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January 2014


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Break The Mould With New Fitness Ideas This Year Self-Catering Versus All-Inclusive OUT 15TH E H T VERY E F O TH MON

London to Brighton Night Bike Ride

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Editors Word

Welcome to the 5th issue of the much changed Health & Living magazine. The magazine has increased in size & is now printed on an even thicker higher quality paper than before. We have also changed our distribution to approved pick up points, some of which have their own stands. We feel we can produce a better quality magazine reaching a larger audience this way. Hope you all enjoy. You can catch up on past & present articles on our new responsive website, which you can enjoy anywhere, on any device.

INSIDE Break the Mould ................................................. 2 /3 Concerts & Shows .................................................. 5 Self Catering Versus All Inclusive ............... 6 /7 Films ................................................................................. 9 Fitness Resolutions ............................................... 11 Local Events ....................................................12 / 13 London to Brighton Night Ride .....................14 Chilli Hot Pot ............................................................17 Childrens Wordsearch .........................................18 Crossword ..................................................................19 Tide Times ..................................................................21 5

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“ BREAK THE KITESURFING There’s lots of benefits kitesurfing can bring to your health, not to mention the amount of enjoyment to. Although you are strapped into a harness you will develop a very strong core strength as the centre has to distribute the power and balance from your upper body through to the legs that are pushing against the water. This will inevitably strengthen your legs and general aerobic fitness. As well as experiencing the thrilling exhilaration whilst burning calories at a high rate. There are several reputable kitesurfing instructors/schools in this area as we are by the coast. Most of which will supply everything you need right down to the wet suit in some cases. But don’t be under the illusion that your be speeding along the coast waving to your friends & relatives on your first lesson. After a few lessons you will be on the water & enjoying the thrills of this sport. Once you are at a competent level you will be able to purchase your own equipment. You can pick up second hand kits at a sensible prices to start with & then its FREE, you go when ever you want as often as you want (weather permitting).




Sadly to many people associate this as a childrens activity when it can be a great way for all age groups to get some good exercise whether it be at your local leisure centre or at home. Trampolining stimulates your metabolism, improves sense of balance, firms and tones the muscles not to mention being fantastic for your cardiovascular (heart). Research has shown that a ten minute session can be more beneficial than a half hour jog. LADIES best of all studies have shown that trampolining is one of the most beneficial methods to genuinely reduce CELLULITE. ROCK CLIMBING Climbing is an exciting recreational sport that anyone can take part in from all age groups that can be enjoyed indoors at one of your local centres or outdoors. Climbing is considered one of the best total body workouts available. It’s a unique sport in that boys and girls are equally capable. It strengthens core muscles better than exercise routines designed to focus on particular regions. Research has shown it also helps stabilize the core of our bodies, which leads to an overall stronger, less injury prone body. Other benefits include the strengthening of your hands, forearms, biceps, shoulders, neck, upper back, lower back, abs, thighs and calves. The only downside could be if your afraid of heights, which could be something else you could conquer !


