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Slim down by drinking weight loss tea

The problem of obesity is now a worldwide phenomenon due to the lifestyle changes occurring at a faster rate in this era of rapid technological developments. The obesity rates around the world are increasing at a faster rate. For instance, in the United States the obesity epidemic is showing no signs of weakness with the nation’s obesity rate in 2014 standing at 27.7% according to the Gallup data, which is up from the 2013 rate of 27.1% and was the highest annual rate ever measured by a polling organization. The alarming rise in obesity cases has forced health experts to find a solution for obesity through scientific methods as well as through traditional or ancient treatment methods.

Weight reduction is never an easy cakewalk, but by making lifestyle changes, it becomes easier to reduce weight. When talking about controlling food habits that are responsible for obesity one thinks about solid chewable food instead of unhealthy beverages that many people are addicted to on a daily basis. These beverages include artificially sweetened high calorie regular soda, diet sodas, coffee etc that affect metabolism and actually hinder weight loss. Therefore, the best way to avoid such drinks is to switch over to weight loss tea. Many teas have proven to aid weight loss and adding ice along with natural sweetener could help the person to cope up with the cravings for a big bottle of artificial soda.

Some of the top weight loss teas include Green Tea, Yerbe Mate, PU-ERH, Chickweed, White Tea, Bilberry and Hibiscus etc. The history of tea drinking is found in Far East, especially in countries like China and India dating back to 2700 B.C. China and India are considered as the largest consumers and producers of tea in the world and health experts do agree that drinking tea daily can ward off diseases ranging from obesity to diabetes and even cardiovascular diseases. Weight loss tea such as Green Tea is the most recognized weight loss tea in and around the world as it is rich in antioxidants in addition to cetechins.

The substances present in the green tea help the liver to process fats better and helps in decreasing the stored body fats. These substances also work along with caffeine to help in suppressing the appetite of the person drinking green tea. Drinking three to five cups of green tea each day is supposed to help in the reduction of body fat by 5% to 10% within the first three months and help in lowering the risk of heart attack by 11%. Weight loss tea such as green tea contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that boosts metabolism and is ideal for weight loss. Health experts recommend that organic teas with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners are the best source of EGCG. Some manufacturers of weight loss teas create their teas by preparing formulations through their in-house herbalists that include putting in ingredients as prescribed in traditional Chinese Medicinal texts. Some of the ingredients in such teas include Green tea, Astragalus Root, Angelica Root, Tangerine Peel, Cassia Twig, Licorice etc.

Slim down by drinking weight loss tea