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Albany Medical Center has one of the first adoptions of Healing Touch Energy Therapy in the country. associated with the emotion of anger that resides in the blood and muscle. I’m sure you’ve heard the idiom, “He/she makes my blood boil!” It was Motz’ book that spoke healing truths to me in 2001 shortly after my year of cancer surgery and treatments. The connections she described were everywhere around me. A young man I knew was suddenly stricken with Reiter’s syndrome, a total body arthritis attributed to a bacterial infection, while going through a difficult divorce following the death of his father. This made sense to me when I applied Motz’ system of the emotion love represented by the weak force and stored in the synovial fluid in the joints. Without love, his strong young athletic body, shut movement down. Healing Touch sessions provided physical relief in stimulating the Relaxation response. When we were guided to breathe out the emotional trauma associated with both recent events, the healing happened quickly. The extreme example is shock. The brain shuts down to the onslaught of chemical messages resulting from severe trauma to the body. These neurotransmitter molecules are rejected by the brain, but are received in the cell membranes of other tissues (Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion, 1999). They remain there until processed. While a person will always have the memory of the trauma, the emotional molecules associated with that trauma can be simply released using thought (Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief, 2007), intention and the breath. Nagging shoulders, knees, necks, or backs can finally heal when these emotions are intentionally released. Therapeutic grade plant essential oils play a formal role in the Healing Touch Program to facilitate the relaxation response and release of emotional memories through the limbic system that responds to scents. Oils have their own vibrational frequencies. Among the highest are frankincense at 147 MHz and rose oil at 320 MHz. In biblical times, frankincense was worth more than gold because of its effectiveness for healing. We are fortunate to have one the first adoptions of Healing Touch Energy Therapy in the country at Albany Medical Center. The welcome page on the hospital’s Healing Arts Program describes additional benefits for patients asking for complementary and alternative modalities to foster healing. Hands on energy interventions are used by more than 30,000 nurses in US hospitals. The Healing Touch Program provides a directory of practitioners at:

Healing Touch & Shamanic Guided Sessions & Classes in Schuylerville-Cambridge area

Sue Van Hook, MA, HTCP, 518-788-7388

Wendy Ball LMHC Counseling, Shamanic Ener gy Healing Certified: EMDR & Hakomi therapies & 4 Winds Shamanic Energy Medicine

518-813-8524 •

Career Where Choice Dreams Become a Reality * * * *

Career Counseling Career Planning & Decision-Making Career Transition/Return to Work Resumes & Cover Letters

Penny M. Loretto, L.M.H.C., NCC, MCC, DCC (518)798-6057/

Sue is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner with a Master’s degree in Biology and Mycology. She has been on a healing journey since recovering from breast cancer in 1999. Her practice Haut Terrain is French for High Ground. Sue grew up in nature and believes that maintaining a connection to the earth is essential for well-being. She teaches workshops, lectures, and sees clients in person or long distance by appointment in Cambridge and Schuylerville, NY. Her two meditation CDs, Prepare Your Body for Surgery and for Chemotherapy and Radiation are available on her website: Sue can be reached at or 518-788-7388 15 year anniversary issue I #91 April—May ‘17 I Healing Springs


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Healing Springs Journal Ap/May '17  

The 15th year anniversary for Upstate New York's wellness resource.

Healing Springs Journal Ap/May '17  

The 15th year anniversary for Upstate New York's wellness resource.