Spring 2022

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Client Spotlight: Growing with Grunder Marty Grunder began his landscaping business in 1984 to earn tuition money to attend the University of Dayton. Almost 40 year later, Grunder Landscaping Co. has earned more than 50 local and national awards in recognition of their high-end residential and commercial design-build landscaping, commitment to quality customer service and excellent workplace culture. By the end of 2022, Grunder Landcaping will have doubled in size over the past four years. Marty Grunder, President & Chief Executive Officer, attributes this incredible growth to the organization’s culture. “Any businessperson reading this will know that if you double the size of your company while remaining profitable it’s a result of your culture working correctly,” said Marty. “We have a talented team of individuals who are helping us achieve our goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.”

We have a talented team of individuals who are helping us achieve our goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Seth Pflum, Chief Operating Officer, joined Grunder Landscaping as a Designer in 2013 and has grown into his current leadership role by bringing innovative ideas, leveraging systems & technology as well as hiring a talented



group of employees to accelerate Grunder’s growth. “We’ve always taken care of our team and Grunder Landscaping has always been a great place to work, but since Seth joined the organization nine years ago, we are an even better place to work,” said Marty. Grunder Landscaping attracts and retains its talented team by offering a well-rounded total compensation package and pathways for growth. “We focus on providing our employees with a safe place to work, above fair compensation, ample opportunities for advancement and respect for everyone,” said Seth. The organization’s total compensation package includes competitive benefit offerings. In 2019, Grunder Landscaping increased their employer-paid contributions for both its individual and family plans. “We identified that we had a lot of younger team members who were getting married and starting families, and we wanted to be able to support them and offset some of their health insurance costs,” said Seth.