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Viamedic Erectile Dysfunction Pharmacy Review Tips From


Why do Men buy Cialis from an online pharmacy? You probably know a lot of people who have their prescriptions filled over the Internet, including prescriptions for Cialis for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) from There are many advantages to doing business this way. When you order Cialis from, you can forego the worry of running into someone you know at the doctor’s office or the pharmacy, like a relative or family friend. Whether they’re genuinely concerned or just being nosy, they will, of course, ask what you’re doing there. These types of encounters can lead to embarrassment for men, which is why a lot of men don’t have their ED problem taken care of in the first place. But by ordering online with, you won’t have to deal with this type of stressful anticipation. Since stress is one of the factors that can cause ED, you don’t need any more of it, do you? It can also be a total inconvenience and demand upon your time to get to a doctor for an appointment and two-minute exam to get a Cialis prescription, and just as inconvenient to find a good time to stop by the pharmacy to pick up your drugs. But when you order toll-free or over the computer with, you spend a couple minutes on your phone or computer and you’re done. You’ll only have two more things to do: open the package after the product is delivered to your front door, and use the Cialis. And you’ll have more time to do what you ordered the Cialis for in the first place, wink wink. You’ve no doubt heard about Internet sites that sell generic or even or counterfeited drugs, but you can be sure isn’t one of them. Before your Cialis prescription is shipped, your medical history will be reviewed by a licensed U.S. physician contracted by, which is affiliated with Secure Medical, a longtime U.S.-based industry leader in the tele-health field. Your order will be filled with genuine Cialis, a product approved in 2003 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and used by millions of men for their ED, or impotence, problems. A lot of people are unsure about online ordering because of all the horror stories they’ve heard about identity theft. Let us assure you, those stories don’t apply to Your identity and financial information can be just as easily, if not more easily, stolen from your financial institution or the drugstore where you do your shopping than through online ordering with We guarantee that your information will not be compromised, as we ensure privacy through leading electronic theft


prevention companies that specialize in prevention of credit card fraud, hacking, and online identity theft. It also won’t be long before you realize how much money you’re saving by ordering through When you add up the cost of a doctor’s visit, a prescription (that probably isn’t covered by your insurance), the time and money used to drive all over town to accomplish your Cialis mission, and the time you have to take off work to do it, you’re spending a lot. With, all you do is place your order and you’re done. makes ordering Cialis online easy, cost-effective and secure. Join the many satisfied customers who have found this online pharmacy the way to go when ordering their erectile dysfunction medications.


What You Should Know About Swine Flu The recent outbreak of swine flu has people in a panic. The World Health Organization has called the outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern.� The European Union's health commissioner has advised people to avoid traveling to both the United States and Mexico, where most of the infections have been reported. The media has certainly hyped up the outbreak, but what do you need to know about swine flu? What is swine flu? Swine flu is a respiratory disease in pigs caused by type A influenza virus that leads to outbreaks of influenza in pigs. It causes high levels of illness and low death rates in pigs. Most outbreaks occur during late fall and winter months, which coincide with the human flu season. Is swine flu something new? The original swine flu virus was isolated from a pig back in 1930. Can the swine flu infect humans? Swine flu does not usually infect humans. The infections that have occurred have mainly been in people who have had direct exposure to pigs. The swine flu infecting people currently is a particularly strong mutation of the virus that is spreading more easily. How is swine flu contracted? As with human influenza, the swine flu spreads from person to person easily. People can become infected by touching their mouth, eyes, or nose after touching something with the flu virus on it. Sneezing and coughing can transmit the virus. Can swine flu be contracted by eating pork? Swine flu viruses are not transmitted by eating pork products, as long as they are cooked properly. What are the symptoms of swine flu? Swine flu symptoms are similar to those of the common flu: Coughing, runny nose, fever, sore throat, nausea, lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting. What are the treatment and/or prevention options? Flu viruses constantly mutate, which makes preventing them a difficult task. Swine flu is no different. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control is recommending Tamiflu (oseltamivir) for treating and/or preventing the swine flu.


Tips For Preventing Erectile Dysfunction Seven Tips for Preventing Erectile Dysfunction In many cases, erectile dysfunction is a condition that cannot be prevented. It can be a symptom of age or it can also be caused by other conditions that you might be suffering from. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to lessen your risk of getting erectile dysfunction so it doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle.

Review Your Medications One of the most common (yet overlooked) factors that contribute to ED is the medications that a person is taking. If a man takes several medications, one of them or several of them could interfere with the circulation throughout the body. The best way to prevent this is to talk to your physician to see if your prescriptions are causing the problem. Tell them about the non-prescription medications, including vitamins and supplements that you are presently taking. Some of them could be causing interactions that slow down the blood flow.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Alcohol can interfere with the body’s circulatory system if you drink it in excess. Try to keep your alcohol consumption to two drinks a day at the most.

Stop Smoking Tobacco and smoking can cause your body’s blood flow to slow down. This can cause less blood flow to the penis and increase the chances of getting ED. To prevent this from happening, stop smoking and using tobacco. At the very least, cut down on these activities.

Exercise Regularly Other than reviewing your medications, exercising on a regular basis keeps the blood flowing smoothly throughout your body. Exercise also contributes to your overall health. It only takes a simple 30 minute walk each day or something else that gets your heart rate slightly elevated.


Avoid Illegal Drugs This one probably goes without saying, but illegal drugs can contribute and even cause the problems associated with erectile dysfunction. In some severe cases, certain drugs can also cause permanent impotence after repeated usage. Further, erectile dysfunction will be the least of your worries with some types of illegal drugs. Stay away from these.

