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THE SEXY ISSUE Valentine’s edition Everything you always wanted to know about Sex & Health, Sex & Beauty and Sexy Food!





Dear health lovers & happy readers, February 14th is almost here‌. Time for a romantic get-together with your significant other, an exciting blind date or a good party night with your other single friends. No matter what your plans are, this Health4Youth Sexy Issue can inspire you. For example, if you have a romantic date, read about Aphrodisiac; Sexy Food on (page 11) and try one of our Sexy Recipes (page 13). If you have planned a wild night, be sure to be safe and read the Safe Sex article (page 7). Furthermore, be entertained by the articles that tell you about the health Benefits of Sex (page 4) and how Sex is just like Sports (page 6). Lastly, did you know how Sex can be real Beauty Booster (page 9)?

And of course, you can always use this Sexy Issue as a great Valentines Present for your lover, or for your friends of course!

Do not forget: Healthy people are Sexy people. Enjoy!

Warm Valentine greetings on behalf of Health4Youth!


Content of the Sexy Issue Introducing the Sexy Team – page 3

Five Amazing Sex Benefits – page 4 Sex as Sport – page 6 Safe Sex – page 7 Sex as Beauty Booster – page 9 Sexy foods: Aphrodisiac – page 11 Sexy Recipes – page 13 Sexy sources - 22



“Being sexy means impress other people with the shape of your body and soul.”

Gözde Demirsoy

“Being sexy means your soul fits your body!”

Ioanna Aritzi

“Being sexy means wearing casual clothes and no make-up but still feel confident and beautiful!”

Zoe Nikoloudaki

“Being sexy means being yourself, it’s not something you do but something you are!”

Maartje Natrop 3

"Being sexy means being happy! Happy people are the prettiest people!"

5 amazing benefits of sex It is natural, has no contraindications (provided you use all the proper precautions) and, unlike conventional therapies, it’s actually very nice... We are talking about sexual activity which, according to various researches, would be a miraculous remedy for numerous healthrelated and life-related problems.

Dear let's do it. I have an headache. If you don’t want to make love with your partner, don’t furnish the old excuse of headache anymore: according to University of Munster, sexual activity is a great antidote to cluster headache, one of the most painful and debilitating. The neurologists kept under observation for two years more than 400 patients suffering from this disorder and subjected them to periodic interviews. Half of those who had sex during an attack of migraine have reported a significant reduction in painful symptoms. One out of five patients has even claimed complete disappearance! This is because sexual activity would release endorphins: natural painkillers produced by our bodies, which act on the nervous system by relieving or dropping down pain.

The hotter you are, the smarter you’ll be! Forget video games, memory training or meditation exercises: if you want to strengthen the capacity of your brain and become smarter, have more sex! This is what is claimed by two independent studies recently conducted in the United States and South Korea, according to which sexual activity stimulates neurogenesis (the formation of new neurons) in the hippocampus, seat of the long-term memory. Anyway, before you head off into the wild sex, read on. In fact the results of the two studies, are still provisional. The researches have been conducted only on rats and mice - and this is a limit - but they seem to confirm the positive role of sex in improving the performance of the brain. But, as any other addiction, an excessive exposure to porn can anatomically and pathologically alter human brain. “So if I’ll have a lot of sex, can I become smarter than the average?” According to research not, although you’ll probably be much more peaceful and relaxed. While trying to increase the number of neurons, keeping them is so hard, cause there’re always dangers behind the corner: drugs, alcohol, reality shows and soap-operas are things that should be avoided, if you want to be brilliant. These cells in fact, in order to survive, need a constant workout. So just one thing…exercise, exercise, exercise!


After, you sleep better Another disorder that seems to improve after sex is Ekbom syndrome, also called syndrome of restless legs. It mainly affects women between 35 and 50 years when in bed, causing an uncontrollable desire to move the legs, but also pain and tingling that prevent you from getting to sleep. A study conducted at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) highlights the beneficial effects of sex to combat this annoying trouble. Dopamine release with orgasm would play a decisive role in reducing the symptoms. The rebuttal? Patients treated with dopamine-based drugs, showed equivalent benefits, but perhaps were not so happy...

