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Health Action Spring 2013

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The Effect of Salvestrols on CYP1B1

Salvestrols are food-based compounds that interact with an enzyme to revitalize natural cell death in diseased cells that are beyond help from antioxidants. For more information about Salvestrol supplements, please contact us:

Toll-free 1 (866) 837-1523 www.salvestrol.ca Discounts are available for members of the Health Action Network Society. 4 | Health Action | www.hans.org

Still Beating...


f you stay very still and shut your eyes, what do you hear? Maybe you hear traffic, maybe the wind or maybe nothing. But some of us hear a beat. Our own heart beating? Or perhaps it’s the beat of a drum like the one that a handful of people heard in 1984 when HANS was first envisioned as a necessary organization for the world. That beat is the rhythm and sound of people awakening to their ability to make decisions about their own health care. To take care of themselves. After almost 25 years, the Health ­Action Network office has moved to a new location in South Burnaby near Market Crossing. For one quarter of a century, this organization has sung the song of natural medicine in the hopes that others would hear, and that natural medicine would become as viable and real as what we now see as “conventional medicine.” Sometimes, we think we have already achieved this goal. We think supportive groups like HANS have fufilled this mission because words like “integrated” are everywhere and many clinics boast a multi-­disciplinary approach. But is this

true integration? Co-­operation ­between practitioners—albeit caring ones—is ­often lacking, leaving some ­patients disappointed that their care didn’t reach its full potential. So our mission in this regard remains largely unfulfilled. We need more public education and more demand for change within the health-care system. HANS members get that this is a herculean task. Thank you, HANS members, for supporting us and encouraging us to keep beating this drum! We’re excited about our new office space and we’d love to see you at our open house on March 16th, see details page 14. Be sure you are receiving the HANS e-News for event updates. Sign up at www.hans.org, and/or follow us on ­Facebook or Twitter to stay in the loop! In the meantime, our number is the same (604-435-0512) and we’d love to hear from you. I can be emailed at ­lorna@ hans.org and always appreciate your thoughts and comments.

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eatments All dental tr & procedures Chiropractic erapy and Physioth

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Ask about the “HANS Advantage” for business owners today! The Robinson Group Inc June Borlé: 604.874.4429 Fax: 604.873.5600 Toll Free: 1.888.880.2266 Email:june@trustedadvisor.ca

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How Does Stress “Cause” Cancer? by Zhihong Oon, ND


ou have all heard that stress “causes” chronic disease―and cancer in particular―but how does this happen? Let’s explore the s­ cience. We can think of stress as a way for us to respond and react appropriately to ­demands in our environment―it is a necessary part of survival. On a biological level, stress activates the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, ­releasing a host of chemicals such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These chemicals are part of an evolutionary response that prime the body for “fight or flight”―making our heart pump harder and faster, increasing blood sugar levels and improving blood flow to vital organs and muscles needed once we are confronted with something that threatens our survival, like a raging bear. Only now we live in an age where fight or flight is experienced by many of us far too often and for extended periods of time―even in situations that don’t necessarily threaten our survival. Why? Because we’re faced with stressors of all kinds in our daily environment. Physical stressors include poor health choices, disrupted sleep and lack of physical activity. Night-time shift work is especially problematic, as it disrupts the body’s

critical rhythms, resulting in chronic low levels of melatonin, which has been clinically correlated with an increased risk for breast and colorectal cancer. Beyond physical stressors, there are also the chronic mental-emotional stressors that affect a large portion of the population. Anxiety, depression, pessimism, suppressed emotions and fear are just some of the emotions that cripple the lives of many, preventing them from living authentically with gratitude, joy, love and happiness.

“Breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Canadian women, has a strong association with stress.” It’s important to recognize that not all stress is bad. We need some form of stress to maintain healthy living. This is known as positive stress. A good example is moderate exercise (a positive, physical stress) to maintain bone density, lower cortisol levels and strengthen our cardiovascular system, among other health benefits. When the negative stress outweighs the positive stress, problems arise. The reality is that we live in a society where stress is ongoing and our bodies are not designed to deal with chronic, relentless, negative stress. This is where physiological and psychological problems begin. Where is your stress coming from?

How often are you in fight-or-flight mode? Awareness is the first step to understanding how to correct the imbalance. Stress creates a perfect storm for cancer Short-term, positive stress boosts our immune system, increasing resistance to cancers. On the other hand, a chronic ­elevation of stress hormones has shown to increase apoptosis (cell death) of white blood cells―the cells that fight infection. Chronic elevations of stress hormones shift immunity to a state where tumour cells are able to evade the “check points” in our immune system that normally destroy abnormal (cancerous) cells. Breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Canadian women, has a strong association with stress. It appears the degree of risk association varies with the timing of the stress exposure, with early life stress demonstrating the strongest association with breast cancer. Telomeres, found at the end of chromosomes, protect and stabilize the chromosomes, thereby reducing the risk of mutations. It’s much like the way tape wrapped around the ends of a rope keeps the threads from unravelling. Research has shown that adverse childhood events, manifesting early or later in life as anxiety and distress, have a direct correlation with telomere length, resulting in shorter telomeres. Shortened telomeres lead to chromosomal instability, making your genes more susceptible to ­genetic mutations that can lead to cancer-cell ­formation. Cortisol connection Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands,

“Our environment shapes our beliefs and our beliefs shape our biology.” ―Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief 6 | Health Action | www.hans.org

and it plays a big part in the development of cancer. Estrogen is a well-known ­mitogen or cancer-promoting agent. Cortisol ­directly impacts estrogenic activity of the breast glands (known as ­mammary glands), possibly facilitating tumour ­activity during periods of stress. Prolonged periods of stress leading to ­elevated levels of cortisol have also been shown to ­inhibit our body’s ability to ­destroy abnormal (cancerous or precancerous) cells in the mammary glands. Cortisol also has the ability to downregulate the expression and activity of a critical gene, known as the breast cancer 1 (BRCA1) gene, that is involved in DNA repair. If the BRCA1 gene doesn’t function properly, it compromises our body’s innate ability to fix damaged DNA, making it more likely that a cancerous cell in the breast or ovary can develop. Does stress actually cause cancer in and of itself? Not exactly, but substantial research proves it is a major contributor. If the effects of stress, combined with hereditary factors and other influences that impact gene function (known as ­epigenetic factors) happen to line up to create the perfect storm, cancer will d­ evelop. Two choices: remove the stressor or change your response We all react to stress differently and that is what makes each of us unique. While we can’t always remove the stressor, we can change the way we handle the stress and the way our body responds. If you want to minimize the damaging effects of stress and prevent cancer, it is paramount you learn to perceive and react to the stress in a healthy way. Positive psychosocial factors―such as strong ­social support, humour, prayer and spiritual practice―have been linked with elevated levels of natural killer cells―potent white blood cells that destroy viral-infected and cancer cells. One study conducted on patients with ovarian cancer found that those coping with their illness in a positive manner resulted in higher levels of natural ­killer cells. Another study found that women who had experienced a significant life stressor, but lacked the emotional support, were more likely to get breast cancer than women who had good emotional support during the stressful period.

A healthier biology As Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, states, “Our environment shapes our beliefs and our beliefs shape our biology.” We have the power to decide what is going to create negative stress and what is not. To do this, we have to change our perception of a stressful event and ­alter our response to those situations. Having a better awareness of all the things that create stress in your life and observing how you respond―­mentally and physically―is a good place to start. I teach my patients different ways to ­react and cope with stress using mind-body techniques that include counselling, biofeedback, clinical hypnotherapy, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. Don’t be a victim of the environment within and around you. Instead, create an environment that will nourish you―­ inside and out. There are many ways to liberate yourself from the imprisonment of stress, worry and anxiety. The body heals best when there is harmony on all levels―physically, emotionally and spiritually. It begins with awareness and the desire to live your best life. 1 H

Zhihong Oon, ND, focuses on treating weight loss, mental health, smoking cessation and chronic disease with mind-body principles applied in an integrative medical setting. He practises at Port Moody Naturopathic Health and Wellness. (604) 949-0077 www.portmoodynaturopathic.com

EMF Balancing Technique This powerful technique can:

• Reduce stress & increase energy • Release emotional & physical issues • Enhance creativity & intuition • Improve health • Balance & align energy centers • Increase awareness of your inner direction • Accelerate the creation of your future reality Ann Perrick, Accredited Practitioner Supervisory Teacher (classes offered) annperrick@shaw.ca (604) 250-4916 www.EMFWorldwide.com

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Naturopathic Medicine link to the bc naturopathic association for: Physician Referrals  Student Information  Wellness News Health Updates  Online Doctor Search Engine  Newsletters BC’s Naturopathic Doctors: Providing Science Based Natural Medicine for Over a Century 7 | Health Action | www.hans.org

Energize Your Life Rebalancing your mind’s voice and your spirit’s voice is key by Divi Chandna, MD


e are all living such busy and often overwhelming lives. In no time, we wake up to a few children, a partner, bank loans and more responsibilities. Many of us see a pattern in our lives: we wake up, eat, sleep and repeat the whole thing the next day. It can seem like a never-ending cycle. Functioning on autopilot, we forget to ask ourselves key questions. Are we happy? Are we inspired in our work? What more do we want from life? Do we feel alive in life? Are we even having fun? These questions may seem very ­esoteric and philosophical, but in our busy lives, it is so easy to forget that to feel alive, inspired and excited is fundamental for our well-being. When we feel these emotions, we are truly in the rhythm of our lives. We are all capable of finding careers and lives that provide us with inspiration. Only when we are truly inspired and living to our maximum potential are we in the flow of who we truly are. When we are just living to survive the next day, we often are holding our breath and forgetting the key to life is joy.

