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Health Assessment and Health Screening Services A health assessment is the cornerstone of most successful worksite health promotion programs. It is designed to help participants identify how their lifestyle habits affect their health and is an important first step on the path toward employee lifestyle improvement. Biometric screenings help your employees know their health numbers and can be added to the health assessment tool. Whether you are looking for screening services as part of a comprehensive health assessment or as part of a health fair, HealthSource Solutions can provide the most effective process to reach your employees. We offer all the tools needed to make your health screening a success, including help with scheduling and communication.

HEALTH ASSESSMENT HealthSource Solutions uses the Personal Wellness Profile™ (PWP) – Advantage Edition. This is a detailed health assessment containing approximately 60 health and lifestyle questions. The PWP is available online and paper. Health and lifestyle factors measured by PWP Advantage include: • Overall wellness • Heart health

Finger Stick The advantage of using finger-stick technology for a blood profile is that participants walk away with their test results within six minutes of screening. The test results are reviewed by the HealthSource Solutions staff and appropriate educational handouts are provided. We use Cholestech technology which has solid research on its validity and reliability. The most common test we provide is a non-fasting total cholesterol, HDL and glucose. All tests listed above can be done using the finger-stick method.

• Cancer risk

• Diabetes risk

• Osteoporosis risk

• Nutrition

• Physical fitness

• Mental health

Home Screening Test Kits

• Safety practices

• Weight-related risks

The home screening test kit is for those employees that cannot attend a scheduled worksite screening event or, perhaps, work in a remote location. Employees will self-collect their blood sample in the convenience of their own home and will mail their sample to our laboratory. The home test kit will include a sample packaging pouch and a prepaid, pre-addressed return envelope. 

Recommendations for risk reduction and health enhancement are drawn from established guidelines of the U.S. and Canadian governments and leading health organizations around the world. Results you and your employees can use Participant results are provided to employees in a confidential report with educational messages to help motivate them to make health and lifestyle changes. Your company receives an aggregate report identifying healthrisk areas of your entire employee population. The administrative reporting allows you to determine opportunities for focused wellness programs to improve employees’ health and manage your organization’s health costs.


Cholesterol and HDL are important indicators in the prevention of heart disease. The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) recommends regular screening for total cholesterol, HDL and glucose. HealthSource is registered to conduct cholesterol testing through the National Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA). HealthSource offers the following blood analysis packages: Non-fasting Tests: • Total cholesterol/HDL • Total cholesterol/HDL/glucose Fasting Tests: (These tests require a 12-hour fast)* • Total cholesterol/HDL/LDL/triglycerides • Total cholesterol/HDL/LDL/triglycerides/glucose *For safety reasons, this type of screening should be offered within the first three hours of a shift so participants don’t need to fast for too long.

The employee will receive his or her confidential results within two weeks. The home screening test kit is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and certified under CLIA.


Regular blood pressure checks are important in the prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease. HealthSource Solutions uses standardized blood pressure measurements to ensure the most accurate readings.


Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated by measuring height and weight. BMI is used as a screening tool to identify the possibility of weight-related health problems for adults.


Osteoporosis is the leading cause of fractures in older adults. Knowing your risk and choosing practices to nourish good bone health is the best preventive medicine. The heel ultrasound bone density screening alerts participants of their risk for osteoporosis and is performed using the Hologic Sahara Heel Ultrasound Densitometer. Participants receive a handout explaining how to interpret their results and brochures on steps they can take to prevent osteoporosis. Our staffed osteoporosis display accompanies the screening to provide educational information and to help explain test results.

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Health Assessment and Health Screening Services BODY FAT ANALYZER

Losing weight does not automatically mean you are losing excess body fat. The Omron Analyzer displays the estimated value of body fat percentage the Bioelectrical Impedance method. Body fat percentage refers to the amount of body fat mass as part of the total body weight described as a percentage. This information helps you to establish realistic weight goals. Participants receive their number and an informational handout describing the values.


For greater impact, a health educator can provide additional in-depth one-on-one education to explain results from the blood analysis and/or blood pressure screening.

Additional Services FLU SHOTS

On-site flu shot clinics are an important way to protect your worksite from the flu! Influenza costs the economy $50 to $100 million per year and can affect over 25 percent of workers. An ill employee will be absent for three to five days, and productivity can be affected for weeks following an infection. HealthSource Solutions offers on-site flu shot clinics for all size groups. We coordinate all the details, including an online employee scheduling tool. A flu shot provided at an on-site clinic only takes two to three minutes per person and is convenient to your employees. For those employees that are located in a remote area, we have a simple flu shot voucher program. Ask for more details on the convenient way to provide this important service to your remote employees.

MASSAGE Seated Chair Massage This type of massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, back and arms. The seated massage chair fully supports the participant, allowing for maximum relaxation and offers the therapist access to the entire back region. Sessions are typically 10 minutes per participant. This can be a great addition to a health fair or other employee event. HealthSource Solutions can also assist in setting up an ongoing massage program for your company. Call for details.



Health Coaching HealthSource Solutions offers health coaching to small to mid-sized companies interested in offering this approach to their employee wellness programming—there are no minimum requirements. We use a participant-centered approach to help individuals identify health goals and encourage healthy behaviors by focusing on their desire to change. Our health coaches are: • Professional – all information shared is confidential • Compassionate – the health coach understands the challenge of making changes and helps participants set their own goals • Knowledgeable – our health coaches have experience not only in a health field, but also in motivational interviewing, a technique used in behavior change. Lifestyle habits are difficult to break and many people need this direct approach to help them be successful in changing behaviors. A health coach can provide support and develop strategies to help individuals increase physical activity, make better food choices, quit tobacco, create work life balance and more. Companies who offer workplace wellness programs notice increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and healthier employees.


The foundation of our health coaching is based on concepts of motivational interviewing, using the premise that participants are their own best expert in how to change their lifestyle. Activate helps participants build an individualized program that creates and supports positive lifestyle behavior changes. Elements of our health coaching include: • Activate participant guidebook • Up to 6 calls with their Activate coach (program generally runs 5-6 months in length) • Goal setting discussions • Educational materials and resources on lifestyle topics • Referrals to company resources if applicable (EAP, Nurse line, Disease Management, etc) Key advantages of Activate health coaching: • Personalized attention. Clients participate in a series of individual consults with their health coach. Each client works with the same health coach for the duration of the program, which fosters support and promotes change in a manner specific to the individual’s needs. • Client-directed. We help clients improve and take responsibility for their health using a directive, client-centered approach for eliciting behavior. Using the premise that clients are their own best expert in how to change their lifestyle, our health coaches use key techniques proven to effectively facilitate behavior change. •E  videnced-based guidelines. Evidenced-based guidelines are used to deliver accurate, reliable and consistent health information to all coaching clients. •P  rofessional. All Activate health coaches are degreed health professionals with behavior change training and on-going education.


