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If the concepts in the SustiNet plan become law, important changes will help bring more doctors to Connecticut at a time when we need more doctors.” – Dr. Michael Deren, Connecticut State Medical Society


CONNECTICUT is saying about


The proposed SustiNet plan is the most innovative and comprehensive effort to date and should be adopted in Connecticut.The public, small businesses and especially our members are eager for ACTION.”

– Linda St. Peter, Connecticut Association of Realtors

SustiNet ensures timely access to the full range of evidence-based health care services…necessary to maintain health, avoid disease, overcome acute illness, and live with chronic illness.” – American Cancer Society

“ As the federal government moves forward with reform on the national level, this plan can serve as a model for nationwide change.”

– Sharon D. Langer, Connecticut Voices for Children

“ The SustiNet Plan is a well thought out, carefully crafted plan that brings together state of the art elements of health care reform to improve access and reduce the costs of care for the citizens of Connecticut.” – Dr. Keith vom Eigen, American College of Physicians, Connecticut Chapter

We need your leadership in passing this reform plan. Much like the abolitionists who took a bold stand to abolish slavery, we call upon you to stand in that tradition and help us abolish the condition of the uninsured and the underinsured.” – Rev. James B.Walker, Phillips Metropolitan C.M.E. Church

“ The quality work represented by the SustiNet proposal and by other efforts underway in Connecticut means we should be leading the health reform efforts underway nationally.” – Brenda Kelly, AARP

“ This is a big plan designed to address a big problem.” – Robert Madore, UAW Region 9A

“ The design of the SustiNet Plan contained in H.B. 6600 addresses the key factors that some other plans presented to this legislature lack. Economic times are difficult, but they will only get worse for many employed and unemployed Connecticut citizens, if health care reform is delayed any longer.” – Deacon David Reynolds, Connecticut Catholic Conference Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care

Finding out about SustiNet and what it will do for CT residents has given me a glimmer of hope.There is no reason, in a state that consistently ranks in the top three wealthiest in the country, that we should have residents who do not know how or where they will be able to obtain the healthcare that they will need.” – Melissa Karvelis, Connecticut Parent Power, East Hartford, CT

The Connecticut State Medical Society believes that our health care system needs to be reformed and that such reform must provide for greater access to medical care for ALL state residents; must be based on scientific evidence and ensure quality medical care is delivered; must be based on transparent information associated with how care is delivered and how it is paid for; and must be appropriately and adequately funded.We believe that the SustiNet proposal meets these objectives.” – Matthew Katz, Connecticut State Medical Society

“ This plan is more than “good enough” or a “good start.” This plan is a specific and responsive roadmap to covering everyone in the state.” – Ellen Andrews, PhD, Connecticut Health Policy Project

“ We are especially pleased with SustiNet's inclusion of a self-insured, public health insurance plan as a choice for all Connecticut residents – building on a pool of public employees and HUSKY enrollees.” – Suzanne Haviland, AFSCME Council 4

“ Under this plan, all Connecticut residents will have access to their choice of high quality health coverage and health care. No resident will be denied care because of pre-existing conditions.” – Mary Jan Lundgren, RN, MSW, National Association of Social Workers

SustiNet offers a high-quality health insurance plan that promotes healthy competition in the marketplace through new choices, and a new level of accountability and transparency.” – Maggie Adair, Connecticut Association for Human Services

“ SustiNet delivers on the principles Labor upholds for health care reform at both the state and national levels.The bill – and the process by which it was a built – is a model for the entire nation.” – John Olsen, Connecticut AFL-CIO

SustiNet offers any Connecticut resident high quality, affordable health care regardless of preexisting conditions, job changes, self-employment, divorce and other life changes.” – Dr. Mary Jane Williams, Connecticut Nurses Association

“ A pooling system such as the SustiNet plan will help to guarantee Connecticut residents access to health care insurance coverage and would help to control costs.” – Dr.You Sung Sang, New London County Medical Association

“ Raised Bill 6600 recognizes the value of patient participation by establishing a framework in which patients partner with their health care providers to manage their care. Raised Bill 6600 "gets" chronic illness and the many challenges facing the chronically ill.” – Jennifer C. Jaff, Esq., Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness

“ SustiNet recognizes that a critical component to health care reform is having the choice of a public health insurance plan that will guarantee families peace of mind and that is guaranteed to be there when you need it. A public health insurance plan such as SustiNet that competes directly with private insurers will help control health care costs for Connecticut’s families.”

– Phil Sherwood, Connecticut Citizen Action Group

If we don’t find a way to make quality and affordable health care available to people with the desire and guts to run small businesses, it will be yet another reason for these people not to invest in Connecticut’s economy. SustiNet offers a choice for small businesses that they can buy, if they choose, from their trusted broker.”

– Kevin Galvin, Connecticut Commercial Maintenance & Small Businesses for Health Care Reform

“ We urge you to support SustiNet on behalf of the small

business owners we've met who struggle to provide health benefits for their employees.They know they need to offer health insurance to remain competitive, but by the time they pay their business insurance, mortgage and utilities, there is little left.” – Barbara Edinberg, Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition

“ Through SustiNet, the State of Connecticut could finally address the real and sustained crisis that children, pregnant women, older adults and others face every day in trying to access dental care.” – Madeline McClave, Connecticut Oral Health Initiative

“ This plan would do a great deal to ensure universal, continuous access to quality healthcare services in a sustainable way. It will also save money by encouraging preventive health care and early interventions in medical illnesses.” – The Connecticut Public Health Association

Excerpted from testimony from Public Hearing on March 2, 2009.

SUSTINET, HB 6600 IS SUPPORTED BY (PARTIAL LIST): ACORN-CT Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, Inc American Cancer Society AFSCME, Council 4 American Federation of Teachers - Connecticut American Friends Service Committee Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition Commission on Children Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians Connecticut AFL-CIO Connecticut Association for Home Care and Hospice Connecticut Association for Human Services Connecticut Association of Realtors Connecticut Catholic Conference Connecticut Chapter of the American College of Physicians Connecticut Citizen Action Group

Connecticut Health Policy Project Connecticut Connecticut Nurses Association Connecticut Oral Health Initiative Connecticut Public Health Association Connecticut State Medical Society Connecticut State Medical Society-IPA, Inc. Connecticut Voices for Children Connecticut Working Families National Association of Social Workers, Connecticut Chapter New London County Medical Association Permanent Commission on the Status of Women Service Employees International Union, Local 32BJ Small Businesses for Health Care Reform UAW Region 9A United Connecticut Action for Neighborhoods United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 371 Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

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CT on SustiNet  

SUSTINET /HB 6600 What is saying about The proposed SustiNet plan is the most innovative and comprehensive effort to date and should be adop...

CT on SustiNet  

SUSTINET /HB 6600 What is saying about The proposed SustiNet plan is the most innovative and comprehensive effort to date and should be adop...