Honouring inner truth Most people live every day holding their breath without realizing it. After time, this way of living can develop into a state of anxiety, unhappiness or depression. These emotions are opposite to who we truly are. These emotions don’t feel good because they don’t fit with our fundamental truth. To our core, we want to feel alive, excited and truly joyful in life. When this state of unease is prolonged, we may encounter common health ailments including high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, heart disease, high cholesterol, decreased immune system, frequent infections, depression and anxiety. This is just a short list of the many ailments that people present in my practice. The underlying reason is often termed adrenal fatigue, stress or complete exhaustion. These conditions all have the same common link. We are holding our breath, not flowing with life and often trying hard to be someone we are not. When we approach these clinical symptoms with western medical phar-

maceuticals, we often receive little or no benefit. There is nothing wrong with trying prescription medications, but more and more people are looking for an alternative to determine how to escape this state of disease. More people want to shift and ­rebalance their lives today. Often they are confused and puzzled about where and how to start this process. In my experience, it is much easier to begin this work than we realize. ­Ultimately, the work is rebalancing our mind’s voice and our spirit’s voice. With consistency, patience and diligence, the end results can be amazing! Inner voice awareness When we start to realize that we have a mind’s voice and an inner spirit voice, we have the key to heightening this balance. When there is a discrepancy between these two voices, we do not know how to handle this information. This produces a discord that results in disease. It really is that simple. Learning to listen to these two voices and rebalancing them is fundamental to enhancing your life. The work involves a focus on breath and single-moment awareness, which heightens our awareness of our spirit voice. The more we do this, the greater we have a deeper understanding of our truth. In that truth, we have the ability to selfheal and truly transform our lives. Yes, this is work. But we are all completely capable of balancing our mindbody-spirit triad. This triad wants balance and to resume a state of wellness. We deserve to feel alive, vibrant and invigorated by our lives. Every part of us is meant to feel the fullness of our being.1 H Divi Chandna, MD, is a family doctor and an intuitive healer practising in Vancouver, B.C. She believes that illness is not a one-way road, but that all disease can be unravelled and healed. (604) 739-3484 www.drdivi.com

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Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update by The Natural Health Products Protection Association


ince last August, the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) has received 1,100 unique, new signatures from Canadians on petition sheets in support of the Charter of Health Freedom. The Charter of Health Freedom is proposed legislation that gives natural health products (NHPs) and traditional medicines their own Act. It protects Canadian’s access to NHPs and traditional medicines by creating a separate legal category for them. Rather than being deemed as dangerous drugs under the Food and Drugs Act, under the Charter, NHPs and traditional medicines are deemed to be safe, as they are in the United States. The Charter offers an appropriate, beneficial, safe and well-rooted change for regulating the natural health community. Canadians are protected by permitting unsafe products to be removed while at the same time ensuring that safe and ­effective treatments remain available. To date, the NHPPA has received a total of 89,438 petition signatures in support of the Charter. Is it big enough to make a difference yet? Canada’s largest federal petitions • At 85,421 signatures, the largest single petition to be presented to the House of Commons in Ottawa in the last two years was for the extension of

­ edical benefits through the Employment m ­Insurance Program (June 21, 2011) • At 92,572 signatures, the largest petition in the last five years was a series of petitions against the cruelty of animals (February 19, 2007) • At 96,065 signatures, the largest petition in the last 15 years was a series of related petitions against Child Pornogra-

“The Charter of Health Freedom petition is the third largest federal petition in Canada in the past 15 years.” phy (April 27, 1999) The Charter of Health Freedom petition is now the third largest federal petition in Canada in the past 15 years. Our petition is currently 93 percent of the way to being the largest petition our Parliament has seen in 15 years. Our goal is to collect more signatures than the largest Canadian petition in history, which was presented on February 9, 1949, with 625,510 signatures asking for the creation of a Bill of Rights! Since we operate with minimum running costs, these 89,439 petition signatures

have been collected without ­concentrated publicity outlay. The ­totals represent grassroots commitment to spreading the word. To significantly increase these numbers now that people are beginning to listen, the NHPPA will be running a series of campaigns within industry and public interest groups over the next several months to bring up both numbers and people’s awareness of the extent of the problem. During this time, we will also be seeking out an MP interested in challenging the status quo and championing what we determine will be one of the largest federal petitions, moving Parliament to give NHPs their own reasonable legal framework. What more can you do? You’ve signed the petition yourself, you have asked friends and ­family to sign, you’ve sent the NHPPA your filledin sheets, what next? How about tweeting, sharing or emailing the NHPPA updates to your networks. Be sure to have a few spare copies of the petition with you when you go shopping…is your ­local health food store a petition station yet? Let them know we have all the tools they need to become an education resource centre for everyone who needs access to endangered products. For more information, visit www. nhppa.org or www.charterofhealthfreedom.org. H

“These 89,439 petition signatures have been collected without concentrated publicity outlay.” 9 | Health Action | www.hans.org

Pacific Allergy and Wellness ARE YOUcould, FED UP WITH ALLERGIES? If you would you let your body heal own allergIes or Great newsItsallergy sufferers. allevIate sufferIng?

Now available to anyone... A powerful new experience bIe, a simple noninvasive approach thatthat uses a simple effective modality helps one’sand body to method to radically eliminate all symptoms achieve homeostasis (balance). of allergies is easy on thispermanently! approach isThis easyapproach on children, needle and and needle drug free! children free.

Don’t visit: don’t delay, delay, visit: www.pacificallergyandwellness.com www.pacificallergyandwellness.com

Eloise rn, O’Ball RN, Holistic Allergist eloise o’ball, reg bioenergetics Practitioner

Days too short? We all need a little extra energy sometimes.   Our team of professionals can help you feel  ready to conquer the world again. 

Healing sessions, Inspiring courses  www.happilyholistic.ca            250‐491‐7559 

Welcome New Professional Members View the full Wellness Directory at www.hans.org Profiles by Julie Cheng

Creating an EMF-safe Home “I can’t sleep,” “I’m exhausted,” “I get headaches,” “my ears ring,” “I can’t handle stress,” “I get a cold and it lasts for weeks.” Environmental consultant Farren Lander of HealthyHomes Environmental has heard these symptoms before from his clients. “As we allow more and more wireless technology into our lives we are becoming more and more sensitive Days to the side-effects,” too short? Lander explains. We all need a little extra energy sometimes.   Wireless technology is dose deOur team of professionals can help you feel  pendent and accumulates in our bodies, ready to conquer the world again.  he says. That is, the longer we use wireHealing sessions, Inspiring courses  less technology the more likely we will www.happilyholistic.ca            250‐491‐7559 

have a reaction to it in time. “Where I see this most often is when someone calls me upset after a wireless smart meter has been installed and they want me to test their home for electromagnetic fields (EMFs),” says ­Lander. “I typically find a wireless home, cordless phones, wireless internet, cell phones, wireless alarms, an X-box, Wii games, a microwave oven, wireless

Wellspring Vision Improvement Program

Making a positive difference

Wellspring Vision Improvement Program (WVIP) was developed in 1999 by Dr. Weidong Yu, a world-renowned Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. WVIP is a comprehensive Holistic health program based on Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Qigong, Food and Nutrition. WVIP may be beneficial for patients with conditions such as:

www.TCMRP.com Days too short? We all need a little extra energy sometimes.   Our team of professionals can help you feel  ready to conquer the world again. 

Healing sessions, Inspiring courses  www.happilyholistic.ca            250‐491‐7559 

Uveitis Post-surgical healing Retinal detachment Floaters

For an appointment, please call 604-737-7876

Wellspring Clinic 916 West King Edward Ave. (south east corner of King Edward Mall at Oak & King Edward) Vancouver, BC

Days too short?

We all need a little extra energy sometimes.   Our team of professionals can help you feel  ready to conquer the world again.  |

10 | Health Action


Healing sessions, Inspiring courses 

www.happilyholistic.ca            250‐491‐7559 

W 25th Ave Oak St

Dr. Weidong Yu, Dr. TCM

Red eyes, dry eyes Eye fatigue, hypersensitivity Far sightedness Blurry vision

W 26th Ave

â Laurel St

Retinitis pigmentosa Macular degeneration Glaucoma Eye bleeding

W King E

Hormone Problems? AdrenaSense®

Feeling stressed? n Low energy? n Losing Sleep? n



Heavy or painful periods?


Breast health concerns?



MenoSense® Hot flashes? n Night sweats? n Irritable? n



l­ighting ­controls, perhaps a wireless baby ­monitor.” The installation of the smart meter tips them over the edge and shows up as health problems. When Lander arrives at a client’s home, he’s typically tested the neighbourhood for cell tower influence. He goes room to room testing for electrical and magnetic fields, dirty electricity ­(harmonic frequencies on the electrical wiring), wiring errors, body voltage in sleeping areas and wireless signals. He provides a report of every measurement and suggests solutions to create a safe living environment. Lander considers wireless radiation and dirty electricity to be the most damaging of all the EMFs with severe consequences in the long term. He finds the most dangerous areas are often the home or workplace with all the wireless devices in use. “A wireless internet router can be the equivalent of having a cell tower in your home, and when you combine this with a digital electronic cordless telephone (or DECT) and other wireless devices you turn your home into a microwave oven.” Take, for example, one client who suffered a stroke. Lander found tremendous dirty electricity from faulty aluminum wiring and improper grounding as well as a wireless alarm system and a smart meter. When they cleared up the negative electromagnetic fields and shielded the meter, the client found that her sleep, balance and spirits improved. Farren Lander is also a director of Citizens for Safe Technology Society and speaks to groups about EMFs, radio frequencies, smart meters and wireless ­technologies. Farren Lander, MA, HealthyHomes Environmental, www.healthyhomesenvironmental.com (604) 538-0809




Weight gain problems?




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off AdrenaSense® ® EstroSense®® MenoSense

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‘‘I recommend WomenSense products to patients in my practice’’ - Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc, ND (Sidney, BC)

PNO.CA 11 | Health Action | www.hans.org

any size

Proud sPonsor of

Welcome New Professional Members View the full Wellness Directory at www.hans.org Profiles by Julie Cheng

Transforming Stress in the Okanagan Almost everyone experiences acute and chronic stress in their lives—and far too many people live with chronic stress and are unaware of this fact, says Gillian Padgett. That’s why Padgett created Okanagan Stress Management in September 2012, bringing to Vernon, B.C., and the Okanagan 26 years of experience in holistic stress relief, management and prevention from the U.K. and Canada. Padgett started her career as a counsellor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, and is the author of the workbook Stress Wisdom— The holistic approach to stress. “How we cope with stress is ­vitally important as to whether or not we ­remain well,” she says. “Stress affects our ­immune system and is the root cause of many illnesses—physical, mental and emotional.”

