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hilst we women have the ability to multitask, it isn’t necessarily a healthy way of operating over a sustained period of time. Why? Simultaneously juggling many thoughts and activities runs directly counter to possessing the ‘one directional’ state of mind that leads to inner peace. SO HOW DO WE MANAGE THE DEMANDS OF OUR MULTI-FACETED LIVES WITHOUT BECOMING A NERVOUS WRECK?

feelings once a month during the darkest lunar phase when women are most at risk of anxiety and depression. This process creates a bond of trust through mutual compassion. Whilst the aim of sharing circles is not to fix anyone, but to access insight into life challenges by attuning to one’s intuition, my experience is practical solutions are often discussed after the circle over a shared meal so support is gained on all levels.

By adopting a more socially sustainable approach inspired by the ancient feminine customs of our ancestral grandmothers who lived during the matriarchal Neolithic period (the new stone age). During these times women understood the more they interwove their lives in a spirit of sisterhood, the more support they generated. WHEN SOMETHING IS WOVEN IT IS STRONG. So the less community support we have, the more we tend to unravel in isolation or feel like a basket case! ANCIENT CUSTOMS TO INSPIRE A NEW WAY FORWARDS Women once shared their domestic responsibilities and their harvest. What’s more, artifacts discovered from Neolithic settlements in Old Europe show women of many generations lived together and equally shared the task of child rearing. Compare this scenario to today where the majority of mothers work in addition to parenting in relative isolation a social norm which undermines everyone’s needs and results in a truckload of mother guilt. So if living with the women in your family tree isn’t an option and you can’t see an immediate opportunity to live in an intentional community, how do you create more practical support for your personal wellbeing through sisterhood? RED TENT SISTERHOOD CIRCLES This ancient communal practice involves women taking turns to share their innermost thoughts and

3 REASONS TO ATTEND RED TENT SISTERHOOD CIRCLES TO ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH 1. Heal Past Wounds & Shame with Acceptance and Compassion We heal the emotional and psychological wounds of our childhood in three stages. The first stage commences when we commit to take responsibility for our wounds through attending one-on-one sessions with a trusted healer or counsellor. The second stage is being witnessed in our vulnerability within a trusted group dedicated to a shared process of healing and empowerment. The third stage is when we mentor others, offering experiential wisdom from our own healing journey. If we haven’t undertaken the first stage understandably we fear speaking in a group. Why? The fear of our wounded self being seen is the underlying reason why public speaking is feared more than death by the global majority. Fortunately with so many people embracing many forms of therapy to address their core wounds, a growing number are ready to take their healing and empowerment to the

Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  
Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  

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