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Health Tips

Diet, lifestyle, and supplement tips for the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

22 Food as Medicine

We celebrate the avocado.

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NATUR AL GLOW Read my lips: How to keep your smile beautiful.



De-stress with herbal adaptogens.

2 8 LIFE IN BAL ANCE Decoding the labels.

Help for bladder infections.

2 4 HIGHWAY TO HE ALTH  Natural thyroid health: Striking

3 0 AROMATHER AP Y Breathe in calm.

the right balance.


Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

Scientific research—and common sense—tell us that a healthy sex life contributes to overall happiness. Unfortunately, some of us give so much energy to family, work, friendships, and community that our sexual vitality can take a hit. As with other areas in life, nature can lend a helping hand. Research shows that certain herbs, such as maca and ashwagandha, THIS MONTH’S FEATURE can turn up the heat in the bedroom. These herbs are known as Irwin Naturals “adaptogens.” They Steel-Libido for Women help the body function A specialized blend of botanicals optimally during times of and nutrients to support the sexual vitality and performance of stress and contribute to women of all ages. hormonal balance. If you haven’t been “feeling it” lately, you probably know stress is one of the top killers of libido. Female participants who took maca and ashwagandha in various studies reported greater sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, number of encounters, and orgasmic satisfaction. Does this catch your attention? If so, check out the sexual vitality products carried at the store, including Irwin Naturals Steel Libido, which contains the herbs mentioned earlier. Of course, sexual vitality is just one part of life. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue of Health & Happiness, which is dedicated to many aspects of women’s health! Wishing you Health and Happiness,

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Sindy Sindy Wise Director, Apothecary

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The latest word from the world of natural health.

PROBIOTICS MAY EASE ANXIETY All of us have days when we’re overwhelmed. University of Missouri researchers recently determined that Lactobacillus plantarum—a common probiotic bacteria in yogurt and supplements—may decrease stress-related behavior and anxiety. Probiotics have become increasingly popular as a way to improve health and well-being, and there has been a direct correlation between these healthful gut microbes and the central nervous system. A recent study assessed the effects of various nutritional supplements on depression, anxiety, and other stress-related symptoms. The researchers concluded that probiotics (as well as omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and other nutraceuticals) “are promising avenues” for “significant clinical benefit.” SELECTED SOURCES “Common Probiotics Can Reduce Stress Levels, Lessen Anxiety,” University of Missouri-Columbia, 11/22/16 ½ “Nutritional Psychiatry: The Present State of the Evidence” by W. Marx et al., Proc Nutr Soc, 9/17

CANNABINOID CREAMS MAY EASE ITCHING Anti-inflammatory substances in cannabinoids may be useful for a wide range of skin diseases. That’s the conclusion of a 2017 study from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, which noted that cannabinoids may be effective in treating eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. “Perhaps the most promising role for cannabinoids is in the treatment of itch,” said dermatologist Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD, the senior author of the study. He pointed to a trial that found relief from severe itching in patients who applied a cannabinoid cream twice a day for three weeks. SELECTED SOURCES “Cannabinoids May Help Soothe Certain Skin Diseases, Study Shows,” https://, 4/18/17 ½ “The Role of Cannabinoids in Dermatology” by J.S. Mounessa et al., JAAD, 7/17

6  MAY 2018

SKIN BOOSTER Collagen, a type of protein, provides skin with its “stretchy yet firm” feel associated with youth. Collagen production lessens as we age, so the skin develops wrinkles and loses its plumpness. Oral supplements of collagen are readily available. Creams, lotions, and other products containing collagen can also help keep skin firmer and smoother. SELECTED SOURCES “Oral Supplementation of Specific Collagen Peptides Has Beneficial Effects on Human Skin Physiology . . .” by E. Proksch et al., 2014; “Oral Intake of Specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides Reduces Skin Wrinkles and Increases Dermal Matrix Synthesis” by E. Proksch et al., 2014, Skin Pharmacol Physiol

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The latest word from the world of natural health.


session can lead to “positive carryover effects” after

Practicing just 25 minutes of yoga or mindfulness

the session. That may mean increased energy and a

meditation each day leads to better brain perfor-

better ability to control knee-jerk emotional respons-

mance, according to a recent study. Research-

es, among other benefits.

ers found that focusing on “a limited number of

SOURCE “Yoga and Meditation Improve Brain Function and Energy Levels,” University of Waterloo, 9/6/17

targets like breathing and posing” during a yoga

YOGA MAY EASE BACK PAIN About 80 percent of Americans will have back pain sometime during their lives, and treatments can be frustrating and expensive. An analysis of a dozen studies determined that yoga can offer relief. “For some patients suffering from chronic non-­ specific low back pain, yoga may be worth considering as a form of treatment,” said researcher L. Susan Wieland, PhD, of the University of Maryland. Participants showed small reductions in pain and small to moderate improvements in back function from yoga practice. SOURCE “Low Back Pain? Relax, Breathe, and Try Yoga” by Robert Preidt, HealthDay, 2/10/17

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LOW LIBIDO? HERE’S HERBAL HELP Sexual desire can be impacted by a variety of factors. Several remedies have been shown to provide a boost. Consider these herbal aphrodisiacs:

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■ Epimedium may stimulate sensory nerves that have an indirect effect on sexual desire. Some herbal remedies may adversely affect mood and blood pressure, so discuss treatment with your healthcare provider first. SELECTED SOURCES “Ethnobiology and Ethnopharmacology of Lepidium meyenii (Maca), a Plant from the Peruvian Highlands” by G. Gonzales, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 10/11 ½ “Exploring Scientifically Proven Herbal Aphrodisiacs” by S. Kotta et al., Pharmacogn Rev, 2013