Padgett empowers people to transform their stress into “inner calm, vitality and joy.” To do this, she teaches them skills and techniques to make healthy choices related to beliefs, thoughts and lifestyle, establish inner resilience and cope with challenge and change. Disturbingly, Padgett is seeing a greater incidence of anxiety and depression in clients, and they take “vastly ­increased quantities, mixes and strengths of medications.” One of her clients, Barb, as we’ll call her, suffered from anxiety. She was tearful, tired and on medication. Padgett worked on Barb’s present symptoms, showed her ways to cope and addressed the root cause of her anxiety. Barb developed understanding and compassion. As Barb got better and better, her doctor gradually reduced her

­ edication until she didn’t need them. m Though it wasn’t the purpose of Barb’s visits, this positive side-effect didn’t surprise Padgett, since she’d previously worked with a doctor at a medical centre in England helping patients get off their meds. Padgett has also coached a client with chronic fatigue syndrome who had been housebound for more than 10 years (“She’s now out and about in the world”), used hypnosis to help another who experienced panic attacks following traffic accidents to return back to work, and taught a cancer patient stress relief and coping skills. In addition to her individual clients, she also provides training programs to companies on stress management. “True, effective stress management involves a continuous flow/exchange of energy between mind, body, emotions and spirit,” says Padgett, “and it is an easy, gentle and comfortable process to be aware, take action and maintain balance and be stress-resilient.” Gillian Padgett, MISMA, MNLP, CHT, Okanagan Stress Management Inc., www.okanaganstressmanagement.com (250) 542-7602

Skin Disease Treatment Expert Diagnosis Dr. Andy Zhou PhD Dermatologist of TCM 604-736-6060

Andy Zhou, PhD, Dermatologist of TCM, Registered Doctor of TCM and Acupuncturist, Professor of Heilongjiang University of TCM (China), President of Dermatology Society of TCM of Canada, Executive Council Member of Specialty Committee of Dermatology of World Federation of TCM Society (China), and founder of the Skin Disease Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Zhou provides expert diagnosis of more than 120 skin conditions and diseases and clinical treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine. From his Vancouver-based practice, established in 1996, Dr. Zhou has successfully treated both locally and worldwide using his unique herbal formulas and special acupuncture techniques. He specializes in:


• psoriasis • eczema

Skin Disease Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

#330-2184 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6K 2E1

12 | Health Action | www.hans.org

• dermatitis • acne

• hives • vitiligo

Osteopathy—Gentle Healing Step into the West Coast Clinic of Osteopathy and you will enter a peaceful, welcoming oasis full of natural light. In one corner are toys for children to play while their parents receive treatment. Melanie Swithin-Jones joined the West Coast Clinic in summer 2012. An osteopathic practitioner, she uses gentle manual techniques on bones, muscles, joints and internal organs to restore ­proper body function and relieve pain. “In a healthy body, the body has ­everything that it needs to heal; sometimes it just needs a little push in that ­direction,” Swithin-Jones explains. “You don’t need to pound on the body. It’s about being gentle.” Most people come into West Coast for neck pain, back pain, sciatica and headaches, but osteopathy can be effective for many more ailments, including digestive and circulation problems. And though it won’t cure diseases like arthritis and cancer, osteopathy can help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. One gentleman in his 60s saw Swithin-Jones four weeks after having openheart surgery. “His complexion was grey, he couldn’t breathe, he had diges-

tive problems,” she recalls. “We had to be even more gentle because that was a serious operation.” Swithin-Jones rehabilitated him by moving the spine, muscles and organs in the rib, stomach and chest areas. After seven treatments, “he had rosy cheeks, he looked 10 years younger.” In another case, a professional dancer’s leg was blue and swollen following foot surgery. Working on the circulatory system, Swithin-Jones helped reduce the swelling and return natural skin colour. The dancer was able to put weight on her foot and walk normally. Osteopathy is suitable for everyone. “Newborn to 100, there is no age or gender that we can’t treat,” says SwithinJones. One two-month-old cried constantly, likely a result of digestive problems from a difficult birth. Her hands were clenched in fists, her feet were scrunched—signs of a baby in pain. Swithin-Jones applied biodynamics, a branch of osteopathy that uses the patient’s energy field and light touches. It is “effective especially with newborns, people with acute chronic pain and people you can’t actually touch.” At

Melanie Swithin-Jones at her practice table the end of three treatments “she was smiling, her hands were open, she was a ­happy baby.” When Swithin-Jones sees a patient for the first time, she identifies what could be causing the problem, such as the way you sit or sleep, or your lifestyle. The treatments are within 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the severity of symptoms, among other factors. She also incorporates cranial work in every treatment. “Between the circulation, the muscles, the bones, the joints, the cranial, it’s a pretty encompassing therapy.” Melanie Swithin-Jones, Diploma in Osteopathy (IEOQ), osteopathic practitioner. West Coast Clinic of Osteopathy, www.healthyosteo.com (604) 960-1171

Aligning Your Soul with Your Space For 25 years, Kimberly Easterbrook has been creating welcoming and healthful homes and work spaces, more recently as a holistic interior stylist with training in holistic health practices, environmental health and feng shui. Having an extremely sensitive body disposition, Easterbrook picks up harmful electromagnetic fields and smells of different toxins. “I am like a walking radar. I have adopted the name Canary.” But she realized something was missing in her clients. “A high percentage were not connected to their soul and lost on their path and purpose,” she says. That’s when the intuitive consultant in her appeared, where she started helping clients align their soul with their business. She trained in intuitive development and numerology and launched Soulful Spaces in fall 2012. With Soulful Spaces, Easterbrook

works with numerology to help clients like home-based entrepreneurs and health practitioners in clinics to understand the vibration of their home/clinic, business and life path. She then sets up the ­spaces so everything is in alignment with their life and business. “I love what I do!” “It is looking at every aspect of what it takes to keep a home energetically aligned, respected, fed well, aired well, cleansed well of toxins, and moving forward with your soul purpose.” When clients come to see Easterbrook, they are often very tired, stressed, not sleeping, overworked, piled in clutter, and they have lost the connection with their soul. One client’s office had broken furniture, drawers falling out, 50 cords wrapped around her feet and three computers. She was tired, haggard and frustrated with her 13 | Health Action | www.hans.org

business. A month later, with her ­office completely renovated with new paint, lighting, blinds, desk and shelving, her business took off. Four years later, the client came to Easterbrook once again tired and disorganized in her office. Easterbrook’s numerology report helped her client realize she had not come into the artist and counsellor path she had always wanted to do. A new renovation created an entire energy shift, and she is busy with her ­businesses again. “When you transform stagnant ­energy and give that energy the right spot to contain itself, you will open up to the universe for more energy into your life,” says Easterbrook. “Our spaces should be like a retreat for our soul to come home.” Kimberly Easterbrook, Soulful ­Spaces, www.soulful-spaces.com (778) 823-6960

Discover how to have

beautiful healthy skin safely for a lifetime

Karen V. Bowers –34 years of international training. Specializing in non-invasive, medically advanced skin care treatments and products.


New Visage Advanced Skin Care and Anti-Aging Ltd.

417-1770 W. 7th,Vancouver BC, V6J 4Y6


HANS Member News CEASE Therapy for Autism Professional homeopath Elena Cecchetto at Access Natural Healing (www.accessnaturalhealing.com (604) 568-4663) has recently been certified as a Cease Therapist for Autism. The treatment of autistic children and adults has matured through 300 cases over the last three years and is called CEASE Therapy, which stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression. www.cease-therapy.com Congratulations New Westminster Naturopaths The New Westminster Leader recently honoured Doctors Isis van Loon, Allana Polo and the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine clinic as the “Best NDs in New West.” Congratulations to them all!

Dr. Lyla May Yip, MSc, RAc, DTCM

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Registered Acupuncturist in BC and Alberta Your Personal & Confidential Health Care Consultant & Provider (House calls available)

Gets Results Naturally

#203 – 2256 Brunswick St. Vancouver, BC V5T 3L7 - 604-872-6833 Website: www.dr-lyla-yip.com

Welcome to Ocean Park Natural Therapies Kira Cai, ND, and Andrew ­Eberding, ND, are thrilled to announce that they recently joined the team of gifted, passionate and caring doctors and staff at Ocean Park Natural Therapies in South Surrey B.C. Ocean Park Natural Therapies, www.oceanparkhealth.com (604) 538-3017

Herbalism Program Now Offered Online Dominion Herbal College, North America’s oldest school of herbal medicine, proudly announces its first program available online—the Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program. To celebrate, they are offering a $50 discount through the month of April 2013. Reference promo code: “HANS2013” when enrolling to receive your discount. www.dominionherbalcollege. com (604) 433-1926 Treating Thyroid Concerns Jeda Boughton, BA, Dr. TCM, founder and director of BodaHealth, is pleased to now offer specialized care for patients with thyroid imbalance and associated symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, ­infertility and insomnia. www.bodahealth.ca info@bodahealth.ca (604) 733-2632 Naturopathic Community Giving Naturopathic physicians Ted Sleigh and Scott Tyler have opened a free clinic for individuals facing financial hardship in Langley. The clinic is in the Salvation Army’s Gateway building, and the doctors volunteer in offering naturopathic care each Wednesday.

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Toxic Sugar by Dr. Robert G. Smith


recent article in the prestigious journal Nature explained that sugar, especially fructose, ­widely available in soft drinks and other processed foods, is responsible for many serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and liver failure. One of the contributing reasons is that fructose and other high-calorie substances cannot be directly utilized by the body’s tissues so they must be metabolized by the liver, where they generate toxicity and set the body on a path to diabetes. Further, fructose interferes with the body’s sense of satiety, so that an excess of calories tend to be ingested. This overwhelms the liver, which then must convert the overdose of sugar into fat, which harms the liver and can lead to diabetes. Thus, sugar such as fructose, when added to processed foods, has been compared to alcohol in its toxic effect. Even non-obese people are susceptible to “metabolic syndrome,” where fructose induces hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and damage to biological molecules such as proteins and lipids. Calories but few nutrients Soft drinks that contain mainly sugar, such as sodas and filtered fruit juices, don’t have enough nutrients to keep the body healthy and free from disease. They provide calories without essential nutrients that you would find in the whole fruit. These “empty” calories then replace other foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are the main source of essential nutrients. But added sugar is not limited to soft drinks. Added fructose, as in high-fructose corn syrup or just plain sugar (sucrose, which is 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose), is found in a wide variety of processed foods such as break-

fast cereal, juices, jellies and jams, candy, baked goods, sauces, desserts and even ready-made dinners and processed meat. Fructose tastes sweet but does not satisfy hunger as well as more nutritious foods. The high added fructose content of processed foods is addictive in a similar way to alcohol, especially for young children. This has caused an epidemic of obesity in both children and adults. Further, the metabolism of fructose in the ­liver is similar to alcohol because it upsets glucose metabolism, generating fat and causing insulin resistance, which leads to inflammation and degeneration of the ­liver and many other problems.

nied by essential nutrients. Supplements of essential nutrients can help, but only if knowledge about the adequate doses and their benefits is made widely available. Examples are supplements of vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and omega-3 and -6 essential fats, which in the proper forms and doses can help prevent dietary deficiencies that cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Other lifestyle choices can help, for example, reducing total calories, increasing ingested fibre and getting more exercise. But the benefits of these healthy choices have not been convincing to the modern consumer. Ubiquitous marketing of soft drinks contributes to the problem.

“The high added fructose content of processed foods is addictive in a similar way to alcohol.”