We recommend adding a one call coaching session after a biometric screening or health assessment to participants better understand their results and know what to do next. A one call coaching session can also be a valuable addition to your worksite wellness programming. The coaching session is about 30 minutes by phone at a time that is convenient to the individual. The participant can: • review health assessment or screening results with the health coach (if applicable) • learn how health behaviors affect? health numbers • ask questions about health information • set priorities for health goals • determine a plan of action • refer to a primary care physician (if necessary)


For a more comprehensive screening experience, participants have the opportunity to talk to a health coach about their results in-depth right after their screening appointment. This is a ‘teachable moment’ and can help the participant prioritize next steps. Coaching sessions are about 15 minutes in addition to the health screening. The participant can: • discuss their results with the health coach • learn about target ranges • determine behavior-change priorities • begin a plan of action If any of the biometric numbers are outside the normal range, the coach will encourage a follow-up with their primary care physician and discuss lifestyle strategies for changing the numbers. If there are corporate wellness programs offered, the health coach can encourage participation.

• Tailored health information and referrals. Health coaches have a wide variety of health information and resources available to them to tailor education to each client. If it is determined a client has health concerns beyond the scope of health coaching, they are referred to the appropriate health professional or available resources. This program allows the participant to connect with their health coach over time and discuss their health challenge confidentially. The focus is to listen and learn what is important to each individual and then set achievable health goals for success.

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Health Promotion Consulting and On-Site Staffing Research shows a strategic, comprehensive program improves employee health and helps employers manage their bottom line. Maximizing your outcomes depends on leadership support, program design, sustainability and individual behavior change. Our experienced consultants design evidence-based programs to address your unique employee population, environment and budget. We offer a full line of services, including health assessments, personal health coaching, educational seminars, communication initiatives, behavior change campaigns and more. HealthSource Solutions will provide you an easily implemented plan that integrates your existing resources to meet all your needs.



HealthSource Consultants Provide:

Provide Depth and Focus to Your Program

• Strategic planning and program design

• Data collection, reporting and evaluation

A strategic wellness plan will improve employee health while helping manage your return on health and productivity. Maximize your results by providing a staff dedicated to supporting and achieving the goals of your program. Our staff will provide the development, implementation and support for your program every step of the way. We will work with you to maximize your investment by providing a service that fosters employee engagement and supports a culture of health.

• Creative ideas and resources

An on-site staff will support:

• Wellness committee formation • Support of stakeholder buy-in, including senior leadership • Integration of existing health plan resources • Annual program planning and calendar development • Ongoing program guidance

Additional Consulting Services:

• Strategic planning and program design

• Tobacco policy

• Annual program planning and calendar development

• Injury prevention

• Ongoing program guidance, promotion and implementation

• Ergonomics

• Data collection, evaluation and reporting • Wellness committee formation and meeting oversight • Integration of health plan resources

Benefit of HealthSource Solutions On-Site Staff All on-site staff has access to the knowledge, programs and products that HealthSource Solutions offers. This connection allows staff the opportunity for collegial input and guidance, synchronized product development and to share resources and learnings. This in turn brings the experience and depth of HealthSource into your workplace. We work hard to keep our staff networked by: • Monthly meetings with their HealthSource manager • Monthly account management meetings with the worksite services team • Attendance at professional webinars • Annual all-company retreat to connect and share • Professional CEU funds to network and grow • Attendance at the Midwest Worksite Health Promotion Conference hosted by HealthSource Solutions Your HealthSource Solutions staff is your partner in developing a program that integrates best-practice principles and existing company resources for the most economical and effective approach to improving the health of your employees.

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Fitness Center Services HealthSource Solutions provides comprehensive fitness center services that ensures your center is alive with activity and is a valuable venue for corporate-wide health promotion. We believe in strong integration between a fitness center and other departments interested in employee health. By combining health promotion expertise with on-site fitness centers, we provide strategically planned program to provide a return on your investment. From start to finish, we will guide you through designing, implementing and managing your fitness center. Our innovative programs and classes allow us to build strong relationships with your employees. A fitness center isn’t just a place to work out‌it’s a place to work toward better health.

MANAGEMENT AND STAFFING Fitness Center Staff HealthSource Solutions’ fitness staff will ensure your center is alive with activity and serves as a valuable hub for company-wide health improvement initiatives. Our innovative programs and classes allow us to build strong relationships with your employees and foster their commitment to healthy living. A fitness center isn’t just a place to work’s a place to work toward better health. The core essence of an onsite center is driven by the quality of the staff. We know that to keep utilization high, increase membership and provide exceptional customer service, it starts with a motivating and approachable team. Our minimum qualifications include: • Bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science (or related field) • National fitness certification (ACSM, ACE, NETA, AFAA, NSCA) • CPR and AED training • Experience in leading group fitness classes in a variety of formats • Experience in implementing and planning health and wellness initiatives

Fitness Center Services Include: • Fitness consultations and personalized exercise programs • Equipment orientations • Group fitness classes—all formats • Programs to increase membership and fitness center utilization • Non-member outreach of health promotion programs • Management of specialized programs (massage, running/ walking clubs) • Daily operations and facility management • Health and wellness bulletin boards, newsletters and Healthy Hints emails • Educational seminars • Special event coordination with other employee groups • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on membership, utilitzation and programming


Our on-site fitness services help meet the needs of worksites who want to offer group fitness classes or are looking to enhance their unstaffed fitness center.

Services We Can Provide Include: • On-site group fitness classes • Equipment orientations • On-site exercise metabolic assessment • Membership and recruiting • Monthly safety checks

Products to Enhance Your Center: • Physical activity programs • Fitness and health education posters • Monthly newsletter • Strength training manual


From start to finish HealthSource will guide you through designing and managing your fitness center. Our consultants collaborate with your architects, equipment vendors and facility management to create a functional design for your center.

Facility Design and Planning • Fitness center layout • Electrical layout for equipment • Locker room set-up and amenities • Group fitness studio (size, flooring, mirrors, AV) • Storage space (layout and size) • Ventilation, lighting and flooring options • Multipurpose rooms (massage, fitness testing, office space)

Equipment Purchase and Layout • Equipment recommendations and layout—cardio, strength and group fitness equipment • Establish relationships with equipment vendors • Identify audiovisual needs

Center Policy and Procedures • Establish membership process including application, medical release and informed consent procedures • Create a safety and security plan • Ensure proper emergency procedures are in place

Operations • Maintenance of service contracts including equipment and towels • Membership promotion, planning and recruitment • Equipment orientations • Membership/utilization tracking and reporting • Coordination of additional center resources

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Tobacco Cessation Quitting tobacco is one of the most difficult things your employees may try to do, but it is also the single most important thing they can do for their health. The challenge of being addicted to nicotine requires employees to learn new skills and habits to replace the current routine of using tobacco. Studies have shown that success rates of quitting are higher in a group support setting. HealthSource Solutions offers an onsite, facilitator-led, group format program to help your employees quit!


Kick It Together can be implemented in one of two ways.

Kick It Together is a five-week program designed for smokers and chewers who are ready to make a quit attempt. Participants meet weekly in a group support setting led by a facilitator. The goal of this program is to help individuals kick their tobacco habit and stay quit for good. As part of the program, participants will identify why they use tobacco, learn about medications that can help, create strategies to combat cravings and customize a personal Quit Day Plan. Program Goals 1. Engage participants who are ready to make a quit attempt during the program. 2. Build a supportive environment for behavior change. 3. Provide information on coping strategies, withdrawal, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), sources for support and additional resources.

