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We can’t wait. 3, 2009 FRIDAY, APRIL

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By Abbe Smith Re Staff

When NEW HAVEN — Grady ic Norwalk paramed ed by a m am Studdard was sl motorcycle s car while riding hi onth, felm in West Haven last Smith ran e av D ic low paramed t him go d to his friend an rding to co breathing again, ac family. native, 49, The West Haven ition at was in serious cond

Grady’s younger r the prayers he is so grateful fo ily is m and support the fa mmunity co receiving from the raiser held nd fu A . and beyond at a Norwalk over the weekend of people. bar drew hundreds ward to To donate money nting ou m ’s rd da Grady Stud unt has co ac an medical bills, k of been set up at Ban ell Ave., pb America, 420 Cam 6. 51 06 , West Haven


The plan for QUALITY, AFFORDABLE health care that:

• Keeps us healthy and takes care of us when we are sick

• Offers us quality health care choices • Gives us more for our money • Delivers peace of mind

Wednesday, May 13th is HEALTH CARE CAN’T WAIT DAY

On May 13th, I will:

Dear State Senator Everyone needs quality, affordable health care. SustiNet (HB 6600) is health care we can count on – and we’re counting on YOU to make it a reality.

 come to the State Capitol  call my State Senator  call my State Representative

Please sign on to co-sponsor HB 6600. And please let me know what else you are doing to pass the law.

and tell them to:



Name: ____________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________ Street address: ______________________________________ Town: _______________________________ Zip: __________

SustiNet Post Card  

• Gives us more for our money • Keeps us healthy and takes • Delivers peace of mind • Offers us quality health care choices FR ID AY , AP RI...

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