A sugar regulation? To correct the problem of sugar overconsumption, it has been suggested that sugar be regulated like alcohol and tobacco. The goal would be to change habits to reduce consumption. Many schools have already banned the sale of sodas, but have replaced them with juices or artificial drinks that contain added sugar. According to this suggestion, the sale of sweetened drinks and processed foods containing added sugar could be limited in school vending machines or elsewhere during school hours. Age limits on the sale of sugary foods in stores might also help. A limit or ban on television commercials advertising products containing ­added sugar might also be helpful. A tax on ­sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup, could be used to fund research into essential nutrients and advertise their benefits. The idea behind such regulation would be to persuade the public, especially children, to consume less sugar and more nutritious foods. This could greatly benefit public health. It has been argued that similar reg-

Avoiding epidemics Overall, the dietary pattern caused by overloading our bodies with fructose is a vicious cycle that leads to widespread deficiencies of nutrients, along with damage and inflammation throughout the body. This vicious cycle of sugar addiction, consistent with the “metabolic syndrome,” is in large part responsible for the high death rate from the modern diet. If the modern diet could be adjusted to satisfy hunger without excess calories and to contain a larger proportion of essential nutrients, the epidemic of disease from added sugar might be averted. When ingested in the form of fruit, fructose is less harmful because it is absorbed slowly by the gut and, importantly, is accompa-

“When ingested in the form of fruit, fructose is less harmful because it is absorbed slowly by the gut and is accompanied by essential nutrients.” 16 | Health Action | www.hans.org

ulation of alcohol is widely accepted because it has kept alcohol consumption under control. In other areas of our lives, changes in what is perceived as acceptable behaviour have been successful, like bans on smoking in public places, designated drivers who don’t drink alcohol and the inclusion of air bags in cars. To some, a similar type of governmental regulation of sugar would seem justified because, at the cost of some loss of personal freedom, it could improve health and cut short the epidemic of non-infectious disease. On the other hand, many people see regulation of sugar by taxing foods containing added sugar as draconian. After all, although it is addictive, sugar doesn’t cause the danger of being drunk on the highway, and it doesn’t present an imminent danger to health comparable to smoking. It’s more insidious than that. And sugar has long been part of dietary habits of many cultures. Thus, any governmental regulation of food will have many critics who explain that regulation would be ineffective, and further,

we should be able to purchase and eat any food according to our preference.

and readily available healthy alternatives, this could lead to better health for millions of people. It would cause shoppers to consider other choices, such as vegetable juice or a glass of water, along with unprocessed nutritious foods and vitamin supplements in adequate doses. What is needed is a campaign that provides practical information about diet:

Dr. Robert G. Smith is a research associate professor in the department of neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of an upcoming book, The Vitamin Cure for Eye Diseases. Reprinted with permission from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS). Sign up for a free OMNS subscription at orthomolecular.org/subscribe.html and visit the OMNS archives at orthomolecular. org/resources/omns/index.shtml.

Sweet No Longer: GM Sugar in Canada

recently bought Rogers Sugar), the only company in Canada that processes ­sugar beet. Almost all the sugar beet now grown in Canada and the U.S. is GM because Monsanto’s Roundup Ready sugar beets promised, and delivered, easier weed control. However, in 2013, only three years after farmers started planting GM sugar beet, herbicide-resistant kochia weeds were found in southern Alberta. The kochia is resistant to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, and is a major concern for sugar-beet growers who now rely on glyphosate to kill weeds in their GM crop. Will the problem of herbicide-resistant kochia stop GM sugar beet? Maybe, but the transition will be costly for farmers and there is very little non-GM sugarbeet seed being prepared to replace Monsanto’s seed. In the meantime, consumers are struggling to figure out which sugars they can use. To avoid genetically modified sugar you can buy organic ­sugar from other companies (Lantic has its own brand of organic sugar) since ­organic production prohibits GM seeds. You can

also buy cane sugar―Redpath only processes cane sugar―and products with cane-sugar ingredients. However, even though sugar cane is not yet GM, sugar-cane production has its own serious problems such as pesticides use and brutal labour conditions. Where possible it might be best to switch to other domestically produced sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. You can also take action to end the use of GM sugar beet. About 600 farmers in Alberta grow GM sugar beet and you can write to their organization, the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers, by ­going to their website www.asbg. ca and sending an email. You can also write to Lantic from their website www.lantic.ca. For updates and more ­information see the ­Canadian Biotechnology Action Network at www. cban.ca/sugar.1

by Lucy Sharratt Some of our sugar in North ­America is genetically modified (GM), to both consumer and farmer detriment. This is in addition to the corn, soy and ­canola ingredients now riddled throughout ­processed food. Around five years ago, the ­sugar ­industry in North America quietly ­reversed a pact to remain GM-free, and in 2009 Alberta farmers started planting Monsanto’s GM herbicide-­tolerant, Roundup Ready sugar beets (these are the white sugar beets used for sugar ­ processing, not red table beets). White sugar beet is a small crop in Canada. In fact, about 90 percent of our sugar and 50 percent in the U.S. is actually processed from imported sugar cane. Alberta farmers, however, grow sugar beets for processing by Lantic (which

Public knowledge is key The underlying issue in this debate is public access to knowledge about nutrition. If the harm that added fructose causes to our health could be widely publicized, along with information about inexpensive

“It has been suggested that sugar be regulated like alcohol and tobacco.”

17 | Health Action | www.hans.org

what nutrients we need, how to determine the proper doses and what are the dangers of a processed-food diet. Orthomolecular medicine, the practice of treating illness by providing sufficient doses of essential nutrients to prevent deficiencies, can help provide this information. We can all become healthier by foregoing added sugar and other processed foods that lack essential nutrients. And when this is impossible, we can supplement with these essential nutrients to prevent the epidemic of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. 1 H

Lucy Sharratt is the coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network. www.cban.ca Toxic Sugar Beet graphic credit: Moss Dance

Creating a Safe Haven for Your Soul by Kimberly Easterbrook


n 1943, psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote on the theory of motivation and the stages of growth in ­humans. He stated that our first hierarchy of physiological needs includes breathing, water, food, shelter, clothing and sleep. Zip forward 70 years later. I don’t think Maslow would have written the same theory had he witnessed the toxic world we live in today. From the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the shelter we live in and the clothes we wear, we are surrounded by humanmade toxins. And it is not news that we are the most sleep-deprived society in ­history. Maslow certainly could not foresee the alarming increase in electromagnetic (EMFs) frequencies permeating 24/7 from cell towers, Wi-Fi and, now, smart meters attached to our homes. Add to this toxic soup our fastpaced world, in which we try to keep up with technology, distractions and all our ­responsibilities, and we have lost the connection with our soul needs. I have heard many clients say, “There is still something missing in my life … I can’t put my finger on it.” Depleted and exhausted, your soul has likely been trying to warn you of the dangers of your immediate environment― your home. It is the only place your soul can find sanctuary for rest, ­recuperation and quiet time. Let’s get soulful What if I told you your home also has a soul. Have you ever thought of naming your home? Yah, right, you say! Well, why did we name our cars, plants, motorcycle, bicycles or our stuffed animals when we were young? It is called appreciation, gratitude and respect for those toys or items. So first step: appreciate, be grateful for and respect your home!

Next, take your soul for a stroll. Go outside your front door and shut the door behind you. Step back, look at the house. Then open the door but, this time, be mindful. Stand in the doorway and close your eyes. How does the energy feel ­inside? Now open your eyes. Does your home rise up to greet you? Do you let out a sigh of relief as your soul becomes calm? Or do you feel tense and stressful? If it is the latter, grab yellow sticky notes and tour through your whole house. In each room sticky note any ­object that does not bring joy to your soul. ­Particularly the presents you dislike and feel guilty about! You know―the ­presents

“In each room, sticky note any object that does not bring joy to your soul.” you have stuffed away in your drawer, hoping the person who bought it for you won’t ­notice. Wrap them up and gift them to a stranger. By the time you have toured the whole house, it may look like a yellow Christmas. What it simply represents is the stuck energy of objects that no longer serve you. This stagnant energy will be stuck in your tissues and giving you ­issues. Be mindful of the energy in each room. Keep checking in with your soul, “How does this room feel?” It could be the décor, the lighting, the wall colour or the furniture is out of balance. ­Maybe a certain picture would look better in ­another room? Do a health checkup while on tour. Does your room smell musty? Look for any sign of mould in the window sills

or the corners of your home. If you find mould, call in a health inspector. Ozone is also an option to rid your home of mould. Once you have a grasp on the clutter and the aesthetic feel, go to war on your cupboards! Cleaning products are well known to leach toxic vapours into the air. Either store these products in the garage or, better yet, go green with the non-toxic cleaners on the market today. Rather than toxic air fresheners, add a drop of your favourite aromatherapy to a spray mist bottle. Mist throughout your house. To combat off gases from artificial furniture, floors, paints and rugs, purchase a portable air filter system as a backup. Rubber plants, peace lilies and bamboo palms are only three of many plants that are a great way to absorb toxins from the air. Remember to open all your windows for at least 10 minutes a day to clear the stagnant energy and toxic buildup. Always sleep with your window a crack open. Go with your gauss Dr. Olle Johansson, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, states that we are exposed to 100 billion times the electromagnetic frequency radiation that our grandfathers were exposed to. Here are a few solutions to check for EMF radiation. Go to your closest hardware store and purchase a gauss meter. This meter will allow you to check the safe distance to EMFs emitting from your immediate electrical equipment that you are exposed to daily. Be mindful of all the electricity by your head. Deck phones, iPods, cell phones, computers and your electrical clock. Common sense applies here. Would you put your head in a microwave while you sleep? With all that electricity at your head, you might as well. Check with your gauss meter, it knows best!

“Maslow certainly could not foresee the alarming increase in EMF permeating 24/7 from cell towers, Wi-Fi and, now, smart meters.” 18 | Health Action | www.hans.org

Your electrical clock should be at least six feet away from you. Cover its bright light so you get complete darkness to help produce deep REM sleep. In your home office, be mindful of all the cords at your feet. Again check in with your gauss meter. Where is your PC? Sitting on your desk by your head? Try to stay at least three feet away from your PC, monitor and your cords. Salt lamps are a great alternative for permeating negative ions in the air to combat EMFs in small rooms. Continue with your gauss meter to check all the walls inside your house. Be especially mindful of any walls that you are sleeping or working against. There could be a smart meter, a fridge or even the utility box at your head. Or behind your office desk? Be mindful of your child’s baby monitor. How close is it to baby? Also check the wall your baby is sleeping against. Move your furniture a safe distance according to your gauss meter readings. Add soulful touches Now that we have addressed some important issues to keep your soul safe, let’s bring in some soulful touches. We all know that music is good for the soul. To complement it, burn only non-toxic candles made from soya or beeswax to enjoy some fire ambience in your home. Adding the trickle of a water fountain improves the ambience and provides calming health benefits to combat stress and anxiety. Last, claim yourself a soulful space or hideaway that is just for you. It might even be a chair, a bench window or pillows on the floor by the fire. Now sit quiet. Take a deep breath and allow your mind chatter to dissolve. Listen to the silence. Deep within lies all the answers to life’s problems. Welcome home to your soul. Now, have you come up with a name for that house of yours yet?1 H Kimberly Easterbrook is the owner of Soulful Spaces. A holistic interior stylist, numerologist and intuitive consultant, she helps her clients align their soul needs with their career, lifestyle, health and energy of their living spaces. Kimberly has been a healthy living writer for 15 years. (778) 823-6960 ­­­www. soulful-­spaces.com

