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Your consumer champion for Health & Social Care in Torbay Healthwatch Torbay Quarterly Report (April - June 2018)



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“One of the things that I most value in the work of Healthwatch Torbay is that a single service user can walk into our office in Paignton Library and raise an issue or concern. We can then take their experiences and raise it at local, regional and even national level, changing services for the better for all local residents. We ‘harvest’ residents’ views and experiences in many ways, including: our walk-in facility where people can call in with their complaints and concerns about health and social care; meetings with councillors and MPs; our outreach in communities; discussions with trade unions and voluntary organisations; our online TripAdvisor™type rate and review feedback centre of all services; and through the growing Torbay network of Patient Participation Groups in GP surgeries. The other primary role of Healthwatch Torbay is to inform residents of changes in services and so enable communities to respond to challenges. In this Report we can see how we are pushing this agenda forward.

Healthwatch Torbay are the people’s champion of health and social care in Torbay, South Devon. We listen to your experiences and use them to improve local services by raising your concerns with key decision-makers, making sure they listen to and act upon them. We want to know about the care you receive from local health and/or social care services like hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, pharmacies, opticians, mental health support services, care providers and care homes.

As Chair of the NHS Senate’s Citizens’ Assembly for the South West I have been able to raise the issues and concerns of the people of the Bay at a regional and national level. Together we really are making a difference, and I hope you will continue to support by sharing your stories and encouraging others to do so. Even with the current challenges to services across the Bay, we can still make significant improvements as we work alongside our colleagues in the statutory and voluntary sectors. By taking into account patient experiences, those able to make changes are listening to what patients, Carers and communities are saying about services and striving to make positive changes. This is all about working together.

We are also part of a national network, reporting to Healthwatch England, and can escalate your issues and concerns nationally. You can share your story with us, or volunteer in a variety of roles, by calling free on 08000 520 029, emailing, visiting us in person on weekdays at Paignton Library, or via our website:

Dr Kevin Dixon Chair of Healthwatch Torbay


Quarter at a glance

Quarter at a glance We’ve met hundreds of local people at over 13 community events

Social media users have seen our posts nearly 91,000 times

74 people have reviewed nearly 20 different services on our website

We’ve received over 30 public enquiries, issues or concerns

We released our survey consultation of Paignton Health & Wellbeing Centre

We’ve escalated 12 serious complaints or concerns to other organisations

We’ve released 3 feedback reports, including our Annual Report

You’ve received 18 responses to your online reviews from key organisations and providers


Healthwatch Bulletin

Bulletin The following is a snapshot of some of our main activities during the past three months. staff are being praised; and the former Paignton Hospital building is still in use but now renamed and used as Paignton Health and Wellbeing Centre.

OUTCOME Paignton Health and Wellbeing Centre

Paignton Health & Wellbeing Hub Following the recent conversion of the former Paignton Hospital site into a new health and wellbeing centre, we conducted an evaluation by asking those who use the centre the question: What is right and what is missing? We gathered responses from staff and carers during various visits to the site in order to gain insight as could to answer the above.

Healthwatch Torbay continues to work with the Paignton League of Friends and have set up a reference group to include expert advice on operational issues and to receive progress reports from our findings.

patients, different the most question

The consultation report (below), available on our website, considered that Paignton Health and Wellbeing Centre is, on the whole, successful. The key elements of this are that: the facility is within the local community and has reduced travelling for many; their care is considered to be of a high standard with both clinical and administrative;

Healthwatch Torbay’s Pat Harris, Simon Culley & Sarah Bickley at the Outstanding Care Awards

Award Winners !! This quarter we saw some success both locally and nationally with awards. Locally, we scooped the silver award in the Community Support category at the Outstanding Care Awards for Devon and Cornwall. We have been nominated nationally in the official NHS 70 Parliamentary Awards in the Patient and Public Involvement category and our Digital Inclusion project – where we are offering free training sessions to show people how to use the internet to do things like book appointments or order prescriptions - has 4

Healthwatch Bulletin

been shortlisted in the “Giving people the advice and information they need” category of the Healthwatch England National Network Awards 2018.

OUTCOME We have been invited to lead a workshop session at the national Healthwatch England conference in September to share good practice with other local Healthwatch regarding the Digital Inclusion project.

contributed over the last year nationally, the #ItStartsWithYou campaign is designed to highlight the difference people can make by sharing their experiences and to encourage more people to have their say on health and care.

