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Bhakti Marg 200-Hour

Yoga Teacher Training 2018-2019 i Yoga Alliance Certified Director: Heather Dacus & Keli Lalita Faculty: Ann Biasetti, Nini Gridley, Professor Edwin Bryant, Balarama Chandra Das, Nina Rao

schedule & fees

The Self -Investment

Eight empowering weekends, beginning on Friday evenings with full days on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 2018- Feb 2019:

Teacher training is more than learning to teach yoga postures; it is a journey of personal healing, empowerment, and an awakening of one’s inner love for all beings and the Divine. Immerse yourself in the traditions of Bhakti, the yoga of devotion, with the most acclaimed and knowledgeable instructors teaching the most comprehensive training available anywhere! We are so proud to offer this training with a complete staff of professionals having thousands of hours of combined teaching experience, maturity and expertise.

September 21-23 October 5-7 November 2-4 November 16-18 December 7-9 January 4-6 January-25-27 February 9th (Open studio day) February 15-17 Tuition is $3,050 if paid in full by July 31 or $3,250 with a $500 nonrefundable deposit due July 31. Space is limited to 20 participants.

registration Applications may be picked up at Yoga Mandali or downloaded at www.yogamandali.com. For questions please contact Yoga Mandali at 518-584-0807 or by emailing info@yogamandali.com.

Our hope is that though this training you begin to understand that you already have so much to give. What you have done in your life is all beneficial and can inform and inspire your teaching. You have unique gifts to offer as a teacher and member of the greater yoga community. It is our desire that this training will awaken in you a life-long love of learning and practice, and empower you to go into the world and become part of the great lineage of Yoga teaching.

The components • Understand the biomechanics of forward bends, back bends, twists, hips openers, inversions, and arm balances. Learn the functions and benefits of the asana families. as well as how to place them within the template of your classes. • Embody and then teach classical asana alignments. Deeply connect to the physical, spiritual and emotional function and benefit of each pose, and learn how to best share those realizations with your students. • Receive the tools to create a safe, open and conscious environment in which your students feel completely supported and cared for on their yoga journey. • Explore the potency of connection to the breath in both movement and stillness. • And so much more...... Bhakti Marg - 150hr Individual Modules of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Dear Readers and Friends, For over 16 years, I have had the privilege of publishing The Healing Springs Journal. Over that time we have informed countless people of local and alternative choices they have in relation to the wellness of their mind, body, spirit and evnironment. The Healing Springs Journal has always been a free publication and we are committed to keeping it free. Right now, we need your help. In order to continue publishing The Healing Springs Journal as a free publication, I am asking you to become a subscribing memeber. Your contribution will enable us to continue to provide current and relevent local wellness news and information. Subscriber - $20 (receive gift ebook) Angel - $50 (receive gift ebook) Guardian Angel - $75 (receive gift ebook) Heavenely Being - $100 (receive ebook + Reiki Session) Divine Presence - $200 (receive gift ebook + 2 Reiki Sessions) Demi-God - $500 (receive gift ebook + Reiki Session + Soul Realignment session)

To become a subscriber... 1) email your intention to Katrina at katrina@healingspringsjournal.com 2) “send money� through PayPal to katrina@healingspringsjournal.com 3) visit www.healingspringsjournal.com and find Subscriber Page (at time of production of this issue, this page is still being built.)

Healing Springs Mission: With knowledge comes choice. Our mission at The Healing Springs Journal is to address the whole person by providing articles and stories that allow the reader to make empowered lifestyle decisions in relation to the wellness of their mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Publisher’s Corner The greatest gift you can offer is a healthy, whole you. The sunflowers looked so pretty on my desk that I left them there with my laptop. Shortly after opening the computer I realized it wasn’t a good idea to have water in such proximity to my closest work partner (computer) and went to move the flowers. As I turned the face of computer down a bit, over fell the flowers and their water. I acted quickly to get computer out of the way and went to work drying the desk and all that had gotten wet. Afterwards, I went back to work and my computer wasn’t on. That was odd, but I didn’t think much of it and pressed the power button. Nothing. Pressed power again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Now I started to freak out. As I turned computer on its side water poured out. Quite a bit of water. How was that possible? I had acted so quickly. Rushing to my phone I goggled what to do and decided to place computer in a bag filled with rice. Hours later it still didn’t power up. Next day it still didn’t power up. A few days later and it powered up but did not turn on. The computer guy finally returned from vacation and was able to open it to find that there was too much water damage to save. Through it all I felt strongly it would work out. Up until I got the text saying my computer was dead I had more than hope, I fully believed it would come back. I was totally surprised by the outcome. At the same time, my horse Tom was having a flare up of an illness from 2011. This always makes me nervous, as he was so sick previously that it feels like life or potential death when it shows up again. On the full moon of July, I held an event and afterwards went back to the barn. Leading these modern shamanic journeys puts me in an expanded mindset. So, at the barn I still had the afterglow. Tom and I went into the indoor arena so he could move around. I put my hands on him and ran some Reiki. He took the energy in for a few minutes and then walked away. I stayed where I was and he came back offering me a different spot of his body. So, I placed my hands there and ran healing. Again, after awhile he moved away. We did this for about an hour when he decided he’d like to leave the arena and walked outside with me following behind. We walked around the farm while he grazed for another hour or more. Eventually, I put him back in his stall. He was happy to be where there were no bugs and a pile of hay. The next day he seemed better. After a couple days he seemed much better and I relieved. Then my dog Z started to limp. At first subtly, then getting increasingly worse. Our previous two dogs passed from bone cancer and a limp was one of their symptoms. So, while it could be a strained muscle, it is hard not to worry. After a few days of this, Tom started to seem worse again. So, I went over early in the morning and cold hosed his leg. When left to make the choice himself, he went inside the indoor. It seemed maybe he wanted the Reiki “game” we had played the other night. So, I put my hands on him and he took in a lot more than he had in past. Still, he did eventually move on. I was starting to get all whirly-gigged in my mind—fear that he was so sore and what it might mean and scared he was going down hill. A couple years back he had a healing with some Navajo men. After the original session, he had a flare up like he is currently and the men believed it was his body releasing all that was built up around that illness. Before the men left town I called them for help. Actually, I called them a number of times and at first it was for their opinion. Only on the last call did I admit to needing their help and asked them to come see Tom again. They were willing and yet it is their custom to not offer anything that hasn’t been asked for, help included. During one of the phone calls Gino had heard my anxiety. He told me to get rid of that “s**t” before putting it on my horse. Three years later, I heard Gino’s voice saying that again as I sat in anxiety with Tom. Yet, if felt important to also honor my feelings, espescially since Tom had already felt them undoubtedly. So, I spoke out loud and said, “Tom, you are on your own journey and I recognize that that path may differ from my personal desires. It will break my heart when you leave your body, whether that is now or in ten years. Heartbreak only comes from great love like that which I have for you. I release my agenda and allow you to experience whatever you most need, even if that means leaving your current body.” With that, Tom began to yawn which in horses is a sign of emotional release. I also felt tons better for having spoken my truth. (Update: Tom continues to improve and we plan on many more years together.) Why would I tell these two stories together, one so mundane as computer loss and the other so emotional as animal love? Because they both remind me that despite the Law of Attraction, Life is not obligated to work according to our wishes. Instead it will hurt us, surprise us, lift us and love us. Clinging to specific circumstances causes us to feel we need to do things just right to bring said outcome and we neglect to actually live in relationship to Life itself. It sometimes feels as though we speak of trust when what we really mean is believing we will get what we want. I choose to trust that all will be well no matter what happens. In an essay written just before losing my first dog in adult life I wrote; “The word love makes one think of all happiness and warm feelings. Although it does encompass those, in certain circumstances it is also coupled with pain and sorrow. Neither life nor love is about feeling pleasant all the time, but about feeling deeply. So as I sit here in the arms of the warm sun, alongside my great friend, I thank the Gods for the depth of experience that life offers. Feeling simultaneously bliss and pain; knowing all is as it should be, simply because it is.” How do you live your life? Seeking the pleasure of getting what you want or being in Trust with what shows up? It isn’t really one or the other, but a fine harmony between both. photo by Deborah Neary


Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18



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Back To School with Bach Flowers by Nini Gridley Navigating the Winds of Change by Renee Baribeau Animal Totems by Katrina Clay Schenectady Peace Project by Bethany Gonyea Solar Farm by Malcom Bliss Lavendar, Tea Tree and the Endocrine System by Dr. Sarah LoBisco The Earth Movement by Christopher Reilly The Force of Life by Israel Regardie Breath by Wendy Ball


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Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


Where Do You Find Relief? @ ReliefShared.com Beauty & Wellness The Whole-Person Wellness Place Sharing workspace with authentic, complementary, & integrative Wellness, Movement and Creative Arts Practitioners. Space available daily, weekly, monthly to build or expand Wellness in Saratoga Springs. Relief Shared is a community resource offering alternative practices for emotional, mental, physical and social assistance.