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peanut butter GLUTEN FREE


(Gluten-free, Grain-free, Egg-free, Soy-free, optionally Dairy-free and Nut-free) Makes 24 INGREDIENTS: ¾ cup sifted powdered sugar ½ cup creamy peanut butter or seed butter 3 tablespoons unsalted butter or dairy-free butter, melted 4 tablespoons NeoCell Super Collagen 1¼ cups semisweet chocolate chips or dairy-free chocolate chips 1 tablespoon vegetable shortening Flaky sea salt

Recipe by Carol Kicinski

HOW TO MAKE IT: Line a baking sheet with parchment or waxed paper. Combine the powdered sugar, peanut butter, butter, and collagen together in a mixing bowl and mix until fully combined. Divide the mixture into 24 equal-sized balls. Place on the prepared baking sheet and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Combine the chocolate chips and shortening in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high power for 60-90 seconds or until most of the chocolate chips are melted. Stir until smooth and glossy. Dip the truffles into the chocolate to coat and place back on the baking sheet. Sprinkle the top with a small pinch of sea salt and refrigerate for another 15-30 minutes.

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health tips

By Taste for Life staff


30s, 40s & 50s Consider diet, lifestyle, and supplements Each age brings with it unique joys and challenges. No matter where you are in the life cycle, the following tips can help you look and feel your best.

12  MAY 2018


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If you want to get pregnant during your 30s, it’s essential to get adequate

folic acid (vitamin B9) to prevent serious birth defects such as spina bifida. All women of childbearing age should consume about 400 micrograms (mcg) a day of this crucial vitamin. Research shows that expectant mothers who received adequate intake of this nutrient had a much lower risk of having a baby born with autism spectrum disorder. Research suggests that sufficient intake of essential fatty acids (EFA) is also key for fetal


Organic Flax Oil A pure and unrefined source of plant-based, vegetarian omega-3 fatty acids.

development. “The development of the central nervous system, the brain, the eyes, and the immune system have all been associated with adequate intake of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA),” said Tori Hudson, ND. “For the fetus, a deficiency in EFAs, particularly DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), may lead to a poorly developed nervous system. EFA deficiency may also lead to lower body weight and slower brain growth.” SUPPLEMENTS TO CONSIDER


½ Flaxseed, borage, black currant, and fish

½ If you smoke, stop.

oils all provide omega-3 essential fatty

½ Get adequate sleep.


½ Exercise 30 minutes most days. This

½ Cover your bases with a quality multi­

is a great way to increase bone density

vitamin/mineral with B complex. Taking

and can improve your mood and sleep.

prenatal vitamins ensures you’re getting

Consistent aerobic exercise can reduce

an adequate amount of folic acid and

symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

iron. Prenatals will also help ensure you’re

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½ If you want to obtain omegas through

getting the calcium you need—twice as

food, try consuming olive oil and oily fish

much is needed in pregnancy and will help

such as salmon.

prevent preeclampsia.


½ Eating fruits and veggies that contain high pesticide residue decreases fertility. If you’re trying to get pregnant, increase the amount of organic produce you eat. ½ Too much caffeine can inhibit fertility, so

new! Traditional Medicinals Organic Lozenge Morning Ease

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try cutting back on consumption if you want to get pregnant. ½ If you wish to get pregnant, eat whole-milk products instead of low-fat or fat-free varieties. Studies have shown that wholemilk products are linked to better fertility rates compared to low-fat dairy products.

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Award-winning fish oil delivers 1600 mg omega 3s per serving, including EPA and DHA. Supports heart, brain, vision, and joint health. Orange and Lemon flavors. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Perimenopause is a natural transition to menopause, but that doesn’t mean it’s

easy. Diminishing production of estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries can lead to disconcerting symptoms, including turning beet red at the drop of a hat, battles with insomnia, a thickening waistline, thinning hair, and the sprouting of chin hairs. Menstrual cycles become increasingly unpredictable. Less noticeable symptoms include a loss of calcium in the bones and increasing risk for heart disease. Estrogen deficiency can cause long menstrual cycles and spotty, scant periods, explains Maria Noël Groves, RH. Estrogen dominance can cause heavy periods. Phytoestrogens can help in either scenario. “While soy is the most researched, phytoestrogens are present in all beans, red clover blossoms, flaxseeds (not the oil but the fiber), shatavari, and some mint-family herbs,” reports Groves. “Most studies show that phytoestrogens have a protective effect, although they remain controversial in estrogen-dependent cancers.” SUPPLEMENTS TO CONSIDER


½ Black cohosh supports hormone balance,

½ If you smoke, stop.

reduces hot flashes, supports sleep,

½ Get adequate sleep.

reduces irritability, and shrinks uterine

½ Exercise 30 minutes most days. Build bones

fibroids. ½ Vitex, also called chaste tree berry, can improve perimenopause symptoms for some women. ½ Vitamin D supports mood and bone health. ½ Curcumin is an effective anti-inflammatory and can be useful against many cancers, including breast cancer. ½ Essential fatty acids in coldwater fish and flaxseed and black currant seed oils can help balance hormones and reduce hot flashes, as can fermented soy. ½ A multivitamin/mineral with B complex and vitamins C and E can help smooth out mood swings and lessen anxiety. ½ Digestive enzymes and probiotics can reduce the bloating common in perimenopause. ½ Melatonin, tart cherry juice, Pycnogenol, and magnesium support healthy sleep. ½ If you struggle with yeast infections— which can lead to fatigue and brain fog— consider garlic and oregano oil supplements. 14  MAY 2018

with regular weight-bearing exercise like walking, dancing, yoga, t’ai chi, and weight training. ½ Consume enough fiber—aim for 25 grams—to protect against breast cancer. ½ Avoid weight gain to help protect against breast cancer. ½ Limit alcohol intake. ½ Eat a heart-healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet to reduce the risk of heart disease.

