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to help raise consciousness in the world. I mean, imagine what our world would look like if we all knew, beyond all doubt, what incredible deliberate creators we all actually are. Your mission statement is: My purpose is to help people realize how powerful and unique we all truly are. What motivates you? Creating abundance is a very strong motivator for me. My definition of abundance is to be able to do what you want, when you want to do it. The way I see it, abundance is almost interchangeable with the word freedom as in; physical freedom, spiritual freedom, intellectual freedom and financial freedom. Since I know that I create my own reality by what I think, feel and believe, figuring out how to create abundance in all areas of my life and sharing my findings with others so they can become more deliberate creators of their own reality, is both fun and strongly motivating. Think about this: if we don’t know who we truly are then every action is per definition an unconscious action. That is why knowing who you are changes everything - You become more conscious. I have a strong desire to help people remember the immense power we all inherently possess and to see how people use that knowledge to reshape their reality. I want to leave this earth a brighter place than it was when I came. I want my son to live in a more compassionate world. I want to shed more light on this reality. I want people to wake up to their greatness by realizing their true luminous, invincible self. I want more people to enjoy life. I want more love everywhere.

Gordana Biernat

I am Writer, Speaker, Wisdom Keeper and Oprah’s SuperSoul100 Teacher. At the age of eleven I realised that the stars in the heavens and the stars in my mind were made of the same “stuff”. This truth changed the way I perceive myself and set me on a lifelong adventure of exploring who I am and why I am here. I cannot be labelled but I am often described as passionate, creative and audacious, constantly learning and searching. I am curious, multicultural and multilingual. As a Speaker I talk about the Perception of Reality, Consciousness, Creativity, Leadership and Art.

In Part 2, Gordana will shed some light on how beliefs and perception shape our reality as well as toxic relations and true forgiveness. I convey a universal message, appealing to audiences representing practically all cultures, religions and genders. My message is inspiring and not biased by politics or temporary trends. Oprah Winfrey has included me on the Super Soul100 list; a team of 100 awakened leaders and visionaries with mission to guide and inspire. Oprah also named me a SuperSoul100 Teacher. As a Writer, I influence conscious communications through higher thought. I have been featured on Oprah. com, Huffington Post, Times of India and many other major news aggregators and blogs as well as printed magazines and publications. Using Twitter as my main channel, I interconnect daily with my 320,000+ followers. I provide knowledge and encouragement necessary for allowing change, assisting those who seek self-development and a greater sense of being through intellectual and spiritual exploration of the worlds seen and unseen. My purpose is to help people realize how powerful and unique we all truly are. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Art History and I have also studied Psychology, Communication and Media at Lund University in Sweden. My family, life, serious reading, food and wine is what I enjoy the most.


Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  
Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  

Health Focus in this month is all about travel