3257 Rt 9, Ste 3, Saratoga Springs www.reliefshared.com


Community Law Firm Has Moved to New Location Founding Attorney Megan HarrisPero of Harris-Pero Legal Counsel, PLLC, an elder law, estate planning, and business planning firm, in Saratoga Springs, New York, is excited to announce that the firm has recently moved to its new location at 648 Maple Avenue near Northern Pines in the Wilton area. The firm previously shared space near Saratoga Hospital. This move into a larger space comes three years after the firm opened its doors with a vision to assist businesses and families with planning needs. The new office is more accessible and has additional space for collaboration and discussion with clients and other planning professionals. “We are inspired to provide a comfortable environment to guide clients through a comprehensive planning experience, the new office provides a physical environment that models our firm values,” says Ms. HarrisPero. In addition to providing legal services, the firm hosts free educational seminars related to elder law, estate planning, and business planning, many of which will take place at the new office location. Ms. Harris-Pero graduated from Duke University with a B.A., and Summa Cum Laude from Duquesne University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate. Ms. Harris-Pero's experiences have provided her with a breadth of knowledge regarding law, small business, mediation, and estate planning. Ms. HarrisPero lives in Wilton with her husband and two daughters. As a mother, she understands concerns about stability and the future, and seeks to help clients with caring guidance. Clients benefit from personal assistance from Ms. Harris-Pero and the Firm’s Team, including Legal Assistant, Miller Young Fina, a graduate of Skidmore College with a B.A. in English and American Studies. For more information about Harris-Pero Legal Counsel, PLLC and Megan Harris-Pero, please visit www.hperolegalcounsel.com, contact 518-860-5668 or Megan@hperolegalcounsel.com.


Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

Local Author of Befriending Your Body Ann Saffi Biasetti Booksigning Join Ann Saffi Biasetti, PhD; LCSWR; CIAYT, in the celebration and signing of her first book, through Shambhala Publications, Befriending Your Body: A Self-Compassionate Approach to Freeing Yourself from Disordered Eating.This will be a 2.5 hour workshop where we will create a safe space to explore the history of the mind/body divide and the role of the female body in our culture. Come to discuss how we have lost the embodied connection, especially as women, and the influence our society has on this. This is open to all women, with or without the experience of disordered eating.We will also hold space to practice some of the embodied self-compassionate practices from Ann’s book to explore your journey of building relationship and compassion with your body. Sunday, September 9 3:00-5:00 pm This is a FREE event!Hosted at Yoga Mandali ofSaratoga Springs, NY.For more info, please visit:www.AnEmbodiedLife.com

Healing Springs Live The Healing Springs Journal has begun to create videos to bring the pages of the the Healing Springs alive. The premise is that Katrina Clay, the publisher of The Healing Springs Journal, visits practitioners to give the viewer an accurate view of what appointments with these modalities is actually like. So far you will see an dog acupuncture treatment, a functional nutritionist and a private yoga session. Subcribe to their YouTube channel and follow their Facebook page to be updated with these short and fun excursions. Email Katrina Clay at katrina@healingspringsjournal with suggestions of practitioners that you’d like to see. Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


Pregnancy Keepsake Pregnancy Keepsake Belly Casting Belly Casting by Dawn Judkins by Dawn Judkins

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dwjudkinsgallery.com Adirondack Salt Cave

Adirondack SaltStCave 11 Broad Glens Falls, NY 12901 11Broad St Glens Falls, NY 518-798-2343



Bach Flower Remedies

by Nini Gridley, MS Ed, BFRP hange is stressful, so going back to school at the end of summer can be one of the most difficult challenges for young people. Increasing independence is encouraged but occasionally the emotions, fears and insecurities hold kids back from being their best. To ease the everyday stresses Bach Flower Remedies are gentle, inexpensive and easy to use. They are drops, derived from nature that can help students of any age succeed and thrive.


Rescue Remedy, the #1 stress reliever sold nationwide is a blend of five Bach Flowers: Clematis for focus, Rock Rose for fear that is terror, Star of Bethlehem to soothe and comfort, Impatiens to calm the racing heart and Cherry Plum for fear of losing control. This blend is wonderful for emergencies, crisis or even transitions back to school. It is effective for shock, crankiness, tantrums and terror and helps the body, mind and spirit become balanced and whole. Just four drops in any beverage, or a tasty pastille dissolving in the mouth, can ease separations at the door or school bus and brings focus to the task at hand. Rescue Remedy in a beverage sipped at intervals helps with changing routines, adapting to new schedules or undergoing medical interventions.

Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network learn more at: www.saratogaintegrativepractitioners.com


Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

There are 38 flower remedies in the full Bach Flower self help system that can be selected individually. Look for helpful information at Four Seasons in Saratoga Springs, or your local Health Food store. If confidence is lacking, just 2 drops of Larch helps with test anxiety or social situations where confidence is needed. Elm is the flower remedy for times of overwhelm, perhaps transitioning from middle school to high school? Selection is based

Barbara Allen Intuitive/Psychic Consultations Clear and Accurate Guidance 518-409-5081 In Person, by phone and more

on the feeling state, the stressful emotion that’s felt. The remedies can be taken individually (just 2 drops in any beverage) or they can be blended together to make a “dosage bottle” that is taken over time. For more information about remedy selection local consultations are available and Level One training will be offered in September. This system of healing was developed in England in the 1930s by a prominent physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach. It is now used in 66 countries around the world by mothers, healers and health care practitioners to balance the negative emotions that are thought to precede physical illness. They help people heal. There are so many reasons to have them on hand to ease everyday stress so that things like going back to school can be joyful and independent experiences that help students succeed! The time has come to use this wisdom and promote the balanced emotions that allow us to thrive and become the magnificent beings we are meant to be. Nini Gridley, MS Ed, is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Spiritual Healer and Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher in private practice since 2002. Contact her with questions about Bach remedies, private consultations or the Bach International Education Program, Level One training Sept. 15-16, 2018 covering the indications for all 38 Bach Flower Remedies. This training is the first of three levels and qualifies you to use them for yourself or your family. This training, which supports Coesa, Saratoga’s newest health and wellness venue, will be held in the Saratoga Spa State Park. www.NiniGridley.com or (518) 573-0571.

Four Seasons Natural Foods Store & Cafe

Cafe ~ 33 Phila St.

Store ~ 120 Henry St.

The Local Choice Salads and entrees, homemade paninis, wholesome baked goods, organic produce, aromatherapy, craft beers, artisan cheeses, packaged & bulk foods, local products and more!

Downtown Saratoga ~ 584-4670

FourSeasonsNaturalFoods.com Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18



Magic Moon

your local source for all things metaphysical

15-17 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 583-2488

over 23 Years in Business Offering an expanded collection of crystal specimens, books, tarot cards, incense, sage, herbs, oils, Wiccan supplies and meditation CDs!

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We also offer unique, fair-trade clothing, jewelry, tapestries, wind chimes, statuary and more!

Psychic Readings on Saturdays!

Life is confusing, so come in and get some clarity with a Tarot and Numerology reading from Joan Scannell. Rates are $20 for 15 minutes and $40 for a half hour. Visit: www.joanscannell.com for more information about Joan. Readings are also available in the store on Thursday—Sunday with other readers. *call store to schedule

Bring in this ad and receive 1 0 % o f f full-price merchandise.

Navigating the Winds of CHANGE by Renee Baribeau he popular English PL Travers nanny, Mary Poppins arrived on Cherry Tree Lane on an East wind. She was flung through the gate, and landed with a thump at the front door. Her arrival shook the house, then joy was restored to the sorrowful family.


a changing age, or are you accepting that nature provides helpful clues? When you turn your attention towards Nature, navigating change becomes effortless, no matter what wind is blowing.