Heart up, cholesterol down An active and fulfilling sex life helps also to control cholesterol and even diabetes, especially in humans. This is what Emanuele Jannini said during the Conference 2010 of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (you know how important is this topic in the country of “stallions”). According to Jannini, in humans, the increase of testosterone (the men-leading hormone of their sexual instinct) triggered by sexual activity would have a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Anyway, this is true if you are faithful or, only occasional cheaters. In fact clandestine long-term or too frequent affairs cause stress and tension, which are not so good for heart.

Delightful healthy fitness Proved that sex is not an Olympic sport, it should be remembered that during a full intercourse, we burn about 200 calories, like those contained in a chocolate bar. According to Anthony D. Karelis, a professor of sport science at the University of Quebec in Montreal, a sexual love involves an average power consumption of 4 calories per minute for men and 3 for women, like a walk in the hills or a double tennis at gentle pace, less than half of those burned with a run of low intensity. This would sound not so good, if you don’t consider how many times you “get deep” with your partner during a night! So you can still consider it a diet method, provided that you add a healthy lifestyle too it. During an orgasm pulses could reach 120 beats/min), breath increase rapidly...Having sex is a real match. It strengthens heart and blood circulation and it is also the best way to level your blood pressure. In fact, through caresses and cuddles the stress hormone, cortisol, is lowered by oxytocin and this has a positive effect on blood pressure, minimizing the risk of stroke (thanks to a regular activity under the sheets, is 170% less).


Sex as Sport In the previous article we already discussed how sex can function as fitness. Sex can have many functions. It can be a self-esteem booster, a boredom killer, a just-for-fun activity, a way to be intimate with your partner, a conquest. But can sex really also be considered a sport? Well‌ there are a lot of similarities with sex and any other sport, like football or tennis:

It is a physical activity so good for your overall endurance; It gets you into shape when you perform it frequently; It can help you build muscles (especially when doing challenging positions); It reduces anxiety and stress; It helps boost your happy hormones like endorphin and serotonin; Sex can be like going to the gym. You do not always feel like it, but once you do it, in the end you are always happy you did it. And just like with any other sports, there are world records set with sex. For example, did you know that there are actual worldwide masturbate-a-thons? Records set in these, as of April 2008, are:

Longest sex Female: 6 hours, 30 min. (San Francisco, 2004). Longest sex Male: 8 hours, 40 min (San Francisco, 2008). Most orgasms Female: 49 (London, 2006). Longest distance squirt: Male: 36 inches (San Francisco, 2007). Sex with most women: Male: 101 sexual encounters in 1 day (1997). So we can safely conclude that sex has many similarities with any other sport. You can aim for a new record or simply enjoy the many physical and mental benefits it gives you. We personally practice sport to be healthy AND sexy! But‌. be sure to be safe ;)! Check out the Safe Sex article on the next page to make sure you enjoy sex responsibly, like you should safely practice any other sport.


Safe Sex What is safe sex? If your parents aren’t at home, it is safe sex. No ,no, just joking‌ Being safe with sex means caring for both your own health, and the health of your partner. Being safe protects you from getting or passing on Sexually Transmittable Infections (STI), also known as Sexual Transmittable Diseases (STD) and an unplanned pregnancy. Whether you have vaginal, anal or oral sex, it pays to play it safe!

Steps to take for Safe Sex:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Choose your sexual partner with care Use appropriate protection to reduce the risk of infection Use appropriate contraception to reduce the risk of pregnancy. Get tested regularly.

If your partner says;

You say;

"Trust me...I don't have any diseases."

"It's not about trust. Some people have STIs and don't even know it because they have no symptoms. Using a condom will protect both of us."