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22 Jan - 2 Feb 2014

Robin Cousins’ ICE .......................... Brighton Centre

Tickets From £22.50

7 Mar 2014

Rizzle Kicks ....................................... Brighton Centre

Tickets From £17.50

15 Mar 2014

Russell Brand .................................... Brighton Centre

Tickets From £27.50

17 / 18 Mar 2014

X Factor .............................................. Brighton Centre

Tickets From £33.50

29 Mar 2014

The Wanted ....................................... Brighton Centre

Tickets From £33.50

31 Mar 2014

Tinie Tempah .....................................Brighton Centre

Tickets From £25.00

1 / 2 Apr 2014

Miranda Hart ..................................... Brighton Centre

Tickets From £27.50

9 Apr 2014

Manic Street Preachers ................... Brighton Centre

Tickets From £29.50

7 May 2014

The Seekers ....................................... Brighton Centre

Tickets From £40.00





ith all inclusive holidays becoming increasingly popular & with far more availability, fewer people are seeing the attraction of a self catering holiday. Although it would certainly seem there are still a lot of benefits for those that do. Time Table Fancy a lay in? No problem. Or maybe stay down the beach till late & eat late evening. Self-catering accommodation allows you the flexibility to come and go as you please and to set your own holiday timetable. To be on holiday & have to rush down to the buffet for set meal times, doesn’t somehow seem so relaxing. Variety & Brands Personally myself l am a bit of a brand snob as this normally means better quality & to find that the all inclusive holiday you have paid for only included a local beer that tastes like paint stripper or a wine that tastes like vinegar, would be a major blow. The beauty with self catering, even if your a creature of habit you can try a few bars restaurants in the first day/evening until you find one you like. 6

Accommodation If you like the idea of travelling in a larger group, there are plenty of accommodation options on a self-catering basis that will allow you to all stay together and reduce your costs on virtually everything from accommodation to food, drink and other holiday essentials. If you are in a larger group, you can all put money into a kitty and take it in turns to cook and do the food shopping & any other chores. There are some fantastic villa and cottage options available. Location With both holiday types there are countless locations to suit all but you will often find yourself in more of a complex style environment when going all exclusive & often far more off the beaten track.

Food All inclusive certainly has its advantages if you have young children who are going to be wanting lots of fizzy drinks & ice creams. After all it is there holiday & this can be costly to buy while your there. However lets face it unless your going on a real high end all inclusive package, buffet style food is what your likely to get. Which really isn’t that appealing. With self catering you can experience endless local cuisines at a wide range of local restaurants/cafes. It can also be great to shop in the local supermarket & try there brands, as well as being able to find a few familiar ones if you choose to.

Budget Obviously the all inclusive holidays do have a great appeal here, hence why they are becoming so popular. As providing you are happy with what your all inclusive package provides you shouldn’t need to spend anything once there. Self catering you do need to consider current exchange rates & you need to be honest with yourself how often you are likely to want to eat out. Some destinations can be really cheap, where as others can be even more expensive than the UK.

There are no clear winners here as they both have there advantages & disadvantages. If your idea of the perfect holiday is to arrive at your destination, stay next to the pool all day & just switch off without worrying about your budget every time you order a drink or your children ask for another ice cream, then the all inclusive is a clear winner. For those who still want to relax but maybe explore & enjoy more of the local cuisine/ culture & surroundings then the self catering option is a clear winner.




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Thor: The Dark World (12A) Release date: 30th Oct 2013 Marvel superhero sequel

Diana (12A) Release date: 20th Sept 2013 Naomi Watts / Royal biopic

PRISONERS (15) Release date: 4th Oct 2013 Hugh Jackman / Vigilante thriller

Justin And The Knights Of Valour (PG) Release date: 13 Sept 2013 Family animated comedy

About Time (12A) Release date: 4th Sept 2013 Light hearted romance

Pain & Gain (15) Release date: 30th August 2013 Wahlberg & Johnson, Crime comedy.

Captain Phillips (12A) Release date: 14th Oct 2013 Tom Hanks / Incredible true story

PRISONERS (15) Release date: 27th Sept 2013 Hugh Jackman / Vigilante thriller

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 (U) Release date: 25th Oct 2013 Animated family fun

The Call (15) Release date: 20th Sept 2013 Halle Berry / Tense, action, thriller

Insidious 2 (15) Release date: 13 Sept 2013 Rose Byrne / Horror

Blue Jasmine (12A) Release date: 4th Oct 2013 Cate Blanchett / Penniless socialite

Blue Jasmine (12A) Release date: 27th Sept 2013 Cate Blanchett / Penniless socialite

R.I.P.D (12A) Release date: 20 Sept 2013 Jeff Bridges / Action comedy

Thor: The Dark World (12A) Release date: 30th Oct 2013 Marvel superhero sequel

The Call (15) Release date: 20th Sept 2013 Halle Berry / Tense, action, thriller

Insidious 2 (15) Release date: 13 Sept 2013 Rose Byrne / Horror

R.I.P.D (12A) Release date: 20 Sept 2013 Jeff Bridges / Action comedy

Blue Jasmine (12A) Release date: 27th Sept 2013 Cate Blanchett / Penniless socialite

R.I.P.D (12A) Release date: 20 Sept 2013 Jeff Bridges / Action comedy

R.I.P.D (12A) Release date: 20 Sept 2013 Jeff Bridges / Action comedy

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Thor: The Dark World

The Call



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With a 78% failure rate, don’t let yourself become another statistic !!

