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Tips To Consider When Looking For a Family Dentist

Choosing the Right Family Dentist Getting the kids to the dentist is not always easy, but by choosing a good family dentist, you can make such visits more enjoyable for everyone. Making the right choice is easier than you think, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Kid-friendliness Not all dentists are suitable for kids. Look for a dentist whose office has a kid-friendly waiting room. If the waiting room consists of just tables, chairs, and news magazines, your kids will probably get bored. A good waiting room will have ageappropriate toys and a decent selection of children's books and magazines. It is a simple gesture to show that the dentist is thinking of your kids.


In addition, a kid-friendly dentist may put televisions in the patient rooms, with access to age-appropriate channels. A good TV show can work wonders in keeping the kids distracted and cooperative, so your visits to the dentist will probably be quicker and less eventful, too.

Kid-friendliness You may also look into whether the dentist has kids. While it is not necessarily true that a dentist without kids is less kid-friendly, a dentist who is a parent may have a few tricks up his sleeve to help the visit go more smoothly. A fellow parent is also more likely to understand any fears or complaints the children express and will be more adept at addressing them.

Logistics The best dentist in the world may be an hour from home, but you may find that driving that far has its own set of problems. Getting all the kids in the car to run an errand is usually difficult, and you probably don't want to spend the bulk of the day getting the kids' teeth cleaned. If you live in an urban or suburban area, you can probably find a good family dentist within a few miles from home.


You should also make sure that your dentist sees patients in the evenings and perhaps even on weekends. Taking all the kids out of school for an appointment will take away from their education and will leave with you the hassle of having to make sure the kids complete all the work they miss. If you can book appointments during times when everyone is normally home, it will be much easier to make it happen.

Sense of Community If you have kids, you probably enjoy the sense of community that comes from interacting frequently with schools and other organizations who help your kids. Look for a dentist who uses social media to keep you updated on coupons, deals, and community events. You should support a dentist who is actively involved in your community and gives back to his patients. Social media is an easy way to bridge the gap between the dentist and the community.


Many family dentists give patients points for every visit, and these points can be redeemed for toys, or even free or discounted services. If you have a few kids, these points can easily add up.

Tips To Consider When Looking For a Family Dentist  

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