"Sex doesn't feel as good with a

"Let's try another brand or style."

condom." "Let's just do it this one time without a

"It only takes one time to get pregnant


or get an STI."

"I don't have a condom with me."

"That's okay. I do!"


Contraception Contraception, or "birth control", is a way to prevent pregnancy. Some forms of contraception such as condoms can also help reduce the spread of STDs / STIs. Contraception is a very important part of making sure sex is safe and being responsible for your actions. There are several methods of contraception, including: 

the pill - a tablet taken each day by girls to prevent pregnancy

condoms – a rubber sleeve worn on the penis

diaphragms – a rubber device worn inside the vagina

contraceptive implant (e.g. Implanon) – a device inserted under the skin of girls by a doctor which releases hormones to prevent pregnancy.

There is also a form of contraception called the emergency contraception pill, a.k.a. ‘morning after pill’, which can help prevent unintended pregnancy. It can be taken by girls within 72 hours after unprotected sex, although preferably with 24 hours. It is available across the counter at chemists.It is better to take it as soon as possible so it is most effective.Common side effect of it is feeling nauseous. If you vomit in 2 hours after you take pills, you need to take them again. Its effect decreases when you use it many times. Avoid of using it every time , choose an effective birth control methods, also because the morning after pill does not prevent you from getting STI’s/STDs.

It's important to talk about contraception with your partner and decide how you will handle any issues before having sex. You both have to be happy with the choice and make sure you're aware of any risks involved. Be sexy, be safe!


Sex & Beauty You still believe that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, according to Dr. Gloria G. Bramer (clinical sexologist), “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” as well! The choice is yours! Science has proved that sex is extremely beneficial for your health, but did you know that it has several positive effects to your skin as well? Here are some facts confirming that:

Sex makes your skin glow! It’s true that having sex improves your blood circulation and as a result it helps to deliver more oxygen to your skin and make it glowing. Regular sex promotes the release of hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, which can keep the body looking young and vital; estrogen has also been shown to promote soft skin and shiny hair. Sex contributes to a cleaner skin too, by sweating out toxins, dirt and grime from the pores. Furthermore, sex increases the production of the “happy hormone” called serotonin, which is responsible for making you feel younger, happier and more desirable socially.

Sex controls acne! Adrogens, or sex hormones, play a major role in acne. To make it clearer, the total absence of these sex hormones would mean no acne. Sex leads to reduction of adrogens and as a result to the reduction of acne symptoms. So next time you have an irritating spot, you know what to do!


Sex prevents your skin from aging! Surprisingly, surveys have shown that both men and women with healthy sex life look younger. In fact, while you have sex, collagen production is being increased, which leads to less aging spots, sagging and wrinkles. Want more proof? According to Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, a study was done on sex and aging a few years back to prove this point. The survey took place in a period of 10 years with the participation of 3,500 men and women both who had sex regularly and those who didn’t. All of them were put on one side of a two-way mirror, where participants on the other side had to guess their age. The group that had an active sex life had their age underestimated by 7 to 12 years, while some thought the group that only had sex rarely actually looked older!

Sex keeps you hydrated! Of course water is irreplaceable! However, a healthy sex life provides all the necessary moisture to your skin. Since it improves circulation, the blood will circulate more efficiently around your body keeping your skin healthy.

Sex makes you a sleeping beauty! No, it’s not random that you sometimes fall directly to sleep after sex. After sex a chemical substance, called oxytocin, is released and helps you relax your mind and body, priming you for slumber. Proper sleep is essential for healthy skin. While you take a good night’s sleep, your body repairs and renews itself. To sum up, sex has more benefits to your skin than you ever had thought. So next time you look in the mirror after sex, it’s not your imagination, you DO look more beautiful!


