The Health Games Brochure 8.28.20

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HEALTH GAMES by healthy harrison

Healthy Harrison is partnering with the United Way to invest $100,000 into one Harrison County community to impact the increasing issue of obesity. The Health Games is a friendly competition between 5 neighborhoods with a focus of creating a more active, strong, and vibrant community. COVID-19 has caught us all by surprise; however, we are going to use this time to prepare a model for lasting change.

Our ultimate goal is to partner with a local community in Harrison County and develop a blueprint for health that can be replicated throughout the state of West Virginia.


$50,000 in cash to be used for community based programming.

200 Fitbit Inspire Devices to incentivize participation and motivate movement.

200 Good Measures Subscriptions, which provide personalized meal tracking and nutrition coaching.

WVU Virtual Classes, which include Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Meditation, Tai Chi, Cardio, and Fusion.

OUR SPONSORS We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards the organizations that have made this project possible:

OUR COACHES We have selected the following community leaders to serve as our judges panel for The Health Games:

Clay Marsh MD: VP/ Exec Dean of WVU Health Sciences, COVID Czar David Brooks: New York Times Columnist and Best Selling Author

Donna Hage Ed.D: Assistant Superintendent, HCBOE

Rev. Dr. Ken Ramsey : Bridgeport United Methodist Church Pastor

Brian Jarvis: President, NCWV Media

Larry Mazza: President and CEO of MVB Financial Corp.

TIMELINE Bridgeport, Downtown Clarksburg, North View, Nutter Fort, and Shinnston will be included in the first pilot project and follow this timeline:

Aug 24 Announcement: RFP announcement, community meetings, and team leader appointments.

Sept 25 RFP Deadline: Each community will submit their RFP and prepare a digital presentation for the Coaches to review.

Oct 1 Coaches Review: Pre-recorded virtual presentations will be submitted and reviewed by Coaches .

Oct 15 THE HEALTH GAMES: Presenters will be invited to sit in front of the Coaches Panel for feedback, critique, and q/a.

Oct 15 Winner Announced: One community will be selected by the Coaches to implement their strategy.

QUESTIONS For more information, please visit or contact Jennifer Angulli <>.