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Good Brain Workout For Reminiscing Events




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Editor Note We are delighted to bring around another edition of the HealthSpectra magazine to help you enrich your health and lead an active lifestyle with a proper mental stability. If you tend to forget things and wondering how recalling events work, our cover story for this month can help out with that. In addition, we have discussed about some of the important anxiety disorders as well as the benefits that you can enjoy if you sleep early. Along with that, you can also look into some of the best ways you can enhance and enrich your love life and relationship. If you have been struggling with back pain, diabetes could be a risk factor and we have also shared some of the amazing ways to keep your skin in the best condition.

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Special thanks to contributors, our advertisers and readers for making this magazine possible.


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Everything You Need To Know About Anxiety Disorders



Reading Books Enhances Mental Health

Know-How! Burst Your Stress By Being A Book-Buster Being a bookaholic is good to boost your mental health and you would be a “happy -camper� if you are already a bookaholic. Try reading, it is going to transform your mind and your approach to situations in life. Needless to say, mental health is essential and it is you who has to care for your mental health. Be a little considerate towards your mental health and understand how is reading useful to enhance your mind. If you do not like books, it is worth trying to be friends with books for the sake of your mental health WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


When you are capable of being able to relate and connect to another person, it is easier for someone else to empathize with you as well. You need empathy and social skills for good mental health because when you get introduced to different problems and achievements you learn how to sort out your mess or in other words get a clue as to how to be decisive. Now, connect the dots, clarity in the mind leads to less stress and if there is less stress it means your mental health is boosting up. You learn to get a different vision to life if your mind is at ease. What are the other benefits? You build better connections You find a way to get away from depression, anger, and fear because you take examples of people who are going through worse You feel morally good about being empathetic Reading Will Help You Find Motivation And Inspiration Here are the listed out points that clearly indicates the good in reading! Reading Helps You Find Echoes Of Another Person In Yourself - Empathy! You must read if you want to understand deep things. Interestingly, reading is supposed to enhance your skill of being in another shoe.


When you read autobiographies or you are drawn to paying heed to characters in a story, it is motivating and inspiring. How? If you like something that the character does in the story then even you start to feel motivated to be the same way in your life and if you can make a positive impact then why not? If a person is lacking motivation in life he or she is prone to feel ill mentally by


HEALTH experiencing low self-esteem, suicidal tendencies, severe depression, restlessness, and frustration. Are any of these emotions good for mental health? They are as good as depleting one’s mental peace. A Fun Read = No Stress And A Happy Mind

ears. You start to imagine only when you have watched or heard at some point. That said, reading books helps in improving your creativity and creativity is not just about enjoying that feeling of being in wonderland, it is beyond that, it has several benefits to your mental health. Take a look at it benefits

Surprisingly, reading a book that would make you laugh or is a light read is known to better your heart rate and keep you destressed. When you are de-stressed you are mentally doing superb.

Your dopamine is triggered and you feel happy being creative

Whenever you feel low, just pick up and interesting book and notice how happy that will make you feel in no time. Some of the best fun books to read are, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, The Princess Bride, A Dirty Job, etc.

Creativity is an anti-depressant and creativity helps in keeping your mind focused

Travelling To Moon And Mars Rejuvenates Your Mind If you are an avid reader you can relate to what it is like to get insanely involved in a book and lose your mind in a good way to keep away from everyday’s stress and worries. By now you would have got this, reading books definitely drives you to a new world and don’t be surprised if you start to dance in a new planet too. To walk away from stress, reading is just another activity like exercising or pursuing another hobby. It is nice to be engrossed in reading and being lost rather than being lost because of your problems in life. Creativity Is A Good Medicine To Heal A Disturbed Mind The two medium or senses that help in building your creativity are your eyes and WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

Dementia can be mitigated while creativity is good to better one’s senses

The one’s who are into a habit of penning down are likely to have a better immune system Being smart gives you a good feeling from within and creativity is supposed to help your left and right brain function better Boost Your Memory And Says Adieus To Alzheimer’s There have been several studies around how reading can prove effective in improving the brain muscles and turn out to be one of the best ways to improve on your memory. If you have a good memory power you can accomplish so much. It is believed that reading loud is helpful and a better way of increasing memory power. If memory is in place then there is the least scope for someone to suffer from Alzheimer’s. Intelligence Is One’s Biggest Asset


Reading is beneficial because you get to learn so much, be it a fun read, a fictional read or a serious subject. You will be so proud and good about yourself that mentally you would never have an inferiority complex about being less intelligence. Thus, develop and grow in learning by reading books that will serve the purpose of making you feel good about yourself and help you in transferring and using the same knowledge in the most productive manner. Sound Sleep = Sound Mind The more you sleep well, the better for your mental health. If you do not sleep well, you would end up having unnecessary cravings, your mind would get inactive and frustration would revolve around your mind. Reading books for long will easily put you to sleep. Have you ever heard of this tip given by your elders that if you want to sleep well you need to just read a book and your problem gets solved? It is really true! Reading helps you sleep on time and sleep well. A sound sleep will lead to a sound mind. For Your Overall Well-Being Reading Is A Good Habit

about. That said, this thought process is necessary to always have a happy, positive and a depressed-free mind. Take Away : Just like how every physical workout is good for your physical and mental health the same goes with reading. It helps in improving your mental health. You will find a new ally when you start to read books because it is going to give you a life long company at times you are bored or sad. By indulging in reading your mind is focused and working in the right direction, this helps you stay away from unnecessary distractions. Reading will change you as a person, you would start looking for meaning to everything you get to know and your thirst for knowledge increases. In a nutshell, reading books has been proved to do good to your mental health by reducing depression, stress, anxiety and helps improve your overall well being and creativity. Add this habit to your bucket list and build on your mental health.

It is necessary that you read books if you want to improve your thought process, knowledge, analytical skills, creative skills, in dealing with relationships, improving your soft skills and finally doing well professionally. It is true that reading is good for your mental well being as it teaches you how to socialize better, how to improve your decisions, how to make the most of motivation and work on the areas that you do not feel confident 9



Secrets To Safeguard Your

Skin Before And

After A



Had we been extra-cautious and pampered our skin time and again we would be able to save our skin from harsh chemicals and pollutants, we would never see bumps or rashes on your skin and on the flip side our skin would glow and be flawless. Can you imagine being one of those people whose skin is flawless and wow, if that happened in reality how much would you be jumping in joy? Having said, it so happens that we allow sweat to stay on our skin that spoils its quality by clogging pores and increasing the number of whiteheads and blackheads on the skin. If we would follow certain tips to keep that sweat away it could be really helpful, isn’t it? We usually sweat the most after a workout and we are not sure of how much dirt are we carrying on our skin before we go for a workout. Thus it is essential to learn skincare tips before and after a workout. Take a look at it!

Skin Care Tips Before A Workout Yes, it is equally essential to keep your face clean before you hit the gym or the running track. If you are fresh


you enjoy your workout and you get all energized and if you are not fresh you might end up feeling tired during the workout. Take a look at tips to safeguard your skin TIP Chase The Makeup 1 From Your Face

trouble to the skin. That would include, early aging and skin allergies.

The purpose of cleaning your face before going for a workout is clear and it is to clear your face off the makeup. It is necessary because if the chemicals get mixed with sweat on your skin it will create too much of a nuisance on the skin. What you can do is apply a few drops of mild face wash and clean your face with it or take a few drops of rose water in a piece of cotton and clean out the makeup from your face.

Always keep in mind, before you step out for your workout or if you are inside the gym you need to keep your skin protected from those harmful rays with a perfect SPF sunscreen lotion, if you take this tip seriously your skin would be saved from getting dark and looking old as well. You would need to apply it on your face and that part of the neck that is not covered with your tshirt. TIP Keep Away The Idea Of 3 Applying A Moisturizer

TIP Feed Your Skin With A 2 Layer Of Sunscreen If your skin is not safeguarded against rays of sunlight it can end up causing too much


BEAUTY You might be used to applying a moisturizer every time you step out of your home. Applying a moisturizer is not an issue but right before a workout can be problematic. Yes, you would want the moisture on your face to stay by. It is okay if you add some moisture after you are done with a workout. Applying a moisturizer before can add up to clogging your skin pores because of the excess sweat and moisture from the moisturizer increasing on your face. Thus, it is highly recommended to keep away from the complication and say a big no-no to moisturizers on your skin before you get going to burn calories.

Skin Care Tips After A Workout

your skin even more. TIP Experience The 4 Jubilation Of A Good


This might seem absolutely petty to you because we are all aware that a good shower after a workout helps in keeping the skin clean. That said, there are several people who love lazying on their couch after a vigorous workout and do not find it essential to wash the sweat from their body.

You would never love to be in the stinking mode, would you. Off-course you would take pride in burning down all the calories and nothing other than your sweat is the best proof to that. However, you need to let of the sweat stuck on your body.

The reason emphasis is given to a shower after sweating out is because bacteria love to trespass your skin when it is a blend or warm and cool. These bacteria grow and become never ending infections on the skin. No one likes infections on the skin.