On-Site Program Our program coordinator will assist you with every step when rolling out Kick It Together. Program includes: • Customized promotional materials (poster, table tent, flyers) • Program facilitator • Participant workbooks • Relapse prevention tip sheets • Ongoing program support • Program evaluation

Packaged toolkit A packaged toolkit allows you to do-it-yourself. All materials needed are provided in the toolkit to make your program rollout a success. Toolkit includes: • Promotional materials • Implementation guide with recommended timeline to follow • Facilitator workbook with curriculum • 10 Participant workbooks • Relapse prevention tip sheets • Program satisfaction survey

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Behavior Change Programs Behavior change programs are an economical, fun and motivational way to engage and reach your entire work community. These programs are easily implemented, engage and support individuals making behavioral changes and can be measured for impact and satisfaction. HealthSource Solutions’ programs are recognized for high participation with low attrition, leaving employees motivated to continue healthy behaviors and build a culture that supports change. Most programs are theme-based and have either an individual or team format. Note: To maximize participation, approximately eight weeks lead time is needed to implement the program.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Activity Bingo Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant booklet Turn fitness into fun with this four-week physical activity program. By completing movement-focused bingo challenges, participants will learn the importance of getting active and staying active. Each week of the program highlights different barriers to physical activity and lists easy tips to overcome any obstacle.

Break for the Bahamas Length: 8 weeks Format: Team Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant logbook An eight-week physical activity program designed to motivate you and two teammates to track minutes of activity each week. Along the way, you will explore eight beautiful islands of the Bahamas and be introduced to refreshing recipes inspired by the tropical region! Weekly tip sheets provide information on cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, interval training and much more!

Every Step Counts Length: 8 weeks Format: Team Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant logbook The average person gets 2,500 to 3,500 steps per day. This is far from the Surgeon General’s recommendations for all people to accumulate 10,000 steps or 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity five or more days per week. The goal for this program is to motivate participants to track daily steps by wearing a pedometer. Participants will learn the benefits of physical activity, how to add strength and flexibility exercises to their workout, how to rate physical exertion and more.

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Behavior Change Programs Building Your Way to Wellness Length: 8 weeks Format: Team Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant logbook Building your way to Wellness is an eight-week program designed to help you “Build” a solid foundation and become more active by tracking physical activity minutes. Working as an individual or as part of a team, you will aim to increase the amount of activity you do each day. This program includes weekly educational messages regarding the importance of strength training and stretching, proper hydration, how to increase intensity levels, cross training and much more. You will also receive a list of sample activities to do at home, at work, at the gym, or while traveling that include intermediate and advanced options.

Trek & Tour Minnesota Length: 8 weeks Format: Team Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant logbook Travel your way through Minnesota and enjoy the beautiful scenic back roads while you gain historical information and trivia about our great state. This fun and educational campaign focuses on adding movement to your day! Research has found that accumulating 10,000 steps a day will provide the health benefits associated with regular physical activity. Participants track their steps each day by using a pedometer, striving to get 10,000 steps a day as they Trek and Tour Minnesota.

Trek & Tour: “Your Company” Length: 8 weeks Format: Team or Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant logbook For companies who have multiple locations, HealthSource Solutions can customize a tour of your company sites. Working closely with a company contact, HealthSource Solutions will map out the tour route and write information specific to each site. This is a great way to educate employees about your business and the uniqueness of each location. A five-month lead time is required to develop this custom program.

5K/10K Training Plan Length: 8 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Training tracker For those who have always wanted to participate in a community race, but do not know how to get started, this is the training plan for you. This eight-week program is designed to help participants prepare for a 5K or 10K race. Each participant will receive a training calendar that includes both a beginner and intermediate workout plan. Participants also receive weekly tip sheets that highlight stretching exercises and additional information on equipment, nutrition, cross training, injury prevention and more!



Behavior Change Programs Train for the Trail Length: 8 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant training guide Outdoor activity is a great way to keep moving! Being outdoors and connecting with nature has many benefits, such as improved mental health, better mindbody connection, increase in energy and decrease in tension. Train for the Trail is an eight-week program designed to help participants get the most out of their outdoor adventure. The guide book and training program will help participants gradually increase their activity level to prepare for an outdoor fitness adventure. Along with weekly walking workouts, two new strength exercises will be introduced each week. Participants will also receive information on outdoor safety, hydration, cross training and more.

Stand Up for Health Length: 6 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, PDF tracker Stand Up for Health is a 6-week individual challenge. You will learn easy steps you can take to incorporate small changes into your daily routine to decrease the amount of time you spend seated. The goal of the program is to make these new healthy habits part of your lifestyle. Prevent the negative risks associated with sitting too much and promote better overall well-being! Stand Up for Health is designed to help you incorporate more activity into your daily life without even thinking about it, and doesn’t require you to spend ANY time in a gym or fitness center!

Home Runs for Health Length: 8 weeks Format: Team Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, PDF Tracker Batters Up! Explore and learn interesting facts about eight major league baseball parks as you add movement to your days. This program will motivate you to become more active by tracking your daily physical activity time. Goals can be set to reach the minor league (for those who are less physically active) or the major league (for those who are more physically active).

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A New Weigh to move, to eat, to live Length: 12 weeks Format: Team or Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant book It’s no secret that achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight leads to better overall health. Weight management can help control chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. But with so many diets and eating plans out there it is hard to know who to listen to and what to believe. During this 12-week weight-loss challenge you will learn to incorporate healthy habits related to physical activity, nutrition and life balance. The goal is to make these healthy habits a part of your lifestyle in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. This team-based program will help give you the support you need to reach your goals. Along with receiving weekly tip sheets related to physical activity, nutrition and life balance, you will be asked to track your healthy behaviors as well as weight loss in order to earn points.

Choose Well: Healthy Eating for Life Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant book This four-week program will help participants build a better nutritional foundation as they learn the basic guidelines for a healthy diet. Weekly education focuses on serving sizes, proper portions, fruit, vegetables, dairy, protein and whole grains. An individual book allows each participant to track daily food intake and encourage them to make healthy eating choices for life.

Choose Well: Eating Healthy at Home, at Work and On the Run Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant book One of the best ways to healthier living is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. In this four-week program, participants are guided toward healthier foods to stock their kitchens, make healthier meals, choose healthier snacks and to make better decisions when eating in restaurants. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to Choose Well when eating at home, at work and on the run.



Behavior Change Programs Choose Well: Developing Mindful Eating Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant book Imagine for a moment that you had no rules about what you ate and you allowed yourself to eat whatever your body desired. Believe it or not, your body has the ability to tell you what and how much to eat. You just have to relearn how to understand your body’s natural cues. In this four-week campaign participants will be asked to examine their relationship and behaviors with food in an attempt to lead them towards more nutritious and conscious food choices. Numerous tips will be provided to encourage more mindful eating, which is the ultimate key to achieving a healthy weight and finding peace with food.


Healthy Habits, Healthy You! Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, PDF Tracker Get ready to start, renew or maintain healthy habits! This is a great opportunity to work on key habits for good health including: eating healthy, moving more, sleeping well and relaxing daily. Practicing these four habits can help us better manage stress, avoid chronic illnesses, and make us more resilient to handle and enjoy all that life offers.

Creating Life Balance: Easing Your Stress Length: 8 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, Participant book This behavior-change campaign incorporates the tools to restore a sense of balance and reduce stress in both your personal and work life. You will complete a short assessment to review your current life-balance skills, practice short-term and long-term coping skills and receive tips about what works at work. Based on the concepts of The Life Balance Pyramid, these areas include: immediate coping skills, physical nourishment, pleasurable joys, emotional well-being, social connection and lifelong foundations. Participants track progress weekly on the Life Balance Tracker in their individual book.