Many of you would have made New Year resolutions especially about getting fit, losing weight and being healthier in general. Vowing to improve your lifestyle is admirable, but lofty goals such as these are often easier said than done, as most of us are left with absolutely no idea on where to begin or in fact how we’ll manage to do it. By February our old habits are back, we’re wallowing in self-pity and have presumed failure and once again just telling ourselves that it’s just not our year. You can rest assured that your not alone, according to several resolution studies, no more than 22% of them are actually carried out successfully. Yes that is a whopping 78% of people that fail. This is where the advantages of hiring a Personal Trainer come in to their own, MP Personal Training have a team of highly trained individuals who help you reach your goals. They have the experience and the expertise to help you keep your efforts manageable, on track and as enjoyable as possible, without breaking the bank. Some of you reading this may already be regular visitors to your local gym, if you’re one of these people then answer the following questions: When did you last change your routine? Is your workout actually right for you? In a single session we would be able to help you set some new achievable goals, write you a new training plan or simply check & maybe help you with your technique. No need to worry if one of your barriers is that you’re worried about stepping into a gym or health club, as we provide services where we can meet our clients outside for sessions in a suitable location or even in the comfort of your own home. So don’t put off your fitness & health goals until next year there’s still plenty of time & remember when you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll do it more often allowing you to reach your goals quicker.

With Thanks From our local fitness & health experts .....


LOCALEVENTS Chilled to the Bone: Ice Age Sussex / Brighton Museum & Art Gallery Royal Pavilion Gardens. Open until 18th Jan 2014 The display looks at how ice has driven our evolution, why we have survived whilst the Neanderthals perished and what the disappearance of ice from the poles could mean for our survival. Free entry For Full Details Visit

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink / Open until 19th Jan Stunning, twinkly, romantic, child-friendly... all topped off with beautiful food in our rinkside bar and restaurant. Adults£13 peak session / £10 off-peak session Children under 12 £8.50 peak session / £7 off-peak session. Family £34 (2 adults, 2 children under 12 or 1 adult, 3 children under 12) For Full Details Visit We cover virtually all aspects of carpentry at sensible rates, with 25 years experience. Mezzanines . Cladding . Decking . Flooring Garage Conversions . 1st & 2nd Fix Carpentry Doors . Carports & much more call or email today.

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Anton Du Beke: Ballroom to Broadway / Brighton Dome 24 Jan 2014 Anton Du Beke is back once again with a thrilling new show to wow audiences across the UK. Featuring memorable Tickets from £27.50 For Full Details Visit www.

Art Deco Fair / Hove Town Hall, Norton Rd 9 Feb 2014 1920’s - 1970’s Art Deco furniture & stalls packed with goodies from the past . AA Signposted, Refreshments and Parking. Tickets £3.00 For Full Details Visit

The Brighton Half Marathon 16 Feb 2014 One of the most popular races on the national running calendar. Great day out whether your taking part or cheering along For Full Details Visit

T4 ADVERT YOUR LOGO 01273 383 121



Reaching the top of Devil’s Dyke after sunrise & seeing the road go downhill to Brighton was exhilarating.

Our fight against heart disease never sleeps. Let’s ride through the night and power life-saving research, so together we can stop heart disease in its tracks.

Starting with the hustle and bustle of London as your backdrop, we’ll ride 60 miles through sleepy country lanes on our way to the South Downs. We’ll get those pedals turning up Devil’s Dyke, and enjoy riding into the sunrise towards Brighton Beach. Be a life-saver For over 50 years our pioneering research has led to the discoveries of vital treatments that are changing the fight against heart disease. But with coronary heart disease still being the UK’s single biggest killer, this fight never sleeps. Join our fight and help us raise over £500,000 to power our life-saving research and end the suffering caused by heart disease.