Hay Fever or Allergies? Try Homeopathy by Canteris A. Hartley, DCH, HMC


pring has arrived, which for some can mean months of sneezing, itchy eyes, nose and throat, coughing, asthma, runny, congested sinuses, skin rashes and more. Allergies of any kind are understood as being caused by an external environmental irritant known as an allergen. However, not everyone has an allergic ­reaction when exposed to the same allergen. Allergens are more of a trigger for people who are already susceptible to them. Allergic reactions are a sign of a chronic hypersensitivity and a weakened immune system. Even though symptoms may only appear when exposed to certain substances, allergic reactions are considered to be a chronic condition ­because they recur and the hypersensitivity r­ emains. Avoiding allergens that cause an ­allergic reaction can provide temporary relief, but it doesn’t necessarily resolve the underlying chronic condition. Our body has the natural ability to defend itself from allergens, but when our immunity is weak, however, the body becomes sensitive and reacts. It is better to strengthen our immunity so we can freely be exposed to these allergens without suffering reactions and enjoy a fuller life. Homeopathy is one way of treating a person with allergies and hay fever and has been doing so effectively for over 200 years. This modality can not only treat 19 | Health Action | www.hans.org

immediate acute symptoms and provide relief during an allergic attack, but it can also treat the underlying chronic condition that makes a person more susceptible, resulting in permanent relief. Symptoms vary from person to person and homeopathy will individualize treatment to find the remedy that will best match a person’s unique symptoms. Homeopathy is truly holistic, so when a homeopath considers treatment of a person with allergies, emotional factors, life stresses and a person’s disposition are all taken into account. Often a homeopath will find that a person with allergies also has chronic emotional/mental symptoms that are contributing to their condition. So a person can achieve relief from both their physical and emotional symptoms, as well as a general sense of well-being and balance from homeopathic treatment.1 H

Canteris A. Hartley, DCH, HMC, is a registered classical homeopath and has been practising for over 13 years. She is a graduate of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course. She practises at the Coast Centre for Homeopathy in Gibsons, B.C. on the Sunshine Coast and treats people from all over the mainland. www.coasthomeopathy.com (604) 886-3844

Magnificent Moringa by Alexis Costello


he name sounds like the newest Latin-dance craze—as in, “everybody do the moringa!”—but this whole food product is rapidly becoming known as a superfood. The use of Moringa oleifera for medicinal purposes is not new; it was utilized by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for skin care and ­water purification and is mentioned in ­Indian writings as far back as 150 BC, but it has recently been rediscovered. Moringa is now widely cultivated in tropical countries around the world. All parts of the tree are edible and have a ­variety of medicinal attributes. The seeds, for instance, yield oil (also known as ben oil) that is sweet, non-sticking, non-drying, tasty enough to put on your salad and versatile enough to use for machine ­lubrication. It is used in the manufacture of perfume and hair care products. Powdered seeds are used to purify drinking water but can also be eaten green, ­roasted, and steeped in tea or used in curries. This wide range of uses makes the tree ­extremely valuable for developing ­countries. A November 2012 feature in the ­National Geographic noted that, gram for gram, dried moringa leaves have 25 times the iron of spinach, 17 times the calcium of milk, 15 times the potassium of ­bananas, 10 times the vitamin A in carrots and nine times the protein of yogurt. Dr. Oz has helped bring moringa into the mainstream by including it in his “5 Ways to Re-Energize Your Day” website article last year.

But what about the health benefits for the average Canadian? Camille Bowling and Ross Biggan were introduced to the healing potential of moringa in ­December 2010. “By November 2011, I had ­decided it was too much goodness to not share it with friends and clients,” Camille says about the decision to begin distributing moringa products. When they began ­using moringa, Ross was suffering with compromised kidneys and depression. As

“The seeds yield oil that is sweet, nonsticking, non-drying, tasty and versatile.” of his last check-in with a specialist, his kidney function has improved by 35 percent and he is off all medications, including antidepressants. Bowling found that excess weight had crept up on her over a long career as a hairdresser dealing with toxic chemicals. After two weeks of taking moringa, she had dropped 17 pounds. Since starting on a product combining moringa with ­other herbs she is down a total of 53 pounds without ever being “on a diet.” She went from being “a tight-fitting size 15 to a true size 6 and without any sagging skin!” Bowling explains that moringa ­assists with weight loss simply by providing the body with the nutrients it needs,

which can curb cravings and help put an end to overeating. Moringa boasts an impressive array of phytochemicals (plant-based nutrients) along with all the vitamins and minerals. Some of these components have reported hypotensive (lowering blood pressure), anticancer and antibacterial properties, according to a medical review of moringa conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and published in 2005 in Trees for Life journal. A little research into where a product is sourced can ensure that you are getting high quality. Countries vary as to laws regarding which chemicals can be used in farming. If you have concerns, find a brand that is certified ­organic and transparent about its manufacturing process. While PubMed.org hosts an increasing amount of moringa research, like so many herbs, most of our information and its use is traditional and anecdotal. ­Unfortunately, this lack of double-blind, ­placebo-controlled studies makes it easy for the medical community to ignore it. But as more and more of this information makes its way to the public, perhaps we will start to see improvements in ­general health. And more energy for whatever new dance craze comes along.1 H Alexis Costello is a HANS professional member and the owner of Happily Holistic Natural Health and Wellness in Kelowna, B.C. She typed this article with two fingers while bouncing her new baby boy. www.happilyholistic.ca (250) 491-7559

“Gram for gram, dried moringa leaves have 25 times the iron of spinach, 17 times the calcium of milk, 15 times the potassium of bananas.” 20 | Health Action | www.hans.org

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine ACU‑BRIDGE Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic (604) 432‑7209 5238 Irmin Street, Burnaby BC BC Naturopathic Association (604) 736‑6646 2238 Pine Street, Vancouver BC, bcna. ca BodaHealth (604) 733‑2632 bodahealth. ca 302‑1245 West Broadway, Vancouver BC Lorne Brown, BSc, CA, Dr TCM, RAC (604) 678‑8600 #250 ‑ 828 West 8th Avenue, Van BC acubalance. ca Caldwell Acupuncture Clinic and TCM (604) 618‑3111 #801 ‑ 1200 Burrard Street, Van BC caldwellclinic. com Dr.  Ara Elmajian & Associates (604) 876‑9228 701‑805 West Broadway, Van, BC draraelmajian. ca Dr.  Erikson‑Chinese Medical Dermatology (778) 886‑1180 15767 Roper Ave, White Rock BC drerikson. com evolve Nurturing Vitality  (604) 255‑7777 102‑2025 West Broadway, Vancouver BC IMeG Health™  www. imeghealth. com (604) 279‑9355 160‑6111 River Road, Richmond BC Lifelong Health  lifelonghealth. ca  (604) 538‑6850 15228 Pacific Ave, White Rock BC NeuroKinetics™ Traumatology and Concussion Clinic #60 ‑ 3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC Shelley L Page, Dr TCM (604) 541‑9336 690‑15355 24th Ave, Surrey BC Skin Disease Centre of TCM (604) 736‑6060 330‑2184 W Broadway Vancouver BC TCM Association of BC (604) 602‑7550 4347 W 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC  tcmabc. org Jen Wasmund, RTCMP (604) 738‑5569 #409 ‑ 2150 West Broadway, Vancouver BC Yackel, Avery, BASc, R. TCM. P.   (604) 671‑4682 202‑2383 King George Hwy, Surrey BC Yackel, Avery, BASc, R. TCM. P.   (604) 671‑4682 108‑2078 West 4th Ave, Vancouver BC Lyla Yip, MSc, RAc, DTCM (604) 872‑6833 #203 ‑ 2256 Brunswick Street, Vancouver BC Weidong Yu, DTCM, FAc. , BM, MPh (604) 737‑7876 916 West King Edward Avenue, Vancouver BC

Animal & Pet Holistic Health Care Richard Calland, DVM (604) 565‑7217 7280 Adera St, Vancouver BC Fraser Valley Animal Care (604) 852‑4480 206 ‑ 2825 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford BC

Aromatherapy Ferlow Botanicals Manufacturers/ Distributors ferlowbotanicals. com Vancouver BC (604) 322‑4080 Young Living Essential Oils (604) 874‑7318 Carolyn Zerr & Micheal Au http:/ / carolynzerr. younglivingworld. com

Assessments NeuroKinetics™ Traumatology and Concussion Clinic #60 ‑ 3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC

Ayurvedic Medicine Ferlow Botanicals Manufacturers/ Distributors ferlowbotanicals. com Vancouver BC (604) 322‑4080 Jaisri M Lambert, www. ayurveda‑seminars. com Ayurveda Seminars and Consulting  (604) 290‑8201

Biofeedback Eloise O’Ball, RN, Registered Holistic Allergist pacificallergyandwellness. com  (778) 839‑6557

Business Opportunities Pacific Institute of Reflexology (604) 875‑8818 535 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC

Cancer Information, Treatments & Support Acquired Intelligence Inc  (Salvestrols) Victoria BC  salvestrol. ca  (250) 483‑3840 Callanish Society (604) 732‑0633 2277 W 10th Ave, Vancouver BC More details at www.hans.org Brian Davies, BSC, ND (778) 340‑1114 * *Discount to HANS Members #1‑156 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver BC IMeG Health™  www. imeghealth. com (604) 279‑9355 160‑6111 River Road, Richmond BC InspireHealth (604) 734‑7125 #200 ‑ 1330 West 8th Ave, Vancouver BC Dr Nelie C.  Johnson, MD (604) 467‑1794 www. awarenessheals. ca LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care (604) 788‑8858 330 ‑ 2025 West 42nd Avenue, Vancouver BC Dr.  Gurdev Parmar, ND, Integrated Health Clinic 202‑23242 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley BC  (604) 888‑8325 **Solutions Health Care Navigation (Cancer Coaching) North Vancouver, BC (778) 237‑4137 Unbridling Your Brilliance (604) 626‑4806 25027 Robertson Cres, Aldergrove BC Wellness Trading Post www. wellnesstradingpost. com Julieta Criollo, DNM, CHT, New Westminster, BC

Children’s Health National Vaccine Information Centre (703) 938‑DPT3 204 Mill Street, Suite B1, Vienna Virginia Autism Canada (519) 695‑5858 PO Box 366, Bothwell ON Autism Research Institute 4182 Adams Avenue, San Diego CA Canteris A.  Hartley, DCH, HMC, www. coasthomeopathy. com #201 ‑ 1001 Gibsons Way, Gibsons (604) 886‑3844 IMeG Health™  www. imeghealth. com (604) 279‑9355 160‑6111 River Road, Richmond BC Integrated Health Clinic, Sarah Sjovold, ND Fort Langley, BC (604) 888‑8325 www. drsjovold. com Claudette Varley ‑ Neurological Integration System Abbotsford BC (604) 755‑2801 www. neurolinkglobal. com VRAN ‑ Vaccination Risk Awareness Network Inc.  (250) 355‑2525 PO Box 169, Winlaw BC