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Behavior Change Programs

Live Heart Healthy Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets Live Heart Healthy is a 4-week program focusing on the social and emotional elements that contribute to heart health. Being heart healthy includes components of physical health but can also be uniquely connected to our mental health as well. Gain important information about these social and emotional factors that can affect the health of your heart. Action steps are given each week which allow you to incorporate heart healthy behaviors into your daily routine.

Family Fit Together Challenge Length: 6 weeks Format: Individual Families Materials: Goal Sheet, Family Contract, Tip Sheets, Tracker with Stickers Take this 6-week challenge to move more, eat healthy and have fun as a family! Your family will set weekly goals, sign the family contract and choose a final reward for completing the challenge. During this program you will get tips on fun ways to be active as a family and learn simple ways to encourage healthy eating. The family tracker makes it easy to see weekly goals and keep track of your activities. Take some small steps and enjoy being a family that stays fit together.



Behavior Change Programs FOCUS Programs When working to make changes to health behaviors, it can be easier to focus on one specific behavior than trying to change everything at once. Each of the FOCUS programs breaks down one health behavior to work on during a four-week period. The FOCUS series includes promotional materials, weekly tip sheets and individual trackers. FOCUS topics include:

FOCUS on Portions Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, PDF Tracker During the FOCUS on Portions challenge participants will learn about portion control and healthy eating. Along with weekly messages, participants receive a FOCUS bingo card with 24 portion-related challenges to complete and an activity tracker to record minutes of daily physical activity.

FOCUS on Strength Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, PDF Tracker FOCUS on Strength can help anyone begin or modify a strength training program. Participants receive a full-body strength training workout as well as new exercises to try each week. Over four weeks, participants will learn about the benefits of strength training, different equipment options, common strength training myths and ways to add variety to their routine. Participants can track their progress by recording their workouts each week. Strength training has never been easier or more fun!.

FOCUS on Sleep Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Registration, Tip Sheets, PDF Tracker Many people are unaware the importance that sleep plays in their life. The FOCUS on Sleep program will identify the benefits of getting enough sleep and will give tips to ensure a good night’s sleep. Participants will record their hours of sleep each night and will work on a new sleep challenge each week. In addition, they will be asked to track their physical activity throughout the program.

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Behavior Change Programs MINI PROGRAMS The 5-A-Day Challenge Length: 2 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, PDF Tracker Little doubt remains about the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. National guidelines recommend at least five servings each day. However, incorporating these guidelines into our daily diets can be difficult. The 5-A-Day Challenge encourages employees to strive for five servings or more. Each day, for one to two weeks, employees keep track of the number of days in which they eat five servings of fruits and vegetables.

12 Days of Wellness Length: 12 days Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Participant brochure The 12 Days of Wellness will challenge you to implement simple life balance activities into your day to keep you healthy and relaxed. The goal is to complete three activities per day from six different areas. These activities are geared to restore a sense of balance and reduce stress in your life. Make sure your health is number one on your priority list! This program can be implemented during the holidays with a holiday theme or any other time of the year with general health activities.

Frequent Flights Length: 2 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Tracking wallet card This program encourages participants to take the stairs rather than the elevator to add extra steps to their day.

Park & Walk Length: 2 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, Tracking wallet card Participants track each time they park in the back of the lot and walk in. A great tool to increase awareness about adding steps to your day.

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Behavior Change Programs

Step Check Length: 1 week Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, PDF Tracker A one-week program for tracking daily steps using a pedometer. Pedometers need to be purchased separately for each participant.

Minutes Matter Length: 1 week Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, PDF Tracker Have you recently worked on increasing the amount of physical activity into your day and don’t want to lose the momentum? Minutes Matter is a quick and simple program that will help you track your physical activity efforts for one week. Any form of physical activity counts towards your weekly activity goal.

Your Lunch, Your Way Length: 2 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker or wallet card With the Your Lunch, Your Way program employees will be encouraged to pack and bring in a lunch from home versus going out to lunch or ordering food delivery. This saves calories and money! The program includes a promotional flyer and participant tracker. Your Lunch, Your Way is a two week program.

Extra Innings Length: 2 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker Extra Innings is a two-week program designed to help your employees get on base with regular physical activity. The program includes one promotional flyer, a physical activity tracker with fillable PDF technology and an educational tip sheet with information on goal setting and motivation. This program can help anyone create and reach new physical activity goals while recording daily progress. Help your employees step up to the plate and score for their health! 26


Behavior Change Programs

Life in Balance

Life in Balance Programs Long-term stress, brought on by daily demands, lack of job satisfaction or social isolation can cause our bodies to become run-down. The Life in Balance series is a proactive approach to easing stress. Each week-long program focuses on a specific area of the Life Balance Pyramid and gives you new balance-building skills and activities to try. The Life in Balance series includes promotional materials, tip sheet and seven-day tracker. The current Life in Balance topics include:

Creating New Coping Skills Length: 1 week

Format: Individual

Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker

Immediate coping skills are quick and effective ways to help restore an immediate sense of balance and calm when you are faced with tense or difficult events. This week long program will help you identify daily stressors and learn new coping skills to overcome them.

Living Joyfully Length: 1 week

Format: Individual

Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker

Activities that bring happiness, satisfaction or laughter to our lives are called pleasurable joys. These activities and events counteract stress to help us stay in balance. In this weeklong program, you will learn simple actions you can do each day to help you bounce back from stress and rediscover life’s joys.

Seeking Emotional Well-Being Length: 1 week

Format: Individual

Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker

The more you do to keep your mind healthy and your feelings in balance, the stronger you will be against the negative effects of stress. This one-week program will introduce you to the building blocks of emotional well-being and give you the tools to cope with difficult situations while maintaining a positive outlook.

Connecting Socially Length: 1 week

Format: Individual

Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker

The fast-paced culture of the information age can leave little time for close relationships and community involvement. This program will allow you to assess your current connections and give you simple ideas to help form new ones.

Building a Foundation Length: 1 week

Format: Individual

Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker

Between work, home and your social life, where do your priorities really lie? Assess your values and goals and make changes in order to live with less stress. All the guidance you really need for dealing with life stress lies within you—if you listen for it.

Nourishing Your Body Length: 1 week

Format: Individual

Materials: Teaser, PDF tracker

Physical nourishment encompasses three areas: physical activity, rest and nutrition. Taking care of these physical needs can counteract the impact of stress on your body. This week-long program will help you track your healthy habits and give you new physically nourishing tasks to try. W W W. H E A LT H S O U R C E - S O LU T I O N S . CO M | 763 - 287 - 0740


Educational Seminars When you want a fast and fun way to educate your employees about health, our seminars are a great option. HealthSource Solutions offers a variety of seminars on topics that include physical activity, nutrition, weight management, self-care and health care consumerism, mental and emotional well-being, injury prevention and tobacco cessation.


Dodging Hibernation

Finding Time for Fitness

By preparing ahead of time, outdoor activities can be safe and fun! This seminar provides ideas to keep you and your family active, indoors or outdoors, all winter long. Participants will walk away with a vast array of resources to keep themselves and their families moving during the long winter months.