Here are the basic skin care tips you need to follow after sweating out. Now is the time you need to safeguard

So your aim should be to say good bye to the sweat and oil on your skin for that having a bath with salt water and


a good body wash will say good bye to all the impurities on the skin. It is always good to first have a shower with cold water and then get on to having a warm water shower. Reason being, a cold shower would help your body cool down and get saved from inflammation problems. Later, a warm water shower will allow better blood circulation in the body. Have a good shower and feel full of life another time! TIP You Can Do The Least 5 Do Not Miss Out On A

Clean Face Wash

The pre and post workout would go on. It is all worth it for the health of your skin. You have to remember your aim of keeping your skin fresh and clean. Do not step away from it. May be having a shower might be difficult. In that case it is okay, have an amazing face wash. 12

One tip to protect your skin after a workout is to use a home made face scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and then wash your face with a mild face wash. At the end of the day, you should know better about how to take care of your skin. If you have oily and sensitive skin then be really particular about the products you use. Make a note of this tip if you have oily skin, your should use a face wash that has salicylic acid. However, you cannot use the same kind of face wash if you have sensitive skin. Be conscious about your skin type. TIP Do Your Favourite 6 Moisturizing Task

Now you can apply a little of the moisturizer on your skin as it will help in sealing all the moisture on your skin. That said, do not apply too much of it because you have another tip to safeguard 13

your skin and that will get you through your aim of safeguarding your skin after and before a workout. TIP Amplify Your Skin With 7 Sun Protection And


In the end when you are all through completing your task of cleansing and moisturizing you need to apply a tinted sunscreen that has a sun SPF and SPA protection, this one’s supposed to be a lighter sunscreen. It will not just save you from the sun rays indoors and out doors, however, it will eminate a beautiful glow on your skin. In conclusion, these tips are not out of the box and we are all aware of them. However, most of us do not know that we should apply a sunscreen before as well as after workout. These tips might be really small but they make a world of a difference if you be a little kind with your skin and follow them. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

15 Effective Tips

To Have A Healthy Baby And Safe Pregnancy

It is every woman’s duty to take the right care of herself for a healthy baby and a safe pregnancy. In order to make this happen, a woman needs to take the right diet, adequate rest, practice light exercises and make sure to have positive thoughts. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


When a mother can provide all of this to a baby in the womb. The baby will come out physically and mentally good. It can be taxing for a pregnant woman because until she was pregnant it was just her body. However, now she is nurturing a life within her. Therefore, every woman should take a look at some of the effective tips during pregnancy

1 Give Your Body The Right Vitamins


During pregnancy, it is healthy if a woman takes prenatal vitamins because it compensates f o r all the nutrients that the body falls short of. It is better not to take a risk during pregnancy and deprive yourself of any nutrient. Prenatal Vitamins contains calcium, vitamins, folic acid, iodine, and iron. These nutrients are necessary to keep up to bone health and increase the blood content in your body.

2 A Little Workout Is



It is tedious to exercise when you feel the weight on your stomach. A few women feel 15

sleepy and lazy during pregnancy, which is understandable. However, it will come to use when you have labor pain. Apart from this, you need an activity to tone your muscles and keep your bones intact. The safest and best exercises would be a little walking and a few yoga asanas under the guidance of a trainer.

3 Get Systematic


In pregnancy making yourself systematic means jotting down a birth plan so that things are organized and in place when you are about to deliver your baby. The birth plan will have details of how you want things to go during pregnancy and after childbirth. For instance, the method of delivery, whom would you want beside you during delivery and how would you want things to be after delivery.

4 Stay Updated


It might scare you about labor pain and how to manage to be a good mother. You do not need to stress yourself with it, all you got to do is keep reading and learning about pregnancy and things to do later on. Keeping yourself updated would help you get mentally prepared about how to tackle a situation.

5 Watch Over Your



Initially, it will take your time to tell yourself that there is a baby inside you and you might run, carry and move around normally without being conscious. However, it is your body and only you can be the best caretaker of your body. Be cautious, don’t


WOMEN HEALTH pick heavy things, be careful while you are climbing and getting off steps and do not exert your body too much.

6 Keep A Weighing


Machine In Your Room

You may or may not be used to checking your weight often. Now the pattern changes and you need to be watchful about your weight every week. During pregnancy, it is important that you track down your weight so that you know where is the gap and accordingly work on yourself. TIP


Maintain A Superb Diet

As your food is for your baby and you, make sure that you have the following in your diet. Do not exceed 500 calories per day Lentils Oranges

It is good to keep your body hydrated throughout during pregnancy. It is a must that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Apart from water, you can have fruit and vegetable juices. This will help save you from feeling dehydrated and your body gets filled with essential Vitamins and Minerals. TIP

9 Avoid Two Fluids

If you want to avoid any complications during pregnancy you need to avoid two drinks that can harm your health. Don’t drink caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine is a strong chemical and can cause problems such as insomnia, irritability, stomach upset and tumors. Alcohol is bad because when alcohol enters your baby’s bloodstream it can cause health complications for your baby. Thus, avoiding the two will save you from danger.

10 You Need Your Beauty TIP


Cereals Soy Diary Canned Fish Eat fiber food Veggies All of these foods have Calcium, Iron, Protein & Fiber. See to it that you eat all your small meals well. Make sure to fill your body with all of these foods.

8 Increase Your Fluid




Sleep is a great contributor to keeping your health good during pregnancy. You need to take your beauty sleep because only then will you feel energetic and be able to take care of the baby in your womb. Good sleep is directly related to your baby’s well being. Good rest gives you better stamina to face delivery. Sleep well and feel fresh.

11 Take Your Medicines TIP



During pregnancy, you will need to take your medication regularly and on time. To avoid health problems, do not take herbal or Ayurveda medicines without taking your doctor’s consent because only he knows how your body works.

stress by either writing it down or talking about it, enroll yourself in spiritual courses so that it has a good impact on your baby’s mind. Hear good, speak good and say good because your baby is hearing from you.

15 Be Mentally Prepared TIP

12 Take Care Of Your Skin TIP

Do not miss out on taking good care of your skin during pregnancy even though you feel lazy to do so. All you need to do is apply little sunscreen and a moisturizer before you step out of your home. It is a good tip to safeguard your skin.

13 Take Care Of Your TIP


Before you appear for the delivery it is essential for you to be mentally prepared about it. Take positive steps such as imagine that your baby is healthy, eat the right food, avoid things that can hamper your health, spend quality time with yourself and be positive that you will smoothly face the delivery phase. When you prepare your mind, you will have a confident approach on the delivery day.

During pregnancy, you will experience several hormonal changes and the chances of having sensitive and painful gums are the highest. Thus, to avoid this hassle, it would be great if you could proactively take an appointment with your dentist once a month to get your teeth checked.

In conclusion, if you follow all the tips of keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy, it would help you feel mentally and physically strong. When you feel strong it is good for your baby and you.

It is said that ADA-accepted fluoride tooth paste is medically the best one to use during pregnancy. Brush your teeth twice a day and keep your mouth fresh.

Have a healthy and safe pregnancy!


14 Take Care Of Your

Mental Health

Good mental health is a must during pregnancy because it has a direct impact on your baby’s health as well as the behavior of your baby. During pregnancy, keep yourself calm, do not take stress, have an outlet for your 17



10 Interesting

ProofBased Tips To Lose Weight Practice And See!



Tired with those unhealthy fats on your body? Are those motivating thoughts about losing weight on your mind? Hold on to those thoughts and you would get tips on how to lose weight. Over the web, we have several tips on weight loss. Take a while and give it a thought if all weight loss tips work? Do you think every tip that you have come across is backed up with a study or research? If tips are not having enough evidence would it persuade you to diligently follow those tips? Take a look at some of those proof-based tips on weight loss. As they have scientific evidence they are reliable. Take a look at them and see how many of these weight loss tips can you implement and benefit from them.


TIP - 1

Sip Water Before You Hog

It is proved that if you drink water about 45 minutes before you have a meal, it can help you cut down on unwanted calories faster. Have you ever heard that drinking sufficient water is good to speed up your metabolism? Well - It is true and you would not deny that because water is an effective element in keeping your body good. Further, there have been several studies on how drinking water an hour before meals helps in weight loss. One of the studies proved this right and concluded that when you fill your stomach with water you won’t find the need to overeat and your intake would be just what is necessary. Thus, on a serious note if losing weight is one of your goals then the right way to go ahead is by keeping a water bottle ready an hour before you hog and you will surely lose fewer calories.

TIP - 2

At The First Hour Of The Day Eat An Egg

Basically taking in any form of protein is necessary to keep you full throughout your day. Even those hungry thoughts would not knock on your mind. The science of thought is when you eat eggs you are full in a healthy way and that’s one way of keeping away the junk in your body. This would indirectly help you lose weight.

What’s the study all about? There was a study around how a person feels full after consuming an egg for


WEIGHT LOSE breakfast. There were around thirty women who participated and each of their BMI was around 25 kgs. The age group was women from 25 - 60 years. These women fasted overnight and then had breakfast and lunch and it was assessed that women who had egg as their breakfast were fuller for long and they had no hunger cravings.

TIP - 3

Sip On Lovely Black Coffee

While not everyone is fond of black coffee, it is number one to help keep your weight in control. That said if you have black coffee your tendency to lose weight is the highest. Black coffee is known to burn about 30 percent of fats from your body and it betters your rate of metabolism. However, it is best to drink black coffee as it is without adding sugar to the drink.

What’s the study all about? There was a study around men participating in drinking about 150ml of caffeine, the purpose of this study was to find out the difference in the metabolic rate. It was found that the temperature of their skin had increased after a while which proved that their metabolic rate got better after drinking caffeine.

TIP - 4

Green Tea Has Great Flavour And Taste

The presence of catechins contributes to burning fats in your body. Apart from this, green tea is powerful because of the presence of antioxidants as well and this ingredient helps in weight loss. Have about three cups of green tea during the day, this will help in breaking down fats in your body. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

What’s the study all about? PubMed studied on how green tea is an effective measure for weight loss and the results of the studies proved that catechins that are present in green tea is good and helps in taking care of your body weight as well as helps in reducing body weight.

TIP - 5

Fasting Once In A While

While there is a deeper study to be done on fasting once in a while can help in losing weight. If you look at it, it is partially true. One must one day in the week to lose out on fewer calories. It is not good to fast all the time because that can lead to obesity and that is not healthy.

What’s the study all about? There were about 6 studies done on intermittent fasting and it was proved that intermittent fasting worked so much better when compared to other forms of treating obesity.

TIP - 6

Glucomannan Works A Way

This is a source of fiber supplement and it is supposed to help you lose weight. Studies have suggested that taking glucomannan helps you have control over eating too much. When you do not eat too much junk and only focus on a strict and healthy diet the chances of putting on weight is not applicable at all.

What’s the study all about? Several men and women participated in a 20

study and they were to take glucomannan and placebo. Comparing the two it was proved that the ones who ate glucomannan were able to lose more weight after making an observation on this for about 5 weeks.

TIP - 7

Avoid Sugar Foods

The white substance sugar is indirectly one form of poison in your body. Having said, you must avoid foods that have fructose because it would not just add on to your body’s weight but cause several other diseases such as diabetes and other heart diseases. You will notice the change in your body, as you would feel lighter if you focus on eliminating the sugar factor from most of your meals.

