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NURSING & INDEPENDENT LIVING Respite and short term stays

What your choices are

Residential care home stays don't necessarily have to be permanent. Temporary stays can be arranged for respite care (in which you take a break from caring for somebody else), or as a trial period before a permanent stay.

A list of all nursing and residential care homes within your locality can be found on the following pages. Every care home in England must be registered with the national regulatory body Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Temporary stays can give you flexibility when covering unexpected events, such as:

They inspect each care home on a regular basis and write an inspection report for you to read. It is advisable to read this report before making a final decision.

• Palliative care (which manages or reduces pain) after a hospital stay or illness • Support for newly disabled people and their carers • Enabling someone to continue living independently if they live alone and suddenly require care • Giving someone a chance to try potential future homes

To check up-to-date information on the Nursing and Residential care homes within your locality visit or scan the QR CODE WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE

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