Sexy food: aphrodisiac So what actually is an Aphrodisiac? According to the encyclopedia it is: “a substance that increases sexual desire. The name comes from Greek φροδισιακόν, aphrodisiakon, i.e. "sexual, aphrodisiac", from aphrodisios, i.e. "pertaining to Aphrodite: the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable.” Alright! That sounds fun! Food that can spice up your date or make your partner more into you. But what specific sexy foods are we talking about? We present you the…

Aphrodisiac top 10 1. Asperagus According to European lore, this member of the lily family could set just the right tone for your romantic evening in. In 19thcentury France, grooms were given three servings of this natural aphrodisiac before - ahem - moving on to dessert (of the calorie-burning sort). The added ginger will help stimulate the circulatory system. 2. Avocado It could be the sensuous pear shape, or the rich flavor of the fruit that gave avocado its aphrodisiac reputation as far back as the Aztecs. Also, the fruit's high levels of vitamin E could help keep the spark alive because of its role in maintaining "youthful vigor and energy level."

3. Bananas With its phallic shape, bananas already look like a feel-good food; but they also contain bromelain, an enzyme which triggers testosterone production, and the fruit's potassium and vitamin B elevate energy levels. 4. Basil The ancient Greeks praised basil for its power to cure headaches, so no more excuses. It also promotes circulation and heats up the body. The aroma is said to have an aphrodisiac effect. Adding this stimulating ingredient to your pasta sauce will surely get your heart racing. Maybe this is why Italians are considered to be so romantic…


5. Figs The ancient Greeks praised basil for its power to cure headaches, so no more excuses. It also promotes circulation and heats up the body.

6. Garlic One of the most notorious aphrodisiacs, oysters are high in zinc and have a reputation for being great for love and fertility. Researchers recently found that oysters contain amino acids that trigger production of sex hormones. Garlic is also said to cure the common cold, heart ailments, and bland meals. While some consider this pungent seasoning more of a romance killer, it's actually an aphrodisiac that can add flavor to your love life. 7. Oysters One of the most notorious aphrodisiacs, oysters are high in zinc and have a reputation for being great for love and fertility. Researchers recently found that oysters contain amino acids that trigger production of sex hormones. 8. Chili peppers This invigorating spice has an exotic reputation and a bright red color, which could be why it's considered a symbol of love. But there's scientific backing, too. Chili peppers stimulate endorphins (the brain's feel good chemicals), speed up heart rate and make you sweat, which all mimic how you feel when you're aroused. 9. Honey Honey is made through pollination and is a symbol of procreation. Birds and bees ring a bell? In fact, the word 'honeymoon' got its name from mead, an alcoholic beverage made from honey given to the happy new bride and groom. It also containsboron, which helps regulate estrogen and testosteronelevels and provides a natural energy boost. 10. Chocolate Chocolate is sensual, from its taste to its aroma, but dark chocolate has also been shown to cause a spike in dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure.



Sexy Recipes Valentine Day is the perfect day to surprise your date or partner by a home cooked meal. Forget






ingredients, light some candles, put on some romantic music and you are all set for an unforgettable night! To make it even easier for you, we provide you the recipes for an amazing three courses sexy meal. There are three versions: a meat meal, a fish meal and a vegetarian meal. And of course: all healthy foods. To top it all off, you find three sexy drink recipes in the end; these cocktails will make anyone fall in love!

Veggie meal First course: Strawberries and Feta Salad Main course: Penne with Gorgonzola &Green Asparagus Desert: Banana Split

Fish meal First course: Salad with Asparagus, Tomato and Prawn Main course: Roasted Halibut with Garlic Sauce Side dish: Garlic tomato toast Desert: Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo

Meat meal First course: Fig Salad with Cranberry Jelly Main course: Filet Mignon with Mushroom-Wine Sauce of Love Side dish: Garlic tomato toast Desert: Death by Chocolate

Sexy drinks Pomegranate-Champagne Punch Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Cocktail Hot Chili Hot Chocolate


Veggie meal

First course: Strawberries and Feta Salad Ingredients 1 cup slivered almonds 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp honey 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1/4 cup raspberry vinegar 2 tbs balsamic vinegar 2 tbs brown sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 1 head romaine lettuce, torn 1 pint fresh strawberries, sliced

Directions 

1 cup crumbled feta cheese

In a skillet over medium-high heat, cook the almonds, stirring frequently, until lightly toasted. Remove from heat, and set aside.

