Healthcare Global - July 2014

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One of the lowest rates of hospital infection in the country

maternity from everywhere in the world to watch the results, and see the technique he employs here.” As one of the largest referral centers for high complexity in gynecology and obstetrics and neonatology in Brazil, the Pro Matre Maternity needed to expand. “Today we received moms from all over Brazil, who come here when they receive diagnoses of conditions that are beyond the average obstetrician’s routine. So now we are expanding in an area of 600 square meters, which will allow us to build 15 new apartments. We also got an area outside the hospital, where we moved the support area, a dining hall and cloakroom for the staff, and we will be able to expand a little more,” says Dr. Zaccarelli. At the moment, the two units of São Paulo, the Santa Joana hospital and the Pro Matre Maternity, are also going through the

Human milk for 100% of premature babies

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