OUTCOME Your feedback will be used in all our feedback reports to local commissioners and key decisionmakers, to ensure your voice is heard

#ItStartsWithYou campaign launch To mark the 70th birthday of the National Health Service, we released our latest Annual Report and launched a campaign to encourage people to share their experiences and help make healthcare better. The #ItStartsWithYou campaign – run by national champion Healthwatch England encourages people to have their say and highlights the difference that people are already making to health and social care services in their community by sharing their experiences. We used our Annual Report to celebrate the dedication of local people using their voice to make a difference to care of others. This includes details of special awards given to local residents this year. In recognition of these dedicated individuals and groups, together with the many thousands more who have

New Accessibility Website Tool We have launched our new website tool, Recite, which allows website users to customise the way our website looks to suit them. This includes text-to-speech, magnifiers, colour changers, dyslexia software, an interactive dictionary and a translation tool. We also received national media coverage for introducing this via Recite, the global organisation.

OUTCOME You can try it out yourself by clicking the ‘Enable ReciteMe’ button at the top right of our homepage!


Healthwatch Engagement

Public Engagement Healthwatch Torbay have taken part in a number of events this quarter to gather public feedback, with support from our volunteer engagement team, including:  Drop-in sessions at various locations around Torbay including libraries, leisure centres community centres and cafes.  Talks, coffee mornings, health and wellbeing events and community group meetings.  Specially commissioned pieces of work with older people and voluntary community groups, children and young people, people with a learning disability and carers (discussed in greater detail on page 10).

OUTCOME We will report our findings from the above to the Children’s Safeguarding Board and Children’s Services, and also the Learning Disability Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) for Devon

Volunteer David Young at Coordin8 LD Workshop in June

Our Enter & View Team of volunteers are authorised representatives who visit care services to observe and assess their quality, from the community perspective. This quarter our Enter and View team continued their work visiting local care home settings and assessing quality. They have completed four of the ten planned care home visits already and produced feedback reports for each, to be shared with the provider, public, commissioners, CQC and others. An initial overarching report will be done on the first 4 homes, which will include lessons learned and any changes to the pilot scheme as it moves forward. After all the visits are completed in June 2018, we will meet with the care homes to review what is working well and which areas may require improvement across all the homes. With support from support from Care Home Owners and Managers we hope to ensure shared learning is carried forward to improve the residents own personal experience of the service provided.

This quarter we received approximately 4,285 visitors to our website and our social media community continues to grow significantly, surpassing the 865 like mark on Facebook (+136 on previous quarter) with a massive reach of nearly 69,000 this quarter (the number of people who saw any activity from our page), and over 2,746 Twitter followers (+122 on previous quarter) with over 22,000 impressions (the number of times Twitter users have seen our tweets). Come and join our growing online community!

Healthwatch Torbay



You Said, We Did

You Said, We Did We use your valuable feedback to produce various reports and recommendations for change to key local health and social care decision makers, this quarter your feedback has had the following impact:

 Paignton Health and Wellbeing Centre Following the recent conversion of the

NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and our local authority.

former Paignton Hospital site into a new we

 Provider Responses - We contacted some

conducted an evaluation and produced a

providers to share your online reviews and

consultation report – available on our

concerns of local services to providers,

website. We gathered responses from

and this quarter you have received

patients, staff and carers and continue to

18 responses to your online reviews from

work with the stakeholder group and


Paignton League of Friends. We also set up


a reference group to include expert advice





organisations to

and view





on operational issues and to receive progress reports from our findings. We will

 Advocacy Support - we continue to hold

share any further outcomes that occur

well-attended monthly drop-in sessions at

following the report’s release in any

our Paignton Library walk-in Centre with

upcoming issues of this report.

SEAP advocacy service, so they can support you with any health complaints.

 Annual report – we released our Annual Report for 2017-18 to the public and also shared it with Healthwatch England, CQC,

Call us now free on 08000 520 029 to book a place.

OUTCOME We have also logged all of your individual concerns and issues, and escalated many of your complaints to external organisations for action. These are discussed in greater detail on the next page.


