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Company Mission/Personal Mission: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Wellness and Engagement: Finding Proof that it’s All Worth It

The traditional corporate model of “I’ll pay you to accomplish our mission,” is dead. High performing organizations have realized that when an employee’s personal mission is aligned with the organization’s mission, good things happen. Help employees discover their personal mission by integrating activities into your wellness program that help them find and realize their mission.

Measuring how wellness ties to business outcomes is all about persistence. Program evaluation is often cited as a difficult area for companies to confidently execute as it relates to their wellness program. Aligning the wellness program values to the company’s priorities and purpose is how you drive true impact. This session will provide guidance and practical methods to bridge this together. We will focus on how to utilize two commonly measured areas, employee engagement and retention, to drive the value of investment in wellness.

Tad Mitchell, MBA , WellRight

❑ 1B repeats 3C Stand and Move At Work: From Research to Practice

Brenna Vuong, MPH , Fairview Health Services, & Linda Feltes, MS , MN Department of Health

This large multi-worksite research intervention highlights a trial designed to reduce sedentary time and increase light physical activity in the workplace. Key outcomes will be shared along with an overview of the toolkit and the policy and environmental changes that supported the program. A review of two case studies coupled with recommendations will get you thinking about how to implement this at your worksite.

❑ 1C Integrating Financial Wellness Into Your Health & Wellbeing Program Nichole Keltgen, MA , & Rick Thill, CFP, AIF, CPFA , Associated Benefits & Risk Consulting

Financial wellness is an emerging trend but what does it really look like when you put it into action in the workplace? Just like physical and emotional wellness, financial wellness may mean different things to different people. It takes more than information and resources for people to change behavior; our goal in this session is to help you create a supportive environment for your employees. We will help you define your priorities and identify resources you can use to effectively implement a financial wellness initiative without breaking the bank.

❑ 1D Building a Sustainable Program With Impact Rachel Bents, MS , HealthSource Solutions

Whether you are just starting a wellness program or are several years down the road, to create a culture of wellness and achieve short- and long-term goals you have to build a sustainable infrastructure. This interactive session will cover strategies to develop a wellness mission statement, the role and creation of a strategic plan, and the necessity of program goals and objectives. We will also discuss the value of an active wellness committee, the importance of collecting and reporting outcomes, and the importance of celebrating wins.

❑ 1E Latest Research Highlights Stefan Gingerich, MS , StayWell

How many times have you received an email or read a news article about some “new research” that is supposedly turning conventional wisdom on its head? Don’t have the time or desire to dive in deep? Then this session is for you! Stefan will highlight current research findings (interesting and important stuff) so you don’t have to decipher data or interpret what it means! You will learn new evidence, so you can focus on how to bridge research into practice.

Kelly Berte, MS , HealthSource Solutions

❑ 2B Do Incentives Work?

Mike Quigg, MS , Vitality Group

The great debate about the effectiveness incentives can have on achieving health improvement is an ongoing one. Intrinsic vs. extrinsic; monetary vs. non-monetary; outcomes vs. participation based requirements. Do any of these approaches work? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Incentives can work in changing behavior long term, if done correctly, which is the hard part. We’ll discuss approaches that have seen success and failure, and ultimately how to weave together the right blend of science, technology, and incentives to achieve the outcomes you are investing in.

❑ 2C One Size Does NOT Fit All

Amy Friedman, MA , & Sarah Schiele, City of Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis has so many types of jobs and departments, that to build a culture of health as an organization we had to reach outside the One Size Fits All mentality. To engage all employees, we needed to address the unique needs of each department. Regardless of your organization’s size, this session will illustrate the importance of targeted programs. We will discuss key initiatives, how we reached different employee groups and the lessons we learned along the way.

❑ 2D repeats 3E What Employees REALLY Think About Wellness Programs Beth Stewart, MS, RD, Willis Towers Watson

We have been taught from early on not worry about what people say or think. However, when it comes to wellbeing programs, we should care. In this session, Beth will present Willis Towers Watson’s 2017/2018 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey (GBAS), a comprehensive global study highlighting employees’ attitudes toward their health and wellbeing. The survey provides a window into how employees think and feel, and how this influences their actions. Three key areas we will cover are: • Are employers getting value on their wellbeing program investment? • How addressing technology, incentives, environment and workforce segmentation can help employers overcome engagement challenges • How emotional wellbeing is emerging as a top priority


Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance. It is the responsibility of each participant to apply for credit in their field.

❑ 2E Purpose for Wellbeing Leaders Joel Spoonheim, MP, HealthPartners

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher and scholar wrote “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” People need a “why,” a sense of purpose, to live their best life. People with purpose navigate the difficult times easier than those without. Organizations need a “why” to bring people together and deliver on their “what.” Learn about the best practices of how leaders create a “why” for well-being programs then experience a mini purpose workshop for leaders delivered by a certified purpose coach.

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❑ 3A The Power of Positive Emotions Mary Alice Noel, RN, MS , Medica

Success of a company is the “soul” of great people. Research in brain neuroplasticity shows that daily positive practices can create positive, purposeful and more resilient people. But, like any new habit, it takes intention and practice! A review of the Taking in The Good toolkit will overview five practices and how to weave positivity interventions into your workplace.

❑ 3B Including Purpose and Wellbeing into your Total Rewards Strategy Tre’ McCalister, MA, Ed.D, Mercer, & Gen Barron, MA , Medtronic

Total Rewards programs have an unprecedented opportunity to weave the facets of wellbeing into the fabric of an organization. Creating a sense of purpose is about fostering a culture that connects employees to the organizational vision/mission, exemplifies how employees’ daily work makes a difference and engages employees in initiatives around social responsibility. Propel your wellbeing initiatives into the next generation by cultivating a great place to work!

❑ 3C repeats 1B Stand and Move At Work: From Research to Practice

Brenna Vuong, MPH , Fairview Health Services, & Linda Feltes, MS , MN Department of Health

❑ 3D repeats 1A Company Mission/Personal Mission: Two Sides of the Same Coin Tad Mitchell, MBA , WellRight

❑ 3E repeats 2D What Employees REALLY Think About Wellness Programs Beth Stewart, MS, RD, Willis Towers Watson

❑ 3F Student Session: Preparing for a Career in Worksite Health Promotion Jacqueline Bosquez, HealthSource Solutions

If you are majoring in health promotion or want to know more about the field, this session is for you! We will review topics you may not have covered in school, how to maximize your internship, look at job opportunities available and skills that will set you apart.

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