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Top Ten Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday

.................................. ................................................................... Everyday around us there are a lot of places and things that are full of germs and our hands touch these things almost everyday without paying any attention that by touching these things we are exposing ourselves to a lot of bacteria and germs , on one hand being exposed to bacteria can strengthen our immune system but on the other hand there are some dangerous germs and bacteria that can cause sicknesses and various diseases so in order to avoid getting sick often we should pay attention to our own hygiene by washing our hands often , not touching our faces , eyes , noses or mouths often , and having antibacterial wipes wherever we go , below we will present to you the Top Ten Dirtiest Places We Touch Almost Daily. 10- Shopping Cart . One of the dirtiest things your hands can touch ever is the handle of the shopping cart , the handle of the shopping cart was found to have a lot of different bacteria and they are passing from one person to the other by touching , to keep yourself on the safe side make sure to wipe your hands with antibacterial wipes after you finish shopping and avoids touching your face , nose , eyes or mouth until you wash your hands . 9- Light Switch. People turn on and off light in public places everyday , this particular place get touched by hundreds of dirty fingers everyday and the bacteria from one person to the other add up over time to equal around 217 bacteria per square inch . 8- Mobile Phones . People touch their mobile phone often during the day in different places and times which make the bacteria pass by your fingers from any place to your mobile phone and then to you whenever you touch it or put it near your face , make sure to wipe your mobile phone frequently with antibacterial wipes .

7- Remote Controls. Remote controls can be touched often by different family members on different times which can make the bacteria build up on it over time , to keep your remote controls clean wipe them off with antibacterial wipes frequently . 6- Kitchen Sink . Believe it or not but your kitchen sink can be the dirtiest place in the house , the drain of the kitchen sink alone have about 600,000 bacteria per square inch and to manage this problem you can pour half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda in your sink every night . 5- Door Knobs . All the bacteria that get on your hands by touching many different things during the day pass to the door knob when you coming home and not paying attention to what you touch before you wash your hands , try to wash your hands often during the day to avoid bacteria . 4- Toilet Seat. Your toilet seat is a great host for all types of bacteria , studies that was done on a random toilet seat showed that over 300 bacteria are present on one squad inch of the toilet seat and in order to solve this problem make sure to frequently clean your bathroom with antibacterial cleaning liquids . 3- Stationary Equipments . In the office , school or even home the stationary equipments are touched by many hands frequently which allow the bacteria to build up and this is what make the stationary equipments unhygienic. 2- Bank Cards. The bank cards are something that get used very often while shopping or filling your car tank or many other reasons and bacteria can pass from one thing to the other very easily . 1- Money. The money pass among thousands of people if not millions and you can never know which person touched the same money paper before you , statistics showed that over 135,000 bacteria was found on just one paper money , to avoid the bacteria on the money try not to get any paper money near your face and don’t touch you nose , eyes or mouth before you wash your hands .

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Top ten dirtiest things you touch everyday  

Top ten dirtiest things you touch everyday,Everyday around us there are a lot of places and things that are full of germs and our hands touc...

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