What’s the study all about? There was a study conducted from the year 1991 to 1999 among women on the consumption of sweetened drinks. The ones who consumed sweetened drinks did not have a problem with their weight. However, there were a few of them who had fruit punch and it was observed that they put on more weight.

TIP - 8

Focus On Eating Low Carb Foods

If you want to lose out on calories you must focus on eating foods that have low carbs instead of eating foods that have low fats. There is a difference when you eat low carb food the rate at which you would lose weight is even quicker. It can be slightly tedious to focus on eating specifically low carb foods. However, it is worth the effort if your goal is to lose weight.

What’s the study about? 21

The New England Journal of Medicine, 2003 researched how would a low-carb diet help in weight loss. 63 people participated in this study and this continued for a year. There were a few people who had a high-carb diet and a few had a low-carb diet. Finally, the group that had a low-carb diet seemed to lose half of their body weight.

TIP - 9

Spicy Food Works Wonders

It is studied that eating spicy food would help in cutting down your appetite and it would improve your metabolic rate. Wondering about what would be the best spices to eat? Simply eat loads of chilli peppers, that should work for you.

TIP - 10

Replace Chips To Vege� tables And Fruits

Whenever you are hungry and you want to quickly grab on something to fill your hunger you should pick on a fruit or vegetable although this can be a difficult choice. In a way, it helps you feel full for a while and it does not have too many calories. It might not be easy to start practicing this immediately. However, you can make an attempt to binge on healthy food for your health’s sake.

Having looked at several studies and researches done on how certain foods and practices can help in losing weight, try these tips and see which tip has been the most useful to you. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


A Good


For Reminiscing Events - Shade What’s Faded! WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


Do you get trapped in circumstances like being curious about getting clarity to the memories that just flashed in your mind? You are sure that it occured but you do not exactly recollect how, why and what happened. This happens to a lot of us. Have you been there? Just as your body needs a good workout for it to stay invigorated the same goes with your brain as well. The better ways you adopt in exercising it, the better for you. Well - Did you know that going back to remembering memories is one way of exercising your brain? The reason it is important to do a brain workout is to get to know how efficiently your brain works. Exercising the brain is one way of testing your IQ too. How can one ascertain the effectiveness of the brain? It is simple, by noticing how quickly does your brain process information.

Exercising your brain is as good as doing good to your skin with a moisturizer. On similar lines, your brain needs its sources of support too. Apart from exercising your brain through activities, it is quintessential that you give your body the right food, breathe good air and perform some exercises to keep your brain healthy.


For some reason, if you feel stuck and you are in search of those quick ways to remember lost and faded memories then here are workable tips to make it happen

Tip 1 - Catering To Brain Health Our brain needs food just like our body does. The best way to help the brain clearly remember faded memories is to keep it healthy. Everything else will fall in place if your brain is healthy.

Tip 2 - Exercising Unstable Emotions If you are emotionally not sound and unhappy then you can not exercise your brain and find a way in recalling old memories. What is the science behind this? Have you heard of the term - encoding through working memory? This happens to the brain when you are emotionally unstable. It means the working memory of your brain is occupied by emotions such as our fears and anxieties which slows down the effectiveness of the brain in processing things.

Tip 3 - Ensuring Silence If you want to engross your mind in trying to remember an event you have to set right the



ambiance by making sure there is no sound at all. There should be pin-drop silence, otherwise, the mind is sure to get deviated and your brain exercise will go in vain.

all the alphabets loud will tap on your brain and you might remember what you were struggling with. This would be a little tedious but that is how you exercise your brain.

Tip 4 - Know The Right Position

All in all, do not be worried about any kind of pressure on your brain, remembrance will come to you bit by bit.

The way you position yourself plays a vital role while you are trying to remember memories. You need to lie down straight on the bed with your head up and keep your eyes closed. There have been several studies on how body positions help in remembering memories.

Tip 5 - Recalling The Last Part Of The Memory By now you would have gathered bits of the memory. Try and emphasize the last part of the memory is helpful as you get your clues faster. At times recalling the ambiance of where the even took place could be helpful as well.

Tip 6 - Humming The Vowel And Consonant Sounds Sound is an easy medium to be able to recall old memories. You can go back to old memories and remember them quickly when you repeat the sounds of vowels and consonants in order. That said, repeating out






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People Suffering From

Diabetes Experience More Back Pain



Staying away from sweets is what mainly the warning is and precaution majority of the diabetics are provided with. If you are someone who is suffering from Diabetes, chances are that you might even develop higher risks associated with back pain and such. Given everything, it is important to ensure that you look out for the risk factors and opt for ways that would actually help in managing a healthy life.

A new study conducted by the researchers from the University of Sydney have depicted for a fact that diabetes patients have 35% heightened risks of experiencing lower back pain and around 24% heightened risks of neck pain in comparison to the non-diabetic people. These findings were based around the findings from the meta-analyses of several studies that have been linked with diabetes resulting in back or neck pain in the patients. The findings of this study were published in PLOS ONE.


Lower back pain along with neck pain is quite a common phenomenon that every other adult faces during their lifetime. If statistics are to be considered, over 382 million people suffer from Type-II Diabetes which is the more prevalent form in between the two. Manuela Ferreira from the University’s Institute of Bone and Joint Research, who is the Associate Professor and senior author of the study, stated that there were not much relevance and evidence that could be used to establish a casual relationship between Diabetes along with neck or back pain. Keeping that aside, the findings of the analyses further warrant the investigation into this subject all the more. Ferreira further exclaimed stating that they think that Diabetes and Lower back and neck pain are associated. There is no evidence as to why the same is happening and does require further and in-depth research on the topic. In order to push back better explanation on the matter, Ferreira stated saying that the relation between Type-

II Diabetes as well as lower back pain do have a strong correlation when it comes to obesity along with lack of physical activity. In order to provide concrete evidence regarding the same, it is important to examine the available data more and scrounge through more possibilities regarding the same.

This specific analysis contributes to the fact and evidence that weight control along with physical activity is what ends up playing an important role in managing the risks associated with back and neck pain in diabetics. Furthermore, the study has also found that a potent reason behind the induced pain could be because of the consumption of Diabetes medication. The rate of cases concerning Diabetics and neck and back pain are on the constant rise as of now. If you have been consistently suffering from all this, it is best suggested to ensure that you opt for better modes of screening to keep the levels in check.



Mental & Physical Benefits Of Contemporary & Lyrical

Dance Sway Like You Have Unbreakable Bones And Twistable Muscles! WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

Contemporary dance is an artistic dance form that gives you a platform to throw out your expressions and by moving your body, tripping and toppling gracefully in the air and on the floor. Going back to the history of contemporary dance, it began in mid-twenties and it first won its popularity in USA & Europe. Now, people all over the world are learning this form of dance by wonderfully swaying their body.


Physical Health Benefits Take a look at how does contemporary dance beautifully transform your body.

Benefit No 1 - INCREASES

FLEXIBILITY IN THE BODY When you constantly get to stretch your body from one end to the other, your muscles within are loosening and this, in turn, is increasing the flexibility in your body. When you get flexible you would not find it difficult to run up the stairs or push your body in any direction quickly. You would not get body aches after exerting yourself too.

Benefit No 2 - STRENGTHENS


It is necessary to maintain good bone health. Otherwise, the risk of having complications such as osteoporosis is always going to haunt you. That said, contemporary dance is an activity that helps strengthen bones and this would be useful to us in the long run when we age and need strength. This activity improves bone mass as well.

Benefit No 3 - YOUR HEART It is relatable with modern ballet and jazz. Contemporary dance not just focuses on your physical fitness. However, it focuses on your mental well-being too. If your next thought is how does it focus on your mental well-being? The answer is, it is a lyrical dance form too. You are required to learn the art of expressing as well. So, mentally and physically everything falls in place after you learn contemporary dance. 29


Three things happen when you involve your body in contemporary dance moves. The blood circulation improves and your heart does not face any concerns with pumping blood and there are barely any chances for blockage in the heart, the supply of oxygen is smooth and controlled and your heart muscles are stronger than before. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

FITNESS Thus, if you want no issues with your lungs and heart, you should try contemporary dance, it works!

Benefit No 4 - AIDS WEIGHT


When you sweat out the healthy way every day it is but natural that you are going to lose weight. Isn’t it? Contemporary dance moves are energizing and strengthening in such a way that you will lose out on excess fats. Basically, any form of physical activity is helpful if you want to stay fit. You can depend on contemporary dance if you want to have fun and stay fit.

Benefit No 5 - IT IS A GREAT


If you are keen on engaging yourself in an aerobic workout you can consider contemporary dance. If you feel you need a change from the usual jumping, running, swimming or cycling you can always have this dance form as an option open for you to gain stamina and be up to the mark with fitness goals.

Mental Health Benefits Contemporary dance has been proved to relieve all your mental stress. You get to think better, feel good and the stress hormones are released. In contemporary dance, you have to change your expressions with the lyrics and automatically your body synchs in with the moves. Take a look at how contemporary dance helps in boosting your mental health.


Benefit No 1 - YOU LEARN


When you enroll yourself in a dance class there are several other students who would accompany you in learning and it is fun to be part of a crowd with different people. You get to learn from each other, you get exposed to a new world and this way you learn social skills and understand how to conduct yourself in the crowd. It is important to have good social skills!

Benefit No 2 - CREATIVITY


Contemporary dance is a form of expressing your feelings in the form of dance, isn’t it? It is not an easy task to clearly express a feeling through dance and this requires your focus and creative mind to work fast. Thus, learning a contemporary dance you inherit the quality of getting creative each day.

Benefit No 3 - STRESS BURSTS


Would you agree that letting out your stress is truly art? We tend to make a mistake in the way we release our stress by yelling at someone and getting into an argument. Having said, contemporary dance gives us an opportunity to break free from stress because, in this form of lyrical dance, you get to feel every emotion like anger, happiness, sorrow, and excitement. Indirectly, contemporary dance takes away all your stress and on the other hand, you will never fall sick because of being stressed.


Benefit No 4 - YOU FEEL


When you see yourself doing well, it is enough to boost confidence and self-esteem. Having said, contemporary dance gives you the vision of your inner beauty. When your body physically improves and you feel light in the mind, you are the most delighted person, thus, learn some contemporary dance moves and get a new perception towards how you look at yourself.

