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Going on Holiday? Do You Have Dental Insurance? When we go on holiday, there are a number of essential items that have to come along with us. This includes passport, money to spend – and travel insurance. Many of us go on holiday for relaxation, to get away for a while; others go for adventure and thrills. But whatever we go off to do, there is always a risk that accident or illness could befall us and travel health insurance helps cover the monetary damage. Travel insurance can also cover other occurrences such as lost baggage, cancelled flights or stolen items. These are all things that we do not want to happen to us while on holiday but as with anything it is better to be prepared in advance. Insurance is a safety net that can provide some relief during an otherwise stressful time. But something that holidaymakers rarely think about is whether they are covered by dental insurance. It may seem like the last thing you are likely to need while on holiday, but just with any other injury, something may happen that would require dental aid.

Insurance policies, while usually have a standard, common basis, can differ in what they can offer and cover. As such, reports show that one in three holidaymakers are jetting off on holiday without any dental insurance and more than half do not know if their insurance covers dental care. Many of us have no doubt experienced sudden toothaches, abscesses or other problems. And accidents such as loosened or broken teeth could happen without warning. Yet only one in nine holidaymakers are aware if there insurance covers dental work, meaning that a large number of people could be left in a difficult and costly position.

As travel insurance is often thought of as being part of the holiday package, we may assume that everything we’re likely to need is already covered and do not take time to peruse our choices. But policies can be tailored to an individual’s needs. It is worth finding out the details and reading the small print in order to know exactly what you can expect from your cover – and so head off at the pass any problems or hassles later on, should you need your insurance. As with any medical treatment oversees, the cost of dental care could be quite high. Taking some extra time to properly research your travel insurance and what it covers could save you from expensive or even crippling amounts later on.

Going on Holiday? Do You Have Dental Insurance?  

Do you consider dental insurance when you are planning your holiday?