Digestive Specialists, Inc. & Digestive Endoscopy Center, LLC and The Siebenthaler Company. The awards are given by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to Miami Valley businesses and nonprofits that display ethics, honesty and integrity in the community. BBB President & CEO John North says of the event, “BBB’s Eclipse Integrity Awards showcase organizations that have raised the bar and set the standards for integrity.” The awards reception and dinner took place on Tuesday, May 13, at the David H. Ponitz Sinclair Center in Dayton.

HORAN Receives Prestigious National Industry Award Named United Benefit Advisors’ Partner Firm of the Year

HORAN was recognized as United Benefit Advisors’ (UBA) Partner Firm of the Year on Monday, May 19, at the 2014 UBA Spring Meeting & Expo in Chicago. UBA is the nation’s largest independent benefits advisory organization. The Partner Firm of the Year award is voted on by more than 140 members nationwide and recognizes firms that are market leaders, capture the spirit of UBA and help to create a positive impression of UBA in their local market. The firms nominated for this award also adopt UBA products and services, participate in UBA surveys, are well-respected by UBA partners and staff and have a well-established and widely known value proposition. Jill Northway, Group Sales Operations Manager at HORAN, was a finalist for UBA’s Staff Member of the Year award. Individuals nominated for this award are valuable employees at UBA partner firms who drive growth within their company. The finalists are committed to leveraging UBA’s resources to help their clients better manage their benefits programs. These individuals also report back to the UBA community to share knowledge with other partner firms. HORAN’s membership as a UBA partner provides access to the shared knowledge of the nation’s premier independent benefits firms, including best practices, industry trends, research data, regulatory guidance and customized technology designed specifically to support human resource and benefits managers.

HORAN Wins Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s 2014 Business of the Year Award More than 400 people gathered on May 13 at the Sharonville Convention Center for the Cincinnati USA Business Awards, to honor the outstanding achievements of Greater Cincinnati’s small and midsize businesses. Thirty-five companies were chosen as finalists across eight award categories including Business of the Year, Fast Track Business of the Year and Best New Product of the Year. The finalists employ more than 2,500 people in the Greater Cincinnati area. HORAN received Business of the Year in the category of 76–250 employees.

HORAN Wins Healthiest Employer Award in Dayton and Cincinnati HORAN was named a 2014 Healthiest Employer in both Cincinnati and Dayton. This is the third year in a row HORAN has won in their category in Cincinnati and the first time HORAN has been named a winner in Dayton. Turn to pages six and seven to learn more about HORAN’s wellness program.

“The businesses we honored today are the job creators, innovative sources of research and development, and they play a vital role in the financial and social well-being of our region,” said John Bosse, Vice President of Membership for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “They are the companies who are willing to dream big—and achieve big results, and our region is better because of them.”

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Client Spotlight: Brighton Center, Inc.

A Community of Opportunities Built from Support and Compassion In 1965 Father Bill Neuroth saw the need for Northern Kentucky’s youth to have a place to connect in the community so he created a summer recreation program. Many of these children were new to the area having migrated from the Applachian area with their parents, who were seeking a better life for their families. The program was so successful that the following year Neuroth incorporated the program, creating the Brighton Street Center, now known as Brighton Center, located on the corner of 8th & Brighton Street. Bob Brewster became the Brighton Street Center’s first employee and became the Executive Director when Neuroth left to obtain his graduate degree. Brewster is credited within the organization for developing the service delivery and continuum of services, spanning from childhood to senior services, that Brighton Center provides today.

Through the years, Brighton Center’s mission has remained steadfast: to create opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency through support services, education, employment and leadership. “We spend the bulk of our time flushing out what those services are, incorporating best practices, improving what we are doing and then linking them all together so families get what they need to be self-sufficent,” said Tammy Weidinger, President & CEO of Brighton Center. Last year 76,817 individuals benefitted from at least one of Brighton Center’s 39 different programs, which obtained a 98% satisfaction rate. “We look at the inherent worth and dignity of every person who walks through our doors,” said Weidinger. “That initial respect and relationship become the catalyst for any changes that family is going to make.” June Miller, Chief Financial Officer, (left) & Tammy Weidinger (right), President & CEO, of Brighton Center, Inc.