The most common barrier to adding activity to the day is time—but who says physical activity can only happen in the gym? This seminar provides a variety of ideas on how to easily fit activity into your day to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Participants will not only walk away with ideas on how to fit in movement, but they will experience three quick workout options they can do at home, at work or when traveling.

Strength for Life Most people don’t realize how lack of muscle strength impacts quality of life as we age. Whether young or old, strengthening exercises should play an important role in weekly routines.


There are many misconceptions about fitness, including how much and exactly what people should be doing. This seminar will overview top fitness myths and provide realistic options for making activity a way of life. Get ready to move! We will dispel some myths while trying new options.

Gotta Get Out of this Chair!

Participants will learn how to design a strength-training program and learn different exercises they can easily incorporate into their day. Everyone will walk away with a workout they can do at work or home!

Walking Works

Fitness Fact versus Fiction


This talk is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent action! It combines the physical and mental benefits of walking with tips on how to get started and stay motivated. Attendees will explore mindful walking and how circuit training can add variety to traditional walking. Attendees will also learn what to look for when shopping for shoes and how to dress for the outdoors. The facilitator will end the talk with an opportunity to stretch and participate in a walk. Participants are usually surprised to discover how powerful and enjoyable walking can be!

Take a Break and Energize Your Day! This participative seminar focuses on flexibility and strength exercises that can be easily added to your days—at work, your desk, in the car or wherever! The session will cover:

If you are a victim of being stuck in your chair, don’t despair! You can overcome the pains, strains and fatigue of being in one posture all day. Once you’re aware of the ways that sitting affects your body and health, you’ll find out how to move in little ways throughout the day. Participants will walk out with ideas for relieving sitting-related symptoms.

NUTRITION AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT You Are What You Eat Have you ever wondered about all the nutrition information out there? Nutrition often makes the headlines, but many times the information is confusing or even conflicting. In this seminar, you will learn the basics of good nutrition for optimal health. This light-hearted seminar covers various nutritional topics including fiber, grains, dairy, fat intake and vitamin/mineral supplements.

Healthy Eating at Home, at Work and On the Run

• Importance of maintaining general flexibility and strength • Guidelines for stretching

Most Americans eat at least one meal away from home daily. These meals can challenge your efforts toward healthy eating. This seminar will help participants:

• Effect of poor work postures on productivity and well-being

• Choose healthier foods to stock their kitchens

• Importance of balance between muscle groups

• Make healthier meals • Choose healthier snacks

Note: This session can be adapted for production or office employees, as well as drivers.

Yoga at Home or On the Job

• Make better decisions when eating out



In this session participants will not only learn the many benefits of yoga, but will have the opportunity to try it as well. Participants will experience yoga breathing, postures (yoga exercises) and relaxation/guided imagery. The gentle postures can be done either seated or standing behind a chair and can easily be done at home or at your desk. Comfortable, casual work clothing is appropriate for this interactive seminar.

Maintaining balanced eating habits will be easier after attending this class.

W W W. H E A LT H S O U R C E - S O LU T I O N S . CO M | 763 - 287 - 0740


Educational Seminars Weight Control: What Works, What Doesn’t If there was a quick, easy solution to weight control, no one would be overweight. Proper planning of a weight control program ensures healthy, lasting results. This program updates participants on current recommendations for eating and activity habits that help manage weight. It also addresses questions regarding current hot topics and trends in weight loss.

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us—but why? Not only do they provide us with essential nutrients and valuable vitamins, they even help us to hydrate. In this seminar you will learn the differences between organic and non-organic products, review recommended serving sizes, hear suggestions for safe produce purchase and receive quick tips to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Take a fresh look at fruits and vegetables and see all the benefits they can bring you!

Healthy Holiday Eating Looking for ways to avoid gaining those five extra pounds during the holiday season? This session provides suggestions and recipes for festive holiday fare prepared at home, plus ways to keep eating under control while socializing or eating in restaurants.

Healthy Summer Barbeque



It’s Barbeque season and everyone is anxious to fire up the grill! This seminar will take your employees through a variety of ways to make their family or neighborhood Barbeque healthier, yet blasting with flavor. The session focuses on food safety, lean meat options, easy marinating techniques, low-cal side dishes, healthy beverage choices and more. The easy tips provided will significantly reduce the calorie, fat and sodium content of backyard Barbeques. Your employees will also walk away with great ideas to get their guests moving and socializing with games and activities.

Healthy Eating on a Budget



Grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier! Healthy Eating on a ! Budget will show your employees that there are nutritious options at affordable prices. This seminar will teach participants how to prepare to save, compare prices on the spot, and get the most out of their purchases. Your employees will walk away with techniques that will make their trip to the grocery store less painless, and more nutritious!

SELF-CARE AND HEALTH CARE CONSUMERISM Making the Most of Health Care Today Health care is more complex today and more is expected of us in determining how and when to access care. Employees will benefit from current information on how they can best manage their heath care and get the most from their healthcare provider. Information provided will help you become a more proactive consumer by making the most of office visits, being aware of preventive care services, how to access quality health information and more. Save time and money by making the most of healthcare today! This is a great topic during open enrollment season (or anytime) and is available as a seminar, educational display and/or an eight-week communications campaign.

Shift Work: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep More than 22 million Americans are shift workers, and their most difficult problems are trouble sleeping during the day and staying alert at night. Participants learn a variety of treatment strategies such as work/sleep schedules, diet, sleep habits and changing workplace conditions. An overview of normal sleep and various sleep disorders will also be discussed.

Sleep Disorders: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Do you frequently experience insomnia? Does your bed partner’s snoring keep you awake at night? These questions and the following topics will be addressed: • An overview of normal sleep and various sleep disorders • The signs, symptoms and treatment of sleep apnea, snoring, narcolepsy and restless legs/leg movements • Insomnia (getting to sleep and staying asleep, learning good sleep techniques and understanding sleep differences from infant to elderly)

Dodging Diabetes There are more than 24 million Americans currently living with diabetes. Approximately 6 million don’t know they have it. Dietary changes, increased physical activity and weight control can help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. This seminar will review the different types of diabetes, key risk factors of the disease and how often you should be tested. Participants will also learn strategies about diet, physical activity and weight management to help keep risk factors in check. When it comes to diabetes prevention, taking small steps now can lead to big benefits later.

Love Your Heart This one hour seminar will provide an overview of the core risk factors for heart disease and offer practical suggestions for changing behaviors. You will learn how high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol can affect heart health. Walk away with a better understanding of how to eat healthy, exercise effectively and make lifestyle choices to support your heart health.



Educational Seminars Know Your Numbers

Creating Life Balance: Easing Your Stress

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the United States. Risk factors for heart disease include having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and being overweight. This seminar will focus on the importance of knowing what your blood pressure, cholesterol (total, HDL, LDL and triglycerides), glucose and Body Mass Index (BMI) numbers are. Participants will learn the recommended ranges and ways to improve their numbers or keep them in a healthy range.

Based on the concepts from mind/body health, this seminar goes well beyond traditional stress management coping skills. This session is centered on The Life Balance Pyramid, a guide to help restore a sense of well-being and balance in our lives. The six areas covered include immediate coping skills, pleasurable joys, physical nourishment, emotional well-being, social connection and life-long foundations.

This seminar can be a great addition to a health screening event.


Got Pain?