In literature, scripture, and mythology, dating back to tablets of Mesopotamia, the East Wind brings change. Often, a destructive force of nature leaves in its wake an opportunity for new ideas and growth. Sherlock Holmes warned Watson of the cold bitter East Wind that was brewing during WWII, and advised him that, “A cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared."

Maneuvering the earth’s windswept landscape has preoccupied humankind throughout history. Research for the book Winds of Spirit, led to the discovery of 150 cross-cultural deities. Since time immemorial, Cardinal Winds have provided the structure for ordering reality; East represents Mind and Beliefs; South: Emotions and Feelings; West: Physical and Endings; North: Community and Spirituality. Before religion divided us, people were wind believers. Wind is synonymous with the Divine: Christianity speaks of the Holy Spirit; Hebrew refers to Ruach; and in Buddhism, Nirvana is a place of no wind.

Has the East wind interrupted your life? Are you like Watson, “the fixed point” in


Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

The Winds of Spirit are always available to help you Navigate Change. Hundreds of millions of years ago, long before human beings stirred, the wind participated in the formation of our earth. Imagine how these powerful forces can help you navigate life today.

Below is a simple, practical exercise to help you harness wind power.

Experience the Health Benefits of Massage We offer something for everyone

Wind Walk® A young adult told me that she did not believe in God. I asked, “Does the wind blow where you live? She agreed the wind was a powerful force, but insisted she could not hear its messages. Emotional pain is a strong motivator, so she was willing to try this simple exercise below; are you? When feeling lost, overwhelmed or confused, I recommend taking a Wind Walk®. • Begin at your doorway. Stand with your back to the wind. Inhale a deep breath of air. Feel the wind expand in your lungs, and move down into your belly. As you exhale, remind yourself that breath is a personal wind that connects you with others; wind is capable of reaching the other side of the world in a matter of days. Continue your wind breath until you feel calm and connected with the world around you. • Ask your Question. First, call upon the wind, and whistle if you feel inspired. Start Walking. • Walk in Silence Pay attention. Is the wind blowing steady, is it weak or strong? Answers may come as sign or synchronicities immediately, later in the day, or even as you sleep. Throughout the day, be aware of people you meet, animals that cross your path, and elements of nature that grab your attention. • Thank the Winds of Spirit Always thank the wind in advance for your blessings. The more you tend to the winds of spirit, the clearer your answers. Sometimes, answers rush in like booming claps of thunder, while other times you notice after you instinctively changed course. The Wind Work® system as outlined in the Amazon Best-Seller Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine is the first book in modern times to provide simple tools and tips to help you steer your life using the wind. It is a practical guide to connect to powerful wind energies that navigate us toward authentic joy, power, and purpose. Author Renee Baribeau, the Practical Shaman offers insights from 32 cross cultural wind deities. Remee will be at Namaste Yoga in Saratoga Springs on August 18th. To register contact Katrina Clay at katrina@healingsprngsjournal.com

* Reflexology * Craniosacral * Positional Release * Thai * Hot Stone * Reiki * Chair * Home visits * Healing Touch Now offering Light Therapy- call to learn more 670 Franklin St. Schenectady, NY 518-374-8654 www.healingpathmassage.com

Better sleep has been found to be crucial for: Weight Reduction, Memory and Recall, Overall Physical and Mental Wellbeing Stress is a critical factor in the quality of sleep.

Call; Barbara Stevens, 518-755-5053 Certified Stress Management Consultant

Sue Coughtry,


Specializing in Pain and Stress Relief CranioSacral Therapy Low Level Light Therapy for Pain Relief Clinical Medical Massage Delmar, NY • 518-755-8843 www.suecoughtryLMT.com email: suecoughtrylmt@gmail.com

Wendy Ball M.Ed. Shamanic Healing, Hakomi Coaching, Mentoring

518-813-8524 wendy.ball@yahoo.com www.wendyballshamaniclight.com

Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


Reclaim your Ancient Wisdom

Workshops & private sessions katrina@healingspringsjournal.com • www.katrinaclay.com • 518.332.6581

Animal Totems

S hamanic Reiki Soul Realignment Power Animal Retrievals & Individualized Modern Shamanic Journeys

Animal Totems

Explore the Modern Shamanic Journey to work with your animal totems for.

by Katrina Clay hat drew you to the path of Modern Shamanism, I’m often asked. My answer is always the same—animal totems. Animals have always felt like strong allies, while humans confused me. It turns out the the Shamanic Path suits me in other ways as well, yet I would not have known that without following the inspiration of the animals.


So what is an Animal Totem or Power Animal? They are a symbolic representation of archetypal power available to us. A totem does not actually have to be an animal. It can also be plant, tree, or rock. That said, I’m going to focus on animals today. Why look into our Animal Totems? In order to know ourselves and our potential better. How? By impersonalizing qualities we need to improve upon or release. It is common for people to want big, powerful totems. Yet, all animals, including insects, have their own value. To place good or bad labels upon them, we miss what we most need. For example, if we need ant medicine (industriousness, order, discipline and group work) but were looking for Bear medicine (introspection and the power of the unconscious) we would totally miss the mark of our needs. So, please do not compare animals. These animals, images and all of Nature help us to become more natural and connected to the greater whole of Life.

September 22; 2-6pm; $55 Namaste Yoga, Saratoga Springs Register by emailing; katrina@healingspringsjournal.com 12

Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

Humanity, specifically American culture, has lost its instinctive connection to Nature and Animal Totems are one was to reconnect (a spider walks across the page as I write that.) What Totems are not is a Being or Guide with whom we are able to abdicate our free will to. They are available for giving guidance and finding encouragement when we feel doubt or confusion. Yet, we are the human and only we can use free will to take action.

How to find your Animal Totem First thing to remember, Animal Totems chooses the human, not the other way around. There are many ways to find the animal or animals that have chosen you. Here’s a short list….

New S c h o o l ? NATURAL FOODS • Fruits • Nuts • Grains • • Gluten Free • Vitamins • Herbs • • Health & Beauty Products • • Frozen & Refrigerated Foods • 4 E. Washington St. Glens Falls, NY 518-798-4047 Dr. Richard Aulicino

Holistic—Aesthetic Dentistry A holistic approach for an aesthetic result Membership: ADA, DSSNY, ISSSEEM, PPNF, AHD, GACD

For Ever Green Building 1849 Rte 9, Lake George 518-668-9888 www.holisticsmiles.org


Pay attention. You’ll know you have a totem if you continually see an animal in many different situations. Could be in the woods, then later on a billboard, and again on TV. These kind of Totems may come to you for a period of time as a messenger, or for your entire life. Notice and learn all you can about that animal. Also, if you’ve had a lifelong bond with one particular species, it’s a Totem. The animal that fascinated you as a child and still tugs at your heart whenever you see it. Dreams of certain animals may indicate a totem, as well. Totems are most often wild. So, if you feel that Dog is your totem, go deeper and look into the qualities of Wolf.


Power Animal Retrieval. There are people who do the process of finding your Totem Animal and retrieve it back to your soul. I do this by going on a Modern Shamanic Journey to locate your animal, who may give messages for you or may simply volunteer its wisdom. I then blow that animal back into your soul. This is done remotely or in person. If remotely (95% of the time) I send an email with your animal and explain what to do next. After the retrieval, you need to pay attention to the animal’s presence for it to be useful. Otherwise, just like any healing, it feels good until it wears off.


Card Reading. People, or yourself, can pull cards from a variety of animal card decks. I personally have two decks to choose from and also Animal Speak Runes for finding your Animal Totem. The same as above remains true here. You will need to do your part after the reading for it to become real or useful for you.


Meditation. You can do a meditation for yourself or have someone guide you. If doing it for yourself; 1. be in an uninterrupted environment and put on relaxing music.

Try Bach Flowers! www.NiniGridley.com fullspectrumhealing@gmail.com / 518-573-0571

Unwind... let healing begin.