In a bowl, prepare the dressing by whisking together the garlic, honey, Dijon mustard, raspberry vinegar, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and vegetable oil.

In a large bowl, toss together the toasted almonds, romaine lettuce, strawberries, and feta cheese. Cover with the dressing mixture, and toss to serve.

Main course: Penne with Gorgonzola &Green Asparagus Ingredients 200 grams penne pasta 300 grams gorgonzola cheese 400 grams green asparagus 200 grams of grated parmesan cheese 300 grams of crème fraiche dry white wine pepper and salt to taste about 15 Basil leaves, chopped if they´re big, but it´s nice to leave them whole

Directions 

Cook penne in salted water until al dente. Drain it and leave it in the pan with a little bit of cooking water left in it.


Cut off the woody end of the asparagus (about 2 inches from the bottom), and cook them in salted water until they turn bright green and are tender and crispy. The exact cooking time depends on the thickness of the vegetables, so you will have to try it before draining them. When ready, drain them and cut into about 3 inches long sticks.

In a separate pan, warm up the crème fraise, and add pieces of gorgonzola to it. Stir it through make sure the cheese combines with crème fraise. You shouldn´t need any salt, but add some fresh black pepper to it. Remember that gorgonzola is very salty already, and we still have the parmesan cheese that will go on top of it later!

Toss some dry white wine into the mixture, stir it gently and keep stirring every couple of seconds until the mixture gets creamy again. The alcohol will vaporize, leaving the taste of wine in the sauce, lovely...

Toss the sauce into the pan with pasta, add green asparagus and basil leaves and stir whole gently. Leave it in the pan with lid on it for 4-5 minutes. This really allows the gentle taste of wine from the sauce to get into pasta.

Serve pasta into deep pasta plates (you can pre-heat them in the oven), and put some parmesan cheese on it. Serve with generous layer of black pepper on it.

Desert: Banana Split Ingredients 2 bananas, cut lengthways 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream 2 tbs of chocolate sauce a handfull of pecan nuts, chopped whipped cream

Directions 

Place 2 banana slices on the places.

Top with two scoops of ice-cream on each plate.

Put some whipped cream around or on top of ice. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and sprinkle with nuts.


Fish meal First course: Salad with Asparagus, Tomato and Prawn Ingredients 200g (7oz) asparagus tips, ends trimmed and cut into 5cm lengths 250g (9oz) baby plum tomatoes, halved 50g (2oz) rocket 300g (11oz) cooked, peeled king prawns 1 tsp Dijon mustard2 tsp clear honey 3 tbs lemon juice 100ml (4fl oz) olive oil

Directions 

salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cook the asparagus in boiling salted water for 4-5 minutes until just tender. Drain and plunge into cold water to prevent it cooking further. Pat dry with kitchen paper. Arrange all the salad ingredients on 4 plates.

To make the dressing, put the mustard, honey, oil and seasoning in a bowl and whisk well. Add the lemon juice and whisk until slightly thickened.

Main course: Roasted Halibut with Garlic Sauce Ingredients 1 3/4 pounds halibut fillet (1 1/2 inches thick 3 garlic cloves 2 tbs extra-virgin olive oil 1/3 cup mayonnaise lemon wedges, to serve Preheat oven to 450°F with rack in middle.

Directions 

Put fish in an oiled shallow baking dish and sprinkle with teaspoon each of salt and pepper.

Force garlic through a garlic press into a bowl, then whisk in oil and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Whisk in mayonnaise and spread over fish.


Bake, uncovered, until fish is just cooked through, 10 to 15 minutes.