SELECTED SOURCES “Association of Maternal Use of Folic Acid and Multivitamin Supplements in the Periods Before and During Pregnancy with the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Offspring” by S.Z. Levine et al., JAMA Psychiatry, 2/1/18 ½ Body into Balance by Maria Noël Groves, RH ($24.95, Storey Publishing, 2016) ½ “Dietary Fiber Intake and Risk of Breast Cancer: A Meta-analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies” by Jia-Yi Dong et al., Am Journal Clin Nutr, 6/15/11 ½ “Effect of Isopropanolic Cimicifuga racemosa Extract on Uterine Fibroids . . .” by S. Xi et al., Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2014 ½ “Exercise Most Important Lifestyle Change to Help Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence,” Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2/21/17 ½ “Intake of Pesticide Residue from Fruits, Vegetables and Infertility Treatment Outcomes,” JAMA Network Journals, 10/30/17 ½ “Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Sources and Evaluation of Their Nutritional and Functional Properties” by E. Abedi and M.A. Sahari, Food Sci Nutr, 9/12 ½ “Mediterranean Diet Tied to Lower Breast Cancer Risk” by Amy Norton, Reuters Health,, 9/3/10 ½ “Midlife Women, Bone Health, Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit Study . . .” by C.A. Gunn et al., BMC Public Health, 2013 ½ “Nutraceutical Pill Containing Berberine Versus Ezetimibe on Plasma Lipid Pattern in Hypercholesterolemic Subjects . . .” by L. Pisciotta et al., 2012; “Olive Oil Intake Is Inversely Related to Cancer Prevalence” by T. Psaltopoulou et al., 7/30/11, Lipids Health Dis ½ “Omega-3 Fats: Good for Your Heart,” US National Library of Medicine,, 4/24/16 ½ “Oral Vitamin D Supplements Increase Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D in Postmenopausal Women and Reduce Bone Calcium Flux . . .” by A. Schild et al., Journal of Nutrition, 9/2/15 ½ “Vitamin K Supplement Along with Vitamin D and Calcium Reduced Serum Concentration of Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin . . .” by S.H. Je et al., Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2011 ½ “What Are the Health Benefits of Hawthorn Extract?” by Tracey Roizman, DC, ½ Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Tori Hudson, ND ($24.95, McGraw-Hill, 2008)


Many American women fear getting breast cancer, but cardiovascular

disease (CVD) is the number one killer of women over age 25 in the United States. One in 2.6 deaths in women are from CVD, compared with one in 30 from breast cancer. In fact, women are twice as likely to die from heart disease than from all cancers combined. After menopause, which typically occurs around age 50, women’s HDL (good) cholesterol levels tend to fall while their LDL (bad) cholesterol levels rise. The attendant results are an increase in the risk of arterial plaque and heart disease. Bone density can become an issue in this decade, due to drops in estrogen. Calcium is good

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to take “but is minimally effective (and dangerous) if taken by itself,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. “It is much better to find a good bone health nutritional aid that includes other nutrients along with the calcium. Especially important are magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and boron.” SUPPLEMENTS TO CONSIDER ½ Omega 3s support heart health,

DIET & LIFESTYLE TIPS ½ If you smoke, stop.

lower inflammation, protect

½ Exercise 30 minutes most days.

against breast cancer, and in-

½ Eat a heart-healthy, anti-inflam-

crease bone mass. ½ Niacin and berberine can lower cholesterol. ½ The herb hawthorn can lower blood pressure.

matory diet such as the Mediterranean diet. ½ Lose weight if you need to. ½ Cut back on alcohol. ½ Do all that you can to reduce

½ Curcumin fights inflammation.

chronic stress. Consider acupunc-

½ Look for a bone-supportive

ture, meditation, and yoga.

supplement that includes the

Jarrow Formulas

Jarro-Dophilus Probiotics for Women Clinically documented probiotic lactobacilli vaginal strains promote optimal microflora. Solgar

Vitamin D3 5,000I U Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption for bones and teeth. This D3 is the same form made by the body with sunlight.

½ Incorporate foods into your diet

minerals calcium, magnesium,

that support bone strength. These

and boron, and vitamins D and

include broccoli, cucumbers,

K2. Research indicates supple-

lettuce, green beans, oranges,

menting with 1,000 IU of vitamin

prunes, and tomatoes. Tomatoes

D daily helps women achieve a

are a source of the carotenoid

blood level that supports bone

lycopene. Higher intakes of lyco-

health. Daily intake of 1,200 mil-

pene are linked to lower risk of hip

ligrams (mg) of calcium is linked


to decreased bone loss. If you are

Rainbow Light

Women’s One Multivitamin One-a-day formula supports bone and breast health, stress and hormone balance, and delivers probiotics too.

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not reaching that level through

Women’s Renew Internal Cleansing

your diet, 500 to 2,000 mg of supplemental calcium a day may

System includes knowledge from Ayurvedic, Chinese, European, and Native American traditions.

be helpful. Once you have what you need of calcium, taking more does not reduce fracture risk.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


ANCIENT ANCIENT NUTRITION NUTRITION ISISBONE BONEBROTH BROTHTHE THEMISSING MISSINGLINK LINKTO TOYOUR YOURHEALTH? HEALTH? For Forasaslong longasashumans humanshave havebeen beencooking cookingfood foodover overfire, fire,bone bonebroth—the broth—thesimmering simmeringstock stockofofbones bones otherwise otherwisediscarded—has discarded—hasbeen beena adaily dailypart partofoflife, life,celebrated celebratedbybycultures culturesaround aroundthe theworld. world.Not Notonly only does doesbone bonebroth brothadd adddepth depthofofflavor flavortotorecipes recipesand andmeals, meals,it italso alsoimparts impartssignificant significantand andbroad broadhealth health benefits benefitsthat thatare arenow nowcapturing capturingthe theattention attentionofofmillions. millions.Bone Bonebroth brothmay maybebethe the“hottest “hottesttrend trendininhealth” health” today, today,even eventhough thoughit itis iscenturies centuriesold. old.Could Couldit itbebethe themissing missinglink linkthat thatyou’ve you’vebeen beensearching searchingfor? for?