Lynn Allison, DC 268-9542 Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic Saratoga & Schenectady, NY 2. Make yourself comfortable. 3. Go to your mind’s eye and see yourself walking down a wood path. This path leads to an opening. Continue walking through and into the opening, as you do experience the peace of that natural area. As you do, allow an Animal to enter or appear in the scene. Ask this animal if it is your totem. If it says no, ask for it to show you where to find your Animal Totem. Typically, the first one if your totem, but not always. When you find your animal, it will speak to you through movement, sound, forms and give you messages. You may be able to just know what its communicating. 4. Trust. As the communication comes to an end, give thanks to your animal. I am able to do the guided meditation if you it is helpful to you, just call. After you discover your Animal Totem, research their behavior, looks and family life. Learn all you can about the animal in their natural environment and compare what that lifestyle may be teaching you. If transferring that kind of knowledge doesn’t feel easy, look up the symbolism of your animal online Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Katrina Clay is a certified Shapeshift Practitioner, Shamanic Reiki Master, workshop facilitator and publisher of “The Healing Springs Journal.” She goes Live on Facebook every Thursday to flood the virtual with Nature. She is teaching an Animal Totem workshop September 22. Email her to register or ask questions at katrina@healingspringsjournal.com or call 518-332-6581. Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


Become An Intentional Coherence Athlete for

the Schenectady Peace Project by Bethany Gonyea avid Bohm, one of the most prominent theoretical physicists of the 20th century spoke about how deep inside each of us is a place where we are connected to everyone else. He surmised that if a community worked together committed to that understanding of ultimate connection, they would accomplish great things.


To date, 50 projects and 23 peer-reviewed scientific studies scrutinized by scholars around the world have consistently demonstrated a positive effect on the immediate reduction of crime, warfare and terrorism by more than 70%. Often during these studies it was measured that economic indicators improved as well.

The Schenectady Peace Project is working to implement Bohm’s profound insights by inviting individuals both locally and around the world to send peaceful intentions to the city of Schenectady during the week of August 20-27. Dr. Karin Reinhold, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics will analyze the crime data to determine how much of a measurable impact the intentions have made.

Bethany says, “I am passionate about empowering people to learn about their birthright to vote with their heart to see more of what they want to see in the world. People often feel powerless and alone as they watch the news to change negative circumstances of epic proportions. However, if we come together and offer a collective vote for peace through intentional coherence based meditation, we quickly realize that on this level all have equal power, and the whole world would swiftly move toward better collaboration very quickly if we all acknowledged our potential to serve others in this capacity,”

The Schenectady Peace Project is an outgrowth of The Global Peaceful Cities Project (GPCP), a rapidly expanding community of passionate individuals coming together to spread peace thru ordinary citizens using results revealed from former intentional peace research. Bethany Gonyea, founder of NUMINOUS, sponsor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project said the inspiration from the project came from her 25 years of watching the impact of the intention of the mind in the body of her patients in her biofeedback practice, she eventually studied how the mind has impact outside of the body as well.

To facilitate the research efforts, NUMINOUS has trained meditation leaders ready to offer meditations for peace at 50 organizations around the capital district. You can apply for a meditation leader to lead a meditation for peace at your organization during the week of August 20th by entering your organization’s information at www.PeacefulCities.org/Schenectady. If you have been wanting to bring meditation to your organization, this is a low cost way to begin the conversation and invite people to serve as it relates to research. Organizations in Schenectady and Albany are especially requested, as there are already plans to implement an Albany Peace Project in Summer 2019.

“To date, 50 projects and 23 peer-reviewed scientific studies scrutinized by scholars around the world have consistently demonstrated a positive effect on the immediate reduction of crime, warfare and terrorism by more than 70%. Often during these studies it was measured that economic indicators improved as well.”

Reclaim your ancient wisdom Workshops orkshops & private private sessions bringing you you to your your real real self.

Full Moon Modern Shamanic Journey; Aug. 26, Sept. 24, email for locations as it changes 6:30pm-8 • $20 suggested, pay what you have

Join the community, connect with your ancient self katrina@healingspringsjournal.com to receive event messages 14

Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

Katrina Clay’s mission is to show that animals, nature and music are guides to living an authentic and symbolic life.

“Anyone can participate from their home anywhere on the globe by entering their email on the website www.PeacefulCities.org.”

NUMINOUS works throughout the year teaching people how to live these principles in daily life through their Intentional Coherence Athlete Program, which teaches people to maintain the inner state of physiological and psychological coherence, similar to how athletes train to perfect their sport. Research demonstrates that intentions actualize more with coherent training. Participants are taught research based tools for sending intentions and train in giving and receiving desired intentions for both themselves and others. The next class will be starting in September 2018, and are offered online as well. However, all of these efforts are being implemented simply because the Schenectady Peace Project needs as many meditators as possible for this historic research! Anyone can participate from their home anywhere on the globe by entering their email on the website www.PeacefulCities.org. When you participate from home, you receive not only the daily meditations but also inspiring interviews with some of the most beloved scientists and thought leaders of our time on this topic, including, Authors, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden and Dr. Rollin McCraty, director of research at the Institute of Heartmath to learn about this exciting untapped potential of humanity. You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity! Bethany Gonyea is Founder and Director of NUMINOUS, a Sponsor of Global Peaceful Cities Project and a Sponsor of Albany Peace Project. She can be reached at 518424-0406 or b.gonyea@icloud.com, www.PeacefulCities.org, www.NuminousOnline.com

ECS Therapeutic Farm, Saratoga Springs Insurance & Cash Clients 518.257.6530 • SaratogaNutrtition.com

Relax, Restore, Empower & Heal Carrie Warner, MS, FNP-BC 518.469.9059 Reiki Master Teacher & Intuitive Practitioner Convenient location in Malta

www.CWarnerReiki.com info@CWarnerReiki.com

Discover Where Life is Leading You



Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


Functional Nutrition seeks the underlying cause of ill health for each unique individual.

It's Easy to Reduce the Cost of your Electricity with a

Solar Farm No Roof Required!

The body is designed to heal itself, if given the right tools. 550 Maple Ave Suite 202 Saratoga Springs, NY 518-306-9257 lisaobrien.nutrition@gmailcom

Since 1984 Tim Talmage, DC Lee Masterson, DC Bob Irwin, DC Michael Ashline, DC

439-7644 Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network learn more at: www.saratogaintegrativepractitioners.com


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by Malcolm Bliss f you’ve thought about reducing your cost of electricity and environmental impact with solar energy but haven't done it yet, a solar farm could be the solution for you. If you have a roof that's suitable for solar and want to invest in solar panels, that's the best thing you can do for the planet. But if you represent the 80% of households whose roof is not suitable, or are renters who don't want to make the investment, signing up for a solar farm is the biggest positive impact on your home's carbon foot-print and budget.


Community solar energy operates under New York State’s Community Solar program, which is part of Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). Through this state-supported program, homeowners and renters can connect their existing electric utility accounts to local clean energy projects. Thanks to financial support from New York State, clean energy from these projects now costs less than energy from traditional fossil fuels. Common Energy is one company which is now enrolling homeowners and renters who pay a National Grid bill. You can learn more at www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Energy-Storage

“Getting electricity from a solar farm is similar to the most common way of getting electricity from solar panels on your roof. The electricity is carbon-free. You stay connected to the grid. You keep your current utility and continue to receive the same monthly utility bill.” New York State’s community shared solar program is modeled after programs that have already been in place in Colorado, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. The community shared solar program is a result of New York State's Shared Renewables initiative announced by the Governor in 2015, and solar farms are now coming on-line. Getting electricity from a solar farm is similar to the most common way of getting electricity from solar panels on your roof. The electricity is carbon-free. You stay connected to the grid. You keep your current utility and continue to receive the same monthly utility bill. If you already have an alternative supplier (known as an ESCO) you can keep that too. The State's community shared solar program is different than an ESCO as community shared solar requires electricity to be 100% solar, produced-locally, and provide credits on your electric bill, as if you had solar panels on your roof. And with community-shared solar you save money by paying for solar that benefits the local economy especially solar farmers. Another benefit of community solar is the solar panels are already installed at a local solar farm, so there are no installation costs and no permits or inspections. And solar panels on your roof could require tree cutting to reduce shade, while the solar farm allows you to keep your shady trees. Malcolm Bliss is Vice President of Strategic Programs at Common Energy. His leadership of community programs across NY and MA at Level Solar included New York State's most successful solarize program to date and breakthroughs in serving hundreds of households. He can be reached at 518-620-1694 or Malcolm@commonenergy.us. ttps://commonenergy.wistia.com/medias/r7hh9j215m. Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


Lavendar, Tea Tree and the

Endorine System by Sarah A LoBisco, ND


This article has been adapted from the original version posted on drlobisco.com with full references

N E W! in Oneonta, a church and learning center for Spiritual growth!