For Full Details Visit: 14

What to expect We’re experts at organising bike rides. Our highly experienced team will support you before, during and after the ride. For expert tips, training schedules and advice, visit the training zone. Remember to build up your training gradually so you feel ready and confident on the night. Our night time adventure will begin at 11pm on Saturday 12 July 2014 from London’s Clapham Common and finishes on Madeira Drive, Brighton Beach. The finish site will close at 9am on the Sunday. The ride is 60 miles on road with 1,207 metres of climbing. The route will be clearly signposted and marshalled all the way. We’ll have three rest stops where you can recharge, have a break and grab some fuel. You can also expect free water, first aid and mechanical support through the night.


Fra nkl in

x, B N 41

just FOUR WEEKS you could Drop up to 10% body fat Lose up to 14lbs in weight Tighten your tummy Improve fitness Increase strength

28 26-

In • • • • •

ar Ye r s w Ne ffe nth O w mo , ne o s 0 Twr £5 mer t s fo sto Mu 1st u 3 c ly. y . b on rt ary a u st Jan

1A F

If you have ever struggled to get into shape, then we have the SOLUTION!

e uss S t Road, P ade, Eas o r t sl

2-3 of our METABOLIC boosting workouts per week can help you burn fat fast & improve fitness fast.

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CHILLI HOTPOT WITH POTATO A real family winter warmer.

Method 1. Toss the beef in flour, then brown half in a pan, using 1 tbsp oil. Once browned, spoon into a bowl. Add 100ml wine to the pan and scrape up any bits. Reduce a little, then pour into the bowl with the cooked beef. Wipe the pan and repeat with the remaining beef and another 100ml wine. Meanwhile, whizz the onions, carrots and garlic in a food processor until finely chopped. 2. Add 2 tbsp oil to the pan and tip in the chopped veg, peppers, fresh chilli, thyme sprigs and bay. Fry for 10 mins. Tip in the spices, cook for 1 min, then add the rest of the wine and reduce by half. Add the tomatoes, sugar, beef, winey juices and stock, season, then simmer for 1½-2 hrs until the meat is meltingly tender. Stir in the beans and allow to cool. 3. Peel and slice the potatoes about 5mm thick, then boil for 5 mins. Drain, then tip back into pan. Add the butter and thyme leaves, season, then toss to coat. Tip the chilli mix into a 35 x 25cm dish, then layer the potatoes on top. Dot with butter. Cover with cling film and cool completely if freezing. Will freeze for 1 month – defrost before cooking. Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6 and bake for 50 mins-1 hr, until the sauce is bubbling and potatoes golden. Serve with soured cream and green veg.



Ingredients 4 garlic cloves, bashed to remove skin 2 tbsp plain flour, seasoned well 4 tbsp olive oil 300ml red wine 2 red onions, cut into chunks 2 carrots, cut into chunks 800g braising steaks, cubed 2 red peppers, deseeded, cut into chunks 1 fresh red chilli, deseeded and sliced few thyme sprigs, plus 1 tbsp leaves 1 bay leaf 1 tsp each ground cumin and coriander ½ tsp each cinnamon and chilli flakes 2 x 400g cans chopped plum tomatoes 2 tsp caster or granulated sugar 250ml good beef stock 400g can red kidney beans, drained 1kg potatoes knob of butter Prep 20 mins

Cook 3 hours




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Quick Crossword Across 1. Fruit (7) 4. Rice and raw fish in seaweed (5) 7. Preserve made from citrus fruits (9) 8. Frozen dessert (3) 9. Unfreeze (7) 10. Aroma (5) 12. Edible bulb (5) 16. Pastry (7) 18. Drink made with juniper berries (3) 19. Wine source (9) 20. Sample (5) 21. Vanilla ___ (7)


DID YOU KNOW ? Crossing your arms can reduce pain by confusing your brain.