Every one of the 39 programs at Brighton Center has led to a step towards selfsufficiency for countless families in the community. One of the most transformative programs is the Brighton Recovery Center for Women, one of 10 centers in the state that were instituted to help end chronic homelessness and combat substance abuse. The 100-bed facility is designed to help the women in the program change their behavior, skills and attitudes related to their addictive lifestyles. Eighty-three percent of the women experienced no relapse six months after program completion. A second program that has seen tremendous success is Brighton Center’s Foreclosure Prevention services. Since 2010, 817 families have kept their home because of the services that Brighton Center provides. “Hope is what we put out there for people,” said Weidinger. “Hope is what gets people in the door and gets them engaged; it comes from us believing in them. Giving people hope and giving them the tools and resources they need to move themselves from crisis to stability to self-sufficiency— that’s the path that we strive for with every single person.” Weidinger credits their success to a very active Board of Directors and several agencies to which they belong including the Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky, United Way, Every Child Succeeds and

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“Human capital is one of our greatest assets here,” said Miller. “We want our employees to have quality of life, just as we want our customers to have a quality of life, and benefits play a huge part of that. Having good benefits attracts quality and qualified applicants to our organization.” Miller credits HORAN for helping the organization abide by health care reform regulations; provide an enhanced, quality health plan that is affordable; and educate the staff about employee benefits and retirement planning. “You get so much information over the Internet and so many different interpretations; it’s nice to have one go-to person to help us through our next steps,” said Miller. Brighton Center and HORAN have been true partners in the community for many years.

BRIGHTON CENTER, INC. INDUSTRY Community Support Services HEADQUARTERS Newport, Kentucky

“I’ve been here 32 years and can’t remember a time when HORAN hasn’t been in partnership with us,” said Weidinger. “There is a trust we have built in HORAN that we know they are going to fight for us and help educate our staff.” Many HORAN employees have also volunteered their time and resources to the organization. Brighton Center has over 2,000 volunteers every year who provide assistance with their continuum of services. “There are truly things we could not do without our volunteers,” said Weidinger. “They help us get a lot of work done, but also send a message to our customers that the community cares about them.” Brighton Center is truly making a difference in the lives of countless individuals as they work their way along the organization’s path from crisis to stability to self-sufficiency. Their programs are giving people the tools and resources to learn new skills and apply them to create a better life for themselves and their families. “It’s been a pleasure working for this organization knowing we are making a difference in people’s lives,” said Miller. “Everyone can rise above; it just takes a helping hand along the way.” Weidinger agrees, “It’s worth the hard work when you keep reminding yourself of that family, that mom hugging her baby, that child going off to kindergarten prepared or that youth graduating from high school—then it’s all worth it.”

A Note from One of Our Clients We began our relationship with HORAN in March 2012, looking for an active partner with a strategic approach to employee benefits, a partner that would work with us to flesh out a multi year action plan to get us to a stronger position. I have been very pleased with our choice of HORAN as this partner.

The Ohio Masonic Home

countless others. She also recognizes the Brighton Center staff, including June Miller, Chief Financial Officer, and the role they have played in the organization’s success.

The team we work with is simply fantastic: Steve Ashe, Alison Bristol, Judi Meyer, Maggie Kroeger, Joanna Hankey and Karl Diebold all are very responsive to our needs and understand our organization and what we are hoping to accomplish. We enjoy open communications with the team and they are responsive when we have specific areas that need to be addressed. We have been able to work closely with the HORAN team on a number of areas to get to places we simply wouldn’t have gotten to before our partnership. Finding the right partner is so extremely important. I count on the HORAN team to be experts on benefits, 403(b) and wellness and to bring my Human Resources team information and solutions that will make my organization better.

Sincerely, Lara Bentley Corporate Director, Human Resources The Ohio Masonic Home Springfield, Ohio

KEY PERSONNEL Tammy Weidinger President & CEO Wonda Winkler Vice President June Miller Chief Financial Officer NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 100–499 YEAR FOUNDED 1966

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