If you’ve ever had low back pain, you’re in the majority. Eighty percent of Americans have experienced back pain at one point in their life. You may also have neck or shoulder pain, headaches or abdominal pain. In this interactive seminar participants will learn mind/body techniques that can help reduce or even eliminate pain. Techniques include movement activities and self-massage.

MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Positive Practices to Reduce Stress and Energize Your Body



Today’s lifestyle moves at an incredibly fast pace. We can all benefit from learning new ways to cope with life’s physical, mental and emotional demands. In this session, you will learn several alternatives to help you reduce stress and feel better. Participants will get to experience each of these stress-relieving techniques and will leave feeling relaxed and energized.

Treasure Your Laughter, Keep Your Perspective This lively and entertaining presentation offers participants a new way to look at humor as an everyday skill—a tool that can be used purposefully to deal with the big and little stresses of each day. Participants assess how active their humor is and how to define and understand it. The physical, social, emotional, mental and professional benefits of laughter are discussed and demonstrated. Participants learn how to incorporate humor into their lives and work styles and how to use it to change self-defeating thoughts and attitudes.

How Emotions Affect Your Health Research shows that emotions have a significant effect on how people feel physically. Feelings such as anger, fear and grief can complicate, or sometimes even initiate, physical symptoms. These problems are not psychosomatic or all in your head, but are signals that something is out of balance. This workshop teaches about the mind-body connection. Participants learn how to identify signs of emotions affecting the body and learn skills for improving self-care and wellness.

• Gentle Yoga (chair and standing)

Job Stress and Burnout

• Relaxation Breathing

Dealing with stress at work is a challenge. It can stimulate and motivate us and help us meet deadlines and deal with difficult situations. But stress can also take a toll if we don’t know how to manage it. It can reduce our creativity and productivity and make us more vulnerable to accidents and errors. This session identifies the common signs and stages of burnout. Participants identify sources of stress in their work areas and learn specific strategies for managing stress and preventing burnout. They are challenged to examine ways to foster a positive, supportive and productive work environment.

• Progressive Muscle Relaxation • Guided Imagery • Aromatherapy (optional)

Practical Solutions to Manage Stress Research indicates that 60 to 90 percent of visits to primary physicians are for stress-related disorders. This alone is a good reason to help employees manage their stress. In this session, participants will learn what happens in their bodies when stress is poorly managed. They will learn practical solutions for managing stress in healthier ways. Recognizing choices and accepting personal responsibility for dealing with daily stress are emphasized.

Adapting to Change In the competitive business environment of today, change is inevitable. Whether it involves new systems, downsizing, acquisition, a new work setting or massive reorganization, change can be both a positive and stressful occurrence for employees. This seminar reviews the effects of change on employees. Participants learn the predictable stages of change and how to move through those stages with greater flexibility and less stress.

Tired of Being Tired?



When your head starts to nod in the middle of your workday, there are choices other than another cup of coffee or soda. Simple, quick exercises that get you moving are better for energizing your mind and body. This interactive seminar will give participants easy to use, applicable exercises to avoid that post-lunch slump.

W W W. H E A LT H S O U R C E - S O LU T I O N S . CO M | 763 - 287 - 0740


Educational Seminars Healthy Communication: Understanding and Respecting Differences



While communication is one of the most important skills we use every day, few of us have had formal training on how to communicate successfully. This workshop will explore communication and help participants learn and practice reflective listening. Participants will learn to identify differences in communication styles and will receive handouts on addressing conflict in relationships.

Setting Boundaries, Creating More Time for You!



There are many people who have trouble saying no and setting limits on their time. This seminar helps participants to better understand boundaries and limits in the workplace and in their personal lives. Participants will receive tips and strategies for communicating more effectively and creating more time for themselves.

Time Management – Finding Tools for a More Balanced Life


FINANCIAL WELLBEING Financial Basics: Budgeting


This is an excellent seminar for anyone interested in jumpstarting their financial plan. The seminar will cover the basics of creating and maintaining a household or personal budget, including why to create one, how to create one and, most importantly, how to stick to one. Also addresses the issue of debt—how to manage it and ways to begin eliminating it.

Financial Basics: Savings



Whether you are wanting to start saving for retirement planning, an emergency reserve fund or special event planning the decision to save is critical to your financial success. This seminar will help you set goals for short term and long term saving. It will also help you understand the potential outcome of various financial decisions you make including the time value of money, cost of inflation and use of various investment vehicles for different buckets of money.


This seminar is an opportunity for participants to learn about the many factors which contribute to feeling “crunched for time.” Participants will receive tools and strategies to live more intentionally. They will also be challenged to examine their current choices and the impact of those choices on their sense of balance in their life.

INJURY PREVENTION Posture Guidelines for the Workplace This seminar is geared for employees who work in an office setting. It highlights risk factors for developing overuse injuries (carpal tunnel, tendinitis) and provides helpful tips on how to reduce these risks as well as general fatigue and achiness. Guidelines on workstation adjustment and ideas on simple modifications will also be provided. Stretching and strengthening exercises are included to emphasize how easily they can be incorporated into your day. Optional: An additional 30 minutes can be added to the above session to allow participants to try their workstation adjustment skills in an actual workstation setup. Your company will need to provide a simulated workstation.

Be Back Wise: Taking Care of Your Back This session covers how the back works, how injuries occur and what techniques can be used to protect your back. The importance of ergonomics and good body mechanics, with special emphasis on proper lifting techniques, is demonstrated. The presentation stresses a positive, interactive and practical approach to taking responsibility for your back—both on the job and at home. Stretching and strengthening exercises are practiced throughout the presentation.




Educational Displays Add depth to your health fair or special event by including interactive educational displays. HealthSource Solutions has a number of displays on a variety of health topics. Our table top (3 panel) displays create awareness, provide general health information and offer helpful tips and practical suggestions to employees. They are staffed by health educators who engage participants and help address personal concerns.


Train to be F.I.T.T.

Activity for Life With only 20 percent of Americans currently meeting the recommendations for physical activity, finding ways to get employees to move is a continual challenge. No matter what an employee’s activity level, everyone faces obstacles when it comes to starting or maintaining a program—time, family obligations, weather, boredom and the list goes on. After assessing their current activity level, participants will receive helpful hints on ways to overcome common obstacles. Other highlights include how to stay motivated and reward yourself for a job well done!

The Benefits of Exercise are Ageless: Adding Life to Your Years Until the fountain of youth is found, you will inevitably see changes in your body as the aging process takes place. By adding activities into your life, most effects of aging can be slowed. This display shows what happens as the body ages and then demonstrates what physical activity can do to improve upon those conditions. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of the amazing benefits physical activity provides to the aging body.

Walking: Step to It! Whether you are inactive or a seasoned walker—every step counts! This display provides helpful tips to all, from simple strategies on how to add steps to your day to helpful solutions for enhancing your current walking program. Key topic areas include: shopping for shoes, choosing a pedometer, getting started, the mind body connection and increasing your workout intensity. Gain real insights into the magic of walking!


Just Try It!

