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capable of healing and repair, you do not need drugs or medicine or operations or injections or an appointment with a consultant. It comes from within you: healing is your birth-right! The extent of repair which is possible in your specific situation depends largely on your body’s capacity to heal and on your unique circumstances.  Whatever your capability for healing, it will happen in the right environment when your body’s fundamental needs are being met.  These requirements for healing are not a mystery of science and medicine; they are knowable—and valid research reveals them to us. If you can reach and maintain an equilibrium between damage and repair, by both reducing the physiological stresses affecting you and also by ensuring your body’s own resource needs are being met, then you can continue to function at your optimum ability to heal when faced with any health condition, from the common cold to cancer. What are these pre-requisites for health and healing? My research has led me to these eight elements which I call the “8 Wellness Elements” and it is worth taking the time to evaluate the balance of each one of these Wellness Elements in your life.

Nutrition & Hydration

You eat a variety of whole foods every day, including 6 or more portions of fruit and vegetables, and you drink plenty of water. You cook your own meals and gain satisfaction from your food.

Rest & Sleep

You look forward to sleep every night and waken feeling well rested. You set aside time every week to re-balance your mental and physical life, and take breaks when they are needed.

Relationships & Social Health

You have a support network who can be there for you when you need them, and you reach out to others on a regular basis to support them too. You enjoy regular meetings with others.

A Healthy Environment

You are often in an environment with easy access to elements of nature such as plants, running water, sunshine, and fresh air. You are surrounded by people and things which inspire you.

Choice & Personal Empowerment

You look for the possibilities in every situation and feel that you have the power to make choices towards the life you want to live. You focus your attention on what you can change.

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Living With Purpose

Movement & Breathing

You lead an active lifestyle, including ample movement at work and play, daily strength and flexibility exercises, with at least 5 aerobic miles of activity per day.

Outlook & Attitude

You expect the best from each scenario you encounter, and nurture hope for the future. You have clear goals and look forward to seeing them through to completion.

You are motivated and encouraged by a strong sense of purpose for your life, which helps to drive you onward when times get tough. You know your life has value and meaning. As the founding director of Health for Life and Creating Wellness, Dr. Paul Homoky, BSc, DC, LRCC is passionate about helping others to achieve their full health potential through lifestyle and evidencebased natural health care. Paul is a popular public speaker, director of two complementary health centres in Scotland and member of the Royal College of Chiropractors.  For more information and resources, visit or visit Facebook at @creatingwellnessuk and @spinalwellness Listen to Paul Homoky here.

Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  
Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  

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