Side dish: Garlic tomato toast Ingredients 2 slices whole-wheat country bread 1 small clove garlic, cut in half 1/2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil 1 small plum tomato, cut in half salt and pepper, to taste

Directions 

Grill or toast bread. Rub one side of the toasted bread with the cut-side of a garlic clove half and drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil. Rub with the cut-side of a tomato half. Sprinkle with salt and coarsely ground pepper.

Desert: Raspberry and Pistachio Semifreddo Ingredients 6 egg yolks 3 tablespoons honey 1 cup heavy cream, whipped 2 teaspoons rosewater 1/2 pint fresh raspberries, plus extra to serve 3 tablespoons shelled (unslated!) pistachio nuts, chopped Specialty equipment: 4-cup (8 by 4 by 2 1/2-inches) loaf pan

Directions * Whisk the egg yolks and honey together with an electric beater for 10 minutes or until the mixture is thick, pale yellow, creamy and doubled in volume, about 10 minutes. Fold in the whipped creamand rosewater until just combined. * Line the base and 2 sides of the loaf pan with a sheet of plastic wrap, leaving the wrap hanging over the sides of the pan. Spoon in the raspberry mixture and fold the plastic over the top to cover thesemifreddo. Freeze until the dessert is partially frozen, about 1 to 2 hours. Remove the pan from the freezer, and stir in the 1/2 pint raspberries and pistachios. Cover with plastic wrap and return the loaf pan to the freezer until it is completely frozen. * Transfer the loaf pan to the refrigerator to soften, about 20 minutes before serving. Turn the dessert out of the tin, and slice it and garnish with extra raspberries. Serve cold.


Meat meal First course: Fig Salad with Cranberry Jelly with Duck Ingredients 2 cups (500ml) cranberry juice 1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar 6 gold-strength gelatine leaves 8 ripe fig 150g mixed summer berries (such as blueberries and raspberries) OPTIONAL: thin slices of smoked duck, 500-80 gram per person

Directions 

Soak the gelatine leaves in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes.

Gelatine leaves are available from gourmet food shops. Always check packet for setting instructions

Meanwhile, place the cranberry juice and sugar in a small saucepan over medium-low heat and stir until the sugar dissolves, then remove from the heat. Squeeze out the excess water from the gelatine.

Whisk the gelatine into the hot cranberry mixture until combined, then strain through a sieve.

Pour into a straight-sided container so that the liquid sits at least 1cm deep. Cover and refrigerate overnight to set.

To serve, cut the figs into 1cm-thick slices and casually arrange on a platter or four pretty plates. Turn the jelly out onto a board and chop into 1cm cubes (or larger if you prefer). Scatter the jelly and the berries over the figs and serve.

Optional: served with slices of smoked duck on the plate, and place the fruits and jelly on top

Main course: Filet Mignon with Mushroom-Wine Sauce of Love Ingredients 2 tbsp. butter, divided 3 tbsp. shallots, minced 1/4 C. fresh shiitake mushrooms, cleaned and stems removed 3/4 C. dry red wine, divided (cabernet is nice) Curry paste or sauce, hotness to your taste, (anything is good except green curry paste) 5 fl. oz. beef consommé fresh ground black pepper, to taste 2 (4 ounce) filet mignon steaks 1/2 tbsp. soy sauc 1 tsp. cornstarch


1 tsp. dried thyme fresh thyme (garnish)

Directions 

In a nonstick frying pan, sauté shallots and mushrooms in 1 tbsp butter for about 4 mins, till tender. Add 1/2 cup of red wine and 3 fl. oz consommé. Simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove the mushrooms from sauce, set aside.

Boil wine mixture over high heat until reduced to 1/4 cup.

Combine sauce with mushrooms in bowl. Set aside. In another bowl, combine combine soy sauce with cornstarch. Set aside.

Sprinkle filets with pepper to taste. Sauté steaks in remaining 1 tbsp butter over medium heat, about 3 minutes per side for a 1-inch thick steak.

