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Awareness and Educational Products Dodging Diabetes Length: 4 weeks Materials: Tip sheets

Format: Individual

Diabetes is on the rise and is a current health concern for many. However, studies have shown that people can prevent or delay diabetes. A great program for November (Diabetes month), or any time of the year, this four-week awareness program educates your employees on risk factors and motivates them to take appropriate action steps toward preventing Diabetes.





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Sun Safety Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Tip sheets Learn valuable sun safety facts and prevention tips about excessive sun exposure and damaging UVA and UVB rays. This 4 week educational series will provide important information on how to choose the best sunscreen, who is at risk and how to take steps to prevent skin cancer. Having the right information can help you to keep your skin safe from the sun.



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It 2 nlignom y are: fromratio s. n. ichDO vario ht, es a, thears on pa protec HOW sun vissafet Tann age 18 forbeds the us it the amount peciamost serio rtsus •tsApply the ing recommended evenly skin, deve brim wa)rni to all uncovered prac us tices of the aren’ irt the sprea 4 inch lly the nded ph of the lopme ng sig NO safe way mme least ysonly celerators (at Reco d of icia way hat uppe rs as • There is nt especially nsmuch amnose, to get your lips, ears, neck, hands and feet. n, ,Ex cove bron canc andbrimmed tha es ine mo an r that zers artific ing wide pe t and a er sh ial cloth cia exten tan; Wear ould tanning les or ders arelly a • to tan fitting • Tann loose promp pills, ac• Sunscreen should be applied every (more frequently de also grotwo Asym ing •pills rmato avail y woven, wthshours gest itting able. t individ cont causes 80% meain logist her perm for: are stron • Wear tightl try:caro • The sun rays weat tenoi if youible— arecolor sweating or in water). UVds, uals . pro an im . How skin aging when ever, du cons to -4pm agina which give carro body as poss 10amce s twumin of premature high ts(UVA from g these ry their oran • Bo surelevel • Liberally SPFo30 broad line haor pills s of ge lvehigher, can beta rde draspectrum sun expoapply sunscreen, d be s tha harm wn er: -carotene (broa • Reduce and UVB) UVBoutdoors t and throuful due to the • Tann dogoing to exposed skinthe 30bo minutes before noshad UVAbody rderentyour ingthe no tchlerato gh must acce ble, stay in t maproc ed (jars0 perc of the tch ess. the mole have • When•feasi ide 99-10 stimu •prov moto not been ed sunscreen If you don’t have much hair, gg apply the top of. your Co late le ha lorbody prove lasses that the : the ’s own ) edges. n s effec sung an tive co irregu and do not • Wear head •orBron wearzers a of hat. lor is tanning process. color lar sh ) protection and r not un s su exten highe ape or spectrum or ders ch sunscreen ifo • 30 are way SPF of Dia as rm • Ask a doctor before applying to children under 6 cons to black idered but ha a fake, ter: the balm with get me , brown cosm temp sunlamps setics a • Use lipmonthswash hs and and are a old.edpe disorary ncwith boot ,stain tancetan. They il era red an mixtu salons,off re or safe ngMe soap ser. and wate the acros d blu skin “b lanleom • Avoid tanni a coup r. Thes color ofadays is lar, whic e. and can lee beding” rates, is harm year prote r thahnwears off have less. They usua ge since. Enjoy ction after inc a sta the eayour lly don’t offer ndard protect your sedoors rly timerea outd suns three creen in to skin. Youeighties the sun, but are going . to fou THE need it for r perce remember to nt a long time. GOOD each Fortu NEW natel care h S: NEXT STEPS: healt a y, skin the a year by disea PS: canc once STE Copyrig BeTserious about sunscreen—check se NEX be seen er ca your sunscreen to make sure NEX is ld of Tidual ht © STE s shou treate n beers. PS: 2011 ople indivpe easily ingredients to protect my HealthS it -risk is Shar broad spectrum contains the needed fordskin in itscanc withand High ning e rci ca ican Acade this cu ource scree basa 1 dnoininform ation Solutio Source: Amer traine maofwil y l cellfamilearly stage red, in mo with from types rays. iderboth ns prov carci of Dermatolog y no l die s. st ca and friend Copyri ght © 2011 from ses, ma an s!Less tha ation HealthSource if skin n one Cancer Found d squa Solutions canc 2 Source: Skin perce mous er. nt cell Copyright © 2011 HealthSource Solutions


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Bone Health Length: 4 weeks Materials: Tip sheets

Format: Individual

No matter your age, it’s never too late to start taking care of your bones. Our fourweek e-mail series provides tips and resources to help keep your bones healthy and strong. Each weekly e-mail contains useful information on topics such as osteoporosis, calcium and vitamin D and staying active for strong bones. Discover the basics of healthy bones and find out what you can do to protect them!

Dodging Hibernation Length: Varies depending on implementation Materials: Tip sheets

Format: Individual

Dodging Hibernation contains 20 winter health tips in email or PDF format. Tips focus on physical activity, nutrition, social connection and mental health. At the beginning of the program, participants will receive a short assessment to see which hibernation hurdles they need to focus on. These daily reminders are a great way to help maintain motivation during the cold winter months!

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