Be it oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, all of these hormones get released once you test your capabilities and explore a new dance form and that too choosing contemporary dance is like an icing on the cake. The reason you get happy because you have something new in your life where you meet people, you do your workout, you connect with your inner-self and there is an improvement in your mental health. Thus, dancing is the biggest source of being happy from the inside out.


Benefit No 5 - YOU GET INTO

Final Word

Be it any dance form, your mind and body start to feel light. That said, by making contemporary dance one of your hobbies you are sure to feel relaxed in the mind and happiness in your heart. This is one form of meditation, just that here you do not keep your eyes closed but at the end of the day, you are in a deeply relaxed state of mind.

Here is a summary of all the good reasons to learn contemporary dance. Meet the contemporary dancer in your for a healthier mind and body


Benefit No 6 - THIS IS AN

ADAPTABLE DANCE FORM Contemporary dance can be mastered by anyone because its nature is as such that the body moves along with the tune of the music and simultaneously emotions are let out. You can imagine how easily one can adapt to this dance form? Nevertheless, in many workouts and dance forms, one does not get to express emotions.

Benefit No 7 - IT CAN BE A 31

Contemporary dance is an artistic form of dance Dance your heart out and let all your stress fly away while you sweat out Contemporary dance should make you an expressive, confident and a social person Your heart, lungs, muscles, and bones would be all in place with contemporary dance moves If you think your body does not twist and bend easily, getting into the groove of contemporary dance will help your body get flexible Put On Your Shoes! Wear On A Bright Smile! Stretch As Much As You Can!



How Nutritious Are

Sweet Potatoes? Study About It!



Every fruit and vegetable is a king of certain nutrients. Just like any other vegetable, sweet potatoes are filled with its wows that one can boast about. However, it should be eaten to a certain limit as one of its side effects can make your nails look orange. If you have a sweet tooth you must be relishing sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes not just taste sweet but the smell amazing as well. Usually, sweet potatoes are eaten baked. To get into a little of its description, it is starchy, sweet and usually eaten occasionally. Surprisingly there are different kinds of sweet potatoes, they are, white sweet potatoes, Japanese sweet potatoes, and garner sweet potatoes. Be it any kind of sweet potato, all are nutritious. Few of the key ingredients of sweet potatoes are vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You need to know a list of reasons as to what makes sweet potato so special and why do people consider eating it? Besides the vegetable being sweet, take a look at few of its interesting health benefits 33


Rich Source Of Vitamin A How are sweet potatoes rich in Vitamin A? Sweet potatoes are known to make you feel enriched with Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for the body because it increases the eye-sight. It is supposed to be a fat-soluble Vitamin. Few of the adverse effects of having Vitamin A deficiency is night blindness and infections. There is a risk of being affected with measles if your body does not get Vitamin A. Vitamin has the power to help your organs such as the kidney, lungs, and heart work efficiently. Vitamin A takes care of the immune system, it takes care of the bones, tissues and white blood cells. There is an antioxidant called Beta Carotene, this is present in Vitamin A and it helps in protecting the cells in your body WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

NUTRITION & DIET and keeps your body from every free radical(it means every possibility of inflammation). Two of the best sweet potatoes rich in Vitamin A are the purple and orange sweet potatoes. If you want good glowing skin then Vitamin A will fulfill that dream of yours. Therefore start eating sweet potatoes to become sufficient with Vitamin-A. You will be amazed to know that there is 769% of Vitamin A in sweet potatoes.


Invigorates Immunity By Stimulating Your Gut Health How are sweet potatoes linked to improving your immunity?

and insoluble). These fibers stay help in taking care of the digestion. There are few fibers that form short fatty acids and these fatty acids keep your intestines strong and in good condition. If your body is enriched with fiber the chances of colon cancer is at the least and you would experience a better bowel movement. The purple sweet potatoes are known to give rise to healthy bacteria that helps in fighting against all the intestine related issues. One of them is diarrhea. Since sweet potatoes have several vitamins and it is one source of food that boosts our immunity. It helps in fighting against HPV. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease which can cause cancer and issues in your genital parts.


The presence of antioxidants and fiber in sweet potatoes contributes to your gut health.

Sweet Potatoes Might Help The Body Survive Against Cancer

Sweet potatoes constitute two types of fiber(soluble

Is it possible that


sweet potatoes are so beneficial that they can fight cancer? Sweet potatoes constitute antioxidant named anthocyanins that are known to save your body from breast, colon, bladder and stomach cancer. This was a study made in animals and plants. It is not yet proved on the human body. The other reasons that sweet potatoes helps the body to fight against cancer cells are due to the presence of carotenoids and lutein. Thus, sweet potatoes can be of help when it comes to avoiding life-threatening diseases.


Heart Health Is Boosted Which source of nutrient in the sweet potato helps to make your heart healthy? Fiber does the task!


The fiber in sweet potatoes helps lower the cholesterol in your body. This cholesterol helps in keeping the body away from cardiovascular diseases. If the blood pressure in your body is stable, you would not experience heart-related issues. To stabilize the blood pressure, eating sweet potatoes will help because it has potassium that will blend with sodium in your body and have the right control over the blood pressure in your body. Sweet potatoes help in improving the red blood cells count in your body. Sufficient red blood cells will 35

keep the blood pressure in control and the red blood cells count increases only because of the presence of copper in sweet potatoes.


Blood Sugar Levels Are Protected How can sweet potatoes protect sugar levels? The blood sugar levels in your body never go down if you eat sweet potatoes because they have carbohydrates and fiber that helps in sustaining

the sugar level and making you feel full. Thus, anyone suffering from diabetes can eat sweet potatoes because the starch content in sweet potatoes is not too much and it is healthier when compared to white potatoes(another name to less starch is low glycemic index).


Brain Gets Sharpened What are the nutrients that sharpen the brain? WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

NUTRITION & DIET The three major nutrients in sweet potatoes that contribute to sharpening your brain are manganese, choline, and manganese. Choline is one of those ingredients that better enables your nerves and brains in sending messages effectively. All in all, choline helps in developing the brain better. The impulses in your body work better because of the presence of manganese in sweet potatoes. This happens through the neurotransmitters.


Eliminates Stress And Anxiety How can sweet potatoes help eliminate stress? The nutrient that does this job of keeping your mind away from stress is the magnesium in sweet potatoes. Magnesium is supposed to keep your mind calm and in case the magnesium content in your


body is less your mind can end up feeling disturbed and low. Apart from relieving your mind off stress, magnesium plays a role in taking care of your bones, muscles and the energy levels in your body.


Improves Reproductive Functions How do sweet potatoes play a role in improving the process of reproduction? One of the sources that help in improving fertility in your body is Iron. Sweet potatoes contain iron. Iron is not just good to improve fertility, it is a source of improving blood content in your body.


Best Nutrient To Fight Inflammation How do sweet potatoes fight

inflammation? The nutrients such as magnesium and beta carotene help your body fight against every kind of inflammation and this is possible only when you include sweet potatoes in your diet. If you go into specifics to understand which is that minute ingredient that is responsible to help your body fight against inflammation, it is cyanidin. Cyanidin is a pigment present in purple sweet potatoes.


Clears Off the Heavy Metals From The Body How can sweet potatoes help in warding off heavy metals? It is true that sweet potatoes help in relieving the body from heavy metals. While certain metals are necessary such as zinc, copper, and iron is necessary for the body. Our body tends to inhale or consume unhealthy metals


from the air, food, and water. It is natural for this to happen with the body. That said, purple potatoes have a substance called phytochelatins that helps in eliminating toxic metals from your body.

Summary Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A, C, B6 &12, carbohydrates, magnesium, iron, copper and this


vegetable in fighting against diseases and contributes in a small way to help your body function well. While sweet potatoes are beneficial to the body in so many ways. It is essential for you to know that you should not eat a sweet potato that is spoilt because it can harm your body and the best way to eat a sweet potato is by boiling it well. Just so that you have a clear idea about how much nutrients are present in

sweet potatoes take a look at the below-mentioned list 25 % of Vitamin C 12 % of Potassium 24 grams of carbohydrate 4 grams of fiber 7 grams of sugar 25 mg magnesium

Eat Sweet Potatoes And Fill Your Body With Nutrients!



Magic Mantras To Stop


Sidestep From Feeling Low!


Personality Begins Where Comparison Ends


What if the moon looked like the sun and there was nothing different in the two. Don’t you think you would have been missing out on something significant? You would have missed being a witness to either the sun or the moon’s beauty. Thank the creator for making them different from each other.

Just as the sun is different from the moon, so are we all different from each other. When nature gives this clear indication then why get into that darkness of self doubt and comparison? If you have been comparing yourself to a person or have been whining about not having a better house, best looks and a sharper brain then you need to understand you are being blind to witness a beautiful you. Here are magic mantra’s for you to diligently follow and release your mind from every negative thought that is being a barrier in making you forgot your real beauty and strengths. Follow these mantra’s and you will feel freed and happy from the inside out.

Why Is It Bad To Compare Yourself To Another? Contrarily, if you consider comparison as an ill feeling, it is always going to be a stumbling block in your well being and you won’t know how.


You are saved if you take comparison in the right spirit and you are walking a step ahead to the gray side of life when you hold on to comparison and let it affect you.



What happens with comparison? You start to feel low about yourself You can never appreciate the positive in you

You would keep away from people who can have a positive influence on you

You would start to dislike people

Your positive energy is suppressed

When you see no good in what comparison offers to you then it is as simple as figuring out a new route and helping yourself find a way. Mantra 1

Scrutinize Every Reason That Has Lead To Comparison A good self reflection should solve more than half of your problem. How? When you get a clue as to what is causing all the comparison you will immediately work a way to step over it. That said, look through every incident in your life and ask a few question to yourself to get all your answers. Has my family compared me to someone? Do I feel I am not good enough?


Have I been compared in School or University? Am I blinded with the potential in me? Question yourself and get your answers, once you have your answers you will know what to do next. Mantra 2

Design Your Own Garden Do you realize how much of your energy is getting consumed by always focusing on someone else? Just analyse the good you could do by using that same time to think of how do you want to make your life a better place. Take a look at a few tips 40

to design your own beautiful garden Everyday invest time on an activity you love Learn a new skill and watch your progress

Mantra 4

Make a bucket list to tick off

Pay Heed To The Little Blessings

Appreciate yourself every time you do a good job

When you stop by and pay attention to the little blessings you have received you are going to find yourself to be the most fortunate. If you know that you are fortunate it is more than enough for you to get over feelings of comparison.