One Onething thingthat thatactors, actors,professional professionalathletes, athletes, executives executivesand andtelevision televisionpersonalities personalitiesallallhave have inincommon commonare arehigh-performance high-performancelifestyles. lifestyles.SoSo it itis islittle littlewonder wonderthat thatthe themedia mediaseems seemstotobebe reporting reportingalmost almostdaily dailyononthe thecelebrities celebritiesthat thatare are making makingbone bonebroth brotha acentral centralcomponent componentofoftheir their health healthand andfitness fitnessprogram. program.

Another Anotheraudience audiencethat thatis is“fueling “fuelingthe thefire” fire”ofofthe the bone bonebroth brothmovement movementis isthe therapidly-growing rapidly-growinggroup group ofofpeople peoplefollowing followinga aPaleolithic-inspired Paleolithic-inspiredeating eating and andlifestyle lifestyleprogram. program.And Anditsitsnot notjust justweekend weekend warriors warriorsand andhardcore hardcorefitness fitnessadvocates advocatesthat thatare are contributing toto the growth. Recent statistics indicate contributing the growth. Recent statistics indicate a awider widerdemographic demographicofofpeople peopleis is”going ”goingPaleo” Paleo” and andestimate estimatethat that54% 54%are arewomen womenand and76% 76%are are college collegeeducated. educated.The Theworld worldofofhealth healthand andfitness fitness is isoften oftendominated dominatedbybyfads fadsand andtrends; trends;however, however, allallthe thedata datasuggests suggeststhat thatthis thisis isa amodern-day modern-day phenomenon, phenomenon,based basedononancient ancientwisdom, wisdom,that that is isnot notgoing goingaway awayany anytime timesoon. soon.

You Youwill willalso alsosee seebone bonebroth brothvery verywell wellrepresented represented if ifyou youtake takea astroll strolldown downthe theaisle aisleofofyour yourlocal local bookstore bookstoreand anda asurprising surprisingnumber numberofof“broth “broth cafes” cafes”have haveopened openedupupininNew NewYork YorkCity Cityasaspeople people are aretrading tradinginintheir theirmorning morningcup cupofofcoffee coffeefor forthe the benefits benefitsthat thatbone bonebroth brothcan candeliver! deliver!

WHY WHYALL ALLTHE THEHYPE? HYPE? Bone Bonebroth brothisistypically typicallyrich richininprotein, protein,collagen, collagen,gelatin, gelatin,glucosamine, glucosamine, chondroitin chondroitinand andkey keyminerals mineralsoften oftenmissing missinginindiet. diet.These Thesevital vitalnutrients nutrients support supporta awide widerange rangeofofhealth healthbenefits benefitsand andbody bodysystems systemsincluding: including: Healthy Healthydetoxification, detoxification, gut gutand andimmune immunesystem† system†

Healthy Healthyand andvibrant vibrantskin, skin, hair hairand andnails† nails†

Healthy Healthyjoints joints and andlean leanmuscle musclemass† mass†

Metabolism Metabolismand and a ahealthy healthyweight† weight†

Natural Natural| |Gluten GlutenFree Free| |Dairy DairyFree Free| |Soy SoyFree Free| |Grain GrainFree Free| |Nut NutFree Free




MODERN MODERN SUPERFOOD SUPERFOOD BRINGING BRINGINGTHE THEBENEFITS BENEFITSOF OFBONE BONEBROTH BROTHTO TOTHE THEPEOPLE PEOPLE Two Twomajor majordrawbacks drawbackstotoexperiencing experiencingthe thebenefits benefitsofofbone bonebroth brothisisthe thetime timetotomake makeit itatathome home and andexpense expensetotobuy buyit itpre-packaged. pre-packaged.Introducing IntroducingBone BoneBroth BrothProtein™—a Protein™—abreakthrough breakthroughininprotein protein supplementation supplementationthat thatdelivers deliversthe thebenefits benefitsofofbone bonebroth brothininananeasy-to-mix, easy-to-mix,convenient convenientand and on-the-go . . on-the-goform form Not Notonly onlydoes doesBone BoneBroth BrothProtein™ Protein™pack pack20g 20gofofgut-friendly gut-friendlyand andPaleo-friendly Paleo-friendlyprotein proteinper perserving, serving, it italso alsoprovides providesBone BoneBroth BrothCo-Factors Co-Factorssuch suchasascollagen, collagen,glucosamine, glucosamine,chondroitin, chondroitin,hyaluronic hyaluronicacid acid and andkey keyelectrolyte electrolyteminerals mineralstotosupport supportthe thehealth healthofofyour yourgut, gut,joints, joints,muscles, muscles,skin skinand andhealthy healthy detoxification.† detoxification.† Bone BoneBroth BrothProtein™ Protein™isisfree freeofofcommon commonallergens allergensand andthe theideal idealprotein proteinsource sourcefor forthose thosesensitive sensitive totodairy, dairy,grains, grains,egg, egg,beef, beef,nuts nutsand andlegumes. legumes.Carefully-crafted Carefully-craftedquality qualityyou youcan cantrust trustand andtested testedtoto be beGMO GMOfree. free.

55BIG BIGBENEFITS BENEFITSOF OF BONE BONEBROTH BROTHPROTEIN™ PROTEIN™ 1.1.Saves SavesYou YouTime Time 2.2.Saves SavesYou YouMoney Money 3.3.Packed Packedwith with20g 20gProtein Protein ++Bone BoneBroth BrothCo-Factors Co-Factors 4.4.Whole WholeFood FoodSupplemental SupplementalProtein Protein 5.5.Diet, Diet,Paleo Paleoand andGut GutFriendly Friendly

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by Eva Milotte

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Desert Essence

Shea Butter Lip Rescue

Lips take the brunt of harsh weather conditions. Since they have no oil glands and are constantly exposed to the elements, they tend to get dry and chapped easily. The skin on our lips is also thinner than anywhere else on the body. Follow these tips to keep them in tiptop shape, and then discover how to enhance their look. H E A LT H Y L I P S ½ L ook for lip balms with moisturizing and healing ingredients such as olive oil, almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and shea butter. ½ Stay ahead of the game by applying lip balm before your lips are chapped. Apply often!

