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Sunrise walk By Marco Beach

2.00-3.00 PM

Workshop: Astrology & Palmistry By Omesh





Sunrise walk By Marco Beach

Workshop: EFT By Alister

Group fitness Kick Boxing By Marco Fitness Center

Workshop: Immunics By Alister



Sunrise walk By Marco Beach

Workshop: Practical Self-Defence By Dr. Will

Workshop: Ego and the Enneagram By Dr. Will

Workshop: Holistic shiatsu treatment By Pascal

Group fitness Aqua power training By Marco Pool

Please contact Yoga Reception (Dial 815) to book for Fitness Activities and Wellness Reception (Dial 800) to book for Workshop sessions. Workshop sessions are open to both in-house and outside guests. All other classes and activities are exclusively for in-house guests. Advance booking for all group fitness classes needed by 10 pm of the night before the session Advance booking for introductory workshop sessions needed by noon on the day of the session

Group fitness Boot camp By Marco Fitness Center


ACTIVITY SCHEDULE CLASS DESCRIPTION Kick Boxing: Great fun cardiovascular workout with target your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs, and butt in the same time. Aqua power training: Let’s get toned and refresh in the pool! The combination of aqua boot camp exercise and aqua kick boxing. You’ll burn a lot off calories! Suitable for elderly or person with injury, it has no impact on the joints. Boot Camp: This class mixes traditional calisthenics and weight exercises with interval training and strength training. It does resemble a military boot camp. Introductory Alternative Therapy Workshop – Astrology & Palmistry”: Join Omesh as he shows you how the ancient practice of Astrology and Palmistry can help you find clearance in love and relationship, make better business decision, find the right location and achieve better health. Introductory Alternative Therapy Workshop – Ego and the Enneagram: The Enneagram is a system used by Psychologists and counselors to help clients understand motivational drives and behavioral patterns, based on nine different personalities or “ego fixations”. Unlike other psychological or esoteric systems (like Myers Briggs or astrology), Enneagram allows individuals to track their own personal development, understand the nature of their relationships, and create strategies for overcoming dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors. Introductory Alternative Therapy Workshop – Practical Self-Defence: Have you ever felt vulnerable or threatened by hostile individuals and not known how to respond? Do you want to feel more self-confident, with the ability to read and avoid potentially dangerous situations while having the tools to effectively respond? PSDW is a workshop (taught by Dr. Will who has over 17 years of mixed martial arts training), devoted to empowering individuals by teaching them the psychological warnings of predators, while arming them with simple but effective self-defense maneuvers. It IS NOT a martial art that requires years of training, but rather an amalgamation of PROVEN effective COMBAT techniques to avoid, escape and potentially injure predatory individuals. No prior martial art training is required, and beginners to advanced are welcome Introductory Alternative Therapy workshop – Immunics : Now anybody can heal! Learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind and how to clear the bodies and keep them clear. Now you are ready to cure anything. Introductory Alternative Therapy workshop –EFT: Breathes fresh air into the emotional therapy process by borrowing from the Chinese meridian system. EFT appears to balance disturbances in the meridian system and therefore often reduces the conventional therapy procedures from months or years down to minutes or hours. Further, the basic technique is truly portable and learnable by virtually everyone. Introductory Alternative Therapy - Holistic Shiatsu treatment: Holistic shiatsu treatment is a unique blended technique of finger pressure in Japan with Deep tissue massage, which would heal your body from muscle pain and stress. Pascal will give you a taste of Holistic Shiatsu treatment and offer free technique of self relief from headache and neck pain. Nightly Video Screening: Relax and Recline with a Movie Showing in our Pool Studio Cinema. Please Contact Guest series for movie information

Absolute sanctuary activity class schedule  
Absolute sanctuary activity class schedule