Anyhow, make time for your own-self so that your attention is diverted towards the right task and you absolutely have no time for comparison. Mantra 3

Look At “You” Just The Way You Are If you cannot accept yourself for the way you are, you will never like yourself, it is not good to have that kind of a mindset. Although this seems simple about what is the big deal about accepting yourself, it does make all the difference. Looking at yourself just the way you are is one way of knowing your flaws and strengths. What’s bad


about admitting your flaws also for that matter. Just have an open mind and acknowledge yourself for who you originally are. Only when you accept will you know how you want to improve.

Be happy that you have your senses working right, you have a roof for shelter and food to fill your stomach. What more do you need to be happy when you have it all in abundance. Mantra 5

Count The Best In You If you have this habit of comparing yourself to someone, you need to know that you have stopped looking at the good in you. Correct yourself if you have never learnt to see the good in you.


LIVE HAPPY Start counting on everything that you are amazing at and you will never feel like comparing yourself to anyone. Start with seeing what’s good about your nature, what are you talented at and what are your best skills. It is human tendency to envy someone better than us. However, whenever a thought of comparison crosses your mind, immediately snap out and start to reflect about all the positive points in you. Mantra 6

You Do Not Have To Win A Competition Life is not a race where you run to compete. Life is a race where you run to compete with yourself from what you were yesterday. There is no point in running a race with someone else because they are living their life and they know about its struggles, you are living your life and you know your struggles better. You have to admit that there is always going to be someone better and you do not have to even focus on it. You have your stuff to deal with,pay attention to just that.


Mantra 7

Stay Away From Media That Puts You Down We often get into that groove of comparing ourselves to someone when we see too much happening on media. Media does make people come into the comparison zone for nothing. Staying away from social media won’t serve the purpose because you cannot run away from the situation. Stay away from looking into pictures or posts that are going to make you feel low. Use media for the right reasons and keep it away if it gets you experiencing doubts about yourself, comparisons with people at a better position and constantly makes you feel the “could haves” and “should haves”. Mantra 8

Bad Time Doesn’t Call For Comparison If you have started to compare yourself to someone just because you are financially not doing well or you are finding it tough in dealing with your relationships, that does not call for you to compare yourself 42

to someone else’s situation. You just have to be mature and understand that the moment is not favorable for you and its just for the time being. One phase of life does not decide your life permanently. Mantra 9

Don’t Get Inveigled By Opinions Opinions are not for all, it is personal, therefore you need to understand that you should not start to compare yourself just because it is someone else’s opinion that you are not as good as the other person. Having said, trust in yourself and know how to stand up to what you believe in. If you are not strong about it, you are going to be persuaded to do things that you do not believe in just to end up being better than whom you are compared to. You do not have to prove it to anyone. You have to be good in your own eyes. Mantra 10

Turn Comparison To Admiration While this might not seem practical to start admiring the person you have always been comparing yourself to.


It is a positive way of looking at the brighter side. Supposing you have started to compare yourself to someone, for a change say wow to all their good qualities and say to yourself that you need to learn a lot from the person. For all you know the admiration might turn out being a motivation factor for you.

Take Away : Stop comparing yourself to anyone Admire and take inspiration from the one’s you compare yourself to Accept your flaws Do not lose yourself in competing with others. Compete in being a better you tomorrow. Do not get influenced by opinions and start comparing yourself to someone better Let there be thousands of people better than you. Know that you are special in the way you are



9 Acupressure PointsTo Accelerate Hair Growth!



Stress On The Right Points!

What Is Acupressure? Acupuncture is an alternative method of improving and treating any mental and physical health concerns. The method of treatment involves pressing the right point on the body with a needle or with the pressure of fingers to specifically get rid of pain in the body.

Benefits Of Acupressure On Hair By following the old practice of pressing the right points on your body, here are a few benefits of acupuncture on hair It helps in preventing baldness.


Improves blood circulation within the scalp and this helps circulate enough oxygen to the hair roots.

How Does It Happen Acupuncture involves massaging and pressing points on your scalp and around your hand. You can use neem, lemon or rosemary essential oils to do treat your hair through acupuncture. The properties present in these oils make your hair roots stronger. Thus, a blend of normal head massage and stressing on the acupressure points should suffice and solve all the hair concerns.

List of Acupressure Points

Improves volume in your hair.

Given below are the important acupressure points, know them all!

Relieves your scalp from unhealthy toxins.




The Paihui point is right at the center of your head Paihui accelerates hair growth by improving blood circulation The effective way of pressing this point is by taking a few toothpicks, knotting them and pressing it in the center of your head POINT 2 - MASSAGING THE PAIHUI IS THE SECOND POINT Massage the paihui by placing all your fingers beside it except for the thumb Paihui massage makes you feel nice as well as improves the blood circulation in your scalp All you need to do is, position your thumb down and massage your scalp by pushing your other fingers vertically You should press this for ten minutes every day POINT 3 - MASSAGING THE REFLEXES ON YOUR PALM This acupressure point is all about thoroughly massaging your wrists and arms with your thumb WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

This point will help your hair grow better because the blood circulates around your palms and directly reaches your scalp to strengthen hair roots You should do this for 5 minutes every day POINT 4 - PRESSING THE INDEX FINGER - LI1 You must press the point that is above in the corner of your index finger It helps in strengthening your hair roots and leads to better hair growth You should practice this for two minutes




You will need to place three of your fingers in the center of your shoulder, press and massage it well

This acupressure point is on the wrist in the line right below your thumb

This acupressure point treats hair fall problems and helps you relax well

When you try the acupressure point you will notice a change in the way your hair grows, it gets healthier

You should keep pressing it for a minute or two

You should practice this 3 times for about a minute or two

POINT 6 - STRIKING NAILS When you strike the nails of all your fingers it helps with treating hair fall problems. This happens because of the friction in your nails You should practice this for 5 minutes every day POINT 7 - ACUPRESSURE POINT LU6 You need to press the point in your forearm This helps with faster hair growth This should be practiced three times a day for about 5 minutes


POINT 9 - ACUPRESSURE POINT GV12 AND GV14 This acupressure point is at the back, right below your neck This is considered beneficial with regards to improving the quality of your hair Once can massage this point twice a day for about 15 seconds

All in all, make the most of all the points and treat all hair concerns. Additionally, you can purchase acupressure footwear as it provides benefits to any pain in your body. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


A Deadly Bacterium Stays On Our Skin While we often fret about germs and the possible infections littering around our perimeter, we often fail to recognize the fact that we live with it. If you are a germaphobe, there is definitely some bad news in order for you. Germs and especially bacteria are everywhere even when you try your hardest to keep them away.



A new study conducted by the researchers from the University of Bath suggests that E.coli and MSRA are the talks of the past. There has been a discovery of an even deadlier bacterium which is antibiotic resistant and the astounding fact is that every single person around the planet bears it on their skin. We are often well acquainted with MSRA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) but a closely related bacterium to the prior, Staphylococcus epidermidis is believed to impose even worse and deadly effects on one’s health, especially following a surgery. It has the potency of inducing life threatening infection but majority of the clinicians tend to overlook this because of the abundance of it. The renowned scientists from the Milner Centre of Evolution suggested the kind of threat posed by this specific bacterium. It is important to take it seriously, mainly because of the fact that antibiotic resistance 49

property. Also, it is mandatory for people undergoing surgery to be very cautious of the same because of its threat of inducing risks of infection. The scientists have identified a sequence of 61 genes which is responsible for imposing possible life threatening conditions by this bacterium residing in our skin which normally tends to otherwise be mellow and not harmful. Following their discovery of this, the scientists believed that further studies exploring the possibility of why the strains of S. epidermidis cause diseases, it would become easier for them to further explore the kind of people who are at more risk before undergoing any form of surgery. In order to test the possibilities, the researchers collected samples from the patients who experienced infections following their joint and hip replacement surgery or even from

the fracture fixation operations. They then compared these samples with that of the swab samples from healthy individuals. When the samples were tested out, the scientists were rather shocked to find that there were a small proportion of people who carried the deadly strain of the bacterium without even knowing about the same. The strain with the 61 genes which was found in the deadly strain was not predominant in the majority of the healthy individuals though. These properties exhibited by the disease causing genes were found to rather help the bacterium grow and proliferate in the body of the host. These genes helped them strive in the bloodstream of the host and actively avoid the immune responses of the host. They further were also able to form a sticky cell surface which helped them form biofilms which made them resistant to the antibiotics. The study has been WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


led by Professor Sam Sheppard who is the Director of Bioinformatics at the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath. He stated saying that the Staphylococcus epidermidis is a deadly pathogen in plain sight. He further went on saying that while many tend to take it lightly coercing it as a natural contaminant, it is way more than that. Post surgical infections have the capability of inducing fatal repercussions on one’s health, even resulting in death. Statistics suggest that over thirds of the deaths in the United


Kingdom is caused because of infection. Owing to this figure, Professor Sheppard believes that it is high time we focus on the fatality of the infection. Professor Sheppard stated that once they are well aware of the primary reasons causing the infection in the patient, it would rather become easier for them to administer better hygiene precautions to keep them at bay. The common aspect of abundance of the bacterium is what increases its threat even more. They have the potency of changing and altering their genes at any point of time

which is what is fatal for the body. He further concluded saying that it is important to source the links and the causes behind these infections as soon as possible because otherwise there are chances of the post operative infections to become a leading cause of death in the world. There needs to be further extensive studies to help establish the problem right from the root. The bacterium that we unknowingly live with needs to be addressed to ensure that the possibly dormant streak of it might not convert into something deadly.









Sweet Ways To Love Without Expectations In A Relationship!

Selfless Love!

Whenever we manage to love without expectations, calculations and negotiations we are indeed in heaven” - Rumi



Have you ever been in love? Or are you in love? Think about the immense happiness you are going to feel by loving your partner unconditionally. Although it is all merry to hear it, do you think it is as easy as it is said? it might not be practical to love a person with zero expectations because the basic expectations would always be there. There is no sin in expecting, but the satisfaction in being heels over in love with a person asking nothing from them would certainly make you feel proud of yourself. Want to know how to feel happy about being in love unconditionally? Here are the sweet and simple ways to express it. In the beginning, you might find it difficult to be in the no expectations zone. However, over the time you are going to learn how to make that magic happen and once you get into the selfless mind frame you would turn out to be a better person.