Chiropractors Gregg Anderson, DC (604) 531‑6446 305 ‑ 1656 Martin Drive, Surrey BC Christine Bird, DC (604) 885‑7124 Box 358, Sechelt BC Dr Barbara James Chiropractic (250) 868‑2951 1333 St.  Paul St, Kelowna BC Dr Kevan Shong Chiropractic (604) 540‑1551 Suite E ‑ 7487 Edmonds Street, Burnaby BC evolve Nurturing Vitality  (604) 255‑7777 102‑2025 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

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Helen Fadden, DC (604) 852‑4480 #206 ‑ 2825 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford BC Dr.  Mahin Darabi ‑ Fraser Chiropractic (604) 321‑6704 #315, North Tower 650 41st Ave W, Vancouver BC Drs Rainer & Randall Zindler ‑ Fraser Chiropractic (604) 321‑6704 #315, North Tower 650 41st Ave W, Vancouver BC John W C Loh, MSc, DC (604) 941‑0644 201 ‑ 3377 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam BC Karin Mattern, DC (250) 758‑7022 3648 Departure Bay Road, Naniamo BC Kitsilano Chiropractic (604) 731‑6773 3446 W.  Broadway, Vancouver BC Alvin G Klassen, DC, FCCRS(c), CPT (604) 271‑6442 10020 No 3 Rd, Richmond BC Jay Lepp, DC (604) 939‑7556 2325 St.  John’s Street, Port Moody BC McCallum Chiropractic @ the Bay (604) 604‑864‑8232 #2 ‑ 32900 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford BC Peter Mulyk, DC, 1318 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC (604) 685‑9416 Rozeela Nand, DC (604) 736‑5157 #220‑2475 Bayswater St, Van, BC Don Nixdorf, DC (604) 278‑3505 10020  No.  3 Rd. , Richmond BC Orion Health‑ Surrey (604) 575‑2325 #120 ‑ 16555 Fraser Highway, Surrey BC Robert T Ohori, DC (604) 946‑0144 5017 ‑ 48th Avenue, Delta BC Dr.  Fiona Shamesse, DC (250) 727‑9501 404‑1095 McKenzie Ave, Victoria BC Edith Veillette, DC (819) 669‑9676 435 boul.  La Verendrye e. , Gatineau PQ Brent Willox, DC (604) 253‑6930 1279 Nanaimo St.  Van, BC www. vanwellness. com Woodgrove Pines Chiropractic (250) 390‑2003 or (250) 390‑2993 102 ‑ 6135 Metral Dr, Nanaimo BC

Cleansing & Detoxification ABC of Colon Care/ Prime Vitality (604) 929‑7452 North Van BC primevitality. ca Higher Source Health & Wellness (604) 450‑3757 #401 ‑ 1110 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC Blue Lotus Revitalized Health (778) 899‑1179 Vancouver, BC www. bluelotusrevitalizedhealth. ca Cedar Springs Renewal Center (360) 826‑3599 Sedro Woolley WA cedarsprings. org Radiant Health Saunas (604) 221‑1799 Vancouver BC  radianthealthsaunas. com **South Granville Naturopathic Clinic  (604) 738‑3858 212‑3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC Lisa Keith (604) 738‑3858 212‑3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC

Colon Hydrotherapy ABC of Colon Care/ Prime Vitality (604) 929‑7452 North Van BC primevitality. ca Higher Source Health & Wellness (604) 450‑3757 #401 ‑ 1110 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC **Kevin Patrick /  Vestta (604) 731‑3571 111‑511 W 7th, Van /  vesttawholehealth. com **Inner Garden Wheatgrass & Colon Therapy 14 ‑ 2190 Fir St,  Vancouver BC (604) 363‑5354

Integrated Health Clinic 202‑23242 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley BC (604) 888‑8325 Lisa Keith (604) 738‑3858 212‑3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC The Happy Colon (604) 525‑8400 #360 ‑ 522 ‑ 7th Street, New Westminster BC **Vancouver Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic (604) 738‑3858 212‑3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC Village Health Clinic (604) 575‑7275 105 ‑ 15153 No 10 Hwy, Surrey BC

Counsellors (Registered) Brigitte R.  Clark M. Ed, C. C. C. , S. E. P.  Vancouver, BC (604) 928‑5913 www. freefallinsurrender. com

Craniosacral Therapy Brenda Pulvermacher, BSc (604) 986‑9355 200‑1401 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver BC

Dentists Arshbir S.  Kler, DDS/ A.  Ross Gorrell, DDS #201‑5405 12th Ave, Delta BC  (604) 943‑2291 Art of Dentistry (604) 431‑0202 104‑6411 Nelson Ave, Burnaby BC Dr.  Ara Elmajian & Associates (604) 876‑9228 701‑805 West Broadway, Van, BC draraelmajian. ca Evangelo Papoutsis, DDS (604) 886‑4543 315 ‑ 287 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons BC Van Cosmetic/ Implant Dentistry (604) 434‑0248 #359 ‑ 4800 Kingsway, Burnaby BC

Electromagnetic Fields & Earth Radiation Jim Waugh, EMF SafeHome  (604) 788‑0743 Greater Vancouver, BC  EMFSafeHome. com Milt B Bowling (604) 949‑1502 http:/ / www. cleanenergycanada. com/  Earthing Solutions Canada (800) 870‑4248 www. earthingsolutions. ca Farren Lander, HealthyHomes Environmental Surrey, BC (604) 538‑0809 **Vlasty Senovsky, Geopathic Consultant (604) 990‑0524 Lower Mainland, www. geopathic‑consulting. com **Terra Essence Health (778) 383‑6822 Burnaby, BC terraessencehealth. com

Energy Medicine Blue Lotus Revitalized Health (778) 899‑1179 Vancouver, BC www. bluelotusrevitalizedhealth. ca **Brioso Holistics, Robine Yohm (604) 317‑6676 Burnaby BC, www. briosoholistics. com Maria Djordjevic, BSc.  CIEHP (604) 727‑4186 Vancouver BC  sanare. ca Earthing Solutions Canada (800) 870‑4248 www. earthingsolutions. ca Diane Louie, EFT Practitioner (604) 888‑2950 21231 ‑ 93rd Avenue, Langley BC Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio‑Energy Healing (604) 688‑5177 www. daltonsbio. com  Vancouver BC Ann Perrick (604) 250‑4916 EMF Balancing Technique, North Vancouver, BC Phillip W Warren (604) 946‑4919 4459 ‑ 52A Street, Delta BC  rebprotocol. net

Environmental Products & Services Milt B Bowling (604) 949‑1502 http:/ / www. cleanenergycanada. com/  **Nature Cleaning Services (604) 255‑3735 2316 Nacht Avenue, Port Coquitlam BC

Food Preparation & Healthy Cuisine Earthsave Canada (604) 731‑5885 Vancouver BC, www. earthsave. ca FarmFolk/ CityFolk Society  (604) 730‑0450 Vancouver, BC  ffcf. bc. ca

Raw Food Society of BC (778) 737‑8852 8051 Poplar St, Van BC www. rawbc. org

Health & Education Centres Amazing Health (604) 572‑9457 6581 Sunshine Drive, Delta BC Canadian Acupressure College Victoria, BC (877) 909‑2244 acupressureshiatsuschool. com Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (604) 730‑5611 #100 ‑ 2245 West Broadway, Vancouver BC Dominion Herbal College (604) 433‑1926 Burnaby BC, dominionherbalcollege. com IMeG Health™  www. imeghealth. com (604) 279‑9355 160‑6111 River Road, Richmond BC Institute of Holistic Nutrition (604) 558‑4000 300‑604 Broadway W, Vancouver BC Love Peace Harmony Vancouver (604)733‑0853 www. lovepeaceharmonyvancouver. com Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness Nanaimo, BC (800) 255‑2816 www. vicnw. com

Health & Life Coaches Allan Lawry Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching (604) 220‑7188 www. alfitness. ca Brenda Eastwood 800‑884‑9220 Saanichton BC, brendaeastwood. com Health Plus (604) 437‑6286 3512 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver BC Moira Khouri, NC, MH, HHP, CCP Vancouver, BC  (604) 346‑1471 Trish Lim‑O’Donnell, CCP (604) 544‑2902 Vancouver BC, www. trishlimodonnell. com Gillian Padgett, Okanagan Stress Management Inc www. okanaganstressmanagement. com (250) 542‑7602 Sindie Smith Life Coach (778) 737‑8485 Vancouver, BC sindiesmithlifecoach. com

Health Food Stores **Alive Health Centres www. alivehealthcentre. ca With 14 locations in BC, mostly in the Vancouver area Clearwater Natural Foods Limited (250) 674‑3147 735 Clearwater Village Road, Clearwater BC Community Natural Foods (403) 229‑2383 10th Ave Market Location 1304‑10th Ave SW, Calgary AB Community Natural Foods (403) 541‑0606 Chinook Market Location 202‑61st Ave SW, Calgary AB Consumers Nutrition Centre (604) 270‑0007 #1318 ‑ 6551 No.  3 Road, Richmond BC Dawson Creek Health Food Ctr (250) 782‑4656 901C ‑ 103rd Avenue, Dawson Creek BC Edible Island Whole Foods Market (250) 334‑3116 477‑6th St. , Courtenay BC **Gaia Garden Herbals 604‑734‑HERB  (4372) 2672 West Broadway, Van BC, gaiagarden. com **Kelly’s Specialty Shop Ltd.  (604) 485‑5550 4706 Marine Ave, Powell River BC Lynn’s Vitamin Gallery Health Food Store Duncan BC  (250) 748‑4421 **Marks Pharmacy (604) 731‑8535 3750 Oak Street, Vancouver BC **Mother Natures (250) 365‑7750 Caslegar, BC  www. mothernaturescastlegar. com Nurture Health & Wellness (403) 208‑0812 63 Crowfoot Terrace NW, Calgary Alberta Sunnyside Naturals Kaslo BC  (250) 353‑9667 The Pantry Natural Foods (604) 826‑7561 33051 First Avenue, Mission BC The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market (905) 685‑8848 191 Welland Ave. , St.  Catharines ON Valley Health (780) 624‑1332 10019‑100 St Peace River AB