Down 1. Edible nut (6) 2. Bran (5) 3. Used to brew a beverage (6) 4. Add sugar (7) 5. Sponge cake (5,4) 6. Cooler (6) 9. Servings of boiled or steamed dough (9) 11. Baked pasta dish (7) 13. Chewy confection (6) 14. Fatty oil (6) 15. Dairy product (6) 17. Prepare a turkey (5)

DID YOU KNOW ? In ancient Egypt, medical institutions were called “Houses of Life.”

Last Issues Crossword Answers Across: 1.Hanoi 5.Manila 7.Italy 9.Sofia 10.Ankara 12.Kathmandu 14.Bogota 15.Amman 16.Lome 17.Caracus 19.Suva 20.Islamabad 22.Quito 23.Male Down: 1.Harare 2.Lisbon 3.Bagdad 4.Reykjavik 6.Apia 8.Muscat 10.Addisababa 11Jakarta 12.Kabul 13.Kampala 17.Cairo 18.Vaduz 19.Seoul 21.Lima


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January 03:10 15 09:20 Fri 15:35 21:42

1.31m 5.87m 1.22m 5.92m

00:13 6.16m

20 06:22 1.09m Wed 12:27 6.17m 18:41 0.93m 03:34 5.12m

25 09:45 2.07m Mon 15:53 5.05m 22:13 1.93m

Tide Times Brighton 03:54 16 10:02 Sat 16:16 22:23

1.15m 6.07m 1.02m 6.09m

04:34 17 10:41 Sun 16:54 23:01

1.04m 6.21m 0.89m 6.20m

01:26 5.84m

00:49 6.03m

22 07:34 1.42m Fri 13:39 5.78m

19:17 1.09m

19:55 1.29m

21 06:57 1.23m Thur 13:02 6.00m 04:30 26 10:44 Tue 16:53 23:15

05:34 4.92m

0.99m 6.28m 0.83m 6.22m

05:46 1.00m 19 11:52 6.26m Tue 18:06 0.85m

02:04 5.60m

24 08:55 1.87m Sun 15:02 5.27m

20:35 1.52m

21:20 1.34m

05:11 18 11:17 Mon 17:30 23:37

23 08:13 1.64m Sat 14:18 5.53m 00:23 1.99m

4.96m 2.19m 4.91m 2.03m

27 11:51 2.19m Wed 18:02 4.92m

28 06:41 5.04m Thur 12:58 2.02m

0.90m 6.45m 0.61m 6.56m

04:49 3 10:57 Tue 17:14 23:24

05:35 0.52m 4 11:43 6.90m Wed 18:00 0.24m

19:09 5.11m

02:46 5.35m

01:27 1.81m

29 07:42 5.31m Fri 13:59 1.72m 21:09 5.43m

30 02:25 1.53m Sat 08:36 5.68m

14:53 1.34m 21:02 5.82m

1 Sun


03:16 09.25 6 15:42 Fri 21:51

1.38m 6.80m 0.25m 6.98m

04:04 2 10.12 Mon 16:28 22:37

00:58 07:10 13:18 19:36

6.77m 0.61m 6.75m 0.42m

7 08:00 0.83m Sat 14:09 6.47m

8 08:54 1.12m Sun 15:03 6.09m

20:28 0.69m

9 09:52 1.43m Mon 16:03 5.71m

21:23 1.03m

22:24 1.37m

11 Wed

01:48 6.55m

00:40 1.78m

05:48 5.32m 12:07 1.85m 18:20 5.22m

12 06:57 5.26m Thur 13:17 1.85m 19:29 5.21m

0.66m 6.74m 0.36m 6.78m

02:41 6.22m

01:46 1.78m

13 08:00 5.33m Fri 14:19 1.73m 21:29 5.32m

03:38 5.86m

00:10 5 06:22 Thur 12:30 18:47

6.86m 0.50m 6.91m 0.26m

04:40 5.54m

10 10:57 1.69m Tue 17:09 5.40m 23:30 1.64m

02:43 1.69m

14 08:54 5.49m Sat 15:11 1.55m

21:20 5.49m


THE FUTURES BRIGHT WITH..... Please mention H & L when responding to adverts.

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