Here’s help for even the driest lips, formulated with ultra-rich African shea butter.

½ Resist the urge to lick your lips. When saliva dries on them, it removes moisture

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SuperLysine + Immune Caps & Cream

from the lips’ protective barrier. ½ Lips have no melanin—a pigment that protects them from sun damage. If you’ll

Don’t let a cold sore rule your life — try these herbal lysine products together for optimum results.

be out in the elements, apply a lip balm with SPF protection. ½ Drink lots of water to hydrate your body, skin, and lips.

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BEAUTIFUL LIPS ½ Steer clear of matte lipstick shades. They


Neem & Pomegranate Toothpaste

can be very drying when your lips are chapped. Look for hydrating blends. ½ To enhance your natural lip color, select

Dependable timetested ingredients deliver a mouth full of freshness, a burst of exotic flavors, and a smile you can count on.

a shade of lip gloss or lipstick that’s two or three shades darker than your natural tone. ½ Select lighter colors for the day and darker for night. If you love your lips, bright colors will draw people’s attention to them. Paler hues are flattering on both small and large lips.

½ When applying lip gloss, first put down a layer of lip balm to moisturize the lips.

½ For an even application, use a lip brush to apply lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip stains.

SELECTED SOURCES “7 Tips for Beautiful Lips,”, 2017 ½ Make Your Own Pure Mineral Makeup by Heather Anderson ($19.95, Storey, 2017) ½ Natural Beauty edited by Rebecca Warren and Shannon Beatty ($25, DK Publishing, 2015) ½ “Why Are My Lips Chapped?”, 7/17/17



by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Bladder Infections How to prevent them

Bladder infections, also called cystitis, are common in females because the opening from the outside of the body to inside the bladder is short. This makes it easier for bacteria (usually the E. coli that come from the rectum/stool) to get into the bladder. While most bacterial infections get washed out each time you urinate, the E. coli have little Velcro-like sticky pads on them that allow them to stick to the bladder wall—so they don’t wash out. Although bladder infections can occur without symptoms, more often they trigger an intense urge to urinate, urinating frequently (even when there’s little urine), and burning on urination. Blood visible in the urine is less common and warrants an immediate trip to the doctor. Before beginning antibiotics, it is good to have the doctor get a urine sample to do a culture to test for bacteria. Often in women with recurrent bladder symptoms there is no infection, and the antibiotics make the problem worse in the long run.


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Reusable and eco-friendly menstrual cup that you can wear for up to 12 hours without leaks or worry.

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Yeast Arrest Suppositories Natural homeopathic vaginal suppository for symptoms associated with vaginal yeast infections.

Consider seeing your doctor for a urine culture right away. If you have blood visible in the urine, a fever, or back pain with the infection, it is critical to see a doctor immediately. In addition, below are natural treatments for bladder infections. If the symptoms are not resolving by 24 hours into treatment, see your practitioner. 1  Drink plenty of water to wash out the infection. 2  Take the supplement D-mannose. If you are prone to bladder problems, this is a good supplement to keep in your medicine cabinet. It is a healthy sugar that is excreted in the urine. It coats the Velcro-like sticky fingers of the E. coli bacteria so that they can’t stick to the bladder. Then the bacteria wash out when you urinate. The dose is 1 teaspoon every three hours while awake until the infection is gone. To prevent recurrent bladder infections, take ½ to 1 teaspoon, two times daily (especially after sex). Higher dosing can be used if needed, and it can be used long term safely. It has no effect on healthy bacteria, and therefore has none of the toxicity of antibiotics. 3  Take 500 milligrams of vitamin C two to six times during the day.

HYGIENE HABITS Bacteria come from the anal area, so after a bowel movement, wipe in a direction toward your back and away from the bladder. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, is a board certified internist and author of the popular free iPhone application “Cures A-Z,” which was ranked in the top 10 of all health/wellness downloads on iTunes. Dr. Teitelbaum is the author of the perennial bestseller From Fatigued to Fantastic! (Avery Penguin), which has sold over half a million copies.

20  MAY 2018

Genesis Today

Cnanberry U.T. Complete Drink mix with 135 mg of PACs (proanthocyanidins) per serving, and other carefully selected botanicals to support urinary tract health.




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All Natural Aromatherapy



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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


by Eva Milotte

Avocado rocks!

Enjoy this superfood in a variety of ways

Avocado makes everything better. Try these nutritious recipes that make good use of this creamy, fleshy fruit that delivers the benefits of healthy fats and more.

Mango Guacamole dGnV From Skinny Dips by Diane Morgan ($18.95, Chronicle Books, 2010)

20 min prep time n Serves 12

1 large, ripe mango, peeled, pitted, and coarsely chopped 1 large, ripe Haas avocado, halved, pitted, peeled, and coarsely chopped O c roughly chopped red onion 3 Tbsp seeded and minced jalapeño chili K tsp minced garlic L c thinly sliced green onions, including green tops K Tbsp fresh lime juice 1K tsp Kosher or sea salt 1. In the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade, pulse mango, avocado, red onion, jalapeño, and garlic until creamy and finely textured but not puréed. 2. Transfer to a bowl and stir in green onions, lime juice, and salt. Taste and adjust seasoning. 3. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve immediately.

D Dairy Free G Gluten Free N Nut Free V Vegan V Vegetarian 22  MAY 2018

For a guide to nutrition breakdowns, see page 4.