Lose Weight The old joke that your large stomach is a “fuel tank for a love machine” might be funny, but it could also be causing your impotence. Obesity is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. It can also contribute to periods of sterility in some extreme cases. Take the proper measures – diet, exercise, etc. – to lose weight if you are obese or overweight.

Contact Your Physician Erectile dysfunction could be caused by some other conditions, including diabetes and kidney disease. That’s why it’s important to consult with your physician to find out what’s causing your ED so you can take the proper steps to rectify the situation. You can even log on to and speak with one of our professionally-licensed physicians to find the best solutions for your situation. There is a qualified staff available to answer all your questions and make the process as simple and discreet as possible. With all of the proper paperwork, you won’t even need to visit your local pharmacist to get your ED prescription filled.


What is ED, and how can Viagra from help? At, we care about your sexual health. We want you to know the facts about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as you learn about online pharmaceutical ordering from the trusted professional staff of Q: What is ED? A: ED is a medical problem that generally requires treatment, such as Viagra from A man normally gets an erection when blood is pumped into the penis, making it hard and erect, and this usually happens either when a man is thinking about sex, because his penis is being stimulated, or both. But when a man is experiencing ED, not enough blood is being pumped into the penis, and a man is unable to get an erection, or at least an erection satisfactory enough for sexual performance. This is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, as more than half of all men between 40 (or younger) and 70 (and beyond, of course) experience some degree of ED. Q: Why does this happen? A: A number of factors cause ED, some of them physical, some of them psychological. Obesity, stress, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, disease, other medications, exhaustion, injury and more can contribute to a man’s experiencing ED. Q: What can be done about ED? A: Viagra, an oral prescription medication approved by the FDA in 1998 and available online through, can offer a solution to this problem. A humorous 1990’s rock song called “Little Head” pokes fun at how vulnerable men are to their own libidos; but unlike the words of the song, the little head sometimes isn’t always capable of doing the thinking. As men grow older, and deal with more health and stress issues, many of them can need help from “the little blue pill,” Viagra, which can be ordered online from Q: How does Viagra work? A: In as little as 30 minutes, Viagra increases blood flow to the penis when it is stimulated, helping the man get and keep an erection. Viagra alone does not make an erection happen; after Viagra is taken, stimulation is necessary to make the erection occur.


Q. Does sell generic drugs, or is this Viagra the real thing? A. sells ONLY brand name Viagra and other medications. Generic ED medications are illegal to buy or sell in the United States, and while we know some companies do indeed sell generic or counterfeit medications, maintains a standard of excellence that has made us one of the most respected online pharmacies in the country. We are affiliated with Secure Medical, a highly-respected U.S.-based tele-health corporation in business since 1999. Q: Are there health risks and side effects associated with Viagra? A: If taken with heart medications (nitrates) or blood flow medicines (alpha-blockers), a sudden drop of blood pressure to an unsafe level can occur with Viagra. Because of this possibility, men taking these types of drugs should not take Viagra. There also may be such minor side effects as flushing, stuffy or runny nose, headache and more. If priapism (an erection lasting longer than four hours) occurs, medical help should be sought immediately. When you place your order with, your medical profile will be thoroughly reviewed by an independent medical professional to make sure Viagra is right for you. So what are you waiting for? Call today!


Frequently Asked Questions about Erectile Dysfunction and how Cialis can help

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that affects millions of men as they grow older. If not dealt with, ED can have an adverse effect on a man’s self-worth, and can disrupt, or worse, his life and relationships with his partner and other people. Thankfully, because of medical advances of the past decade, alternatives exist to deal with this problem, with the creation of Cialis, which is available through the trusted and experienced staff of and its medical associates.

Q: Exactly what is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? A: ED is a condition in which blood flow through the penis is lessened to the point that the organ does not expand and become rigid (an erection) when a man is sexually excited or stimulated, or when a man cannot maintain his erection adequately to achieve successful penetration and intercourse. More than half of all men may experience ED between the ages of 40 and 70.

Q: What is the cause of ED? A: ED can be caused by a number of factors, including stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol and illegal drug use and abuse, disease, other medications, fatigue, injury and emotional issues.

Q: What can be done about ED? A: Through the use of Cialis, an oral prescription medication approved by the FDA in 2003 and available through, millions of men have found the solution to this problem. Cialis works for up to 36 hours, giving men who use it the option of being able to perform whenever the time is convenient for them. It also works in as little as 30 minutes for some men.


Q: How does Cialis work? A: Cialis increases blood flow to the penis when the penis is sexually stimulated, and helps the man achieve and keep an erection. Cialis does not create an erection, rather, it makes it possible for an erection to occur. Once a man’s sexual activity is finished, blood flow to the penis will decrease, and the erection will go away.

Q: Are there health risks and side effects associated with Cialis? A: If Cialis is taken with nitrates (heart medicines) such as Nitrostat, and alpha-blockers (blood flow medicines) such as Cardura, a sudden drop of blood pressure to an unsafe level. There also may be common minor side effects with Cialis, including headache, flushing (redness of face), indigestion, stuffy or runny nose, muscle aches and back pain. If priapism, an erection lasting longer than four hours, should occur, a physician should be contacted immediately. As with any product ordered through, all patients discuss the advantages and risks of Cialis with a physician before their orders are placed.

Q. Once a physician approves my prescription, how long does it take to receive a shipment of Cialis through A. Overnight shipping is available to customers of, as we know how important these products can be to our patients. Your customer service representative can give you more information about this option. The professionals at care about your health, and about helping you to lead a better, fuller life. We encourage you to examine and discuss all the issues involved with ED and Cialis with your partner, if applicable, and to contact once you have decided that Cialis may be right for you. When you are ready, buy Cialis online from Viamedic's secure checkout page.


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