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MANAGEMENT AND STAFFING Fitness Center Staff HealthSource Solutions’ fitness staff will ensure your center is alive with activity and serves as a valuable hub for company-wide health improvement initiatives. Our innovative programs and classes allow us to build strong relationships with your employees and foster their commitment to healthy living. A fitness center isn’t just a place to work’s a place to work toward better health. The core essence of an onsite center is driven by the quality of the staff. We know that to keep utilization high, increase membership and provide exceptional customer service, it starts with a motivating and approachable team. Our minimum qualifications include: • Bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science (or related field) • National fitness certification (ACSM, ACE, NETA, AFAA, NSCA) • CPR and AED training • Experience in leading group fitness classes in a variety of formats • Experience in implementing and planning health and wellness initiatives

Fitness Center Services Include: • Fitness consultations and personalized exercise programs • Equipment orientations • Group fitness classes—all formats • Programs to increase membership and fitness center utilization • Non-member outreach of health promotion programs • Management of specialized programs (massage, running/ walking clubs) • Daily operations and facility management • Health and wellness bulletin boards, newsletters and Healthy Hints emails • Educational seminars • Special event coordination with other employee groups • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on membership, utilitzation and programming


Our on-site fitness services help meet the needs of worksites who want to offer group fitness classes or are looking to enhance their unstaffed fitness center.

Services We Can Provide Include: • On-site group fitness classes • Equipment orientations • On-site exercise metabolic assessment • Membership and recruiting • Monthly safety checks

Products to Enhance Your Center: • Physical activity programs • Fitness and health education posters • Monthly newsletter • Strength training manual


From start to finish HealthSource will guide you through designing and managing your fitness center. Our consultants collaborate with your architects, equipment vendors and facility management to create a functional design for your center.

Facility Design and Planning • Fitness center layout • Electrical layout for equipment • Locker room set-up and amenities • Group fitness studio (size, flooring, mirrors, AV) • Storage space (layout and size) • Ventilation, lighting and flooring options • Multipurpose rooms (massage, fitness testing, office space)

Equipment Purchase and Layout • Equipment recommendations and layout—cardio, strength and group fitness equipment • Establish relationships with equipment vendors • Identify audiovisual needs

Center Policy and Procedures • Establish membership process including application, medical release and informed consent procedures • Create a safety and security plan • Ensure proper emergency procedures are in place

Operations • Maintenance of service contracts including equipment and towels • Membership promotion, planning and recruitment • Equipment orientations • Membership/utilization tracking and reporting • Coordination of additional center resources

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HealthSource Solutions Catalog  

Health Promotion and Fitness Center Services

HealthSource Solutions Catalog  

Health Promotion and Fitness Center Services