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Where To Look For CPAP Replacement Parts

CPAP Replacement Parts: How To Find Them Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy helps many people who are suffering from sleep apnea or other breathing problems at night. It is important that the mask and respirator work exactly as intended while the user is sleeping. If any single part fails and is not replaced, then the therapy will stop being effective. One of the problems with equipment that is used is the number of small and specific parts that are required in order to perform the treatment. It is difficult to predict exactly which parts will be needed. It is also sometimes hard to find a source for the different pieces. There are a few places where the parts can be found.

Medical Supply Dealers

The most obvious place to look for replacement CPAP parts is from the dealer. This is the store or catalog where the unit was originally purchased. Some suppliers of durable medical equipment will also stock standard replacement parts such as gaskets or paper filters for the respirator. Most dealers stock parts based on the number of requests for each specific item. This means that it might be beneficial to inform a supplier that a part is requested even if they do not currently carry it because they might start stocking that piece. Any supplier carrying the exact model of the respirator could be carrying parts as well.

Hospitals or Clinics Patients who are unable to contact a dealer for whatever reason might be able to find replacement parts at a hospital or clinic. Sometimes just requesting a new strap or pillow for a mask will get a positive response. Hospitals are normally happy to help in an emergency if they are able to. They are not a primary source for parts. One difficulty is that hospitals rarely carry the same type of machines that are used by people in the home.

Manufacturers One place to look if replacement parts cannot be found with a dealer or at a hospital is with the manufacturer of the actual device. The name and some contact information might be located somewhere either molded into the plastic or on a label. Manufacturers are not normally able to sell parts directly to a patient. What they are able to do in most cases is to provide a list of the different retailers that the company regularly deals with. Another reason to call a manufacturer of a medical device is to make sure that the replacement parts are actually still being produced and distributed.

Friends If there are no other sources available for CPAP replacement parts, then it is time to turn to friends and possibly social networks online. Parts that are no longer in production or that are so rare that no one carries them will be difficult to find. There might still be someone somewhere who is willing to sell some parts or who no longer needs them. The important thing to do in this case is to ask everyone who uses a machine. Seeking out groups of people who suffer from sleep apnea through social media website could be very beneficial because some experienced members could have a source for parts.

Where To Look For CPAP Replacement Parts  

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