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Toxic burden, Stress and Circadian rhythm (our inner ‘clock’). Together, these make up what I have coined as the ‘Terrain Ten’ TM. Exploration of these underlying imbalances, by looking into personal and family history, trauma and toxic exposures, diet and lifestyle, through Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP pronounced ‘snips’) analysis, terrain testing, etc, helps to prioritise where to start, as this process is often overwhelming. Statistically, those who have undergone cancer treatment have a 70% likelihood of having a recurrence. And those that have had cancer and cancer treatment also have a higher rate of having a brand new cancer (up 300% since the 1970s), thanks to the damaging impact on the mitochondria of previous cancer therapies. In my opinion, it is malpractice not to do everything we can to explore and support the biochemistry of the terrain through an individual and targeted approach. Therapies such as • Mistletoe (aka Viscum Album Extract), used since 1917 • High Dose IV Vitamin C, since the 1970s • Cannabis, which has a 3000+ year-old history and was included in US Pharmacopeia until the 1940s • The Ketogenic Diet in use since the 1920s • Hyperthermia/fever therapy, which dates back to Hippocrates in ancient times, Coley (of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in the early 20th c) and Mayo (as in Mayo clinic) into the 1940s are but a few examples of old therapies that have shown promise in supporting recovery from cancer. The common theme of these therapies is their gentle, yet powerful, impact on restoring terrain rhythm and balance to the whole organism, often bringing synergy to other more toxic therapies, and even shown in some cases to cause successful response on their own. And, the most important aspect of an integrative approach is restoring health to the mitochondria - the energy-producing organelles - as when they thrive, all disease, including cancer, is kept at bay. There is no such thing as a single target and treatment for cancer. There is no magic bullet. We have to do all we can to avoid becoming just

another ‘doom and gloom’ statistic. Integrative Oncology offers such hope. Sometimes we cure, sometimes we stabilise, and sometimes we help people live more fully into dying. Most importantly, I have seen what was once a death sentence morph into a long-term maintenance process, in thousands of people - people thriving with cancer, not merely surviving. To learn more, read: “The Metabolic Approach To Cancer” available on Amazon by Dr. Nasha Winters and Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT. Follow Dr Winters on Facebook at Optimal Terrain Consulting and The Metabolic Approach to Cancer to learn more about upcoming events and courses, and updates on research in the field of Integrative Oncology. To schedule a consultation to explore your terrain and help you achieve optimal health, please visit Dr Winters’ website (see below). Listen to Dr Nasha Winters here.


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There is an incredible fact regarding your body’s ability to heal that you may not have known or fully understood before now. It may have never been revealed or explained to you. It may even have been purposely kept from you. In my search, I have found it to be the most incredible truth about your health which can be known.  I have discovered

Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  
Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  

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