Healthwatch Intelligence

Healthwatch Intelligence Rate & Review feedback centre Our online rate & review tool allows the public to visit and rate a local health or care service they recently used. From 1st April to 30th June 2018 we received 74 reviews of 19 different services via our online rate & review service, with the majority of feedback very positive and focussed on community-based services. Positive review themes are below; negative themes are centred mainly on staff communication. We received 18 provider responses to online reviews directly via our website, all of which can be viewed via

Further Issues & Concerns In addition to online reviews, we received 30 concerns and complaints that required following up and/or escalation either in person, by phone, or by post.

“I have a regular order with my GP Practice for 2 months’ supply of Thyroxine, and Lahzoprazole at a time. I ring the surgery's prescription line on a Monday (just before my second batch runs out) and the prescriptions clerk puts the order through to Boots in Fore Street St. Marychurch for me to collect on the following Thursday.

OUTCOME All feedback is logged in our system for further analysis, and this quarter, where relevant, 12* serious complaints and/or concerns have been referred to either Providers, Practice Managers, Safeguarding, NHS Patient Advice & Liaison Service, NHS England, CQC, local Health Trusts and/or SEAP Advocacy.

His is a very handy service for ordering and collecting my prescription and I wanted to let everyone know this. I visited the Healthwatch Torbay website and was able to leave this feedback quickly and publicly.”

*some duplicate referrals in complex cases


Your Feedback

Your Feedback A selection of your critical comments from our website this quarter is displayed below. Where there is a image, the providers themselves have responded to the review directly via our website,*

Not able to get an x-ray.

Fantastic support network

I am an elderly lady who after a visit to my GP was suspected of having a broken bone in my back. This has caused much pain and I am on strong pain killers. This has severely hampered my life as not able to shop, shower or wash my hair without help. My visit to the GP was end of April but was told that I would not receive an appointment for an x-ray at TBH until sometime in June. What is going on that one cannot get this done in a reasonable time?

When I moved into Summerland Support, staff were so warm and welcome. They meet all your needs and help you improve your skills. I am so independent I work part time at gala bingo in Torquay and do all of my 1:1 support. Mainly emotional support. Help me with my food shop and do my personal activities. In September going on holiday with the company to Barcelona so I'm very excited!

Non Existent Patient Participation

Very professional team

The complete lack of patient participation and information since they disbanded the previous group in January 2018 is a terrific loss to us patients. We really miss all the interesting news and information that used to be circulated to us. The doctors & nurses are however very good.

Made to feel very comfortable. Both ladies were very helpful and professional in very aspect. Brilliant service. Would recommend to anyone.

OUTCOME You’ve received 18 responses to

*The above are online reviews taken verbatim from members of the public. All these reviews, including any provider responses, are available to view online via

your online reviews from key organisations and providers.


Our other Project Work

Our other Project Work In addition to our statutory work, we are also involved in a number of commissioned pieces of work to ensure the voice of the public is acted upon and included in any future decisions by key local decision makers. This page provides brief updates on these projects. We’re also discussing the possibility of continued digital working with other local organisations. The training has been so well-received locally that we are also in discussion about an initiative to roll the training out in the wider Devon Community, beyond Torbay. OUTCOME The Healthwatch Digital project has now been shortlisted for a national Healthwatch Network Award after being picked from over 170 award entries.

HWT Digital Lead Simon Culley with SWAST’s Nathan Wilson of SWAST

Digital Inclusion Project

Healthwatch Torbay has been delivering a free local programme of online healthcare training and support - aimed primarily at older people and voluntary community groups in Torbay. The Healthwatch Torbay ‘Digital Inclusion’ project is designed to also offer one-to-one support to those aged over 50 so that they can receive advice and support in their own home and be shown how to register with local online resources such as self-referral systems, appointment-booking systems, and how to rate and review local services online. Healthwatch Torbay have now shared their free training booklets and flyers with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWAST) Learning and Development team. SWAST are looking to share the digital training package with up to 200 of their frontline staff in the South Devon area so they can share with any isolated person they come into contact with. They are also looking to keep copies of the training booklet on each of their vehicles in South Devon.

