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for part of the year. So, it’s a very big challenge.” Despite this, DSM works hard to service such communities. “We’re actually able to provide remote support to our rural staff through technology, and this is an area where I think others in the country are looking to learn from our various models of diagnostic service delivery,” advises Slater. Future value

Looking ahead, DSM is in a period of transition, as they become part of a new provincial health organisation called Shared Health Services Manitoba on 1 April 2018. “All of the value and all of the benefits, the positive things that we’ve been talking about for DSM are going to get even broader. Shared Health Services Manitoba’s mandate is set to transform Manitoba’s health care system and will go well beyond just diagnostic services. It will look at how to deliver more connected and coordinated health care services across the province,” Slater concludes.

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Healthcare Global - November 2017  
Healthcare Global - November 2017