Reduce fire to medium-low heat; cook steaks until desired level of doneness. Remove from pan, keep warm. Add the rest of the red wine and beef consommé to the skillet, scraping to deglaze pan and incorporate tasty steak bits into the sauce. Bring to a boil. Boil for one minute. Add mushroom/sauce mixture, cornstarch/soy sauce mixture, and the thyme. Boil one minute, stirring constantly, until thickened.

Place steaks on plate and pour sauce over. Garnish with fresh thyme.

Side dish: Garlic tomato toast Desert: Death by chocolate

 See

page 17

Ingredients 1 quart of heavy cream  1/4 cup of powdered sugar 1/2 cup of crème fraiche

2 batches of Chocolate Pudding (recipe and ingredients below) 3 cups of crumbled wafer cookies 4 egg yolks & 4 cups of heavy cream 1 tsp of salt & 1 cup unsweetened cocoa 1/3 cup of all-purpose flour 1 stick of unsalted butter, cubed 1 cup of bittersweet chocolate chips a handful of chopped pistachios, for decoration (optional) 

In a large bowl, whip the heavy cream with the powdered sugar until aerated, just before soft peaks have started to form. Gently fold in the creme fraiche.

In a large trifle bowl, place a thick layer of the Chocolate Pudding, top with a layer of the whipped cream mixture and then sprinkle on half of the cookies and half of the toffee candy.

Repeat the process, finishing with the cookies and candy. Cover with plastic wrap. Chill for 2 hours and serve.

Chocolate Pudding: Whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a medium bowl. Add the cream and salt and whisk until combined. Mix the cocoa and flour together, and then whisk the wet ingredients into the dry. Place the mixture in a heavy saucepan over medium heat and stir continuously until the mixture comes to a simmer. Remove from the heat and stir in the butter and chocolate until melted. Let cool.

Use a tablespoon to place layers of pudding and cream into a glass cups. Decorate with a handful of chopped pistachios (optional).


Sexy Drinks Pomegranate-Champagne Punch Ingredients 1 1/2 cup(s) pomegranate juice 1 cup(s) pear nectar 1/4 cup(s) orange-flavored liqueur, such as Grand Marnier 1 bottle(s) (750-milliliter) Champagne

Directions In a large pitcher, combine pomegranate juice, pear nectar, and orange-flavored liqueur. Slowly add Champagne. Serve over ice.

Raspberry Chocolate Kiss Cocktail Ingredients 1/4 cup(s) 1/4 cup(s) vodka 2 tbs cranberry juice 3 chocolate cookies, finely crushed, such as Nabisco Famous Wafers 10 raspberries & Some Ice cubes

Directions Fill a shallow dish with enough simple syrup to just cover the bottom. Place crushed cookies into another shallow dish. Invert a martini glass into simple syrup and then immediately into crushed cookies to coat the rim of the glass. Place raspberries in a cocktail shaker; crush with a muddler. Add simple syrup and muddle again. Add vodka and cranberry juice; fill shaker with ice. Shake well until chilled. Strain into prepared martini glass. Serve immediately.


Hot Chili Hot Chocolate Ingredients 2 cups boiling water 1 red chili pepper, cut in half with seeds removed 5 cups light cream or whole milk 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise 1-2 cinnamon sticks 8 oz. bittersweet chocolate or 3 tablets mexican chocolate, cut into 1/4inch pieces 2 tablespoons sugar or honey to taste 1 tablespoon almonds or hazelnuts, ground extra-fine (optional) whipped cream (optional) cinnamon sticks (optional)

Directions In a large saucepan over medium-high heat, add chili pepper to boiling water. Cook until liquid is reduced to 1 cup. Remove chili pepper; strain water and set aside. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine cream or milk, vanilla bean and cinnamon stick until bubbles appear around the edge. Turn off heat, remove vanilla bean and cinnamon stick. Add chili-infused water, a little at a time, tasting to make sure the flavor isn't too strong. If chocolate is too thick, thin with a little more milk.


Sexy Sources Sex as Sport Safe Sex Aphrodisiac Sexy food


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