1 - Say Those Three Magical Words Without Wanting To Hear It Back 53

You would feel so loved if the man or woman you love says I Love You to you every day. It always reminds you that they are always around and you are the luckiest to be receiving love. Feels amazing to receive that love from your partner, what do you think?

Say it because you never know what’s going to happen the next moment, say it with all your heart and do not ever expect to hear it back. Expecting would hurt you and it would stop you from being happily expressive about how much you love your partner.



2 - Be The One To Patch Up After A Fight Every day is not going to be in your favor. There will be times when both of you might just agree to disagree or never agree. Yelling and pacifying each other is going to be a part of the relationship. Whenever there is a fight between the two of you, drop your ego and be the first one to patch up. Why even wait for your partner to come and talk to you or expect it? If you feel like patching up and talking to your partner, just do it without any second thoughts. This makes your relationship stronger and you lose nothing but you would be proud of yourself. Try it and see, you would be on seventh heaven.

Do you know what’s silly about most of us? While we are in love we forget the most important person and that’s no one other than ourselves. Learn to love yourself to feel sufficient with love. Only if you love yourself way too much you will expect nothing from your partner because at the end of the day you are not going to be love deprived as you will have yourself. One thing about selflove, you do not let horns grow on your head and get too proud about yourself in love that you gave room to pride. Long story short, do not spoil yourself while being in love with your own self.

4 - Let Your Mind’s Headlights Focus On the 3 - Love Yourself Good in Your Way Too Much Partner

Love! Love! And Love Yourself! WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

You are not made super perfect to expect the

same from someone else. Yes? There would be a hundred flaws in you. However, you should know that it is okay if your partner is imperfect. If you are always going to look at his or her negatives you would never be able to acknowledge and appreciate your partner. Stop focusing on the bad if you want to love unconditionally. Look at the good and selflessly love!

5 - Acceptance Is Bliss If you unconditionally love a person you would love him or her just the way he or she is. For instance, how do our parents love us? Just the way we are, is it not? Then why can’t we love our partners that way and let them be themselves? Think about this? We are all born to be free then why to chain our partners and stress them with a burden that they must change themselves for us? We do not own them, we are with them to love them. This kind of love might seem insane but it is simply 54


6 - Stand Up For The Person You Love When you have promised him or her to be there through all the rough patches and the best ones you should stand up to your word. It becomes your duty to protect and defend your partner’s respect when there are wrong fingers pointing out at your partner. Your partner is going to feel the safest and blessed to have you. This is one way of unconditionally loving your partner.

7 - You Do Not Leave Your Partner Alone When you love someone you do not leave them alone, especially, when they need you the most or for that matter on simple things, you can make your partner feel that you are around. Few of the ways to 55

never let your partner feel alone is by lending your ears every time your partner has something to say, not prioritizing looking into your phone than talking to your partner, looking upon your partner even within the crowd. Your partner is never going to feel alone if you pay attention to the little things.

8 - Keep Comparison Out Of The Window Several couples have this habit of comparing their relationship to another. You are not supposed to do that if you conditionally love your partner. The more your relationship is natural and you learn to be happy with each other just as the way things are, it is going to prove great in your relationship.

9 - Work Through the Imperfections In

Your Relationship If you truly want to shower unconditional love to your partner you need to keep in mind to work around the imperfections between the two of you, it could be in how the two of you are personally, look at improving the reasons that are causing a problem. There is no right or wrong man or woman out there, you will need to make it right if you want your relationship to go a long way.

To conclude it all, if you want your relationship to be wonderful you should love with a heart that gives without asking. If you are truly willing to love without any expectations, your relationship will cross every difficulty and the two of you will have better respect, love, and care for each other.

Make Your Relationship A Happy One!



Study Important details About

As per a statistical study, Cancer.Net says, out of every 250 men at least 1 man is suffering from testicular cancer and this is commonly seen in men who are above 30. There are barely any chances for men to suffer from this cancer before puberty. Looking at the percentage of boys vs men who have it, it if 6% vs 8%. thus, the chancer ae higher for men to get affected by testicular cancer. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


This article will take you through everything you need to know about testicular cancer. Before that, go through a quick refresher about the testicles. WHAT ARE TESTICLES? In the reproductive parts of a male body, the skin that is thick and hanging under the penis is the scrotum. Deep inside the scrotum are the testicles. The testicle is the primary male reproductive organ. ROLE OF THE TESTICLES? Testicles are known for two functions Secretes male hormones - Testosterones Helps with releasing sperms Good Hygiene Tips For Testicles 1. Maintain hygiene of the balls every day 2. Never use a fragrant soap to wash the reproductive area 3. Be gentle with keeping your private area dry. You can choose powder to keep it good.


WHAT IS TESTICULAR CANCER? An unusual change in the testicles that is indicating symptoms of causing pain and abnormally changing the size of the testicles is known as testicular cancer. Usually, when a person is suffering from testicular cancer only one testicle is affected. Testicular cancer is rare and if one figures out about it at the right time then treatments can work to treat it. 57

CAUSES OF TESTICULAR CANCER There are no clear reasons as to why one could from testicular cancer. However, mentioned below are a few possible causes of testicular cancer. Take a look! No 1 - As per studies, hereditary is one of the reasons that a man could be a victim to testicular cancer. No 2 - Maybe the immature sperms cause some problem in the testicles, it is not clearly studied though. No 3 - It could be the other assumed reasons for cancer such as too many cancer cells, harmful radiation from electronic devices, indirectly taking in plastic, smoking, and stress.

Symptoms Indicating Testicular Cancer If the following happens, it is better to get it checked b a doctor because it might end up being testicular cancer. Take a look! Scrotum having an unusual weight One of your testicles getting unusually big Weakness in the abdomen or groin A feeling of fluid in the scrotum Pain in the back


Excess discomfort in the scrotum Sensitivity in the breast Do not neglect the pain if it continues to stay for days together, immediately get it checked to be on a safe side. DANGERS TIED TO TESTICULAR CANCER If a man’s testicles never descended there is a danger of having testicular cancer.

HOW CAN TESTICULAR CANCER BE TREATED? Usually, testicular cancer is treated through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgeries. In conclusion, furthermore, there is a scope to research and study more about testicular cancer with regards to how is it caused and what can be done to prevent it.

If there is a fault in the development of your testicles then the risk of being affected by testicular cancer is always there. The probability of testicle cancer is the least in black men and high in white men. STEPS IN DIAGNOSING TESTICULAR CANCER l Testicles are tested through sound waves through an ultrasound test l Blood tests are done if there are tumors in the testicles l A tumor is tested under a microscope l X-Rays and MRI’s HOW TO STOP TESTICULAR CANCER There aren’t definite ways to stop testicular cancer. What one can do is to be alert about it by getting the testicles checked once in a while.



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The Little Carbs Healthy Chicken Salad You would love this salad recipe, it can be eaten with bread or plain as well. This can be eaten as one of the meals for breakfast. What’s fascinating is you get to relish a tasty dish which is healthy at the same time tasty. You don’t need to compromise at all and it is rare to experience taste and health go hand in hand. Quickly take a look at the healthy chicken salad recipe.

Method To Make This Dish The quantity in this recipe is for four people. Enjoy this lovely and simple dish

What You Need Take a look at the ingredients you need to make this dish Greek Yogurt - 2 and 1/2 cups Lemon Juice - 1 and 1/2 tbsp Chilli powder - 2 tsp Pepper - based on your need An avocado cut in two pieces


Diced stalk celery - 1 1 red onion cut into small pieces Salt - based on your need Multigrain or wheat bread- If you want to have it with the salad Cilantro leaves for garnishing Cooked chicken breasts - 3

Method You have all the ingredients, the steps are easy, all you need to do is immediately get started with preparing the salad and cook it for your near and dear ones STEP 1 You would first need to do the grinding process. Add avocados, chili powder, lemon juice, pepper, and yogurt. Grind this mixture until it becomes a good thick paste. 60

STEP 2 Pour this paste into a bowl, add chicken, celery, the diced and onions, and salt as per your requirement.

STEP 3 Take wheat or multigrain bread, on top of the bread, dd this entire mixture of avocado, spices and the chicken. In the end, garnish it well with cilantro leaves. You are going to enjoy every bit of it. This is a good option for breakfast or you can have it as an evening meal as well. See what you would like to do and stay delighted while you eat it!

Health Benefits of This Dish Majorly, it is avocados, curd, and chicken that is your main nutrition in this dish. Here are the rewards of having this dish Benefit No 1 – Avocados are highly nutritious nutrition and they are as healthy as bananas. They contain healthy fatty acids, enough fiber and it is rich in Potassium. This vegetable helps in keeping the blood pressure problems in control, helps in improving metabolism and it is an awesome food for weight loss. Benefit No 2 – Chicken is a powerful source of protein, phosphorus, vitamins, and niacin. If you eat chicken your muscles remain strong and you get better endurance to pain, it reduces the chances for cholesterol to shoot up, it is a great food to keep your bones healthy and it helps in improving brain activities. Enjoy the health benefits and taste of this dish!




Fun Yoga Asanas For An

Attractive Figure For Women!



Step Up To Change The Look On Your Body! Every woman wants to feel confident and happy about having a good figure. If not to show off but for herself, she would always want to pose in front of the mirror smiling to the curves and perfection in her body. If one of your goals is to attain and maintain a good figure to be happy or be the next model in your town, you should try yoga asanas to keep up with your shape. Along with your fats vanishing you are going to see yourself transfigure loads. Read through this article to know about the benefits of the asanas in shaping your body as well as learn the steps to perform the asana

Amazing Asanas To Re-Shape Your Body - Energizing And Fun! No 1 : Mountain Pose




WHY IS THE MOUNTAIN POSE GOOD? Mountain pose enables you to stretch your lower body completely. If you want to shape yourself up on your lower body then this is a perfect asana.

better it will tone the area around your waist. If you wish to you can try this asana every day or you should do it at least thrice a week.

