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By Jane Bernard


ntuition is as natural as seeing, hearing, tasting, touching or smelling. It’s the inner guidance system to depend on to stay clear about right and wrong. Everyone has it. When you recognize your intuition, you’re tuned-in to yourself. Intuitive eating is about you. When you’re willing to think outside of the box by eating intuitively, you tune into your body, your fitness priorities and your personal boundaries, and recognize physical cues about what you’re really hungry for. Then, eating what feels good and keeps you looking great is easy. Diet programs can make you feel trapped by counting calories and restricting what you eat. Intuitive eating keeps you in touch with your body and in control of your eating choices. Step out of emotional traps of dieting and discover self-control, satisfaction and freedom by using simple intuitive tools. Intuitive eating works for people who are tired of diet frustration. You can turn eating from a battle with your body, to an enjoyable experience, by using your intuition to know when to eat and when to stop. Take advantage of what’s easy to do. Open your eyes, follow your intuition, connect with yourself and enjoy eating. With the holiday season in front of us, now is a perfect time to end stress that pushes unhealthy eating buttons. Am I Really Hungry, Jane Bernard’s new book, reinvents personal dieting by freeing your mind from trying to control your body and guiding you to be in sync with yourself. Using your intuitive tools puts you in control, so you eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re not. This is how it works. You stop dieting, tune into your body and start to

trust your intuition. You lose weight because you tune directly into your body and physical hunger when you eat. You stop using food to eat as a cure for loneliness or frustration because you learn to connect with your emotions, and you recognize how to take control of eating choices so they feel good. Mealtime becomes a social experience to be savored, as it’s supposed to be. Jane gives tips to recognize your intuitive cues to overcome emotional roadblocks created by dieting. She explains how emotional reactions to food interferes with real needs. Trusting your intuition gets rid of diet stress and maintains long-term personal and physical satisfaction around eating. 95% of dieters gain back more weight than they lose. When you think outside of the box by eating intuitively, you get different results. The book is a resource. If you feel frustrated read about frustration, if you feel trapped check the chapter about bondage. If you’re happiest with a plan, read about creating your intuitive eating plan. Diets can make eating a chore. Recognizing physical signals when you’re hungry is liberating and easy. It’s the season for parties. The result of eating intuitively is you automatically trade stress for personal satisfaction. Why not enjoy yourself? For more info, see Jane Bernard’s book, Am I Really Hungry, 6th Sense Diet: Intuitive Eating (hard copy and Kindle), which is available at, or Barnes & Noble. H&F

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Thinking Outside the Box to Lose Weight

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