Kitchen Note: This dip can be prepared up to 2 days in advance. (The mango prevents the guacamole from discoloring altogether.) Cover and refrigerate. Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving. Per serving: 45 Calories, 1 g Protein, 6 g Carbohydrates, 2 g Fiber, 3 g Total fat (2 g mono), 99 mg Sodium, H Vitamin A, C


Chocolate-Avocado Mousse dGv

Reprinted with permission from The Paleo Chef by Pete Evans, copyright 2014. Published by Ten Speed Press, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. 10 min prep time + 20 min soak time n Serves 4

2 ripe avocados, halved, pitted, and peeled L c unsweetened raw cacao powder or nonDutch processed cocoa powder 2 Tbsp raw honey 4 Medjool dates, pitted and soaked in warm water for 20 minutes, then drained 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise and scraped 8 fresh cherries Pistachio nuts Toasted coconut shavings, to serve

1. Combine avocados, cacao powder, honey, dates, cinnamon, and vanilla bean seeds in a food processor. Blend until very smooth and fluffy. 2. Spoon mousse into four small glasses. Top each with two cherries, pistachio nuts, and toasted coconut. Kitchen Note: This is a divine dessert to serve on a hot day; its silky smooth texture and chilled temperature are reviving and comforting. Per serving: 345 Calories, 6 g Protein, 45 g Carbohydrates, 13 g Fiber, 21 g Total fat (5 g sat), 10 mg Sodium, HH Vitamn B6, C, K, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, H Vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), E, Iron, Zinc

Grilled Fish Tacos with Blueberry-Avocado Salsa DGN

From Chia, Quinoa, Kale, Oh My! by Cassie Johnston ($21.95, The Countryman Press, 2015) | 20 minutes prep time + 30 minutes marinating time n Serves 4

For the marinade 1 Tbsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground paprika N c chopped fresh cilantro Zest and juice of 1 lime 1 tsp salt 2 Tbsp coconut oil, melted 1 lb mild white fish (cod or tilapia both work) For the tacos 1 avocado, pitted, scooped from skin, and diced M c fresh blueberries, chopped roughly N c chopped fresh cilantro 1 jalapeño pepper, minced; discard seeds and membranes for a milder flavor Zest and juice of 1 lime Salt and black pepper 12 gluten-free corn tortillas Lime wedges

1. To prepare marinade, combine all marinade ingredients, except fish, in a large resealable plastic bag. Add fish fillets, seal bag, and gently turn to coat fish. Let marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, or up to overnight. 2. To prepare tacos, preheat the grill to medium-high heat. In a medium-size bowl, mix together avocado, blueberries, cilantro, jalapeño, lime zest and juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. Wrap stack of tortillas in aluminum foil. Place tortilla packet on coolest part of grill to warm. 3. Grill marinated fish on well-oiled grill grates until opaque and flaky, 7 to 10 minutes, depending on thickness of fish. Remove fish and tortillas from grill. 4. To assemble tacos, place one-twelfth of fish in center of a tortilla, top with one-twelfth of blueberry mixture, and finish with a squeeze of lime juice. Kitchen Note: To make this a superfast weeknight dinner, prep the marinade in the morning. Not only does it streamline the process, but it also gives the fish maximum time to soak up all the yummy marinade flavor. Per serving: 422 Calories, 27 g Protein, 47 g Carbohydrates, 8 g Fiber, 18 g Total fat (7 g sat, 1 g mono, 1 g poly), 148 mg Sodium, HHHHH Phosphorus, Selenium, HHHH Vitamin B6, B12, HHH Vitamin C, Folate, HH Vitamin B3 (niacin), Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, H Vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), K, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc



by Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH

Natural Thyroid Health

Striking the right balance

The thyroid, a small, butterflyshaped gland below your Adam’s apple, serves as the body’s thermostat for regulating metabolism. Sometimes the thyroid pumps out high or inadequate amounts of hormones. In the case of an underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroidism, your body slows down. Because the thyroid doesn’t make enough thyroid hormones, everything from your pulse and temperature to the rate at which you burn calories starts to crawl. On the other hand, an overactive thyroid, called hyperthyroidism, sends the body’s systems into overdrive due to the overproduction of thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism is far more common, with up to 20 million Americans affected, most of them women. Symptoms include fatigue, forgetfulness, depression, heavier periods, dry hair and skin, mood swings, weight gain, intolerance to cold, hoarse voice, and constipation. Hormone therapy might be unavoidable to treat severe thyroid imbalances; however, the following three key nutrients support a healthy thyroid gland.

24  MAY 2018


intake increases the risk of thyroid disease.

“Every one of my patients with thyroid

Historically, much of the selenium in Ameri-

disease has been iodine deficient,” notes

can diets comes from animal-based foods,

Catherine Shanahan, MD, author of Deep

although another great source is Brazil nuts.

Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Natural

Research shows that those with celiac dis-


ease are often deficient in selenium.

She points out that this mineral is often a

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Lucky’s Market

Thyroid Support Comprehensive support for normal, healthy thyroid function.

With another thyroid condition, that of

key part of thyroid health and recommends

Hashimoto’s disease, the body produces

dulse seaweed as an iodine-rich food. “A

antibodies that interfere with the release of

single ounce is enough for the week. You

thyroid hormones. It can lead to symptoms

can snack on it when you crave salt or snip

such as anxiety, depression, dry skin, cold

it with culinary shears and sprinkle over a

intolerance, puffy eyes, muscle cramps and

salad,” she adds.

fatigue, constipation, and slow thinking.

dized salt, seafood such as tuna and shrimp,

is treated with thyroid hormones. Supple-

dairy products, and breads and cereals. If

menting with selenium—since it supports

Weighing in on Thyroid Health

you eat a lot of food containing goitrogens,

the body’s manufacture and use of thyroid

The relationship between thyroid dis-

substances found in soy and crucifer-

hormone—can be beneficial for those with

ease and obesity is widely misunder-

ous veggies such as cabbage, broccoli,

this thyroid problem. Work with a healthcare

stood. “We used to think that thyroid

cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, this can

practitioner to get the green light on supple-

problems caused obesity, but we now

interfere with the way your body uses iodine,


know that they don’t,” explains Cath-

Other good sources of iodine include io-

Hashimoto’s disease, like hypothyroidism,

and supplementation may be useful. Those with unexplained fatigue or muscle

erine Shanahan, MD.