An all-inclusive Divinely-guided group who are interested in exploring and growing together. Healing and messages from spirit are a part of the Sunday service!

Ongoing EVENTS: Church Services: 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, 10 am Healing Circle: 3rd Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm Intuitive Development Circle, 2nd Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm see Healing Springs Journal’s calendar for morw

Develop Your Healing Skills through our Healing Certification Program! Rev. Diana Friedell, Director; Rev. Sue Landon, Pastor See Website for Details!

Please join us!

The Institute for Spiritual Development The Lotus Center 41-45 Dietz St. Suite 1 Oneonta, NY 13820

(607) 267-4963 • www.isdoneonta.org

Healing Springs Journal 18

Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

ecently, the media got wind of a study that set essential oil lovers into a state of hormonal confusion… again. This “concern” is not new. A previous scare surfaced when several cases of young boys who had grown “man boobs” was associated with the use of consumer products that contained tea tree and lavender oils. The researchers found that isolated compounds in these oils could have hormonal effects in petri dishes and extrapolated that action to the essential oils. This was not an accurate conclusion for several reasons. First, the oils were not therapeutic, quality grade and could have contained substances that invalidated the results. Second, these personal care items contained other compounds in them that are known to cause reproductive issues; whereas, essential oils in their pure form have not. Finally, this extrapolation of isolated compounds’ influences in petri dishes to essential oils’ actions in the human body is not accurate. I will briefly review why this is the case using the recent study below. First, I will give more details of the study. The current scare was also based on the reporting of an experiment that also used isolated constituents found in tea tree and lavender oil in a petri dish. For this experiment, the researchers took eight constituents, out of hundreds found in the essential oils, concentrated them, and placed them in a dish with human cancer cells. The conclusion was that because human cancer cells had changes in their gene activities of estrogen and androgen receptors, that the synergistic, therapeutic essential oil would behave that way in the male body and cause them to get women boobs. (For those who want more details on the actual constituents studied and the methods of the experiment you can find it at: http://dr-lobisco.com/male-boobs-essential-oilslavender-tea-tree-hormones-endocrine-disruption/.) Research that isolates one compound from a natural source and generalizes it to the whole plant or substance in its natural form is rampant and misleading in the supplement and health world. Isolating and mega-dosing a vitamin and/or mineral without considering its interacting and complementary components can create more imbalances or even harm to individuals. Similarly, ignoring the synergism of essential oils and disregarding the complexity and their natural design is also short-sighted. (4-7) I discussed this in an article published on the Natural Path website.

Cate LaBarre Individual & Group Coaching Classes by Teleconference Certified Daring WayTM Facilitator (Based on the research of Dr. Bren Brown)

Certified Master Integrative Coach Professional Co-author of

The Energy of Healing

YwO G A ith Jen Wednesdays ¥ 6-7:15pm in North Creek (Adirondack Community Outreach Center)

http://CateLaBarre.com catelabarre@gmail.com 607-287-0658 cell & text * 518-882-9880 Cate helped me find my way back to my authentic self, offering empowering tools I will use for my lifetime. Coaching with Cate is one of the best investments I ve made! Manisha Thador, CFA, Founder & CEO MoneyZen Wealth Magnagement

As you can see, there is complexity to essential oils. Essential oils contain a wide array of constituents, regardless of how they are classified. These all have synergistic or differing therapeutic actions and mechanisms, which can support and balance out one’s biochemistry. Furthermore, one constituent can have multiple actions. For example, alcohols can be antimicrobial, antiseptic, tonifying, balancing, spasmolytic, anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory. Their chemical composition can also vary depending on the season of harvest and methods of extraction (distillation, hydrodistillation, super critical carbon dioxide extraction, and solvent extraction- the latter two are not technically essential oils). A final intricacy of an essential oil’s action to consider is its chemotype or distinct plant population within the same species. These various populations produce differing plant secondary metabolites that have differing effects. There is also a difference in effects and processing between synthetic isolates formed in labs and those found in nature, as pure essential oils constituents. An example of this is wintergreen: Regarding the oil of wintergreen and toxicity, most toxic reports are based on its constituent, methyl salicylate. I have a chemist friend who explained to me the difference between synthetic methyl salicylate and that found in wintergreen oil. He said methyl salicylate manufactured in labs is from salicylic acid.

Thursdays ¥ 6-7:15pm in Chestertown (Dynamite Hill, Route 8)

Hatha yoga, open to everyone.

You choose what to pay, weekly or monthly. 25% of the total collected will be donated to a different cause each month.

Contact Jennifer Monroe for more information at 956-2818 or just drop in. Chemists will add sulfuric acid and methanol, both toxic compounds, to produce the methyl salicylate. This is a very different process than distilling wintergreen oil. (read more at: http://dr-lobisco.com/are-essential-oils-safe/)

Plant “Estrogens” Wisdom Natural constituents are more likely to act as modulators, or balancers, and are selective in their response based on the “estrogenic environment” they are in. They will have a different mechanism based on the levels of hormones in the environment they are put in and how the effects are measured. Furthermore, these multi-mechanistic actions of these compounds in their whole form with balancing molecules also present will act differently than isolates alone on estrogen and androgen gene activity. This may be why studies have been conflicting and confusing on phytoestrogens, compounds found in plants that share structural and/or functional similarities to human hormones.

The Estrogen Environment In a 2002 study, “Assessment of Estrogenic Activity in Some Common Essential Oil Constituents,” the authors explored different techniques to measure estrogenic effect. The authors demonstrated that what was found in petri dishes was different in yeast cells vs. human cell lines. Furthermore, these findings could not be extrapolated to mice (a living creature). In an article assessing the safety of lavender in pregnancy, Robert Tisserand notes that in rats, lavender was not a uterine stimulant. It has been used safely in childbirth for humans with one study exhibiting the reduced need for pain medication. This would counter the scary petri dish results. Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


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Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

The Most Important Thing to Remember About Essential Oils—EVER A quality essential oil will contain a vast amount of therapeutic constituents that your body can “pick and choose” from in order to rebalance its physiological processes. This is the concept of essential oils “synergy” and is one of the most amazing things about essential oils. I refer to it as their “innate” healing power. True, an essential oil will possess general properties based on its biochemical makeup, but factors such as our own genetic variances, microbiota diversity, and “internal environment” all influence its actions. (Read more about that http://drlobisco.com/reasons-essential-oils-differing-effects-differentpeople-lesson-proanthyocyanidines/.) I explained this more in part II of my epigenetic series. In it, I highlighted a study that reported on metabolomic markers that essential oils impacted. The metabolome is the collection of all metabolites from cellular processes in a cell, tissue, organ or organism. The researchers discovered that the biochemical pathways of individuals were differentially affected, with the same essential oils! You can read the full post at: http://dr-lobisco.com/essential-oilsimmune-cellular-modulation-epigenetics-essential-oils-part-ii/ I recently started a series on essential oils and their “hormonal effect.” These can be found at: http://dr-lobisco.com/new-blogpage/ Previous blogs, additional resources, and information on using essential oils to support healthy hormones can be found at: http://dr-lobisco.com/male-boobs-essential-oils-lavendertea-tree-hormones-endocrine-disruption/. You can learn more about the Young Living essential oil brand I use and/or order to be part of my team on my website (dr-lobisco.com). You can also signup to become a BreakFree Medicine oiler on the Young Living website using my number (516126) and get started on a healthier, happier, oiler, 2018! Disclaimer: This information is applicable ONLY for therapeutic quality essential oils. This information DOES NOT apply to essential oils that have not been tested for purity and standardized constituents. Studies are not based solely on a specific brand of an essential oil, unless stated. Please read the full study for more information. This material is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness. You should check with your doctor regarding implementing any new strategies into your wellness regime. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. (Affiliation link.)