Other Areas of Work  Working in partnership with the Learning Disability Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) across Devon to undertake an independent survey to review and refresh the Devon wide Learning Disability Commissioning Strategy “Living Well with a Learning Disability in Devon 2014 – 17”, to find out what has worked well, and areas that could be improved, ensuring it supports your vision for your future.  Engaging with children and young people to find out “what it feels like to be a young person living in Torbay” This project will run until 30th November 2018.  Working to evaluate the Health and Care Video project, a partnership with Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. This is a library of self-help and self-care videos aimed primarily at carers, and publicly available on a number of community websites, including ours (

 10

How partners use your feedback

How partners use your feedback We encourage providers of care, bodies that commission services and community partners to explore how we can all improve care provision, based on your feedback. Here are some relevant updates from some of these showing how this has been achieved this quarter: practical method for achieving this. Within the Special Baby Care Unit the Trust have started to create an Always Event based on surveying mums and dads and seeking what they always wanted to happen. From these surveys, the transition from Maternity Services to the Special baby Care Unit, particularly around communication was the most commented on aspect of care. Within the Always Event process they are now co-designing a process that they can test and implement.

Trust Rated as ‘Good’ by CQC Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (TSDFT) has been rated as ‘good’ by Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors who recently visited the trust. During February and March this year, the CQC visited five of the trust’s services: hospital maternity, hospital outpatients, hospital end of life care, community end of life and community care services for children and young people. Inspectors also looked at how well-led the trust is. As a result of significant improvements made since their last visit, inspectors rated the trust as ‘good’ overall and ‘outstanding’ for caring.

Devon NHS ‘improving’ Significant progress is being made in Devon’s health system, according to an independent assessment. An evaluation released by NHS England shows that both of the county’s clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) made improvements last year. Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG improved its finance rating from ‘red’ last year to ‘green’ in 2018, while South Devon and Torbay CCG has moved from ‘red’ to ‘amber’, with its overall rating of ‘requires improvement’ staying steady. Devon’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), of which the CCGs are key partners, has also published its two-year report

Torbay Hospital ‘Always Experience’ ‘Always Events®’ are defined as ‘those aspects of the care experience that should always occur when patients, their family members or other care partners interact with health care professionals and the health care delivery system’. Genuine partnerships between these are the foundation for co-designing and implementing reliable care processes that transform care experiences. The goal of these processes is an ‘Always Experience’ and creating ‘Always Events®’ is a 

 11

Health & Social Care News

( highlighting the wide range of

improvements made across the county. These include Devon Partnership NHS Trust opening a temporary mother and baby unit – the first in the county – ahead of starting work on a permanent eight-bed unit. In addition, the four acute Trusts that run Devon’s hospitals came together in a ground-breaking ‘mutual support agreement’ to deliver safe and sustainable services by sharing staff and resources. The Devon STP has also attracted £30million of national funding for enhanced emergency and care services, and more than half a million patients across the county now have access to online GP services thanks to an innovative new IT service enabling patients to use online consultation technology for nonemergency ailments. Because the service is online, it gives patients 24-hour access to the information they need at a time that is convenient to them. The aim is that all Devon patients will have access to ‘eConsult’ through their GP practice’s website by the end of this year.

Devon-wide engagement on local maternity services More than 2000 parents and other people with experience of local maternity services in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay have fed back their views on local maternity services in the county between May-July. Through this engagement, the NHS in Devon explored the recommendations of NHS England’s Better Births review. This national review focuses on personalised care, continuity of carer (i.e. seeing the same health professionals), better postnatal and perinatal mental health care, digital medical records and the wider planning of maternity services. NHS staff attended local children’s centre groups, events and focus groups right across the county and

ran an online survey to hear first-hand people’s experience of maternity services in Devon. Analysis of all the feedback collected during this engagement is currently being analysed and will help shape services right across the county for now and in the future.

Ambulance Service Programme Ambulance Trusts across the country have been facing increasing levels of demand for their services for a number of years. South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) serves a population of more than 5.5 million which is one of the largest geographical areas served by any ambulance service across the country. Additionally, the South West of England is estimated to receive an influx in excess of 23+ million visitors each year, some of the largest visitor numbers in England. In the face of rising public demand and expectations, finite resources and the challenges of investment in the ambulance service, SWASFT is taking part in the national NHS Ambulance Response Programme, which aims to improve response times to critically ill patients and make sure the most appropriate response is provided for each patient first time.

