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or this month’s edition of Health Triangle we have very contrasting articles from three of my recent guests. Dr Nasha Winters is a formidable force in cancer, having herself recovered from a very challenging diagnosis, through researching integrative options to aid her recovery. She is a firm supporter of the metabolic view of cancer - more about this below and in her interview - and has recently published a book on the subject: The Metabolic Approach to Cancer. Paul Homoky is a Chiropractor with such a strong interest in wellbeing and in the body’s abilities to heal if we give it the right environment and fuel, that he was inspired to launch the Creating Wellness event in Edinburgh earlier this year. Here he lays out his thinking about wellness and his ‘8 Wellness Elements’. Dr André Young-Snell is an Integrative Medicine practitioner based in Brighton. André provides a broad range of additional choices to people with cancer, but places particular emphasis on the role of the mind and spirit in recovery.

WHY AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH TO CANCER? Nearly half of the US population will have cancer in their lifetime. Twelve EU countries declared cancer as the #1 killer, over heart disease, in the last few months, with America soon to follow. Cancer rates are expected to double worldwide by 2030. Clearly, the way we Dr Nasha Winters have been addressing

cancer is not working. Weaving in the best of evidence-based medicine with empirical and anecdotal considerations and strategies based on the individual at any given time is the only way we are going to change the trajectory of the ‘doom and gloom’ statistics we are currently facing. Moving beyond conventional Somatic Theory (the outdated notion that cancer is purely a genetic disease and simply ‘bad luck’) to a Metabolic understanding (that cancer represents a brokendown mitochondrial - or energy-production - function), beyond the tumour and into the ‘terrain’, the milieu in which cancer thrives or dies, is where our focus must lie. Though the tumour is the symptom of the underlying imbalance, simply removing it rarely results in a cure. So finding tools to address multiple targets with little or no side effects has been my life’s work, for over a quarter of a century. Intellectualising and focusing on studies and statistics is but a small part of the equation. There is a living, breathing Being in the centre of all of this, interacting with the environment in, on and around them, every moment. As someone who has had an intimate relationship with the cancer journey, I am here to tell you that had I only used the conventional line of attack, I would not be here today. My approach to the process of cancer, and to that Being at the centre of it all, is based on the metaphorical tree. I see the soil as the Microbiome (the gut environment), the canopy as the Epigenetics (the interplay between our genes and the environment), the trunk as the Mental/ Emotional body and the other 7 branches as Inflammation, Immune function, Hormone balance, Metabolic function (the processes necessary to a living organism) , Angiogenesis (the aggressive development of new blood supply by a tumour),

Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  
Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  

Health Focus in this month is all about travel