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Health Products & Equipment AIM Canada (604) 263‑8497 theaimcompanies. com 390‑2025 W.  42nd Ave. , Vancouver BC CHI Wellness (604) 767‑3834 Vancouver BC CHI MACHINE www. chidvd. com/ chiwellness Earthing Solutions Canada (800) 870‑4248 www. earthingsolutions. ca Eastern Currents Distributing Ltd.  (604) 263‑5042 9109 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver BC easterncurrents. ca Heather Gabriel (604) 536‑5585 Independent Zango Distributor, Surrey, BC Health Plus (604) 437‑6286 3512 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver BC Infinite Possibilities Consulting (250) 598‑8574 USANA Distributors, possibilities_intl. usana. com **Inner Garden Wheatgrass & Colon Therapy 14 ‑ 2190 Fir St,  Vancouver BC (604) 363‑5354 Preferred Nutrition (519) 853‑1118 153 Perth St. , Acton ON, pno. ca Radiant Health Saunas (604) 221‑1799 Vancouver BC  radianthealthsaunas. com The Anti‑Aging Exercise Solution Vancouver, BC antiagingexercisesolution. com

Health Retreats & Spas Cedar Springs Renewal Center (360) 826‑3599 Sedro Woolley WA cedarsprings. org

Healthy Homes & Interiors Farren Lander, HealthyHomes Environmental Surrey, BC (604) 538‑0809 Soulful Spaces (778) 823‑6960 Kimberly Easterbrook www. soulful‑spaces. com

Herbalists (Registered) Dominion Herbal College (604) 433‑1926 Burnaby BC, dominionherbalcollege. com Island Healthworks Natural Health Clinic (250) 468‑7685 1830 Douglas Crescent, Nanoose Bay BC Lifelong Health  lifelonghealth. ca  (604) 538‑6850 15228 Pacific Ave, White Rock BC Wellness Trading Post www. wellnesstradingpost. com Julieta Criollo, DNM, CHT, New Westminster, BC

Herbs & Herbal Products Community Natural Foods (403) 229‑2383 10th Ave Market Location 1304‑10th Ave SW, Calgary AB Community Natural Foods (403) 541‑0606 Chinook Market Location 202‑61st Ave SW, Calgary AB Eastern Currents Distributing Ltd.  (604) 263‑5042 9109 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver BC easterncurrents. ca Ferlow Botanicals Manufacturers/ Distributors ferlowbotanicals. com Vancouver BC (604) 322‑4080 Flora Manufacturing and Distributing florahealth. com (888) 436‑6697 Heather Gabriel (604) 536‑5585 Independent Zango Distributor, Surrey, BC **Gaia Garden Herbals 604‑734‑HERB  (4372) 2672 West Broadway, Van BC, gaiagarden. com Joy of the Mountains Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano joyofthemountains. com (866) 547‑0268

Homeopaths Access Natural Healing (604) 568‑4663 101‑1416 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC Arnica Homeopathy Centre (604) 780‑2114 205‑1401 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver BC BC Society of Homeopaths  www. bcsh. ca Referrals to classical homeopaths Canteris A.  Hartley, DCH, HMC, www. coasthomeopathy. com #201 ‑ 1001 Gibsons Way, Gibsons (604) 886‑3844 Marie Lamey, Trinity Homeopathy Clinic Vancouver, BC (604) 837‑7396 Diane Louie, DCH, RSCHom, Classical Homeopath 21231‑93rd Avenue, Langley BC  (604) 888‑2950

Sonya McLeod, BA, DCH (604) 677‑7742 351 E 39th Ave, Van, BC Neil Tessler, ND, DHANP (604) 542‑9759 203‑2828 152nd Street, Surrey BC West Coast Homeopathic Society (604) 803‑9242 #101 ‑ 1001 West Broadway Ave Unit 120, Vancouver BC

Hyperbaric & Oxygen Therapy Dr.  Gurdev Parmar, ND, Integrated Health Clinic 202‑23242 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley BC  (604) 888‑8325

Hypnotherapy Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BC Div) (604) 688‑1714 2036 West 15th Ave. , Vancouver BC Heather Gabriel (604) 536‑5585 Suite 176 106‑1656 Martin Dr, Surrey BC Gillian Padgett, Okanagan Stress Management Inc www. okanaganstressmanagement. com (250) 542‑7602

Inspiration **Banana Moon (250) 390‑4010 102 ‑ 6135 Metral Dr, Nanaimo BC

Iridology **Irimeta Health Services (604) 731‑8535 Vancouver, BC www. irimeta. com Island Healthworks Natural Health Clinic (250) 468‑7685 1830 Douglas Crescent, Nanoose Bay BC

Kinesiology **Well Balanced Kinesiology and Consulting (604) 936‑5463 Coquitlam BC  denisecambiotti. com CHI Wellness (604) 767‑3834 Vancouver BC CHI MACHINE www. chidvd. com/ chiwellness Alexis Costello  (250) 491‑7559 7655 Falconridge Cres. , Kelowna BC Healing Insights ‑ Linda Taylor Chilliwack BC (604) 792‑7353

Live Blood Analysis Arnica Homeopathy Centre (604) 780‑2114 205‑1401 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver BC

Massage Therapy Behrs’ Massage Therapy Clinic (604) 485‑2155 4763 Joyce Avenue, Powell River BC Mavis Brown RMT ‑ (250) 774‑6769 Top Flr, Sikanni Plaza/ 5004 52nd Ave W, Fort Nelson Elfi M.  Dillon‑Shaw, RMT (250) 247‑9504 730 Captain Ahab’s TRC, Gabriola Island BC Electra Health Floor (604) 685‑4325 Electra Health Floor ‑ 970 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC Doug Fairweather, RMT (250) 542‑3553 11601 Palfrey Drive West, Coldstream BC Pauline Johnson, RMT (250) 472‑3629 #106 ‑ 1595 Mackenzie Avenue, Victoria BC Joyce L deVooght, RMT (250) 372‑1365 #92 ‑ 665 McBeth Place, Kamloops BC Sandra MacDonald, RMT (902) 421‑7549 #440 ‑ 5991 Spring Garden Road, Halifax NS Massage Therapy Assn of BC (604) 873‑4467 Ste 180 Airport Square 1200 W 73rd Ave, Vancouver BC John Russell & Colleen Schmitt, RMT (604) 436‑5500 308 ‑ 4900 Kingsway, Burnaby BC www. burnabyrehab. com Murray P Schwabe, RMT (604) 532‑3050 #203 ‑ 5755 Glover Road, Langley BC Leslie Smith, RMT (250) 492‑5599 1458 Government Street, Penticton BC

Medical Doctors Connect Health Centre (604) 733‑4400 205 ‑ 2786 16th Ave W, Vancouver BC International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (416) 733‑2117 16 Florence Avenue, Toronto Ontario Zoltan Rona, MD (416) 920‑9241 8188 Yonge St.  Suite 101, Thornhill ON

The Bridge Health (604) 564‑5847 580‑999 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

Meditation Training in Power Academy, Chris Fleck, Van, BC (604) 255‑5702 www. traininginpower. com Soul Power Metro Vancouver Group www. powerofsoul. ca

Mental & Emotional Wellness **Brioso Holistics, Robine Yohm (604) 317‑6676 Burnaby BC, www. briosoholistics. com IMeG Health™  www. imeghealth. com (604) 279‑9355 160‑6111 River Road, Richmond BC Dr Nelie C.  Johnson, MD (604) 467‑1794 www. awarenessheals. ca Gillian Padgett, Okanagan Stress Management Inc www. okanaganstressmanagement. com (250) 542‑7602 Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd (888) 878‑3467 PO Box 888, Raymond Alberta Unbridling Your Brilliance (604) 626‑4806 25027 Robertson Cres, Aldergrove BC

Naturopathic Physicians A New Leaf Naturopathic Clinic (604) 514‑8555 #103 ‑ 4061 ‑ 200th Street, Langley BC Acacia Integrative Health Clinic (250) 475‑1522 101‑391 Tyee Road , Victoria BC Tasreen Alibhai, ND 604‑566‑WELL (9355) 460‑2184 W.  Broadway,  vitaliahealthcare. ca Arbour Wellness Centre (250) 729‑4969 2136 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo BC BC Naturopathic Association (604) 736‑6646 2238 Pine Street, Vancouver BC, bcna. ca Bellevue Natural Health Clinic (604) 913‑2262 1467 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver BC Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (604) 777‑9981 #300 ‑ 435 Columbia St, New Westminster BC Anita Bratt, ND (604) 990‑1110, toll free: 1‑877‑299‑1110 1388 Terrace Ave. , North Vancouver B. C.  Timothy W Brown, ND (604) 538‑3017 #200 ‑ 12761  16th Avenue, Surrey BC Kristen Brown, ND (604) 568‑6899 350‑507 West Broadway Ave, Vancouver BC Cdn Assoc Naturopathic Doctors (416) 496‑8633 1255 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto ON Phoebe Chow, ND (604) 327‑0021 2298 Newport Ave, Vancouver, BC Brian Davies, BSC, ND (778) 340‑1114 #1‑156 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver BC Dr Allana Polo, ND (778) 397‑3979 New Westminster, BC www. drallanapolo. com Dr.  Ara Elmajian & Associates (604) 876‑9228 701‑805 West Broadway, Van, BC draraelmajian. ca Mandana Edalati, ND (604) 987‑4660 213‑1940 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver BC evolve Nurturing Vitality  (604) 255‑7777 102‑2025 West Broadway, Vancouver BC Paula Fainstat, DC, ND (604) 222‑2433 #312 ‑ 2083 Alma Street, Vancouver BC Dorothy Fairley, ND (604) 738‑2205 2490 Blenheim St, Vancouver BC Juliet Ghodsian, ND (604) 697‑0397 487 Davie Street, Vancouver BC Brenda Gill, ND (250) 362‑5035 Suite 1 1995 Columbia Ave Box 1841, Rossland BC Tom Glew, ND (604) 263‑6338 330‑2025 W 42 Ave, Vancouver BC Hawthorne Naturopathic Centre (250) 598‑3314 1726 Richmond Avenue, Victoria BC Holistic Healing Arts Centre (519) 751‑3488 213 King George Road Unit 209, Brantford Ontario InspireHealth (604) 734‑7125 #200 ‑ 1330 West 8th Ave, Vancouver BC