This is not to say that weight is

pain, especially if there is cold intolerance,

The mineral zinc plays a part in the produc-

off the hook. An unhealthy lifestyle

breast tenderness or cysts, weight gain,

tion of thyroid hormones. Without enough

can interfere with thyroid function.

or constipation, might benefit from iodine

zinc in your body, thyroid hormones are

“Snacking or eating too often, eating

supplements, says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD,

hard-pressed to do their job. Research

toxic doses of sugar and refined,

author of Real Cause, Real Cure.

shows when overweight women with hypo-

bleached, and deodorized oils, or

thyroidism take zinc and selenium supple-

other metabolism-disrupting com-

vate the thyroid and worsen existing thyroid

ments, their thyroid health improves. If

pounds, lack of nutrients in the diet,

conditions, so consult with a healthcare

you supplement with a zinc product, make

and putting off sleep and exercise

practitioner and consider getting tested for

sure it’s properly balanced with copper to

can send the delicate balance of the

iodine deficiency before you supplement.

counteract zinc’s action of blocking copper

thyroid out of kilter,” says Dr. Shana-


han. “I’ve seen many times that diet

Be aware that too much iodine can aggra-

SELENIUM This mineral plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, while research shows that too-low selenium

Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH, has been a health journalist for more than two decades. She is the author of Life After Baby: Rediscovering and Reclaiming Your Healthy Pizzazz (Basic Health Publications, 2012).

and lifestyle improvements alone can lead to the return of normal thyroid function.”

SELECTED SOURCES “Current Knowledge on the Importance of Selenium in Food for Living Organisms: A Review” by M. Kieliszek and S. Blazejak, Molecules, 5/16 ½ “Effects of Zinc and Selenium Supplementation on Thyroid Function in Overweight and Obese Hypothyroid Female Patients . . .” by S. Mahmoodianfard et al., J Am Coll Nutr, 2015 ½ “Iodine,” 2/17/16; “Selenium,” 2/11/16, National Institutes of Health, ½ “Low Population Selenium Status Is Associated with Increased Prevalence of Thyroid Disease” by Q. Wu et al., J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 11/15 ½ Personal communication: Catherine Shanahan; Jacob Teitelbaum ½ “The Role of Iodine and Selenium in Autoimmune Thyroiditis” by L.H. Duntas, Horm Metab Res, 9/15



By Maria Noël Groves

Decompress & Destress With herbal adaptogens

Somewhere between all that we need to get done and everything we want to do, we begin to shirk our basic needs for sleep, a healthy diet, regular exercise, getting outdoors, and chill time. We experience this as stress, but it’s more than just a mental state. Being in a constant state of alarm has potent physiological effects on the body. Stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol rise and fall inappropriately. Running on the fumes of stress hormones comes at the expense of other hormones in the body (thyroid, reproductive, mood, metabolism), not to mention immune function, digestion and detoxification, wound healing, blood sugar balance, and cardiovascular health. When we start to get really cranky, we promise ourselves we’ll get to bed earlier— only to find we can’t sleep. Does this sound familiar?

26  MAY 2018

A small amount of transient stress is normal and healthy, but most Americans live in a reality where the nervous

enhance memory and brain function, and milky oat seed (Avena

sativa), a calming nervous system tonic.

and adrenal systems have been pushed out of whack for far too long. Returning to healthier habits is ideal, but a


group of herbs called adaptogens lends a hand regardless

Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) and schisandra berries

of any other changes we make. Adaptogens assist our

can be gently energizing and calming, making them appropriate for almost anyone.

bodies by balancing the production of stress hormones using a continuum of energizing and calming effects.

Ashwagandha is often infused in milk (dairy

The advantages of adaptogens seem too good to be true;

or otherwise) with a pinch of cinnamon or

consider the widespread damage stress has on your body

nutmeg to improve overall vitality, libido,

and the positive impact that moderating these effects can

autoimmune disease, chronic pain, and low thyroid function.


Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) has long been revered in ZEN HERBS —CALMING ADAPTOGENS

Asia as a longevity and vitality herb; it also has a

These plants produce a calm-alert state reminiscent of

reputation for liver support (both protecting

kung fu masters avoiding constant blows while

the detoxification organ from toxins and

maintaining a state of pure peace. Holy basil

enhancing its function), respiratory health,

(Ocimum sanctum, syn O. tenuiflorum),

immunity, libido, and the ability to calm or

also called tulsi, offers a wide range of

energize as needed. Schisandra’s potent fla-

benefits—from protecting the body against infections to balancing blood sugar and curbing cravings—but its almost immediate stress-busting effects have given it pop-star status. Holy basil is available in tea and supplement form. It’s also

vor enhances digestion but might upset sensitive stomachs or those with ulcers. Most adaptogens work best when taken in steady doses on a regular basis for several weeks or months. It’s traditional to take a break after a few months (think of them as training wheels for

easier to grow in the garden than any other adaptogen; treat

your adrenals to get back in balance), but they can be taken over a

it just like culinary basil, then brew into a lovely, aromatic tea

longer period of time if needed.

from the fresh or dried leaves.

