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fear and emotional distress on a daily basis. My parents did not create the stressful environment of my childhood consciously. They reacted to their own past and conditioned fears. I used to tell myself that their inherited “insanity” would end with me. I would not allow it to pass through me into my reality. Even as a child I knew deep within me that there were options to their behaviour. I just didn’t know how to make them aware of it. They saw life as a struggle. I knew that life was beautiful. There was a fundamental difference in our way of perceiving the very same reality. Because of these childhood experiences, shedding light on how beliefs and perception shape our reality has become an important part of what I do and who I am. You have stated that: The more we know who we are the harder it gets to describe who we are. Why do you think it is so? Actually, in my upcoming book “#KnowTheTruth - Why Knowing Who You are Changes Everything” I take some time trying to figure out why it is so hard to answer that question. On the surface, it seems like a simple question. Who are you? I am Gordana Biernat and I am a thinker, writer and a speaker. But that is not the whole truth. I mean, how do you describe the ONE thinking, writing and speaking in YOU? Because that is who you are. You are not your thoughts. You are not your words. How do you describe the “I” in the “I am”? It’s not just beyond words it’s beyond time and space itself. The closest I can come to a truthful answer to “Who are you?” is that, I am All That Is - pure consciousness - experiencing itself, through the passions and desires of Gordana Biernat. So, if you really want to know someone, the actual question is not “Who are you?” but

“What are your desires?”. Answering that becomes much easier. I have a deep desire to transform my experiences into wisdom and share that knowledge with others. If I have to put a label on me, I would identify myself as a wisdom keeper....A wisdom keeper is someone who acknowledges their life journey with all the lessons along the way and who knows that this information is valuable and important to share. Some years ago I saw a documentary about the pyramids in Egypt. There was an elderly man by the name of Abd’el Hakim Awyan, who was like a walking library filled with long forgotten ancient memories and with knowledge of universal truths and principles. He called himself a wisdom keeper. I fell in love with the expression because it actually describes every human being on the planet, with no exceptions. We are all keepers of our own life wisdom. The difference between Hakim and the rest was that he was conscious of the wisdom coming from within. He was conscious of his part in the creation of his life. He was conscious of who he was. Most of us are not. The information is there but we have no conscious access to it. I think that we are born with the knowledge of our own inherent power. As children we do not perceive the conditioned limitations created by beliefs and “knowledge” about how the outside world works. We simply see only the possibilities until the grownups correct us and show us the obstacles and problems. Once we are conditioned into the rules of our culture and society we adapt to a “truth” that our inner thoughts don’t matter when it comes to “important” matters of the outer world. So we end up spending our entire lives figuring out, that our thoughts actually do matter because they create matter. And most of us never realise this universal truth. This is one of the reasons I want

Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  
Health Triangle Magazine issue 49  

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