 12

Health & Social Care News

in Brief

Local News

 The build for a new centre at the Brixham Hospital site is now well underway. The new centre will provide a day care service and host a wide range of health and wellbeing services. The full range of services is yet to be determined but it will include access to wellbeing coordination to help reduce isolation and connect people to wider services, as well services such as healthy lifestyles and carer support. Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (TSDFT) is working in partnership with the Brixham Hospital League of Friends and voluntary sector organisation, Brixham Does Care, to build the centre. TSDFT together with local authority partners, Torbay Community Development Trust’s (TCDT) National Lottery funded Ageing Well Programme, and local voluntary sector organisations, have secured £1.3m to fund the continuation of the Wellbeing Programme for the next four years. The Programme began in July 2016. The initial evaluation findings suggest that this Programme is enabling some participants to sustainably avoid hospital and acute care. Following the death of her husband last week, Mairead McAlinden, TSDFT Chief Executive, has decided to take early retirement. In accordance with the NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance, Trust Chairman, Sir Richard Ibbotson, has already commenced the process to appoint a substantive Chief Executive. New radiotherapy machine opens - A new state-of-the-art cancer targeting Linear Accelerator (LINAC) is now open to service users at Torbay Hospital. The opening marks the end of a three-year investment programme designed to update and improve the Oncology facilities at the hospital. Devon’s two CCGs have worked more closely together for over a year now, helping to simplify and speed up decision-making, as well as realising cost savings and efficiencies of nearly £4 million on running costs. The CCGs believe they have achieved much more together than would have been achieved working separately. They feel that their merger is the natural next step, and the CCG Governing Bodies have unanimously agreed to submit to NHS England a formal ‘Expression of Interest’ to merge the CCGs in Devon. This is an important step in moving towards the creation of a single strategic commissioner for Devon as part of the ambition to better integrate health and care services to benefit our local communities. A leader who has spent her life improving public services has been appointed to take the helm of Devon’s health and care system. Dame Suzi Leather DBE, who grew up in Devon, will work closely with the leaders of Devon’s Hospital Trusts, mental health providers, local authorities and NHS clinical commissioners to enhance NHS and care services.  13

Health & Social Care News

in Brief

 The NHS plan to use patient ‘video selfies’ for a national digital ID scheme. Adam Lewis, who leads the Citizen ID project at NHS Digital, said the plan was for patients to register through their smartphones by providing their NHS number, showing a form of photo ID on camera and recording a short video. The NHS could free up £12.5bn worth of frontline time through investing in a farreaching programme of automation, according to a new report, and a further £6bn productivity gain could be realised by automation within social care. Tasks such as communicating medical notes, booking appointments and processing prescriptions could be carried out through digital technology. Even social care could be improved by introducing ‘care-bots’, enabling people to live longer and more fulfilling lives, the think tank suggests. General practice risks collapsing unless the government and NHS England fund the service properly, the BMA and Royal College of GPs have warned. They were responding to a general practice investigation in Plymouth, where pressures are ‘particularly intense’ and some GPs have handed back their contracts. NHS England is asking more healthcare professionals to pledge to stop overmedicating people with learning disabilities. The renewed drive to widen support, ‘Stopping Over Medication of People with a Learning Disability’ (STOMP), is being backed by the government and urges NHS trusts, CCGs and those in the private sector to review and seek alternatives to prescribing psychotropic drugs. A London hospital is launching the first ever NHS-funded internet addiction centre for young people and adults. The move comes at a time of growing concern about internet and gaming dependency, with the World Health Organization (WHO) classifying gaming disorder as a mental health condition. Community care and the ‘mass of unmet need’ of children’s mental health services will be amongst the key areas of focus for NHS England in the next year, its chief executive has said. Speaking at the NHS Confederation convention in Manchester, Simon Stevens said there is ‘a huge productivity opportunity’ for community services to relieve pressure from frontline and acute care in Britain’s hospitals, particularly with growing demand through the winter months. Matt Hancock has been named as new Secretary of Health and Social Care after Jeremy Hunt was appointed Foreign Secretary. Matt has been serving as Culture Secretary for the past six months. He was previously Minister of State for Digital between July 2016 and January 2018.

National News 

 14

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Healthwatch Torbay Public Quarterly Report April - June 2018  

Details of all our activities from April to June 2018.

Healthwatch Torbay Public Quarterly Report April - June 2018  

Details of all our activities from April to June 2018.