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Shyrose Karim, ND (604) 451‑7786 or 604‑922‑7372 J2‑925 Main St, West Vancouver BC Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic (604) 681‑5585 1190 Thurlow Street, Vancouver BC **Michael Lederman, LLB, ND (604) 738‑3858 212‑3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care (604) 788‑8858 330 ‑ 2025 West 42nd Avenue, Vancouver BC Paul Levendusky, ND, RAc (604) 536‑8600 #202 ‑ 15210 North Bluff Road, White Rock BC Bruce Lofting, ND (403) 270‑3372 3701 17th Avenue SW, Calgary AB Jonn Matsen, ND (604) 986‑7774 156 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver BC Heathir Naesgaard, ND (604) 980‑4181 #1 ‑ 3731 Delbrook Avenue, North Vancouver BC Dr.  Karen Parmar, ND Integrated Health Clinic 202‑23242 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley BC (604) 888‑8325 Dr.  Gurdev Parmar, ND, Integrated Health Clinic 202‑23242 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley BC  (604) 888‑8325 Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic (250) 655‑1660 102 ‑ 9725 Fourth Street, Sidney BC Ingrid Pincott, ND (250) 286‑3655 300 ‑ 1170 Shoppers Row, Campbell River BC Port Moody Naturopathic Health & Wellness (604) 949‑0077 #202 ‑ 101 Klahanie Drive, Port Moody BC Danny Jui, ND Ray Clinic (604) 461‑7900 #3‑201 Morrissey Road  Port Moody BC Denise Rochon, ND, FCAH, CCH (604) 885‑3150 8442 Redrooffs Rd, Halfmoon Bay BC William Russell, ND (604) 535‑4003 305‑1656 Martin Dr, Surrey BC Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic (604) 463‑4911 230‑22529 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge BC Dr.  Pieter C Taams, MD, ND (604) 856‑5687 Abbotsford, BC www. naturopathic‑retreat. com Neil Tessler, ND, DHANP (604) 542‑9759 203‑2828 152nd Street, Surrey BC Gudrun Tonskamper, ND, RAc (604) 536‑1400 #200 ‑ 1676 Martin Drive, Surrey BC Sherry Ure, ND (250) 493‑6060 461 Martin Street, Penticton BC Village Health Clinic (604) 575‑7275 105 ‑ 15153 No 10 Hwy, Surrey BC Vancouver Holistic Health, David Wang ND 3331 No 3 Rd Richmond BC (604) 273‑4372 Jennie Weisenburger, ND (604) 876‑1150 603 ‑ 805 West Broadway, Vancouver B. C.  **Jese Wiens, BSc,ND (250) 276‑9485 318 Main St. , Penticton BC

Nurses (Registered) Betty Minifie, HTCP/ I, RN, BSCN, QM Calgary, AB  (403) 474‑7399 **Solutions Health Care Navigation North Vancouver, BC (778) 237‑4137

Nutritional Consultants (Certified) Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (604) 730‑5611 #100 ‑ 2245 West Broadway, Vancouver BC Brenda Eastwood 800‑884‑9220 Saanichton BC, brendaeastwood. com **Irimeta Health Services (604) 731‑8535 Vancouver, BC www. irimeta. com Healing Insights ‑ Linda Taylor Chilliwack BC (604) 792‑7353 Institute of Holistic Nutrition (604) 558‑4000 300‑604 Broadway W, Vancouver BC Vanessa Peacock, BSc N. Med.  RNCP/ ROHP, Van BC nourishnutritionaltherapy. ca (778) 866‑7009

Organic Products Community Natural Foods (403) 229‑2383 10th Ave Market Location 1304‑10th Ave SW, Calgary AB

Community Natural Foods (403) 541‑0606 Chinook Market Location 202‑61st Ave SW, Calgary AB Essentia ‑ Natural Mattresses (604) 738‑0321 2144 West 4th Ave, Van.  BC myessentia. com FarmFolk/ CityFolk Society  (604) 730‑0450 Vancouver, BC  ffcf. bc. ca Genki Foods  Calgary, AB  1‑866‑338‑6583 Experience the power of whole foods! genkifoods. com **Green Earth Organics (604) 708‑2345 Organic delivery service in Vancouver BC Health Plus (604) 437‑6286 3512 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver BC NingXia Red™ Super Juice 604‑874‑7318 Van BC, ningxia‑red‑juice. com 778‑222‑7318 cell **West Pointe Organic Produce (604) 736‑2839 2183 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC

The Herbal Collective Magazine (250) 754‑7103 Distributed on Vancouver Island, BC The Natural Health Show www. thenaturalhealthshow. ca Saturday mornings at 11am on am650 Vancouver

Reflexologists Enerflow Alternative Healing ‑ Amelie St.  Pierre Port Coquitlam, BC (778) 668‑6750 enerflowhealing. com Judith M Rimes (604) 738‑1842 #407 ‑ 3023 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC **Moira Khouri, NC, MH, HHP, CCP Vancouver BC   (604) 346‑1471 Pacific Institute of Reflexology (604) 875‑8818 535 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC Reflexology Association of BC (604) 435‑8325 720 Sixth St PO Box 248, New Westminster BC

Orthomolecular Medicine International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (416) 733‑2117 16 Florence Avenue, Toronto Ontario ISF International Schizophrenia Foundation  (416) 733‑2117 16 Florence Avenue, Toronto Ontario Vanessa Peacock, BSc N. Med.  RNCP/ ROHP, Van BC nourishnutritionaltherapy. ca (778) 866‑7009

Osteopathic Practitioners **Carolyne Abrams, DO DPO (UK) (604) 730‑5950 11‑3615 West 19th Ave, Van ‑ vancouverosteopathy. net **Sarah Stranan, Vancouver Osteopathy Centre 201‑2475 Bayswater St, Vancouver BC (778) 835‑1633 Melanie Swithin‑Jones  (604) 960‑1171 North Vancouver, BC mjones@healthyosteo. com **West Coast Clinic of Osteopathy (604) 960‑1171 210‑145 West 15th St. , North Vancouver BC

Personal Development Training in Power Academy, Chris Fleck, Van, BC (604) 255‑5702 www. traininginpower. com Brian Madigan (604) 626‑6277 Stressed out at work? endworkstress. com The Haven Institute 1‑877‑247‑9238 240 Davis Road, Gabriola Island BC

Physiotherapy Trimetrics Physiotherapy 307‑850 Harbourside Dr North Van (604) 982‑0366 trimetricsphysio. com

Professional & Business Friends of HANS Caligiuri Financial Group Inc.  (604) 685‑6525 1200‑1111 Georgia St W, Van caligiurigroup. com Carol Nunn, CGA (604) 980‑4577 #207 ‑ 277 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver BC Jane Shaak (888) 484‑7253 Royal LePage 484 Main Street, Penticton BC

Publications (Health & Environmental) Alive Publishing Group Inc.  (604) 295‑9333 100 ‑ 12751 Vulcan Way, Richmond BC Common Ground Publishing Corp (604) 733‑2215 #204 ‑ 4381 Fraser Street, Vancouver BC

Rehabilitation NeuroKinetics™ Traumatology and Concussion Clinic #60 ‑ 3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC **South Granville Naturopathic & Prolotherapy Clinic 212‑3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC (604) 738‑3858

Reiki Holistically Yours Holistic Healing (604) 929‑2952 North Vancouver BC  holisticallyyours. ca Inner Focus Holistic Healing (604) 985‑7302 North Vancouver BC  innerfocus. ca Christa Lynn (604) 837‑5125 Vancouver BC  www. christalynn. ca Brian Madigan (604) 626‑6277 Stressed out at work? endworkstress. com Myorei Healing (778) 239‑4555 Vancouver BC  myorei. ca **Cress Spicer ‑ Infinitebodytalk (604) 908‑3743 Vancouver, BC www. infinitebodytalk. com

Saunas Radiant Health Saunas (604) 221‑1799 Vancouver BC  radianthealthsaunas. com **South Granville Naturopathic Clinic (604) 738‑3858 212‑3195 Granville Street, Vancouver BC

Shiatsu Raphael Limsico (604) 876‑4948 House calls available, www. shiatsubyraphael. com

Skin & Hair Care Active Skin Care (604) 961‑7533 Vancouver BC www. activeshiatsu. com Dr.  Erikson‑Chinese Medical Dermatology (778) 886‑1180 15767 Roper Ave, White Rock, BC drerikson. com Ferlow Botanicals Manufacturers/ Distributors ferlowbotanicals. com Vancouver BC (604) 322‑4080 New Visage Advanced Skincare & Anti Aging Ltd.  #417 ‑ 1770 W 7th Ave, Vancouver BC  (604) 893‑8872

Sound Healing Harmony of the Spheres (604) 340‑4955 Vancouver BC www. harmonyofthespheres. net

HANS Health Action Network Society (1984) 214-5589 Byrne Rd, Burnaby, BC,V5J 3J1 www.hans.org - hans@hans.org Publications Mail Agreement 40050050

The BodyTalk System Christa Lynn  (604) 837‑5125 Vancouver BC  www. thebodytalkclinic. com **Cress Spicer ‑ Infinitebodytalk (604) 908‑3743 Vancouver, BC www. infinitebodytalk. com

Water & Air Systems Best Water For You,  Keremeos, BC Toll Free 1‑855‑499‑8892 www. bestwater. ca Watermatters (604) 733‑7888 Vancouver BC www. yourwatermatters. com World Living Water Systems Ltd.  (604) 990‑5462 North Vancouver, BC  www. alivewater. com

Weight Management AL Fitness ‑ The Healthy Weight Program (604) 220‑7188 www. alfitness. ca Dr.  Lederman HCG Weight Loss Clinic 604‑738‑3858   www. drlhcg. com **Irimeta Health Services (604) 731‑8535 Vancouver, BC www. irimeta. com IMeG Health™  www. imeghealth. com (604) 279‑9355 160‑6111 River Road, Richmond BC **Inner Garden Wheatgrass & Colon Therapy 14 ‑ 2190 Fir St,  Vancouver BC (604) 363‑5354 Radiant Health Saunas (604) 221‑1799 Vancouver BC  radianthealthsaunas. com

Wellness Centres Access Natural Healing (604) 568‑4663 101‑1416 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC

Women’s Health Tasreen Alibhai, ND 604‑566‑WELL (9355) 460‑2184 W.  Broadway,  vitaliahealthcare. ca Brenda Eastwood 800‑884‑9220 Saanichton BC, brendaeastwood. com Canteris A.  Hartley, DCH, HMC, www. coasthomeopathy. com #201 ‑ 1001 Gibsons Way, Gibsons (604) 886‑3844 IMeG Health™  www. imeghealth. com (604) 279‑9355 160‑6111 River Road, Richmond BC Integrated Health Clinic, Sarah Sjovold, ND Fort Langley, BC (604) 888‑8325 www. drsjovold. com Dr.  Karen Parmar, ND Integrated Health Clinic 202‑23242 Mavis Ave, Fort Langley BC (604) 888‑8325 Unbridling Your Brilliance (604) 626‑4806 25027 Robertson Cres, Aldergrove BC Vancouver Women’s Health Collective (604) 736‑5262 #225 ‑ 119 West Pender, Vancouver BC Claudette Varley ‑ Neurological Integration System Abbotsford BC (604) 755‑2801 www. neurolinkglobal. com

Yoga Salt Spring Island Centre of Yoga (250) 537‑2326 Salt Spring Island  BC  www. saltspringcentre. com Sandra  Tonn (604) 483‑3509 Powell River BC, sandra_tonn@telus. net

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Health Action Magazine - Spring 2013  

Spring 2013

Health Action Magazine - Spring 2013  

Spring 2013


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