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Top Ten Best Cuisine In The World

..................................................................................................... Different people have different tastes around the world and because the world has become a small village now , The different people around the world got the chance to experiment the different flavors and cooking techniques of the different cuisine . each cuisine is characterized by its own unique distinctive features which make the experience of discovering new flavors a very exciting experiment . we will present to you the Top Ten Best Cuisines in the world that was voted by travelers from around the world . 10- Indian Cuisine From approximately 27.000 votes 5 per cent voted for the Indian Cuisine to be the Best Cuisine in the world which Gives the Indian Cuisine the 10th place on the Top Ten Best Cuisine In The World , India is renowned by the different spices . The top three ” must try” Indian dishes recommended by Indians are Pain Puri , Alu Paratha , Idli Sambahar . 9- Taiwanese Cuisine Taiwan is ranked as the 9th Best Cuisine In The World , Taiwan has received approximately 5 per cent as well as India from 27,000 votes , The Taiwanese Cuisine has a large usage for the sea food and that’s mainly because it is a very crowded island , The top three ” must try Taiwanese dishes ” recommended by Taiwanese people are Praised Pork Rice , Beef Noodle Soup , Oyster Omelette. 8- Thailand Cuisine

Thailand comes as number 8 on the list of the Top Ten Best Cuisine In The world , The Thailand’s cuisine has received 8 per cent of the total votes of 27,000 traveler . The Thailand’s Cuisine is characterized by blending the different elements of the Southeast Asian Cuisine , the Thai dishes consist balanced flavors of the essential tastes like salty, sweat, sour , hot and bitter . The top three ” must try ”Thai dishes are Tom Yum Goong ( spicy shrimp soup), Sum Tum ( papaya salad ) and Tom Kha Kai ( chicken coconut soup) 7- Mexican Cuisine 8 percent of 27,000 travelers voted for the Mexican cuisine as their best cuisine in the world , Most Mexican dishes consist corn and beans , The Top three ” must try” Mexican dishes are Garlic Beef Enchiladas , Black Beans Chicken With Rice , Steak Tortillas . 6 – American Cuisine The American dishes have gained a lot of people satisfaction and admiration around the world , no country on earth don’t have big fans for Deep fried chicken , BBQ , Fish and Chips, cheese burgers or Hot Dogs ? 10 percent of 27.000 traveler voted for the American cuisine to be the best cuisine in the world, which makes the American Cuisine number 6 on our list . 5- Spanish Cuisine The Spanish Cuisine comes as the 5th Best Cuisine In The World as it received 11 per cent of 27.000 votes , The Spanish Cuisine stress on sea food , the top three ”must try” Spanish dishes are Tapas , Tortilla Espanola and Paella . 4- Chinese Cuisine Comes as number 4 in the Top Ten Best Cuisine In The World as it received 13 per cent of the total votes of 27.000 traveler , The rice forms an essential ingredient in most of the Chinese dishes , Soy sauce is another ingredient that is largely used in the Chinese cuisine , The top ten ” must try ” Chinese dishes are Sweat and Sour Chicken , Gong Bao Chicken , and the popular spring rolls . 3- Japanese Cuisine The Japanese cuisine receives 18 percent of 27.000 votes to be the 3rd Best Cuisine In The World , The Japanese food is a wonderful example for delicious yet healthy foods , the top three ”must try” Japanese dishes are Sushi , Tempura and Ramen . 2 – French Cuisine The second Best Cuisine in the world by the votes of 27.000 traveler is the French cuisine as it received 24 percent of their votes , The origin land of the classy food and best deserts is the French cuisine the top three ”must try” fresh dishes are Onion Soup , Mousse due Chocolate and Cream Brulee . 1- Italian Cuisine The Italian Cuisine succeeded to gain over 32 per cent of 27.000 traveler votes to be The Best Cuisine In The World , There is no doubt that it is Italian people that teach the whole world how to eat , The Italian Cuisine is more popular than any other cuisine , The roots of the Italian Cuisine go back to the 4th century . The Italian top three best meals are Chicken Parmesan , Fettuccine Alfredo and Tiramisu . Each cuisine in the world deserves to be on the top of the list as each cuisine have its own unique techniques that make each meal a perfect and wonderful meal , people all around the world know how to evaluate the flavors

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Top ten best cuisine in the world