No 2 : Traingle Pose

It stretches your lower body. It brings your hips and legs in shape. Elevates all the pain in your lower body. Gives a good shape to your buttocks. It is one of the best forms of workout in terms of strengthening your nerves.

STEPS TO DO THIS ASANA This asana is simple and you will be able to learn it well by following the steps below Step 1 - Roll a mat on the floor and lie down on your stomach. Step 2 - Join your legs and feet together, keep your hands beside your chest in such a way that your elbows are pointing upwards and your palms are resting well on the floor. Step 3 - Exhale and slowly lift your upper body with your lower body resting on the floor. Step 4 - Lift your lower body by pushing your buttocks outward. Stay in this position for about a minute or two. The more you push your back the


WHY IS THE TRIANGLE POSE GOOD? Triangle pose enables you to stretch well on your sides and all the unhealthy fats stored there would disappear as and when you practice Trikonasana. If you can reduce on your sides it is good to shape your sides. Your hip, waist and tummy come in shape and are toned well. It teaches you to balance your body well. It keeps your shoulders in good form. Invigorates your knees and ankles. Brings down all the negative emotions you go through at times. 64

STEPS TO DO THIS ASANA You will just need to balance your body in this asana to effectively master the asana. Step 1 - Roll a mat on the floor and spread your legs apart. Step 2- Inhale and lift your right hand up the sky and slowly bend towards your left. Bend as much as you can and remain in this stretched position for a minute or two. Step 3 - Slowly bring your body up and stand straight. Step 4 - Repeat the same procedure on your right as well. Lift your left hand up and stretch towards the right. Remain in this position for a minute or two. You can do this asana every day or repeat it thrice in a week. The more you stretch towards your sides, the better your body starts to look on your sides.

No 3: Warrior Pose

WHY IS THE WARRIOR POSE GOOD? By practicing the warrior pose your chest would open up and come in shape. Thus, you should try this asana if you want to tone your upper body.

This asana is helpful in connecting your mind and body

STEPS TO DO THIS ASANA Step 1 - Roll a mat on the floor and stand on it with your feet wide apart. Step 2 - Turn your body and neck towards the right. Step 3 - Raise both your hands up straight in a way that they face each other. Lift your head up and look at the sky. Step4 - Stretch your left leg out, by balancing half of your weight on your big toe. Step 5 - Bend your lower body and right leg down Now you are in a warrior’s posture. Stay in this position for about 3-4 minutes and make the most of this stretch.

This asana helps your build immense strength The warrior pose is known to tone your hips, legs, and thighs




Step 2 - Place your palms on the floor and slowly lift your upper body by looking up straight.

No 4 : Cobra Pose

See to it that you are looking up and your hands are stretched straight. You should try this asana as it does not just improve your figure but it is a great workout to do good to your mood as well. You can either practice this asana every day or do it thrice a week.

You would be making a good choice by considering the cobra pose in order to work around making your figure. Try this asana and strengthen your upper body.

No 5 - Bow Pose

WHY IS THE COBRA POSE GOOD? The chest, abdomen, and shoulders get strong Helps you recover from back injuries Shapes up your butt Relieves you concerns




It is a great asana to smoothen the digestion process

STEPS TO DO THIS ASANA Step 1 - Roll a mat on the floor and lie down on your stomach by keeping your legs joined and your hands close to your body.


Bow pose is known to strengthen your upper and lower body. To maintain your overall figure you should go for this pose.

WHY IS THE BOW POSE GOOD? Aids better digestion Assists with better blood circulation It is one of the best workouts to make your body flexible It is invigorating for your chest, groins,


abdomen, and thighs It is amazing in terms of making your posture better

STEPS TO DO THIS ASANA Step 1 - Roll a mat on the floor and lie down on your stomach. Step 2 - Keep your hands behind, fold your knees and hold your ankles. Step 3 - Exhale and slightly lift your legs above the ground by remaining in the same position. Step 4 - Make your upper body straight and lift your legs up. Remain in this position for about a minute. You can try this asana every day or thrice a week.

In conclusion, yoga asanas assist with toning up the body, reducing the fats and maintaining your figure. When you see how well your body is toned up, it is good in improving your confidence and selfesteem.




10 Hygiene

Tips To Save

Family Members From Sickness WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


The aura and environment at home tend to get bad when you or your family members are sick. Isn’t it? Sickness is never welcomed but it is forced to trespass your body if you neglect and overlook the little things you should be doing to maintain hygiene at home. That said, does it upset you to see yourself or a family member sick for not major reason but lack of cleanliness? Never mind, don’t be upset, read through basic tips on how to keep diseases and sickness away from your home

Tip 1 - Dust Your Home Every Day It is a good practice to dust your home every day, this helps with saving your family members from getting allergies and it is essential because you never know about what infections are circulating in the air. Additionally, you will see molds and this can be toxic to inhale.

Tip 2 - Give a Semiwet Wipe To Things At Home

Be proactive with maintaining cleanliness at home! 69

You are certain of things around your house being clean only when you give it a good wipe. That said, it is essential that you wipe the corners and shelves in your home so that it reduces the possibilities of germs and viruses to spread from one person to another. The places you have to focus on are all the unused


HOME & FAMILY YOGA boxed, things that are kept close to the wall such as the vase or bed lamp, wipe your window sling, doors, etc.

Tip 3 - Keep A Mosquito Liquid Handy If there are changes in the weather and for several other reasons if there are mosquitoes at home then it is always safe to have a mosquito liquid that can help with keeping them away from home. Mosquito bites come with a risk of illness such as malaria and dengue. By chance if you think mosquito liquid is not a great option then you can always apply odomos or keep a repellent in rooms to save your skin from mosquito bites.

Tip 4 - Don’t Leave Unwashed Dishes For Days Is it a healthy sign to leave dishes unwashed for more than a day? You can imagine the number of flies that will pile up in your kitchen. Be disciplined with keeping your dishes washed. Focus on cleaning the kitchen sink well. The best you can do is to wash your dishes just as you get done using them. This helps you get done with your household chores and at the same time it doesn’t allow mosquitoes or flies to settle on anyone’s skin. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019

Tip 5 - Change Your Bedspreads Once A Week You should be proactive when it comes to changing your bed-sheets once in a week, if needed may be once in 5 days in order to keep to the hygiene at home. The reason you need to practice changing bed spreads is because the germs, dead skin and sweat on the body goes into the bed spread, this ends up getting transferred to everyone who uses the bed, to sit or lie down. Thus, you don’t want the dirt circulating all around at home, do you?

Tip 6 - Focus On Cleaning Corners In Your Kitchen Kitchen is the first place that has to be clean because only when you have a clean environment you get to hygienic food and you feel nice about your home when it is clean. Kitchen is one place you cannot ignore and at any cost it has to be kept clean every day.

Tip 7 - Everyone Must Use Their Own Towel Just like how it is essential to keep changing your bed spreads so that people at home 70

don’t fall sick or carry germs to one another, same goes with using towels as well.

however, it can save your family from getting exposed to dust.

You must be extra cautious about personal towels because it is the fastest means of spreading germs.

Tip 10 - Nurse The Sick Family Member

Along with keeping away from using each other’s towel, focus on getting your towel washed every week. If you sweat too much then you must use a new towel every three days.

Tip 8 - Maintain Washroom Hygiene The floors, tiles, wash basin and the cammode area must be cleaned well. Ensure to buy the necessary liquids and have brushes to wash your washroom every day. You need to do this because the germs in there can get carried to all the family members. You can always rely on home remedies like baking soda, vinegar and salt as well to keep your home clean.

Tip 9 - Change Doormats Frequently What’s at the entrance needs to be given special attention. Having said, always ensure to change your doormats often because that’s the place where dirt gets collected and thereon dirt gets into your home.

When a family member is sick, it is always best to have the person staying in a separate room. It is quite easy for germs to travel from one person to another, why take the risk to have another family member go through sickness? It is always good if the person is using different utensils, napkins, sanitizers and tissues. It is not that you are isolating the person, however, it is just that you are being safe from your end. In conclusion, good health is as good as being wealthy. Only a healthy person can contribute to wellness at home. Often, being negligent about cleanliness and taking a risk with health makes a person fall sick at home.

That being said, if we all follow basic hygiene tips at home, sickness will never trespass.

This might seem to be a minor aspect in taking care of the cleanliness at home, 71



Improve Your Health By

Sleeping Early Learn The Benefits!



Unite With Your Pillow And Bed As Early As You Can

Do you recall ancient times? Say 50 years back, the time when technology was far away from people, they lived a healthier and disciplined life. Do you think we have that kind of a disciplined now? Maybe not and it is all because we do not begin our day early. We can begin our day early only if we could sleep early. Sleeping in time might seem really old school to you but you will be amazed by the benefits it has. It is one of the best practice for healthy living. If you are someone who sleeps on time then you are on the right track. However, if you are not sleeping in time then you should look up for the benefits and improve your routine. Besides, sleeping in time being beneficial to your health it is even good for you to get geared and start your day early. One of the best advantage in waking up early is you will learn to make the most of it. 73



1 Sleeping Early Is Going

To Enrich Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

The ability to solve issues and your thought process will change when you sleep early. This is because you are prone to a have a healthier, happier and a calm mind. You have to make sure to sleep between 6-9 hours. The probability of letting in negative thoughts will reduce.

2 Sleeping Early Enhances The Quality Of Sleep

Say suppose you do not find time to exercise the entire day, by waking up early you will get to exercise and get live your “me time”. There have been several studies and researches done about how hitting the bed early can help improve mental and physical health. Take a look at two of the studies l In 2014, a study proved that sleeping in time relieves a person from negative thoughts l A professor in Germany named Christopher Randler had stated that sleeping improves your pro-activeness and productivity at work. Understand how important it is to sleep early by reading through the advantages of sleeping in time. Knowing the benefits you would be fascinated with the good it does to your health and you might want to start sleeping early. See how!