Dr. Sarah LoBisco, ND, is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). She is licensed naturopathic doctor, a certified functional medicine practitioner, and holds a Bachelor of Psychology from State University of New York at Geneseo. Dr. LoBisco incorporates her training in holistic medical practices and conventional medicine through writing, researching, and wellness consultations regarding supplements, nutraceuticals, essential oils and medical foods. Her new book on how to be an empowered patient and rebalance and reclaim your health, BreakFree Medicine, is available now through all online bookstores.

The Earth Movement

Eternity & Nourishment within the Five “Elements” of Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Christopher R. Reilly, L.Ac., MSA, CCHM et’s begin by stepping into a time machine. This is not a time machine that will take us back to the dinosaurs, or to try out a shiny new hover car. This time machine allows us to observe a pristine forest in fast motion over the course of 10,000 years.


We see seasons come and go; great trees reaching up into the sky, fresh green leaves drunk on sunlight and dancing in the winds, lightning flashing and fire consuming, and new life springing up from soil enriched by fallen ancestors. Over and over we see physical forms appear and fade, but the life that runs through them continues unbroken. What is it that takes the life that was a fallen leaf and transforms it into a fertile resource for the next generation? That is the earth movement. It is the way by which life moves from one form to another.

Transforming, Processing & Nourishing

Within the life of a human this has a powerful connection to our ability to nourish ourselves and others. We eat the leaves or flesh of another being, and by some mysterious process they become the stuff of us—our cells, our bones, and the energy that runs through both to animate them. What was once broccoli is now me. This wondrous transformation was called the earth movement by the founders of the Five Movements philosophy (often mistranslated as the Five Elements philosophy). In a similar manner, our lives serve us challenges and gifts, obstacles and opportunities. Taking in those experiences and “digesting” them into understanding, inspiration, motivation and learning allows us to move forward and grow. A sustenance of the mind and spirit absorbed from and processed from the living of our lives is the earth movement. In a sense, we are our lives lived.

Planets and Dirt

It should be said that there are completely separate phrases in the Chinese language for planet earth and for earth with the meaning of soil. The earth movement is not a reference to the planet, it is a reference to the soil. Just as the fallen tree is reabsorbed into the soil to form fertilizer for the seeds of that tree and others to grow, the earth movement is the process by which life moves from one form to another, from one physical reference point to another, in a continuous and unbroken flow that

began with the very beginning of life itself. Take a second to ponder on that. Visualize it. Go out into the woods and feel it in the depths of your being. You and all you see, every blade of grass, every beast, every mosquito… every manifestation of life has an unbroken line back to the beginning of everything, and forward to what will continue to live on this planet for billions of years to come. That is a miracle that we live every moment! Taste the deliciousness!

One Moves Through All There are notions in many native cultures concerning a sort of spirit that moves in all things, connecting them in an unbroken way. This isn’t just metaphysics, this is observation and connection to the reality of our existence. Where did my body come from if not the minerals, calories and proteins of those who have lived before me; and where will my body go if not back to the grass and fields on which the progeny of tomorrow will walk, eat and love? The earth movement is that movement that connects these generations, and these different physical beings one to the other. It is also a connection between each other in every moment within time. When the fire movement of my grandmother wells up to reach out to me and warms me with a hug, that grandmother’s love becomes the love within me and my life as well. In another way, when a stranger drops frustration into my path, it can become the lesson and growth of tolerance and forgiveness within my life. Do you see how the earth movement relates so intimately with the nourishment of ourselves, physically and consciously? I hope so! Play with these ideas. Digest them and make them yours! In that way the teachings and legacies of the ancient past become the nourishment and growth of our own understanding and becoming. Christopher R. Reilly, L.Ac., MSA, CCHM os am Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Find him online at www.silvermoon-acupuncture.com He is also Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Manager, Integrative Herbals, LLC, www.integrativeherbals.com Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18


Healing Springs Journal www.healingspringsjournal.com

The Force of Life An Excerpt from The Art of True Healing by Israel Regardie ithin every man and woman is a force that directs and controls the entire course of life. Properly used, it can heal every affliction and ailment we may have.


Every single religion affirms this fact. All forms of mental or spiritual healing promise the same thing. Even psychoanalysis and other forms of therapy employ this healing power: The insight and understanding that effective therapy can bring releases tensions of various kinds, and through this release the healing power latent within and natural to the human system operates more freely. Each of these systems teaches its own specialized methods of thinking or contemplation or prayer that will, according to the terms of their own philosophies, renew our bodies and even transform our entire environment. Very few of these systems, however, actually fulfill in a complete way the high promises they have made. There is little understanding of the practical means whereby the forces underlying the universe and permeating every cell of our bodies can


Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

be utilized and directed toward the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. Each one of us has the power to begin the process of reconstruction for ourselves; each one of us can discover the force that can bring us true healing of our bodies and minds. The central question, then, is how are we to be-come aware of this force? What is its nature? What is the mechanism whereby we can use it? A great many different systems have evolved, widely differing processes by which we may discover the presence of such a power. Meditation, prayer, affirmation, invocation, emotional exaltation, and other forms of declaration made at random upon the universe or the Universal Mind are a few of the methods. All have this in common: By turning the fiery, penetrating power of the mind inward upon itself, and exalting our emotional system to a certain pitch, we may become aware of previously unknown currents of force, currents that are almost electric in their interior sensation, and that are healing and integrating in their effect. It is the willed use of such a force that is capable of bringing health to body and mind. When effectively directed, it acts like a magnet: It attracts to every one of us who employs these methods the things that we require or fervently desire or that are needed for our further evolution. The fundamental, underlying idea of this powerful healing system is this: In the ambient atmosphere surrounding us and per-

“Each one of us has the power to begin the process of reconstruction for ourselves; each one of us can discover the force that can bring us true healing of our bodies and minds.” vading the structure of each one of our body’s cells is a force, a field of energy. This force is omnipresent and infinite; it is as pres-ent in the most infinitesimal object as it is in the most proportion-staggering far reaches of the known and unknown universe. This force is life itself. Nothing in the vast expanse of space is dead. Everything pulsates with vibrant life; even the subatomic particles of the atom are alive. The force of life is infinite; we are saturated, permeated through and through with this force, this energy. It constitutes our higher self; it is our link with the entire universe; it is God within us. Every molecule of our physical system is permeated with the dynamic energy of this force; each cell in our body contains it in abundance. When we consider this force, when we become aware of it, we are then brought face to face with the enigmatic problem underlying all disease: If we are filled with this energy, and if this energy is limitless, how can we become depleted of this healing energy, and become unhealthy and sick? What is fatigue? How can there be depletion of our energy if vitality and cosmic currents of force pour through us constantly, saturating our mind and body with power? Essentially, it is because we offer so much resistance to its flow through us that we become tired and ill. How do we manage to defy the universe? How are we able to offer resistance and opposition to the very force that underlies our continually evolving universe? There are many causes of this resistance to the inward flow of the spirit: Most of us were raised to be complacent and confused and even cowardly from childhood on into adulthood, and most of us have a false perception of the nature of life. The fact that this is generally unconscious doesn’t matter — are any of us really aware of all the involuntary processes going on within us? Are any of us conscious of the intricate mechanism of our mental processes, and of the processes by which our food is assimilated and digested, and our blood is circulated, bringing nourishment to every cell?

Dr. Michael Wayne

Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Integrative Medicine


• Acupuncture • Nutrition • Chinese Herbal Medicine • Lifestyle Counseling • Quantum Thinking

Saratoga Springs & Clifton Park 518-210-1557 www.drmichaelwayne.com mwayne2@mac.com All these are purely involuntary processes, just as, to a large degree, our resistances to life are purely involuntary. We have surrounded ourselves with crystallized shells of prejudices and ill-conceived versions of reality; we have shielded ourselves with a mental armor so dense it affords no entrance to the light of life that surrounds us and envelops us. No wonder we become sick, impotent, helpless, poor! No wonder the average individual is so unable to adequately deal with life! ISRAEL REGARDIE (1907-1985) author of “The Art of True Healing” was a therapist and chiropractor as well as a writer who practiced a form of psychotherapy based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work. Editor MARC ALLEN, the cofounder of New World Library, is an author, teacher, and successful entrepreneur who lives in northern California. Excerpted from the The Art of True Healing by Israel Regardie ©2013 Marc Allen. Published with permission of New World Library http://www.newworldlibrary.com

Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18



move through what’s difficult and access the pleasure life has to offer

by Wendy Ball ife is full of difficulty. Life is also full of pleasure. It is so easy to get stuck in our difficulties. They are big and persistent, and seem to make simple pleasure elusive and unavailable. When we are full of worry and tension we don’t notice the momentary pleasures that are a natural part of most days and that create the balance necessary for coping well with stressful lives.

healing and balance through re-focusing attention on a simple momentary pleasure.

