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This Monthp “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”


his single sentence from Bertrand Russell reflects the essence of this issue. We say “Yes to Life!” on that basis every month. In Patient Advocate, we hear how we should follow our instincts and ‘never assume’ that the first professional opinion cannot be questioned. The case is well made here, with solid evidence. This issue opens with a very practical guide to making the most of any trip abroad, long-haul or short, from booking to looking to leaping on board! Then we start exploring the synergy between alternative and conventional medicine. Next we look at the vital importance of TRUST in both personal and professional relationships. Gordana Biernat shares Part One of her unique spiritual story, followed by news of Wolfgang’s inspirational activity with Winspiration. Back down to earth with good advice on Property and Nutrition, before addressing the many benefits springing from the application of Sisterhood. Janey Lee Grace announces the 2017 Winners with her signature enthusiasm! Margaret Ahmed sums up 30 years of Medical Advisory Service in a single page, before we return to the challenge of Diabetes. Finally, we remember the legendary Film Critic, Barry Norman, who “lived a life inspired by love and guided by knowledge”. Our latest film reviews share Barry Norman’s honesty - if not his unique wit and style. “And why not?!”


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Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  
Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  

Health Focus in this month is all about travel