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Mr Heron Miah Financial Advisor Entrepreneur & Speaker I believe that if you truly want something, plan towards it and stick to it like a stamp until you get there. Make it your reality. Change your brain for success... Your perceptions create your thoughts, thoughts create your actions and actions create your life.


My working life began at an early age of 13, always wanting to be independent. I have worked in various industries soul searching to find my direction in life one that fitted along with my dreams and aspirations. I have worked with Santander, Curry’s, I.T firms, Media firms and Estate agents. Along the way finding out that each one wasn’t for me. I deeply wanted to get off the rat race. I didn’t want to be on the Journey of the Broke (J.O.B). With the realisation that no one has ever become rich working for someone else, I decided that working for myself was the only answer. So I established my own estate agency and helped friends to establish their own. But it soon dawned on me that rather than me owning the business the business owned me. I managed to sell the business at the right time, just before the recession. I always wondered there had to be a better way. I had to find a way to leverage my time. I was dreaming of making money while I sleep. You see I have friends who have lots of money but no time and others who have lots of time on their hands but no money. I had to have both. I call it P.M.P.T. (Plenty of Money and Plenty of Time). My exposure to network marketing was at various times throughout my life. Each time studying the company, the products and the marketing plan. I found it amazing. Networking marketing is my dream method of doing business. We are natural networkers. Those that say I can’t sell, I say to them then why are you selling me the idea that you’re not a good sells person. It’s more than a profession; it’s a way of life. It makes you a better person as you can’t be successful being bad. If you are to make it in network marketing then setting our goals and mind-set is only half the battle. We need to be skilled in our chosen field. The lack of knowledge of the industry, professionalism and skills is giving it a bad name. I want to be a torch bearer for the industry and make it a chosen career path. After studying the industry over many years I have put together a practical training programme, which I call ‘Success Nuggets’. It’s designed for you to understand network marketing and yourself better and to be able to easily share it with others. To serve you better I have established Success Forever Group (S.F.G).

Mr Heron Miah  
Mr Heron Miah  

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