Momentary pleasures:

All we have to do is become aware of tension and allow it to signal a need to breathe. On the in-breath we take in the fragrance and energy of something. On the out-breath we release. Riding the rhythm of breath we can relax and be receptive.


• the enjoyment of wearing one’s lightest layers and feeling the air caress one’s skin before the heat rises • gazing at lush green foliage • feeling fresh after a shower • feeling supple after a gym session What are the momentary pleasures available to you? Yes, they tend to be sensual, experienced in our bodies. Our worry on the other hand tends to live in our minds. So when we feel bound in a tense tangle of worry, doubt, dread, one can find


Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

Breathing helps. Breathing orients us to this present moment. All we have to do is become aware of our breathing and let our awareness move out from there.

Animals seem to live in the moment more easily and naturally than humans. A deer grazes. It hears something that signals a need to be on the alert. It perceives a threat and runs. It stops, it perceives no threat. It quivers, shakes off its nervous tension. It puts its head down and continues to forage. Human children are better at this than adults. Something hurts

or frightens them. They cry. If a timely and reassuring response it forthcoming they settle. Their nervous system re-sets and they are again able to move happily into their world. By the time we move into adulthood we have accumulated imprints - the energetic traces of painful experiences. We have learned to anticipate trouble. We have made decisions and formed beliefs about the nature of our reality. We don’t have an animal’s instinctive ability to shake off the energetic imprint of threat, and the remnants of disturbance held in our muscles. How we hold our experience in our minds is not as malleable as when we were children. Most of us need to re-learn how to reset and relax, to become once again available to natural pleasure. We can weather stressful experiences and periods in life better if we know to breathe, to go with the flow, to use momentary opportunities to relax and re-set. It can be as easy as taking in the beauty and fragrance of a flower, or responding to a child’s smile, or laughing at something funny. Unfortunately many of us have learned to associate taking a break from what’s challenging in life with consuming alcohol or sugar or getting high. We look for pleasure in these things because we no longer know how to be available to it in other ways. We hold our breath to avoid feeling rather than using it to release, to return to balance and a sense of well-being. Trust your breath. Take a moment to let yourself breathe fully and deeply. Let yourself notice how you experience that. Take frequent conscious breathing breaks. Conscious breathing can help you process what is difficult. It can restore you to balance and well-being. Wendy Ball, M.Ed., is a shamanic energy healer, coach and mentor. She offers individual sessions by phone or skype. You can get more information about her work at www.wendyballshamaniclight.com. She welcomes questions by email: wendy@wendyballshamaniclight.com, or phone: 518-813-8524

Ancient Arts Veterinary Acupuncture Holistic veterinary health, dental and end-of-life care for all domestic species. Kristina Dallas, DVM ¥ Saratoga Springs (518) 727-2940 drkris@veterinar yancientar ts.com www.veterinar yancientar ts.com

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Astrological FORECAST August & September, 2018

lowing year, you may decide to research your family ancestry or your DNA. After the 19th, you want to spend time with your family and you may even do some research on your ancestry. SEPTEMBER: Development of gifts, life’s pleasures and being in love are the focus for this month. Following the 6th, you want to define your philosophy on life and it can be a good time to begin a formal course of study as you are now interested in wisdom. After the 24th, it can be the time to look back over past mistakes, put them in perspective, close the door and move on.

GEMINI ASCENDANT AUGUST: Ability to communicate, everyday environment and routine activities are important for this month. After the 7th, you may be able to handle old problems once and for all. For the next year, you become involved in community or neighborhood events. Following the 19th, it can be the time for intellectual activities and you may attend a workshop or formal classes.

Using Standard Time locate your Rising Sign or Ascendant. If your birth time is Daylight Savings Time, subtract one hour. Your actual Rising Sign or Ascendant may differ depending on certain time of birth and dates; however, not to confuse the nonastrologer use the sign indicated for your Forecast. This placement is similar to the transiting planet’s location in your Natal Chart, except for exact degrees, and will correctly indicate your Forecast. For example, if you are a Gemini born at 6:38 P.M., your Ascendant is Capricorn. IT SHOULD BE NOTED: In August, Uranus turns Retrograde on the 7th at 02:34 Taurus. On the 11th, there is a Partial Solar Eclipse at 18:42 Leo. Mercury goes Direct on the 19th at 11:32 Leo and the Full Moon occurs on the 26th at 03:12 Pisces. Saturn, Neptune and Pluto remain Retrograde all month. In September, Saturn turns Direct on the 6th at 02:33 Capricorn. The Fall Equinox occurs on the 22nd at 22:00 Libra and the Full Moon occurs on the 24th at 02:00 Aries. Pluto also turns Direct on the 30th at 18:45 Capricorn. Uranus and Neptune remain Retrograde all month.

ARIES ASCENDANT AUGUST: Expressing oneself, creative hobbies and mastering skills are enjoyed for this month. After the 7th, it is the time to rethink matters pertaining to finances and assets. Over the next year, you can find what makes you happy and brings joy into your life. Following the 19th, it is a time to examine and express your creative talents that connect you to happiness. SEPTEMBER: Solving problems, attention to health and learning to be efficient are important for this month. After the 6th, you may begin to reap the rewards or recognition for the path you have chosen whether it be a career, or the equivalent. Following the 24th, you have a desire to make changes in your appearance, purchase new clothes or just improve your personal habits.


SEPTEMBER: Domestic interests, home environment and identifying with the past are favored for this month. After the 6th, you take more responsibility in business affairs and joint finances, but it may not be a good time to begin a business venture or go into debt. Following the 24th, you look back over your recent achievements and may decide to set new goals in life.

CANCER ASCENDANT AUGUST: Gaining financially, use of assets and sense of values are examined for this month. Following the 7th, you rethink your current goals and may decide to set new aims and directions. During the next year, you will focus on your financial possibilities. After the 19th, you examine your work skills and new ways to earn more money to increase your finances and status. SEPTEMBER: Routine activities, educational opportunities and ability to communicate are explored for this month. Following the 6th, you will examine your relationships to the people in your life to see which ones need more attention. After the 24th, there can be changes in your dealings with important people or recognition for a project or job that was well done.

LEO ASCENDANT AUGUST: One’s mission, discovering oneself and image projection are important for this month. Following the 7th, there can be unexpected changes in your career, or the equivalent. Over the next year, you gain knowledge and want to change your image and self-expression. Following the 19th, you finish old business or rethink a new beginning that you were offered recently. SEPTEMBER: Financial situations, self-preservation and gaining financially are highlights for this month. After the 6th, it is a time of duty before pleasure, but also watch your health as overwork and stress may force you to cut back. Following the 24th, you have a renewed interest in such subjects as the law, philosophy or spirituality and may reconsider a class or workshop.

AUGUST: Family ties, domestic affairs and a parent’s influence VIRGO ASCENDANT are examined for this month. Following the 7th, you seek ways AUGUST: Seeking solitude, spiritual rebirth and hidden abilito change your appearance and self-expression. During the fol- ties are favored for this month. After the 7th, you become inter26 Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18

ested in new ideas and may decide on a workshop or a class. During the next year, you become more aware of your religious and spiritual beliefs. After the 19th, this can be a time for you to acknowledge your faults and your virtues without self-criticism. SEPTEMBER: Approach to life, discovering oneself and personal matters are the focus for this month. Following the 6th, your self-expression may not that strong now, but you want to perfect a creative talent or hobby instead of just having fun. After the 24th, there are changes in jointly held monies or properties and it can also be a time to pay off old debts and commitments.

LIBRA ASCENDANT AUGUST: Developing friendships, group activities and setting new goals are important for this month. Following the 7th, your joint finances and assets can be affected in some way. Over the next year, you examine your achievements and may revise your goals. Following the 19th, you have new insights into your goals and ambitions as you begin to move forward. SEPTEMBER: Hidden abilities, spiritual resources and working for the needy are explored for the month. After the 6th, your duties and responsibilities for your home and family may increase as you give them the care and attention they need. Following the 24th, you can improve your understanding of yourself through your relationships with others and learning to compromise.

