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ď ąArthroscopic vertebral column operation is a laser treatment done for vertebral column illnesses. ď ąThis operation is minimally invasive along with requires only local anesthesia.

ď ąThe operation procedure includes using lots of fiber optic apparatus to examine the contaminated vertebral column region. ď ąThe procedure followed is totally outpatient and requires minimal incisions.

ď ąArthroscopic vertebral column operation is performed by making a small incision whereby a small tube is inserted to test the damaged parts. ď ąAdditional tubes are entered throughout the same incision, and the last added pipe has a diameter of 18mm.

ď ąThe operating surgeon moves out all of the other added pipes once the last inserted tube is put into right position. ď ąSlowly enlarging the pipes may make the muscles and skin to expand with reduced injury.

ď ąThe surgery is conducted by the last inserted tube, whereby the surgeon add the fiber optic lasers along with camera to execute the procedure. ď ąThey're foraminotomy, laminotomy, percutaneous arthroscopic discectomy, along with facet thermal ablation

ď ąForaminotomy is a treatment performed for sciatica, spinal arthritis, bone spurs, foraminal stenosis, pinched nerves, nerve root retention, scar tissue formation, and herniated disks. ď ąThis procedure is performed to take away the tissue and bone that squeezes the spinal origin.

ď ąLaminotomy procedure is performed for managing spinal arthritis, bone spurs, pinched nerves, herniated disks, spinal stenosis, scar tissue formation, and ligamantum flavum removal. ď ąThis procedure helps in eliminating a laminar section, a plate that covers nerves along with spinal canal on every vertebra.

ď ąThe main objective of this operation can be to create more space around the spinal cord along with also to reduce the pressure created on the nerves. ď ąPercutaneous arthroscopic discectomy can be a treatment for herniated disks and spinal bulging.

ď ąIn this procedure, the bulge along with herniated disc can be removed to reduce the retention on the backbone and nerves. ď ą The laser utilized in this treatment evaporates the affected part. Facet thermal ablation can be a treatment for degeneration facet, facet joint syndrome, facet arthritis, along with facet hypertrophy ď ąArthroscopy is an extremely streamlined treatment for spinal disorders.

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