There has been a study over the need to sleep early for so that the quality of sleep improves. Before you understand what does the study say, you need to get to know about a scientific process involved with one’s sleep. Basically, our sleep pattern works in a 90-minute cycle wherein there is a movement in the brain. This movement is of two kinds non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement. The study states, when your brain is in the non-rapid eye movement mode it helps you sleep better. If you want your brain to be in the non-rapid eye movement mode that will happen only when you sleep early. Thus, enhance the quality of your sleep by going to bed early. If you want to gain indepth knowledge about the sleep process you should read through the book Why We Sleep: The New Science of Dreams And Sleep


3 You Will Be Saved From Having Diseases

If you want to keep away dangerous diseases like cancer and avoid that complication in your life then you need to sleep early. Have you heard of the concept of Circadian rhythm? It gets worse if you do not get enough sleep. Circadian rhythm is a clock in your body that looks upon the timing of every process in your body such as sleep, food and the temperature. One of the medical schools came up with a study that sleeping on time helps your body stay away from dangerous diseases. It is even studied that cancer and Alzheimer’s can possibly attack a person if he or she sleeps less than 7 hours. Therefore, sleep in time and for the right amount of time to avoid diseases, you need to live the right kind of lifestyle if your health is important to you.

4 Sleeping In Time Keeps Your Blood Pressure In Control If you sleep late, the entire cycle of your body gets reversed and your routine goes for a toss. If your routine goes for a toss it is sure to hit on your health leaving you with heart diseases and a stroke. The body works in such a way that your blood


pressure has a pattern and it lowers when you are asleep and it is high or normal during the day, if you stay awake late and disturb the pattern it will end up causing a problem to the blood pressure levels in your body. Another reason as to why the blood pressure level in your body increases, if you do not sleep on time, is because the body’s stress hormone starts to work ineffectively and this is no good if you have to keep the blood pressure in control.

5 Sleep Early If You Want To “Dress For Success”

If you sleep in time your ability to perform at work and your energy levels are going to be upright. You will be successful and even more happier when you follow an early routine. Your memory and learning capacity tends to accelerate and you will be up to accomplish your goals.


If you want to take pride in being successful, sleep early and wake up early! You see how well is that going to help you.

6 You Will Achieve Mental

Stability By Sleeping Early

The early risers are considered to be more patient, calm and co-operative when compared to the ones who sleep late at night. It is obvious that it is in some way or the other sleep is going to have an impact on your mental health. Take yourself as an example, if you have ever worked in the night shift, have you ever noticed the way your body was back then? Weren’t you more lazy and less patient back then? Compare the way you were then and how you are now while working in the morning shift. It is as simple as that, if you want to have a better mental stability you need to be conscious about sleeping at the right time and it is going to work well for you.

7 Sleeping In Time Saves You From Putting On Weight

It is good to do the right activity at the right time. Isn’t it? Thus, you must sleep on time to ensure that you are on the right path in terms of your health. If you are awake for long you would resort to unnecessary cravings and if you eat junk you are going to put on weight. So sleep in time and avoid putting on weight. Studies have said that those people who sleep in time are bound to eat about 250 calories lesser than those who sleep late.


Sleeping in time helps in keeping your metabolism in the right form, it is not disturbed. Your hunger hormones are always active if you do not sleep in time and that is not good if you want your body to be healthy and slim

8 The Body Eliminates Fatigues Science says that sleeping at 10 pm is the best because you derive the effectiveness from sleep only from 10 am to 2 pm the best and the rest of the night the quality of sleep is okay. That said, sleeping late and waking up early will end up making you feel weak and if you are always going to feel weak you will lose out on being productive with your activities. A take away for you is to sleep in time and avoid feeling weak for being indiscipline with timings.

To conclude it all, the old people always advised us to sleep in time and they were never wrong about it. What you need to do is change your routine and make provisions to sleep in time. How would you do that? Plan your day in such a way that you are done with every task of yours by 9.30 pm, you would need at least 15 minutes to take time for yourself and see to it that you sleep by 10.00 pm. You have to reverse your routine, you will do everything that you would do late night in the morning.


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Everything You Need To Know About

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is an emotion that arises out of fear. It is a form of venting out stress. We all have anxieties for different reasons. It is a natural emotion and understandable unless it does not go beyond limits. The outcome of anxiety is fear. WWW.HEALTHSPECTRA.COM | SEPTEMBER 2019


What Is The Difference In Anxiety And An Anxiety Disorder? Level Of Stress The level of stress differs when a person is anxious and when he/she is having a disorder. They are two different things. A. When a person is going through anxiety, he/ she gets stressed about things such as an interview or performance. B. When a person remains stressed always and does not have a genuine reason to go through fear, then it means the person is having an anxiety disorder. For instance, feeling anxious about making a chapati. 2 - The Time Frame The time period a person who is anxious vs someone who has an anxiety disorder varies. A. If a person is anxious a few hours before an interview, it means the person has anxiety. B. If a person is anxious for days and months before an interview, it means the person has an anxiety disorder.


3 - The Effects What happens to one’s body because of feeling anxious varies when it is anxiety and an anxiety disorder. A. A person who is just anxious does not experience anything happening tho their body. B. A person who is having an anxiety disorder feels nausea, headache and sweats uncontrollably. In this case, it is clear that it is a disorder. 4 - Response A person who is just anxious and the one who is having a disorder has a different way of responding to anxiety A. A person who is just anxious gets away with the feeling once the moment is done. They take courage and face the situation. B. A person who has an anxiety disorder does not respond to the feeling the right way. They run away and avoid the situation. All in all, there is a lot of difference between someone who is anxious and having a disorder. The one having a disorder goes through struggles to get over the anxiety.

Causes Of An Anxiety Disorder The real picture of why does one go through an anxiety disorder is not clearly understood yet. Predominantly, a person goes through it as a disorder because of an unforgettable life event. Here are a few of the possible causes of anxiety. Take a look! Cause No 1 - It has been studied that anxiety is the repercussion of taking medicines that do not agree with your body. Cause No 2 - There are chances that you might have a medical condition that hit on you and caused the anxiety disorder. Cause No 3 - The surrounding can be the cause for anxiety as well. Say suppose, there are severe financial crisis or family problems a person goes through and has no control over it. This can cause an anxiety disorder. All in all, anxiety can become a disorder if one does not know or loses control over how to keep the anxiety in control.


Symptoms Of An Anxiety Disorder Here are a few signs and symptoms to look for in case someone is going through an anxiety disorder. Take a look! No 1 - When a person tends to throw up every now and then. No 2 - The person starts to get restless. No 3 - The person gets irritated quickly. No 4 - When a person tends to sweat and feel breathless too much.

Situations That Can Cause An Anxiety Disorder There is a possibility for one to suffer from an anxiety disorder in the following cases : 1 - There are chances that a bad childhood can lead to a person suffering from anxiety disorders later in life. 2 - If a person is constantly depressed about being in a certain medical condition for years and is insecure about getting proper treatment can suffer an anxiety disorder. 3 - Sometimes one bad phase can totally affect the mental state of a person. That


said, when a person cannot handle the stress of a sad or stressful event, it can end up making the person mentally ill and anxious for long. 4 - When a person abruptly stops something they are habitual to can end up making him/her excessively anxious.

Types Of Anxiety Disorders Take a look at the different anxiety disorders! Type 1 - Generalized Anxiety Disorder When a person goes through little stress and does not need to put in too much of an effort to deal with the anxiety, it can be termed as a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Example - Finding it an uphill task to talk to new people, appear for an interview or an exam, feeling worried about work, etc. Type 2 ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder When a person is unnecessarily over-thinking and follows repeated behavioral habits in an abnormal way, the person is known to have ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder(OCD). In this situation, a person

would be particular about accomplishing a task perfectly and accurately. If at all they fail at it, they panic. Example - A person with OCD would imagine that if the red lights don’t turn green in the next ten seconds, it means my life is in danger. This is just one instance, there are many other instances where a person starts to get worried. Type 3 - Panic Attack Disorder A person who gets panic attacks goes through several problems in the body such as dizziness, difficulty with breathing and many other complications. They go through these concerns for no reason. The disorder remains a part of them. Type 4 - Post Traumatic Disorder As the name suggests, posttrauma, it is an anxiety disorder that affects a person after an event that has caused harm to their body or mind. Example - Being physically ill-treated or an injury because of an accident or disaster. Type 5 Disorder




This is an anxiety disorder that makes the person conscious and uncomfortable being around people in such a way that the presence of people makes them feel suffocated and awkward. Example - The person cannot eat or talk with comfort when there is someone new around. When Does An Anxiety Disorder Become A Concern? Here are a few signs that indicate an anxiety disorder to become a matter of concern When a suicidal



Is finding it difficult to digest food Finds it tough to fall asleep Feels lonely in a crowd All in all, we all go through some form of anxiety or a disorder for that matter. Besides, different kind of phobias would also fall in the category of having a serious anxiety disorder. Ways To Deal With Anxiety Disorders If anxiety is a disorder it


cannot go easily. However, controlling it requires a person to put in a lot of effort. Here are ways to keep anxiety disorders in control, take a look! Tip 1 - Acknowledging your phobia or pain is one way of dealing with this disorder. Tip 2 - Try and improve in terms of controlling your phobia or reason for being anxious. Try and keep a record or track of how you feel every single day. Tip 3 - Talking to someone about how you feel or jotting it down on a piece of paper would make you feel light. It is one way of decreasing the level of anxiety you are going through. Tip 4 - Try an activity that involves easing the mind and body. For instance, you can choose meditation, yoga or some other physical activity that can get you on track. Tip 5 - Following a healthy lifestyle can help with keeping anxiety in control. That said, eating the right food and sleeping in time can truly help.

A Tip To Beat Anxiety There is a breathing tip one can follow to beat anxiety, you have to close your eyes and take a deep breath from your nostrils and hold your breath until you count 5. After counting 5, leave your breath. Repeat this process of breathing in and out until you can see the level of your anxiety reduce.

Final Word A person going through an anxiety disorder knows the best about the struggles. However, if you know someone or you are yourself going through this situation, try and assist them get over it.

Healthy mind =

A Healthy & Happy Life!

Tip 6 - If you are someone who believes in God, then you can work on strengthening the spiritual aspect of your life. The best way to do this is to get associated with people who are spiritually inclined. Tip 7 - Try This Breathing Exercise











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HealthSpectra Magazine September 2019  

We are delighted to bring around another edition of the HealthSpectra magazine to help you enrich your health and lead an active lifestyle w...

HealthSpectra Magazine September 2019  

We are delighted to bring around another edition of the HealthSpectra magazine to help you enrich your health and lead an active lifestyle w...