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Online Health and Safety Courses Getting More and More Popular Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, an employer must prepare and review at least annually a written Occupational Health and Safety Policy, and must develop and maintain a program to implement that policy upon its employees. It is an ongoing trend for many companies to consider using online programs to educate their employees regarding health and safety training. It used to be a highly sought after idea to pursue training online, but it has come and with lots of benefits.

Overview Today hundreds of thousands of employees are engaging themselves in different comprehensive online programs and one of the most required fields are online health and safety training. Online health and safety programs are designed for employees that are required by thei employers to comply with health and safety procedures to ensure a safe workspace. There are organizations with as many as 500 employees that all require online health and safety training. The courses offered by Health Safety School include the Whmis Online Course which is designed to familiarize workers with WHMIS which stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. This system is designed to provide health and safety information to workers about the hazardous materials or controlled products in their workplaces. Participants taking the online WHMIS course will learn about WHMIS symbols and their meanings, labels on products, and material safety data sheets.

Participants in online courses will:  Become familiar with the responsibilities of suppliers, employers and workers pertaining to WHMIS controlled products and the offences and penalties for contravening the OH&S Act and WHMIS Regulations  Be able to identify and recognize hazard symbols. They will be able to identify the requirements and contents of a supplier label, a workplace label and a Material Safety Data Sheet  Be familiar with the locations of the First and rooms and the MSDS station. They will review, what to do in the event of a splash or spill  Understand the three basic methods of controlling hazards and the basic principle of emergency planning to ensure that they are able to protect themselves from hazards in the workplace  Be familiar with routes of entry and the effects of chemicals on the body

Description of Online Health & Safety Courses To earn the online certification, you require completing courses. Upon successful completion of courses you may print off the certificates from your printer to keep in your office and wallet. Below are some of the courses •

Aerial Work Platform Training

Propane Cylinder Exchange

Fall Protection Training

WHMIS Certificate

Lock Out Tag Out

Consider Online Training That Reduce Costs The widespread acceptance of online training proves that there are lots of benefits enrolling for online courses. From a particular individual to a huge conglomerate can reduce the costs to that of conventional training methods. Online training takes less of time and the individual learns more than using conventional training methods. So if you are keen on enrolling your employees for the health and safety training, then

an online preference will earn you huge returns on the investment you made and your workers will be safely working.

Online Health and Safety Courses Getting More and More Popular