D This interactive strength and stretching display offers participants ! an opportunity to try various flexibility and strength equipment that is fairly inexpensive, can be easily incorporated into their day and is a good alternative for home use. The equipment includes a stability ball, resistance band, foam rollers and more. A fitness professional staffs the display and provides: • Encouragement for participants to try the various pieces • Assistance with proper form and technique • Discussion about the benefits of each piece • Information on the importance of strength and flexibility and its impact on posture, joints, osteoporosis and injury prevention • Handouts on each piece of equipment

No guessing here. This display will spell out exactly what you need to do to be F.I.T.T.. It answers all the questions you have on the Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type of activity you should be doing to improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness. In addition, it also gives great suggestions on planning for success and useful strength and cardiovascular training tips.

Set Your Goals to Be More Active Learn to set S.M.A.R.T. goals related to your health and fitness. This display describes how to set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. It includes tips for increasing your fitness levels whether you are new to physical activity or currently on a regular exercise program. This display also includes information on how to overcome roadblocks and avoid burnout. Participants will walk away motivated and inspired to succeed!




Do you know what you are having for dinner tonight? Eighty percent of people plan their dinner on the drive home from work with 25 percent of meals eaten out each week. It’s a fact—people who eat out more often weigh more. Meals that are planned for and prepared at home are much more nutritious, have fewer calories and allow important time for the family to gather. Included in this display are five easy meals plus tips for making meal planning easy and healthy.

Portion Distortion Portions today are far larger than in the past, which often means we’re taking in many more calories than we realize! Everything we eat is “supersized,” from bagels and coffee to steak and French fries. Most marketplace portions are at least two times, and sometimes as much as eight times, greater than standard recommended serving sizes based on the USDA Choose My Plate. In this display, food models are used to compare recommended portion sizes to average portions eaten today. Participants will see the difference between recommended and common portion sizes, and will be amazed at the number of calories they are consuming.

Eating on the Go



This display outlines better options and tips for eating out, fast food or on the go. Participants will receive information on best choices when ordering, how to choose the healthier option, and packing healthy snacks and drinks to take with you.

W W W. H E A LT H S O U R C E - S O LU T I O N S . CO M | 763 - 287 - 0740


Educational Displays NE

Mapping Out MyPlate


! The key to making healthy choices is to choose a variety of nutrient-rich foods from each food group. This display is designed to increase your employees’ awareness about food choices and show how simple changes can make a difference in nutritional wellness. Participants will learn about the USDA’s MyPlate curriculum and receive simple tips to foster healthy eating habits.

This display provides practical ideas for restoring a sense of well-being and balance in life. This display focuses on determining the origins of stress rather than just controlling its symptoms. It includes relaxing music and massage gadgets that participants may try. Participants will receive handouts and a Life Balance Pyramid brochure.

Healthy Back



Are You at Risk?


We all know prevention is the key to heart disease and stroke, but minutes matter when you are experiencing one. Most warning signs start out slowly, with mild symptoms. Often people who are affected aren’t sure what’s wrong and wait too long before seeking help. The key message of this display focuses on warning signs and action steps. It’s rounded out with the eight key risk factors for heart disease and stroke and helpful hints on reducing risks.

The rapid rise in skin cancer in recent years is a real indicator that getting tan is a health risk. How do we educate people that this “golden glow” may kill? This display highlights facts about sun exposure and describes the fuss about UV rays. A sun-smart quiz provides participants simple tips on how to protect their skin and eyes. The three most important forms of skin cancer are highlighted with additional information on SPF’s and how to purchase sunscreen.

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the United States. Risk factors for heart disease include having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and being overweight. This display will focus on the importance of knowing what your blood pressure, cholesterol (total, HDL, LDL and triglycerides), glucose and Body Mass Index (BMI) numbers are. It also includes the recommended ranges and ways to improve numbers or keep them in a healthy range. This display can be a great addition to a health screening event.


Men’s Health

Research shows that men are not as compliant with scheduling preventive care visits. This display highlights three key topics:

Tired of Feeling Tired?


• Preventive exams and the importance of early detection • Cardiovascular health and the importance of nutrition, exercise and life balance

This display focuses on a variety of topics specific to the needs and concerns of women:



Information to help you better understand your health plan, insurance terminology, branches of the health care system and knowing where to go for various conditions. Your health care is your responsibility. This display provides details about how to navigate your way through the system to make sure you get the care you need!

• Preventive exams (facts and screening recommendations) •Top 3 Health Concers of Women(Heart Disease, Cancers, and Stroke) • Cardiovascular health and the importance of nutrition, exercise and life balance



This informative display highlights the most common sleep disorders that affect men and women, young and old. An interactive quiz helps participants determine if they, or a bed partner, may have a sleep disorder. Recommended sleep habits and guidelines for seeking help for a sleep disorder are highlighted. A list of accredited sleep disorder centers and books on sleep medicine and research is included.

Navigating Health Care

• Information on the misconceptions and questions about men’s health topics


We tend to take our backs for granted until we are in pain! Preventing a back injury is much easier than repairing one. Most back pain arises from using your back improperly, so learning a few basic rules about lifting, posture and proper exercise can help keep your back in good shape. This display will educate participants on the causes of back pain, ways to reduce risks, everyday helpful hints and how to maintain a healthy back.

Sun Safety

Know Your Numbers

Women’s Health

Life Balance




Educational Displays CHRONIC CONDITIONS NE

Dodging Diabetes


! Diabetes affects an estimated 16 million people in the United States. All people with diabetes have an increased risk of developing long-term complications such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and blindness. The purpose of this educational display is to raise awareness of the risk factors for developing diabetes. Prevention, detection and self-care components are explained. Several handouts, including a mini-risk factor assessment, are included. UP DA TE

Bone Health

This display is designed to give participants information about bone health. Recognizing the risk factors for osteoporosis is important because you may be able to prevent it from occurring or slow down the loss of bone. Since prevention is crucial in fighting this disease, lifestyle recommendations on physical activity, calcium supplementation, smoking cessation and alcohol consumption are highlighted. Providing heel ultrasound bone density testing for individuals at risk can be a beneficial addition to this display.



Kick It For Life

Most smokers know they should quit, but they aren’t always ready. We know that providing ongoing supportive information about quitting can help move people so they are ready to quit.



This display helps smokers: • Reflect on why they smoke • Make a plan • Identify a support system • Recognize the benefits from quitting

W W W. H E A LT H S O U R C E - S O LU T I O N S . CO M | 763 - 287 - 0740


Awareness and Educational Products HealthSource Solutions offers many ways to help keep your company’s wellness message going all year long. Our awareness and educational products are a simple way to get health and wellness information into the hands of your employees. The following products are available in several formats including posters, e-mails, flyers and handouts. A HealthSource Solutions coordinator can help you determine what type of messaging and what format will work best for your company.

Healthy Hints CD Length: 52 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Email or PDF flyer Tired of spending countless hours looking up healthy tips and making flyers to educate employees? We have the answer for you. This CD contains 52 researched healthy tips that are available in text form for easy copying into newsletter or e-mails; preformatted e-mail messages and pre-formatted flyers. It’s never been easier to get quick health tips to your employees.

Monthly Newsletter Length: 12 months Materials: PDF

Format: Individual

Bring up to date health information to your employees 12 times a year! Subscribe to ‘Healthier Living’ and receive a colorful, easy to print or e-mail, four page newsletter with a wide range of health and wellness topics. Articles include: Target Training, Ask the Expert, Balance Your Life, Challenge of the Month and Food for Thought/Recipe.