SCORPIO ASCENDANT AUGUST: The career world, recognized achievement and one’s social status are examined for this month. Following the 7th, your relationships want to teach you something, let them. During the next year, you become more aware of your career and achievements. After the 19th, you spend extra time on important decisions that you have to make, but they may require changes. SEPTEMBER: Group associations, working with others and setting goals are important for this month. Following the 6th, you are not interested in small talk, but as your concentration grows your attention turns to new topics and studies. After the 24th, there can be changes in both your work situation and your physical condition through a diet and exercise programs.

SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT AUGUST: Prophetic dreams, intuitive guidance and mental pursuits are explored for this month. Following the 7th, this is a time when you want both physical and mental efficiency. Over the next year, you have opportunities to expand your personal growth and knowledge. Following the 19th, you want a larger picture of life as your interest turns to philosophy and spirituality. SEPTEMBER: The career world, one’s social status and public image are the focus for this month. After the 6th, if you have been wasteful with your spending, this is a good time for forming a stronger financial base with stricter budgeting. Following the 24th, your creativity is increased as you enjoy becoming involved in projects or hobbies with your loved ones.


debts are examined for this month. After the 7th, you spend time with your loved ones and creative projects or hobbies. During the next year, it can be the time of spiritual growth and psychic development. After the 19th, you may be able to negotiate matters pertaining to shared moneys or assets. SEPTEMBER: Searching for knowledge, philosophy on life and mental pursuits are highlights for this month. Following the 6th, you are more serious and less carefree as you redefine yourself including your strengths and weaknesses. After the 24th, this can be a time when existing personal or family matters and conditions are often resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

AQUARIUS ASCENDANT AUGUST: Professional help, learning to compromise and attracting partners are highlighted for this month. Following the 7th, upsets can show you where your life may need changes. For the next year, you can learn whether your needs are met through your partnerships. Following the 19th, you may be able to share new insights that you have about yourself in your relationships. SEPTEMBER: Accepting changes, solving problems and a partner’s assets are examined for this month. After the 6th, you have a strong interest to pursue your spiritual or healing beliefs to make your life feel more fulfilling and complete. Following the 24th, you find yourself assisting your friends or neighbors taking a part in a program or project to help your community.

PISCES ASCENDANT AUGUST: Attention to diet, functioning on job and learning efficiency are important for this month. After the 7th, you have new interests and you may reconsider a class or workshop. During the year, you may pursue additional training for work so that you can advance more quickly. After the 19th, if you do research, you may find a new recommendation for a health or work matter. SEPTEMBER: Consulting a professional, forming relationships and being with others are favored for this month. Following the 6th, changes may occur with friends, groups and social circle as you are now drawn to people who are more interesting. After the 24th, there may be changes in your financial dealings or personal income, but read all agreements carefully before signing. Arlene is an Author, Astrologer and Para-Consultant and has studied and worked with astrology for more than forty years. She has also been a professional astrologer since 1980. Arlene has a Certificate of Merit from Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson (CA 1982) and a Certificate of Proficiency from the Mayo School of Astrology (London 1985). In addition, she holds certifications from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (1982-2019) as both a Medium and Spiritual Healer (Lily Dale, NY). Arlene can be reached at Astrological Concepts, Telephone (518) 371-8097 or Visit My Web Site at: http://www.yourstarsite.com

AUGUST: Another’s assets, changing habits and paying off Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18



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CENTERS Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center, DENTISTS Dr. Richard Aulicino, Lake George, 518www.stillpointretreatcenter.com, 668-9888, www.lookingoodnewsmile.com 518-587-4967 Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18 28

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Anna Witt, Set yourself in motion. Steer your life with purpose.Join the moveRETAIL ment. Magic Moon, Saratoga Springs, Embodyoga with Anna Witt, 518-256-9628, at One Big Roof 518-583-2488 Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18 29


Thursday, August 30 Psychic Message Circle & Spirit Communication Workshop - Psychic Mediums Diana Friedell & Story L. Ducey- 2pm. For more info & to register go to www.isdoneonta.org



Tune In To Wellness Today TV Show, with LisaMarie Tersigni. Meet local wellness providers and learn the benefits of natural wellness modalities, services and products available. View 24/7 at SACC.TV

Saturday, August 11 New Moon at 5:59 AM, EDT. The New Moon is the BEST time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Make your MoonWish! Contact Nini Gridley for details on the New Moon Meditation 518 573-0571

Mondays and Wednesdays Gentle Kripalu Yoga Classes - 4:005:30PM. First class free! Join Nini Gridley for a compassionate blend of warm-ups, sequenced asanas, shavasana, pranayama, and meditation designed to pacify the “Vata” energy through a well rounded yoga practice that is relaxing yet energizing for all levels of practitioners. Beginners are welcome. It’s gentle for every body. www.yogamandali.com 3rd Tuesdays Healing Circle: 5:30-6:30 pm The Institute for Spiritual Development The Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY, (607) 2674963, www.isdoneonta.org 2nd Tuesdays Intuitive Development Circle, 5:306:30pm, The Institute for Spiritual Development The Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY, (607)267-4963, www.isdoneonta.org Thursdays Ecstatic Dance every Thursday night at Move Fitness. 24 Colvin Ave, Albany. 7:45-9:30pm $15. $7 Kids. FB page: Albany Ecstatic Dance Revolution

Thursday, August 16 Intuitive Painting Workshop, led by Carol Bollinger Green, 10am-4pm, The Barn at Bassett House on Hudson, 338 River RD, Greenwich, NY. Express Your Creativity! You are invited to have fun with vibrant color on paper. Explore making marks, seeing what happens. Learn about process painting. Discover your own unique creative expression, guided by inner direction, shared with a small group. Painting can be playful, meditative, insightful. No experience needed. Everyone welcomed, first-time and longtime painters, alike. Cost, $65 adults and $55 returning, includes materials. View location, online. To register, learn more: please call Carol, 518-692-7124. Saturday, August 25 Vedic Astrology & Full Moon Fire Ceremony- with Tapash, 4 pm. For more info & to register & learn more go to www.isdoneonta.org

Sunday, August 26 Full Moon Modern Shamanic Journey, with Katrina Clay 6:30, Saratoga Spa State Park. The full moon is always a good time to open our awareness of the fullness of life. Join in a soulful commu1st and 3rd Sunday nity to journey into your own fullness. Church Services: every month, 10 am, Katrina; katrina@healingspringsjourThe Institute for Spiritual Development nal.com or 518-332-6581. This is ongoThe Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY, ing and takes place every full moon in 607-267-4963, www.isdoneonta.org different locations. Please email Katrina at above to be receive ongoing emails. $20 suggested, pay what you have. Healing Springs I #99 I August/September ‘18 30

Bhakti Marg 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Eight empowering weekends, beginning on Friday evenings with full days on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 2018-Feb 2019. For questions please contact Yoga Mandali at 518-584-0807 or by emailing info@yogamandali.com. Sunday, September 9 New Moon at 2:02 PM, EDT. The New Moon is the BEST time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Make your MoonWish! Call Nini Gridley for details on this month’s very special New Moon Meditation - 518 573-0571. Monday, September 24 Full Moon Modern Shamanic Journey, with Katrina Clay 6:30. The full moon is always a good time to open our awareness of the fullness of life. Join in a soulful community to journey into your own fullness. katrina@healingspringsjournal.com or 518-332-6581. This is ongoing and takes place every full moon in different locations. Please email Katrina at above to be receive ongoing emails. $20 suggested, pay what you have.

SAVE THE DATE Monday,October 8 New Moon today at 11:47 PM, EDT The New Moon is the BEST time for fresh starts and new beginnings! Make your MoonWish! Contact Nini Gridley for details on the New Moon Meditation 518 573-0571 October 26-28 Yoga Teacher Training with Ricky Tran, Namaste Yoga, 2 Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs. 518-222-7470, www.namasteyogasaratoga.com

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Healing Springs Journal #99 Aug/Sept '19  

Upstate New York's wellness resource since 2002.

Healing Springs Journal #99 Aug/Sept '19  

Upstate New York's wellness resource since 2002.