All of these herbs can be enjoyed as tea, tincture, or capsule, but

Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) blends well with holy basil, though it’s bland tasting and slow acting. Research supports gotu kola’s ability to relieve anxiety, boost memory, improve circulation, and enhance

you can also play around with herb-infused honeys, cordials, powders mixed into energy bars, etc. Many companies incorporate a variety of these herbs into their stress-relief formulas. These herbs all have a high degree of safety, but you should still check with your

wound healing topically and internally. Gotu

healthcare provider or pharmacist before taking them and listen to

kola grows best in hot, sludgy conditions, so

your body to determine which herbs work best for you.

buy from an organic or reputable supplier to avoid microbial contamination. Both holy basil and gotu kola combine nicely

Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG), is a registered clinical herbalist and freelance health journalist nestled in the pine forests of New Hampshire. Learn about herbs, distance consults, online classes, and more at

with bacopa (Bacopa monnieri), a calming herb known to SELECTED SOURCES Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief by David Winston and Steven Maimes ($18.95, Healing Arts Press, 2007) ½ “Adaptogens: A Review of Their History, Biological Activity, and Clinical Benefits” by Alexander Panossian and Hildebert Wagner, HerbalGram, 2011 ½ “The Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Tulsi in Humans . . .” by N. Jamshidi and M.M. Cohen, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2017 ½ The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs by Robert McCaleb et al. ($29.95, Prima Lifestyles, 2000)



By Rich Wallace

Natural v. Organic What’s the difference?

Product labels got your head spinning? Here’s some info to make sense of it all. N AT U R A L

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Clear Zinc Sunscreens SPF 30 & 35 These broad-spectrum formulas start out white but rub in clear. Free from anything harsh or artificial.

A label with this word on it means the product contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients or added color and was minimally processed. There must be a statement on the label explaining what the term natural means (i.e., no artificial ingredients; minimally processed).

ORGANIC The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the labeling of organic products. Here’s what the labels mean: 100 Percent Organic: Products carrying the Certified USDA Organic seal

Garden of Life

Magnesium Delicious, fizzy drinks that will help calm and relax you while restoring your body’s optimal magnesium levels. Lemon, raspberry, and orange flavors.

have been inspected and certified to conform to organic practices. The label indicates the food was produced with no synthetic or persistent pesticides or fertilizers, irradiation, or sewage sludge. The use of genetic engineering, growth hormones, and antibiotics is prohibited in organic agriculture. Organic farming focuses on soil and water conservation and management practices that enhance ecological balance, according to the USDA. Organic: At least 95 percent of the ingredients must be organic for a product to earn this label. Made with Organic Ingredients: At least 70 percent of the ingredients must be organic.



Sport Protein Help build and repair your muscles postworkout, and support recovery with these chocolate and vanilla protein shakes.

The Non-GMO Project Verified seal indicates that a product was made according to best practices for avoiding genetically modified organisms. It does not necessarily mean that a product is organic. Learn about the more than 50,000 products that have been Non-GMO Project Verified at

SAVE 25% Tera’s Whey

Organic Vanilla W hey Protein 21 grams of pure whey protein blended with organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Yum!

SELECTED SOURCES “Behind the Labels,” www. ½ “Organic Production/Organic Food: Information Access Tools” by Mary V. Gold, United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library, ½ “What Is the Meaning of ‘Natural’ on the Label of Food?” US Food and Drug Administration,, 4/28/17 ½ “The Word on Food Labels,” Healthy Years, UCLA Health, 2017

28  MAY 2018

Delicious Goodness from the Sea

SeaRich™ Omega-3 – an easier way to get your omega-3s SeaRich™ Omega-3 is made using the freshest and highest quality omega-3 fish oil. To create a truly delicious family of products, we have blended our fish oils with natural, non-GMO flavors, including monk fruit (a near-zero calorie sweetener). Available in delicious Lemon Meringue, Grapefruit Punch, and Coconut-Lime flavors — formulas that every member of the family can enjoy! Certifications from ISURA™, the International Verified Omega-3™ (IVO™) organization, and the International Fish Oil Standards™ (IFOS™) program guarantee that these sustainably harvested fish oils are of the highest quality.



By Mindy Green

Inhale Calm

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Exhale stress

Essential (or aromatherapy) oils offer fast and easy solutions for day-to-day ailments. Aromatherapy serves double duty by calming you with an assortment of mostly pleasant scents. Used for millennia by numerous cultures, fragrant plant oils foster health and balance.

Aura Cacia

Discovery Kit Four popular and versatile essential oils in one package, with quick tips, recipes, and dilution and safety guidelines.


In the last half century, research has begun to validate some of these oils’ healing properties. Aromatherapy enters the body in several ways. When inhaled, essential oils pass directly from

½ Anxiety or stress: 7 geranium, 5 lavender, 4 lemon, 1 rose ½ Fatigue: 15 rosemary, 5 lemon ½ Hangover: 5 carrot seed, 5

the lungs into the bloodstream. When absorbed

rosemary, 3 peppermint, 2 rose,

through the skin in dilutions or natural beauty

5 helichrysum (massage over liver)

products, aromatherapy oils enter the circulatory system. If you carefully follow the guidelines for diluting and suggested uses, you’ll be amazed at what these plant-based remedies can do for you.

5 marjoram (add 8 drops of the blend to a full bath or use as massage oil along spine) ½ Menstrual cramps: 5 clary sage, 5 marjoram, 5 geranium, 2 rose,


5 lavender (massage abdomen,

Many of the following massage formulas combine

hips, and lower back)

rier oil (such as vegetable or olive oil). All these combinations are given in drops, and these formulas are suggested for external application only.

Simple and peaceful, aromatherapy bliss with the touch of a button. Wood grain finish.

½ Insomnia: 15 lavender, 5 lemon,


20 drops total essential oils with 2 ounces of car-

Spa Mist Diffuser

Dr. Bronner’s

Coconut Oils

Perfect for moisturizing hair and skin, oil pulling for oral health, or medium-high heat cooking. 14 and 30 oz.

½ Stress: 5 chamomile, 10 lavender, 5 marjoram ½ Muscle strain: 5 rosemary, 3 eucalyptus, 5 marjoram, 7 lavender



Essential Oil Lavender Stock up on soothing, balancing, 100% pure lavender oil.

To learn more, visit the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy at 30  MAY 2018


family NEEDS OMEGA-3s

† Based on SPINS Scan Data

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