Walk @ Work Length: ongoing Format: Individual Materials: Teaser flyer, Cards Encourage your employees to get up and move with colorful and fun Walk @ Work cards! The Walk @ Work cards, which measure 8 ½” x 5 ½”, include up to two walking routes (usually two different distances) beginning at your worksite. The cards also include information on the current physical activity recommendations and helpful walking tips. This is a great product to have available in a common area (lunchroom, break rooms, fitness center etc.) or they could be distributed in employee mailboxes or at an all-employee event.

W W W. H E A LT H S O U R C E - S O LU T I O N S . CO M | 763 - 287 - 0740


Awareness and Educational Products Health Care Matters Length: 8 weeks Materials: Tip sheets

Format: Individual

Health care is more complex today and more is expected of us in determining how and when to access care. Employees will benefit from current information on how they can best manage their health care and get the most from their healthcare provider. Information provided will help you become a more proactive consumer by making the most of office visits, being aware of preventive care services, how to access quality health information and more. Save time and money by making the most of healthcare today! This is a great topic during open enrollment season (or anytime) and is available as a seminar, educational display and/or an 8 week communications program.

Cholesterol Counts Length: 4 weeks Materials: Teaser flyer, Tip sheets

Format: Individual

High cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. In fact, the higher your blood cholesterol level, the greater your risk for developing heart disease or having a heart attack. In the Cholesterol Counts program, you will meet 42-year old Samantha and follow her as she learns about the dangers of high cholesterol and strategies to keep her cholesterol in a healthy range. Participants will receive weekly messages along with heart healthy habits to track each week. There are lifestyle changes you can make to control your cholesterol, so make your Cholesterol Count!

Blood Pressure Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser flyer, Tip sheets, Tracking card High blood pressure is the most prevalent chronic adult illness in America today. If left untreated, high blood pressure can permanently damage the arteries, heart and other vital organs. It is a symptomless disease, meaning many people do not know their risk until it is too late. This four-week e-mail series is designed to educate your employees about the dangers of high blood pressure while providing simple action steps to help reduce their risk. Participants can record their numbers daily with easy-to-use tracking cards and automated blood pressure machines located around your worksite. This is a simple approach to help your employees be heart-smart!



Awareness and Educational Products Dodging Diabetes Length: 4 weeks Materials: Tip sheets

Format: Individual

Diabetes is on the rise and is a current health concern for many. However, studies have shown that people can prevent or delay diabetes. A great program for November (Diabetes month), or any time of the year, this four-week awareness program educates your employees on risk factors and motivates them to take appropriate action steps toward preventing Diabetes.





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Sun Safety Length: 4 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Tip sheets Learn valuable sun safety facts and prevention tips about excessive sun exposure and damaging UVA and UVB rays. This 4 week educational series will provide important information on how to choose the best sunscreen, who is at risk and how to take steps to prevent skin cancer. Having the right information can help you to keep your skin safe from the sun.



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© 2011 Health

Source Solutio


Bone Health Length: 4 weeks Materials: Tip sheets

Format: Individual

No matter your age, it’s never too late to start taking care of your bones. Our fourweek e-mail series provides tips and resources to help keep your bones healthy and strong. Each weekly e-mail contains useful information on topics such as osteoporosis, calcium and vitamin D and staying active for strong bones. Discover the basics of healthy bones and find out what you can do to protect them!

Dodging Hibernation Length: Varies depending on implementation Materials: Tip sheets

Format: Individual

Dodging Hibernation contains 20 winter health tips in email or PDF format. Tips focus on physical activity, nutrition, social connection and mental health. At the beginning of the program, participants will receive a short assessment to see which hibernation hurdles they need to focus on. These daily reminders are a great way to help maintain motivation during the cold winter months!

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Awareness and Educational Products

Number Knowledge Length: 6 weeks Format: Individual Materials: Teaser flyer, Tip sheets, Reminder emails Participants will learn about cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and body weight numbers and how those numbers are important markers for managing overall health and preventing disease. Participants will also gain important information about preventive care visits, nutrition and physical activity through weekly recommendations and personal stories.

Activity Shuffle For many people, a typical day at the office can consist of long periods of minimal movement. The Activity Shuffle is a new way to encourage employees to get up and get active at the office. Each deck of activity cards contains 16 different strength and stretching exercises. Every card includes a full color picture and detailed instructions of an exercise. Activity Shuffle decks are portable, compact and can be kept in conference rooms, break rooms or offices. The activities can be done individually or as a group, and can be a fun addition to any office environment. Also available for purchase: the Activity Shuffle Tracker! The tracker comes with promotional materials, information about the benefits of stretching and strengthening and a two-week tracking tool. One deck of cards is needed for each participant.

Travel Well The Travel Well Guide is designed to help you maintain your wellness goals while away from home, focusing on physical activity, nutrition, and life balance. Stay fit with simplified workouts and stretching routines that require little to no equipment. Follow the quick tips and dining ideas to make healthy meal planning almost effortless. Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, it is possible to stay on track with your wellness goals when you Travel Well.

Family Fit Together The Family Fit Together Guide is designed to teach parents or guardians how to take an active role in the health and wellbeing of their children. Learn how to implement healthy habits for the whole family including cardiovascular activity, strength training, dietary guidelines, proper portions and healthy snack alternatives. Getting your family in shape doesn’t have to be a challenge; turn physical activity and nutrition into an adventure with the Family Fit Together Guide.



Awareness and Educational Products

Medical File Folder Most people have their health information scattered between multiple locations such as home, hospitals or clinics. The Medical File Folder can keep all of your information in one place, making it easier to share with physicians or family members. The folder can store important medical documents and provide a place to record information such as family health history, exam records, injuries, illness, surgeries, alternative therapies, immunizations, prescription records and drug allergy information. This system is useful for all age groups and can be used by each member of the family. Having full access to your medical information doesn’t have to be a headache. Keep a central record at your fingertips and take control of your health information today.

Strength Training Manual The Strength Training Manual is an 8 ½ x 11 book that serves as a great resource for your fitness goals whether you’re at home, traveling or at the gym. Choose from over 125 different exercises, each with a detailed description and full-color photos to help ensure proper form. Choose exercises by muscle group (legs, chest, back, core or arms) or choose exercises by equipment (dumbbells, stability ball, resistance band or body weight).

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Posters Keep your wellness message visible at the workplace. Our posters create awareness, provide general health information and offer helpful tips and practical suggestions. Posters vary in size from 11”x17” to 24”x 36” and are printed on high quality paper.


FITT Principle

NUTRITION Simple Meals, Healthy Options

Portion Distortion

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Posters Mapping Out MyPlate

Smart Food Swaps





Posters Men’s Health

Defining Diabetes

Women’s Health

Tired of Feeling Tired

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Posters Stand Up for Health

Sun Smart

BMI vs Body Composition



Posters FITNESS CENTER Strength Training with a Medicine Ball

Strength Training with a Resistance Band

Stability Ball Training

Rating of Perceived Exertion

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Posters WELLNESS POSTERS These posters are meant to generate interest and get people thinking about their wellbeing. Place them in high-traffic areas such as hallways, elevators, bulletin boards, break rooms or employee entrances. Each full-color poster is printed on 11”x17” high quality, gloss paper. Set includes: • 4 physical activity posters • 4 nutrition posters • 4 life balance posters



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Health Promotion and Fitness Center Services

HealthSource Solutions Catalog  

Health Promotion and Fitness Center Services